Berlin Falling (2017) Movie Script

Frank, where are you?
On my way. Why?
Did you see how
many times I tried to call?
Now, yes!
didn't hear the phone.
Have you left yet?
Are you still there?
I'm asking myself if I really
should bring her to you at all.
I can handle this.
I hope so, for your sake, Frank.
Even more so for Lily's.
But if you screw up again your weekend...
then there won't be a next time.
Got it.
All right then...
See you later.
Hmm rough night huh?
That would be news to me.
These and number four.
These, too.
Something for you?
she's too old for that.
Just get on with it.
Need a light?
Ah. Okay,
Can I help you with something?
I just wanted to ask where you're headed.
My ride didn't show.
Where do you need to go?
Sure whatever.
Yeah, why not...
Just to make things clear,
I like loud music and
I'm not in the mood for chit-chat.
Is that a problem?
No problem at all.
And thank you.
The trunk is full. Give me that.
That's very kind of you, Frank.
Have we met?
but I can read.
Crazy, how many people seem to
drive with a death wish.
There goes another one!
One mistake and it all could be over.
A little distracted,
showing off.
Maybe even a little bit tipsy.
Game over.
Tchah, there's your next candidate.
Nice car, though.
Nowadays it's much safer.
Airbags front, side and back.
It helps if you know how to drive!
I guess.
Lots of people even drive after
the disco. That's asking for it.
Suddenly, it's not only your life
that's at stake, it's your passenger's too.
Sorry, I don't mean to bug you, but...
Honestly, I've...
Don't move!
Don't move!
The backpack!
Is that a RCD or a VOD!?
My hose!
Are you crazy!?
RCD or VOD!?
I can't breathe.
I am only going to ask you one more time.
RCD or VOD!?
I don't know what you're talking about!
My nose...
What was that all about?
Were you trying to suffocate me?
I still need that lift to Berlin.
Wait, wait, wait...
Get in on this side.
Come on.
it might be broken I think.
Well, maybe it isn't.
I'll shoot your balls off, if necessary.
Stay calm, get me to Berlin,
and everything will be fine.
Did you see that?
We'll make a brief stop there.
All right. One milkshake, vanilla, large.
And one Waffle Beast
with chocolate sauce.
Will there be anything else?
What kind of burger do you want?
Ooh come on. Tell me.
I just did.
Some fries...
Come on now.
Any Burger.
Any Burger?
Any Burger doesn't exist, does it?
Big Beast.
Okay, that's...
And some ice cubes in an extra cup.
That makes one Icy Beast...
Oh sorry, I mean one Waffle
Beast with chocolate sauce,
one vanilla shake large,
medium fries and one Big Beast.
some ice cubes in an extra cup.
Make that a menu.
those are all single items.
If you add...
How is it single?
Fries, Big Beast, Beverage. I mean...
sounds exactly like a menu to me.
Hey just make it a menu!
But a shake doesn't...
Do you even speak my language!?
I think so...
Well, then what's the fucking problem!?
One extra cola then.
With the menu, please.
All right.
I need a menu with... er... No. Fries.
It's on me.
Vanilla milkshake large and er...
No first aid kit?
What's in the bag?
Open it.
I told you, it's just clothes.
Open it. Now.
And now tie it up nice and tight.
Careful now.
Get in.
Eat otherwise It will get cold.
For once I'm buying and
now you don't want any?
I don't want you to faint on me.
It's amazing.
Somewhere at the end of the
world there's a giant sugar plantation.
A cucumber monoculture here,
tomato factory there.
Cattle as far as the eye can see.
Mix it all up
A Burger.
Exactly the same, everywhere.
It's quite tasty actually.
Nothing to to with real food though.
No, no. Eat up.
You should wipe your mouth.
You're oozing quite a bit of ketchup there!
Always the same, same taste,
consistency too.
And before you know it, the whole
world speaks American. Crazy right?
You know, there is a thing
called the Big-Boss-Index.
It determines how much a
Big Boss should cost in comparison
to the cost of living
in any given country.
What are you going to do with the bomb?
No, not the cost of living er, the...
What are you going to do with the bomb?
The purchasing power.
Slow down... Now!
You are making a huge mistake.
Slow down, goddamn idiot!
Do what you want.
Slow down!
I'll crash us into the next tree.
I don't give a shit.
I'll do it.
This is what's going to happen.
You stay calm and do as I tell you,
then this won't end badly.
This is on you, Frank. Only you.
No bullshit now. Keep your
hands where they are.
Just stay calm.
Don't try anything.
Wrong, Frank.
It's already happening.
At this very moment.
The only question to remain
is what will happen to whom.
To me. To you. To those puppets.
Or to Lily.
Stay calm.
Nothing is decided yet.
Think about Lily.
That was really good.
I'll take that. I'll take...
three... then you can...
Do you want to roll again? Again.
I'll take the two little mice...
Listen carefully.
This is what's going to happen.
If I don't check in,
there is nothing I can do
for your little girl.
Those two.
If they don't leave,
they need to go.
Have I made myself clear?
This is on you Frank.
I told you not to fuck around.
I only ever wanted to get to Berlin.
Nice car.
License and registration, please.
All here.
You have had your license
for 19 years now.
Can you tell me why you had to
accelerate so hastily back there?
And why you crossed those road
markings without any apparent reason?
What was that all about?
I have to get to
the train station in Berlin.
My wife, my soon-to-be-ex-wife is
bringing our daughter over for Christmas.
It's the first time she'll
stay with me for a while longer.
And because of that, you think
you can drive anyway you like?
No. Of course not. You're right.
I'm just nervous and can't be late.
and your co-driver?
Is your friend going to pick up
your wife as well?
This is Alex. He always comes along.
Mister Balzer, have you
had anything to drink?
Other substances?
I just want to get to Berlin
and to my daughter.
Could you please just let us go?
Nothing has happened.
Would you please step out of the car.
Your friend Alex can stay in the car.
Can't you just write me up
and send me the ticket?
Step out!
I'll have to call in soon, Frank.
Think about Lily.
You don't understand.
Mister Balzer!
I can't be late or they'll
take away my visiting rights.
I am really sorry about that.
But that has nothing to do
with the issue at hand.
At the moment I'm only interested
in whether you've been drinking or not,
or if you have anything more
to say concerning our situation here.
Then you won't object
to a breathalyzer test.
And I would like to check your car.
That's not possible.
Excuse me?
Just walk away.
Ok, that's enough.
Turn around and put
your hands on the car.
Hey! What will it be? This or them?
Get back into the vehicle now!
Back into the vehicle!
I said turn around!
Put the gun down!
Where are the keys?
Are you crazy? We need to go.
Wrong. We agreed that they have to go.
Ah. You're one of those!
No! No!
There you go.
Pull shit like that again,
even just once,
and your fucking whore
daughter is history.
Do you understand me!?
Do you finally understand me!?
Come on, give me a hand.
Come on...
Get in, I will be right there.
"It helps if you know how to drive!"
Isn't that what you said?
Look, they're waving at us.
Ah, ah, ah. Give me that.
What has any of this got
to do with my daughter?
Why my daughter? Why!?
What do you want from us!?
Keep your calm, soldier!
That's better.
Some people don't know discipline.
Or they lost it along the way.
Speaking of...
There are those who lead
and those who follow.
Command and obedience.
Some people just don't know their place.
Can you help me?
Mm... let me see,
it's pretty tight, right?
Strange juice you got there, Frank.
Are you excited?
We will be there soon.
Not even sticky really.
What are you looking forward to most?
Why me?
Because you're a good father, Frank.
You just don't know it yet.
Do you know why the
road is so bendy here?
Because nobody is able
to drive straight anymore.
Given the chance,
people drive themselves to death.
Like before.
One cross, two cross, ten cross...
You have to slow them down.
And how does one do that?
With curves.
Bingelingeling! Frank!
You do know how to play.
Someone who's focusing on a
curve automatically slows down
and reaches his destination regardless.
The right distraction at the right time.
Believe it or not, Frank.
Humans are like sheep,
they need a shepherd.
And the city?
What would the city be then, huh?
I don't give a shit.
The pasture.
The wasteland lies behind them.
Now they have to follow to the rules.
The accumulation of knowledge
and culture in a powerful city.
That's the way it should be.
And what do we see?
No more culture, no more greatness.
The degenerates,
the unguided are in power.
Piss against the walls
like dogs. It's disgusting.
There they can spend themselves stupid.
Another piece of junk for the pigsty.
Nice and cheap. Fattening up nicely.
The time to shear has come.
Snap your finger one
more time and I will rip it off.
Next exit.
I know you don't want to hear it, Frank,
but we are all just tiny
cogs in a game of machines.
You too, Frank.
Especially you.
It's me. Listen, we're running late.
About an hour or so, something
to do with the railway switches.
My reception is really bad.
Are you all right?
Is everything ok with you?
Yes, yes of course.
Okay see you soon.
Hold on.
Could you please
put Lily on for a second?
Wait one moment.
Oh she just went to the bathroom Frank.
I see...
We'll be there before you know it.
Talk later.
See you.
Well that's good.
No need to hurry then.
You know how kids are.
Don't worry about it, Frank.
Let's stop over there.
We're in Berlin.
Can I go now?
What else do you want from me?
I owe you some juice.
You don't look good at all.
And ask for some paracetamol
or something similar.
If we don't screw up again
you can soon hold
little Lily in your arms.
Just like you were supposed to.
Hi there.
Are you alright, brother?
Do you have any painkillers?
I'll go check.
Here you go.
You want some chai?
What do I owe you?
This fucking till...
That's 6,50. These are on me.
Keep the change.
Why, brother? That's too much.
You forgot something.
I won't need them after all.
We walk. You carry.
You can get your car later.
What's going on?
What's going om?
You lied to me.
You said 'take me to Berlin.'
You said 'take me to Berlin
and everything is going to be all right!'
Where were we?
I told you to get me
to Berlin and that was it.
You had to brake.
Those two cops.
The only thing that someone like
you should do is obey.
Speaking of...
What ever happened to those painkillers?
Didn't have any.
Baa, Frank,
You're pathetic.
I am pathetic?
Who do you think you are?
Do you really think this
will round up your sheep?
Do you really believe that?
It doesn't matter what kind
of shit you got planned here,
the people will hate you for it.
They'll hate your guts!
I sure hope so.
Nothing of this makes any sense.
please let me go.
Please let us go.
And put that thing out. It's disgusting.
At least keep my family out of this.
Leave the backpack
and put these clothes on.
Boots, too.
Move. We don't have all day.
Get on with it!
You stupid pig.
That's it Frank.
That's it.
You've really done it now.
I feel really sorry for
your daughter, Frank.
Yes it's me.
Zero. Four.
Not my daughter.
I'll do...
I'll do anything.
Please not my daughter.
This is your last chance, Frank.
But only because I really like you.
Forget the boots.
Get over here!
Brothers it is time to fight -
Allah is the light-
And we shall not falter -
Allah is salvation -
Once there was a kafir -
He travelled afar to kill -
Thoughts of leaving his guilt behind -
But he has finally gone too far -
To war, my brothers -
Draw your blades -
Steel your hearts and your arms -
Allah will call on the best -
Kafir, kafir, got to die -
You know why, you know why -
You thought you could murder brothers -
You thought wrong,
Punishment is upon you -
We rise against the kafir pests -
And burn down their cosy nests -
Till the last kafir devil -
Pays with his blood -
we have ourselves a special kafir here.
A true servant of the devil
and the western infidels.
He was...
Not in the dark about his deeds,
nor had anybody forced his hand.
He has chosen evil by his own accord.
He is a volunteer!
A true crusader.
Face forward, infidel.
Face your judges!
Frank Balzer is kneeling before you,
born on the 4th of December 1979
in Frstenwalde, Germany.
First sergeant of the German
Special Aerial Reconnaissance
Company 260 in Seedorf.
This is where this kafir has
acquired the tools of his foul trade -
cursed may he be.
All this...
was paid for with the blood
of our brothers and sisters.
Murderer in the holy land
and family man at home.
That is the way of the West.
A criminal and drunkard,
who cheats on his own wife,
while deceitfully murdering
children in foreign countries.
Now you may turn around, kafir.
Look at what you have done.
Now you look away, huh?
But we don't.
Because no one can
escape Allah's judgment
and we will fulfill his holy bidding.
(God willing)
Tell us what you have done.
Bear witness!
I've got nothing to say.
Yes, you do. You do, kafir scum!
What happened on June 19th, 2011?
I don't know what you are talking about.
I am talking about the night in
which good Muslims lost their children.
In which mothers cried
out their pain to the almighty.
(the vulnerable Muslims)
Cowardly burned them from afar,
The insurgents had...
First state your name, clearly.
And face forward.
What have you done, you infidel?
Yes, what have you done?
I fulfilled my mission.
That's what I did.
And what was your, so called, mission?
Observation in the greater area
of Kunduz, as part of the Task Force 51.
What is that supposed to mean?
In June it gets really hot in Afghanistan,
at least in the greater area of Kunduz.
Forty degrees Celsius, maybe more.
It's all right in camp, but outside -
It started in April.
Constant heavy attacks on
the camp and the allied hajis.
The first to be injured in May...
the first on our side
- injured Germans.
If you've never seen combat,
you've no idea what it actually means.
None of you get it.
Fuck you!
Fuck all of you!
We have no business in that country.
That has nothing to do with Europe.
You're treating what's left of some
poor bastards in the camp hospital,
guys that were injured in the
midst of collateral damage,
and the village elder is
sitting in front of you,
a greedy old man, no teeth and
all he's interested in
is how much he can make
off his dying nephew,
son, brother - whatever.
Daughter's head got shot off?
It's worse if a cow dies of thirst.
If you go to this
shitty country, you either go
with three divisions
or you don't go at all.
The night of June 20th.
Attacks on patrols again and again,
RPG's hitting the camp every day,
IED's on streets that were deemed
safe before Haji's summer holidays.
And on June 12th things got messy.
Two men dead, seven injured.
Then we got the news.
Several tankers, Pick-Ups,
everything they needed for
an attack on the camp, hijacked, stolen...
Obviously the hajis...
no doubt about it.
What happened?
We found them,
in the mountains...
All of it. Camouflaged...
The TOC wanted confirmation...
that there were
no civilians at the scene.
I confirmed.
It was high time for us to strike back.
Otherwise the enemy
won't take us seriously.
It's war out there, and wars are
not won by just building schools alone.
Then what?
What happened next?
The Americans launched an air strike.
We're not equipped like them.
Two F15.
Nice Eagles.
You won't even see them, only hear them.
Cleaned out the whole place.
Now you may turn around and look.
This western crusader
has burnt children and good Muslims.
Not because he believes in a false god
He doesn't believe in any god.
I'm a soldier.
You didn't even look at them,
the burnt children.
Because you are a coward,
a coward like all the clogs
of the West with their drones.
That's war. Period.
I fulfilled my mission.
I didn't give the order.
This henchman of murderers,
this man, who himself
has the heart of a murderer,
today will bring the war
to where it belongs:
his homeland.
Frank Balzer will pay his debt.
He will carry a bomb
to Berlin Central Station.
He will give his pathetic life meaning,
and for the infidels' most holy feast...
the war will have
reached the heart of Europe.
(In ch'allah!)
That went rather well, don't you think?
Can you drive?
Here. Put that on.
You're shivering.
Who is supposed to believe this crap?
People believe what
they want to believe, Frank.
And unfortunately you
have to play your part.
Are you alright?
You tased my arse with 20k volts.
Come on.
Get over it.
I'm sorry if I was a little
rough just now. I had to be.
But you almost break my nose!
Guess we're even then.
We'll finish this,
nice and orderly manner. Okay?
No more bullshit.
Just get us to Central Station.
Drop off the package.
And your daughter can
celebrate Christmas with her mommy.
You are insane.
It would be insane not to act.
So get on with it.
We can do this.
Guess it doesn't matter.
They're in my jacket.
Hold still now.
France is lost already.
The mussies are in charge now.
Parading their AK's on
Champs Elyse every now and again.
Why do you think why they have
the highest birthrate in all of Europe?
Why do you think why so many
of these children are born retarded?
Who is fat, stupid, lazy
and can't even walk straight...
Who gets his arse wiped till they're eighteen
and still throws his weight around?
What do I know...
It has all been written
in Black and white.
In a natural world, in a...
good world, they wouldn't
even be able to survive.
We force feed them in our civilization.
That we have been forging
for a thousand years...
A fucking thousand years!
By the sweat of our brows.
Tell me I'm wrong. Go on, tell me!
It makes me want to throw up
seeing this misery every day.
We've been walking around with our
heads bowed for the past seventy years.
And the American Jew sets
the pace, with a nigger in office.
That's just sick!
So that's what you call sick?
Come on, don't pretend.
You feel it, too. Something's off.
We're the fucking frog,
sitting in a pot of water
that keeps getting hotter.
And we don't even realize it.
The poison of Islam is already
running through our veins,
You got a whole different poison
running through your veins.
Hmph... Yeah.
That's what you think.
But you'll see soon enough...
Not you, I guess...
Believe me, that will soon be over.
Then those lowlifes won't dare
to look a German in the eye.
I mean, is that what's it come to?
I have to kowtow in my own country?
You have to kowtow...
just because you're
proud of your heritage!?
Show me one other country
like that. Just one, Frank!
Simpletons at the pub must love you.
And who is there with me in that pub?
The ordinary guy,
who is fed up with taking a beating...
each time he says
what's wrong with this country.
When he stands up for himself.
And this little fella...
is weak,
fast asleep.
He wants to wake up,
but he can't do it on his own.
He needs a spark of inspiration.
And you, Frank,
you will have too ignite that spark.
Believe me, these fucking
jackrabbits want to spread everywhere
until we are extinct.
That's what it's all about!
The Arabs have a plan!
If they could,
they would...
But we won't let him.
We're just anticipating this attack!
At a time when our race
still has enough power!
To rise like a man!
To fight back!
To break our chains!
To strike back!
When even the most cool-headed German
and the German
is stoic by nature
finally realizes...
What pest is polluting
the atmosphere in his country,
lurking in the dark, waiting to fulfill
their mullahs' and hatemongers' commands,
then, my friend,
these streets will burn.
You know best what I'm talking about.
I don't think so.
You do!
You of all people should be proud.
Should I...?
Yes! Yes!
After all, you have burned
an entire village to ashes.
You know nothing...
but I do!
To me you're a hero.
And soon the people will rise. United.
And once again there will be
a Germany we can be proud of.
A Germany, that doesn't
kowtow to American finance.
A Germany that spurns the
madness that promises we are all equal!
It is our duty to wake the German people,
to forge them together
in this hour of darkness.
If we don't act today.
Tomorrow, it will be too late.
I know, many think this country is already
too intermingled, too diluted to rise up.
Totally wrong.
The plebeian, the arab-lovers,
the do-gooders,
until now have had the biggest mouths.
But we will shut them up, Frank!
Of course, it's hard, Frank.
But rest assured that your sacrifice
will be for a higher, a greater cause.
Not in vain in Afghanistan.
But here at home,
in your beloved country.
Which we both love.
You're going to be a martyr, Frank.
For your daughter's future.
You'll walk to the
Christmas tree over there.
Just flip the switch.
That's it.
In case you run out of courage.
They're at Berlin
East Station now. It's time.
The stream is still up if you...
Listen to me Frank.
I can assure you that
your daughter will be safe.
Think about Lily.
You made one mistake,
you dirty piece of shit!
I did not hide!
I did see them!
I saw them all!
You hear me!?
Their screams, their pain.
I have seen it all!
And they're with me.
Every night, every day.
Now in this moment. They're all here!
They're all here!
There is no one else. No one!
I have lost everything!
Nothing is left.
It smells of burning flesh.
Even days later.
It feels like somebody is pouring
gasoline down your nose.
You can shower all you want.
But it
come off!
What do you think?
How long does such
a little body stay alive?
They're already dead.
They just don't know it yet.
They have no arms, no legs...
Every inch of their body is burnt.
But they keep breathing.
Going between the trucks with
trash bags, collecting the remains.
That's what's left.
A bag of char-coaled junk.
Do it.
Flip it.
Flip it.
That's what I thought.
This can't be happening.
And... What are we going to do now?
Eat something?
You have two new messages.
Here are your new messages.
Hi, it's Frank.
You know...
Shit, I'll never...
I tried. I really did.
Whatever happens today...
at Central Station...
People will talk.
But you know me.
Don't believe what they say.
Lily means everything to me.
Do you remember that cave on Mallorca?
I always wanted to...
Please take her.
I have to go.
Your message has been saved.
Next message.
That's it Frank.
You've really done it now.
I feel really sorry for your girl, Frank.
Not my daughter.
I'll do...
I'll do anything.
Please not my daughter.