Beppie (1965) Movie Script

Hi Beppie, come in.
Hello, Mr van Keuk.
Hi, Mrs van Keuken.
Before school in the morning
I sometimes go past Aunt Miep's.
She stands at the window
and waves to me.
I stand on the bridge
and then I run away.
Well, my name is Beppie
and my last name is Klaassen.
I have eight sisters
and their names are:
And there's Lenie...
and my mother and father.
We have six rooms.
And I share a room with Josta...
...where Uncle Dick used to live.
Jopie sleeps
in a bunk bed with Lenie.
The other three
sleep in a double bed.
My mother sleeps downstairs.
Brigitte sleeps downstairs too,
in a posh bed... the small front room...
...but she crawls into bed with me.
Otherwise she'd cry all night...
...and stay up late.
Because the light is on in there... she crawls into bed with me.
Brigitte... until she falls asleep
and then Mum comes to get her...
...and puts her in her own bed.
1 x 3 = 3
2 x 3 = 6
3 x 3 = 9
4 x 3 = 12
5 x 3 = 15
On my school report I also had
a five out of ten.
I had a 5 for conduct.
Yeah... for talking too much.
The report also said...
...if she fails two subjects,
Beppie will be held back a year.
I got held back once.
If I go on to the next year
I get a guilder,
or 1.50.
Last time I also got a quarter
from the neighbour, so I had 1.75.
I once won an ashtray...
It cost ten cents.
And a pair of pincers...
I kept it anyway.
It cost a quarter.
Still pretty cheap!
My father has a treasure-chest.
A little green box.
Whenever he has some money
first he gives my mother some...
...and he puts some in his pocket...
...and the rest he puts in the box.
In summer we go to
the swimming pool.
The Miranda bath costs 15 cents,
sometimes 20.
When it's cold,
it's only 10 cents.
Maybe I'll go to a summer camp,
but it costs 29 guilders.
Maybe Mum will let me go,
but what about the others?
It costs too much to send everyone.
2 x 5 = 10
3 x 5 = 15
4 x 5 = 20
5 x 5 = 25
6 x 5 = 30
So then she says:
Should we knock in the glass?
She sees a fire extinguisher,
and she smashes the pane...
...with a stick or a stone...
...and the door flies open.
Her sister says
your picture is taken.
Is that true?
You don't see anything.
4 x 3 = 12
6 x 3 = 24...
- Yes!
8 x 3 = 24
We saw Crazy Johnny, with a bag,
...when we were playing
cowboys and Indians...
...with my cousins...
...and my sisters...
We all played cowboys and Indians.
Then Crazy Johnny came along
and he saw a woman riding a bike...
...and he jumped on the back.
He belongs in the loony bin!
We went out with Lenie one night.
She was scared on the street,
where the bushes are.
She thought there was a man
hiding behind the trees.
There wasn't. The tree was split,
the branches were all crooked.
She wanted to go the other way.
I didn't, but she was scared.
Once, she was molested by a man.
Once a man was walking around
in his bare body.
I didn't see him,
but Els's mother said so.
Aunt Ria lives around here,
in the red-light district.
You see all these women
sitting at the window.
I call them eager beavers!
In the window... see the small room and the bed.
That's where you see them after supper.
No more boys for me.
9 x 3 = 27
10 x 3 = 30
Boys are nasty!
As soon as they see another girl...
...they leave you flat.
5 x 12 = 60
7 x 12 =...
9 x 12 =...
I don't know if my mother
will let me get married.
Caterina Valente's mother
wouldn't let her get married.
No, she was not allowed
to have a boyfriend.
She was on telly yesterday.
She didn't have a home.
Her mother told her to sing.
That's why she was on TV.
I watch telly every day.
I slept at Els's house yesterday... a little room upstairs.
A room of our own, a nice little room.
There are two beds shoved together.
I slept in the middle.
I watched TV at night.
Then the Christmas tree came.
Because her brother
has a concussion...
He should stay in bed.
But he got out of bed yesterday.
If he sits up or gets up,.
he'll have a
headache all his life.
But he got up to watch Bonanza.
The father had been shot,
with a heavy bullet, they said.
But he was still alive...
And the fat guy Hoss...
he had to lay down
that stove and rope,
but he needed people
because he also had to shoot...
...because the other cowboys
wanted to fight.
But nobody wanted to,
they didn't feel like it.
They were at the saloon, scared.
And then he finally asked:
And there was one guy,
but he couldn't shoot.
He said: I want to help you,
but I can't shoot.
It was rated
'unsuitable for younger viewers'...
That's what it said,
but they let us watch anyway.
A gable, teacher!
Town walls, teacher!
No... No, teacher!
A drawbridge.
Keizersgracht, Prinsengracht...
My father is asleep now.
He's a waiter.
He's always a waiter.
We play games.
Hide and seek, tag...
'The phone game': You have two phones
and you can talk to each other.
Cigarette tag...
For instance I say Caballero...
...and you have to say Caballero
or another brand.
If someone wants to tag you,
you have to say all kind of brand names.
A woman was...
The other day
we saw Saint Nicholas.
He had cream here for his moustache
and also for his beard.
I said: You know what you are?
A cream puff!
He said: No presents for you!
Then I said: Forget the presents,
you're still full of cream!
There was another Saint Nicholas
at the next shop.
It was a woman with cream all over too!
And also a guy pretending to be
Saint Nicholas, wearing a black hat.
Grandpa once came by
when I was crying.
Someone was teasing me.
He asked if I wanted some sweets.
Aunt Miep was there too,
that's how we met.
Grandpa's hands are shrinking...
...and it hurts.
Only old people get like that...
...they all shrink.
Silent night, holy night
David's son, long awaited
He who will save millions
was born
in Bethlehem.
- Fine!
He, Lord of Creashum, encore.
Silent night, holy night
David's son, long awaited
those millions of...
who will save millions
was born in a stable in Bethlehem
Lord of Creatures
wages of sin
I can't do it! grateful for that...
silent night, holy night
Let us pray together.
We close our eyes and fold our hands...
...and thank the Lord
for bringing us here.
Thank you Lord, for enabling us
to celebrate Christmas.
And now?
- Film.
What are we all going to watch?
- A film!
Not one film, but...
Two or five... or six.
Very, very exciting!
Oh, great!
Lights out.
Dammit, I can't see.
He walks into something.
Fried egg...
There's a chicken in it.
First a cartoon
and then the main film.
No, no Donald Duck,
stuff like that,
...cowboys, all kinds of things.
Nine Nine Nine...
a police film.
They show good films.
Popeye and Comedy Capers.
Oh no, that one's too ordinary.
Mr Magoo and Bonanza.
Beverly Hillbillies...
...and Ivanhoe, Rin Tin Tin.
And a lot of commercials,
Jamin, Ahoy...
...Coca Cola and stuff like that.
The Invisible Man,
you can't see him at all.
The door opens by itself.
You don't see his head.
Most often it's that...
he is completely dressed...
and only bandages on,
...but when he changes clothes
and takes off the banages,.
you don't see anything.
It's just a face and je talks.
The Invisible Man had no shadow...
...and three minutes later
there was a bomb.
He was saved just in time,
or he would have been dead.
It's fun to watch that.
But I don't want to die!
Though it has to happen, right?
You could be dead tomorrow,
you can have some kind of accident.
But it hurts, you know.
Then they go to the cemetery
and the hearse comes.
Only the soul goes to heaven,
the rest rots away.
I heard about it,
but I don't know what it is.
Your soul goes to heaven,
or to Shell, to the gas station!
Yeah, you get tossed in the fire.
If you have been naughty and bad
you go to the Shell...
...if you've been good and haven't done
anything, you go to heaven.
They're building a raft.
And God,
the Invisible Man is up there!
I wouldn't like to be in heaven.
All you see is clouds.
You see planes flying by.
You keep floating around.
You go on living in heaven.
Your soul is still alive.
You can't talk any more.
You can be dead like that tomorrow.
Your soul can go to heaven tomorrow.
Pretty awful.
Did you enjoy our Christmas party
this afternoon?
Yeah... of course!
I thought so too...
- Me too.
And that's why we are so very...
- Glad.
And why did we sing?
And why do we give each other
Because it's Christmas.
We are all going to sit very...
Very, very...
...our coats...
Get lost!
Lord Jesus, we thank you
for bringing us here together today... celebrate your birthday together,
Lord Jesus.
And we are so happy, Lord Jesus,
that we could do this.
And that's why we say together:
Thank you, Lord!
- For all the good things.
Thank you, Lord, for being our friend.
Once we had to film with Hennie
after four o'clock.
It was getting late...
five o'clock... five thirty...
We were walking along...
the Amstel hotel,
...and well, then we gave each other
a little kiss.
Not where it is light...
...but near the bridge,
it's kind of dark there.
He asked me
if I wanted to go steady.
He said: Yes or no?
I said: Yes.
He always says: Good girl.
The other boys all want
my girlfriend Marja.
The whole class is crazy about her,
except for Hennie.
She always makes such a show
of herself, the cow!
I don't think I'm going to stay
with Hennie forever.
Beppie said
I was cut out of the film.
Just to tease me.
She didn't want me
to be in the film.
When I gave her some yoghurt,
she said: No bacteria for me.
They all say I have fleas.
My sister says I should say:
I got those fleas from you.
But I keep forgetting to say it.
My father didn't want
the camera at our house.
My mother
also thought it was too stressy.
The truth is I didn't want it...
...because it's so cluttered.
There are ten of
us in the family.
Beppie loves money.
If she can sell you something, she will.
She once got a ring,
and then she sold it.
I lived at my mother-in-law's
for a couple of years...
...on the third floor.
It was horrible, with all those kids.
Going up and down the stairs...
They were still very young.
I was lugging things around all day.
And we didn't have a toilet.
It was horrible.
Then we lived on a boat
for six months.
Not very nice either.
That was because my husband
wanted to stay with his mother.
I've always been
a motorbike addict.
There wasn't a cop in Amsterdam
who didn't know me.
It was a nightmare,
the way I used to whizz around the city.
But I was a good driver,
I never got a fine!
They all knew me.
They all stood there grinning.
When I drove around, the cops
used to say: There goes Stretch!
I used to have a little moustache.
At the cash register you don't think
about anything, just money.
If I saw
a nice bend around a square,
I'd go round it at
80, 90 km an hour.
My father went to hospital
when I was eleven...
...and we went to an orphanage.
Until 17 I was in an orphanage,
and after that
I got a live-in housekeeping job.
You want to know if I'm happy?
I think life is fantastic!
I know how to have fun in life!
In the summer I go all over the place
with my wife and children.
They're all crazy about me.
I think that's just great!
Whenever I leave the house,
or come home...
...they all say:
Daddy, give me a kiss!
And I can't leave
before I've kissed them all goodbye.
I think it's great.
Really great.
They are crazy about me.
I never
have to do a thing at home.
I just give a shout
and they say:
Yes Daddy, we'll do it for you.
People with money
look down on you,
because you have
such a big family.
They think you are trash.
I don't agree.
I am totally satisfied.
I really get a kick out of life!
I guess maybe
it's time to leave, right?