Bernie the Dolphin 2 (2019) Movie Script

[upbeat music playing]
[dolphins clicking, whistling]
[trilling, chirping]
[girl] Come on. Faster, Dad.
-Is that him?
-[girl] Is that really Bernie?
-You see that?
-Look at that.
-Over there!
[trilling, whistling]
[boy] The GPS tracking device
shows that he's right here.
I've an excellent feeling
about this, Kev.
Yeah, I know. I've been
following the pod's migration
for months now.
[beeping continues]
[chirping, clicking]
[girl] Look, over there!
Did you see that?
Bernie is back.
-[beeping continues]
-Whaddup, Bernie?
-[girl] Hey, Bernie!
How was your trip home?
We missed you so much.
-Hey bud, looking good!
The sunburn healed great.
it is just a little scar.
It gives him
even more character.
-[Bernie trills]
-[all chuckle]
[squealing, clicking]
Kev, got enough video?
Dad, get us back fast.
We can't be late
for our very first day.
Oh, well, yes, Ma'am.
And uh... welcome back, Bernie!
We've missed you. [laughs]
see you soon, all right?
-[engine starts]
-See you later. Bye, Bernie!
[Bernie clicks]
Good morning, everyone!
Just a reminder:
The vet will be here
this afternoon, to give
Hemmingway his physical.
Second on the agenda,
I am excited to announce
our newest summer intern
and junior dolphin trainer.
Let's give a warm welcome to...
Holly Ryan.
And her
brother, Kevin Ryan.
Thank you, Sidney.
We are excited to be here
at Marineland, officially.
I promise to work hard
and do the best job ever.
We know you both will.
Oh! And we have some
super-big news for everyone--
Okay, hold that thought, Holly,
we have urgent news.
I just received word
that we are expecting
a new addition to Marineland.
This won't be easy.
It seems there is some
past troubles surrounding him.
I'll have more
information later.
But he should be arriving
tomorrow morning.
Let's get back to work.
Next dolphin session
starts in 15 minutes, sharp.
[camcorder beeps]
Hey, you okay, kiddo?
Oh, I mean,
Miss Junior Dolphin Trainer.
Kevin and I
just wanted to tell you
that Bernie is back.
Why didn't you say so?
That is huge news.
Don't you
just love our jobs?
Why don't you go
tell the team about Bernie?
-[prison door opens]
-[guard] Let's go, Mills.
Move it.
Well, well, well...
Winston Mills.
Detective Wyatt. [laughs]
Long time no see.
Yeah. About a year
and two days to be exact.
Yeah. Well...
You my welcome wagon?
What, no parade?
Ah, it's just me
and this beautiful
sunshiny day.
Looks like you've been busy.
Ah, you know how much
that I... love dolphins.
Pick it up.
Yeah, this is what
people go to prison for.
Put on your seat belt.
Sure, Dad!
[seagulls squawking]
Hey, guys! Guess what?
Bernie is back!
[dolphin clicks, chirps]
I love that smile.
Up! Up! Up!
Let's go, Winston.
You guys
are a bunch of comedians.
Oh, man!
You guys are very funny.
[Winston chuckles]
Here you go.
The halfway house
was filled.
These are your new digs.
Put this on. Left ankle.
You go out of range,
we will be alerted and you
go back into the Big House.
That might not be
such a bad idea.
You see that cockroach?
I saw enough of that
when I was in prison, okay?
Look, Mills,
I don't know what strings
you pulled to get paroled.
But you mess up one time
and you are going back in.
Yeah, yeah. The judge
explained all the rules.
Look, I just want to do this
work-release program of 30 days.
I am free forever.
Voil! Activated.
So there is food in the fridge
and there is clean towels.
What is the bike for?
You'll see.
Tomorrow your parole officer
is coming at 9:00 a.m. sharp.
Be on time.
And, Mills, be nice to him.
Check the box.
Bernie is there, right, Kev?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Tracking due north, Dad.
-[Bob] Due north it is.
-[Holly cheers]
[Jesse Pruett's "Beautiful"
[Kevin] They're up ahead.
Dad, slow down, slow down.
[Holly] Hey, guys, what's up?
We're here to see you.
-See them?
-[Abby] I can see them.
Wow, they sure
are happy to see you guys.
Hey, guys,
smile for the camera.
is going to love this.
Hey, Dad! Sidney tell you
what's going on tomorrow?
what's happening tomorrow?
Something big.
He could be real trouble.
He? Who is he?
That's all she said.
Summer Sands called
and wants to do an interview
at the cove
early tomorrow morning.
That gives more publicity
for Bernie's journey.
Hear that, Bernie?
You are famous.
Hey, bud.
Hey, babe, I still
have to close up the shop.
we gotta get going back.
Bye, Bernie.
I'll see you guys soon, okay?
-[Kevin] Bye-bye!
See you tomorrow.
[Holly] Bye!
Better than
those dolphin pictures.
This ankle bracelet
is killing me.
[angry muttering]
Well, at least
the phone is working.
Wait a second. Hey, come on!
This is a $3,000 suit. Really?
What is this?
Oh, no!
Okay. Not my color
and really,
really not my style.
I sure have missed you, world.
[man] Well, well, well!
Look who's back home.
Hello, Winston Mills.
It is nice to have you back.
I'm Summer Sands,
broadcasting live
from St. Augustine beach with
two of our local celebrities:
Kevin and Holly Ryan.
Now, Kevin I hear you have some
special news to share with us.
Yes, Miss Sands.
Just yesterday,
Bernie the dolphin and his pod
came back home for the summer.
So, we've been tracking the
pod's migration since last fall.
And it's all part
of our website,
Bernie's Journey.
All you guys can follow us
at Bernie'
And I bet you are excited
that Bernie and his family
have come back
to our local waters.
Yes, Miss Sands,
we are really happy
that Bernie is back and...
I have
a news flash too.
I am helping
at Marineland this summer.
So it is going to be a blast.
Oh, wow!
Here is a shout out
to everyone at Marineland
and welcome home, Bernie.
Yes, we all agree
it is great having Bernie
and his family
back in St. Augustine.
Well, do a year
in prison, Bernie,
and see what it feels like
to be back.
[man] Winston Mills.
It is Mason Jacks,
your parole officer.
I am outside. Let's roll.
[Winston chuckles]
Think they will be glad
to see me?
[Mason] I wouldn't bet
your turtle eggs on it.
It is a big day, everyone.
As I mentioned yesterday,
we have a new addition
at Marineland.
Did you see that?
Here he comes now,
our newest member
of Marineland.
Okay, okay.
[Holly] Cute!
-Hey, buddy!
-Oh, no!
-[Holly] Such a cutie.
It can't be.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
The answer is no.
No way, no how, unacceptable.
Mr. Ryan, you should
have received a letter
from the court weeks ago.
My hands are cuffed.
No pun intended.
Oh! [mocking laughter]
Nice. Sense of humor.
Let me tell you something,
I have never received
any official notification
from the court.
So I will thank you kindly
to take this
dolphin-hating criminal...
and get him
out of my office.
Well, it seems you haven't
checked your mail in a while.
Oh, really?
I'll have you know that I
run a tight ship around here.
Wanna see?
Electric bill...
water bill...
Three-For-One Pizza.
This is
a Birthday card for Betty...
county court...
a sale... Oh.
County court.
Sorry, Mr. Ryan.
I promise he'll
be monitored 24/7.
And his ankle bracelet
lets me know where
he is at all times.
Look, Bob,
I am sorry for what happened.
I never meant
to hurt you or your kids.
I just want a second chance.
You know, make up for my past
and... help out
with these beautiful dolphins.
So, where did he come from?
He was born in a habitat
like Marineland.
Seems he has a history
of not adapting well
like some humans I know.
Come here, little buddy.
[Holly squeals]
He's quick.
What's his name?
Um... It isn't listed
in our paperwork.
I'll make a call
and find out.
Well, since this
a fresh start for him,
how about a new name to match?
With that feisty attitude,
I vote...
Pretty good observation.
welcome to Marineland!
We have to go tell Dad
his new name. Come on.
I tell you what, Mills,
you mess with my kids, Sidney,
or any of these dolphins,
and you are so going to
answer to me.
Bob, I am just here to help.
[Kevin] Dad, you missed it.
we have a new dolphin.
His name is...
Hey, kids.
-No, way!
-Oh, no! It's him. [screams]
I think she missed me.
Hmm. Thanks.
[Abby] So, how did he get out?
Beats me.
But I tell you what,
I am going to find out.
Well, Holly is certainly
not happy about it.
Yeah, well,
that makes two of us.
Burgers are ready, kids.
I guess
I'll take mine well-done.
Looks like
they are ready, Dad.
Come on, let's eat.
[Bob] Mmm!
That is not a bad burger.
I mean, yeah, it is...
crunchy and... chewy.
Holly, something on your mind?
I don't like the idea
of having Winston Mills...
around Marineland.
don't you worry.
Your dad is head of marketing,
and I am going to be there
every day
to make sure
Mr. Mills behaves himself.
Well, he better not mess
with my dolphins
or I'll show him who is boss.
[Bob] Yeah, you--
Hey, listen.
We are a family that forgives
others not punches them out.
Right! Right.
So, what about
this new dolphin, huh?
I hear he is a real rascal.
Yeah, yeah. He is cool.
He is fast too.
Nearly as fast as Bernie.
No way! Nobody
is faster than Bernie.
Kev, what about the new footage?
Did you upload it yet?
Yes sir. Yeah,
it's posted already.
Calling it, "Bernie's return."
-[phone buzzes]
Uh, Sidney just texted.
She says she wants
more footage for
the Marineland podcast.
You know, tell you what.
You know... stop by
the shop tomorrow,
and we will take
the Ryan express 2.0 out
on my lunch break.
-Um, can I come?
What about Marineland,
Miss Junior Dolphin Trainer?
I thought you had
a real Rascal
to take care of.
Well, we might have two rascals
to wrangle tomorrow.
But you know what, we can do it.
'Cause we are rough,
we are tough, we are the Ryans!
That is right.
You know what?
Would you mind
tossing a football
with your old man after dinner
to make him feel better?
-Okay, I'll go grab it.
Hey, Dad!
The junior high football coach
talked to me last week.
Wait! Wait, wait, wait.
You are talking
about Coach Watson?
He spoke to you?
You spoke to him?
What happened?
He said I am fast
and I might be talented
-I could play receiver
like you.
-Oh, really?
Yeah, yeah
and I was just thinking
just maybe, you know,
I could try out
for the team next summer?
Well, as you know,
your mother and I would never
influence your decision
but should you choose to,
you know,
try out for the team,
then I think that we
should practice every morning
before and after school...
-How about this?
-...and I have some gear
in the garage.
Yeah, yeah.
Yes. And we will talk
about all this later.
The reason Kevin
is interested in football
'cause he has a crush
on a cheerleader.
Well, I should've known.
Those Ryan men.
[Kevin on video]
You go, Bernie.
Bernie's back
at St. Augustine, everyone.
[laughs] Yeah, look at him.
Welcome back home, buddy.
You guys can check out
more updates
on Bernie's Journey.
You guys can follow us
on the official Marineland
web page.
What do you know?
Everyone's back.
Just like I planned.
[grunting, muttering]
Oh, my God! Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
That was not good.
That was stupid. That was...
That was...
No, that didn't
feel very good. Nope.
Very excited to be here.
He has to be hungry by now.
Try a bigger one.
Come on, Rascal.
It's breakfast!
Delicious and nutritious.
Good fish!
Yummy, yummy, yummy.
I can't believe
you just did that.
Do you have any better ideas?
-Yeah, pizza, nachos--
-This is serious, Kevin.
-Hi, kids, how are you doing?
-[all scream]
Hey, stop that!
[Bob] What is
going on over here?
It's him, Dad.
[Holly] Dad, help!
He's after us!
What did I tell you,
You're here for five minutes,
you can't help messing
with my kids?
No, I didn't do anything.
I came, they screamed,
then I screamed.
I didn't do anything.
Go on, Rascal.
It's not funny.
It's not funny.
-We better keep a close eye
on him.
-Yeah, why is he really here?
-What are you two
whispering about?
-Nothing, Dad. All good.
Oh, yeah.
As usual, right?
[Nicole Michelle's
"Make A Splash" playing]
Rascal, lunchtime!
Come get it.
Hey, Tommy.
Any progress?
No. Tried everything,
but he won't budge.
Never met a dolphin
that didn't like sushi.
All right. Go give Shannon
a hand with Hemmingway
and I'll see what
we can do with him.
Good luck.
Sure got the name right.
He is a rascal.
Hey, Holly, let's get to work.
It will keep your mind
off Winston,
helping our buddy here.
-I love that idea.
Shoot, I've gotta go.
Mom's taking me
to the cove.
-Oh, tell the dolphins
hey for me.
-Will do.
-And keep an eye
on you-know-who.
-Gotcha. I'm on it.
[clicking, trilling]
Hey there, fishy. Hello.
Hey! Hey, hey...
Ah-ha! There you go.
Your new, best
and probably only friend.
What's this for?
Well, it's
for Marineland's
new handyman, of course.
It's a work-release program,
you know. So, chop-chop.
And just look at it
this way.
I'm here to help you
clean up your act.
Let's get to work.
To the toilets.
Chop-chop. Let's go.
-[seagulls squawking]
-[ships' bells tolling]
Mom, wait up.
Hey, don't leave without me.
You'd better
get a move on, sailor.
Give me a hand, please.
-Hey, Mrs. Ryan.
-Oh, hey there, Ellie.
-Hey, Kevin.
-Hey, Ellie.
-So, you've been
on the water today?
-Yes, ma'am. Just got back.
Dad's tying down
the OSS Shark right now.
I saw you on the news.
It's good to see
that Bernie's back.
Yeah, yeah, us too.
You and Holly
are like famous around here.
Everyone's talking about you.
Yeah, no. It's nothing really.
Just doing my part to help,
you know.
Oh, that's so sweet.
Mrs. Ryan, Harper and I
were hoping to rent
a wave runner tomorrow.
Sure. Just stop by the office.
Kevin will have it
ready to go for you.
Right, Kev?
-[stammers] Yeah,
just doing what we can.
-[nervous laughter]
Okay, see you all later.
Earth to Kevin.
Yes, ma'am,
I'm glad to help.
Guess that's
the cheerleader, right?
[Sidney] Rascal, meet Sunny.
All right, Amber.
Let's demonstrate to Rascal
how positive reinforcement
[Amber] Go and get it.
Good job!
Nice job, Sunny.
Holly, can you give him
his reward, please?
Good job, Sunny.
A-plus. Bravo.
[chirping, clicking]
Yummy, yummy!
You see that, Rascal?
That didn't go as planned.
[Bob] Holly?
This is Winston Mills,
as you know.
He is our new handyman.
Which means
it will be his job to clean up
absolutely everything
in this habitat.
Treat everyone
with respect, Winston,
because I am authorizing
the staff,
which means you too,
to assign work duties
to Mr. Mills,
should I not be around.
-[Holly] Yes!
-[Bob] Any questions?
Do you have anything
you'd like to say?
Welcome to the team, Winston.
This way to the toilets,
It was here, Mom.
They're heading
right towards us.
[clicking, trilling]
-[beeping continues]
-[engine sputters]
Huh. Do you hear that?
Yeah, but what's wrong?
-Not sure.
-[engine turns off]
Let's see.
-Look who it is.
-[dolphin clicks]
Hey, guys. What's going on?
It's good to be back home, huh?
Hey, Bernie. What's up, buddy?
Say hello to the world.
Listen, I better get us back.
It sounds like the fuel pump's
gone out.
Okay, hey, nice job today,
Bernie. We'll get some more
close-ups next time.
[camcorder beeps]
-[watch alarm beeps]
-Ah! Finally,
it's quitting time.
[Holly] Psst.
Get Winston, please.
You little monster!
What do you think
you're doing?
Oh! Looks like
you missed a spot.
Saw that!
This is gonna be
a great summer after all.
How could she possibly
have seen that?
[man] Nice ride.
Is that an eight cylinder?
What are doing here?
Just an old friend catching up.
Get out of here.
If anyone sees us together,
I'm back in the slammer.
Who do you think got you out?
[sighs] Man!
[man] Get in.
No way. No way.
I mean, that's a crazy idea.
I'm afraid you have
no choice about it.
I got you out.
I can have you
put back in.
I just--
I just want to do my time here
and be released for good, okay?
Well, it's not that simple.
When you
and Brock Winters messed up
that power plant deal...
I owe a lot of people
money now.
And you,
you owe me a lot of money.
Boy, prison's
looking better and better.
Right, seriously,
how did you get me out?
Lucky for you,
I still have powerful people
that owe me some favors, so...
What about Brock?
No dice.
Too tough
to get a former mayor out.
He's gonna do his two years
for stealing those turtle eggs.
Two years?
-They stuck this guy
with five!
I lost everything too,
you know?
I lost my money,
my wife, my mansion.
I've been living
in that flea-bit hotel
for the last six months.
And it's all those...
It's all those kids' fault.
And that dolphin.
This is our opportunity
to get revenge.
No, no. Look,
I'm not interested.
I'll take my chances.
Too late.
There's already a deal in place
for that... sunburned dolphin.
I'll give you a cut.
All yours.
It's unlisted,
so they can't track it.
Call me when you...
wanna upgrade your wardrobe.
I like my wardrobe.
[shutter clicking]
I knew I was right all along.
[clicking, whistling]
Caught him red-handed.
but who's that other guy?
I don't know,
but I've got a feeling
they're up to no good.
He does look familiar.
I'll cross-reference articles
of Winston Mills
and Brock Winters.
Bam! That's him!
-Who's him?
-Uh, Devin Cruz, right here.
"Financier Devin Cruz
was named as the mastermind
behind the illegal
chemical plants scheme that
sent local mayor, Brock Winters,
and real estate mogul,
Winston Mills,
to prison terms."
There are too many bad guys
to keep up with these days.
It looks like the prosecution
didn't have enough
hard evidence
to put Cruz on trial.
-We should probably
go tell Mom and Dad.
-No, not yet.
We don't have anything
that proves that he's
done anything illegal.
We'll just, I guess, sit back,
keep an eye on Winston.
I mean, knowing him,
he'll mess up soon anyways,
he's pretty awesome at that.
[Winston] A little banana?
Oh, yeah.
Which one of you want a banana?
Doesn't that look good?
Doesn't it look good?
Yes, it does.
Okay. I'll give it to you.
I'll give it.
I won't play any games.
I won't play any games.
[Holly] Catch him
doing anything illegal yet?
No, he has been
doing his work, but...
he doesn't get along
with anyone.
Come on, turtles.
Let's see how fast you are.
Let's see how fast you are.
[Holly] He's like Rascal.
He's not cooperating either.
Two peas in a pod.
All right, keep a watch on him.
I'm going to go check on Bernie.
[Winston] Stupid turtles.
I'm out of here.
[Holly] Hey, guys!
Sorry about mean old Winston.
He's having a bad day as usual.
Want a banana?
How are they?
Good? They're good?
[Parker Theory
Featuring T.J. Hill's
"Sound of Light" playing]
You missed a spot.
[music continues]
Don't you kids
have better things to do?
High five!
[sarcastic laughter]
-[Winston] Oh!
-Can you believe this?
Do you know
what this one little straw
could do to a dolphin?
Or a sea turtle?
I'm guessing
they don't use them
for milkshakes, right?
Winston, you sure
have a lot to learn.
Plastics alone harm
more than 100 million
marine animals each year.
Really? Wow!
I... I had no idea.
Holly, check this out.
News flash alert!
It's Ellie and Harper.
They're missing.
Oh, no. What happened?
These two teens
have been missing
since late yesterday.
Now, what we do know,
is that they left
from this beach on a wave runner
and their parents
have not heard from them since.
So, if anyone has seen
or has any information
on the two teens,
please contact the St. Augustine
police department immediately.
We got to help find them.
Find who?
Dad, it's Ellie and Harper.
They're missing.
What do you mean
by missing?
They rented Mom's wave runner
yesterday morning
and haven't been back since.
It's my GPS tracking alert.
Bernie's near Devil's Island.
-The pod never goes there.
-He's just swimming around
in circles.
-What if he's in trouble?
-We better go check on them.
-Yeah. Something's up. Let's go.
No, no.
Wait a minute, kids.
I'm going with you.
Winston, finish up here
and then check in
with Sidney.
I'm going to be back. Come on.
[Harper] I am so hungry.
Nothing. Not one bar.
I could try to
swim to shore.
You got cut
from the swim team.
Yeah, so?
At least
I'm not a pom-pom girl.
Oh! Okay, how original.
You just had to play
the cheerleader card, huh?
Yep. It's a no-brainer.
And we're out of water too.
-Just keep saying
your prayers.
I mean, they've got to be
looking for us right now.
Yeah, and my parents
are going to ground me
till I'm 80.
[Harper] Sharks.
Just what we needed.
They're not sharks.
They're dolphins.
-[dolphins trilling]
-[Harper] Oh, my God!
Hey, look!
That one has a pink spot.
That's Kevin and Holly's friend,
Bernie the dolphin.
-He's kind of cute.
-Yeah, they're smart too.
Maybe they can help us.
What are we going to do?
Ride them home?
Have a little faith,
will you?
Mrs. Ryan said
that Kevin can track them.
Bernie, we need a huge favor.
Crappy day for you too, huh?
What do you want?
[clicking, trilling]
Are you...
Are you hungry? Huh?
Well, what do you know.
Pretty tasty, huh?
Well, I prefer steak over sushi.
But to each their own, right?
[Kevin] Faster, Dad.
The pod's about a mile away.
[Bob] You got it, Kev.
[Kevin] Got it! Here they come.
[Holly] Come on, camera guy.
Bernie needs us.
Harper, it's a boat.
Harper, it's a boat.
Hey, over here!
-Over here!
[Bob] Kids, over there.
We're good.
[Holly] Ellie! Harper!
-[Harper] I think
they're coming our way.
[Ellie] They found us.
[Kevin] What's up?
[Holly] There's the girls.
[Kevin] We found them.
[Harper] Hey!
Over here.
I'm happy to report,
Ellie Rogers and Harper Wilks
have been found.
As you can see
the girls are safe and sound.
But a bit exhausted
after spending a long night
on Devil's Island.
In an amazing feat,
Bob, Holly and Kevin Ryan
found the girls
with the help of, who else,
Bernie the dolphin.
Kids, tell us how you did it.
Well, Miss Sands,
I just used
my GPS tracking device
to locate Bernie
and the pod.
And they led us
right to Ellie and Harper.
Amazing! This unique dolphin
and his family just keeps
surprising us all.
Girls, would you
like to say anything?
We just want to
thank the Ryans.
Holly and Kevin
were amazing.
Oh! And a special thanks
to Bernie and his family.
Yeah. Go, Bernie!
Go, Bernie, indeed.
I'm Summer Sands reporting.
Back to you, Peter.
So that's how they always know
where to find that dolphin.
The kid's using
a tracking device.
So, how does it feel
to be local heroes? Again?
Pretty sweet, Mom.
That's the second interview
this week.
That's right. I'm just happy
we were able to find them.
Well, actually,
Bernie found them.
But we helped.
Well, I'm proud
of all of you.
Where's Kev?
-Prowling around the garage.
-[Abby] I see.
So, how's
the dolphin training going?
Rascal is still being a rascal.
Sidney said
he's just taking his time to
adjust to his new environment.
And what about
the other rascal? Hmm?
How's Winston behaving?
He's keeping to himself,
doing his job.
Good little criminal.
Holly, you be nice to him.
Do better than try.
Maybe this opportunity
will help him turn around.
Oh, come on, honey.
Let's not go overboard,
Hey, Dad, found your gear.
-Could we play?
-You bet.
Football! Now I get it.
You really do have a crush
on Ellie.
-No, I don't.
-Yes, you do. Yes, you do!
Mom, she kissed him
on the cheek today.
Holly, be nice.
She's a very sweet girl.
Pretty, too.
-[Holly laughs]
And her boyfriend
is this high school
back quarter of the school.
It's quarterback, sweetie.
You want to kiss her back, Kev?
Holly Ryan!
I just wanna try something new.
Come on, ladies. Ladies!
Give the boy a break.
You know, he just wants
to try something new, Ma.
And I'm referring to football,
of course, and I'm gonna go.
Okay, Kevin,
it's been some time.
This foot goes up, okay?
Look, you just, boom!
Right? So it's...
Set! Hike!
You're not doing this.
You're planting, turning, boom!
Nice! That's nice!
Nice, Kevin.
And as soon as you catch,
it's right here.
As soon as you catch,
boom. Hike!
-Come on, Kev!
Anybody can catch a football,
and if you score a touchdown,
yeah, you're gonna be
on the highlight reel.
That's really cool.
But the most important thing
is earning the respect
of your teammates.
You know how you do that?
Blocking for them.
Pick your eyes up a little bit.
When you come in,
-boom, you're here, okay?
-All right. Yeah.
And that's how
no matter where you go...
Go ahead. Right? Right?
Ready? Set? Hike!
All right, go.
Here we go. Here we go.
That's nice.
Here. Here.
You're gonna get down right...
[Kevin] Yeah!
That was very good.
-That's the way to do it.
-All right.
Fumigation? Great.
Looks like there's more
than one cockroach
in this place.
What're you doing here?
Landlord's an old friend.
I used to own this place.
People used to respect me
back then, you know?
They'd call me Mr. Cruz.
They'd say, "Hi, Mr. Cruz."
"Hello, Mr. Devin Cruz."
"Good morning, Mr. Cruz."
"Hey, Mr. Devin Cruz.
There he goes."
Are you okay, Devin?
It's Mr. Cruz. Mr. Devin Cruz!
Okay, just simmer down.
All is fine, Mr. Devin Cruz.
That... That Ryan kid's
tracking the dolphin.
Some sort of GPS device.
I want it.
You want me
to steal from a kid?
You've done worse.
$100,000 cold, hard cash
should clear a bad conscience.
I'm just trying to stay clean,
stay out of trouble, okay?
Besides, there's
a new dolphin at Marineland
and he even likes me.
Oh! Winston's finally
found a new friend.
That is so sweet.
-You owe me, Mills.
You mess this up...
I'll make sure you wear this
for a long... long time.
Looks like you need a new nest.
I think I can
pull some strings.
Just get me that device.
I'll be in touch.
[Sidney] Let's try
some nurturing devices.
We'll show Rascal
how the other dolphins
play with them.
[Holly] Okay.
Go and get it, guys.
Good job.
Hey, Holly,
try to wave Rascal.
-Kevin, will you
record this, please?
-Come on, Rascal.
-Go ahead.
[dolphin clicks]
[Holly] Come on, Rascal.
You can do it.
So close.
-Oh, brother.
-Keep working with him.
So, what if he doesn't show
any progress here at Marineland?
I don't know
where else he would go.
Don't worry.
We'll help him.
No matter what it takes.
This is so far out of bounds,
it's not even funny.
The answer is no.
But it's a court order,
Mr. Ryan.
Signed by the judge.
You're telling me
that you think it's a good idea
for Winston to stay here?
I mean, this is not exactly
a bed and breakfast, Officer.
It's just until
his apartment is fumigated.
There's a bug problem.
Huh. And we get stuck
with the biggest roach
of all.
Look, you said
he's been on good behavior.
If he tries anything funny,
I'll be here in a hot minute.
Surely, you've some place
he can sleep.
Shark tank?
So I've never
been down here before.
Well, that's because it's
for authorized personnel only.
Don't make me
regret this, okay?
You have a... cot here,
and you can shower upstairs
in the changing room.
-Penthouse suite, huh?
-That's right.
And look, we've got a lot of
nice equipment down here so...
just don't mess
with anything, okay?
-[dolphin trilling]
-What was that?
This is your new roommate.
My new roommate.
Everyone's a comedian.
That's gonna be fun.
[Holly] Mango, say hi.
Say hi.
Say hello. Say hello.
Who's a pretty boy?
Here you go.
Aw, who's a pretty boy?
Isn't he so cool?
[Mango] Hey, pretty boy.
[Kevin and Holly laugh]
[clears throat]
What is going on
in here?
Oh, this is Mango.
He's super, super cool.
Hmm, Mango, huh?
[Mango] Mango.
Pretty boy.
And there is a reason why
there's a parrot in my office?
Yeah, he's Tommy
the trainer's pet bird.
And Tommy's
moving apartments, so...
Can we keep him here?
Can we? Can we? Please?
Yeah, it's just gonna be
for a couple of days.
Is there a volunteer
to feed and clean up
after Mango?
I will! I volunteer.
I love Mango!
[Mango] I love Mango.
Well, looks like we have
two new residents, kids.
Mr. Mills here
is staying down
in the maintenance room
while his apartment
is being fumigated.
-What? No way, Dad. No.
-Yeah. He's a bad guy.
[Mango] Bad guy.
There's nothing
we can do about it.
It's a court order.
Okay. That's enough.
Come on, let's get back
to work.
Winston, grab
your cleaning supplies
and meet the kids out by
the shark tank, will you?
Okay. Sure.
I'll... I'll be right there.
[Mango] Winston. Bad guy.
Bad guy.
Wow! That's so cool.
[Winston] Yeah, well, that's...
suicide, if you ask me.
Those things
give me the creeps.
What is that?
Bernie's journey.
You wouldn't like it.
It's dolphin stuff.
Hey, I know
you kids don't like me,
but I'm really trying here.
All right.
This is how it works.
There's a signal that tracks
Bernie and the pods' locations
at all times.
So, how do you do it?
How do you track them?
Well, by the GPS
that was in Bernie
when Marineland released him.
Huh. Sounds pretty high-tech.
How does it work?
It's just nav.
I unlock the code and...
track the signal.
That's it?
All you need is a code?
It's pretty simple
if you know what you're doing.
Six, four, eight, five...
Oh, that's...
That's my parole officer.
You know, I'll call him later.
So, I'm guessing
a lot of people
must have the code then?
No way.
It's top secret. Just me.
Well, and my dad,
in case of an emergency but...
Hey, Winston,
you working or on break again?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm working. I'm working.
You can tell me more later.
Okay... I guess.
-Can I help you?
-Yes, ma'am.
I'd like to rent a boat.
Okay, well, let's see.
Now, we're pretty booked.
It is the summer season.
Let's see.
Yeah. Sorry.
Nothing until next week.
Nothing at all?
Friend and I were really hoping
to do some fishing.
Well, you know, I might
be able to have the Dungone
fixed in a couple of days.
Yeah, I mean,
she's a little rough
around the edges but...
She'll get your job done.
Ah... How about this Thursday?
That sounds
absolutely perfect, ma'am.
Thank you.
And I'm happy
to put down a cash deposit.
Tell me,
does the Dungone have a tank?
-A tank?
-Yeah. Hoping to catch
a real whopper.
Yes, sir.
She'll hold any fish
you catch in these waters.
-I just need a name.
Frankie Franklin will do.
You should hear
my middle name.
It's a good conversation starter
at parties, though, right?
-Sure, it is.
-See you then.
That's right, sir.
Tomorrow? Oh, yes.
We are go for launch on that.
Did you get us a big one?
The old Dungone.
Nice lady inside says
it'll hold anything we catch.
You're joking.
The Ryans own this place?
That's perfect.
That's perfect.
Hey. Bob?
[Mango squawks] Pretty boy.
You button it up, bird.
[Mango squawks] Bad guy.
Bad? I'll show you bad.
[cell phone ringtone plays]
Don't call me at work, okay?
It's not good.
Relax, Mills, all right?
So, how do you like
your sleeping quarters?
I told you
I'd pull some strings.
Did you get the device?
It's not a device. It's an app.
But we got a major problem.
The kid's the only one
with the code.
Look, Mills,
I don't care
what you have to do.
Get me the information
by tomorrow.
Come on, wait a minute...
Hello. Hello...
-That's great.
That's just great!
-[Mango] Great.
Just great. Clean the toilet.
I don't take orders
from you, pal.
Besides, I don't do bird poop.
[Mango] Bird poop.
[Kevin] We got them.
Here they come.
[clicking, trilling]
-[Bob] Yeah!
-[Kevin] Yeah!
[Bob] What's up, Bernie?
-[Kevin] Nice! Yes!
You're a genius, you know that?
[sighs] Wish I could've gone to
see Bernie with Kevin and Dad.
I know, honey.
You know, Holly,
I'm really proud of you
for sticking with your
commitment at Marineland.
That shows a lot of character.
Thanks. I'm learning
a lot about the animals.
If I could only fix Rascal.
Yeah, well, you know,
maybe he'll come around
and surprise you, okay?
Speaking of...
any surprises
from our buddy Winston?
He's acting okay, I guess.
But I still don't
trust him, though.
Look, remember, Holly, we're
supposed to forgive others,
all right?
-How about giving him
a second chance?
-Yes, ma'am.
-I'm trying really hard.
-That's my girl.
-I think I found our culprit.
-What is it?
See this cable wire?
If this gets unplugged,
the motor will stall
and we'll get in big trouble.
I guess Frankie Franklin
will want the Dungone
to purr like a kitten, huh?
Sure looks like
that master's degree
is paying off.
I'm so proud of you.
Thank you, sweetie.
We're a lot alike, you know?
I've got problems.
You've got problems.
We both moved around a lot.
No place to call home.
Yeah. They just
don't understand us,
do they?
There you go.
That was awesome.
Hey, look! What's going on here?
Uh... Hey, kids. You know,
I'm just getting
an early start today.
You know,
I've got lots to do.
You know, so...
A fish just kind of fell
in the pool, there.
That fish didn't fall in.
You fed it to him.
He wants you
to pet him, too?
Didn't see this coming.
Strange days indeed.
[Holly] Hey, I have an idea.
-Kev, your camera ready?
-Uh, yep.
Okay, so when I give him
the hand signal,
toss him the fish.
-So... Fish now?
-[Holly] Okay, now.
-Good boy.
I was referring
to Rascal, not you.
Oh. Yeah.
I mean, of course. Yes.
There you have it,
Marineland fans.
You just experienced a miracle.
Be sure to check out more
about Rascal and Bernie
on our webpage
Bernie's Return. Peace out.
We did that.
That was pretty cool.
He trusts you.
Now, stay away from Devin Cruz
and maybe we'll start
trusting you too.
-[alarm beeping]
-Time to feed Rocky and Pokey.
You can help if you want,
I guess.
Um... Sure.
How'd they know about Devin?
Hey, boys. Come up.
This is Rocky.
A loggerhead sea turtle.
He was hit
by a boat propeller
so he's a bit beat up.
Wow! I mean,
he's a monster.
Yeah. Strong as an ox
and weighs 250 pounds.
[Winston chuckles] Whoa.
[in Rocky accent]
That makes him a heavyweight,
right? "Yo, Adrian..."
[normal] You haven't
seen Rocky, have you?
Uh-uh. What's a Rocky?
Oh, is it
that old cartoon
with the moose?
No. No. No moose.
Rocky, the movie.
He had turtles too.
[in Rocky accent]
This here is Cuff and this one
here is Link and it's like...
[normal voice] Never mind.
Okay. Come on. Come over here.
I want you to meet someone.
Check it out.
This is Pokey.
He's been in human care
for 34 years.
Yeah, he saved
another turtle's life
when his blood was used
for a transfusion.
Oh, and watch this.
Pretty awesome, huh?
It's his favorite thing ever.
[Holly] He's doing
the hokey pokey.
So, you still don't like
dolphins and sea turtles?
How can you not like
a turtle named Rocky,
and a turtle
that does the hokey pokey?
-[cell phone ringtone plays]
-Hold on.
Ah, it's Mason.
I better check in,
or I'll be back in the pokey.
Hey, officer, yeah.
Look, I'm sorry
I'm late checking in.
There's this giant turtle
and it's doing the hokey...
I... Never mind.
Well, Bob Ryan really said that?
Yeah, fine.
I'll check in tomorrow.
Come in.
[door opens]
Oh, hey, Bob.
[sighs] Listen, the kids
were telling me that...
You were really
a big help out there
with Rascal today.
Oh. Why... It was...
-It really wasn't anything.
-No. No. I just...
All I'm here
to tell you is that
you're really doing,
you know,
a pretty good job.
Well, thanks. Thanks.
I guess, it's...
needed learning curve
for me too.
Okay. Yeah. Well...
Speaking of jobs...
Keep up the good work.
[clicking, chirping]
So remember,
when you're running about,
you want to plant your foot,
snap your head around
as soon as you can
and look for that ball.
Got it.
Yeah, Kev, look for the ball,
and maybe, just maybe,
Ellie will look at you.
[chuckles] Hey...
How do you think
I got my dear sweet Abby?
-Is this true, Mom?
-Well, what can I say?
-I'm a sucker for
a man in uniform.
-[Holly chuckles]
Lucky for me.
[birds shrieking, hooting]
[Mango squawks]
Clean the toilet!
I don't want to hear
from the cheap seats, okay?
[cell phone ringtone plays]
What do you want now?
Time's up, Mills.
I need that code.
It all goes down tonight.
What do you mean tonight?
I can't get the code that fast.
I can't leave Marineland.
If this ankle bracelet goes off,
I'm busted, pronto.
Okay. I'll arrange
a pick-up then.
Just listen up good.
Yeah. Yeah. The Marina.
The Dungone.
Yeah, Bernie the dolphin.
Yeah. I get it. I know.
All right.
Not a word from you.
Don't look at me like that.
[Mango] Bad guy.
[clicking, trilling]
Hey, kids.
Hey, you want a slice?
I'm not really
that hungry, so...
Extra cheese.
Yeah, I...
I think I'm up to my eyeballs
with peanut butter and jelly,
You know, Winston,
Rascal's really getting along
with the other dolphins.
You really helped him, you know?
[scoffs] I think
that you kids do all the work.
You know, I'm just some ex-con,
ankle-bracelet-wearing bad guy.
-Even your bird said so.
-[Holly] No, you're not.
You're actually pretty nice,
Mom was right. Sometimes
we have to forgive others.
And give them
a second chance.
Hey, guys. I've got a meeting.
We're closing up early today.
-Can you two help feed
the tribe?
-Sure. We can eat on the run.
-Last one's for you.
-Oh, thank you.
What a cutie you are, Mango.
[Mango] Mango. What a cutie!
Hey, Dad's at the boat shop.
Everybody's leaving.
We're locking up.
-Have you seen my phone?
When did you have it last?
I haven't seen it
since we fed the dolphins.
-Did you ask Winston?
-Haven't seen him since lunch.
[Mango] Winston. Bad guy.
No, Mango.
Winston's now a good guy.
[Mango] Marina. Tonight.
Bernie the dolphin.
Get the code.
What, Mango? Repeat.
Marina. Tonight.
Bernie the dolphin.
Get the code.
Marina? Tonight?
What code?
[Mango] Bernie the dolphin.
Bernie the dolphin? Mango,
what are you talking about?
The code.
My phone.
[both] Winston! Devin Cruz.
[Mango] It's about time.
[Abby] About ready
to shove off, I see.
Yes, ma'am.
Just waiting for my friend.
That's a pretty big net
you've got there.
Yeah, you are planning
on catching a big one.
Well, we're certainly
hoping to, ma'am.
Okay, well, if you're all set,
I'm gonna go lock up the shop.
I got to take
the Ryan Express 2.0
for a test run.
Ah! That her over there?
Yes, sir. Yeah, she's been
acting up lately, but...
she's like family.
-Well, uh, happy fishing.
-Hope you catch a whopper.
-Me too.
Good luck with your boat.
[clicking, trilling]
Not you too. All right?
I really don't need
the guilt trip.
-[clicking continues]
-[cell phone ringtone plays]
Yeah. It's me and I got it.
Yeah. I'll meet you
up at the parking lot.
You're where?
-All right. Let's go.
-Well, maybe we should
call Dad.
-With what? He's got my phone.
-Oh, yeah. Right. I forgot.
All right.
Look, we can do this.
All right?
We have to save Bernie.
[Devin] You're right.
He is a cutie.
What are you
doing in here?
Relax, Mills,
the place is closed.
And I'm in a hurry.
You have the code?
Yes. Yes. There.
Everything is right there.
Look, I held up my end.
I'm out.
You'll get your cut of the money
as soon as we get the cargo
Just keep it. You know,
I don't want your dirty money.
Suit yourself. More for me.
If you change your mind,
I'll be down the street
at the Florida Inn, room 105.
Yeah, well,
that's not gonna happen.
Well, I got a fish
to catch.
Bye, guy.
Maybe I'll be back
for you tomorrow.
Hey, hey, hey.
You stay away
from that dolphin.
In fact, stay away
from all of them.
[Devin shouts]
[laughs] Good job, Rascal!
Now, get out of here.
I never want to see
your face again.
This is it.
Devin's motel.
Are you sure
this is a smart idea?
Yeah, we have to
figure out his plan.
Come on.
Okay, get down. Get down.
Here, come on.
All right. Here's the plan.
[maid] Housekeeping.
Excuse me.
-Come here for a second?
I just need to show you
something, okay?
[maid] Yeah, sure.
-Did you find anything?
-Are you crazy?
You nearly gave me
a heart attack.
Keep looking. We got to hurry.
Where's the cleaning lady?
Looking for a giant mouse
in room 14.
-So what are we
looking for exactly?
Frankie Franklin?
Frankie Franklin?
He's renting a boat from Mom.
Yes, got it.
Wow. He's a horrible bad guy.
Hokey and Pokey
could hack this computer.
I'll check
his search history.
-A marine park?
-In South America?
Here's an e-mail
to a veterinarian.
"How to ship a dolphin"? OMG!
The Dungone.
-The Marina!
-Bernie. Let's go.
[engine sputters]
[engine stops]
Dude! Well...
That doesn't sound good.
Let me check it out.
Or was this just a clever scheme
of yours to get your husband
all alone,
out at sea in a romantic boat?
I mean, yeah.
I needed you for backup.
Oh. Well, good.
At least I'm good for something.
Think it's the fuel pump again?
We're out of gas.
We're running late.
I took the liberty
of making sure
the Ryans aren't gonna
be coming back any time soon.
Well done, Frankie.
Sure you know how
to catch a dolphin?
I got the biggest net
I could find.
I got the tracker.
Why don't you go
and get the boat started.
I'll be there in a minute.
Hi. Yes, sir. Yeah.
We'll be there in one hour.
And we'll have that dolphin.
-[Kevin] Where are we going?
-[Holly] You'll see.
-Hurry. We got to be fast.
-[Kevin] Just keep it quiet,
Help. Help. Push it off.
Yes. Come on. Where is it?
Ah-ha! Got it.
I got Mom's skills.
[Frankie singing]
[Frankie coughs]
-Let's get out of here.
-Not yet, all right?
Got to get my phone back.
They can still find Bernie.
Quick. Get down. Get down.
[cell phone rings]
Who is this?
[fake voice] Wrong number.
-Well, that was strange.
Some man just answered
Kevin's phone.
Yeah, you can say that again.
I really messed up, pal.
I'm sorry. You know,
I really, really am.
[cell phone ringtone plays]
Hey, Bob.
No. No. No.
I haven't seen the kids.
Bob, listen. I...
I really need
to tell you something.
I messed up big time.
A man?
No. I got this. Okay?
No, you let me handle it, Bob.
You hang in there, Rascal.
And if I never get to see you
You're one heck of a dolphin.
[Bob] That was Winston.
What did he say?
Well, he said
that he'll handle it.
Handle what?
Where are the kids?
I don't know. He doesn't know.
I wasn't able to tell him
that we're out here stranded
in the middle of the ocean.
Hey, look,
it's our dolphins.
-It's Bernie.
-Hey, Bernie.
You're gonna think
I'm nuts.
-What are you doing?
-Bernie, he found those girls,
I mean...
We need
a helping hand here, bud.
You know what this is?
Here goes nothing.
-Bernie, take this to our kids.
What the...
He's making a run for it.
[engine cranks]
Come on!
-Hey, mister.
-[Frankie] Yeah.
-Come on. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry.
-Go. Go. Go.
Where are you going?
I am getting so tired...
of you two.
On the boat!
Get on the boat!
No, no, no.
You stay with me.
-Over there, buddy.
Get down in there.
-[Holly] Kevin!
[horn honks]
No. No. No. No.
-Hold it right there, Mills.
-It's not what it looks like,
I can explain everything.
You just
couldn't stay clean,
could you, Mills?
These kids are in trouble.
We got to get to the boat!
It's Devin Cruz, all right?
He's got the Ryan kids.
We're wasting time.
Let her go, Cruz!
Oh, you!
I should have known it was you.
Double-crossing weasel!
Let the girl go now!
Oh, no. No. No. No.
The girl or the fish.
Bernie's not a fish.
He's a mammal.
Okay, yeah.
Kev, remember
what Dad taught you?
What do you say,
officer? Even trade?
football stadium noises]
-[imaginary whistle blows]
-Are you okay?
-Yeah. We're fine.
[Holly] Thank you.
[Devin sputters] Winston...
Bernie's pod
is right there at the dock.
Come on.
We got to go. Go.
-Now, you be careful.
[Devin] Oh, Mills. Mills. Mills.
Oh, boy, you just...
Well, you've really
outdone yourself
this time, huh?
You are going to pay.
You're gonna go down with me.
Yeah, you know?
I'm pretty darn proud
of it too.
you got another pair of those?
Hey, guys.
[continues clicking]
Look, Bernie's got something.
It's Dad's driver's license.
License? Guys,
where's Mom and Dad?
[trilling, clicking]
What are we gonna do?
We need major help.
-[Bob] You okay, honey?
-[Abby] Yeah.
Just a little worried.
You think the kids are okay?
I do think the kids are okay.
Look, come on.
I'm usually the scaredy-cat,
you're the strong one.
Right? Have a little faith.
That's right,
Robert A. Ryan.
We keep the faith.
[Bob] Until...
I do hope someone comes soon
because it is a long swim home.
[boat approaching]
You hear that?
Oh, is that the dolphins?
-[laughing, cheering]
-[dolphins trilling]
Here comes the cavalry!
[horn blows]
[Holly] Mom, Dad! Over here.
-We finally found you!
-[Kevin] Hey, guys. What's up?
[Holly] Coast Guard has arrived.
we actually found them.
Thanks to Bernie.
Good job, buddy!
[Bob] What up, Bernie! Whoo-hoo!
Thank you, Bernie! Thank you!
[Holly] Thank you, Bernie!
We love you.
We did it!
[Bob] Ah! What a day!
-We're so proud of you two.
-Mom, were you scared?
No, we knew you'd show up.
[Mason] Bob?
Hey, Officer Mason.
Devin Cruz is in custody.
He was the mastermind
behind this whole charade.
I do have a decision to make.
Technically, there's
a parole violation
to address.
Ah! Yeah. Kids told us.
Well, Abby,
what do you think?
Kids? What about you?
Let's do it.
Well, Rascal seems to think
you're okay, so...
Take them off, Officer.
I appreciate you
having faith in me.
Thank you.
It's what us Ryans do.
Thank you.
[clicking, trilling]
[Kevin] Great job, little buddy.
Bernie, thank you.
You're the best dolphin
in the whole world.
-[Abby] Thank you, Bernie!
-[Bob] Thank you, Bernie.
-Bye, Bernie!
-Bye. See you tomorrow!
-Bye, Bernie!
-Bye, Bernie!
-Bye, Bernie!
[woman] A-camera mark.
Are you ready?
-Okay. Okay.
-[man] She can do it.
-No way!
-Oh, no. It's him.
I think she missed me.
I see Devin's snuggle bunny.
So what're we
looking for exactly?
[man] Damn it!
I don't need to... Oh, no!
We're gonna walk back in.
-And that's a wrap...
-On Bernie the Dolphin 2.