Berlin Express (1948) Movie Script

'On a warm June day
in the Rue St Martin in Paris
'there was a disturbance.
'Members of the French press
'were being barred
from a secret conference.
of the United Nations
'were hearing from the head
of a fact-finding commission -
'Dr Heinrich Bernhardt.
'Bernhardt had a proven record
'on international affairs.
'His report was sharp and concise -
facts and figures
'about turning the Allied zones
of Germany into a unified country.
'They were dealing with something
'that might add harmony
to this turbulent world.
'You can see why the reporters
were a bit put out.
'But was the young man impressed?
Definitely not.
'You can't blame the American.
'It was the first time he'd seen
Paris and he really took it in.
'From street cafes in Montmartre
'to the plaza
in front of Notre Dame.
'240 steps up the Gothic spires
it was even more attractive.
'She was just like
the picture postcards said,
'the most beautiful city
in the world.
'By turns stunning,
'exciting, peaceful.'
GUNSHO Oh, un pigeon!
'That's right.
The dove of peace was a pigeon.
'A dead pigeon.'
Viens l'enterrer.
Je fais un croix pour sa tombe.
'All the same, the pigeon
was set for a hero's funeral,
'in the shadows of the Sacre Coeur,
'the church that sits majestically
on Montmartre hill.'
Pierrot! Andre!
'Two things were overlooked
in the funeral arrangements -
and the fact that on some tables,
'pigeons make a fair dish.'
Maman, s'il te plait. Rends-le nous.
Les enfants, soyez raisonnables.
On devait l'enterrer.
Qu'est-ce que c'est que ca?
Un message?
Faites voir.
C'est pas pour les gosses.
Monsieur l'agent,
voila ce que nous avons trouve
attache a l'aile d'un pigeon.
Vous avez tue un pigeon?
Non. Les enfants l'ont trouve.
Ca va. Ca va.
C'est grave?
C'est en allemand.
'Allemand - German.
The war was long over.
'Something like peace
was supposed to be here.
'It still sent fear
into these simple people's hearts.
'This was something
for higher authorities.
'They went to their Deuxieme Bureau.
'That's their version of
Scotland Yard or the American FBI.'
21 heures 45, Sulzbach.
'Vingt-et-une et quarante-cinq -
'the continental method
of saying 9.45pm our time.
'And that was about all
'they could get out of it.'
On aura du choix.
Alors, ne plaisante pas.
'That and...' Sulzbach.
'Plenty of Sulzbachs
to chose from in occupied Germany.
'Several in every zone.
'Better notify
the other headquarters.'
Passez-moi le service
des renseignements des ambassades.
De l'Angleterre.
'The British Embassy.'
Des Etats-Unis. 'The United States.'
Et de la Russie Sovietique.
'And the Soviet.
'But notify them of what?
'Of what happening
in what Sulzbach?
'9.45pm of what night?
'Six hours later
at Paris' Gare de l'Est station,
'where the railroad office for the
US Army maintained a special window,
'the following incident took place.'
My name is Hans Schmidt.
You have a ticket for me.
Sorry, you don't seem
to be on the list.
But it was only 20 minutes ago
I was cleared.
I was assured that...
Paris to Frankfurt, eh?
And on to Berlin.
Sir, fella here named Schmidt.
HANS Schmidt.
Oh, yes, sir. Right, sir.
Seems to be OK, Mr Schmidt.
'Schmidt was on his way
to the Main Seiner,
'the United States army train -
'a travelling grand hotel
for soldiers on leave and on orders,
'for war department clerks
and wartime wives,
'displaced persons and diplomats.'
Right, sir. Third car down.
Your papers, mister.
Second car down.
Merci, sergeant.
Puis-je vous aider
avec vos valises?
Ya nye ponimayu. Quoi?
Ya nye ponimayu.
"Ya nye ponimayu"?
Ona ved' russkaya.
Do svidaniya.
Second car down.
Daytye, tovarisch. Ya tozhe russkiy.
Je ne comprends pas.
Here, let me give you a hand.
Nein, ich trage das lieber selber.
How's your German? It isn't.
I think I get the idea, though!
Das habe ich gerade noch gemacht.
We don't have any more
German enemies. No authorised ones.
'The American
'was in compartment A.
'His travel orders read:
Robert J Lindley -
'birthplace, Illinois. Occupation,
US government agricultural expert.
'Compartment B, Lucienne Mirbeau -
birthplace, Lyon, France.
'Occupation, secretary.
'Compartment C, Herr Otto Franzen -
birthplace, Frankfurt.
'Once a German industrialist,
now a dealer in scrap iron.
'Compartment D, unoccupied,
'but being held
for a person of importance.
'Compartment E,
James Sterling of Liverpool.
'Former occupation, soldier.
Present occupation, school teacher.
'Lt Maxim Kiroshilov -
birthplace, Moscow.
'Defender of Stalingrad. Military
aide, occupation authorities.
'Compartment F, Henri Perrot, Paris.
'Member of the French Underground.
Now a man of commerce.
'Compartment G, Hans Schmidt -
birthplace, Munich. Occupation...'
Glad to have you with us, sir.
Bitte, geben Sie mir Feuer.
Danke shon.
'2145 is 9.45pm.
'The only thing missing
from the pattern was Sulzbach.'
I'm sorry, old man. This is taken.
You know, it's occupied.
You know.
is nine tenths of the law.
Wait a minute. Never let it be said
that an Englishman isn't fair,
at least on occasions.
Heads, it's mine. Tails, yours.
Heads... mine.
I can't say that I'm sorry.
Up you go.
Pleasant dreams.
I hope you don't snore.
Ticket and papers, please.
Sterling, Lt Kiroshilov,
compartment E.
You can't take that on the train.
You'll get it back tomorrow.
Can I get a sandwich in the diner?
Lindley, compartment A.
The diner is closed.
The mess sergeant
will call you for breakfast.
My name's Lindley.
My kid brother fought
with a British outfit in Italy.
The turning point of the war.
According to American history.
What do you mean?
The actual turning point of the war
was El Alamein.
You're quoting English history now.
Verzeihen Sie, bitte.
I wonder how THEY'LL handle it.
Truthfully, I hope.
Otherwise I'm wasting valuable time.
I'm in re-education.
It seems hopeless sometimes.
Yet what is more important
than that?
Giving them something to eat.
Your field?
I do sleight of hand.
I have to make 1,500 calories
look like a huge meal.
And prevent things
like plague and starvation.
Do you happen to know
who that Russian girl is?
German, you mean?
With a Parisian accent.
French? What chance has a European
with an American around?
I'm afraid you overestimate us.
How can we compete
with your charm, your chocolates?
Your soap. Your cigarettes.
It's more blessed
to give than receive.
I thought the diner was closed.
Unless you happen to be important.
What's so important about a German?
What makes you think he is German?
Reason it for yourself.
Bodyguard holding the train?
I'll wager it's one of Ivan's lads.
Only a Russian
would arrive with a platoon.
And only a Britisher would object.
Oh, you speak English?
Comes and goes, tovarisch.
Good night. Good night.
You'll take every precaution.
Yes, sir.
'There he was, his first German.
You can't knock it out of your head.
'You've licked him in two wars
'and you're still not sure
you have the upper hand.
'You could be wrong, though.
'Maybe he IS a right guy.
Then you find yourself
'rolling over the former enemy
border and the doubt is back.
'You're in his territory now.
'The trees look the same.
The sky is the same.
'The air doesn't smell
any different.
'All at once,
'the vestibule was chilly
and his own compartment
'suddenly seemed inviting and warm.'
What do you want?
Nothing now. I won't even ask
what you're doing here.
I'm just going to hope.
This is no longer your compartment.
Who said so? The United States Army.
For what reason? All over Europe,
people have been shifted.
I'm to be a casualty of the war?
Well, that's too bad.
I hoped we'd cement relations
between France and America.
At least half of the Allied army
offered the same...
touching proposition.
What about the other half?
They were in the Pacific.
OK, madame, or is it mademoiselle?
Do you know where they moved me? No.
In case there isn't any vacancy -
Is this what you Americans call
sweeping a girl off her feet?
You know what? I don't get anywhere
with girls back home either.
You've been transferred
in with me. With you?
I know. I feel the same way
about it, but there it is.
It must be to do with
the gentleman who had bodyguards.
He moved only a moment ago.
Why can't I take this?
I'll get your things.
That isn't available, Mr Lindley.
It's empty.
We're keeping it that way.
Was machen Sie hier
so spat in der Nacht?
Mein Rad ist kaputt.
This bloke could have been killed.
Would you pardon me, please?
You'll be OK now, Dr Bernhardt.
Excuse me.
I don't mean to be personal.
Who do you have to know
to get something to eat?
Something to eat?
I have some sandwiches.
But why not? I would be honoured
if all of you would join me.
No. And you?
No, thank you.
It would give us a chance
to know one another.
And for what good purpose?
For mutual understanding.
I overheard you a short while ago
outside my compartment.
I feel you could use some.
Are you Dr Heinrich Bernhardt?
Mm-hm. We'll take those sandwiches.
Permit me to bring them to you.
Head of a fact-finding commission
to unify Germany, right?
That's him, if he can swing it.
All right, everybody. Stay in your
compartment until further notice.
Can't sleep either, eh?
What do you think happens next?
Whatever it is, it will delay us.
Of that you can be certain.
The world's full of peacemakers
fighting among themselves.
This one was different, I think.
I know a few things about him.
He fought for peace all his life.
A fine tribute he received -
a grenade.
Lindley? Perrot?
When we reach the station,
go to the special bus.
Special bus? The passengers
of this car are under arrest.
You'd better start packing.
Do you see the delay? It begins.
We're in Frankfurt now.
'Or rather,
what's left of Frankfurt.
'The biggest ghost town
you ever saw.
'A community of hollow shells,
chipped and battered
'by Allied bombs,
according to a methodical plan,
'a plan that would cancel out
the city as a tough enemy centre,
'and still retain some choice spots.
'Like the Hauptbahnhof,
the railroad depot,
'which served the occupation forces,
'and experts in restoration
'who would enter
this strange new world.'
'Specialists in military affairs,
clerical workers,
'statesmen, prosecutors, judges,
'educators, nutrition experts,
'as well as others
'you couldn't quite classify.
'This was a world of rubble,
'under strict military control,
with a system of economy of its own.
'There was no such thing as
the dollar, the franc or the pound.
'A person's bankroll
is their special occupation money
'and their supply of cigarettes.'
What do you want to do?
Create inflation?
'In this headquarter city
'for the American occupation zone,
there were no casual sightseers.
'No-one was here without a purpose.
'There were other modern touches
in this ancient city.
'The architecture, for instance -
new lines, new shapes,
'generally referred to as
early 20th-century modern warfare.
'So universal is the destruction,
it blends into a continuous pattern.
'But there is more than the physical
loss of stone and steel -
'the loss of human dignity.
'Commerce is conducted from cases
holding prize possessions,
'to barter for
the necessities of life.
'Everything from diamonds
to diapers was here.
'The choice business offices
are in the sun.
'And don't forget the social world.
'Bulletin boards with cards seeking
the whereabouts of lost friends,
'relatives, displaced persons.
'These are features some don't see
'when they have other things
on their minds.'
Has anyone the remotest idea
where they're taking us?
'Only the army.
You approach the entrance gate
'to the United States army compound,
the ever vigilant inspection,
'and proceed to something
you won't forget.
'The IG Farben building.
'monument to German
ingenuity and might,
'former administrative home
of the Farben industries,
'manufactories of the tools of war.
'The boys in the Allied bombers
saw this spot wasn't touched.
'Where munition makers
worked to conquer the world,
'here would be ideal offices
for the enforcement of the peace.
'Here would be headquarters
for USFET -
'United States Forces'
European Theatre.
'Here the American soldier
'is helping form
the history of the world.
'To keep the peace in Germany,
'to make it possible for people
to resume their place in society,
'the army is on constant duty.
'No city is more important
than Frankfurt.
'Clearing house and main hub
for the entire American zone.
'This was Congress,
'the White House and Department
of Justice under one roof.
'Here policy was made and executed,
'work permits granted,
travel orders rewritten, checked,
'and enemies of the government
were called to account.'
Please be seated. Have a chair.
Please have your papers ready,
your travel orders,
passports, visas.
If German, your registration cards.
You'll all be called soon.
Until then,
you will not discuss the case.
I wonder how long they'll hold us.
Me they will not hold long.
I am travelling under Soviet orders.
Explain that to the Americans.
Are those your orders?
Don't worry. He'll show you that.
I will hold it.
The authentic signature of Hitler.
Name-dropper. And only
for ten packets of cigarettes.
Not his,
so he pretends not to be impressed.
It is a national characteristic.
10,000km of red tape.
The Americans could learn
from the French zone.
It's in a class by itself. I've
seen them all. Even the Soviet?
Even the Soviet. Then you saw
how a zone should be managed.
You had a permit, of course?
No, I sneaked in as a British spy.
You were lucky you were not shot.
There is no pampering in our zone.
Since Stalingrad,
we know how to handle the Germans.
You, please.
I think he means you.
No, Mr Lindley. You're wanted.
This is the one, sir.
This is the one what?
Your papers, please.
Which one is yours, Mr Lindley?
The second one.
Where were you while the train
stopped at Sulzbach for the cart?
At one of the windows, I think.
Yeah, looking out.
What did you see?
A horse and cart.
What else? People, activity?
Near your car.
It was too dark to see much.
Except a horse and cart.
A quarter of a mile away.
After Dr Bernhardt was transferred,
you entered his vacant compartment.
Entered it? No, I didn't.
I saw you go in.
I started to but you stopped me.
See anything?
Odd-sized package,
anything like that? Nothing.
Except some sandwiches and...
So you did go in?
How do I know? One step, maybe.
You're mixed up.
We work for the same government.
I'm an American citizen.
Any contact with German nationals?
I've never been out of America.
I just left there.
So did Dr Bernhardt.
We have it pretty well identified.
Grenade, German make.
Rigged for use as a time bomb.
Amateur, but effective.
Where were we? Putting me in
the amateur bomb-building business.
Found this, sir.
Some formula. Chloride, isn't it?
Thiamine Chloride, a powerful
explosive known as vitamin B1!
Those are nutrition charts.
Papers are in order.
Thank you, Mr Lindley.
We'll have the girl next.
Will you come in, please?
You, miss.
What was it like in there?
A few questions.
You must have learned something.
The murderer went to
a lot of trouble.
I do not understand why.
All this for a German.
Dr Bernhardt was the type
you never knew.
You know one, you know another.
You mentioned Stalingrad.
He was fighting for that city
before you went to war.
Where was he conducting
this warfare?
Here in Germany,
on the surface and underground.
Even if I understood this,
I would not believe it.
He was a countryman of yours. What
was your opinion of Dr Bernhardt?
Gentlemen, everything here is fine.
The occupation is very good.
I do not have any opinion.
Nor do you, I suppose.
An opinion of this Bernhardt?
Yes, I do.
We'd all like to hear it.
He was a fool.
His knowledge of people
left a great deal to be desired.
Cigarette? No, thanks.
My doctor reduced me to ten a day,
but luckily neglected
to specify the size.
Your doctor evidently had
no understanding of people.
Exactly. You have a good point.
People are at the mercy
of those they seek to help.
Bernhardt, for instance,
champion of friendship.
GUARD: Otto Franzen.
But how mistaken he was.
Let's take the four of you here.
Is it possible there can
ever be such trust among you?
Otto Franzen.
He is a reason
to like that Bernhardt.
It's a pleasure and an honour,
Dr Bernhardt.
I'm sorry I did not respond
when you called Otto Franzen.
I do not think I am so good
with the cloak and dagger.
I disagree. Your secretary
is sure no-one suspects.
It's worked well. And tragically.
Remember it wasn't your plan.
It was the agent's.
But the cost. His life.
Had it been yours,
who would have met the Allies?
You think I am irreplaceable?
I'm pretty sure you don't think so.
What have you been saying?
Only that you like people.
That you would talk to anybody.
Now, that is not so.
Not once have I
so much as uttered a...
Well, a few words out there.
What is that?
No more probably than a few lines.
My letter to Johann.
How did you get this?
Intercepted it.
Remember we said no letters?
Well, I was going
to visit Johann here today.
I last saw him before the war.
You cannot see anybody
who might be able to recognise you.
Not for a while. Professor Walther
will give nothing away.
Besides, the danger is over.
They think they have their man.
It must stay that way.
Didn't that affair on the train
show what we are up against?
An underground
determined to stop at nothing.
We should hold up your trip
for a few days
until we feel it's safe.
Hold up my trip?
You understand why.
I understand only
why I must go tonight.
A day, two days - what is that?
Delay. Only until we get a line...
Let me explain something.
Out there are four men
of different nationalities
who are incapable of uniting
except perhaps on one issue -
their great distaste
for Otto Franzen.
The enemy is very proud
of those men.
Each day
that their nations remain apart,
so much more freedom has the enemy,
so much it can grow.
Delay, we cannot afford it.
The representatives of
the Allied powers await my report.
I MUST be there.
I will not hold up my trip.
I didn't think you would.
Well, I tried.
Will you wait in here, please?
Colonel, as Lucienne pointed out,
there is a danger.
It would be foolish
for her to come along.
The colonel has put you
in my charge.
Haven't you, Colonel?
Bring in the next man.
Mr Sterling, please.
'But of the passengers,
eyewitnesses to a murder,
'none could offer any help.'
Lieutenant Kiroshilov.
Here you are, Sterling.
Oh, thanks very much.
These yours? Thank you.
Like a camera?
20 cartons of cigarettes?
A wonderful piece of Meissen.
You cannot see the chip.
TANNOY ANNOUNCEMEN Need a good leather belt,
It's very curious. What happened to
our little friend with no opinion?
You mean Schmidt? Must be
his destination. Terrible loss!
Psst. Hey, Ivan.
Look, are you interested
in souvenirs?
Souvenirs, yes.
The authentic signature of Hitler.
For just two packs of cigarettes.
There's not another like it.
Obviously a forgery! Yes.
But which one?
Excuse me, sir. Could I show you
something of value?
But in the old days...
Heinrich, in the old days,
you admired it so much.
You must be mistaken.
Do you remember
the tower at Heidelberg
that Hilda gave to me?
Johann Walther,
how long it has been.
I wrote to you, you know, but you...
What's the matter, my friend?
I cannot stay. I mustn't.
Something's frightening you.
What is it?
I haven't been well lately.
Nonsense. Here.
We have time
for a cigarette together.
Just for old times' sake.
Danke shon, Heinrich.
Danke shon.
All right, miss.
Everything is in order. Thank you.
What's the matter here?
I didn't touch her. She fainted.
TANNOY: Passengers
for the Berliner, track 5.
Passagiere fur den Berliner,
Gleis 5.
Major, il n'est pas la. He's gone.
Arrest these people.
Every one of them.
He was here only a moment ago.
I know. I saw him.
I'll notify the colonel.
Cover this whole area for Bernhardt.
Bernhardt? The man who was killed
was only posing as Bernhardt.
Last call for the Berliner...
Let's help. There isn't time.
He is not lost.
He was kidnapped.
I know. I am his secretary.
You spoke to him.
You know his voice, his face.
You can help. There is the army.
In uniform, advertising themselves
to these Germans.
You are different. They would
not be on guard against you.
We can't miss the train.
We have our travel orders.
I thought you believed in Bernhardt
and all he stood for.
I do not think he included me.
No, please. Wait.
When my orders say I must
be somewhere, that is where I am.
I have my country to serve.
You THINK you serve your country.
You are working for the underground.
They want you to do this.
They want you in zones,
fighting each other.
I'm sorry.
We shall see what we can do.
Thank you.
Thank you both.
My orders are military,
me to duty by tomorrow noon.
Others may disregard orders,
not the Soviet.
She's right. This concerns us all,
if not the Soviet.
Anything of concern
to the rest of you
is of special concern to the Soviet.
'An immediate dragnet was ordered.
'The whole city of Frankfurt
was to be covered.
'A search combing black markets
and the civilian masses
'for some lead to the underground
'to find a man
among strangers and enemies
'that were always present
but unseen.'
So this is a failure. No?
Admit it. It is a failure.
Oh, shut up. No, he is right.
You are always the same.
You won't face reality.
This Bernhardt, he is gone.
That is the truth of the matter.
Tomorrow Lt Kiroshilov will be gone.
I'll be lucky to emerge a private.
It is my fault, and all for nothing.
Who is there to question?
How could we question them?
Only you speak German.
None of us knows this city.
I used to, when they had streets.
There should be a card
for the latest missing person.
Dr Heinrich Bernhardt,
lost while on route to Berlin
to begin forming a united Germany.
"Information as to whereabouts
of Karl and Paula Dorfman."
"Hilda Walther, aged 63,
beloved wife of Johann...
"Johann Walther."
"Any information, please notify
Professor Johann Walther."
Bismarck Strasse 10.
I think I know that.
I met him with Dr Bernhardt.
He will help.
But, how? How will he help?
This is his home.
He may know the underground.
How does one get there?
It's that way.
I'm not sure how far it is.
But I'm certain
it's in that vicinity.
Turn das Ding ab.
Children of the last class.
Hier wirdst du nur Deutsch sprechen.
They didn't learn English.
Halt's Maul.
Reg dich nicht auf.
Die Anderen mussen
jeden Augenblick hier sein.
They do not speak English.
You can talk to me now.
They don't want us to.
It is fine. You may speak.
They don't like it, Heinrich.
You did what you had to do.
Of that I am very sure.
How long have you
been associated with them?
How long have you known them?
Known them? Yes, I have known them.
Er...let me see.
Ever since...
ever since Hilda went away.
She went away? Yes.
They took her away.
It was...months ago.
But she's coming back now,
very soon.
And will see her too,
Heinrich, huh?
It's been a long time, huh?
Very long.
These people,
they are going to arrange it.
Only today it has been decided.
They promised that
they will tell me where she is
if...if I would...
if I...
If you would do what?
If I would meet you
at the railroad station.
And...and deliver you over to them.
I'm very glad.
It will be good for you
to have her back.
Don't...speak to me
with such kindness.
Das ist Heinrich Bernhardt.
Ich hatte ihn irgendwo erkannt.
Hierher, Herr Doktor.
No! You cannot go.
We cannot go?
They are waiting for us.
But our arrangement. My wife.
Oh, yes, yes. Her address.
I've got it right here.
Dolbeck. That's a...cemetery.
That's number ten.
Must be someone here. The light.
Professor Walther?
Professor Walther?
Let me take you back to the colonel.
Lucienne, there must be another way.
Like trying every house
in Frankfurt till we find him?
Wait a minute. Sterling,
you know this town a little.
Where are the black market joints?
Or the gangster hideouts.
We will find the Germans
who hated Bernhardt.
OK, forget it.
Wait. But there
are such places here?
Two cabarets,
but Germans can't go there.
They are for the American army.
They're the legal ones.
What about the ones off limit?
For German civilians. He may
have something. It's a chance.
Who would we look for?
For a Frenchman he is smart.
I vote against. The veto again.
Perhaps if we split up.
It appears we've split up already.
I should have told you before.
I'm a sucker for slumming.
Care to see some nightlife?
We have a lot of ground to cover.
We will look ourselves,
but thoroughly.
Vier Zigaretten, bitte.
Was soll es denn sein? Wir haben
Bier und Schnapps. Zwei Bier.
I wonder if this was a good idea.
It is the same every place.
We are the ones being looked over.
Does that bother you? No.
It's so annoying. You make
a better detective than I do.
And a lot better-looking.
Have you forgotten why we are here?
I'm here to do what I can
to get somebody back.
Somebody important.
Maybe I'm kidding myself.
Maybe I'm here
because you want him back.
Listen, you are a stranger
in a strange country.
And a fairly attractive girl
who speaks your language
makes you feel close to her.
It is that simple.
I didn't say attractive,
I said you weren't bad-looking.
Over there for instance,
that's attractive.
Or that.
She has quite a number of things
in her favour.
But just not enough.
She has very much in her favour.
The cigarette.
Like Bernhardt's. I suppose
she can thank her GI for that.
Only he is smoking the regular size.
Danke schon. Danke schon.
Die Herrschaften
die Zigaretten kaufen wollen,
bitte sehen Sie hierher.
They have been smoked
only a few times.
Meine Damen und Herren,
es ist meine Ehre vorzustellen
Maja die Allwissende,
Maja the mindreader.
Maja, Ihre Gedanken gelesen wird
und Ihre Fragen beantwortet.
Wer kommt zuerst?
Wer will die ersten Fragen stellen?
You, soldier?
Ask any questions. Maya waits.
Hier ist der Erste.
Ihre Frage, Herr Korporal.
When can I go home?
Nun, Maya, hore gut zu.
When is he going home?
That's what we'd like to know.
More questions.
Maya waits.
MAN SHOUTS: Where's my wife?
MAJA: Sie ist bei dir zu Hause
mit deinem besten Freund.
More questions.
Wo habe ich meine Lebensmittelkarte
MAJA: Hast du dich
am Schwarzen Markt umgeschaut?
More questions. Maja waits.
What am I thinking?
MAJA: I don't go out with strangers.
Wo kann ich schlafen?
Beim Bahnhof ist eine Kiste.
More questions. I have a question.
Ah, another American.
And you would also like to know
when you'll go home?
I would like to know
where is Heinrich Bernhardt.
I do not know such a person.
Was wollen Sie hier?
Kann man nirgends allein sein?
Konnen Sie nicht
ein bisschen vorsehen? Sergeant!
You must help me.
It is very important.
We shouldn't be here
so if there's trouble...
If you leave,
there will be trouble for you.
That girl helped kidnap an official.
You're crazy.
Tell that to Colonel Johns.
Wait a minute.
Let's figure this out.
You guys go
while you've got the chance.
What's it all about?
Wen suchen Sie, mein Herr?
Where did she go?
Ich verstehe nicht...
What did you do with Bernhardt?
Save it for the MPs.
I didn't know
she was mixed up in anything.
You must know something.
I know where she lives.
That's enough. Come on. What is it?
Smooching with an underground babe -
they'll throw the book at me.
Not if you're smart.
You suspected her all along. No.
You were going with her
to get a line on her.
I was? You can tell
your superiors about an enemy
and save the life
of a very important man.
Yeah. Yeah, you're right.
Maybe it would be better
if I talked to Colonel Johns.
Hans, geh sofort nach Raume.
Yes, sir.
Yes, the place is a hotbed of them.
Tell him to report it
to Colonel Johns.
Please see
Colonel Johns gets the message.
Right, sir.
That'll put a damper
on the local playboys.
This way. It's not far.
If she's home. She'd better be.
That two-timing Fraulein!
Let me get my bearings.
It's somewhere here.
She lives in this place?
People live where they can.
I'll never come back
but where are we?
It's part of the old city.
They call it the Raume.
What a massage job this got.
I should warn you. You find
all sorts in this old brewery.
One guy even kept livestock.
Once one of the biggest. It's not
like it was in the old days.
Doctor, what have they done to you?
I'm sorry you had to find me.
Gut gemacht, Hans.
Es war hochste Zeit.
Tut mir leid wegen den Amerikaner,
aber ich musste...
Miss Mirbeau,
we have been urging Dr Bernhardt
to discuss with us
this plan of his for Germany.
So they can work against it.
You understand
why we have been waiting for you.
We are sure that,
since you were close with him,
you can supply us the facts.
We do not wish to harm him,
unless we have to.
And, if you would help...
I understand.
On the train you tried to kill him.
Now you are people of great mercy.
It is simply a matter of logic.
Now we are in a position
to learn the facts.
Now you are in a position
to bargain.
She tells you the plan,
you turn Bernhardt loose? Yes.
After the conference in Berlin
is over.
After it's over.
You understand, we cannot
permit him to attend this meeting.
Doctor, you can conduct another one.
Another one? It means delay.
Yes. Yes, Doctor. Delay.
It is not so good for your Allies,
but it's very good for us.
You are being offered your life.
What more do you want?
It is up to you.
Wait a minute. Don't answer that.
Not till I tell him this phoney GI
tipped off the army.
I sent 'em to the cabaret.
They'll trace us here. If you stop
now, you can save your neck.
My neck?
What do you think?
I should quiver with fear?
What more can they do to me now?
But do not feel sorry for us.
I won't. I'll leave that to you.
We still have one thing left -
our determination
to have the Germany we deserve.
I think you've got that now.
You do not know what you say.
You are not a German.
But I am.
No. No, Dr Bernhardt.
Or you would be here
with the builders of Germany.
The builders of Germany?
The wreckers of peace and unity.
I'm only a brewmaster, Dr Bernhardt.
I am not a politician.
But some things
I know much better than you.
I too believe in unity.
But unlike you,
I know that people will only unite
when they are faced with a crisis,
like war.
Well, we are still at war.
You are not.
So, we are united. You are not.
So, we will succeed. You will not.
But someday, brewmaster...
my people will understand
that peace also is a crisis.
They will unite against you
and you will be gone for ever.
Perhaps, Dr Bernhardt, but not yet.
Now we are concerned
with this plan of yours
for the various Allied zones.
Mussen wir uns eben
an Ihrer Sekretarin halten?
Fraulein, wir haben genug gewartet.
Sie kennen seine Ideen.
Lassen Sie sich das Madel in Ruhe.
Mit Ihnen bin ich fertig.
Try to get out. I'll do the same.
Sonst gebe ich sie jemanden,
der andere Methoden anwenden wird.
Also, wir haben lang genug gewartet.
Sie kennen seine Ideen.
Heraus damit.
Ich weiss die Einzelheiten nicht.
Sie lugen.
Wir wissen ganz genau
dass Sie seine Mitarbeiterin sind.
Wir machen kein Spass.
Wir shiessen ihn zusammen
wie einen Hund.
Sie allein kann ihn retten
You are wasting your time.
Ihre Treue ist ergeben.
Schone Treue,
lasst sich ganz einfach krepieren.
That's the loyalty I mean.
Loyalty to a thing
far greater than I.
Loyalty to a step
to lead us on the path to peace.
You are a fool. There is no step.
There is no peace but OUR peace.
Wo sind die Andere? Er hat mich
angegriffen. Er ist ein Betruger.
Ein Spion.
Schnell. Nicht hinaus lassen.
Der Amerikaner.
I'm wondering...if she is
as important to you as your plan.
Let us see.
That's it, mister. Straight ahead.
Lt Kiroshilov,
Soviet Occupation Forces.
You fellas are always
on the defensive. Inside.
Just some routine questions,
That call
came from a GI who was here.
No, major.
There has been no soldier here.
Ask the customers.
I wonder what they'd say.
I just brought in three new ones.
Are the girl and Lindley with you?
We're looking for them.
What happened?
They found a lead here
but she says they were never here.
Anything on Bernhardt? Nothing.
We even checked on Walther.
We found him dead. A blank wall.
That's the German from the train.
What? Bernhardt.
Where is he? the Raume.
There's nothing there but rubble.
Yes, cellars, go on.
Who is it that...
We can't trust this man.
I think we'll have to.
Schmidt was assigned to look after
Bernhardt by the War Department.
You know my terms, Dr Bernhardt.
Now you will talk.
And you will talk quickly
if you care about her safety.
After I talk, you let her go.
How can I trust you?
You don't. You are wrong.
He knows
that you will not keep your word.
No more that he will keep his.
This game of pretending to bargain.
It is useless.
And undignified. Wasting your time
talking to these fanatics
who are unfit to live,
let alone rule a country.
da druben ist ein guter Platz.
Fuhren Sie hinuber.
The tragedy is for you.
For me there were only
a few years left.
Important years.
Completion of your life's work.
My work? At this moment
only the most foolish man
could say it was worthwhile.
Die Zeit fur reden ist voruber.
But I am that foolish man.
Macht Shluss.
Sergeant, you and Smith.
Jenkins, cover the ladder.
They will not be expecting it
from you.
Bernhardt first. Not now.
The army is everywhere.
Then go, quick. Go?
Are you giving the orders now?
What do you...?
I do not know what you...
No more blunders.
I must be sure of Bernhardt
this time. And sure of myself.
Ah, what courage I see!
Wait, Holzman. Let me tell you.
You need me.
I can be of good service to you.
But never so much as now.
Hey, somebody get me out of here.
Lindley? Ah, Lindley!
Sergeant, get her some help.
Yes, sir.
Some things I thought about you,
I take back. Good work.
I'll take that.
You won't need it any more.
Sind Sie fertig mit den Brotchen?
Anything more? I must get to bed
for tomorrow I may be shot.
Perhaps I can persuade
them to postpone it(?)
Thanks for the party. It is I
who must thank you, all of you.
Not only have you saved my life,
you have saved my mission.
I can see now that it will work.
Maxim, your compartment.
Which one were you assigned?
Six. It is on a communal basis.
I am sharing it with someone else.
What luck,
you're sharing it with a friend.
I wish you a pleasant night, sir.
Good night.
We match for the lower bunk, no?
Good. Heads me, tails you.
You would care
to make it two out of three?
Very well.
Um...good night.
Sorry, but I thought I spotted it.
You know the rule about
carrying firearms.
Yes, but we must consider
the welfare of the doctor.
That's what I've been doing.
What do you think of
an extra guard?
Are you sure that it's necessary?
What I mean, old boy,
is one of us in with him.
What about it?
I wish I'd thought of it.
Since I didn't,
I'm willing to serve.
That is not fair.
We should all take turns.
Then permit me to be first. I have
done less for him than you two.
Perrot. Yes?
We'll relieve you in an hour, OK?
If you wish.
You wish to come in?
Only I, sir.
We thought we should
stay with you. I am first.
If you think it's necessary.
Soll ich Ihr compartment
Kommen Sie spater, bitte.
He spoke German to the steward.
Perrot. He said you were
the only one who spoke German.
So he knows a phrase or two.
Sterling, you want the next watch?
Why did he make a pitch
to be first?
Perrot of all of us. He felt
he hadn't done enough to help him.
He's crazy.
He was with us from the start.
Oh, it doesn't matter.
I prefer it that way.
Keeps one from feeling so...
shut away from the world.
Maxim, will you follow Sterling?
He WAS with us from the start.
Touting us for our every move.
He lied about
not knowing Frankfurt, too.
Then he told us all the nightspots.
And he knew the Raume
was a shambles. There you are.
But I knew that myself.
There's something else.
Something that's been bothering me.
We've been bothered for two days.
The bomb.
Perrot called it a grenade. It was.
How did he know? Who can identify
a bomb they never saw?
He did,
before the army or anyone else.
Maybe we're all tired.
He certainly is.
The last watch for you.
You'd better get some sleep.
You'll be as right as rain tomorrow.
Sorry about that, Lucienne.
I'd better stick
to counting calories.
You have become
a citizen of Europe in two days.
Perhaps it was a little fast.
Because we are more
used to the sensation,
it is easier for us to control it.
Of fear, insecurity,
suspicion of everyone, everything.
Maybe I'll grow up to you someday.
I'd like to.
Good night.
Good night, Lindley.
Stop that man.
He tried to kill Bernhardt.
'Berlin. Well, not quite.
'Wannsee is as close as you can
bring the Berlin express today.'
Perrot. Is this guy a Frenchman?
No. Name's Holzman.
Genuine product. Made in Germany.
'The city itself
is some 15 miles off
'by way of the Autobahn.
'When you get there, you wonder
how you can call it a city.
capital of the Third Reich,
'focal point
of the rise and fall of a dictator
'is today a monument of ruins.
'Cities like Hiroshima
have been obliterated.
'But no other city so mighty
as Berlin has fallen so low.
'Less than four years
of wind, rain and sun
'has left a drab, colourless,
dead city in its wake.
'This was one case where justice
'had made the punishment
fit the crime.
'Berlin, capital of a world
'that was to revolve
around the Reich Chancellery,
'around a leader
who stood on a balcony
'and said
it would last for 1,000 years.'
We are going
to see each other again?
We'd better.
You're the only guys I know here.
I know so many people
you'll run out of cigarettes.
What is the way to reach you?
Just keep in touch with the French.
'Here was one of Europe's
most beautiful thoroughfares -
'Unter den Linden
and the Brandenburg Gate.
'A spot shadowed
by the celebrated Hotel Adlon,
'operations suspended right now.
'Close at hand to the Reichstag,
as a monument to the Reich,
'within sight of the towering
trees of the Tiergarten
'that had all been used
as fire wood.
'Here the friends
who had helped change the scenery
'were to take leave of each other.'
Hey, British!
Are you heading for the base?
Sure are. How are things at home?
Same old cork still floating.
I'll be back in a jiffy.
I must say goodbye.
Are you going
to the military government office?
Sure. Want a lift? Thanks a lot.
We guys got to stick together.
You'll see why.
Hey, Corporal. Wait for one minute.
Tovarisch, po kakou pravosti
vy vzyali mashinu polkovnika?
Vy razgovarivaytye s nachalstvom.
Vashi bumagi.
It's all right. I can explain.
Thank you. I do not need a defence.
Anything wrong?
Bit of a Soviet block.
Better not get involved.
If these men had not bothered
to get involved,
Dr Bernhardt would not be here
as your official guest.
Did British Intelligence
clear this?
There are two separate commands.
Well, that's one blessing, anyway.
Good luck to you, sir.
Oh, Max.
None of us got off to a good start,
but I give you my word,
I tried to catch up.
I really tried to figure out
what makes you tick, Max.
What makes all of you tick.
We try to understand you.
Why don't you try to understand us?
Here's my address.
You can reach me there any time.
I treat addresses a little better.
Where will you be, Lucienne?
Nowhere for very long.
Don't you see?
There is nothing one can count on.
No-one's address is dependable.
But if ever the world comes of age,
I will see
that you know where to find me.
Ready, mister?
Sometimes I think we shall
never get together on this earth,
until we find
someone on Mars to hate.
Sometimes I wonder
why we keep trying.
Other times I know
why we keep trying.
I know someday we'll make it.