Bes vakit (2006) Movie Script

My father's ill.
Can you sing the call to prayer?
Don't get too excited.
He'll get better anyway.
The Earth turns from west towards
...around an axis supposedly
passing through the poles.
This is what we call
the Earth's daily movement.
This movement of 24 hours
results in night and day sequence.
During this turn, while one side
of the Earth is illuminated...
Mzeyyen, what happened to your
Her mother has beaten her up,
And his father has beaten him up,
Enough, sit down!
Continue, Ipek.
During this turn...
...while one side of the Earth is
illuminated, the other side is dark.
The illuminated part is on day time
and the dark part is on night time.
Since the Earth
turns from west to east...
...eastern parts are subject to the
sun earlier than western parts.
Okay. Ozan.
Since the Earth's turn is from west to
...time in west precedes time in east.
Places on Earth take the sun rays
in different angles throughout day.
Sunrise is the time
when the sun is flrst seen.
Yakup, continue.
At those hours, sun rays come
obliquely to the Earth.
This is morning time.
The time when the sun rays are
right angled is the noon.
Sun rays are once again oblique
in the evening.
Then the sun becomes invisible.
This is called sunset.
Sunrise and sunset are not
the result of the sun's movement...
...but the Earth's turn
around its own axis.
The Earth's turn rate is reduced
from the equator towards the poles.
The night and day sequence creates
some phenomena on the Earth.
For example, air, soil and water get
warm and cold accordingly.
Changing temperature in mountains
and seas creates winds.
The heat differences between night
and day cause the rocks to crumble.
Where is my uncle?
My grandpa wants him.
Uncle, grandpa wants to see you.
What is it again,
why did he call for him?
He'll take it out on his son again.
And your husband never complains.
How can he?
It's his father.
His father was the same, too.
So were their ancestors.
My mother used to tell me that his
father's father's father was same.
That is, your husband's grandpa's
father. They're all grumpy!
Well, that's how it is with men.
Sweet as little boys...
...then they become like their fathers
when they are fathers, too.
They all turn out to be mad.
Damn the whole lot!
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
You caught cold.
Your lungs are in a bad state.
Well, it's getting cold out.
You have to take care of yourself.
This little one's really grown.
Are you going to school?
He already can read as well
as this one.
Take these. If you don't feel better
in 3-4 days, you'll need an x-ray.
Then call me.
Get rest and keep warm.
What kind of sons you are!
I gave you both land while I am still
alive, but what's the use?
You plow your land, but leave your
father's land unplowed!
And you, good-for-nothing!
At least, he appreciates his land.
What did you do?
Not once you picked out the stones,
not once you weeded the garden!
All right father,don't get upset,
we'll do it all.
If only I could hear him
saying these words once...
We'll do it, father.
He shot it.
But he didn't see that he did.
Is what we've done a sin?
We took the bird that the hunter shot
without telling him.
What he's done is a bigger sin.
Who shoots a bird this little?
What the hell is this!
So he hadn't left it behind
for no reason.
Maybe it was poisonous.
- Give it to your father, then.
- He wouldn't eat it.
- Well done, my son!
- Well done!
- Well done. Watch this. 6 times 8?
- 48.
- 8 times 4?
- 32.
Your brother's already
surpassed you.
You keep wandering
in the mountains.
Go and get your father's medicine.
Come on.
Do you love Bayram most because
he was born on a religious holiday?
I love all the little ones.
But I love this little lamb the most.
And Ismail?
Of course I love him, too.
But my daughter is special.
- Hello, Yildiz.
- Hi.
Thank you, Yildiz.
But this is too much for me.
You'll drink it. Or make some
yoghurt. I'm off, then, goodbye.
Goodness, you really feed me well!
Here, read it.
Then you'll give it back to me.
- Thanks a lot. See you later.
- Goodbye.
What the fuck are you doing there?
Open your hand.
What the fuck are these?
Empty your pockets!
Shithead! Come on!
Water is the basic source of life.
The 2/3 of human body
consists of water.
Water regulates
the heat of the earth.
It is water again that regulates
the temperature of human body.
Water is a crucial material for
human life.
We can't live without it.
There is no any other matter
that can replace it.
It is the only matter in nature that
reproduces itself after it is used.
Water is flowing by
Come, and I won't cry...
I won't shed a drop of blood
You should kill me, if I must die.
What happened?
I took it off.
All right, Yakup. It's okay.
Come on, children.
Come on! Slowly.
Fucking animal. Come on! Walk!
Move, fucking animal!
Why do you beat it?
Come here, shithead, come on!
Yakup! Go tell your father
to come back!
Papa, grandpa's calling you.
Papa, your father's calling you.
Your mind is always there.
At school.
Look at that!
Oh, look at that!
Yuck, how disgusting!
They're mating.
Don't people do the same?
Of course not!
Poor thing, it must hurt!
Your parents do it. Everybody does.
Ask the teacher if you want.
Yildiz, go away!
What are you looking at! Don't!
I'll tell your father!
Come on! Move!
Come on, it's almost
evening prayer time! We're late!
Get out!
Get out!
Get out!
Instead of wasting time all day,
help your mother.
Look at those hands, son!
You cannot eat with those hands!
I already washed them.
Let me see.
Shame on you! Get up
and wash them! I said get up!
There you go, my son.
Wash them thoroughly.
Warn her.
She's strolling on the mountain.
Doesn't come home until dusk.
Because of her,
I couldn't go to the sheep.
Come on, she doesn't do it
She's grown up, she must care with
her brother, make herself useful.
My uncle.
Why did he die?
A ligthning struck him in the fleld.
You should pray, too.
I pray every night.
For him to die.
How's he going to die?
Out of sickness.
Has he not gotten better?
An accident, then.
Maybe he'll fall from the minaret!
A snake could sting him.
Even if they do, it wouldn't kill him.
Scorpion! Didn't uncle Halil's
grandson die of a scorpion sting?
He was a baby, though.
But if there are two or three of them!
I'll flnd them.
What if it accidentally stings
your brother?
God forbid!
Not that it's of any use.
Well, it's old age, what can you do?
I pray for death to come.
No use, I just can't die.
Your time will come.
Wait for your turn!
You have to flx this
before winter.
Hopefully my time will come
before winter.
Uncle Halil! Hurry up! Our cow
is in labor, they're calling for you!
Okay! Come on!
Of course it wasn't over a few nuts!
He needs to learn not to touch
other people's property!
All our sheep and goats
are under his care!
Just talk to him. He's not an animal!
Don't you tell me what to do!
Don't get angry, Ahmet,
you're wrong.
God has entrusted us
with that child.
He doesn't have a mother, or a
Fine then,
isn't what I've done fatherly?
Okay. Anything else?
The teacher has a favor to ask of us.
She's getting a loan to buy a
refrigerator, two guarantors needed.
Imam, you can be one,
and I'll be the other.
Is there any money left? We should
flx Grandma's roof before winter.
No need for money.
I have materials. We can handle
everything by ourselves.
I am Turkish, I am right,
I am hardworking.
My motto is to protect
the younger, to respect the elder... love my land and my nation
more than my own self.
My ideal is to rise
and make progress.
O great Atatrk! I swear that
I will follow your path...
...and walk persistently
towards the aim you pointed out!
My life is a present
offered to the Turkish nation!
Happy is the one
who proclaims oneself as Turk!
Where are we going to flnd the
He says to take the stones
of the old stable walls.
It won't be enough.
I'm sick of his demands.
Just 'cause he gave us a garden!
He says we should do only the
...since the soil is sliding to the
He's right, really.
Everyone has to do his side.
You always give him credit.
And he always to you!
I love my grandpa the most.
And my mom...
...and my eldest sister. You?
My father.
Do you love your brother more,
or your father?
My father.
Who do you love more?
Your brother or your mother?
My brother.
Don't you love your mother?
I do.
Not so much?
My father the most.
Come, son.
Let's get a picture of us all.
This is my older son mer.
He's also very handsome.
Come closer.
Let me get one more
with the flashbulb.
Gee! I see angels.
That's not an angel.
It is the flashbulb.
Wait, let's get one with my wife.
Kadriye, come here for a minute!
Sit a bit closer to one another.
Don't move.
Gee! Angels again!
Look at the sun!
It's a solar eclipse.
You're making some
for the teacher, too, right?
The teacher said, 'Yakup reads
good, he's very smart. '
I was really proud.
What else did she say?
That she liked you.
Anything else?
That you should continue studying.
Do you like the teacher?
Of course I do.
Do you think she's very pretty?
Well, well, look at you!
Do you think it'll be a girl,
or a boy?
God only knows.
I don't want a sister.
Why's that?
'Cause you'll love her more.
You're a big boy.
A man shouldn't be jealous of.
What if this one is lost, too?
Shut up, God forbid!
The previous one is lost
because of my father, right?
Don't meddle in grown-ups'
business! Go and get some wood!
Don't know why they gave you
to my father.
You talk too much! Get away!
Birds are singing around
Everybody likes this sound...
Bees on flowers, honey picking
Little lambs grazing...
Leaves on trees flourishing
Everywhere beautiful scenting...
"Beautiful scenting?" It should be
"sweetly scenting," right?
- 6 times 5?
- 30.
Well done.
5 times 8?
Hmm... 40.
Good luck.
Thanks. The soil is sliding
onto the road. Father wanted this.
Everyone builds his own wall, huh?
The old man insists.
Well then,
we'll see whose will be better.
Good luck.
Where did you catch it?
By the fountain below.
Why did you take it?
He asked me if I could.
What would happen to a man,
if this were to sting him?
It would cause him great pain!
Would it kill him?
I don't know.
What are you gonna do with it?
None of your business!
Which one of you knows poems?
Who can read better?
Come on.
Sleeping child, wake up
Sure it is a hard setup...
You stayed home so long indeed
Played the flute made out of reed...
Shades of trees
Green hills and streams...
You had your fun
Got rest under the sun-
What was it?
She forgot it.
Okay, don't laugh. Your turn.
How did you pass by, pretty
summer? So quickly it is over...
In nine months time only
We'll see you again freely...
Birds flew away
On the mountains by array...
Where are now all these things?
Finished all summer evenings...
All creeks once pretty
Now sad and steady...
There is not one birdy
Autumn comes already...
Well done. And you?
He can sing the call to prayer.
Do you know it all?
It's almost afternoon prayer time.
Why don't you do the call?
I won't give you the scorpion
if you don't.
I'll do it,
if you flnd me another one.
Thanks a lot, Yakup.
Finished. Can I go out now?
Let me see it.
You are very messy.
You have to write more neatly.
Here, the 'a' should be capitalised.
Capital A.
Fix it.
Can I go out?
You still have another 20 minutes.
Study a little bit mathematics.
- Here you are, my child.
- Thanks grandmother.
Are you really going to do it?
I can't flnd any other scorpions.
It's a sin.
Besides, your father is an imam.
Your sin will be greater.
Plus, you'll be put in jail.
They don't put children in jail.
Go away.
I said, go!
Go away, go home!
I said, go-away!
- Mummy!
- Ali!
Ali! Stop, brother! Wait!
Mummy! Mummy!
"Sleeping child, wake up
Sure it is a hard setup...
You stayed home so long indeed
Played the flute made out of reed-
She forgot it.
"Sleeping child, wake up
Sure it is a hard setup... "
"Sleeping child, wake up
Sure it is a hard setup...
You stayed home so long indeed
Played the flute made out of reed...
Shades of trees
Green hills and streams...
You had your fun
Got rest under the sun...
Come now, out to school... "
I saw your uncle in my dream.
The one who died.
He's not really dead.
Everyone rejoices.
He sits in the coffee shop,
telling what happened.
'The lightning struck the imam, not
me... '
...he says. 'He's the one in that
grave. '
No one is upset. But Ali runs around
the village all day...
...saying 'my brother got my father
struck. ' 'Call the police,' he says.
I woke up then.
I also saw a dream.
I was married.
To whom?
I won't tell.
- I said, to whom?
- I won't tell.
- Tell me who?
- I won't tell.
Tell me!
I won't tell.
Tell me.
- I won't tell.
- Come on, tell me!
To our teacher.
Yildiz! Where to?
I'm taking food to my father. Come.
- Where to?
- To my father. Come if you want...
What the fuck is this?
Is this a wall?
What the fuck is this?
What the fuck is this?
Is this a wall?
Yakup! What happened, my son?
Is that enough?
Do you want one with a bone
Doesn't matter.
But no smaller than that.
What do you need it for?
I'll make a flute and play it.
What's this, scoundrel?
Are you smoking at this age?
No, I wouldn't dare.
It's for someone else.
Bullshit! For whom?
I was gonna give it to mom. And she
probably wanted it for sister Halime.
Mahire, Mahire!
This scoundrel is not only a thief,
he's a liar. Supposedly, you-
You wanted it, right mom? You
asked two, you would give them to.
Uh-huh... I said so.
Damn you all!
Damn you! Evil boy!
Take him out a little, will you!
Yildiz, come here! Quick!
I'll show you something.
The baby fell down!
The baby!
Oh dear! The baby fell down!
Hurry to the hospital!
Call the imam!
My baby! My baby!
My baby! My baby!
What the hell did you do, silly girl?
My son!
Come on.
My daughter!
And He said:...
'O sons, listen to your father.
And pay heed to his knowledge.
Because I teach you well.
Do not stray from what I teach.
Because I was my father's son.
I was my mother's one and only
And he taught me, and he said:
Son, listen to my words carefully.
Pay heed to what I say.
Don't let them out of your sight.
Keep it in your heart. '
It's not there!
Rise your head!
Check behind the rock!
Look! Look! It's not there, son.
Look! Look up here!
Thank goodness!
- May God accept it.
- Amen.
Here, why don't you take that
to the teacher?
Take that to your grandma, girlie.
mer, that's for your family.
mer! Here.
I want mine as long as mer's.
What? You're gonna
cut out a flute, too?
Come in.
They call Yakup from his house.
Get up, mer. Come on, dress up,
and come in our room.
My father is ill.
Can you sing the call to the prayer?
Come in.
I am going to wash up flrst.
Come and look.