Bernie The Dolphin (2018) Movie Script

[up-tempo pop, woman singing]
[dolphins chatter]
[woman singing continues]
[boy] Go, go, go!
Look! There they are!
Paddle faster. Go!
Wait! Don't be such a wuss.
You're fine.
[song ends]
[girl] Wow.
Good morning, guys.
[dolphins chattering,
How are you?
Just keep talking to 'em.
See? I knew they'd
be here to see us.
Anyway, the weather is nice,
isn't it?
- Want to go swimming later?
- [chatters]
- Aren't they awesome?
- Yeah.
Hey, hold still, little buddy. Let's
get you on camera. Come here.
Come here.
That's your favorite one,
right there.
[gasps] There you are.
I missed you so much.
[dolphin squeals]
You're such a cutie.
Let's go!
Holly, you're not even
gonna get your paddle?
Come on.
[birds chirping]
[whistling and clicking]
Race you.
Be careful. Dad said.
[dolphins clicking]
[dolphin squeals]
[camera beeps]
[squealing continues]
[dolphins continue squealing]
[Kevin] All right.
Time to switch cameras.
That footage,
though, was amazing.
Are you gonna
be famous, Kev?
Nah. I just wanna make
real movies, you know?
Need a new camera,
full editing suite,
sound equipment.
Don't give up, okay?
Christmas is
only 158 days away.
Yeah, only you
would know that.
You gotta keep up
with the important stuff.
You're such a nerd.
And you are just jealous.
Yeah, sure.
[bird squawking]
[gasps] Look.
Seasalt's back.
[Kevin] Oh, hey, big guy.
How's the fishing today?
[Holly] Not good, I guess.
He's got that "I'm hungry"
look. [Seasalt clucks]
And I'm starving, too.
I'll get the fishing poles.
I'll get the stove ready.
You fish, and I'll cook.
Yeah? Yeah, yeah.
[Holly] Probably a loggerhead.
I just hope they hatch while we're here.
I wanna film 'em.
Well, it takes them
about 60 days to hatch.
You read way too much.
Just depends
on the temperature,
rain, "humididee."
It's "humidity."
That's what I said,
Hey, be careful.
You can't touch 'em.
Duh. I know that.
Loads of creatures around
like the taste of turtle eggs.
We forgot to call Mom.
Phone's in the kayak.
[men talking indistinctly]
This is the perfect spot.
Am I right, Charlie?
Yes, sir.
Grade A, prime real estate.
- [camera beeping]
- [man] Yeah, working on it.
He's old friends
with the owner.
We are gonna
be in business.
[man 2] So break it to me.
Where do we stand?
[man 1] The last 10 acres.
[man 2] How many acres you say?
Mom called. We gotta go.
Get down. Look.
[man 1] It's 100, I believe.
[man 3] 102.
[man 1] Ah.
I like exact.
You stay here.
Sure thing.
Okay, are you 100 percent
sure this thing's covered?
This thing goes south...
I'm finished.
You have my word on it.
Election's coming up.
I can't afford any screw-ups.
Get us that zoning permit, and
I'll take care of the rest.
This deal just might
help you win reelection.
You just remember this,
I go down,
you go down, too.
Gotta run.
Swanky lunch fund-raiser
for my campaign.
Never keep hungry money waiting.
Don't laugh.
You have two weeks to close the deal
with those investors, or they walk.
It's done.
Don't worry about it.
Get, um...
Get those blueprints
that fit all that EPA crap
on my desk ASAP.
Sure thing. I'll have 'em drawn
up, by, say, Monday morning?
Excellent, and, um...
Let's keep this
quiet, okay?
As a church mouse.
What do you think
they're doing here?
This is our cove.
Don't know, but the man in the
suit sure looked familiar.
[twig cracks]
Mr. Mills.
Uh, we got trouble.
Hey, uh, you kids,
you want to come over here
and take a look
through the telescope?
I don't trust these guys. Let's book it.
Come on. Come on. Come on!
[cell phone dialing]
Hey, Jimmy.
Yeah, it's me.
We might have
a little problem.
Go, go, go.
That was a close one.
Yeah. Wish I could have
filmed those guys.
Something wasn't right.
Over here, guys!
[sighs] I don't see
the dolphins.
Must not
like it either.
Yeah, let's just
head back home.
Hey! Hey, man!
Hey, no-wake zone!
What're you doing?
Hey! Watch where you're going!
Make him stop, Kevin!
Make him stop!
Holly, it's gonna be okay.
Just relax.
[dolphins clicking]
[Holly coughing]
Holly, you okay?
You okay? Come on.
Come on. On the shore.
- [chatters]
- Go ahead.
Come on. Right here.
Just breathe, okay?
Keep breathing.
[Kevin] What a loser.
I'm gonna call the Beach Harbor Patrol!
You're toast, bro!
[Holly] Thanks, Kev.
I knew you'd save me.
It's wasn't me.
It was them.
They saved us.
I'm gonna grab the kayak.
Wait here.
[dolphin chattering]
[bird shrieks]
[owl hoots]
[man] Please tell me at least that
you were wearing your life jacket.
No, sir.
Kev, what if
you two had drowned?
All right, we trust you to be
responsible and look after your sister.
But... But the dolphins
saved us.
Exactly, and it was all that crazy
guy in the speedboat's fault.
Uh-uh. That's not
gonna cut it.
I told you a thousand times,
you go on that water,
you assume that
everyone's a nut-job.
Could have lost my camera, too.
You could have lost your life,
and your sister's.
Now, you know the rules. Safety first.
Two weeks, no kayak.
It wasn't our fault!
You want to make it three?
Sorry, kiddos.
That's life.
There are consequences
for breaking rules.
Speaking of rules, sweetie,
what did we say about the
hat at the kitchen table?
Mm, you sure?
Oh, yeah, I'm sure.
Come on.
[frog croaks]
[Holly laughs]
All right, that's it.
All right, frogs outside.
Kids to bed.
- We're gonna take this up in the morning.
- Sorry, Dad.
- [frog croaks]
- Love you.
Love you.
[Holly] Love you.
[Kevin] Good night.
I mean, what are we gonna
do with these two?
I never acted like that.
Look, they're growing up.
It's just part of it.
No, back in... back in my day and
age, we respected the rules.
I mean, we knew the rules.
We practiced them,
because practice makes...
Don't flinch!
Ow! That's my bum shoulder.
[groans] Obviously
your genes are dominant.
What? Which is why
they're so good-looking.
What's wrong? I've got
a really bad feeling.
Yeah. It's probably Dad's
breakfast burritos, huh?
It's not a stomach-ache
bad feeling.
They're in trouble.
I just know it.
There's my queen.
How's it going?
I was just thinking that maybe
I should skip summer semester.
Um, I was talking
about the Ryan Express.
Oh, yeah. Um...
Just the water pump.
Oh, just the water pump.
No big...
Anything else
on your mind?
Well, I don't know.
I mean, maybe I should spend
summer with the kids,
you know,
keep an eye on them.
Honey, what happened
yesterday is not your fault.
Okay? And you
spent so much time.
We gotta get
this master's degree done.
What would
Coach Dunn say, huh?
You march all the way
down the field,
if you don't score...
I know. You'll never finish.
I know.
That's right. And if you wanna
compete, you gotta complete.
Look, well,
one semester won't hurt.
All right, I can be with the
kids, maybe get a part-time job.
Look, money's
been tight lately,
and we got a lot of stuff
to take care of around here.
Come here.
I got this.
Everything is
gonna be fine.
In fact, I have a meeting
this morning with the boss,
and I happen to know that he wants
to talk to me about the VP slot.
And you have a smudge
on your forehead.
The Captain would be
so proud of you.
You think so?
Oh, I know so.
I'll see you tonight.
- Bye, kids!
- Bye.
Listen to your mother.
Looks like
we're stuck, Kev.
[camera beeps]
I have an idea.
You see what I mean, Mom? Mom...
Aw, come on. [sighs]
Look, Kev, your dad said
no ocean for two weeks.
I know, but we'll just go check things out.
No harm in that.
Look, I'm sure the
dolphins are just fine.
Mom, you know how sometimes you get
that feeling down in your belly?
A really sad,
bad feeling?
Sweetheart, what's the matter?
I've got that feeling.
She's pretty good
about these things, Mom,
I mean, in a strange
and weird way, but...
I guess she could
use a test run.
[dad] That sure
is a beauty, sir.
This is it.
Tell you what. You, uh...
You take your family out
anytime you want.
Oh, they would love that.
Have a seat.
Thank you, sir.
Just look at it...
the mystery, the power.
Feel it?
Oh. Yeah.
The ocean's a, uh...
it's a mirror
of life, Ryan.
It's always moving
and flowing.
It's making its own path, just
like we make our own path.
Mm, yes, sir.
My wife's a bit more astute
about the water than I am.
I married the daughter of a
fishing boat captain. [chuckles]
It's... It's Abby, right? You say
she's finishing up her master's?
Yeah, mechanical engineering.
That's what I like about you, Bob.
I mean, you're a family man.
You're a hard worker,
a competitor.
Football man, right?
All Gulf Conference, receiver
at North Central State.
[chuckles] Oh, well...
Well, yeah.
I, uh... I was
a baseball rat myself,
played a year of semi-pro until I blew
out my left knee sliding to third.
It's funny. You know,
it still aches sometimes.
Oh, I feel you. I mean,
both my knees are squinky.
You know the greatest thing
about sports?
Teaches you not only
how to win,
but that the team
comes first.
That's so funny
that you say that.
My old coach, Dunn,
that was his motto.
- "Team first, men, always."
- That is a smart man.
Why don't we take her out?
I wanna...
I wanna show you something.
This is where we hang out.
Pretty sweet, huh?
Yeah. Hasn't changed
since I was a kid.
Your granddad
used to bring me here.
- I caught my first yellowtail right over there.
- Cool.
- Yeah, I'm cooler than you thought, huh?
- [chuckles]
[dolphin squealing]
There they are!
[clicking, squealing]
[Kevin] See?
That's them.
Yeah, you're right.
Really beautiful.
There's only four.
Where is he, Kevin?
Holly's favorite.
He's not here.
[Holly] Come here, little buddy.
Where are you? Come here.
Where are you?
I knew he was lost.
Uh, I'm sure he's fine.
He'll be back soon.
What are we gonna do? [Kevin] Just let
us come back tomorrow, Mom, okay?
We'll wear our life jackets. We'll sign in.
I promise. We'll do anything.
We'll talk to your dad
about that, okay?
We'll head home down the
coast, and see if we spot him.
Where are you,
little buddy? Come on.
Where are ya?
[Mills] I brought you out here
for a reason, Ryan.
You know, Mr. Mills,
I just, uh...
I got a couple of questions
about this project.
Could you, um, just cut
the formalities, Bob,
and call me Winston?
Uh, yes, sir.
[chuckles] Winston.
So, uh, I've been waiting on the
final paperwork from Legal,
and the attorneys have been
more tight-lipped about this
than anything
I've ever seen.
Yeah, well, I kind of
wanted it that way,
'cause I'm dealing with some
heavy financial hitters,
and they requested
total confidentiality.
That's why I brought you
out here myself.
See it? It's 102 acres
of prime ocean-front
real estate.
This is our little secret.
Deal is we're building an
aquatic-themed ocean park.
Oh, that's good. My kids
are gonna love the idea.
They're on the water out in
these parts all the time.
They're gonna be so excited.
Oh. [chuckles]
- When's the big announcement?
- Well, that's the one hiccup.
There's one piece of land right in the middle
of the property that we haven't secured yet.
The owner's been
a stickler at selling,
so, uh, clock's ticking.
We got less than two weeks to lock
up the deal, or my investors walk.
Who's the holdout?
It's, um, some ex-NFL player.
Grew up around here.
His name's Luke Lawson.
Luke Lawson?
[laughs] That was
my college quarterback.
We were roommates
all of senior year.
You gotta be kidding.
What a small world. Yeah.
Do you... Do you think...
I don't know... maybe
you could talk to him?
Well, yeah. I tell you what.
You take the lead on this.
Make him an offer
he can't refuse.
Luke. I mean, we haven't been
in touch in recent years,
but I can...
I can certainly try.
Just at least
think it over.
I mean, it's, uh...
You know, we lose this piece
of land, the deal goes away.
You know, and I promise you, you
will be rewarded handsomely.
[clicking, whistling]
[speaking French]
Izzy speaking French again?
Yep. He thinks he's European.
[speaking French]
Mom, Izzy wants
a new aquarium.
Oh, he does, does he?
Well, I think Monsieur Izzy
is being a little too greedy.
Did you know that there are
over 40 species of dolphins,
and some stay with their mama
until they're eight years old?
No, I didn't know that, but it
doesn't surprise me that you do.
Maybe saying a prayer for your little
friend might be a good idea, too.
I already did.
Said two, just in case.
But what about tomorrow?
Can we go look for him?
I'll talk to your dad
when he gets home.
We'll figure something out.
Good night.
Good night, Mommy.
Come on. Come on.
Where you at? Come on.
Ah, bingo. Bingo.
All right. [sighs]
Hang in there, little buddy.
[Bob] Whoo! I'm late.
Morning, darling.
So did you think about what
we talked about last night?
I mean,
the kids, they're...
they're really worried
about that dolphin.
Abby, I don't get it.
It's a dolphin. What are you
gonna do, put an APB out on it?
No. I mean, it's just good that they care
about the ocean, the animals, you know?
Of course. The Captain
taught you well.
The most beautiful boat
mechanic in all the world.
And I still say no
on the kayak, all right?
Um, I'm gonna try
and come home early tonight
so maybe we could
throw the football around.
[door closes]
So? So?
Are we out of jail?
So that's why
I haven't seen you two?
- Mm-hmm.
- Sneaky little boogers.
So he still
says no kayaks,
and I can't
take you out today.
Promised Ms. Peters I'd look at her
freezer. It's on the fritz again.
Sorry, kiddos.
I mean, your dad says
we can put out an APB.
- What's an APB?
- [sighs] Just kidding, sweetheart. Bad joke.
It's "all points bulletin."
Police use it to find bad guys.
Yeah, or missing persons.
Is this your dolphin?
[Kevin] Yeah.
Can you make
more of these?
Sure. Why?
Make 50 copies.
Oh, and add the word
"missing" at the top.
And your phone number
at the bottom.
But why the pho...
I get it.
A real APB. Okay.
Good job, Mom.
I, um, need your
signature on this.
Just initial at the
bottom of page one,
and then sign
the second page for me.
Great. Want to tell me
what I'm signing?
Oh, it's just
a standard NDA.
I haven't signed
a nondisclosure
on any project
since I've been here.
Well, this deal's being structured
a little bit differently,
and there's several
private parties involved,
and it's just
what Winston wants, so...
Uh, Winston was wondering if
you reached out to Mr. Lawson
about that land.
No, but, um...
but I'm gonna be
right on that.
Okay, good, 'cause, uh,
Winston was asking.
And just so you know,
by the way, um,
the word around the office is that
you're up for Jack's old position, so...
I'm just saying, VP would look nice
on that trophy case back there.
[chuckles] Yes.
Yes, it would.
[up-tempo pop, woman singing]
[singing ends]
This is the last one.
All righty.
It's been a long day.
Uh-huh. Do you
think we'll find him?
I don't know.
We will.
[exhales loudly]
Hey, Digger. Hey, Mikey.
Oh, hey, Kevin. What
are you two up to?
APB on a missing dolphin.
That's crazy. How could you
just lose a dolphin?
It's a big ocean.
This is a good picture. Are you
guys, uh, still doing that movie?
It's a documentary.
Have you seen him?
He's about this big.
[all chuckle]
I've seen a lot
of dolphins today.
- Yeah, one almost jumped in our boat.
- More than any fish did.
That's for sure.
You know, we saw the,
uh, Marineland truck
loading something up about
a half-mile up the beach.
I mean, what do you think?
Yeah, it was a pretty good size.
Could have been a dolphin.
It's him!
I just know it is!
Okay. Thanks, Digger!
Thanks, Mikey!
Yeah, uh, good-bye.
Good luck.
No problem.
Hello! Hello!
[Holly] Help!
Please let us in!
Sorry. We're closed
for the day.
Opens at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow.
[Holly] You gotta let us in!
You've got our dolphin!
And this is
our entire facility.
We have 16 dolphins.
Oh, and be careful around
the edge of the pool.
The dolphin we rescued
is over here.
Oh, see?
He's got a bad sunburn.
Must have been
beached for hours.
I didn't know dolphins
got sunburned.
Well, look at that.
I'm putting that on tape.
The nerd doesn't
know everything.
Yeah, they're a lot
like us in many ways.
So what's gonna
happen to him?
Uh, we'll keep him here under
quarantine and evaluate his progress.
[Holly] When can he
go back home?
I don't know. That's if
we can even find his pod.
We know where his family is.
How do you know that?
They're our friends.
We swim with them.
Oh, no, that's not good.
Why not?
Well, even though dolphins seem
to love interacting with humans,
they are wild animals.
They're protected by laws.
If we can release him, you
can't swim with him again.
They aren't pets.
- Promise.
- Promise.
I just wish I knew
how he got stranded.
It was this crazy
boat driver.
He even flipped over
our kayak.
Hmm. That makes sense.
Probably got disoriented
and separated from his family.
Boats, litter, pollution,
many reasons we need to be more
responsible for our oceans.
[cell phone chimes]
It's Mom.
We're late again.
I knew it.
He's glad we're here.
See you tomorrow.
Tomorrow? Uh...
Okay, I guess.
Looks like someone
has a best friend.
[cell phone chimes]
- They're on their way.
- Oh, fantastic.
You know, I left work early just to
have a little Ryan fam bam time.
I shouldn't have said
anything about the football.
You think I was
too tough on 'em?
That's very nice.
- We're gonna get you a tryout with Miami.
- [chuckles]
I just want what's
best for us, you know?
I'm gonna give them
everything that I never had.
Abby, I really think that Winston's
gonna give me this VP slot.
That'd be sweet.
I mean,
I knew you'd get it!
- I said, "Might." What are you...
- Whoo!
[both moan]
I am so proud of you,
Robert Ray Ryan.
Nobody works
harder than you.
I said, "Might."
He picked the right man.
Boy, well, let's hope.
Oh, brother. Really, guys?
Out in the open?
Guess what!
We found him!
Yeah. We found him.
That's amazing. Yes!
Come here.
[Kevin on recording] So
what's gonna happen to him?
[woman] Uh, we'll keep him here under
quarantine and evaluate his progress.
[Holly] Isn't he the
coolest dolphin ever, Mom?
Pretty cool. Handsome
fella, for sure.
Yeah, I could edit this footage,
post it on the Internet,
and let everybody
know we found him.
So as I was saying,
if your old man
gets this promotion,
it could be a really, really
big deal for the whole family.
That's awesome. That's awesome.
Yeah, cool.
Mom, he's got
a spot on his back.
Did you know dolphins
got sunburnt?
All right, I can
shoot some more tomorrow.
We can make a "save the dolphin" video.
Yeah. Yeah.
Ooh, ooh! What I have to tell you
has to do with the dolphins, huh?
Oh, now you're interested.
How would
you kids feel
about an ocean-themed
marine park, huh?
A marine park where your father can get
as many family passes as he wants?
A marine park?
With sea animals?
With sea animals
and lots of rides,
an ocean park,
and it'd be really cool,
because it'll educate people
about the sea animals,
and it will stimulate
the local economy.
What do you think
about that, huh?
Win-win for everyone.
You done?
I don't like
that marine park idea.
Yeah, I wish Dad wasn't
so excited about it.
All right.
I'm kind of nervous
about this.
I've never posted any of
my stuff online before.
It's gonna be great, Kev.
Yeah. Yeah.
So nothing out
of the ordinary?
No one snooping
around the property?
No, sir, not today.
I found a few more nests,
removed 'em.
Good. Get 'em all.
I do have something for you.
Yeah, that looks like them.
I found a campsite
set up near the cove.
I made it pretty clear the
area can be very dangerous.
You know, I, uh, can't have
any kids getting hurt.
Who said anything
about them being hurt?
[Holly] What are you doing to him?
Working on that sunburn.
Good news is his blood work
came back good,
so we'll keep him here
under quarantine
to monitor his progress.
What happens then?
[sighs] Well, we'd like
to find his pod.
This is a rare case
for Marineland.
We aren't a rescue
and rehab facility.
Our animals can't be
released back into the wild.
They couldn't survive
without our care.
We'll help you for free.
We are definitely short-staffed
with the new budget cuts,
so I might just take you up
on that offer.
Oh. All our other
dolphins have names.
Does he have one?
Well, hmm.
Since he has
a big sunburn,
how about...
[laughs] I love it.
It's perfect.
[Kevin] You know what?
I have an idea.
[squealing, clicking]
This could help us.
Uh, Kevin, can you record
his responses?
Think you guys
could find his pod,
play them Bernie's replies?
Sure, and we could...
We can't. We're grounded.
We can't be in the water.
Yeah, right. Oops.
I'll call your mom,
I'll see what
I can do to help.
Oh, but no swimming
with them. Promise?
Pinky swear.
[all laughing]
[Holly] Oh, Bernie.
[Holly] I don't see
the dolphins.
Maybe they're not here.
No, they'll be here.
They won't leave Bernie.
It's like you're part dolphin
or something.
What's wrong with that?
Nothing. I'm just saying.
[water splashing]
- Look! There they are!
- Oh, sweet.
Play his video.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[Bernie clicking]
It's working.
Look. Look at 'em.
This was good.
Cool. We got some
awesome footage today.
I'll edit it later.
Let's call it,
"Bernie's Journey."
Cool. Let's go get
some shots of the cove.
There's always something
going on there.
All right. Let's do it.
Yeah, I'll go ahead
and edit that part out.
What's all this?
No trees passing?
It's "trespassing."
No bueno.
[men talking indistinctly]
[man] I got all the city
board members convinced.
Our final zoning vote
is this week.
It will pass unanimously.
You gonna stand there staring,
or tell me where we stand?
It's them again.
[camera beeps]
It just needs
a working...
I'm gonna get 'em
this time.
Just need the last 10 acres.
But Bob Ryan's working on it.
He's old friends with the owner.
Shh! Shh!
- [man] Well, it better work.
- Quiet.
We're in way too deep
for this thing to be exposed.
Don't worry, Mayor.
Within 18 months,
we are gonna
be in business.
If this thing all goes as
planned, might just catapult you
into a run for
the governorship.
Governor Brock Winters.
That does have
a nice ring to it.
Got 'em, Mr. Mills.
Look. That one.
Shh. Shh.
The speedboat guy.
You sure that's
all of it, Jimmy?
Yes, sir.
It's all I could find.
What do I do with 'em?
Just get it
far away from here.
Those crazy environmental
nuts see those eggs,
it'll cost us
millions in fines.
Hey, why don't you
just take 'em home, Mills?
Show 'em to your kids.
They might hatch.
Hey, what do you think about
buying that fish hospital?
Fish hospital?
What, are you talking
about the marine habitat?
Yeah, I guess they found
some sunburned dolphin.
With the right press coverage, we could
turn it into a moneymaker, you know?
Slimy fish gets new home, and
then you and I look like heroes.
Hey. Hey, hey.
[mayor] I like
the sound of that.
Bernie's not a fish!
He's a mammal!
And we're gonna put him back in
the ocean when he feels better.
- It's time to go. Come on.
- And you guys are going to jail for taking those turtle eggs!
Now you just hold on
a second, okay?
No one's going to jail.
I'm the mayor.
You've seen me on television.
There's nothing
to worry about.
Listen, I don't need
any problems, okay?
Don't worry, Mr. Mayor.
There are no problems here.
Besides, these two
are trespassing.
- That's my camera! What are you doing?
- Yeah, yeah.
And this is my property, and you...
Aren't you Bob Ryan's kids?
Yeah, and we're gonna
tell our dad everything!
No, you're not gonna tell
your dad anything,
because if you do,
I'll fire him.
And, uh... Where's
your proof now, right?
Tell you what. Why don't you both get out
of here before I have you both arrested!
Come on!
Go, go, go!
Not good, Mills.
Need to lock this up.
I'll take care of it, okay?
Get rid of that.
I'll take care of it.
[Bob] How long has it been,
10 years?
[man] Longer.
Since your wedding.
No, has it been that long? Yeah.
Oh, man.
Time flies.
I gotta admit
I was a little jealous
I wasn't the one catching
all those touchdowns.
Hey, I just got lucky.
Besides, you made me look
good, helped me get drafted.
Oh. [laughs]
Yeah, right.
Big Gun Law.
You just had that
touch, you know?
Always hit us
right in the numbers.
Hey, sorry
I lost touch, R.R.
Bouncing around the league
for 13 seasons,
then wrecking my shoulder.
One day, you're on
the field playing.
The next day, you realize,
never play again.
[Bob laughs]
I wouldn't be
complaining too much.
It looks like
you're doing all right.
I mean,
what would Coach say?
"It's not how you start.
It's how you finish,
dang it, Lawson."
Oh, you sound just like him now.
Enough about me.
What's going on with you, Abby? I
hear you got two kids now, right?
I mean, Abby's great.
She's getting her master's.
Kevin's 11. Holly's 9.
They're both geniuses
like their mom,
though, uh, Kevin's not
so much into football.
Can't even get him
to play catch with me.
Ah, give him time. Probably
late bloomers, like you.
So glad you found me, R.R.
So you mentioned my property
on the phone earlier.
I had a real-estate firm try to buy
it from me a couple months back,
but don't much like
the guy I talked to, though.
Yeah, right. That's, uh, Winston Mills.
That's my boss.
Hmm. I don't know, R.R. He just
seemed a little too slick for me.
Look, I think the deal
could be good for you.
It's definitely
a positive for the city,
but the last thing I'm here
to do is hard-sell you.
[scoffs] I'm gonna
show you the plans
- after I... finish kicking your butt right now.
- Tell you what.
You sink that next bag,
you got yourself a deal.
Sure you wanna do that?
Why not?
Like old times, right?
Ooh! Ooh!
[boat horn blows]
Why didn't you tell them off? You
could have helped me, you know?
We just ran like
little scaredy-cats.
You're right. Giving all
this stuff away. What?
I'm not gonna
do this anymore.
I'm done.
So what, are you
just gonna give up?
No camera, no more films.
When did you
become such a baby?
We just need to get
your camera back.
That footage
could save Bernie
and put those bad guys
in jail.
The camera's gone,
and they're not our pets.
All right? We caused this.
You're right. They're not our
pets, but they are our friends.
[Holly clapping slowly]
[Holly clapping rapidly]
He's so fast.
Go, Bernie! Go!
Wow. He looks great.
Yeah. We should be able to
release him soon. Cool, huh?
Hey, little buddy.
[clicking continues]
Yay! Wow, look at him go.
He sure is happy.
Bernie's video
has over 10,000 views.
Hey, what's the matter, kiddo?
Your footage is a hit. You
should be doing cartwheels.
That's what I told him.
Be happy, like Bernie.
Hey, so what's the deal?
Where's your camera?
[Bernie chatters]
All right, somebody
better start talking.
[Bernie chatters]
Okay, I'll just call your mom.
No, no, no.
No, don't. No.
Yeah, I can't help you
if I don't know how.
There's nothing
anybody can do right now.
[Bernie chatters] Our dad's boss and
the mayor, they're trying to...
- Stop! Stop it! Stop it, Holly, right now.
- We need help, Kevin.
You pinky promise
you won't tell?
[Mills] Well, yes,
I'm very interested.
So it is for sale, then?
Then let's do it.
All right, make...
make the offer.
[rhythmic knocking]
Hey, look, I gotta go.
You make sure you get that offer in
before the end of the day, okay?
Come in.
Ah, successful meeting, I hope?
Well... [sighs]
Got him to sign, and, uh,
I had him initial every page.
This is, um...
This is well done.
You are really something,
Bob Ryan.
Ah, I'm just trying
to do my part, sir.
Oh, please have a seat.
Oh. Thank you.
Ah. My kids have
that same camera.
Oh. Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I've...
You know, I've had that thing forever.
My kids love to...
They love
to fool around with it.
You know, you! You scored
a touchdown, Bob Ryan.
Or should I say... Mr. Vice President
of Commercial Acquisitions?
Thank you, sir.
It's a big job.
I know you can handle it.
[laughs] I mean,
you have no idea
how much this means to me
and to Abby and the kids.
Um... [laughs]
You know,
talking about your kids,
I ran into them yesterday
down at the cove,
and it seems like
we had a slight...
Maybe you
just heard them wrong.
No, they said they'd fire Dad,
then buy Marineland.
[chatters] [woman]
Buy Marineland?
Yeah and they have the mayor
on their side, too.
They're really
mean people, Sidney.
I mean really,
really bad people.
- [chatters]
- But we have to tell your parents.
We can't. They said they'd fire Dad.
But listen. We got this.
Mom and Dad always said we gotta be
responsible for our own actions, all right?
We got ourselves in this mess.
We can get out.
[chatters] [Holly] We'll do
the best we can, Bernie.
Just hang in there.
[Bernie squeals]
[Holly laughs]
- Hey. There you are. How's Bernie?
- Better.
He's eating a lot, and Sidney
says we can release him soon.
Well, that's good news, yeah?
Hand me the pliers, please.
So, uh, what's with
the long faces?
what if somebody
was doing something
really, really wrong?
Would you tell? Even if
they told you not to?
That depends.
What'd you guys do now?
Dad's boss, Mr. Mills,
uh, he...
Uh, he, um...
He what?
He's not gonna build
an ocean theme park.
[sliding door opens]
[Bob] Hey, kids.
Kevin, what do you say
we grab the old pigskin
and I teach you
the five-step drop?
Because to succeed
in this life,
you must go deep.
Seems that they got
something to tell us, right?
Mr. Mills is not gonna
build an ocean park.
Mr. Mills told me that, uh,
you overheard him
speaking with the mayor.
Kids, he was talking about a
completely different project.
Dad, he's lying, okay?
He said he'd fire you.
Oh, he's lying? Is that right?
[both] Yeah.
Well, that's...
that's interesting,
because I just
kinda got promoted.
You're looking
at the new VP.
- That's great, hon. I'm so proud of you!
- Yes. [Bob laughs]
Mmm! It is a big day
for the Ryans.
Uh, you know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna get changed.
We're gonna take out
the Ryan Express,
and I'm gonna
show you the spot.
You see? Your dad knows
what he's doing, okay?
It'll all work out.
[engine whirring]
[Bob] There is it, kids.
Right there.
Right on that piece
of land right there.
That's where a massive
ocean park is gonna go.
It's gonna have rides,
water slides.
You're gonna love it.
Uh, but, honey,
this is the kids' hangout.
You sure this is it?
'Course I am, honey.
Winston brought me
out here personally.
[dolphins chattering]
Look. There they are.
[Kevin] Tell them
Bernie's okay.
Guys, Bernie's fine.
We found him, okay?
He got beached,
and he's just sunburned,
but he's fine now.
Kev, where's your camera? You
can get some shots for Bernie.
Um, I'm just
gonna use my phone.
You don't have
your camera, Kev?
- No.
- That's funny, you know?
Winston has a camera
just like yours.
All right.
Let's go in.
I'm excited to show you
the lay of the land.
[engine starts]
[pop song, woman singing]
[singing ends]
[Kevin] Come on.
We're almost there.
[Bob] Wait a minute, you guys.
I'm the tour guide here.
Right there, that's...
that's our...
What happened?
It's gone!
Someone took all our stuff.
[Kevin] What?
Oh, no! The eggs!
Where is everybody going?
That's it, bud.
Oh, and by the way, Winston
says no more coming down here,
'cause once we start construction,
it could be dangerous.
Um, Dad, uh...
Isn't it something, huh?
Yes, sir,
it's something, all right.
We found them.
They're there.
You found what?
Am I missing something here?
- Mr. Winston's gonna...
- Gonna save the turtle eggs, Dad, right?
Yes, of course, kids. We're gonna
be ecologically conscious.
Yeah. Yeah, we'll stay away
from here from now on, Dad.
That's good.
So that's it.
Over here is gonna be
the entrance.
And then,
Holly, over here,
that's gonna be
a 50-foot water slide.
[chimes ringing]
[owl hoots]
Those kids of yours
are quiet tonight.
Too quiet.
Ab, you know I only want what's
best for you and the kids, right?
Of course I do, honey.
And the kids
know that, too.
Sometimes I think
I just try too hard.
Met with Luke Lawson today.
Luke Lawson?
I haven't heard you
mention him in years.
I didn't even know
that he was back in town.
He owned some land
that we need for the park.
I got him to sell.
Well, that's good.
You did your job.
What's wrong?
I know that look.
Just brought back memories,
you know?
I mean, sports has
always been my marker.
It's how I judge success.
I'm old-school.
And our kids,
they're just, um...
They're different.
You know, seeing Holly
out there today
with the dolphins.
I mean, it was so cute.
And I actually think that she
was communicating with them.
You know,
I think that she was.
Kevin with his filmmaking,
I... haven't exactly
been supportive.
It's no secret that I'm trying
to turn him into a ballplayer,
but... I don't know
if that's right.
Yeah, and maybe he
will be a ballplayer.
They got a lot
of growing up to do.
We teach them
the best that we can
and pray that they make
the right choices.
Oh, you're right.
You're always right.
I would never admit that
in public...
...of course, but...
[sighs] Some things
never change.
So what'd you do that for? You know
they aren't saving any turtles.
It's okay.
I have a plan.
All right, so this is
Dad's office building.
He said Winston has the
camera, my camera.
Yeah. So?
So, it's
in Winston's office.
Oh, no. We both know
what he's thinking, right?
It's the only way.
Without the camera,
the bad guys win.
[shutter clicks]
Can I help? Uh, yeah, sure.
Grab that bucket over there.
Sure. It's time to feed Bernie.
Ew. Dead fish.
What'd you expect,
So the post
really worked, huh?
Yep. We're getting well wishes from
countries all around the world.
- Okay, what's wrong?
- I think we caused all this mess.
Hey, no, stop.
You two helped save Bernie
and learned a valuable
lesson about the ocean.
I don't think he would have
survived without you guys.
- [chatters]
- How'd it go with Mom and Dad?
You tell them?
Kind of.
What's "kind of" mean?
Means Dad got
a big promotion
and thinks his boss
is super awesome.
Well, that stinks.
Want me
to talk to them?
- Well...
- [chatters]
The good news is the plan
is to release Bernie soon.
Yeah, unless Winston
buys the place first.
- [squeals]
- What was that?
Nothing. Let's go. We got work to do.
Come on. Yeah. Yeah. Work to do.
Something sure smells fishy
around here, Bernie,
and it ain't the fish.
[door hinges creak]
[drawer closes]
[door opens, closes]
[sighs] I really need your
help on this one, Big Guy.
If you just do me
this one favor,
I promise I won't
ask you for anything else.
Well, hope I won't have
to ask you for anything else.
[footsteps approaching]
Kev, you asleep?
Sweet dreams.
Love you.
[door closes]
[door opens]
Going somewhere?
Gotta get my camera.
You crazy?
Well, I'm coming with you.
- Oh, no.
- Oh, yes.
Come on, listen.
All right, you just go...
What are you doing?
I got Dad's skills.
So are we doing this
or what?
All right.
So according to Dad's schedule, the
cleaning crew starts at 10:00.
All right, I'll, uh...
set this thing for 9:55.
If we're lucky, we'll be able to
get in and out in 15 minutes tops.
All right.
[tires squealing]
[tires screech]
[sighs] Oh, no.
No, no, no.
Come on, go! Go! Go now!
I can't. I can't.
Why not?
It's a red light.
[dog barking]
Really? Look.
Anybody? Listen,
we don't have that much time.
Do you wanna get
in more trouble?
All right?
The law's the law.
I can't do nothin' about it.
Oh, brother.
[dog barking continues]
Here we go.
[tires squeal]
[lock clicks]
All right, let's go.
[door opens, closes]
[ringtone plays]
Oh, Mayor Winter. Hey.
How did the, uh...
How'd the vote go tonight?
Really? Well,
that's spectacular.
That's good news indeed.
What, it was unanimous?
It's him.
We gotta go.
I gotta get my camera.
Mayor, how many times
have I told you not to worry?
I mean, with income
you're gonna see...
Oh, no.
...from the chemical plant...
Chuck's on the loose.
- Why'd you bring him?
- For backup.
- [croaks]
- [Mills] Yes, yes.
What? Oh, no. Yeah, I've got the
signed documents right here.
Yeah. Bob Ryan, he pulled it off.
Oh, the... the poor sucker.
All right.
Please be unlocked.
Please be unlocked.
[knob rattles]
Yes. Yes.
[hinges creak]
[hinges creak]
Sweet! Yes.
[door opens] Oh, come on.
Come on.
Ah, there you are.
Uh-oh. Oh, no.
Well, well.
Look who can't
stay out of trouble.
Juvenile delinquents.
Your dad will be so, so proud.
Oh, and you're
thieves as well.
Run, run, run.
Go, go, go, go. Go.
[door opens]
You know that, uh, breaking and
entering is a very serious offense.
No, you're the one
that's in trouble.
I don't think so.
Bye. It was so good seeing you.
You, too.
We'll do it again, okay? Yes!
Give me a call.
See ya.
[dog barking]
[car alarm chirps]
- Help! Help! He's after us!
- Holly?
We have the evidence.
Evidence? I...
Let me see your phone.
Let me see your phone.
All right, just calm down.
Who's after you?
Him! He's after us!
There he is!
That is my camera!
Thank you. Thank you
for stopping these...
these thieving kids!
You're chasing
children, sir?
Hey, they broke in
to my office.
These are the Ryans' kids.
I think you know them.
Bob Ryan's kids?
Oh, wow, I had no idea.
I mean, come on. Look at
the way they're dressed.
It was in my office.
It was dark.
You know who we are, all right, and
we have you and the mayor on tape.
What are you talking about?
Look, look, now that I know who you
are, I think it's a little late.
You know, I'm a little
concerned about their safety.
- I'm gonna take 'em home.
- No. I'll take them home.
Sure. That's a good idea. I'm just
gonna take my camera, thank you.
Do not touch them!
What did you do?
Oh, my goodness.
That is a...
That's a shame.
Isn't that a shame?
It really, truly is.
I'll tell you what.
I'm gonna pay
for your phone, okay?
And I think this should
more than cover it.
They were right.
You are a mean man.
Uh, so, um...
That's my camera!
No, we've been
through this before.
All right, uh, you just make
sure to tell your father
I want to see him first thing
in the morning, okay?
Big meanie!
I saw that.
Let's go.
[Sidney] They're safe.
That's all that matters.
Thank you for taking care of them.
Abby, it wasn't their fault.
Mr. Ryan's boss,
he's not a nice man.
Broke Kevin's camera
and my phone, too.
Oh. I'm sorry, Sidney.
If you'd like me
to take a look at it,
I'm pretty handy
at fixing things.
It'll take a miracle.
[door closes]
I don't even know where
to begin with you two.
Sneaking out at night,
taking my keys,
breaking and entering.
Dad, we're telling the truth.
I can prove it.
You realize that you
could have went to jail.
Go. Both of you,
to bed. Now.
- We'll talk about this in the morning.
- But, Mom...
I said bed.
Holy moly.
How am I gonna
explain this one?
I'm gonna be the first VP
that never VP'ed.
It'll all work out, honey.
I talked to Sidney.
She backs up their story.
[knocking within]
Ryan. [chuckles]
What are you
doing in here?
I guess you must have heard about your
kids breaking in here last night.
Yeah. Yeah.
You lied.
I mean, you lied about
everything, didn't you?
Do some research
to back up your play?
Big fan of mine, huh?
Luke Lawson.
You used me to get
to my old pal.
Ryan, we keep files
on all our employees.
That's just
standard company policy.
"Come on, Bob.
Do it for the team,"
just like good old Coach Dunn
used to say, huh?
What about
that knee of yours?
The bum one. Which one
did you say it was?
Is it the left
or the right?
Okay, um, why don't we just sit
down and talk this through?
Because I have
the sneaking suspicion
that you never even
played baseball at all.
I mean, you certainly
never played football,
because a worm like you
wouldn't have the guts.
All right, you know, get out of my
office before I call the police.
Why don't we
call the police?
What do you suppose we
should talk to them about?
Should we talk to them
about the marine park
or the big, beautiful,
illegal chemical plant
you're building?
You know, Ryan, your, uh, signature's
on those documents, too.
If I go down,
you're going down with me.
And you do not want to come at me.
Fifteen years of karate.
You know, Winston,
I was gonna take the moral
high ground with you,
but, uh...
[yelps, groans]
Now you got a bum knee.
But the worst part
about it is...
I actually trusted you,
took your word
over my own kids'.
I'm gonna sue you
for everything you have!
That wasn't even
the right knee.
How 'bout
some breakfast?
Yes, ma'am.
Where's Dad?
Trouble today?
He went in early,
wanted to meet Mr. Mills,
try to explain what happened.
Sorry about last night, Mom.
You know,
it's not good, Holly.
Whatever happened, your Dad's
job is important to him.
All right,
we all make mistakes.
I just hope
this one works out.
Morning, buddy.
You okay?
It depends on who's
mad at me, I guess.
[Kevin grunts]
[cell phone chirps]
Hey! I think it's working.
- What, are you serious? Here. Let me see it.
- Yeah, so...
Hey, Kev, that's Sidney's phone.
You shouldn't be snooping.
Yes. It downloaded from the camera.
It's here!
[squeaking, clicking]
Sidney, we got it.
[squeals, clicks]
[Holly] Hey, Bernie.
What's wrong?
This was delivered
to my boss this morning.
You were right.
Winston Mills is planning
to buy Marineland.
Yeah, we'll see
about that.
Check this out.
Where did you find it?
Linked the footage from
my camera to your phone.
Mom fixed it.
And watch this.
[mayor] Well, it better work.
We're in way too deep for
this thing to be exposed.
Don't worry, Mayor.
Within 18 months,
we are gonna
be in business.
If this thing all goes
as planned,
it might just
catapult you
into a run for
the governorship.
Governor Brock Winters.
That does have
a nice ring to it.
Got 'em, Mr. Mills...
[Abby] Well, those two
should be in jail.
I am so sorry.
I got greedy.
I was blinded.
I hope you all
can forgive me.
It's okay, Dad.
You were just doing
what you thought was best.
Yeah, that's all right.
We all make mistakes.
Mmm, thanks, bud, 'cause
I just made a big one.
I could be in some
real trouble here.
But we have the footage, right?
Oh, Winston
and the mayor
will have too much leverage
over the judges in court.
It'll be their word
against ours.
But what about
the sanctuary?
Sidney says
he's gonna buy it
and keep Bernie.
Yeah, they got
an "indunktion" letter.
They can't release Bernie.
- You mean "injunction"?
- Yes.
They're gonna put an injunction
on releasing that dolphin?
I don't know, Ab.
Well... [chuckles]
You're the brains of the outfit.
What do you think?
Well, we may not win
in a court of law,
but we have the footage,
we have the Internet,
and we have one secret weapon.
We got Bernie, the dolphin.
You're right.
That's genius.
What do you say, Kev?
Give me a couple hours.
[no audible dialogue]
[no audible dialogue]
Can I help you?
Mr. Robert Ray Ryan?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm Bob Ryan.
Mr. Ryan,
I'm Detective Wyatt.
May I have a word
with you, please?
Yeah, sure.
Do you have any idea
why I'm here?
Uh, yeah,
pretty good idea.
Are you employed by
a Mills Realty Company,
by one Mr. Winston Mills?
That's right.
And do you know
the name...
Luke Lawson?
[helicopter whirring]
[siren blaring]
[siren blaring stops]
[helicopter whirring]
Who was that
this early?
That was a detective.
What'd he want?
He wanted
my side of the story.
[mutters] What am I gonna do?
I told him the truth.
Mom, Dad, come here!
Quick! Come here!
[helicopter whirring on TV]
I deny these charges.
I'm gonna sue all of you!
[reporter] After a viral
video was released
on real-estate mogul
Winston Mills
and city mayor
Brock Winters,
both men have been arrested
for investigation
of a proposed massive
real-estate scheme.
Now, a third accomplice,
still yet to be identified,
was also arrested for stealing
endangered turtle eggs.
This is a huge
I continue to fight.
It's an election year.
Vote Brock Winters!
Go online
Yeah, yeah. "Vote Brock Winters,
the mayor of the state pen."
[chuckles] We did it!
[cell phone chimes]
[gasps softly] We got 20,000
hits since last night.
Let's go tell Bernie the good news.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[sighs] Luke backed me up.
[waves crashing]
[Holly] I think
he's feeling better.
His sunburn doesn't
hurt him anymore.
Oh, I got some good news.
Just received
authorization from NOAA.
Bernie can go home.
Wait. Really?
The longer he stays here,
the harder it will be
to adapt back
to his natural environment.
We're releasing him tomorrow.
We gotta find his pod and tell
'em Bernie's coming home.
[chuckles] Did you
hear that, Bernie?
You can go home.
[chattering, clicking]
[up-tempo pop, man singing]
[both laughing]
[chattering, laughing]
[chatters, squeals]
[Kevin laughs]
[Keving laughs]
[clicking, chattering]
[exclaiming, laughing]
[song ends]
[Bernie squeaking,
[Bernie chattering, clicking]
[Bernie squealing, chattering]
[chattering, clicking
Where are you?
Come on. We're over here!
[recording continues]
Where are they?
Come on!
Please? Come on!
Don't lose faith,
all right?
We'll say
some prayers tonight.
[Bernie squeaking,
chattering continues]
Hi. I'm Summer Sands,
and with me today
I have Kevin and Holly Ryan,
our local kids
whose viral footage
unveiled real-estate mogul
Winston Mills
and city mayor
Brock Winters' attempt
to dupe the public
into a fraudulent scheme
by constructing
a highly illegal
and dangerous
chemical plant
under the guise
of a seaside water park.
So what gave you two kids
the courage to do this?
Well, Ms. Sands, it was
really our dolphin friends.
They saved us, so we had
to help save them, too.
If everyone helps,
all the ocean animals can have
a safe and happy home.
Go, Bernie! I'm launching a video
companion called The Dolphin Chronicles.
Mm-hmm. It'll mainly focus on
protecting the marine life
and also tell... teach people
how to respect their habitats.
Wow. Well, there...
There you go.
True words of wisdom
from our two young heroes.
We'll be back with the actual
release as it happens.
I'm Summer Sands, reporting from the
sunny beaches of St. Augustine, Florida.
Back to you, Peter.
[Kevin] Come on! Come on, guys!
Bernie's coming home! Come on!
[bleating] Bernie's coming home!
Let's go!
Dad, maybe just stick to
the human talk, please.
Oh. Right.
Here, dolphin,
dolphin, dolphin.
Come on,
Bernie's family.
That's them!
Aw, come on.
No, it's them.
I'm not joking. Look!
Are you kidding me?
There they are! Yes! It's them!
Are you kidding me, Kev?
That's them?
Yeah, that's them!
I'm a... Yo!
[Bernie chattering]
[crowd cheering]
[Bob] Yo!
We found 'em!
You found them?
[Bernie clicking]
The whole pod's out here, the whole family.
Yeah. Hey, Bernie.
Come on, buddy. You can do this.
Come on, bud.
Come on.
The whole family's
out there, man.
They're waiting for you.
[Bob] Bye, Bernie!
Remember to write.
Holly, it's time.
Me and Kevin will see him every day.
We're his family, too.
[Bernie clicking]
Come on, buddy. Yes.
[cheering continues]
Okay, Bernie.
You can do this.
I know it, okay?
[Kevin] Come on.
[clicking, squealing]
[Kevin] Bye, buddy!
Bye, Bernie!
We knew you could
do it, buddy!
We knew it!
[cheering, whistling]
Hey, Bernie!
Come here, babe.
Come here, you little heroes.
We did it.
Bye, Bernie!
Bye, Bernie!
Bye, Bernie!
See you tomorrow!
[squealing, chattering]
[up-tempo pop,
woman vocalizing]
This camera so rocks.
Do a cartwheel here, Holly.
Check this out, guys.
Yeah, awesome.
[woman singing]
All right, guys, this is
the Ryan camp 2.0, baby.
Oh, man,
beautiful day out.
Hey, my turn.
Wait. What?
Okay, now you act.
No, I'm the director.
You're the one that's always
in front of the camera.
Here. Ready? Go ahead and end
"Bernie's Journey" for me.
And that's a wrap.
[Holly laughs]
[up-tempo pop, woman singing]
[chorus vocalizing]
[song ends]