Berlin Calling (2008) Movie Script

This is wicked.
This is going on it, too.
So the album is... done.
I don't know...
- You don't know?
About the tracks or what?
I've heard all of your new tracks.
I think you can do better.
Your new stuff is so... random.
Half-baked, you know. Just calm down
and work on it. Concentrate.
- Relax, sure.
How can I when I'm playing all the time?
What have you got against my tracks?
You probably didn't even listen to them.
My shit rocks,
The new album can be released.
Subscriber present.
- Hi Icka, it's me.
Erbse, how are you?
- Can I come upstairs?- Come on up.
See you in a sec.
The tax office is sending
more payment notices! Are they crazy?
We're in the clear. We paid everything.
The second half was so boring.
They have to warm up. - Warm up?
What are they getting paid for?
- They need to warm up.
That'd be the 15th and 16th.
Yes, sure. That's great.
Sorry, I won't be able to make it.
Hey, Mathilde, how are you?
No, it depends on
when the new album comes out.
I'll call when I have the dates
together. Please don't forget
about the Moscow gig.
It would fit in perfectly.
Good. Bye then.
Yes, Alice. I'll talk with him.
I don't want Erbse
in our apartment anymore.
Yes, Mommy.
Is that ketamine?
Why are you always taking something?
I'm just relaxing.
It's an electric saw, Icka.
They're working outside.
And? Feeling better?
Back on track.
Dude, what a blast.
I'm gonna party. You coming?
One more line?
I've had enough.
I heard you were in Holland?
Open Air Festival?
Yeah, how did you know?
Your website.
Oh, right.
Holland, France...
I just got back into town.
And? Your girlfriend?
She always comes with me. You know that.
And you?
I'm alright.
You still doing your apprenticeship?
- Yeah, but it's boring.
Jenny, didn't you want to sing?
- I don't know.
What about your album?
When is it coming out?
My album? Soon.
And it is going to be the bomb!
Got any plans? Now?
- I have to go.
- Really important. - Seriously?
- Is there another after hour?
It's my father's birthday.
- Really?
"Work is to man
as flight is to birds,"
said Martin Luther.
Every man
is called by God to his profession.
In doing his job,
he is helping his neighbors.
Helping one's neighbors
includes many other things
such as
treating the environment with respect.
It is scandalous how dependent
we have become on the airplane.
Climate change, global warming
are directly due to mankind's behavior.
Mankind faces
its greatest challenge ever.
We must change our behavior
or we will make our planet
uninhabitable for future generations!
Man must understand
that he is responsible
for his actions!
The work climate is great.
I'd like to stay there.
Depending on how many projects come in,
we'll see if I can get a contract.
How many internships have you done?
- Don't answer him,
- He gets one internship after another
and they earn all the money.
You study till you're 30,
intern till you're 40, then you go
onto unemployment. Great system.
At least he's trying
and he's come a long way.
He finished school, got a degree...
- All this again?
I've been earning my money
since I was 18. Is that a problem?
Will it last?. You look unwell.
- Stop it!
Icka's right. I am being used.
To you, Father.
To you two.
Happy birthday, Father.
- Thank you.
No thanks. I have to work tonight.
How is your girlfriend, Mathilde?
How is she?
And your new album?
Super. I gotta get it done now.
I'm almost there. Then Mathilde
and I are going on vacation.
The south of France or something.
You want the record release party here?
I'll have to block the date.
When do you want?.
- I'll have to talk with Alice
from the label.
I'll write it in.
It'd be great to do the release here.
- I agree.
- Corinna! - Be right there.
Have you seen Ickarus?
On stage earlier. Not since then.
Have fun looking.
If you're looking for me,
I'm doing the door, honey.
Have you seen Ickarus?
- Awhile ago.
Give him anything?
I asked you a question.
What is wrong with you? Are you nuts?
What did you give him?
- Pills. MDMA, no big deal.
You want one, too?
Give me two.
On the house.
Good stuff, from Benelux.
Start with a quarter.
Supposed to be hefty.
I don't want you giving Ickarus
keta, crystal or any hardcore stuff.
No keta, no crystal, are we clear?
- Yes.
Did you find Icka?
No. What are you doing after?
Why? I'm almost finished.
What is it?.
Excuse me. Are you
a guest here?
And I love your breakfast.
But it is so warm in here.
You feel that?.
Heatwave. Whoa...
Man, I'm bleeding...
I'm bleeding.
Your friend is doing well.
He is in acute care.
We'd like to put him in the open ward,
he is lucky, we have a bed free.
If you could bring him some things.
His clothes were full of yoghurt.
We're having them cleaned.
- How long do you think
he'll have to stay? - We'll have to see
if his psychosis is drug induced
or if the symptoms persist.
In cases of acute intoxication,
insurance will usually pay
for between 7 and 21 days here.
Then we'll see how he's doing.
First we need to find out
what kind of pill he ran into.
Try testing these pills.
Ickarus probably took one.
Hello, Mr. Karow. I'm Alex,
the civilian service assistant.
I'll need
hair and urine samples from you.
But I guess we can forget the hair.
Man, aren't you DJ Ickarus?
I'm Ickarus.
Oh man!
I was at the Erfurt Open Air last year!
I danced my ass off!
Oh man, so cool, so...
It was so great, yeah...
Nice to have you here.
How are you feeling?
- Bad trip yesterday.
What do you mean?
That wasn't normal ecstasy.
That pill was bad. Really evil.
I have never sweated like that.
I totally felt the fear.
- Of what?.
Of like... myself.
I kept thinking
my heart was going to stop.
I saw my death.
What did your death look like?
I think Death
just stopped in to say hi.
And now? How are you feeling?
My heart is still racing.
But I feel better.
Let's see what the lab says.
I'm anxious to know what you took.
I would like to emphasize
that your stay is voluntary.
If I can't take it, I'll leave.
Right. The garden is open during the day
but the doors are locked at night.
If you want to leave the hospital,
you have to tell me.
Can I have my computer and controller?
- What kind of controller?
A thing with buttons. For making music.
For my work.
- Oh. Yes, yes.
You're welcome to work here
if you don't disturb the others.
Then I'll stay till the results are in.
Not a day longer! - Good.
Professor Doctor Petra Paul...
"Drugs, Art and Rebellion. "
"Andreas Baader was on speed,
Aldous Huxley on LSD,
Rainer Werner Fassbinder on cocaine.
Berlin doctor, Petra Paul
assesses her time as a student
from a neurological perspective.
You're welcome to read it.
No thanks.
Very funny.
Are you worried about the gigs?
- We can cancel the gigs.
We can go into overdraft.
I am worried about you.
Don't exaggerate.
Take a look around.
The album is what's important.
It'll be super. Then a vacation.
Let's wait for the results here
and then get outta here.
What are you doing?
- I'm setting something.
Was that chick your girlfriend?
- Yep.
I'll give you a tip.
Watch out for that doctor.
She'll drive you crazy.
I'm taking you to movement therapy.
No way. I've got an album to finish.
May I hear some of your music?
It's probably better on the dance floor
than in the loony bin.
I find it very dark, almost depressive.
You mean melancholy...
Want to hear something depressive?
I want you to come to
movement therapy now. - Nope.
Stop saying no to everything, Mr. Karow.
We breathe in and close our eyes...
Michael, close your eyes.
Very calmly, try to close your eyes.
You can do it.
Very calm, Michael.
Breathe in and out and close your eyes.
Michael, stay calm.
Think of the black BMW.
Think about the black BMW.
You're not afraid, close your eyes.
And we reach for the stars...
Stretch, stretch...
Reach for the stars...
Exhale and...
inhale and stretch.
Mr. Karow, I know you're not used to it,
but you could try
to feel your body more.
You are completely tense.
Inhale and stretch.
And reach for the stars. And exhale.
Yes, Mr. Karow, that's good.
Michael, you have made progress.
We're going for a walk tomorrow.
We're going outside.
Thank you for your contribution.
Pete, it's your turn.
I told you everything last time.
What am I supposed to say?
We had gotten to where the entire
Leipzig police force was after you.
That's not true, but it doesn't matter.
My problem isn't the Leipzig police,
it's your fucking pills. Without 'em,
I'd be out doing my apprenticeship.
The police aren't the problem.
You're the problem.
- Pete, we've gone over this.
I'm done till you stop giving me pills!
And you, Mr. Karow?
Don't you want to sit on your ball?
No way!
Pete, what are you doing?
Man, what are you looking for?
- My USA T-shirt.
What shirt?
- My USA T-shirt!
It's gone!
Pete, you're wearing your USA T-shirt!
Pete, everything's okay.
How is he now?
- He's asleep. He took his pills.
What's wrong with him?
Crystal Meth.
Crystal is hardcore.
And him?
He's called Gebhard.
Goa Gebhard. It took a year
for his parents to find him in India.
He never came off his LSD. His friend
drowned while they were tripping.
He's never talked since. Nothing.
Straight-AA student.
Night, Icka.
- See you tomorrow.
Icka, what's wrong?
Is the TV too loud?
Everything's full of water.
- What?
We have to do something.
Jamal, what's going on? You alright?
Water everywhere.
- Wait, I'm coming. - Water all over...
Turn it off.
Turn the water off.
Here... Open your hand.
You've got everything on the market
in your bloodstream: THC,
ketamine, MDMA, MDA, amphetamines,
Everything except heroin.
Your cocaine levels
are extremely high, Mr. Karow.
The pill's results
are also very disturbing.
Instead of MDMA,
the pill contained 100 mg of MDA.
And what upsets me the most
is the 40 mg of highly toxic PMA
in the pill.
PMA is a strong hallucinogen
and causes a large increase
in blood pressure and body temperature.
The substance PMA
has also been known to cause death.
Mr. Karow...
You are free to leave any time,
but I strongly recommend...
you take some time off.
Under our supervision.
We're stopping the promo
and the album goes on ice.
You can't do that.
- Mathilde, I already stopped the promo
and pushed up another production.
When Ickarus finds out
he will totally freak out!
Icka has to learn to drink water.
Are you worried about your job?
You could help me manage
Mike or Patricia.
They're easier to handle than Ickarus.
This is not about me, Alice.
And I am not interested
in managing another DJ.
Let's wait two weeks...
- No. When Ickarus is back to normal,
we'll talk about the album.
So we've cancelled
Ickarus' record release party
and move this.
- Do you have a job for me?
I mean, just for a while.
- Door or bar?
Door with Corinna like the old days.
Want one?
Icka always had
everything under control.
What was that pill that nailed him?
The pill was a bastard.
The doctor said it had PMA in it. - PMA?
What is that?.
- It is some bad, bad shit.
Where'd he get it?.
I can't allow that.
I don't want bad pills in my club.
Who is selling them?
Hey, Pete, it's no fun this way.
Man, Pete, play right!
Don't just smash it all the time!
I'm tired of this.
Alex, I need to go out for a while.
They're driving me crazy.
Can you tell the doorman?
Did you talk with Dr. Paul?
- She's not here.
This is an open ward,
not a prison, right?.
It's better if Dr. Paul knows.
- But she's not here! How can she?
Come on. I want some cigarettes.
Gotta lose these crazies for a while.
Yes... but not for long.
Come right back, okay, Icka?
10 minutes!
Hey. - Hey. Sorry about that pill.
I didn't know they were so bad.
You have to choose one of three jobs.
I have to collect the empties
in a liquor store. I stand around
and have to take the bottles
out of the machine...
The other day, some guy had the wrong
bottles, the machine was beeping...
I told him through the slot,
"We don't take them! They're not ours!"
He flipped out,
starting throwing bottles.
10 minutes later the police came.
I only just got my 'stuff' hidden.
Why do you do that job?
I have to do it to get my welfare money.
But it's cool,
I even get my 'stuff' delivered there.
Nobody notices. But I'm quitting.
I've got a buddy who is
getting me a real job. - What?
He works in insurance, pension plans,
car insurance, life insurance...
Might be good for me.
I know lots of people.
I know how to sell...
Subscriber present.
Alex? To the hospital? Now?
No way. I'm in a meeting...
The album... Ciao.
Do it, it sounds good.
Hey, Icka!
Jenny! You here, too?
I just got here.
Where've you been all the time?
London, Brussels...
Just got back. And you?
I'm alright.
How is it? You got any party powder?
- Yeah. - I'm up for it.
And your girlfriend?
- No idea.
I see. Well then...
Got it?
Another line?
- No.
I'll have one for myself.
Oh God...
Did you see the Japan mix?
Look at me.
Fuck off, Icka.
- I need that recording!
Hello? I just told you to fuck off.
I am so sick of your ego trip.
- Do I tell you what to do all the time?
Do I say anything about Conny? No.
You can fuck who you want. I don't care.
But I have a problem if you act like
you're a saint and order me around.
It's annoying.
I'll be off then.
The new album
is going to be so massive.
Really great stuff.
We have to talk.
Alice stopped the album. Pushed it back.
Stopped the album? Pushed it back?
Tell me it's not true!
Tell me it's not true!
Calm down. She wants you back to normal.
- Normal? I'll smack that fucking cunt!
Then she'll know what "normal" is!
- Stay and sleep it off first!
Why did you cancel my album?
You think you can treat me like this?
Just say it if you want to fire me!
Don't I fit your "concept" anymore?
Mr. Karow!
Mr. Karow, you have to sign out with me
to leave the hospital.
Alexander, get him please.
Come on, it was on your watch.
Icka, open up!
It rocks! Or is dancing prohibited?
Icka, please open up.
Alex, this is the new album.
Hear how it rocks?
You can start now.
Alex, what is this?
A pay rise?
Dr. Paul says it would be better,
if it's okay with you.
Our dear doctor could have told me.
- Nice one before, Icka.
The yellow ones are light anyway.
- Welcome to the club.
Good morning.
I wanted to ask
if I can go into the city.
I gotta talk with my girlfriend.
I made a mistake
that I have to patch up.
- No.
You either stay and participate
or you can leave for good.
It's important. I have to apologize.
Pack your things and leave then.
But coming and going all the time
makes no sense.
Very funny.
You're a real hippy bitch!
Liberal on the outside, but reactionary
when it counts! Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh!
It's me!
Hey there!
Tax Department
Hey, how are you?
Um... is Mathilde there?
I gotta talk to her.
- I don't think she wants to see you.
I wanted to apologize for being stupid.
She also has to see this letter.
They want 25,000 euros in back-taxes.
Where can I get the money?
What am I supposed to tell them?
Wait here. I'll ask.
Mathilde says the '99 to '03 taxes
were before her time. Not her business.
And she doesn't want to see you.
Hey, what is this shit?
I want to see Mathilde!
Pull yourself together and grow up,
you loser.
Good that you're here, Icka.
Find yourself a new label.
Actually, I came to apologize
and ask for an advance,
'cause of the tax department.
I'm not loaning you any more money.
And I'm not listening to anything else.
You know I get strange when I'm working
on a new album, but I don't mean it.
No, Icka. I've had enough.
Your music wasn't bad,
but you never got your head together.
I made your label what it is!
I've been in the biz longer than you.
You think too much of yourself.
And that is exactly your problem.
Good luck.
- Hey! Icka, come in!
Alex! How's it hanging, dude?
- Hey, Icka. How's it going?
The new album will be great!
Harvest time! - Icka...
Hey, Pete. Where's my computer?
And my case?
The witch took everything.
Where is my computer?
- Mr. Karow, we can talk tomorrow...
I was just going.
- Where's my computer? - That music
is confusing you. - Don't judge
music you have no idea about!
Give me my computer now or I'll
put on a show like you've never seen!
Now I'm curious.
Leave tomorrow!
Then you'll get your computer! Out!
Good evening.
We have some gentlemen here
and we need a bit of female company.
Not all the way. Just some fondling.
Not too young, not too old.
Make sure they have big tits.
... A pleasant atmosphere.
Let's have a farewell party.
No... I don't think so.
- What?
Dr. Paul throws me out
and you won't let me have a farewell?
You're denying me a party?
No, but...
Alex, your turn.
Guys? How about a farewell party?
What's up? Dr. Paul threw me out and
you're not giving me a farewell party?
Say something.
Goa Gebhard, say something! Just once!
Michael, we're buddies, right?.
Pete, do we let the witch win?
- No we shouldn't. -Alex...
It's unanimous. Give me the keys.
Why do you need the keys?
- Beer, cigarettes...
Farewell party!
A farewell beer with Icka! I'm in!
I've been thrown out anyway.
I can come and go as I like.
No, Icka. really.
- Come on!
Alex, come on!
Give him the keys! Come on!
- Alex...
Party... Alex...
Guys, keep cool.
Alex... Party...
But don't overdo it, okay, Icka?
Four beers,
no more.
Hey, hi. You got the money?
Yeah. 300, right?
300. Right.
Don't worry about the guys,
they're a little weird, but...
they're basically sweet.
Haven't seen many women lately.
You work here? - Yes.
- How long? - Three years.
I did my training here and stayed on.
Y'know what else I got?.
- What? - Psychic pick-me-ups. Wicked.
You want some?
- Yes. - Gimme one.
Where is my computer?
Where is my computer?
I want my computer back!
Give it to me!
My computer!
How can you put
a 19-year-old civilian service assistant
in charge of the night shift!Alone!
This is also your fault, Dr. Paul.
Of course it is bad
putting the service assistant in charge,
but that's not my fault.
I've been saying it for years.
I want Ickarus released immediately!
This place is making him even crazier.
I am calling a taxi now,
and taking Ickarus with me.
I'm sorry, I cannot allow that.
His schizophrenic episodes
are unpredictable. He is dangerous.
I cannot be responsible
for his release at this time.
Responsible for what?
I thought he was here voluntarily!
You are a liar, Dr. Paul!
To you, Icka is just a poster child
for your stupid study
about long-term, drug-mix consumption
so that you can hit the big-time!
Ickarus is an artist!
He's not a normal patient!
If you won't let him go,
I will call a lawyer.
Ms. Maier-Telkes, when a patient
is at high risk of suicide
or a potential danger to others,
I am not allowed to release them.
If you want to take me to court, it is
also my duty to tell you how to do so.
Martin was 13, Stefan 18,
when their mother died.
Just as the Berlin Wall fell.
Everything changed for them
from one day to the next.
Stefan became withdrawn
and Martin was suddenly DJ Ickarus,
he dropped out of school...
He spent
almost his entire puberty in clubs.
I was...
Raising them both is probably
still too much for me even now.
Stefan is growing up,
but Martin...
Anyone who only thinks of himself
will always be lonely.
I mean, I don't demand
that he believe in God,
but he should believe in something!
Mr. Karow, I believe your son
is a highly sensitive person
and he actually has
very strong faith in something.
He believes in his music.
Honestly, I also underestimated it.
I wanted to pay my debts.
Hey, forget it.
- No. Take it, for me.
I'm moving to Ireland.
Why there?
I got a full-time job there.
And a girlfriend.
That's totally awesome.
My head feels so fuzzy.
I sleep all day,
don't feel like doing anything.
Your tablets are pretty wicked.
They're like that at first.
I'll check your dosage.
Do you believe in reincarnation?
Reincarnation? Why?
I was imagining, I...
That if I died now...
or if I were already dead,
then I could be reborn here
as a fly...
as a mayfly.
It's a great idea.
I mean, every day a new life.
Do you know about Buddhism?
- No.
Nothing at all.
Go to the hospital! Have a look!
Go there, damn it!
If I may say something...
I think Mathilde is right.
I heard the new tracks and they rock.
It's going to be a good album.
Hey, Icka!
- Hey.
Dr. Paul said
you were coming back to us.
Who are they?
Just short-term guests. Mostly alcohol.
Back again?
- Cool.
You alright?.
- Fucking tablets.
That witch. What do you get?
- What tablets?
Blue ones.
- Strong or medium? - Strong.
Same as me. They finish you off.
Yeah, they're pretty heavy.
Listen, Pete,
when do you get to go home?
What?. Home?
To my grandma?
- Yeah.
I don't want to go.
What's that music?
It's my new album.
"Tits, Techno & Trumpets"
How are you?
Pretty good.
The pills are heavy.
I sleep a lot, but otherwise...
How's Corinna?
- Good.
We'd like to go on vacation together.
To Budapest, to visit my mom.
Say hi to your mom.
I will.
Alice says hi.
She loves your new tracks.
So do I, by the way.
And the title?
"Tits, Techno and Trumpets. "
Great, right?
Alice thinks its alright,
but wants something more international.
More international?
"Berlin Calling" is her title.
- "Berlin Calling"...
"Tits, Techno and Trumpets"
is much more wicked.
Alice also wants
to do the cover photo here.
Here in the hospital?
- Yes.
Now she's back
with all her photo ideas again...
I miss you.
It's better this way, Icka.
Believe me.
Alice, isn't this kind of stupid?
And we have to talk about the title.
"Berlin Calling", y'know...
This will make a great cover
and Berlin Calling is a great title.
Icka... it feels right!
It'll be good.
Ms. Ashcroft,
could you please finish up? I didn't
know it would take so long. - Yes.
Five minute, yes?
You smoke?
- Unfortunately. Occasionally.
I would say that your healing
is progressing well.
But you should still expect more
of your schizophrenic episodes.
Probably in stressful situations.
This means I can go?
- Yes.
I have no objections.
I would still ask you
to take your tablets regularly
and to come here regularly.
- Yes.
Stopping your medication yourself
could lead to a relapse.
We will reduce your medication
slowly over time.
If you need anything,
you can call any time.
The sound is...
Are you sure you can cope alone?
You look so tired.
It's the tablets.
They block all the highs and lows.
I'll be fine.
"The album functions
as a promise of great intensity
and as a promise of happiness. "
Here: "London Underground Magazine"
"Berlin Electro at its best. "
"Knowing Ickarus, you might expect
an album as out of it as he is,
but the opposite is true.
The music creates clear ambiguity,
well thought out in every detail. "
Do you think you can cope with
the PR, the release party and the tour?
What if you fall asleep on stage?
Don't cancel anything.
I have to get back on stage.
I want to perform.
I can do it. I need an audience
to see that my stuff rocks.
I can manage, please!
Don't cancel anything!
You're home!
We're coming from an after hour and
your record release party is tonight!
I also wanted to ask
about the guest list. Record release...
Can we come in?
I hear your girlfriend moved out.
Are you redecorating?
Where were you all this time, Icka?
Erbse said you were on tour in Asia.
Where did you play?
What kind of shit do you talk?
You gotta test this. It's excellent.
Where's your bathroom?
Back on the left?
Super, Icka!
You're ruining 800 euros!
- Stop this shit.
I'll give you the money.
Take care.
So early? The record release
was tonight, wasn't it?
Yeah. Is Mathilde here?
Can I come in?
You on anything?
- No.
Then come in.