Bennett's War (2019) Movie Script

[helicopter approaching]
[devices powering up]
[Marshall on radio] Convoy's
coming through at 0600.
We need to
secure this area ASAP.
[Riley over radio] Roger that.
[Marshall] This is where the drone
last picked up a heat signature.
[Riley] We got ourselves
a customer.
[sniper exhales]
[Marshall speaks Pashto]
Drop it.
[Riley over radio]
Next time, you're the bait.
Bandit three-four,
area is secure.
Repeat, area is secure.
Roger that. On our way.
[line ringing]
Well, it's about time.
Dad, is it happening?
"Is it happening?"
It's happened.
Hey, you.
Hey, little guy.
Oh, wow.
He's beautiful.
And he's already talking.
I think I heard him say,
"Daddy better get his butt back here
and help Mom
change some diapers."
Soon, baby.
Just three more months.
God, I love you so much.
I love you, too.
- Hi, Marshall!
- Hi, Marshall!
- [woman] We miss you.
- What's going on? Did she have the baby?
Yeah, look. Look.
- No way!
- Yeah.
[Riley] Congratulations, man.
Oh, wow.
Ugly kid. Definitely yours.
[both laugh]
So you think
you're gonna re-enlist?
I don't know.
You think Sophie will
stick around if you do?
I don't know.
Well, what the hell are
you gonna do if you don't?
I get it, you don't know.
[Private Meyers] Sarge! Sarge!
Now I know
where I'd seen you before, sir.
He won the 450 class
at the Loretta Lynn in '15.
Everyone thought
Kurt Walker was gonna take it.
[Riley] Let me see that.
That's a good picture.
You've been holding out
on us, Bennett.
[Private Meyers]
Could've gone pro, sir.
What are you doing
here with us?
Riding for trophies
didn't really interest me.
Trophies? What about the money?
Yeah, and the girls?
I got a girl.
And the money?
[Marshall sighs]
Look, man,
I always wanted to serve.
When I found out
I could ride for the Rangers,
I knew that's
what I wanted to do.
[Riley] Oh, no,
I mean, I get it.
I turned down
a real high-paying job, too.
Taco Bell, management track.
[all laughing]
We wiped this place out
months ago.
Satellite's showing
intermittent activity again.
You smell that?
I do.
Somebody's making lunch.
Bandit three-two, on target,
securing the objective.
Let's move out.
[speaking other language]
- [groans]
- [in English] Riley! Stay down!
[speaking other language]
[in English] Shit!
[speaking other language]
[Marshall in English]
Riley, stay down!
[speaking other language]
[Riley groaning]
[Marshall in English] Stay down, Riley.
Hang in there.
- [speaking other language]
- [cocks gun]
[in English] Bandit three-two,
this is Alpha two-five.
We have an eagle down.
Repeat, eagle down.
[speaking other language]
[speaking other language]
[in English] Under enemy fire
at target location.
Launch QRF! Repeat, launch QRF!
[pilot] Roger, Alpha two-five.
QRF launched. Hold tight.
[speaking other language]
[soldiers coughing]
[in English]
You all right? You okay?
- Yeah.
- Come on. Come on.
[speaking other language]
[Riley moans]
[in English]
Come on, Riley, hang on!
All right, almost there!
You're gonna make it!
[monitors beeping]
[Marshall] Mmm.
[doctor muffled]
How are you feeling, Sergeant?
[clearly] Sergeant?
Where's Riley?
He's in surgery.
He has been all night.
They're doing everything
they can for him, but...
to be frank,
it doesn't look good.
There's something else
I need to talk to you about.
Now, we were able
to save your leg,
but you have multiple fractures
in your foot.
And there's no way to know
if it will heal properly.
Therefore, I'm recommending
subtalar fusion of
your heel bone.
It's the only way to guarantee
that you'll ever be able
to walk again without pain.
But, it will limit movement
in your ankle,
and you wouldn't be able
to ride the same way.
- No, thanks.
- [doctor] Which...
Which is something
I would discourage in any case.
Maybe you should take
some time to think about it.
I don't need to.
I'll take my chances.
I don't think you understand
the full extent
of your injuries, Sergeant.
Even if it heals,
with the rod in your back and
the screws in your leg, son,
you're done riding
for the Army.
I'm recommending
a medical discharge.
I'm sorry.
[Cyrus] Bennett, the KX ready?
Yeah, just about done.
Dude! Dude, dude, dude!
Let me help you with this thing.
I had it. It's fine.
Dude, if you get hurt in my shop,
Sophie will beat me like a pinata,
and I will cry, man.
I'm a crier.
- It's embarrassing.
- Okay.
[rock music
playing over stereo]
[Cyrus] Hey, you know
who that is?
I'm telling you,
I'll be twice as fast.
[Cyrus] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
- You okay?
- Yeah. I just don't even feel it.
- Nothing at all?
- No.
Doctor's not sure
if I ever will.
Just gotta keep doing the PT.
Who's this guy?
That's Kurt Walker's
little brother, Chris.
- He's racing now, too.
- [Marshall] Oh, yeah?
He any good?
Uh, he's got
a small sponsorship,
- from my cousin, actually.
- [Marshall] Hmm.
[Cyrus] He's gonna be racing
his qualifier this year.
He's nowhere as fast
as you were at his age,
I'll tell you that much.
All right, let's go, babe.
I'm gonna get a jump
on that 650.
- You good, bud?
- Yeah, man.
- All right, man. Thank you...
- See you tomorrow.
...for a hard day.
- Marshall, wait.
- Sophie, I got it.
- No, no, no, no.
- It's okay.
- Baby.
- I got it. Stop.
- Thank you.
- Yep.
Got it?
[Sophie exhales]
- Sophie.
- Cyrus.
[cows mooing]
You good?
[dog barking in distance]
Got it?
Why don't you just let me
help you inside?
Are you sure?
Okay, whatever.
- [Cal] Hey.
- Hey, Dad.
- Hey, buddy.
- Hey, buddy.
- [Marshall] How's he doing?
- Ah, he's doing great.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, I've got him talking.
What's this? What's this?
- Tractor.
- Tractor. Did you hear him?
- Did you hear him?
- It is a tractor.
- [Cal] That's right, buddy.
- Nice job, buddy.
[Sophie] Where's Daddy been?
- Harley?
- Want to say hi to Daddy?
- [Cal] You wanna go to your dad?
- Harley.
- [Sophie] Hey, be careful.
- Come here. It's okay.
- You all right? Okay.
- Yeah, I'm good.
- Hey.
- [Cal] All right.
See the little puppy. Yeah?
- Yeah, who's that?
- Harley!
- Steady, bud.
- Harley!
All right. I feel like that's...
- It's okay. It's okay.
- I got him. I got him.
He's too heavy.
[Cal] He's been good.
How you doing?
- You know.
- [Cal] Yeah.
- Another day.
- [Sophie] Where's he going?
[cutlery clacking]
[Sophie] Please try
some of these for me, please.
Just a little bit.
Come on, please, just some...
Is there any parmesan left?
Stop, sit down, I got it.
- Sophie, I can...
- I got it.
Hey, bud. It's okay.
Did you hear from the VA yet?
Thank you.
Same as last time,
it's being processed.
Cal, I swear,
when he finally does start
to get his disability,
we will be able to
help out a lot more.
Well, if this drought
doesn't break,
it's not gonna matter anyway.
Price of feed went up again.
Well, what are you gonna do?
Nothing to do.
We gotta have the organic feed
to keep the organic status
for the dairy, so...
I might have to
lay more guys off
and get up earlier.
[Marshall] Heard you
coming in late last night.
Is something going on?
Had to replace the pump
on the bulk tank.
Oh, yeah?
Well, you need a hand?
- Babe.
- Sophie, come on.
Sitting on a stool fixing
motorcycles, I agreed to that.
I don't want you on a catwalk.
- Son, it's not...
- No, it's fine.
I'm just gonna be
another set of eyes.
- It's okay.
- Don't bullshit me.
We both know you'll be up there
in two minutes.
Sophie, I've gotta stay active.
I can't just be sitting around
- all day.
- No unnecessary risks!
End of discussion.
I just feel like maybe we can
talk about it sometimes...
I need to get ready for class.
Thank you.
[Cal] I'm going outside
for a bit, Marshall.
Okay, Dad.
It's okay. It's okay, come on.
[switch clicking]
Okay, buddy.
Want to go to sleep?
- Are you all right?
- Yeah, fine.
- Are you hurt?
- No.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
You need to go to the ER
and get checked out?
I'm fine, Dad. It's just, I...
I just... I couldn't
get the light fixed.
- It's just gonna take some time, bud.
- [crying]
It's just gonna take some time.
Hey, hey, hey...
It's all right, buddy.
- [Marshall] I just can't get the light.
- [Cal] It's okay.
[Marshall sobbing]
It's just gonna
take some time, son.
Just can't get the light.
[continues sobbing]
[aerosol spraying]
[car approaching]
Yo, Bennett,
are you done with the KTM yet?
Why didn't you call me?
I got it.
What's for lunch?
[rock music
playing over speakers]
You ever find it weird
you were halfway across
the world shooting at Arabs
and now you work for one?
You think you might have ran
into some of my relatives
while you were over there?
You're an idiot.
No, seriously, my cousin,
haven't heard from him
for a while.
You think you shot a guy by
the name of Makhmoud by chance?
You know, unibrow, big nose,
kinda chubby belly?
He only dabbled in terrorism,
so he's probably not worth your while,
but maybe you can make
a call or something.
Now, I know you think
us cornbread white boys
don't know anything
about geography,
but your family's from Iran.
And that makes you Persian,
not Arab.
And since Iran's part of Asia,
you're actually Asian.
Now I know why
I love the ponzu sauce.
Listen, man,
I just wanna say thanks.
For what?
Giving me work.
You know, things are slow around
here, you don't really need me.
It ain't all charity, kid.
You rebuild engines
faster than anyone I know,
and since I pay you
by the hour,
- it kinda works out for me.
- Yeah. Okay.
Your leg's feeling better, huh?
Getting there.
You ever thought
about instructing?
You could charge
100, 150 bucks an hour.
- Little more than I pay you.
- "Little"?
Kids would love to
learn from you.
There's so many guys doing it,
I couldn't get anybody interested.
Are you nuts?
People see you out on the track
again, the way you used to ride?
[Cyrus chuckles]
That's easier said
than done, man.
[motorbike approaching]
[man] Whoo!
We might be
closing early tonight.
Because it's Chris
and my cousin,
Amir Pasha Abula
Gharahasanloo Roghieh,
but he goes by "Tony Panterra."
He's not here
just to say hi to me.
Is there bad blood?
[Cyrus] Mmm.
I used to run his race team
when we were younger,
but he was a bit of a hothead.
He kept getting into fights,
and... let's just say,
it didn't end well.
Now, he runs his own race team.
And when it comes to bikes,
he likes to spend money,
so... smile.
So this is where dreams
come to die, huh?
Tony. Pleasant as ever.
Still the, uh,
delicate flower, I see?
[Kurt] Pig didn't
stand a chance.
He still had his Big Mac
in his hands.
Hey, Kurt.
This guy used to give me a hell
of a hard time on the track.
- [Chris] I remember.
- Congrats on all your success, man.
Thank you.
Yeah, I heard you, uh, joined up.
I was surprised.
But, uh...
hey, you made it back in one piece.
So that's good.
It's good to see you.
So, what can I
help you guys with?
Need an A-kit for a KX.
- Front and rear?
- What do you think?
Okay. Got a KYB kit right here.
Follow me.
[Chris] I'm all out, third
gear, break for the jump,
then I cut tight for that left.
[Kurt] They're always
catching you in this section.
I think you're getting too
much air coming up Mt. Whitney.
No, I'm not.
[Kurt] Yes, you are.
This ain't X Games.
You gotta stay low.
[Chris] You gotta
entertain the crowd a little.
[Kurt] I know it makes you feel
like a superhero,
but it's actually
just losing you time.
- [Chris] Yeah, yeah.
- With the install,
it's gonna be an $8,000 sale.
- Oh, nice.
- [Tony] Keep the tires on the ground.
That's how you go fast.
Listen to your brother,
dipshit. He's a pro.
[Kurt] Yeah, and you're having
to brake too hard,
and then, also, you're
taking that turn too late
when you're coming off
the left handy.
You just have to make sure that
you take it nice and tight.
[Chris] Yeah, yeah, I got it.
Hey, you know, if you go wide
and turn in late
to that left-hander,
you gain ten miles an hour
coming out of the chicane.
Yeah, but then you're leaving
your inside open.
Well, yeah, it's a risky move.
A dumb move, if you ask me.
So, if you guys
drop your bike off tomorrow,
I can have it for you
by this weekend.
Hey, you know,
if it's just one guy behind,
just let him right by, right?
Then you cut in late,
power out,
and shoot right past him
before the next turn.
[Kurt] Look, Bennett, thanks,
but, uh, I'm trying not to get
Chris' racing lines all mixed up.
Yeah, I'm sorry, man.
I'm sorry.
It's just I did all right
on that track.
I'm just trying to help.
Yeah, no offense, Bennett,
but, uh, like you said,
it's been a while.
I think what Marshall's
trying to say is that
he laid down the fastest
lap times in every race,
so he kinda knows
what he's talking about.
Yeah, but Kurt did it as a pro.
- All season.
- Pro or not, a good line...
- Cyrus, it's okay, man.
- No, no, come on.
Pro or not, a good line
is a good line.
You listen to Marshall,
you might shave off
some more time.
- [laughing] Okay.
- I'll tell you what...
hang on to that A-kit
for a minute,
and I'll get back with you.
All right, come on, guys.
[Tony] Ladies, we're out.
You didn't have to do that,
- [motorbike engines starting]
- Screw them.
You ready?
Who's that?
Who's that?
So I was watching
this teacher the other day,
she was completely oblivious
to what this horse was doing.
It was exactly
what you showed me.
His ears were flickering
back and forth.
I told you there are things you're
not gonna learn in vet school.
[Sophie] Yeah, well, the horse was
obviously bothered by something.
[in child-like voice]
Mommy thinks that it's because
his assistant doesn't shower,
and then he's stinky.
He's stinky.
You need a shower.
You need a shower.
You're quite a stinky.
You're quite a stinky!
[in normal voice]
You want a shower?
I know, it's time for a shower.
Come on, let's go upstairs.
Say good night.
[Marshall] Go to sleep, okay?
- Shh.
- [door closing]
[ratchet turning]
All right, that's the last one.
All right.
Okay, set that one down,
all right?
Yeah, here's the leak.
I need that crescent there.
All right.
All right.
Okay, can you hold this?
- Right here?
- [Cal] Yeah, right there.
- You got it?
- Yeah, go ahead.
[Cal] Okay.
What's gnawing at you, boy?
Kurt Walker came
in the shop today.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
What about you?
I'm gonna have to
sell this thing.
What the hell are you gonna do
without this?
Not gonna matter soon.
I'm behind on the mortgage.
Why didn't you
say anything, Dad?
How much?
Just a little over five grand.
Yeah, okay, well...
I mean,
Sophie and I have at least
- two in savings.
- Yeah, well, you just keep it.
If it don't rain,
it's just gonna keep adding up.
[Cal sighs]
I wanted to leave this place
to you guys.
No, it's okay, Dad. It's...
It's not all right, Marshall.
It's not all right with me.
Argh! Oh.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- [groans]
- Grease on my hand.
- Yeah, it's okay.
[Cal] No, no.
Oh, I'm sorry, buddy.
Don't look broke.
Oh, that hurts. Argh...
- It hurts, Dad.
- It hurt.
See? Yeah.
It's just gonna take some time.
Well, hey. Hey, we're tired,
and we're getting sloppy,
so I think it's time
we call it a night,
and we'll talk about this
some more tomorrow.
- Yeah.
- All right.
I'll clean up.
- You sure?
- Yeah. Yeah.
Just check on Ray-Ray
for me, please.
- Will do.
- Okay.
- It hurts.
- [laughing] It hurts.
- Night, son.
- Good night, Dad.
[barn door closes]
[kicker clicks]
[engine sputtering]
[engine revving]
[engine revving]
Oh, hell.
Here we go.
Come on, come on.
Where is he?
- [gasps]
- Shh.
- [laughing]
- You suck. That is not funny.
- Hey.
- Hi.
It's been a minute
since you've waited up for me.
I know.
Babe, no, no, no,
your leg, your leg.
It can handle you,
woman. It's fine.
I packed on a couple pounds
since Ray-Ray.
- Yeah, you're right, you have.
- [scoffs]
- That is rude.
- We'll have to work it off somehow.
[Sophie] Oh, yeah?
What has gotten into you?
- I'll tell you tomorrow.
- Okay.
So you want to get on a bike?
I'd just be riding around
with little kids, baby.
But this is a risk
that we don't need to take.
We need the money.
We're fine, Marshall.
I really do not
have time for this.
Sophie, Dad's behind
on the mortgage.
What are you talking about?
This is just a part-time job.
It's a few sessions a week.
It'll get us
a lot of extra cash.
No. Absolutely not.
I will go back to work
at the clinic.
And stop school?
- Who would take care of Ray-Ray?
- We will get a nanny.
- It's fine.
- So then you'd be working
to pay someone else
to raise our son.
You'd end up
stuck at the clinic,
I'd end up stuck fixing bikes,
and that'll be it.
I want more for us, baby.
I want you to have
your own clinic one day.
Do you not remember
when the doctor said
"one bad fall," Marshall?
One bad fall,
and you could never walk again.
Sophie, a car accident
could do that,
- but I drive every day, don't I?
- I swear to you,
if I see you on that bike,
I will take our son
and I'll move back to Illinois
with my mom.
- I promise.
- [Marshall] Sophie. Come on, babe.
[Sophie] Don't be late
for physical therapy.
Cyrus, I need you to come by tonight
after Sophie leaves for school.
- For what?
- Need you to pick up my bike.
I'm headed to the track
Saturday, find some customers.
That's a horrible idea.
What time you want me
to be there?
Well, this sucks.
Can't believe no one's
at the practice track.
But the REM track sure is busy.
[man 1] That feel all right?
[man 2] Yeah,
go down two clicks.
I'm gonna go sign in.
[man 3] Let's go race!
Everybody down now!
- [man 1] Hey, Jimmy, wait up!
- [man 4] Hurry up, dude!
[man 1] Let's go! Let's go!
[REM announcer in Australian
accent] Happy Saturday, folks,
and welcome to
another REM race event
at Glen Helen Raceway.
Only ten minutes left in this
morning's practice session.
Let's check it out.
It's kind of busy
for a local race, right?
I haven't seen it like this
in a while.
Hey, Forrest! Forrest!
- Hey.
- Hey, man, how you doing?
Doing good. It's a great turnout today.
What's going on?
Kurt Walker tweeted to everybody
that he's gonna be here today.
[Cyrus] Is he racing?
[Forrest] No, but
his little brother Chris is.
And everybody wants in to see
if they can outrun
the new rising star.
Purse is up to
four grand today.
Do you think
anyone's fast enough?
Nah, nobody's gonna outrun
the Walker brothers.
I don't even like
those entitled pricks.
But they bring in
a hell of a crowd.
Hey, man, I gotta go.
See ya later.
Take care, Forrest.
[REM announcer] All racers,
make sure to come sign in before 9:00 a.m.
We picked a hell of a day
to come to the track, huh?
So what do you want to do?
I think I'll race.
[Cyrus laughs]
Yeah, okay. No.
Let's see if you can
make a lap first.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Hey! Roosting around is one thing.
Going wheel-to-wheel
is not smart for someone
in your condition.
- I need that money, Cyrus.
- Dude, I promised Sophie.
I know, I know.
Let me deal with her.
Oh, yeah, you're gonna be real
convincing from a hospital bed.
This is with or
without you, man.
This is a terrible idea.
[woman] You're all set.
Good luck.
- Thank you.
- Next.
Marshall Bennett?
Hey, Charlotte.
Welcome back.
Thank you.
Stay out of the pack.
And whatever you do,
take it easy coming down Mt. Whitney.
I got it.
Man, the bike
isn't even dialed in.
It'll be fine.
This is the last track I rode.
Four years ago.
[REM announcer]
Riders to the starting gate.
We're about to start.
Aren't you Muslim?
Only in front
of my grandmother.
[engines revving]
[REM announcer]
Today's race will be 20 laps,
and boy, oh, boy,
what an exciting 20 laps it's gonna be.
All the local up-and-comers
out to prove a point.
Everyone has their favorites.
Let's see who wins.
[Kurt yawns]
[REM announcer] Today's wild
card is a ghost from the past.
- Look who's here.
- [REM announcer] Local REM champ
and winner of the Loretta Lynn,
the 450 class in 2015.
Haven't seen him here
since then.
Ladies and gentlemen,
wearing number 32,
it's Marshall Bennett.
[Kurt] Hmm?
- Did I hear that right?
- He's dumber than I thought.
[REM announcer]
Ladies and gentlemen,
let's moto!
[cheering and whistling]
And they're off!
And Rob Pocius has the lead as
they shoot down the front straight.
[spectators whistling]
[Marshall grunts]
[REM announcer] The faster riders
are already starting to break away.
As they come around
the back side of the track,
Chris Walker closes in
on Rob Pocius,
fighting for the lead.
[Chris] See ya!
[REM announcer] And Chris
Walker takes the lead!
It was just a matter
of time, folks.
[Marshall] Oh, shit.
I feel bad for him, man.
It's a straight-up shame, bro.
[REM announcer] At the back of the
pack, it's Marshall Bennett,
struggling to keep up,
while Chris Walker leads
the pack into lap two!
[REM announcer] Oh, man, the local
boys are giving it all they've got,
but Walker is
just pulling away.
- He's on a whole other level!
- [Chris laughs]
[REM announcer]
Here he comes again!
It doesn't even look
like he's breaking a sweat.
Chris Walker's proving to have
some serious stamina here.
We're halfway through the race,
and the rest of the pack is
running out of steam.
[Marshall grunts]
Let's go.
[REM announcer] Number 32 is moving
up, no longer bringing up the rear.
[Marshall] Come on.
[REM announcer] Look at this!
It seems like number 32's
finally shifted out
of first gear!
I don't know if I believe
what I'm seeing,
but Bennett is
reeling in Walker.
[Marshall] Here we go.
[spectators exclaiming]
And 32 sends it off the triple!
[spectators cheering
and whistling]
[Marshall] Come on!
Folks, this is incredible.
Marshall Bennett
shows up out of nowhere,
passes the entire field,
and is now giving
one of our hottest
up-and-coming racers
a run for his money!
[spectators cheering]
Yes! Go, kid, go!
He's right on his dumb ass!
[Chris] Not today!
[REM announcer]
Walker is fighting hard.
He will not let Bennett by.
He's right behind you!
Keep it going!
[REM announcer]
One and 32 are just flying!
Now they're starting
to lap other riders.
[breathing heavily]
Last lap, folks.
[laughing] Wow.
Who would have predicted this?
[REM announcer] Looks like
Bennett has finally hit his limit.
He had an incredible run,
but he just can't get past Walker.
[Marshall] Come on! Come on!
Son of a bitch,
I know what you're gonna do.
[Marshall] Gotcha.
Do it!
[REM announcer]
Bennett passes Walker!
I can't believe it!
[spectators cheering]
[Marshall] Whoo!
[Marshall] Oh, come on!
[Cyrus] Come on!
Marshall Bennett wins
the 450 Pro Class!
What bullshit.
[man] Yeah!
[Cyrus] Son of a bitch!
Yes. Buddy, nice!
- You okay?
- Yeah.
That was great.
You done parade-lapping, kid?
- [spectators cheering]
- [Cyrus] Look at that.
- Marshall Bennett, number 32.
- [Marshall] Thanks, guys.
[Cyrus] That's 32% off
everything at Moto Mischief.
- [Marshall] I'm gonna hit the bathroom.
- [Cyrus] All right, buddy.
[breathing heavily]
What do you think?
I like it.
It's a good machine.
Can you do a little better
on the price?
[car horn honking]
[Cal] Maybe.
[dog barking]
Excuse me, Earl.
I'm gonna wait right here.
[Cal] What's up?
You don't have to sell it, Dad.
What? Why?
[Marshall] I got the money.
[Cal] Phew.
What did you do, rob a bank?
I won.
I'm gonna race again.
Sophie, can you please
just stop?
Baby, please.
I can't just let him sell the house!
What did you want me to do?
[Sophie] You are out of
your damn mind, Marshall.
When you wanted to serve,
I stood by you.
When they sent you overseas,
I stood by you.
- Sophie, I understand that.
- When you got injured,
I stood by you. I bathed you,
I emptied your bedpan!
I can't keep walking around
defeated, baby.
I gotta be able to
say that I tried.
And what happens
when you go down mid-pack?
Because that's what's gonna happen.
You're gonna end up
- in a wheelchair, or worse!
- I know. I...
I know.
I'd rather risk it than
die a little bit every day.
I almost lost you once.
You can't do that to me again.
[Marshall] Baby.
- Sophie.
- [Sophie crying] No!
[door shuts]
[inhales deeply]
[knock on door]
Go away, Marshall.
[Cal] It's me, darlin'.
Can we talk?
[inhales deeply]
Yeah, come on in.
You okay?
I hear ya.
Come sit.
Come on.
Sophie, I was married
to an Army helicopter pilot
for 22 years.
So... where you are right now,
I've been there.
Almost didn't marry her
because I was so afraid
that someday...
I was gonna get
a knock on that door.
How did you deal
with that every day?
Well, it's simple.
I just couldn't imagine
my life without her.
Pattie was in the Army
all her life.
So many deployments,
they eventually
just became routine.
Till one day...
She went down in a training
exercise, of all things.
I, uh...
I know I seem
like a tough old guy to you,
but that day...
God, that day, my heart broke.
She was the love of my life,
and she gave me Marshall.
And everything that I am,
everything good about me,
really came from the time
I had with her.
if my boy is the one for you,
don't let what-ifs control
the decisions that you make.
[Cal sniffles]
I'm surprised
she let you come back.
Let's talk.
Okay, I need you
to be straight with me.
Is going pro
a real possibility?
Yeah. Lots of riders
recover from injury.
As bad as Marshall's?
Doug Henry, Trey Canard, yeah.
Some with more success
than others.
But what are
his chances really?
I don't know.
You want me to look
at my crystal ball and...
See, no,
that's not good enough.
Marshall is
not just your motocross buddy.
He is the father of my child.
We cannot bop around
these little amateur tracks
for a couple hundred dollars
a race.
Do you want me onboard?
Okay, then look at me
in my eyes,
don't give me
your Cyrus bullshit,
and tell me what
your gut says, please.
You wanna know
the real reason I hired him?
Imagine you owned
a piano store,
and Mozart walked in the door
asking for an application.
That's how I felt when he
came in looking for a job.
My gut tells me
that Marshall is one of the
most naturally gifted riders
I've ever seen, and I've been
watching him since he's a kid.
It's effortless for him.
But can he still play?
Yeah, from what I saw
yesterday, I'll put money on it.
I will sponsor him
with everything I got.
Do you even know anything
about tuning a bike?
I was the baddest crew chief
on this side of...
Perfect, you are crew chief,
I am team manager.
This is the deal
I made with Marshall
if you want me onboard.
So, take it or leave it.
We good here?
I don't know about
all this women-in-power stuff.
Maybe it's my heritage,
but in my country,
women are seen, not heard.
They're not even seen.
Okay, so you need 60 AMA points
to get your racing license back
and go pro.
The fastest way for you
to do that
is to finish in the top three
in four qualifier races.
Now, you've got the skill,
but you don't have the stamina.
If Walker would have gone
flat-out the entire time,
he would've had you.
It's gonna take time
to rebuild your strength.
And the stronger you are,
the safer you'll be.
- All right, go for it.
- [Marshall] Yeah?
Yeah, all right.
Your turn, Dad.
[chuckles] No.
[Cyrus] We need you
on an intensive regimen
of low-impact cardio
for a few weeks
before you race again.
[Sophie] And to keep
our travel expenses low,
we'll stick to nearby races.
We'll get you
the best gear possible,
then we'll start doing some
regular training on the track.
[Sophie] Okay, so this brace is
going to give you the most support
and even more flexibility.
How's it feel?
- Yeah, it's good.
- Yeah?
[Cyrus] You're still a little stiff.
You've gotta get smoother.
Practice those jumps,
don't get too fancy,
don't lay the bike too low.
It's too risky a move.
Focus on your landing.
All purse money goes to you guys
to help keep a roof over your head.
[Harley barking]
Come on, Harley.
- [Sophie] Boo!
- Oh!
- [Sophie laughing]
- You suck.
Oh, I'm sorry, did I scare you?
I am going to have
to set you straight.
Oh, yeah? You and what army?
[Marshall] You got it?
[Cyrus] Yeah, I got it.
[Tony] Hey, look who showed up.
Okay, I'm gonna
get us signed in.
- [Marshall] Okay, baby.
- [Cyrus] Thank you, baby.
[Tony] Team Panterra
looking good!
Hey, what's up, Dickson?
- Hey, welcome, V-dog.
- [Marshall] Who's that?
[Cyrus] That's Kurt's boys,
the Team Irongrip mechanics.
Do they have
a masseuse in there?
If they do,
you're on your own, kid.
[speaking indistinctly]
[Chris laughing]
What is he doing?
[announcer] As we get down to
the last few minutes of the race,
I don't see anyone catching
Chris Walker today.
He's been dominating
this track.
- Come on, come on, come on.
- Come on!
- [announcer] And Walker takes it!
- [Chris] Yeah!
- Followed by Ashton, Lee, and Bennett!
- [Marshall breathing heavily]
- Yes! Yeah! Whoo!
- Okay, okay. That was good.
Yeah! That was it!
Good job, man.
I hesitated too much.
I got in my head.
Baby, you beat 20 other riders.
Fourth place, that's 18 points.
Not a bad start.
- You went right through.
- You're on fire!
Yeah! I'm proud of you, man.
[announcer] And it's gonna be
Walker, McClane, and Bennett
in the top three spots.
Third place, that's 1,500 bucks.
That's great.
You were amazing, babe.
I need to lower the back
and stiffen the front
so I can turn easier.
Cool. No problem.
I can go faster.
[announcer] Wow, folks,
this has been a contentious race,
with number one, Chris Walker,
managing to stay in front
of this tight pack.
Go, go, go!
[announcer] Only two more laps,
and Walker is finally breaking away.
- Come on, Chris!
- Come on!
[Marshall] Here I come.
[announcer] Last lap. And I don't
know if I can believe what I'm seeing,
but Marshall Bennett
is gaining on Chris Walker...
- [Chris] Shit!
- an alarming rate!
[Marshall] I'm coming,
I'm coming.
Push, push, push!
- You're almost there!
- Come on, come on!
Hold on!
[man] Whoo!
Come on, push, push!
You got it, baby!
Go, go, go now! Go!
[announcer] And Chris Walker
barely takes it
with Marshall Bennett
just a nose behind.
- What a tight race.
- [Sophie] Whoo!
- [Cyrus] Second place!
- Oh, my God!
- Yes, yes, yes, yes!
- Yes!
- Bike issues?
- [panting]
[Chris] No, he's good.
No, man, you just gotta work
on some of your lines.
[Tony] You better
think about your lines.
[Kurt] Oh, yeah? Why's that?
One more race, he turns pro,
then you gotta deal with him.
[man] Great job, man.
[Cyrus] All right, team,
Victorville is next,
and as long as you finish in the top
10, you'll have the points you'll need.
And we already have
the sponsors' attention.
Your hand, please, sir?
Thank you.
Come on.
All of us, please.
We haven't done this in a while.
We never should have stopped.
Dear Lord,
we are always grateful
for our time together.
Thank you for this roof
still over our heads,
this food in front of us,
and, most of all, good company.
Even Cyrus.
[Cal and Marshall chuckle]
Amen. [giggles]
You want your veggies?
Terrain's a little harder
than I thought.
- I think we can go down a few clicks.
- Okay.
[Cyrus] Hey, can you grab
the shock tool?
[girl] Daddy, there's 32.
[man] Good eye, sweetheart.
Hi, sir,
I'm looking for Marshall.
Hey, Sarge.
Hey, man.
[both crying]
Oh, it's good to see you.
Sorry I didn't return
those emails.
It's okay. You're okay.
[Riley] I was in a bad way
for a while.
You know.
Oh. Um, Rebecca has something
she wants to tell you.
Oh, yeah? Hey, sweetie.
Thank you for bringing
my daddy home.
You're welcome, sweetheart.
You got a good daddy.
- Thank you.
- [Marshall] Yeah. Of course.
- This is my wife, Sophie.
- Hi.
- [Marshall] This is my dad, Cal.
- Pleased to meet you. Hi.
[Marshall] Little Ray-Ray over
there, this is my good buddy, Cyrus.
Name's Riley. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
[Marshall] How'd you know
I was racing?
I've actually been
riding again myself.
Like, for therapy.
Oh, yeah?
Uh, with a veterans
support group, VetMx.
One of the guys saw your last
race and mentioned your name.
I didn't believe him at first.
[Marshall] Well, it's good
to see you, man.
Bennett likes to
take the outside line.
He goes outside, you go inside.
He goes inside, take outside.
Right, I got you.
You're quicker than him
in the transitions.
That's where you can yard him.
We're good.
[announcer] What a battle
for first place!
Bennett determined to
take the top spot,
but Walker fighting
just as hard to keep it.
- [Sophie] Come on, let's go!
- [Cyrus] Go, go, go, go.
Yes, yes, yes, keep it going.
Keep it going!
[announcer] Walker tries
to make a move in turn two,
but he just can't
catch Bennett!
We've only got two laps to go!
- Yes, yes, yes, come on!
- [cheering]
[Marshall] Shit!
Oh, my God.
Ooh, that's gotta hurt.
[announcer] Oh,
and Bennett goes off track.
Let's hope he's okay.
[Marshall breathing heavily]
[Marshall] Damn.
Just go. Just go.
I got the baby.
Stay here, I'll be back.
- [bone cracking]
- [grunting]
Hold up.
Let's get outta here.
Hey, asshole.
I know what you did,
you trailer-trash piece of shit.
You either got huge balls,
or your eyesight
ain't so good, little man.
[all laughing]
[Cyrus laughs]
[man] Oh.
Come on, Riley, hang on!
[echoing] Hang on, hang on,
hang on, hang on.
All right, almost there!
You're gonna make it!
[echoing] Gonna make it,
gonna make it.
[female doctor]
Oblique tibial fracture.
And that's on the good leg.
With these injuries,
I'd tell you
he shouldn't be racing,
but I assume
you've already tried that.
- Yeah.
- These guys are worse than junkies.
- How long until...
- I know what you're gonna ask.
Eight weeks minimum before he
sets a foot on a bike again.
Twelve weeks would be better.
- Never again would be best.
- [exhales]
I'll check up on him tomorrow.
Thanks, Doc.
He's gonna miss
all his qualifiers.
Okay, hold on with that.
Can I have a minute
with him, please?
Of course.
I don't know what
I was thinking, baby.
What? Don't say that.
No, you were right.
It's too risky.
It's too risky.
[Sophie] Stop.
Racing is part of you.
And I realize that when I said,
"I do," it was to all of you.
Thank you.
For what?
For letting me
get to say I tried.
[Marshall grunts]
Come on.
So, I think I should probably
take next semester off
- and go back to...
- No, baby. Baby, no.
No, just...
Just for a little bit.
So we don't fall so far behind,
you know?
When I'm better,
I'm gonna fix a thousand bikes,
and I'm gonna teach
a million kids to ride,
and I'm gonna do whatever it takes
to get you your clinic, baby.
I promise you.
[Sophie whispers] I love you.
I love you so much.
[aerosol spraying]
Yo, Cyrus!
[Cyrus] Yo?
Bike's good to go.
Can I get a hand?
[Cyrus] Be right there!
- You got it?
- Looking good.
- Looking good.
- All right.
[Sophie] Lunch is here!
- [Cyrus] Sophie.
- Cyrus.
So what do you do
at the clinic?
Do you ask the animals
to turn and cough?
I give injections,
check their teeth,
test for diseases,
stuff like that.
- What about neutering?
- Mmm-hmm. We do that.
I bet you're pretty good at it.
Don't you forget it.
[motorbike approaching]
What's up, slugger?
What do you want, Tony?
I'm here to see Bennett.
I've got a question for him.
Is that all you got?
Excuse me?
- Get outta here, Tony.
- I'm curious.
Yeah, bye-bye, jerk-off.
Don't get your panties
in a twist.
- Excuse me?
- Turn around
and walk out of this store.
[Tony] I just wanna know
if he's done.
- [Cyrus] Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- It's okay. It's fine.
What's your problem?
Do you think you can beat
the Walker brothers?
- If I wasn't hurt?
- Yeah, sure.
I'd wipe my ass
with both of them.
Okay, then...
let me show you something.
You see this?
Hangtown, '97.
Some jerk messed with my bike.
Cost me my shot.
I remember that.
And you see this?
This is from
rearranging his face.
Yeah, I remember that, too.
There's one thing I don't do,
and that's mess
with a man's bike.
Yeah, but one of your boys did.
He sure might have.
But he ain't my boy no more.
Chris left the team.
We had an agreement
when I sponsored him
that when he turns pro,
he takes Panterra Racing
factory level with him.
Instead, he jumps ship
and goes with Irongrip
with his dumb brother.
Nothing more do I want than
to kick both of their asses.
But you know what's better?
I want you to smoke
their asses on the track.
Are you serious?
I'm serious as a heart attack.
I can't ride for a while.
- How long?
- Four to six weeks.
- [Tony] Stable or oblique fracture?
- [Marshall] It's a stable.
You're good.
It's healed already.
I'm sorry, are you a doctor?
Do you know how many
broken bones I've had?
If I get my physical therapist
to do his voodoo magic on you,
you'll be good to go
in no time.
Make it to the last qualifiers.
Loretta Lynn's? No, I can't do that.
I can't afford it.
- It's in Tennessee.
- I'll cover the expenses.
Gas, hotel,
we'll get you out there.
But a couple months later,
Lucas Oil Outdoor
Pro Motocross.
You're gonna have to win.
Get us sponsors,
keep this thing going.
[announcer] Marshall Bennett
wins the Loretta Lynn 450!
[Sophie] But what's in it
for you?
Panterra Racing gets to go pro.
You in?
The Lucas Oil Pro Motocross
Championship season starts
at historic Glen Helen Raceway
in glorious
Southern California.
[co-announcer] Yeah,
it's one of the most popular tracks
due to its endless jumps
and elevation changes.
You can find a lot of riders
training here all year,
like number eight,
Chris Walker.
[announcer] Today marks
his first pro race
- with Irongrip Tools.
- Okay, all set, Ray-Ray.
[announcer] He is, of course,
the younger brother
of last year's champion,
number 88, Kurt Walker.
[co-announcer] Yeah, you know,
Chris placed in the top three
in all of his qualifiers.
Talent definitely
runs in this family,
and I wouldn't be surprised to
see both of them on the podium.
- [co-announcer] No question.
- Awesome. Here you go.
All right.
What are you ladies' names?
Victoria and Rebecca.
Victoria and Rebecca.
- Pretty names, huh?
- Yeah, very pretty.
Thank you, ladies.
[both] Thank you.
[Sophie] Hey, Tony.
Tony. Wait, hey.
Have you thought
any more about our discussion?
Look, Sophie, no offense,
but you don't have
a ton of experience.
What do you mean?
I was running things just fine
until you showed up.
For half a season.
I've been doing this
for 20 years.
Okay, but I can take
some of your workload.
I managed at the clinic.
I know how to delegate.
Well, you can't be the manager.
I'm the team manager.
I pay for all this shit.
You got any other ideas?
Public relations.
I'm gonna help get us sponsors.
And what the hell qualifications
do you have to do that?
The sponsors are men,
and I have boobs.
Hey, hey, quick, quick,
look, look, look.
Look quick.
- [groans]
- [both laughing]
All right, easy, big guy.
That's all the damage
they're gonna be doing today.
Qualified ninth.
He's out of his league.
Oh, hey, look who it is.
- What's up, buddy?
- [Riley] Hey. Good to see you.
Hey, man.
Thanks for coming out.
- Hey, I wouldn't miss it.
- Yeah.
And I brought you
a cheering section.
- Yeah?
- They're from my support group.
Gearheads through and through.
Hey, I'm Justin.
It's an honor to meet you, Sarge.
- Nice to meet you, man.
- I'm Dustin.
- Hey, nice to meet you. Hey.
- Hi, I'm Brad.
- [announcer] Attention, attention.
- [man] Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
All riders to the start gate.
All right,
you all stretched out?
- Yeah.
- All right.
Hey, Junior,
I got sponsors for today,
but sponsorship bonuses,
that's the only way
we can keep this thing going.
Show us what you got.
[announcer] This is one
of our biggest turnouts
for a season opener.
Over 20,000 spectators
here today
to see which one
of these riders
will take home
the $25,000 purse.
- [cheering]
- [Marshall] Thank you.
Thank you. Appreciate it.
Listen, Bennett, we came here
to win this thing,
me and my brother, one-two.
So you just stay
out of our way.
Yeah, I watched you
during qualifying, Chris.
So you know, we got you beat
by over four seconds.
What I know is you're
a carbon copy of your brother.
And that's why I'm gonna
yard your ass, too.
Marshall Bennett, number 32,
he's the guy to watch.
I thought he was injured.
Sir, tracers and IEDs
in Afghanistan
couldn't keep this man
from riding.
Just think about giving him your support
when he takes the podium, all right?
- All right.
- Thanks.
Oh, sir, excuse me!
[announcer] You know, Bennett is
a new addition to Team Panterra.
Not sure what his chances are.
He took a four-year hiatus
from motocross to go serve,
and he came back injured.
All right, buddy, it's all you.
[announcer] So I'm
surprised he's even here.
Go do it.
Well, and apparently
there's lots of bad blood
between Team Panterra
and that former rider
of theirs, Chris Walker.
[Kurt] You just get
to the front.
I'll bury anyone who comes up.
All right,
with two minutes to go.
There's our top qualifier,
Justin Muscutt, number 14.
He's looking very confident.
- Hey.
- How'd it go?
Uh, great. I talked
to eight different sponsors,
E3 Spark Plugs seems
the most promising.
- E3? They're good.
- Yeah, I know.
Good job.
All right, here we go, guys.
[engine revving]
All right,
with 30 seconds to go,
this Pro Motocross Championship
at Glen Helen
is about to kick off.
[co-announcer] Revs are up
and the gate is down!
- [Sophie] Go!
- [Cyrus] Let's go!
[co-announcer] Ooh!
Massive bottleneck
coming out of turn one!
[announcer] Multiple wipeouts.
That's gonna thin the herd a lot.
You know, that first turn
always shows you
who wants the bigger house.
[announcer] Chris Walker's already
making his way to the front of pack.
As they round
the Yamaha Bridge,
48 and 14 are leading the race!
Moving up mid-pack is
number 32, Marshall Bennett.
And number 14 takes the lead
as they descend Mt. St. Helen.
[co-announcer] Oh, Bennett and
Foster get into a little tangle
as they round
the backside bridge.
[announcer] Number eight, Chris
Walker's putting down a strong first lap
as he comes out of the canyon.
His brother, Kurt, is not far
behind, getting some massive air.
[spectators cheering]
[co-announcer] Number 32,
Marshall Bennett,
is also holding his own
as he gets some hang time
in the canyon.
[announcer] Number 88,
Kurt Walker,
passes 79
heading into the back straight.
[co-announcer] Man,
this competition is intense.
[announcer] That's
a tight first lap, folks.
[co-announcer] We got a lot of
good riders here today.
This could be anybody's race.
[Marshall grunts]
Come on, baby, go!
[co-announcer] Oh, look at Chris
Walker, just charging past 121.
[announcer] Number 14, Justin
Muscutt, continues to lead this race.
[co-announcer] Eighty-eight,
Kurt Walker, is on fire,
moving into third place
as he laps number 58.
I'm telling you,
there's gonna be at least one Walker
on the podium today.
[announcer] Oh!
Forty-eight takes a nasty spill
as Bennett closes in
on the leader.
Coming around for lap nine
is race leader, number 14,
with the Team Irongrip
Walker brothers gaining ground.
[co-announcer] And right behind
them is Marshall Bennett.
Yes! Go, baby!
Just look at Marshall Bennett.
He's found his groove.
He's tearing it up.
Bennett is now right on the
heels of the pack leaders
as he comes around turn one!
[co-announcer] Bennett is
clearly looking to pass
as they approach
the backside bridge.
[announcer] Oh!
Bennett goes wide and passes Kurt Walker!
[co-announcer] What a move
by Bennett!
I did not see that coming.
He is now in third place.
[Marshall] Almost got ya.
[announcer] Kurt's looking to
take back that number-three spot,
chasing down Bennett,
looking to make a move.
[Marshall grunts]
[co-announcer] Oh!
And Kurt Walker block-passes Bennett,
- knocking him off his bike.
- [Kurt laughing]
Oh, man.
An aggressive play by 88.
Bennett scrambles to get
back in the race,
but he's losing positions
every second that goes by.
Too bad for Bennett.
Bennett's back on his bike,
but he's got a lot of distance
to make up.
[announcer] Only three laps left,
and 14's still leading this race,
with Irongrip's Kurt
and Chris Walker closing in.
[co-announcer] Back in eighth place,
Bennett's inching his way forward.
He hasn't given up yet.
[announcer] Look at this,
Chris lets his brother by.
Kurt is charging race leader
Justin Muscutt.
[co-announcer] Two laps to go
and Kurt Walker
is just bearing down on 14.
[announcer] Kurt's reeled him in.
He dives in for the pass.
[co-announcer] Oh, contact!
Muscutt's off the track!
[announcer] Kurt Walker now has the lead
with his younger brother just behind.
Looks like Team Irongrip
has this.
Don, check out this battle
going on at the backside bridge.
Marshall Bennett moves up
two more spots.
He's back in third place!
The white flag is out!
It's the final lap.
That's how you do it!
[co-announcer] Oh, look at this, Gordon.
Bennett is hot on their heels.
[announcer] The Walkers
round the Yamaha Bridge,
and 32 is closing in!
He is a man on a mission.
You got it!
Come on, Marshall.
[Marshall] I'm back.
[announcer] Thirty-two has made
his way back. I can't believe it!
[co-announcer] I don't think
he's gonna settle for third.
- Go, go, go. Get 'em!
- Come on!
[announcer] Oh. Bennett
passes Kurt Walker again.
That has got to piss Kurt off.
Whoa! Eighty-eight
takes a dive!
Bennett's now in second place.
It's the final stretch!
Can he catch Chris Walker?
Come on.
Checkered flag is out!
Come on, baby!
He did it! Bennett
strokes under Chris Walker!
I don't think
that's ever been done before!
Oh, my God, and Chris almost
loses it on the landing!
Oh, we're screwed.
Marshall Bennett is the winner
of the Lucas Oil Pro
Championship at Glen Helen.
That's my boy.
- I knew you could do it!
- Yeah! Yeah!
[Marshall] This is yours, man.
- Are you serious?
- Panterra's gone pro.
Thanks, buddy.
Hey, Marshall, you mind
if we do a quick interview?
So, Marshall, halfway through the
race, you went off the track.
Did you think you were gonna
be able to come back?
I had no idea,
but I had to try.
[rock music playing]