Berlin Alexanderplatz (2020) Movie Script

- My love.
I can't see you.
Where are you?
I'm here, my love.
Hold me, Francis!
I can't make it anymore!
This is the story of Francis B.,
my Francis.
He washed up
on the shores of a new life.
He survived,
dripping with the sins of the past.
Barely human,
half alive, half dead.
He thought he would have to die.
And so Francis makes a vow:
Father, Almighty God,
I swear that from this day on,
I will be good.
I want to be a new man, a decent man.
You will see how Francis comes to Berlin.
How he stumbles three times and falls.
How he gets up, again and again.
Only to be broken by this city
once and for all.
For my Francis wants more of life
than a bed and a piece of buttered bread.
He has survived.
But that is a mere period of grace.
Francis, don't.
You are new here.
Where are you from?
- Leave him alone.
This one isn't for you.
Oh, Bissau.
Your mother tattoos dicks
at the train station.
At the train station?
There is no trains in Bissau.
Not yet.
Zanoovi? Is that my name?
I can't remember.
I have had so many names.
And I have led so many lives.
I have lied and cheated.
I was the King and Lord of the Jungle.
I have dined at the table of the gods.
You have lavished my father's inheritance
and burned it...
I like this guy, he's great.
Now I have nothing.
Not even a name anymore.
What is a man without a name?
You work with the other men?
Hard work?
- Yeah.
Hard work.
What do you do?
What's your name?
That means princess.
And you?
- Francis.
So you are a princess, then?
You want to fuck me?
I want.
You want?
You have money?
I only sleep with men I like.
I like you.
I can't.
Are you gay?
Don't worry, I'm going to fix you.
I have to go.
Hey, what about my money?
Give me my money!
Give me my money!
Take it.
You fucking faggot!
You're not a real man.
- Shut up!
Shut up!
Fuck off, motherfucker!
You're not a real man, I'm telling you.
Fuck off!
Yes, run.
Hey, Francis.
Calm down.
It doesn't work.
It doesn't work?
Have you lost it, you stupid ape?
What the hell!
What you say?
- Calm down.
Come here and I show you!
- I asked if you're too stupid to shit.
Leave him be.
You don't want to piss him off
if you want to keep this job.
Who cares, man?
This asshole's gonna be working for me,
you'll see.
You and your stories.
Watch out!
We have to call an ambulance.
- No way.
Get him out of here.
But don't call the ambulance.
No, no ambulance.
Ambulance, quickly!
- No ambulance.
Call an ambulance.
No doctor.
No doctor.
They will deport me.
Man, you have no choice.
They will deport me.
Please don't go.
No choice.
Don't go.
Hello, everyone.
I'm Reinhold.
I... I have a funny voice.
You can laugh about it.
Go ahead.
But I didn't ask you to come here
to make you laugh.
I want to help to lift you out of here.
Lift us out?
What do you mean?
No one deserves to live like this.
When I look at you,
I see young, strong, proud men,
who are tired of sitting here
and doing nothing.
You want a decent life.
A decent life.
Yes, we do.
Yes, because you deserve more from life
than just a bed
and a piece of buttered bread, don't you?
Yeah! Yes, we do.
- Don't you?
You want your...
own apartment?
A... flat-screen TV?
A... car?
- Yes, we do.
And... a girlfriend?
And you want to fuck
your girlfriend in the car?
And what do we have to do for it?
You deal drugs for me.
You see?
And if we get caught?
We go to jail, or what?
And you call that decent?
The work is not without risk,
but it's worth it.
You come down here in the filth
and say you want to help.
But all you really want
is to drag us deeper into the shit.
Shut up.
Let us hear what he has to say.
I am sorry, Ottu,
but Germany is a free country.
I am just making you all an offer.
You can decide.
You can take it or leave it.
But if you are interested,
I have a small welcome bonus
here for you.
You want?
Good decision.
My number is on the back side.
Everyone, good workers.
Where are you from?
- Ghana.
Nice country.
Really nice.
You have family there?
- Yeah.
And you?
They are all gone.
What's your name?
- Excuse me?
Your name.
Francis of Bissau.
No interest in a job?
- No.
I already have one.
With him? On the construction site?
What did you just say?
- Come on, Ottu.
Can you say that again?
You are not the kind of guy
who works his ass off for peanuts.
You are a bad boy.
You're a bad boy.
Bad boy?
A bad boy, Ottu!
Yes, very bad. Naughty, naughty.
He's nothing compared to you.
He's the one
who should be working for you.
Stop the damn van!
I had customs here this morning.
I got reported.
Because one of you idiots
called an ambulance
after someone got injured.
Who was it?
I asked who it was!
I don't give a fuck, you're all fired.
Go on, fuck off.
Fuck off! No job.
Of course. Who else!
The man was badly injured.
Did anyone help you?
Somebody help you?
The accident happened after...
Francis broke the pump.
It was his idea to carry Masud out.
Grab your stuff and beat it.
And you and your boys
will work in Treptow tomorrow.
I don't want to see you here again.
Got it?
It's OK.
What did you tell him?
That it was my fault?
Calm down.
- You know that's not true.
You liar!
You're calling me a liar?
- Yeah!
I just saved everyone's job!
It's OK. I will find you a new job.
I don't want a new job.
I did nothing wrong, man.
I saved Masud, no?
Quiet now! Quiet now, OK?
You traitor. You piece of shit!
I don't need you.
I'm gonna find something better
on my own.
Oh, really?
And how are you going to do that?
Do you have any papers?
Work permit?
Residence permit?
Be a good boy,
and do what I say.
You ungrateful shit.
What did you say?
- Francis...
Stop it.
Francis, stop! You...
This was the first blow.
Here you are seeing my Francis
stumble and fall for the first time.
He wanted to be good.
But how was he repaid?
He wanted to be decent.
He made a vow.
But they didn't let him.
Nothing he could do about it.
But don't worry.
He'll pull himself up again.
He'll give it another try.
After all, summer has only just begun.
So this is where you live?
Yes, this is my humble abode.
Not just for hooking up with chicks?
Course not.
You have a girlfriend, huh?
I'll be honest.
There are some, yes.
Several, huh?
- Yes.
"Yes, women are my weakness.
They are the place where I am mortal.
If I Kiss...
I think of the second one,
I start eying the third."
We have ourselves a little poet.
You bring it out in me.
But I want something real.
With heart.
That's what I want too.
Something real.
Something nice.
You're something nice.
Then in you go
into Reinhold's little den.
Now what?
First you were all over me,
now you're playing the bad boy, or what?
What? It was nice.
Get out, I said! Get out!
What's wrong with you? Stop! Stop!
You're finally awake.
I didn't want to listen to you. I'm sorry.
Everything OK?
I can't take it anymore.
The girls.
It's always the same.
Always. First I have to have them.
You understand?
I have to.
But once I have them,
then I can't take it.
I get so disgusted.
The smell alone makes me sick.
I can't lose them fast enough.
But then comes the next one,
and the next one.
Calm down.
It's like an addiction, a sickness.
Calm down.
Be cool.
- Follow me.
Come, follow me.
Stop whining and look here.
Elli, Francis. Say hello.
What is this?
Why are you such an asshole?
- You take care of her for me.
- Yes, you.
Because if she's crying like this, I'll...
What am I supposed to do?
- You do nothing. It's all good.
Where's he going?
I don't know.
Why did he leave you with me?
Look... I'm sorry.
You say sorry...
But you didn't do anything.
Who are you anyway?
Your name.
And yours?
You have loyal eyes, Francis.
I said...
you have nice eyes.
You too.
No, I...
I said you have nice eyes, not me.
You have nice eyes.
What's wrong?
Stop it. Stop it.
I can't.
- Nothing happening down there.
I can't.
What are you doing?
- Taking a picture.
Stop it.
Go on, don't mind me.
- What the hell? Get out.
Stop it!
- Stay. You need a decent fuck.
He doesn't want to.
- He sure does.
Stop it.
- You want.
Let's go, have some fun.
You're just not hot enough.
Hey, stop it!
Shut your mouth...
and fuck.
Can't be that hard, right?
Fuck? Fuck.
I bought breakfast.
Wanna try?
Can't eat eggs.
No eggs.
No meat.
Lactose intolerance.
Fructose intolerance.
Nut allergy.
I don't usually eat in the morning.
And maybe some lemon juice.
You're crazy.
Coffee with lemon juice?
Lemon juice.
Say it.
Elli's pretty hot, isn't she?
Oh, my brother.
No need to be embarrassed.
This is how we'll do it
from now on.
You take the girls off my hands,
and life will be easier for the both of us.
I'm not into it.
Thanks for everything.
And where will you go?
Without a passport...
No passport, huh?
No money, no work.
No job, no nothing.
You don't want to deal,
and you don't have to.
But you can help me out with the girls.
And you can cook.
You do that for me and you can stay.
I want a passport.
Give me a German passport.
Not easy.
But possible.
So the system is pretty simple.
There are the cash boys,
the stash boys,
the couriers and the scouts.
The cash boys bring the customers,
take orders,
take the cash,
and send the customers
on to the stash boys.
The stash boys are sitting near the dope.
And they give it to the customer.
Never have money and goods
at the same place, you know?
And the couriers are going
from one stash to another.
They make sure everyone has enough weed.
And the scouts
cruise around on their bikes,
and sound the horn when the cops show up.
I'm walking here!
- Keep cool, Reinhard.
My boys are discreet, they got style.
They never hit up customers,
eye contact should do it.
No selling to pregnant women,
no selling to kids.
Hipsters pay double.
And pensioners get a discount.
This is the competition, Francis.
Arabs. All retards.
All Arabs are retards?
So what? All my brothers
dealing here are stupid?
All Arabs here are morons.
They have no manners.
Always high on their own supply:
coke, speed... while they work.
So unprofessional.
And standing over them all... is Saint Pums.
Who is Pums?
Pums. The boss.
I'm only the viceroy here.
The park belongs to Pums.
You'll meet him soon enough.
Listen up, peoples.
This is Francis.
He's now a part of this operation.
Hi, Francis.
- Get some.
Come on, guys.
This is mankara.
Everybody likes this in Bissau.
Thank you.
This food is cold.
- What?
The food is cold.
It's cold.
Heat it up again.
What do you mean?
- Go back home,
heat the food up,
and come back.
Warm it up, man.
Go home and heat it again.
So easy.
Nobody eats cold food over here.
The good life of the ordinary peoples.
I'm garbage to them.
White trash.
"Unruly as a kid, compulsive tendencies,
aggressive disposition,
spent time in various
correctional institutions..."
For years, I ate shit.
And you, my brother?
I was a refugee all of my life.
I did what I had to do.
Now I got a second chance.
I want to be good.
Yeah, sure.
You always say this.
But what is good?
And what is evil?
You think it's evil
to sell weed to tourists?
This country sells weapons to dictators.
This land sells weapons to dictators.
Is this good?
Everything you see here
was built at the expense of others.
You know where you'd be
if we paid three euros
for a liter of gas
instead of one-something?
Home, that's where.
In your own house, which you paid for.
With a full stomach and a family in peace.
And they know that.
Of course we pay the bill,
but you pay the price.
But does that make them bad people?
Life's not that simple.
My brother...
You want to be something you cannot be.
That's the faulty circuit in you.
You want to be good
in a world that is evil.
What's the worst thing you've ever done?
The worst?
I did a lot of bad things, man.
I steal.
I do pimping, smuggling...
Have you ever killed anybody?
You understand what I say.
Did you kill someone?
My son, my son, what have you done?
Stop it, Francis! This is Pums.
This is Pums.
Thank you, Pums, thank you.
Your gorilla?
Fuck you!
- Francis, it's OK.
You need to train your gorilla better.
He can't just attack everyone.
I'm no gorilla. Speak to this man.
That's your problem, Reinhold.
You don't have your men under control.
You see?
What's your job here... gorilla?
My name is Francis. I cook the food.
So you're always here?
Every day?
You watch the guys work?
- Yes.
What do you see?
What do you see here
that could they do better?
Don't look at him. Say what you feel,
not what you're supposed to say.
No fear.
No fear.
These men, they have no fear.
They don't work,
they just hang around all day.
No fear...
That means no respect.
They don't take you seriously.
Probably pocketing cash
without you noticing it.
See, Reinhold?
Your gorilla recognizes what you don't.
And what do you do with him?
My protector,
my gorilla, my faithful ox.
So deep in sleep,
I thought I'd have to slash you
to wake you up.
You want to be decent...
But you don't want to obey me.
You want to go to heaven?
Get up.
Get up! Come on!
This is Katie.
And this is Moni.
And this is my brother, Francis.
Have fun, guys.
Hey, where are you going?
- I want to sleep.
No one's sleeping here!
Yeah, don't be a spoilsport.
Exactly. Look after your guests a little.
Francis, what kind of name is that?
Sounds like a woman!
Nobody is called Francis!
You think... I'm a nobody?
Oh... no!
Sorry, I didn't mean it like that.
They didn't mean it like that.
It's about time we made you somebody.
Yeah, a solid German name,
like Christian or Markus!
Or something exotic,
like John, Jack, Ricky...
Rocky! Yeah, you're a straight-up Rocky.
Rocky was white.
- Yeah, he was white.
This guy's a Tyson.
- No.
You are Franz.
Franz? So old-fashioned.
No, no, no. I like Franz.
Silence, please.
"Man is a lowly creature.
The enemy of all enemies.
The most evil being on earth."
I christen you Franz.
Franz, son of man!
Happy birthday to you...
Nice club.
Thank you.
What's your name?
Are you from Nigeria?
How do you know?
Are you from Nigeria too? - No.
But I spent some time in Lagos.
Then in a camp close to the border.
A refugee.
My father is from Abeokuta.
Abeokuta? Like Fela Kuti.
You know who is Fela Kuti?
But you didn't grow up there, right?
How do you know?
I saw you moving.
You dance like a German.
This is Berta.
She's my guardian angel.
Ah... I didn't know.
Now you know.
Franz, my Franz, where have you been?
Your name is Franz?
Francis was his slave name.
Now his name's Franz.
And he can even speak German.
How's business?
- Good.
How's therapy?
You wanna dance?
- But with me.
Come, you dance with me.
- Wait.
What the hell?
- Let me show you someone.
Look who's here.
Now you apologize to Franz.
Say "I'm sorry."
Being difficult, are we?
Say sorry.
I'm so sorry, Franz."
Come on.
"Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they shall be called
the children of God."
No, no, no. It's nice.
Trust me.
Bon voyage.
What's with him?
- I think he's had it.
Good morning.
Are you feeling any better?
What's this?
- It's an aspirin.
It's good against headaches.
How did I get here?
We picked you up off the street.
Off the street?
- You had a bad trip or what?
You two move fast.
I thought you were ready for the loony bin.
But you seem all better now.
So you're hanging with Pums' gang?
Well, Pums...
your friend Reinhold's boss,
he's a gangster.
Old school, if you get me.
An exploiter.
But with a sense of honor.
Reinhold, on the other hand...
He's a psychopath.
He doesn't care about...
I cook food for the people in the park.
That's all.
That's all? Sure.
You're no angels either.
Got a problem with that?
- Yes.
He... She?
She. She really looks after you.
Oh, yeah.
And I look after her.
But we don't own each other.
I love your skin.
There's so little sun here in Germany.
I'm getting more and more pale.
Soon I'll be white.
People look at me
and all they think is black.
But then they hear my voice.
And it's white.
My words are white.
I see the world through their eyes,
as if I were white.
But even if everyone were blind,
I would still know I'm black.
And that it makes a difference.
Because it does make a difference.
To me...
To me, it sounds like you're the racist.
Your world...
is simple.
I'm torn.
I'm just joking around.
No, I'm really serious.
We could use another bouncer.
I have a job.
As Reinhold's house slave?
He gives me work.
But we're friends too.
Reinhold has no friends.
He just has people he exploits.
He has something dark inside him,
something monstrous.
Then that's inside me too.
I only want to help you, Francis.
- Franz.
My name's Franz.
And who are you?
Kelly. You?
Where's Reinhold?
In his room. I think he's got a screw loose.
Did you cook this?
Tastes really good.
- You're welcome.
Where were you?
I was worried.
I was at Eva's.
For so long?
You have to take her off my hands.
Her. I can't stand her.
What did you say?
Take her off my hands.
I beg your pardon?
- Now.
No, Reinhold.
Ditching one woman after the next...
Stick with Kelly.
You'll see, it will get better.
Dr. Franz, huh? Uncle Dr. Franz.
Wants to make me a married cripple.
Dr. Franz will make you healthy.
Look at how you eat...
What do you mean?
- You eat like a pig.
- It just tastes good.
The sounds you make,
shoveling that crap into you,
it's disgusting.
- Hey.
Get a grip, OK?
I should get a grip?
You heard that, right?
That pig says I should get a grip.
I'll show you...
Are you nuts?
- This is my apartment!
Fuck you, you freak!
Look in the mirror
if you wanna see a freak!
This is my apartment. My apartment.
No one tells me to get a grip here.
Franz, I need your help tonight.
For what?
- Nothing to do with drugs.
You just have to help me
load something up.
Don't you trust me anymore?
- Sure, I do. Sure.
Where's the problem then?
No problem.
No problem?
- No problem.
Who's that?
Franz, don't get on my nerves.
Are you scared?
Then you can go. Right now.
I'm not scared.
Good. Then keep your trap shut.
What's this?
- Come. In you go.
What the fuck?
What is this?
A disguise.
I'm not doing this.
Put it on.
- No.
Put the fucking mask on!
Show time.
Put this in the car!
- No...
No. I'm not doing it!
You do what I say.
Do it!
My Franz stands there thinking,
"What should I do?"
"Should I run? Should I stay?
As if they threw him into dough,
and now he can't get it off.
Come on. Come here.
He wants to get away, but he can't.
Franz, you've been tricked.
Come on.
Let's go! Get out of here!
Good boy. Good boy.
Oh man, I'm so fucking horny.
I could fuck you all over Alexanderplatz!
And then shove the little TV tower
up your shitpipe.
Why are you looking at me like that?
Why did you drag me into this?
To show you who you are.
You're like me.
Franz and Reinhold.
Exactly like me.
Why are you laughing
like an idiotic ape?
Why are you laughing?
I'm not an ape and I'm not like you.
I'm not like you?
There is a reaper, Death is his name.
From Almighty God his power came.
Now his knife he whets...
Alright then.
Since when do you drink?
Since about three minutes ago.
See, look at the time!
Was that necessary?
Who are you anyway?
I asked you something.
He didn't obey me.
You don't throw away a tool
you can still use.
Why do you keep me then?
You can't throw your niggers
out of your car
if they don't obey you.
Correct. But now all of my "niggers" know
that not doing what I say
has consequences.
"I say jump, you say?"
- "How high?"
So don't shit your pants over it.
Cheeky little fellow, isn't he?
Come over here.
Come on.
Don't you think he's changed?
He drinks, he's rude.
Not at all like him.
As if he's got some new lifeblood.
But nothing is free in this life.
What's the old saying?
"Someone has to foot the bill."
His grace period has come to an end.
This was the second blow.
Franz got dragged into a crime.
He didn't want to. He tried to resist.
But nothing he could do about it.
Had you not been warned?
Didn't you know better, Franz?
A pain sears through his left arm,
all the way to his heart.
He'll get back on his feet again.
His second attempt.
But before that, he has to meet me.
He's stable. He'll be OK for now.
It's important that the wound is cleaned
three times a day.
He should be in a hospital,
it's not a grazed knee.
How are you feeling?
You're safe here.
It's best that nobody knows where you are.
You think your life's over now, eh?
Because you've lost your arm.
You feel like half a man. And you are.
Welcome to the freak show.
We'd make a good act.
I've kept my ears open,
but nobody knows anything
about your accident.
There was a break-in at a jeweler's.
A car plowed through the shop window.
Pums' people, supposedly.
Ring a bell?
The tranny,
the black Amazonian,
and the one-armed bandit.
Reinhold was apparently there too.
- Let him be.
It's not what you have, Franz,
it's how you wear it.
We want to introduce you to someone.
A good friend of ours, it's her apartment.
She'll take care of you
until you're better, OK?
Should be enough for the time being.
Let's leave the two of them.
Take good care of him.
Listen up:
Just so you know, I'm not a nurse.
I have better things to do
than take care of you.
So just get better quickly.
He brandishes his fist
against the dark force.
Franz feels something up against him,
but he cannot see it.
The hammer has come swinging toward him.
May the angels lead you into paradise.
May the choir of angels receive you,
and take you to the holy city.
With Lazarus, who once was poor,
may you have eternal rest.
Are you mad at me now?
For not letting you die?
You're one tricky customer.
Yeah, this is Kitty.
Yeah, same deal:
400 for the two hours,
1,000 for the night.
OK, see you shortly.
Tastes like shit?
Wanna try?
OK, listen up: three rules.
First rule: Hands off my stuff.
Second rule:
Even if you've given up on life,
stay out of trouble.
And the third rule... hello?
You eat what's served.
I'm off to work.
You'll survive without me?
Fuck you.
Two birds in a cage.
Seems like two souls,
chained together.
Can't you look somewhere else?
Who pays 1,000 euros for one night?
Who pays 1,000 euros for anything?
For a necklace, shoes, a bag.
Who pays 1,000 euros for an orgasm?
Today it's a businessman,
he gets a double date.
A what? Double date?
Yeah, two girls and one guy.
How do I look?
Like 1,000 euros.
Kitty is a playful young woman...
with a scintillatingly feminine figure,
and always in high spirits.
With her sunny disposition
and delightfully sassy nature,
she will enchant any gentleman.
Her girlish beauty
epitomizes the perfect lover.
Her natural grace will whisk you away
on thrilling amorous escapades.
Kitty is open to experiments,
she is versatile,
and can tickle a gentleman's senses
with her tantalizing lust and passion.
When she looks at you
with her big, innocent eyes,
you simply melt away.
Kitty is very open-minded,
and open to new and exciting experiences.
The drinks were spiked.
What's wrong?
I think the drinks were spiked.
I stood up and tried to leave,
and then...
everything started spinning.
Then he hit me.
then I...
then I woke up,
and I couldn't move.
Couldn't move.
I couldn't move.
Don't cry.
We will make it right.
Listen, you Heavens, and I will speak.
Hear, you Earth, the words of my mouth.
I can kill and bring to life.
I can strike down
and I can heal.
They provoked me
with what is not God.
For a fire will be kindled by my wrath.
It will consume the earth and its harvests,
and will set afire
the foundations of the mountains.
I will heap calamities upon them,
for their vine
comes from the vine of Sodom
and from the fields of Gomorrah.
I will make my arrows drunk with blood,
while my sword devours flesh.
Vengeance is mine.
Retribution is mine.
An eye for an eye,
a tooth for a tooth,
so speaks the Lord.
I'm good at what I do.
I'm always careful, you know?
If you would ask me:
Who would pay 1,000 euros for a night?
I think it's about fulfilling a desire.
You know, a man desires safety.
Like with his mother.
I really think the men who come to me...
I make them feel they're in the right place,
that they're safe with me.
Like on mommy's lap.
Only with fucking.
But it's not real.
I never felt safe with my mom.
I hated being a kid.
It's weird,
because everyone always says
you're happiest as a kid.
But I got all my baby teeth knocked out.
I was walking along in my white dress,
it was blowing in the wind,
I looked like this crazy little bird
at a bird wedding.
It was my favorite dress.
I was so proud of my white dress,
and I was walking along...
The dress was blowing in the wind,
and all of a sudden...
Bang! I fell on my face,
and all my baby teeth fell out.
You know
what the really disgusting part is?
That I...
I still don't know if my mother pushed me.
I probably just tripped.
It was my fault.
Your fault?
My fault.
- Why?
You don't push what you love, do you?
You men are actually...
such simple creatures.
I'll show you.
There's a reaper, Death his name,
from Almighty God his power came.
Now his knife he whets,
sharper and sharper it gets.
Get off me!
What the fuck's wrong with you,
you psycho?
Are you nuts?
See that?
I'm not made of sugar.
I'm made of marble.
- What?
- Why?
What's wrong?
Is everything OK?
What's wrong, Franz?
I am not good.
What do you mean?
Whatever I love,
I Kill.
I'm not scared of you.
Don't be scared of yourself then.
Which one?
- This one.
That one?
OK, fine.
You look good.
I feel good, too.
Really good.
Sit down, Eva.
I've found an apartment for you.
It's small but cozy,
and really close to mine.
You're going to love it.
Franz is staying with me.
Glad to hear that.
Thank you.
In that case... cheers!
It's good you got away from Reinhold.
Who's Reinhold?
What happened between you two?
Who is this Reinhold guy?
Do I know him?
He was involved in your accident after all.
Do I know this Reinhold?
And no.
Franz, listen.
Berta and I can help you
get rid of Reinhold.
But you have to talk to us.
Talk about what?
It was an accident.
It was just bad luck.
Bad luck?
And you deserved it too?
- Eva...
You don't really believe that.
Franz wanted to be decent.
He succeeded for a while.
But life didn't like him that way.
He put up a fight, but to no avail.
Nothing he could do about it.
Franz is now a pimp.
Money's pouring in,
and he could be content.
But he isn't.
A thorn still lodges in his flesh,
aching with pain
and throbbing...
and throbbing...
Come on, man. This food tastes like shit.
Not good?
- No.
Go get yourself a kebab, then.
But if you leave your spot, you're out.
So eat!
There is a reaper, Death his name.
From Almighty God his power came.
Now his knife he whets,
sharper and sharper it gets.
Come on.
Do it!
Do it!
Yes... Yes!
Yes, yes!
Why are you here?
Why are you here?
Answer me when asked!
I wanted to talk to you.
Talk about what?
You're still alive...
I'd like to see your arm.
Your wound.
Looks disgusting.
Used to be worse.
You always
wear your sleeve in your pocket?
Do you tuck it in, or is it sewn?
Don't put anything in your left pocket,
it'd be easy to steal.
Not from me.
I better go.
- Can't you buy an artificial arm?
If you lose a leg,
you also get a fake one put on.
No. I don't want one.
It would look better, though.
Or stuff the sleeve.
Come on, let's try it.
I still owe you something anyway.
You'll see.
Your share.
You have to get a pro to do it, of course.
Stop it.
- I can't stand cripples.
- They should be done away with.
They're so useless...
- Stop it.
Stop it! Stop it!
Why did you do it?
Because I wanted to kill you.
I picked you up off the streets,
took you in, fed you,
gave you a home, a job.
As many women
as you could fuck... And you?
You betrayed me.
You had more or less moved in with Eva.
You left me alone.
Of course I wanted to kill you!
You talk about being good,
being decent.
What about being loyal?
Yes, I wanted to be good.
I didn't think...
Exactly! You don't think!
That's your problem!
You don't see who your real friend is.
To them, you're a dumb nigger,
but I see you, man.
Maybe I deserved it.
Yes, maybe I did.
Maybe this is my punishment.
Yes, Franz.
You're being punished.
Because you don't recognize your destiny.
You don't see it. You're not looking.
But look at you.
You can't be destroyed.
You were run over by a car,
almost drank yourself to death.
You drowned, and yet you are alive.
Because you are immortal.
The ox has handed himself over
to the slaughterer.
Francis listened to Reinhold's tune,
he let himself be seduced by him.
You are made of dirt and blood and dirt,
like every other man.
And like every other man,
you must look out for what's best for you.
From now on,
we split things differently.
You take over
the business in Hasenheide.
Raise your glasses...
To the new Franz!
And to Hasenheide being ours!
I had a new deal with the Libyans.
You know that.
Now they want compensation.
You know what I had to tell them?
You know what I had to tell them, huh?
Go back to the desert
and fuck your camels!
Good job.
The man of the hour.
Everything's on me.
Reinhold, order a round.
Sit down.
They wrote you off too early.
Reinhold said he killed you.
He was very proud of it.
We made our peace.
Peace and reconciliation, you understand?
I only know friend or foe.
Don't be stupid.
You have potential. If you...
One more word and I break your neck.
Look at you lovebirds.
What's so funny?
Your Franz.
I hope you know what you have in him.
To friendship.
To friendship.
OK, Franz, now help yourself.
Thanks, but I have a woman at home.
I didn't know.
Love is good.
Enjoy it.
It's nice while it lasts.
It's not going away.
To love.
To love.
And to lovely money.
The two most important things in life.
You'll have to introduce me to your angel.
What's her name?
Mieze is her name.
Good morning.
My darling Mieze,
where have you been?
Where I've been?
Where have you been?
I was out with some friends.
What friends?
That weird guy Reinhold again?
I don't want you to do this anymore.
I have a new job
that earns enough for us both.
And what do you do?
What kind of business?
I want to earn my own money.
You don't need to.
- But I want to.
I don't want you to.
- I don't care.
We're not in Africa, I do my thing.
You are a whore.
Fuck you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You know what my secret is?
How I can stand this work
without going insane?
I don't look into their eyes.
I look here.
Then the customer thinks he's got me.
Through the eyes into the soul.
But I look at you,
because I want to see you.
All of you.
No more weekends?
Only if you tell me what business you do
and with whom.
Franz, I'm not dumb.
I know what you do.
But I want to hear it from you.
That's a stupid game.
Stupid, stupid, stupid...
Go brush your teeth, you stink!
You're disgusting!
Take me with you!
- Yeah?
How much you got there?
- 2,200.
How often you count the money?
- Once.
Bro, I told you, three times.
To make sure.
- Sorry.
Give me that.
Be nice to him.
- Sorry, Francis.
Guys, police!
Come on, guys! Police!
Come on!
Franz wanted to be decent.
But life didn't like him that way.
Now the hammer comes swinging,
swinging straight at Franz.
You're in my car.
You're in the other car.
Why are we doing this?
For the money?
A few bucks more?
It keeps me on my toes.
A man needs to be alert, on the ball.
But times are changing.
"The younger rises when the old doth fall."
Men like me have gone out of fashion.
That's why I brought Reinhold in.
Scraped him up off the street,
the little rat.
I thought I could educate him, but...
I fell into his clutches.
I don't have him, but he owns me.
It's not easy to escape the devil
once you've invited him in.
Let's get outta here, move it!
You OK?
- Everyone out!
You OK?
Hey, come on!
Drive, drive!
What happened?
It all went wrong.
We messed up, man.
Stop. Stop the car.
Stop the car!
- Yes.
Are you OK?
It's OK. I'll take care of this.
Go check on the others.
Take it easy.
"You'll now lose your here,
to find a better there."
What about Pums?
What about Pums?
There was nothing I could do.
Where are you, Franz?
I can't see you.
I'm here.
I just had a strange dream.
What kind of dream?
No idea.
What happened?
I'm pregnant.
You're pregnant?
And I'm going to stop turning tricks.
I'll look for a normal job.
We won't have as much money, but...
What is it?
What's wrong?
I'm happy.
I'm happy. Really.
Really, really, really.
Did you manage to sleep?
Like a baby.
What now?
The park is ours.
All ours.
I know what you did earlier tonight.
From now on it's fifty-fifty.
And I want my passport.
Why? Are you going on vacation?
I'll keep my mouth shut,
but I want my passport.
That's my price, Reinhold.
My name is Franz.
And I'm Uwe!
- I'm Gunther!
I'm Michael!
- Schroder! - Wolfgang!
- Roland!
I know I have a funny name,
and you can gladly laugh about it.
But I'm not here to make you laugh.
You want a decent life, no?
A decent life?
- Speak English!
Speak English, please.
- Say something we can hear!
You deserve more from life
than just a bed
and a piece of buttered bread, don't you?
Give me some pizza.
- Salad!
Or some sauerkraut!
Everybody in this room
knows why we are here, no?
Tell us, tell us.
I hate when they call me refugee.
Call me new arrival, call me immigrant,
but don't call me refugee.
I've run all of my life,
and I came here to stay here.
To build something for me.
I'm not a refugee.
And I'm not going anywhere.
When I look at you,
I see myself.
and proud men who want to stay here.
To have a life. Here.
And you want to be listened, no?
For that, you need this.
Nice jacket, nice shoes.
And this.
Money rules the world.
When I arrived in Germany, I had nothing.
I was alone.
I had no apartment, I had no job.
I had no hope.
Now it's completely different.
I can say...
I am the German dream!
I make my own money.
I drive a German car.
I have a German woman.
I even have a German name!
Franz, Franz, the German dream!
This is all true.
This is all true.
You might be invisible for them,
but not for me.
Because I used to be like you.
But I have made it here.
I'm here.
and fearless.
I am Germany!
I am Germany!
Come on, guys, get the money.
Yeah, give me some money!
Thank you, thank you.
One love, brother, one love.
German money! Look at this.
Nice one, nice one.
"I am Germany."
Yeah, I am Germany.
Good one.
Really, really, really good.
There's a party this weekend.
A kind of... costume ball.
Costume ball?
- Yeah.
At Eva's club. Drinks and girls on me.
Your Mieze's invited too.
About time I met her.
Or will you hide her
from me forever?
OK, I'll ask her.
I'll take care of the costumes.
Yes, this is Kitty.
Hello, Andre.
No, I'm not available right now.
No, sorry.
That much for a private dinner?
But no, I can't right now.
Bad timing.
OK, bye.
Bird wedding.
Must've been really expensive.
I can afford it.
Do you like it?
Yeah, it's really pretty.
I gotta go out again. A little party.
We'll go out for dinner,
and then to the party.
But you're pregnant.
I'm the only one
playing happy family here.
That wasn't the deal.
Or is it because I'm fat now?
Are you ashamed of me?
- No.
But these people...
They're not right for you.
What? Criminals?
We're no angels either.
But at least I'm trying:
to be good.
You can't come along, Mieze.
I don't want it, OK?
Andre? This is Kitty.
I'm available after all.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the freak show!
This is the New World.
Built on filth and sugar candy.
We are the New Germans.
We have chosen to be what we are.
The tranny,
the black Amazonian,
the one-armed bandit.
It's not what you have,
it's how you wear it.
Welcome to the freak show!
Hey, guys.
Are you having fun, or what?
Yeah, man.
- Hey.
Where is Reinhold?
He's coming late.
What's this?
Your costume, of course.
Look at you!
I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
Was this your idea?
Of course.
I think it's funny.
I think it's humiliating.
You ever thought
I would make it this far?
I never doubted it.
You were always something special.
I mean it.
You made an impression right away.
Why are you saying that now?
So you know.
So nobody can ever tell you otherwise.
Not me, not them.
Let's go dancing.
Let's go, Bantu-Bantu.
What is it?
I have no idea.
I just asked for the most
expensive thing they had.
You are truly beautiful.
Thanks. You're not so bad yourself.
Can I take a photo of you?
Why did you specifically want me?
Something mysterious about you.
And I like secrets.
I have some too.
What could they be?
Yeah, what could they be?
Let's play a little game.
First secret: My name's not Andre.
And yours isn't Kitty, right?
What a surprise.
- Right?
I'll tell you more secrets
if you tell me your name.
My name's Kitty.
- Oh, come on.
I'll tell you mine too,
then we'll both be naked.
You first.
- No, you first.
At the same time?
- Yes!
- Two...
Sonja's much nicer than Kitty.
Are you scared?
No need to be.
What's going on here?
I know who you are.
Oh, yeah?
Did Franz talk about me?
No, he didn't.
But others have.
How about getting to know me first?
I'm Franz's friend.
I'd even say his best friend.
His best friend?
Does he know his best friend's here?
I just wanted to see you.
Franz's true love.
What exactly is the deal
between the two of you?
Franz really didn't tell you anything?
Silent as a grave, he is.
Franz and me, we have a big thing going.
I scraped him up off the street,
nurtured him.
We lived together,
and now he's loyal to me.
Like a dog.
So what about his arm?
Well, it's gone.
Did you have anything to do with it?
That secret's a bit too big
for a first date, don't you think?
But there won't be a second one.
Have a nice evening.
- Hold on.
I want to know about you too.
What else?
You know my name already.
Yes, but you lied to me, Mieze.
Emilie Parsunke.
Don't treat me like a fool.
Fine, now you know everything.
We agreed on an hour.
Still plenty of time left.
Don't look at me like that.
I don't mean you any harm.
I'm Reinhold,
I'm not a monster.
You said hand or mouth.
I like both.
Everything OK, Eva?
Nothing is OK.
Hello, Eva.
Why don't you go
and have a nice dance?
You actually put it on.
I gotta tell you something.
I must say I had a wonderful evening.
I fell in love.
Her name's Sonja.
And I envy any man
she lays her hands on.
Is that all?
- No.
Happy birthday to you.
But today's not my birthday.
It is. Your first birthday.
Don't you remember?
We baptized you
precisely one year ago.
Two first-class tickets to Tenerife.
Five-star hotel. For you and your sweetie.
No way.
Francis Cabeca de Castor.
This is not my name, man.
Thanks a lot.
Let's celebrate.
Yeah, but not here. At my place.
It's about time you met my Mieze.
You sure?
I don't understand where she could be.
If she's not here,
I can meet her some other time.
Yeah, maybe.
OK then...
- But a drink would be nice.
That's her.
Wait here.
Mieze, where were you?
What's wrong?
Are you OK?
What's wrong?
We have to get away from here.
- What?
Yes, Franz. Away.
Away from here,
from Berlin, from everything.
What do you mean by everything?
Because it's destroying us.
Because Reinhold's destroying us.
You don't even know him!
- I know enough about him.
He's a sneaky bastard,
a rotten piece of shit!
Please, Franz. Please!
Let's just leave.
- Now?
Please, Franz. Yes.
- Listen to me.
Me and Reinhold, we're...
Yeah right, sure.
Your best friend, your special...
Jesus, Franz. Open your eyes!
Reinhold is sick!
- No.
He's deranged!
He's sick in the head.
You're not the same
since you've been with him.
You've changed.
Yes, I've changed.
I'm no longer an idiot
who sits around here all day.
I have to do something. I'm a man!
A man?
A man like Reinhold?
You call yourself a man, Franz?
You call yourself a man?
A man takes care of his family.
He's not the pet
of some fucking psychopath!
Get out! Get out! Get out!
Stop this. Stop!
- Get out!
Stop it!
Stop, I said!
- Stop, stop.
Stop it. Come on, let's go.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Out!
Leave me alone.
Just leave me alone, please!
I'm worried about you.
Look here.
This is Kelly.
You've met before.
On the recommendation
of Dr. Reinhold.
Are you sad?
We can do something about that.
- Please.
It's me,
Don't you remember me?
You don't remember me?
Don't you want to have some fun?
- Please, stop.
- Just a bit of fun.
What happened?
What happened?
Reinhold said I should be nice to you.
Reinhold is not good for you.
Eva, please open the door.
- I need to talk to Mieze.
She doesn't want to talk.
- Just give me a moment.
You're only making things worse.
Just go.
Don't talk to him.
I'm sorry.
I Know.
I know, Franz.
But there are two inside of you.
The man I love so dearly.
And the other one,
who destroys everything.
Who doesn't love me.
Who loves death.
And I can't live with both of them.
I'll be better, I'll put things right.
I swear, Mieze. I swear.
Don't swear for me.
You need to want it yourself.
I do.
Then you know what you have to do.
Have a seat.
I'm working on this hottie.
A real bombshell.
Wanna see?
I love Mieze.
I love Mieze,
I love Mieze...
At least have a look at her. Man.
I'm getting out.
I figured as much.
I will be loyal.
I won't betray you.
I Know.
Not OK. You'll wait
till I've found a replacement.
You can't just leave.
Ottu almost knows the works.
I'll do the rounds with him.
One month?
One month.
Anything else?
Who's he?
Nice to see you again.
After the last time ended so unpleasantly.
How are you?
- Leave me and Franz alone.
Once and for all.
What do I get out of it?
I invested a lot in Franz.
For such a big loss,
I want compensation.
How much?
I want your child.
I'm serious.
So am I.
20,000 and we're...
- Ten.
- 15.
No, 20!
- OK.
Now let me get out.
Didn't you want to know
what happened to Franz's arm?
What did happen to his arm?
OK. I propose we go for a little drive,
I'll tell all, and then...
I swear I'll stay away from you both.
And I saw a woman sitting
upon a scarlet-colored beast,
it had seven heads and ten horns.
And the woman was decked
with gold and precious stones,
and in her hand she held a cup
full of abominations and impurities.
And upon her forehead
a mystery was written:
The great Whore of Babylon,
drunken with the blood of the saints.
And when I saw her, great was my wonder.
This is where Franz comes from.
The only alternative to the filth was me.
And now it's you.
But Franz can't find peace of mind.
He'll come back to me.
You can't change that.
I swear I'll leave him alone,
as we agreed.
But it won't help...
You OK?
I envy you two.
How in love you are.
I don't know what that's like.
I've never known love.
My life's been one big pile of shit.
To love...
No idea how that works.
What's it like?
It's beautiful.
I need you to tell me something.
What happened to Franz's arm?
I'll tell you.
But first you have to give me a kiss.
The way you kiss Franz.
With love.
Tell me.
We did this break-in.
Me and Franz.
With Pums and the others.
We were on the run.
On a country road.
All of a sudden,
Franz lost it.
Not because he was scared, or
because I roped him in against his will,
but because he really loved it.
Then what?
Then I thought,
if he can't be true to himself,
he has to go.
Then I'll put an end to it,
nice and quick.
Then I threw him out of the car.
It was an act of love.
Everything cool?
Why wouldn't it be?
You can go, I don't need you anymore.
You sure?
Man, see you around.
Man, your hand is cold as ice.
Thanks for everything...
my brother.
On the floor!
Who can confirm
that you were in Hasenheide all day?
Mr. Big Mac,
and Dner Kebab.
This is not true.
You are lying!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Franz's earthly journey has come to an end.
It is now time for him
to break apart once and for all.
Death begins his long, slow song.
How can a man survive so much?
He wouldn't drown.
Then you throw him out of a car,
and again he refuses to stop living.
I had to break his heart to end this.
Franz, you don't open your eyes.
You don't look at people.
Do you not have eyes?
How blind can you be?
When Ottu snitched on you,
you folded like a pocket knife.
You were just waiting for a reason to fold.
But when Reinhold took you in...
you son of a whore.
I hate you.
I hate you.
What are you laughing at?
What are you laughing at, huh?
I hate you.
You swore you'd never again
be forced by anyone.
You wouldn't listen to me.
Wouldn't listen to anybody.
There is a reaper, Death his name...
Instead of thinking...
Instead of using your brain...
When he threw you under that car,
you didn't fold.
You wanted to be strong.
Say shame.
Say shame.
Yell shame.
Yell shame.
Say shame.
Yell shame.
I can't.
Stop laughing.
Stop laughing.
Stop or I'll smash your face in.
With happiness right in front of you,
you chose to be strong,
You went boasting of your happiness
to Reinhold, the scoundrel.
The devourer of severed flesh.
She came to you,
she was lovely.
She enjoyed being with you.
And you?
I didn't want to kill you, I...
But now you belong to me.
To love...
is to suffer.
Why did you bring me here?
To live...
You've forsaken me.
Is to learn.
How can one person survive so much?
To forsake me.
To extinguish me?
He wouldn't drown.
- I messed up.
But I just wanted to be good.
You throw him out of the car...
- Better!
And he...
- You have betrayed me.
Still doesn't want to stop living.
I had to break his heart to end this.
I wanted to be good.
Damn you.
This was the evening he met his death.
formerly Francis,
human trafficker,
illicit worker,
drug dealer,
and burglar.
Say shame.
Yell shame.
Now he stands there,
before the gates of Tegel Prison,
and is free.
He has paid his dues.
And fate serves him up
a little miracle after all the hardship.
Our child.
She survived.
A new life, in a new world.
We have reached the end of this story.
We have walked down a dark avenue.
But Francis didn't walk along with us.
He bolted off, running into trees.
The more he ran,
the more trees he ran into.
Whenever he hit a tree,
he pressed his eyes shut in horror.
The more trees he hit,
the more he clamped
his eyes shut in horror.
His head full of holes,
almost senseless,
he finally fell to the ground.
As he fell, he opened his eyes.
There was a lamp burning over his head,
and he could read the street sign.