Berlin Junction (2013) Movie Script

[ music ]
[ music ]
Bad Luck.
Stay focused man. what's wrong
with you today?
I had a fight with Lana
- Go on man.
- I got fucked big
She told me she's pregnant.
- We need to take some
responsibility. -
Responsibility, yes. In here.
From you in here.
That's big responsibility,
that's huge responsibility.
- Now she wants me to change.
- What? Change your clothes?
- No, change my life.
- Get the fuck out of here.
What's wrong with your life?
- Nothing.
Exactly, why you need to change
But, she asked me to stop
partying, get a fucking real
- You got a real job.
- She was like, telling me
that painting is not a real
If you look at, you know, Van
or Rubens, they all didn't pay
off in the beginning.
But in the end.
- But you're no Van Gogh.
- Really, they made a
difference. - I'm sorry you're
not Van Gogh
- They made a difference.
And I wanna make a difference,
like you wanted to make a
difference when you got into
journalism. - You won't make a
you're not that good, you won't
make a fucking difference.
You should pursue a different
Hold on a second.
What are you talking about?
About Lana.
And who's Lana?
Lana, my girlfriend.
- Right, ok.
- She's pregnant.
- And that's got to do with
What's that got to do with me?
- I don't know.
It's like I'm here and I'm there
and this great ppgrayness in
where I'm in right now.
- I can get some fucking
diapers. - You don't even get
no fucking bread right now. How
are you supposed to get
fucking diapers?
This is shit.
I don't know what's wrong with
I'll tell you what's wrong with
women, they don't have dicks.
They all have like power.
They want you to be a man.
- Fucking, fucking bitches.
And I love her, I mean I do.
But I'm, not sure if I'm, like,
daddy material.
So, you want me to change
everything, ah? pp
No, but something, we need to
change some things.
I'm the one who's fucking
cooking here, ppI'm the one
who's cleaning.
I'm the one who brings all the
money. pp- You fucking never
- I never wanted it like that.
- Oh, you're like that.
- I wouldn't mind cleaning and
cooking. pp- When you come home
fucking sit on the chair, I
bring you your food. We watch a
fucking movie.
- Where have I been the whole
day? Just sitting here?
Yes, working, working,
I'm working, real working.
Not painting, working. Going to
office, PPreal work, no shit
work likepp
painting. No body is gonna
buy you're fucking shit.
Welcome to the unemployment
Do you know how many artists
are in this fucking city?
I mean I'm an artist.
I may not look like one but
I am. I'm a fucking artist.
But, my art is different, I
don't put it on a fucking wall,
I don't fucking put it on the
fucking stairs. What I do is I
put it in my
fucking heart man.
The art of this world is to
learn how to love. And that
woman loves you.
She beat you, ok, she hit you a
couple of slaps. She wanted to
throw you off the balcony.
That's because that girl
just fucking loves you.
I'm so fucking stoned that I
don't care.
Hit me, just fucking hit
me again. - I'll kill you.
She changed, she's becoming more
like this crazy evil bitch.
Well, she's got this little
parasite in her stomach,
do you expect, you know.
You think you are a good
You stink.
That's why you're always on
page 10.
Fuck you.
And then you tell me that I'm a
bad painter, whatever.
At least I still do something
with what I do. ppYou wanted to
change the world.
You're not changing the world,
you're changing
your fucking self bitch.
Go fuck yourself.
How dare you telling me I'm not
a good writer?
What the fuck are you doing?
What the fuck are you saying?
Come on push me back you
fucking sissy.
You're scared to push me ah?
You're fucking scared to push
Push me, push me.
Come here you mother fucker.
Come here, you fucking bastard.
I wanna beat the fucking shit
out of you.
How dare you treating me like
How dare you saying I'm a bad
I work so hard for everything I
I work so hard for everything.
I work so hard to pay for my
I'm working so hard to pay for
everything what we have.
[ kids playing ]
What do you hear?
Fucking children.
- Fucking children?
I don't want fucking children.
I'm not asking what do you want.
I'm not even asking you any
questions. You're just talking
to me. ppI'm asking you to
It's a nice sound. Ok?
It's a nice sound, I like it.
So, anyway you were saying?
I was saying that I got fucked.
I'm sure she didn't take the
For sure, to get pregnant.
This is your life at the
This is your life, bouncing,
bouncing, bouncing.
And this girl, what she's
doing, is doing that to you.
Slamming the fucking ball right
in your fucking face.
And you are standing there
without a paddle.
What you've gotta do is, you've
got to get yourself a paddle.
You've got to get yourself a
defense.That's better.
You need to get some balls.
There is a German philosopher,
I don't give a fuck what his
name is, but what he says is,
when a woman wants to have a
with a man, it's because she
fucking loves him. ppIt's all
about the love man.
There's nothing else but love.
If you don't get that,
then get the fuck off man.
-One, two three, four.
- It pisses me off man.
When men, they just loose all
their balls ppbecause of this
they think called love. They say
love is a drug, love isn't a
drug. pp
Love is a fucking virus. It just
goes from person ppto person,
fucks you up
and leaves you pathetic like
that. Lost in the fucking bushes
with the dog shit
That's where love leaves you
Well, hey, if you come here for
advise, ppyou're in the wrong
I don't do advise.
I'm not in the counseling
I'm in a different business ok?
Counseling is not my game.
Talking and sharing is all good,
but I think you're doing it
with the wrong person. I think
you need to talk
with your girlfriend. Right?
Me? Definitely not.
For sure not.
You stick with me and things
are going to be ok.
I promise you. I guarantee you.
And if they're not
- Five, six, seven, eight,
nine, ten.
I cut my own balls for you.
How's that for commitment?
How's that for a friend?
And what happens if you stay
with this girl.
She has this baby. You hate
her, she hates you.
In the end of the day you
fucking hate this kid. WRF2NB
your fucking life. Can you come
out and playppping-pong? No.
Can you come out go clubbing?
Can you meet any other women?
What can you do?
You can change fucking
diapers. That's all you can
fucking do.
You can change diapers and
listen to a woman complain that
she's tired and you don't
understand because you didn't
carry the baby for
fucking nine months.
No, but I carried you for nine
months, you bitch.
I'll fucking kill you. Fucking
I fucking kill you. I will
fucking kill you.
I will fucking kill you. I will
fucking kill you! ppI kill you,
you bastard.
[ music ]
[ music ]
Do you have a burger?
Oh, here.
[ German ] One Hamburger.
[ German ]
Just the hamburger.
How much?
- What is this?
- It's my painting.
I make those.
- For us?
-Yes, for the Hamburger.
Thank you.
[ German ]
I see!
I understand.
Is that ok?
I'm trying to survive.
[ German ]
Yeah, it's ok, ok.
[ German ]
All shall be well.
Yeap, ok.
[ gypsy music ]
Crazy bitch.
[ door bell ]
- You're fucking pregnant.
- And you didn't tell us.
Come in.
- Hello.
- Hey!
-For you.
- This is not for you.
Well, not any more.
- I'm going to the living room.
- I'm coming.
[ unintelligible ]
I haven't drunk in a long
We are drinking, we are all...
I have to tell you something.
I am not pregnant.
- Sorry, what?
- What do you mean?
- I'm not pregnant.
What are you talking about?
Of course you're pregnant.
This is the whole reason we're
here. We're drinking wine
due to the pregnancy. This is
what this is.
Well, I did four pregnancy
tests and three of them said
- negative and one was...
- No, but Jos came to us.
He told us you're pregnant.
- Uh, I like.
-Show me.
- This will look good on you.
- Yeah?
- You wanna try it on?
- I can't believe I'm even
shopping. - Do you guys wanna
Or do you just wanna talk about
fucking clothes all the time.
We're not talking about clothes.
We're talking about
designs, my love.
You know, she never goes out.
I haven't seen her in a while.
Yeah, she hasn't seen me in so
Why would you tell him if
you're not sure?
Well, because I needed to tell
somebody ppat that point, you
You would've called us.
I know. But he was the maybe
baby's father, ppso I wanted to
tell him.
Maybe baby? Maybe baby?
His reaction, I didn't like at
all. He was really
- We had this huge argument
and I kicked him out. pp
-You kicked him out.
-I kicked him out.
So, we're gonna need more wine.
Ok, let's play a game.
I will say a word and you say
the first word that pops into
your head.
- Julia.
I'm only supposed to say the
first thing that pops up in my
No, no, but I said sex and you
said Julia.
- That's a female name.
- Wow!
-You said one word...
There's gonna be a second
round, you said one word...
Julia is this wonderful lady I
met at work.
We happened to have lunch at
the same place and we kind of
started talking.
And it was before getting
pregnant or after getting
- So, what?, you're gay now?
-I'm not gay, I wouldn't say
I'm gay. I was just trying out.
[ German ] Hello!
Should I be offended that you
didn't wanna try with one of
-She's jealous.
- She is, she's super jealous.
I'm not...
Because I didn't want that to
get in between our friendship.
So, what do you guys do?
With like a Dildo involved?
- Are we talking just dildo
action? - No, no dildo. Fingers,
-She wants all the dirty
details. - I want some details.
I think I'm entitled to
Well she went down on me like
never a man before.
- Like, brilliant.
- Ah, poor Jos. Poor Jos.
- No, no, no. For how long?
- You mean in minutes?
- Yeah
- Well, until I came.
- Until you came?
- 10, 15 minutes.
- That's good.
- Yeah, that's good.
[ German ]
Were you attracted to me when
you met me?
I am very attracted to you.
But on a different level
- You and your questions.
-that's beyond the sex.
- She's coming out of the
closet. -No, no, there's no
There's no coming and going
from closets.
[ German ]
- When was the last time?
- I don't know, six months
seven weeks.
- Oh, fuck.
- What?
- Six months! That's long.
- That's long?
- Six months.
- Is that too long?
- Are you joking?
- No. But that's normal right?
When you have kids.
- I don't know
- I don't have any kids.
- And here we are again.
Not everyone has Julias in their
lives so they can go have
orgasms with.
[ German ]
- But do you...
- I don't know, my body is not
the same. I've pushed
two living things from it.
- You can do it to yourself.
- You said you have a vibrator.
- Yeah.
- Do you use it?
[ German ]
- What are you gonna do with
Jos? - I don't know.
I kind of feel responsible
for him. Since he came...
- He's not a puppy.
- No, but he moved to Germany
because of me.
And I asked him to move here
with me from the States.
So I kind of feel a little bit
responsible. ppWe have been
for some time, so.
Are you sure you don't wanna be
with him?
[ techno music ]
Hi Jos.
- Do you remember me?
- No, not really.
You don't?
- At the fountain.
- And you were painting.
Yeah, I was.
- Do you still have your
paintings? - Not with me, no.
No, ok.
It's a beautiful day.
Isn't it a beautiful day?
- Yes, it is.
- Look at the trees.
I like to sit near the trees
because they make me feel really
Doesn't that feel good?
Does it?
I'm not sure what I'm supposed
to feel right now.
I'm kind of a little bit in a
in between world.
You seem like a very sweet
woman, but I'm not sure
if you can help me right now.
I'm not sure.
Who do you think can help you?
- God?
-Ok, God.
The thing is that God, ever
since I was small he didn't hear
Well, I think a lot of people
feel that way.
But it's funny that you should
mention him, her, however
you think of him, it.
There's a saying.
When I left you last time
remember I said all shall be
We can sing that. We can sing it
really pploud and if you sing it
and over, after a while you just
kind of feel that everything is
gonna be ok.
So, and then we dance around
the trees.
We don't have to dance around
the trees. Yeah, we could.
- If that makes you feel good,
do it, yes. - No, it doesn't
make me...
- I'm mocking you.
- Oh, you're mocking me?
- Yeah, kind of, a little bit.
- But, so you don't wanna sing
with me?
But, why? I don't understand
I don't know what to tell you
other thanPPthat after a while
you willppsense it.
- That is gonna be ok.
- I don't think so.
I think that's the biggest
fucking lieppyou can tell to
Really, I mean, if someone's
life is not good and it becomes
worse and worse, there is no
light in the end of the tunnel.
I mean, there is no God.
There is nothing. It's
emptiness. This is life. It's
emptiness. So, you are born and
if there is a hell,
then this is hell.
- This is hell where we live.
- Maybe.
- No, I'm sure.
- But hell has really nice
If that's the case.
- Burning trees.
- Oh, they're burning?
I think you're a hippy.
You look like a nice girl.
There are some elderly people
over there, ppyou can talk to
No, they don't need my help.
- Oh, they don't?
You need help.
Fucking hippy.
[ music ]
[ German ] Can I order?
A dner Kebap.
The last one.
Yes, thanks.
What do you say?
- To eat right away?
- Yes, thanks.
You can choose which one
you want to have for this.
It's my payment for the Kebap.
Whichever you like.
[ German ]
[ music ]
[ music ]
Maybe she can help you.
He wants to buy something but
he doesn't haveWBRvo2rnRW8
some paintings. But the boss
is not here and we want money.
- How much is it?
- Five euros, twenty cents.
- I'm sorry, you know.
- No, that's ok.
If you have twenty cents I'll
give you five euros.
Thank you.
[ German ] Thank you.
You don't recognize me?
How are you.
- The last time I saw you was in
America right?. - Yeeeh.
You were a little bit different.
How are you?
- I'm good.
- Yeah?
I'm good.
Do you want a painting?
- You're painting?
- Yes
- You're back into painting?
- I'm back into painting, yeah.
Show me.
Let's go over there.
I don't know if you like it.
It's something I made.
You can have one if you want.
You can choose.
- Really?
- Yeah! You paid for my fruit.
But, what are you doing here in
I moved in, into my
Grandfather's apartment.
- He died a couple of weeks ago.
- Oh!
And he left me the flat.
And I moved in.
I'm trying to...
Wanna go for a walk?
[ music ]
I missed you.
I'm sorry that I was an asshole
in the end.
You should be.
Where the fuck have you been
[ German ] All good yeah?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
What's going on?
as the German say.
Here man, hold this.
There's police everywhere.
Take this. Don't fucking
chew it this time.
Look, we're gonna go to a club
later but I've
gotta fucking drop this off to
mate up there, we'll do that and
then we
fucking go and party and you
forget this fuckingppbeast of a
woman man.
Why do you let her do this shit
to you?
I don't know...
How're you doing?
Everything good, yeah?
- I'm good.
- Is the pill kicking in yet?
Yeah. Fuck yeah.
Look, I'm having problems with
this guy. He's fucking me about
with the money. You just wait
here, enjoy some of the fucking
comedy and I'll be back in
about five minutes.
- Ok
- Just stay here though.
Ok, Luci.
Luci, Luci.
[ Clapping ]
I love having a guy with
bad English introduce me.
Hello people, how are you guys?
You are already drunk sir,
aren't you?
Welcome to Rathaus Neuklln.
We've got some of the best
English comedians in all of
Berlin here to
perform for you. Is that
exciting to some people?
- Oh, yeah.
- Just a couple of people here,
maybe over there in the back,
is that exciting to you?
[ Crowd ] Yeah!
First guy coming to this stage
is a very good friend of mine,
if you know
what I'm saying.
Please welcome Luci.
Where's Luci?
There he is.
[ Clapping ]
Hello, how're you doing?
Come on!
How're you doing?
My name's Luci.
I've got to admit,
I'm not really a stand up
comedian I came hereppto sell
Paul some drugs
and I was like, can I come on
stage? and he's like, yeah.
So, that's why I'm here.
[ Laughing ]
I wish I'd taken some of those
drugs as well. ppNo, but I'm
also here because
I wanna rant about my friend,
Because I've been looking after
my friend ppfor the last three
my mate Jos. He's a really good
friend of mine. ppBecause he
split up
- with his girlfriend.
- [ Crowd ] Aaaah!
Come on you heartless bastards.
No, not aah. Yes!
He split up with his
And the craziest thing about my
mate Jos is that he's thinking
of going back
- to his ex-girlfriend.
- [ Crowd ] Fuck that.
Fuck that!
Totally my friend, I'll give you
some ecstasy pplater, we're
Because why the fuck would you
go back to a relationship when
you live
in Berlin? You know what I
Because Berlin is the Willy
Wonka Chocolate PPfactory of fit
pussy. Isn't it?pp
It is the land of beautiful
girls, I can say just now,
there's so many beautiful women
in this room. Berlin has black
women, ppwhite women, green
You get green pussy in Berlin.
Just go to Marzahn.
But my mate Jos, he has a choice
at the moment. He's at a
in his life where he can go into
two separate trains. One train
will take him
back to his relationship.
I call it prison train.
And the other train is the
Willy Wonka Chocolate factory
Berlin pussy train. Which
one would you take? pp
It's an obvious fucking
decision. Isn't it?
It's like me asking you, what do
you want?ppDo you want a blow
from Scarlett Johansson? or
would you rather be angrily
raped by a donkey-tiger?
Which one would you want?
And you don't wanna be angrily
raped by a donkey-tiger
because he has the dick of a
donkey, but he has the claws of
a tiger.
But it is crazy.
Ant the other crazy thing is,
he's girlfriend,
she started these troubles
with him because she asked him
to change. They've been going
out for... How long have you
been going out Jos?
This is actually my mate Jos.
So, how long were you guys
going out?
- Three years.
- Three years!
And three years of partying.
They met ppat a Rave. They were
on Ecstasy. And they had good
times. And after three years
this girl turns on to him and
says, I think you should stop
doing drugs. For God's sake, we
met on drugs, we spent three
years doing drugs.
It's like going out with a fat
woman and after three years
I think you should be thin.
Really, you should get fucking
weightless. It's the same. It's
ridiculous. ppJos, get up, Jos,
come here.
Sit there. Sit there Jos.
Come on. Give him a round of
applause. Sit there Jos.
This is my boy.
You can help him decide whether
he should go back to his
Yeah, so, if you think he should
go backPPto a relationship that
doesn't wanna be in just because
his girlfriend ppis pregnant,
say, go back
to your girl!
- [ Crowd member ] Go back to
your girl.
I like you guys.
Now, if you think he should live
his life, be true to himself,
look after the baby
occasionally. But you think he
should just go and live
his life, shout out, run away
[ All crowd ] Run away Jos!
I love you guys. My name's been
luci. ppThank you very much.
Thanks to Luci, my former drug
[ Applause ]
[ rock music ]
[ rock music ]
What happened?
What do you think?
Oh, fuck.
It's a nice place.
Are you working here?
What? Working? Yeah.
What do you do with this stuff?
I try to sell it.
- I don't see water.
- No.
- Are you shy?
-No, I'm shocked actually.
- Shocked?
- Shocked.
- How late is it?
- Aha.
- No, how late? The time.
- I don't know.
- You don't know?
- Just, relax.
Yeah, no. I'm not.
Actually, I'm fucked.
So, actually I have to go
to work and maybe, you know
take a painting or something
and thank you.
I really have to work right
- Can you please go?.
- Go?
- Yeah, please go.
- I don't want to go.
I don't care if you wanna go or
wanna stay, ppI just want you to
- Is it true that you come from
Amsterdam?pp- Yes, that's
absolutely true.
- I love Amsterdam.
- Yeah?
Go to Amsterdam, go and go to
Do you have a girlfriend?
Does it matter?
- Did we use a condom?
- I don't know
I take the pill
- Don't worry. Relax. Come here.
- No, fuck off. No.
- Come here.
- No, no, no.
Are these the paintings that
you make?
- They are pretty different.
- Yeah.
- This and this.
- Yeah, please just...
- I wanna see this.
- Yeah? You wanna see it?
- Keep it. You can take it.
- Oh really?
Yeah, take it. If you go away.
- This is nice
- Yeah, go away.
Which is the side? This?
This is a woman!
Yes, it's a fat woman. And now,
take it, go and please, please.
You became aggressive. Why?
You see this as a joke.
You think this is funny.
It's not funny, it's not a
Did Luci pay you?
Did he pay you for this?
- I'm not an escort you know.
- No, you're not?
- No. Are you always so
dramatic? - Yes, I am and...
Nice, I like it. You want me to
pose for you?
Just go.
- Are you sure...
[ Slamming Table ] Just fucking
go, go. ppPlease go. Get the
out of here. Get the fuck away.
- You took the wrong drugs.
Yeah. Get the fuck out of here.
I understand why you are a
friend of Luci. And you know
Because you are...
Just get the fuck out of my
place! Please fucking go! Go!
You know what? You're a looser.
- Yes, I am.
- Yeah, you are.
- Go away whore.
- And you know what I see?
- You don't want to know right?
- No. Just get the fuck away.
Why would anyone want to
stay in this planet
with people like him?
I mean, why are you running
about gathering these idiots?
It's my job to gather these, as
you call idiots, as I call
- Friends?
- Yeah, he's my friend.
I care about him. I care what
happens. That's why I'm doing
You on the other hand are happy
to fucking turn your back
on this fella.
- Who is the asshole then?
- Turn my back on him?
I mean, I wouldn't have seen
him, only you brought him here.
Exactly, you see. You won't
help him.
If he was to ask me for help I
may consider it. ppBut this guy
doesn't know
what he wants.
I know what he wants. He wants
to be happy. ppHe wants to feel
He wants to feel something,
He doesn't want to be told by a
woman ppor society or anything
that he's shit.
Hold it, hold it, those who
search forpphappiness are never
fucking happy. Right? I told you
that lots of times.ppWe learned
it together man.
- We already know.
- Not everything we learned is
true though.
Once upon a time you used to
think this was the life as well.
Once upon a time you used to
think this is the way forward.
And you know what was different
back then? You used to smile.
- You used to be happy.
- Fuck smiling man.
And now, all I see is a frown.
You call this living? I don't
call this living.
Man, last night he fucked the
most amazing fucking bird.
It was this cute little italian
piece man. I tell you, just
looking at her
was getting my balls fucking
bubbling PPlike a fucking
tearing infernoppman.
He managed to do her.
- Come on with us tonight man.
- No.
Come on.
If you don't come out with us
tonight,ppcan you look after him
for about an hour?
- You're fucking joking me.
- Come on.
- Look after him for an hour.
- No.No.
I'm not looking after your
responsibility. Fuck away off
- Look after him for just one
hour. - No.
I don't believe you Gotti.
People are either big cats or
they're gazelles. ppWhich one
you wanna be?
- I'm a big cat.
- You're a fucking big cat.
- You are a gazelle.
- No way, fuck. I'm a leopard.
You know what gazelles do man?
- They're call
leaping gazelles. That's their
names. ppAnd why do they leap?
They leap and jump higher so
that I'm watching, they're
telling me which one
I should take. They're telling
me, take my uncle, he's too old,
he can't leap
as high as me. Or take my
little cousin, he's too young.
That's what they're doing,
that's what you're doing.
You're leaping and leaping and
making him more vulnerable.
You're a fucking gazelle.
Before he met me he was
miserable. Before he met me his
life was going down
a cul de sac.
No, no, before he met you he
was creating life.
[ German ] I'm sorry.
Why do you need this guy, what
is your objective with this guy?
It's a public service.
That's what I do.
- A public service?
- Yeah.
I'm, like the UN, NSPCC, Red
Cross and Oxfam all rolled into
I'm not doing it just for him,
I'm doing it for this kid man.
What is better? A father that is
present and a fucking asshole
or a father that is not present
and is a fucking hero?
He will stay with this woman,
he will try and raise this kid
when he doesn't want to
and the kid will fucking
resent him. The same way
as he will resent the kid.
And you know what.?
- Oh! I see it
- Let me finish.
But if he's true to himself and
he's true to this PPwoman and
he's true to this kidpp
and goes, I don't want this. I'm
not ready. ppThe kid will
respect him.
We are like sharks. We are
like great ppwhite sharks.
When a great white shark, which
is the bad boyppof the fucking
no one fucks with the great
white shark. It decides what it
to do. But as soon as he stops
swimming, as soon as he stops,
it fucking dies. And that's
what happeningppto you Gotti
you stopped swimming.
- I am not a shark.
- You stopped becoming a
And you're gonna sink to the
bottom of the ocean and die.
Yeah, I got it now. Makes sense.
I see it all now.
Very clearly, I've just seen
it there,ppa lovely picture.
I see Luci, I see underneath
it, lonely. You're lonely man.
That's why you have him running
about PPwith you. You're
- No, I'm not.
- Yes you fucking are.
Look at you. You're fucking
You can't go about this fucking
world ppon your own...
I'm not fucking lonely, right.
I think you're going down the
wrong road. PPYou're on a dead
end with thispp
- guy, man. Seriously.
- Dude, we're in no road
at all, man. We're on the
"Ring Bahn" pp(Ring Train).
And we're going round and round
and we can decide when we wanna
get up.
- And when is that gonna be?
- When it's the right station.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- How are you?
- I'm ok.
- You've just been at the club?
- Yeah.
- Are you ok?
- Yeah.
- Did you have a good time?
- Yeah.
So, you're still drinking a lot?
Doing drugs a lot?
What's your definition of a
Well, let me tell you a story
and I can give you something to
compare it to.
A long time ago when I was like
in my twenties, I used to be
a stripper.
I know it's hard to believe now
with all these dresses and
stuff, but...
- A stripper?
- Yeah.
And I had a boyfriend that, he
was really nice to me and he
really liked that I was a
stripper. But I didn't have
else that I was good at, so. It
made a lot of money, so that's
what I did
and he kept talking me out of
At some point I got pregnant
from him PPand he really wanted
me to haveppa baby
he really wanted a baby in the
family and I ppdidn't think I
was ready.
I was really young you know. I
kept sayingPPI don't know if I
wanna keepppthe baby
because I didn't think it was a
good idea. But one day I'm
coming out
of work, one night. We have just
closed PPand the manager went
out pp
the front of the place because
that's where he parked and I
went out
the back because that's where I
parked and we were the only two
There were these guys that had
been at the club PPall night
making me reallypp
uncomfortable like shoving money
at me and it was really
the way they were talking to
So I came out of the club and
these guys were waiting for me
and there's nobody else around.
- So, you got raped.
- Yeah.
And I said I'm pregnant,
please don't, WRvvfo
and they didn't seem to care.
So they all took turns
raping me so I ended up loosing
the baby because of that
and then I wasn't able to have
kids any more
because they really messed me
up. I couldn't cope at all after
that and I kept thinking, if
I'd just listened to Bobby, my
maybe done something else
as a job or something.
I started to drink after that,
and I drank and drank
all the time. I was a total
And then six months after
that Bobby got cancer
and it just kind of took over
his whole bodyPPand he ended up
dying after appyear.
So, I lost everything that
mattered to me. I ended up
and then one day this...
Well, I guess it was her. I woke
up one day ppand I was in this
room with fresh linens and it
smelled like roses. pp[ Crows ]
And this amazing African woman
had picked me up and took me in
I don't even know how she
got me home.
She took care of me and helped
me get back to being able to
and live because I didn't have
anybody else.
She gave me this.
- Can you read that?
- Yes.
It says "All shall be well".
She told me that some day
I would meet somebody
that needed it more than I do
and that needed to know that's
gonna be ok and that I should
just give it to that person.
So, I wanted you to have it.
And I just wanted you to know
that you're not ppa bad man.
I don't know if anybody's told
you that you're bad, but you're
You've just gotten lost a
little bit.
I just wanted you to have it.
And maybe someday you'll meet
somebody that needs it more than
you do.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Ok, just remember what it
says. - All shall be well.
Take care.
Where's our hero now?
I'd say he's in a separation
between that world over there
and himself.
He's going through a
transitional period I think.
You know I'm not your guard
You're not gonna find love in
this town.
You'll find it in yourself if
you look for it.
You can be the hero, you know?
You just got to unify yourself.
Stop fucking about man.
And you gotta get rid of luci.
You have to kill him.
You gotta get rid of everything
that's not good for you.
Everything that's not
good for Jos.
Hiros Chimus, unification of one
self. That's what you need.
Find the love in yourself,
you're the hero.
Fuck your general custards
and the crossing the delaware.
You just gotta believe in you.
I think you can do it.
Hirus Chimus, unification of
one self.
- Man!
- Hey Luci!
Here, here.
Fucking sorry man, I'm sorry.
I had to wait for the shit man.
Are you feeling good?
Man, what's gotten into you?
You can't even handle
your drink.
I got a fucking super surprise
for you. PPYou thought that your
lifeppcouldn't get better?
- Yeah.
- You feel good now, yeah?
- Yeah.
- You feel good?
You're not fucking thinking
no woman, no fucking fetus.
You're not thinking about people
fucking with you? You feel good.
How do you feel on that fucking
shit, man? It's fucking pretty
heavy, hah?
- I feel shit?
- No, the shit I gave you man.
- Oh, that shit.
- Yeah, that shit.
You're starting to feel good,
yeah? Come on, you should calm
Don't be too fucking crazy,
yeah? Get rid of your fucking
- These guys are not gonna
like it man. pp- No?
- Come on.
- Hello!
Hello. Come on.
- It's a cool venue this here,
yeah? - Yeah.
Come on, come on,
come with me, come. Ladies
I gotta a little
surprise for you.
Check out this fucking
brother here man.
This is my boy Bobby. Yo Bobby!
How're you doing man?
This is a very, very nice
surprise. [ rock music ]
Really nice to
see you.
Oh! Naughty boy.
How're you doing man?
Everything good?
- This is Jos.
- I'm Jos.
How're you doing Jos?
My friend! How can I help you?
Please, please.
- What can I do for you?
- We want the usual.
- The usual?
- The usual.
No, no, here...
Every time you bring me guys
even more wasted.
I want it here. I want it here.
[ rock music ]
[ rock music ]
You got a brand new Tattoo man.
Sit up, sit up. Look.
You've got an evil Bunny on
your leg.
You know how I call it?
- Luci Bunny?Gf
[ industrial music ]
[ industrial music ]
Come on Jos. Get up. Come on.
Don't get up tight. Come on.
You never fucking listen.
You never fucking listen.
See, this is what happens man.
This is what happens when you
don't listen to ppme and you go
off on your own.
You know how's it gonna be like
I'm gonna be standing on your
grave side with my cap in my
That's what's gonna happen.
It'll help man.
You're fucked.
Where's your clothes? Where's
your backpack?ppWhere's your
Hush, little Josi don't say a
word, Luci's gonna bring you
a buzz full of birds.
Here you are. Sad bastard.
Sad fucking bastard.
If those birds don't suck your
dick, Luci's gonna give you
another trick.
You're dying. Wake up.
You gotta get your life
together boy.
Come on.
Wake up!
[ psychedelic music ]
[ psychedelic music ]
- Here's your coffee.
- Thanks.
Hey, you wanna light them
candles? You may need them.
- So where's Luci now?
- I don't know.
Yeah, I can see that.
So, you're at the end of your
taller, ha?
What do you have to say for
Look at the state of you.
Is this what you wanted?
WRj JrRRgfrWFw
That's your fucking bed. Have a
fucking shower, ppyou need to
shave as well.
It's not much, but it's my
fucking home.
But you're not here forever.
You gotta get your act
This is it, this is your wake
up call.
- Hello! Do you hear me?
- Yeah.
So, what's happened.
What's going on now?
- I...
- Sorry?
- I fucked up.
- Don't we all?
You're not your own.
I just don't know what to do.
Well, I'm not gonna tell you
what to do.
that's not what I'm here for.
Normally I walk by bums like
you in the street.
I don't know.
Maybe I see a little bit of me
in you as well.
But I tell you, I'm not happy.
What was these deviations you've
been taking? ppAll these
What was that all about?
All these journeys
you were going.
What are you avoiding?
So, this is why the chick
doesn't want you, yeah?
Because you're not good at
No, don't fucking start crying
on me now. ppFur fuck's sake!
- You wouldn't understand.
- Tell me. Try me.
- You wouldn't.
- I don't fucking know man
but I've had my shit.
Hey, when you have an ear to
listen, continue.
I told everyone my dad was
But actually he's not.
So what, you got shit with your
But that doesn't mean that
you're gonna be shit.
Doesn't mean your kid's
gonna have shit from you.
You're not gonna do the same
thing, you're gonna start
a different plan.
- I'm afraid that I will.
- But everybody is
There's nothing wrong with
The problem is with some fucking
people ppis that they go in
without fear.
And they fuck up.
It's good to have fear.
It means you're thinking.
The thing is that my Dad was a
And I cannot have kids.
So you think it carries on?
- Too much for me man.
- Too much for me.
Ok, let's change the subject.
Shave. You make a clean start
and we start with shaving.
Everybody needs a fresh start.
We start now.
We take it from now on
and we see how it goes.
No promises.
With this Luci character, you
know what I mean? ppI love him,
he's a good guy
but he only has the answers for
himself. He doesn't have the
for you, nobody does. Only you
have the fucking answers man.
And this thing with your
father, I think you're
in the wrong lane, I think
you're thinking wrong. ppI think
it's wrong.
I don't think so man, I don't
think this is ppa good way to be
Alright, you want more coffee?
Let's go, we'll get it sorted.
[ music ]
[ music ]
[ door bell ]
[ music ]