Benji the Hunted (1987) Movie Script

So many yesterdays
Haunting my soul today
Now time is standing still
In the tears and rain
I'll find another spring
No doubt the birds will sing
But I will never shine
So very bright again
Okay, stand by.
Tell Mary Beth we're coming up.
- Ten seconds.
- Ten seconds, Mary Beth.
Jack, I need a minute.
Take a commercial.
Can't. We're at six seconds.
Count it.
Four, three, two, cue her.
Less than 24 hours ago, I reported
to you from the shooting location...
of a new movie being
filmed here in Oregon.
It was a happy report because
it featured one of America's...
most huggable heroes,
the cuddly canine superstar, Benji.
Tonight Benji is missing at sea.
He was with his trainer, Frank Inn,
in a small, open fishing boat...
just off the coast
when the boat capsized.
Mr. Inn was rescued.
He was taken here...
to the Coast Guard station in Newport...
where he apparently
is in good condition.
But Benji is still missing.
Mr. Inn, I know this is
a terrible time for you.
- But can you tell us what happened
- I don"t know.
It happened so fast.
One moment it was sunny and calm...
and the next was...
At what point did
you lose sight of Benji?
I never saw Benji
after the boat turned over.
We searched for him for a while.
I wanted to stay longer,
but the captain said...
that I had to get in
for medical attention.
Benji likes to bark at the fish
when I catch 'em.
They flop around the boat,
you know, and he barks.
We had this big snapper.
He'd never seen a fish that big before.
It was his first time
on the ocean.
Is there any chance that Benji
could make it to shore on his own?
It was so rough.
All of a sudden, it was so rough!
He's a good swimmer,
but it was so rough.
Thank you, Mr. Inn.
We'll all be hoping for the best.
Benji's producer told us
a few moments ago...
that he has definitely not given up hope
that the floppy-eared star...
might have made it back
to shore on his own.
He plans to begin a helicopter search...
first thing in the morning,
weather permitting.
In 1906,Joseph Conrad wrote...
"The sea has no generosity.
"For all the celebrations it has been
the object of in prose and song...
the sea has never
been friendly to man."
Nor, it seems tonight,
to man's best friend.
This is Mary Beth McLaulin
for Channel Eight News.
Hey! Get outta here!
Hold it, pal.
Thought so. You know, they got
a reward out for you.
It won't be long now.
Now you stay put.
Sure don't wanna turn
you loose in the house.
You wanna show me
how you did this?
Now you stay put
till I get this mess sorted out.
You better be still, or that
whole thing's gonna collapse with you.
Benji, Benji!