Besat (1999) Movie Script

Enjoy your stay.
It's an old passport.
You have to get a new one.
Nothing to declare.
- Where do you come from?
- Germany.
Where were you?
Coffee pills... to stay awake.
See you.
Can I get a new one?
Of course you can.
You still live
on Sonder Alle... Lotte?
It's nice out there, huh?
Yeah, if you say so.
A little lonely though, right?
When should I come visit you?
When there's 8 days in a week.
That's next week!
I just saw it on the news.
An astrological phenomenon!
Is that you?
Light... Let there be light.
While all town fumbles in the dark,
we're safe in our medical cathedral.
The beauty of the back-up generator.
The virus occupies the host cell
and spreads to the rest
of the cells.
The danger is not in the spreading
of a virus
from animal to man...
30 years ago, the infected man
would die,
maybe take a village with him.
Look at this.
The 60's...
And today.
The danger...
is if the virus
gets to the international
air traffic network.
A virulent virus
can spread from Peking
to Sydney to Paris...
and any other county
in just 24 hours.
One of you has written,
I won't name names...
but it was Berit...
that the worst case scenario
is a virus as lethal as Ebola
and as contagious as influenza.
But such a virus already exists.
The true worst case scenario
is a person carying this virus
aboard Flight 137
from Mombasa to New York.
You don't know when it's coming,
but it is coming.
are the last line of defense.
We contact the CDC in Atlanta
the second we have any suspicions.
Treatment is not an option.
The strategy is to prevent the virus
from spreading by isolating it.
It'll be a virologist
who saves the world.
So if world-saving is your thing,
you've come to the right place.
That's it.
Take your reports and don't ever
insult me like that again.
Sarah Tidholm,
do you have a second?
Miss Tidholm...
you're capable of better work.
Is anything wrong?
No, nothing... It's just...
I've met someone...
So you just sacrifice your career?
You know how it is with love...
And it's complicated.
You see, he's an older man.
Much older.
A dinosaur, actually.
A dinosaur?
Happy birthday.
Did the staff throw a party for you?
You don't publicize your birthday
until you're a department head.
I hate that thing.
It saves lives. See you.
Are you ready?
We're just about to page him.
But he was just paged.
By who?
I'm Rastauw. You paged me?
- I.V.?
- Running.
Is the virologist here?
What is this?
He was found like this at
the airport. Type and cross match.
Get your damn gloves on.
We're losing him.
Let's get moving!
He has to be isolated.
Get his blood up to the lab
and call the ward.
Tell them we've got an unknown.
- Do we have a pulse?
- I can't find one.
- He's breathing.
- Get another I.V. going.
Come on!
But he's breathing.
I said, juice him!
Copenhagen took the blackout
in stride.
The police reported
no increase
in calls for assistance.
The cause of the power outage
this evening is still a mystery.
Even cars and battery-operated
radios were unable to function.
We have a reporter
at the power plant...
What was it?
Have you seen this?
He's Romanian.
Touching his things without gloves?
Christ, Merete...
Was it Ebola?
Don't read that pop science stuff.
But he's Romanian.
Romania's in Europe, not Africa.
And this is the men's locker room.
How can you be certain?
Not you, too.
You could have checked it out,
notified Atlanta.
And panicked the entire
European medical community...
only to discover we were wrong?
We could have told Atlanta.
Told them what?
That a man died?
A man with Ebola-like symptoms.
We wait for the test results.
Goddamn it!
Then we put him on a non-stop flight
back to Romania.
Not until we know what it is.
Excuse me...
Which one of us
is Chief of Virology?
Merete, it's Soren Rastauw.
Is Tom still sleeping?
Would you douse him
with ice water for me? Thanks.
Hi, darling.
I didn't get any sleep.
I dreamt all through the night.
Tom, it's Rastauw.
What's the word?
Did it look like
nothing was wrong with him?
Marburg, Ebola, cancer,
even childhood diseases... Nothing.
What tests were run?
Only blood?
That's all I was given.
Let's do a spinal tap.
There's one thing...
I made an unofficial report
to Atlanta last night.
Hang on a second.
It's odd the tests were negative.
There might be another case.
Massive internal bleeding,
high fever,
Ebola-like symptoms.
A boy.
It was reported 36 hours ago.
Jesus Christ!
I'll be there in 15 minutes.
Something about it
doesn't make sense.
Was it arson?
Come down and help us find out.
Interpol's looking for a guy
who torched a pediatric ward
in Romania.
He took a flight to Denmark
before the cops caught up to him.
In Romania. That's Interpol.
Another word for desk job.
They're bending you over, Jensen.
They don't feel like
doing it themselves.
What about Homicide?
I got the Romanian report.
A Molotov cocktail
caused an explosion
which worsened
when it was fought with water.
Sounds familiar?
It's got to be potassium.
Potassium and gasoline.
How'd it look if he did it here
while we're sitting on this report?
Who says he will?
No one.
A German at a Romanian hospital.
The pediatric ward.
Just give me a half day...
To check the hotels.
Just check the hotels
with a bathtub in the room.
He can't cook that shit up
on the carpet.
Excuse me?
I'm looking for a man from Romania.
A dead man.
Yes. Are you related?
Not really... Look.
I just have to know
where he was found.
If you are not a family member...
Iversen, I need a spinal sample.
Two visits from Epidemiology
in one morning...
Lyngfeldt was here.
He sent the Romanian back home.
You've got to be kidding me.
No, he said the tests were negative.
What an asshole!
I don't know if it'll help...
but I found markings
on his right wrist.
- Markings?
- Yeah, burn marks.
Maybe a bite impression
that had burned into the skin.
I'll show you the pictures.
Five in all, 3-4 mm deep.
What the hell is this?
Pretty bizarre, huh?
Well, Mrs. Graversen.
How goes the battle
against salmonella?
Better, Doctor.
Your appetite's back?
- I need to talk to you.
- In my office.
When I'm done here.
How about solid food tonight?
That would be nice.
We'll remove that gastric tube.
Where the hell is the body?
- Who do you think you are?
- You sent him back!
There's another one.
A Romanian boy,
reported 36 hours ago.
The test results don't preclude
the possibility
that it's a new virus.
Or that it's nothing at all.
What about the Romanian boy?
We have one unknown cause of death
in this hospital evey day.
I can't detain a foreign national
to benefit
an ambitious senior resident.
That's what it's about!
What are you talking about?
I am going down there
to get a spinal sample.
Your shift starts in 6 hours.
"I've seen salmonella patients
that were much worse.
"It could be a common cold. "
I am going down there.
What makes you think
they'll let you do your tests?
I called
Bucharest University Hospital.
That wasn't very smart.
You could get fired.
To hell with it!
- If this is half as bad as I fear...
- You mean "hope for".
Come on!
I think you're doing
the right thing.
Something didn't add up right
with that guy.
That's why I'm going.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
I'm going with you.
I have an appointment
with the Dr. Angelescu.
We're looking for Dr. Angelescu.
Jesus Christ, look at that.
It's torched.
I'll wait for you in the lobby.
I feel like a tourist here.
- I'll be a half hour. Okay?
- Of course.
Dr. Angelescu?
Soren Rastauw, we spoke on the phone
this morning...
about the dead man.
I know.
Take a seat.
Has there been a fire,
some burning, or what?
Yes, a fire. Some crazy idiot
tried to burn down the place.
You won't understand it,
but some pictures are interesting.
This is the boy with the same
symptoms as the man in Copenhagen?
Looks like the same thing.
Where is the boy now?
These marks here
look like some kind of bite.
Yes, the boy was bitten
by a dog.
His parents brought the boy here
and, well...
What about his condition
when he got here?
Fine, fine...
He's had a shock and his...
- Bite?
- Bite, yes... It was fine.
Then, what happened?
During the power cut,
his condition became worse
and worsened, and he died.
Power cut?
Power cut, yes.
Happens all the time here.
What do you think?
Some sort of rabies?
Don't think so.
The dog... Did you run any tests?
The dog?
This is a hospital for humans,
not a research center.
I'm happy if I have penicillin.
Take the elevator
and follow the signs.
I'll write the Romanian word
for what you name "morgue"...
And the name of the man
you're looking for.
Keep the file.
Keep the pen.
I have a pen, thank you.
So... thank you, anyway.
Wait a minute, morgue...?
Excuse me...
I'm Soren Rastauw, from Denmark,
I'm a doctor.
I've had an appointment
with Angelescu.
Could you help me?
This man, here...
Where is he?
'Cause I need a spinal sample
from this man.
I don't believe this...
I don't fucking believe this.
Forget it. Just shut up.
Can you show me?
Just show me.
Damn it!
I'm looking for...
Vasili Eunescu.
The key is over there.
There. Sorry, it's my first day.
He's on his way up.
Roger that.
It's been awhile, huh?
What's going on?
He's going down.
He's going down!
He got off on first floor!
The rooms.
Damn it, Jensen! Watch out!
Towards the square!
- Did you see him?
- No.
- One man in each direction.
- No, two and two.
There's not enough of us.
Two and two, Jensen.
We're going home alive. Move it!
Take the east side.
Good God!
What is it you're hoping to find?
What I'm hoping to find?
I have no idea.
The guy's dust.
I'm just trying to keep
an open mind.
I think you're being arrogant.
You want to disturb a family who
lost their child just 2 days ago.
You're too emotional.
You're not compassionate enough.
Got the map?
My name is Soren Rastauw.
I'm a doctor, I come from Denmark.
You don't speak English?
I know.
What do you want?
I spoke to Dr. Angelescu
from the Hospital of Bucharest
about Nikolai.
Nikolai is dead.
One moment, please.
- Yes, please.
- I'm really sorry.
But I have a few questions
and it's very important.
So I ask for your help.
- You understand?
- Yes.
Follow me.
Do you raise dogs?
Raise? No.
Just a minute, please.
Look at that.
They buried him in the arbor.
Probably an orthodox tradition.
There is nothing to see here.
I know it's a very hard time for you
and I'm really sory
but I need to have some information.
If I get it,
I can save other people's life.
Who cares?
I do.
Our boy is dead.
- Understand?
- I understand.
What about the dog, please?
What happened to it?
Did it show any symptoms of illness?
I shot and burnt it.
It was not a dog,
it was something else.
Maybe it was a beast.
Now leave me alone.
Leave me alone!
I only have a few questions.
Are you okay?
Vincent Monreau.
He has my gun.
He's a priest.
Lars, let's get a bulletin out.
Get the lab people out here
and then come back.
A priest...
And a chemisty student!
Move back,
I'll show you something.
Mixed with water.
Imagine a larger amount
mixed with gasoline.
What does it say?
"Stella Mala. "
Look at this!
Never seen a red moon before?
Volcanic dust in the stratosphere
creates the illusion of a red moon.
We don't see the authorities much.
We could use your help with this.
an intergalactic crime ring?
Stella Mala!
It means "Evil star" in Latin.
We don't believe in it.
Believe in what?
Stella Mala.
We know it is a supernova.
A supernova is a star about to die.
A sun about to be extinguished.
Just before it dies, it flares up
in a great flash of light.
What is it you don't believe in?
Astrologists believe in Stella Mala.
The Evil star.
The opposite
of the star of Bethlehem.
The opposite?
The birth of Satan instead of Jesus.
The pentagram.
The symbol of Satan.
Stella Mala appeared in the sky
a couple of weeks ago.
Astrologers and charlatans
believe Satan's son
was born at that time.
They see the star
as a sign of his birth.
Common superstition
combined with the new millenium.
The same thing happened in 999.
History books mention
red moons,
but we're still here, right?
The scientific explanation,
on the other hand, is very simple.
Stella Mala
existed for millions of years
before we discovered it.
Only after it became a supernova
was it visible to our telescopes.
How do you get these star charts?
Just a moment.
"The Astrology Handbook
for the Occultist".
We can't help ourselves.
A real page-turner.
Vincent Monreau.
Dog bites boy.
Boy infects male nurse and dies.
The male nurse is found dead
in Denmark
in a parking garage.
I'm freezing.
How cold can it be?
15 degrees, tops.
I don't know where the hell I am.
Where are we?
What is it?
The dog was cremated,
the man was cremated.
But the boy was buried,
and it's 15 degrees outside.
You can't be serious.
He might just as well
be in the morgue.
His blood cells are intact.
Forget it. They're in mourning.
They'll never allow it.
He was just buried.
The earth is still loose,
it would only take a half hour.
He is dead and buried.
No one will know.
- We'll have to live with it.
- Exactly!
You're sick.
You hear me? You're sick.
Try to repeat after me:
"I'm going back
to that grieving family
"to dig up their beloved little boy
"and make a big career move...
"by getting
that fucking spinal sample. "
Say it!
I'm not going home
without that sample, understand?
That's it!
Okay, but if you do,
we're finished.
Do you understand?
Stop the car!
Stop the car.
Stop the car!
He may be alive.
If he lies out there,
unconscious for an hour,
he'll die.
Go back!
We're in Romania.
This is not Denmark.
They'll put us away for life.
What will happen then?
We're going home.
We're putting this picture on N
tomorrow morning.
Look at this.
This is the order
our pyromaniac science student
wrote about.
to the opposition of Satan.
Founded in the Middle Ages
during the witch hunts,
in the belief that Satan's rebirth
can be seen in the pentagram.
All the way up to '46,
when the Pope banned the order,
they gathered information
and prepared
for the Evil One's return.
Look at this.
The monk in the middle.
The last Grand Master.
Guess what his name is.
Jacques Monreau.
His father?
Or maybe he just tells himself so.
Who needs the Pope's blessing
when you've got the Net?
He has his own Web site.
His article invites anyone
who has information
about the subject
to visit the Chosen's Web site.
See? Here's room for thought
on the Evil One's return.
Fantastic, huh?
Hello, Tom.
Back from the Crusades?
You look awful.
Here's the Nobel Prize.
- The spinal sample?
- A vintage year.
It didn't come easy.
It's from the boy
with the same symptoms.
I need the results fast.
I've got to get back to Sarah.
Have you spoken to Lyngfeldt?
Some foreign professor
was looking for him.
He's investigating the same virus.
As fast as you can, Tom.
4 hours.
It can't be done faster.
So, we hope for the best.
This is Professor...
Schmidt. Vincent Schmidt.
He is working
at the Pasteur Institute...
I'm here about the Romanian
you treated the other night.
Where did you find him?
How did you know about him?
I checked for...
the Disease Control Center
in Atlanta.
But we didn't report it.
Christ, Claus!
Now you see it's not
a phantom virus.
It's absurd, but you must be hoping
this is a dangerous, unknown virus.
Because if it isn't...
and I was forced
to cover your shit
while you played Indiana Jones
in Romania,
and reported the event to Atlanta...
and it turns out to be nothing...
you're fired.
I'll report you
to the Danish Medical Association.
I'm going home.
I need some sleep...
after that 24-hour shift.
Is it a virus?
So, where was he found?
What do you have?
I think I know how it infects.
So you tell me?
A storm front is moving in
with heavy rainfall
and strong winds...
May I speak to Berit, please?
Thank you.
Hi, it's me.
Listen, could I stay with you
for a while?
I have to get away.
When is your shift over?
I'll pick you up
at Intensive at six.
We're here about the man...
I found him up
in business parking.
What is he talking about?
He's saying that he found him.
Did he touch him?
No way.
I've never seen anything like it.
Who was nearby when it happened?
He came with an airplane,
he's been close to hundreds.
The video camera
is auto-recording?
Of course.
Does the tape from that night
The police are looking
for a German citizen,
Vincent Monreau...
If you have any information
about him, please call this number.
Anything we can use?
Anonymous calls from bars.
This doctor knows where he is.
Is he calling from a bar?
He's on the street.
Send a car to the airport. Find
the number for long-term parking!
She's a stewardess.
It looks like she's been followed.
No answer.
That's when the power went.
It looks like he attacked her.
We must find her!
Parking, hold on.
We must find her immediately.
Do you know her name?
You know...
this virus...
is not an ordinay one.
I hope not.
Go down there,
so they don't see us.
I'll take the stairs!
She might not be at home.
She's a stewardess.
She's home.
I'm a doctor!
And I'm a cop! Now shut up!
Drop the gun! Get down!
1, 2, 3...
Put him over there.
I've met some crazy people,
but you're really something.
You say you're a doctor but
your passport says you're a priest,
and in some ridiculous magazine
you call yourself an astrologist.
You say you belong
to some kind of secret society
called "Elicti".
You're not registered as a priest
not to mention the Pope banned
the order 50 years ago.
I don't care what you are,
where you've been,
I'm just doing my job: protecting
people from people like you,
and I want to know two things:
why did you kill that woman...
I didn't kill her.
She's alive.
Believe me, she's dead.
She's alive.
You were right there when she died.
Why do you say this?
Whenever He jumps,
there's a power cut.
A blackout.
Whenever who...
"He" jumps? Satan?
The Beast. Evil.
The woman, Jensen.
What about the woman,
she's Satan too?
It's not a virus,
it is the Beast!
Every time He jumps
into a new person,
the old body dies.
Nobody survives.
Ask him how it can be dangerous
if it only goes from man to man.
Not a very dangerous virus, is it,
Satan, whatever...
if it only goes from man to man.
When the President of America
was here, in Denmark,
do you know anybody who met him?
In person?
You say you want to understand...
The Chief of Police met him.
Did he shake hands
with the President?
She. Yes.
Did you shake hands with her?
Yes, once. Why?
then you are one handshake away
from the President
of America.
Don't you see?
He can go everywhere,
take anybody
and make them do evil.
Just as foretold in the Revelation:
"Born as a Beast,
"use man against man
until man is no more. "
Then what the hell
is He doing in Denmark?
Whenever He leaves one body
to go to another one,
the old body dies.
It shrinks
like the soul has been eaten.
That's the trail I follow.
- Ask the doctor.
- About what?
He was there, he knows.
The power cuts...
the beast that bit a boy...
It is in the Revelation.
The five stars are the sign
that Evil has been born.
He knows I'm here.
If I don't hunt Him,
He will win.
That's why you must go
to the Hospital.
To stop Him!
Before He jumps again!
Hi there!
What's going on?
You're upset?
Thanks for coming.
I'm Rastauw from Epidemiology.
Where's the woman who was shot?
What happened?
It's a long story.
Where are you going?
I'm going to stay with Berit
for a couple of days.
I had to deliver the sample.
It's not that.
Then what is it?
I know I don't deserve it...
but let's just get some coffee,
or a beer...
At least hear me out.
Get your bag.
You've got to believe me.
Just give me five minutes.
Okay, five minutes.
Oh shit...
My wallet's upstairs.
30 seconds...
I have money.
No, this one's on me.
I'll be back in 30 seconds, okay?
You are one handshake away
from the President of America.
Don't you see?
He can go everywhere...
take anybody
and make them do evil...
just as foretold in the Revelation:
"Born as a Beast,
"use man against man
until man is no more. "
There's a patient...
Whenever it leaves one person to go
to another person, the body dies.
It shrinks,
like the soul has been eaten.
That's the trail I follow.
You scared the daylights out of me!
Are you jerking me around?
What do you mean?
Look at the cell center.
It's not the cell of a human being.
I drew it myself.
It's from a boy.
A boy with cell structure
of an animal. I ran the test twice.
The sample is from an animal. must go to the Hospital.
To stop Him
Before He jumps again.
Where the hell have you been?
Looking for you.
I told you to stay here!
The power went out...
Let's get out of here.
Something's all wrong. Let's go.
Stand away, Doctor.
She must burn.
We have a man down.
Send backup.
What's going on?
I'm going after them.
Where are you?
What are you doing?
Come out.
Who was it?
His girlfriend. A medical student.
I hope there's
a logical explanation for this.
I'll take him in.
You wanna go?
processed by C.M.C. - Paris