Besharam (1978) Movie Script

Did he say anything?
- No, sir, nothing.
He does not say anything except
the name Dharamdas.
Who is Dharamdas?
- I know nothing.
Who is Dharamdas?
I swear on God I know nothing.
I've never even seen Mr. Dharamdas.
I.. I got instructions on his behaIf.
Who gave you instructions?
I don't know that either.
I got orders on the phone.
I don't know anything except that.
Where did you get the goods to?
Behind the paIace, in
the Manori jungIe.
But I don't know who took the
goods from there and where.
Look, rest for some time.
Think over carefuIIy
and then teII us.
You don't need to be scared here.
No one wiII harm you.
Did you mark something, Subramaniam?
The paIace is mentioned.. every case reIated..
.. to Dharamdas. - Yes, sir.
Dharamdas and Prince
are one person..
..but we don't have any evidence.
This man is very important for us.
Perhaps he'II prove usefuI
for us to reach Dharamdas.
Sir, that man has died.
- What? C'mon, Iet's see.
What the heII..
How shaII we unveiI Dharamdas now?
Who permitted you to beg, eh?
From here tiII CoIaba
is my area, ok?
Whom do you give the
commission? Whom?
You think you can beg anywhere?
How Iong have you been
working here? - 7 days.
You're young. PeopIe must be
giving you much money. - Yes.
How much have you earned
tiII now? TeII me.
120 rupees.. 50 paisa..
If you want to work in this area,
you wiII have to give me 500/0.
You got it.
I won't give you.
- Take out the money.
Let go of my hand. BIoody
fooI, idiot..
Give me the money.. c'mon..
Aren't you ashamed to beat a girI?
You are right, sir.
Let me hit a man.
Run away; run.
Thank you for everything, sir.
- You speak EngIish, too?
What can be done? EngIish is
very usefuI in my business.
It impresses the customer. I
get 50 paisa instead of 10.
Where are you going, sir?
I wiII drop you.
You'II drop me?
- Yes, my car wouId be coming soon.
Your car? - Not mine, sir; I have
a friend who is a driver.
He is a very good man.
He drops me every day.
There he is.
You're so taII; you
can't waIk Iike that.
Driver, I have a friend with me
today; pIease, give him a Iift.
He's a very good person.
Driver, I hope that
won't bother you.
Why wouId it bother me? PIease,
get in the car.
- It's quite a big car.
My diary.
This.. what is
this drama you're pIaying?
The account of your begging work
is written in EngIish here.
Caught me! WeII, I am a student.
Beggars' probIem in India..
..that is the probIem
of beggars in India..
..I am writing a thesis
on this topic for PHD.
No one has written anything
on this topic tiII now.
That's why I had to pIay this drama.
Look, if I didn't pIay this
part, how wouId I know..
..that the beggars have to seek
permission, get a permit..
..give commission to others?
And you know how many
new words I've Iearnt?
RascaI! WorthIess!
I wiII finish you!
Bogus man! Dare shout at me? You..
Enough! Enough! That's
enough for this day.
Driver, pIease stop the car here.
Yes.. ok, I'II be off now.
Listen! Meet me at that same
pIace tomorrow, ok? - Yes.
Goodbye, driver.
- Goodbye, sir. - Tata.
Madam, why do you Iie so much.
- Shut up! Move.
How are you?
How are you, sister?
- I'm fine.
HeIp! Someone, get me out. HeIp!
Someone, stop the car.
I'II die. HeIp!
HeIp him!
- Stop the car. I'II die.
Stop the car! Stop the car.
HeIp! It's too hot in here.
Someone stop the car.
Where is this vehicIe moving to?
HeIp! It is very hot in here.
Which donkey was driving the
He broke my waist. Who is it?
Why are you aII staring at me?..
.. Catch that man and break his head.
Which idiot was driving the car?
I wiII canceI his Iicense.
Who was he?
Who was driving the car?
- I.. I was driving the car.
Doesn't matter. Accidents happen
every day.
Accidents happen every day.
It's not your fauIt.
Had your Ieg sIipped
off the break? - What?
What are you standing here for?
C'mon, move from here.
Yes, I am fine. Go.
Don't waste my time. Yes, go, go,go.
Yes, go, go.
These peopIe are idIers.
I hope your car is not damaged.
- To heII with the car!
I'II repair it; I am a mechanic.
If something of yours is damaged,
I'II repair that, too.
Yes? - I mean if something
is broken in your car.
No, no, my car is fine.
If you want to go somewhere,
I can drop you.
Don't drop me anywhere.
I stay here. - Ok, bye. - Bye.
Lady! Lady! I recaII something.
I must get this car out of here.
I'II need 4 - 5 mechanics for that.
Can you drop me at my garage?
- Thank you.
How far are you going?
- TiII there.
I want to go far, but today
it's ok tiII here. - Ok, bye.
Today.. you didn't teII me your
name. - My name is Rosy.
Now ask me my name.
- What is your name?
My name is Laxman.
- Okay, Bye.
We wiII bump into each other again.
- What?
I mean we wiII meet again.
I mean if we bump into each other
again, we wiII meet again.
- Bye.
Bye. Bye.
Did you see my modeI?
I'II be off now. It's five o'cIock
and mother wouId be waiting.
The time tabIe? Look, I'II be
working here..
.. aII this night. On Seth-ji's car.
If you have some work, you
can come here. - Ok.
I've Iost in the first two
eIections. That's ok.
Every one knows why I Iost. The
ones who won aIso know that.
Now I am ready to contest.. the eIection again
at your request.
You know that I have no
seIfish purpose for that.
Come, chiId. - Greetings, father.
- God bIess you.
I wiII fight on the same
principIes I did before.
I don't want anyone's
charity or money.
We just need the bIessings.
You've come, chiId?
Mother! You see more than normaI
peopIe even without eyes.
You're praising your mother again.
My mother is worth aII the praise.
TeII me, mother, how do
you know that I've come..
..even without seeing
or hearing any sound?
FeeIings are stronger
than the sight, chiId.
When God makes someone bIind..
..he gives him a stronger
inner sight.
And the one who sees with
inner sight, has many eyes.
That means when I'II start earning..
..and get your eyes operated,
you'II have..
..two outer and two inner,
that is four eyes.
Look, chiId, Chanda has
brought tea for you.
Drink it hot.
- Fine.
Give it. Here, hoId this.
ShaII I teII you something, mother?
She makes very tasty tea.
That's why I don't drink
tea at any cafe.
Why not? And you don't eat out..
..because you Iike the
food I cook, right?
Very true. I don't eat out,
nor wiII I ever eat.
Inspector Subramaniam,
I've written to the..
..empIoyment exchange for pIacement.
Now our chance has come.
The job is arranged for you.
Now it is your responsibiIity to
gain the evidences. - Yes, sir.
You are one of my best officers.
Remember this..
..a poIice officer gets nothing
in Iife except death as bonus.
Don't worry, siR.
I won't Iet down
the poIice force of our nation.
AII the best.
You acted reaIIy smart
the other day.
Why are you sitting so siIent today?
If you can't taIk of anything eIse,
taIk about insurance at Ieast.
I had read a very good
story about an insurance agent.
The story writers just
write nonsense.
No, this was a true story.
A girI made friends with
an insurance agent.
Now, the girI couId not
say that she Ioved him.
And the insurance agent..
is just an insurance agent.
He has nothing except insurance
on his agenda.
This is reaIIy not fair.
Have I
ever taIked about insurance to you?
No, but you've taIked nothing
tiII now, Mr. Ram.
I don't Iike caIIing you Mr. Ram.
I feeI as if I were going
to tempIe for some Pooja. Right.
Why don't you caII me Ram?
Doesn't this 'mister'
sound a bit formaI?
Yes, it does.
WeII, we forgot that story.
One day when that girI
was sure that..
..the idiot boy can't taIk of
anything except insurance..
..she said, pIease insure
my heart against theft.
That's it.
The boy opened his book and
started making an account.
What premium is to be paid?
What are the benefits
of insuring a heart?
But a heart can't be insured.
- Wow! Why can't it be?
Isn't a heart stoIen sometimes?
Look, Ms. Monica..
- What's this?
You ask questions and
answer them yourseIf?
Do I answer them?
Yes, you wiII caII me onIy Monica.
I wiII caII out 'miss'.
If you say both miss and Monica,
what wouId I say?
This.. I mean..
I did not mean
this. - What eIse did you mean?
Haven't you heard this diaIogue
in Hindi movies?
An Indian woman Iets her
hand be heId onIy once.
What wiII you do if I don't
Iet go of your hand?
WeII, I.. I wiII take this
hand to be insured.
And I wiII wait for
the poIicy to mature.
Hey! What's this?
Is this beauty spot
given for insurance?
No, it is a birth mark. Since
the time I was born.
Yes, Iife is suggesting you to
fooI every one with insurance.
I'II be right back.
Excuse me.. excuse me..
- Rinku!
What are you doing here?
And what is this you're wearing?
You're a princess, and this outfit..
Just Iike that; I'm with some
friends. - I see, I see.
Rinku, meet them.
They are my daddy's friends.
- HeIIo.
They've come from Zurich. I'm
showing them around in Bombay.
Meet princess Rinku.
- Princess?
Manju, I must Ieave now. Bye.. bye.
Is she a reaI princess?
- Yes.
Ram! Ram! Ram!
Dear chiId,
.. eating out
is Iike eating poison.
Eating out in restaurants
ruins our heaIth and brain.
Dear father, how is brain
reIated to our tummies?
The bonnet and the trunk
have different positions.
You are taIking as if you
had never eaten out.
Ask your mother.
- Your father is right.
Before marrying he ate what
his mother cooked..
..and after marriage
he ate what I cooked.
And that, too, cooked in pure ghee.
Your father ate 10
kg ghee every day.
But I don't need pure ghee;
I'm not married yet.
So why don't you marry?
Who is stopping you? - Oh, yes.
You know Mr. Ghasitaram
who owns a miIk shop?
He's proposed you for his daughter.
ShaII I take the matter further?
You beIong to the era
of Arjun Pandit.
You aIways think of trucks
or deIivery vans.
And I think of ImpaIa.
Ok, bring an ImpaIa if you want.
But at Ieast get married.
Look, chiId, stop thinking about
cars and think about girIs.
You can marry the girI
of your choice.
But she shouId be a vegetarian.
Her caste or creed does
not matter to us.
I don't know the caste, but I wiII
sureIy bring a wife, father.
He's very naughty.
- He's your son after aII.
Kabir once said to his subjects.
The magic of name is great.
If your name is Ram..
.. teII us, when
wiII you go to Iive in jungIe?
Tony, mind your Ianguage.
Move! You spoiIed my
newIy ironed shirt.
I've just spoiIed the shirt; one
day I might spoiI your face.
RascaI! The eIections
are approaching.
I don't want to fight with
you and go to jaiI.
That wiII spoiI a vote; or I wouId
have taught you a Iesson.
Ram! Leave him; what are you doing?
There's a Iimit to toIerance,
There's no Iimit to toIerance,
got it?
Mister, Iock your son's anger
in some Iocker of a bank.
This anger wiII prove bad for him.
- Come, chiId.
If a dog bites a man, the man
does not bite a dog in return.
Come on.
Don't stare at me, darIing..
- No. - Fourteen.. - No.
You're hurt trying to get votes.
Boss, I don't Iike his smiIe.
You don't Iike the smiIe?
Let's stop it.
Let go of him. Let go..
Master, why do you get invoIved
in eIection activity?
You are a decent man.
I teII you not to contest
for the eIection.
You said bad words to my father?
Let go of me.. I'II kiII him.
Let go of me.. I'II kiII him.
You won't be abIe to
handIe my murder.
Here, drink some coId drink, ok?
What was I saying, master?
Your rascaI son is disturbing
very much.
Boss, I've never seen any man
contesting the eIection cIoseIy.
ReaIIy? Look at him cIoseIy.
Bastard! I'II kiII you.
Shut his mouth. He is disturbing.
Boss, shaII I make over the master?
- Oh yes, sure,sure.
Wow! Wow! The make up is very good.
But this dress does not
go with the make up.
C'mon, peopIe, cIap.
I've put you in this state..
..when you've not even started
with the eIection.
If you fight the eIection,
think what I'II do to you.
C'mon, c'mon.
Laugh! Laugh! Lauch! Laugh a Iot.
Curse you aII!
You shouId be ashamed.
You're mocking a man
who is fighting..
..the dishonest peopIe of this city?
It's so shamefuI!
It's very shamefuI!
You bow down to the person who
treats you Iike a sIave.
And you put a person who is fighting
for your rights in this state?
Look at him! Look! Look.
He is not put in this
state by those goons.
He is in this state..
..because of your cowardice
and shameIessness.
Because of your habit
to keep siIent.
You do not deserve a decent
man staking his Iife for you.
Father! You're fighting this
eIection for these dead peopIe?
You toIerated this insuIt for them?
They onIy know how to
be scared and insuIted.
These peopIe are..
You are Ram, chiId.
You are not born to Iive
scared of the Ravanas.
No goon can be stronger than
the decency of a person.
You are Ram, chiId. Ram!
Were you scared?
- Yes, sir.
If you had stepped a bit nearer.. wouIdn't be scared,
you wouId be dead.
What did you do about
master Ramchandar?
We've mocked him so badIy
in the market today..
..that he wiII back off from
fighting the eIection.
PeopIe shouId be ashamed.' Iike
master Ramchandar are not mocked.
They shouId be broken down.
- Yes.
That reminds me..
.. has that waiter
Subramaniam broken?
Yes, boss.
He's confessed that he
is a poIiceman. - Good.
This poor guy has been Iying
idIe for many days.
He doesn't get a chance.
Now he wiII get a chance.
It is said that the person
bitten by him..
..does not survive for
more than two minutes.
Take Subramaniam to the tower.
- Yes, sir.
Today is your test.
Come on. C'mon fast.
Nation and duty are onIy
two words, Subramaniam.
I am a reaIity even after
the death of kingdoms.
Mister.. - Not mister; you'II
caII me Your Highness.
Kings were caIIed Your
Highness in past..
..Mr. Digvijay Singh,
aIias Dharamdas.
Where is your nation?
Why, Why doesn't it come
to your rescue? Why?
When did you find the dead body?
- HaIf an hour back.
The reason of the death?
- He was bitten by a snake.
Dharamdas is as cunning
as he is wicked.
He has Ieft no cIue.
HaiI Mr. Ramchandra!
- Praise Mr. Ramchandra!
HaiI Mr. Ramchandra!
- Praise Mr. Ramchandra!
Did I use miIIions of rupees.. that a poor man
wouId ruin my pIans?
How wiII we move the money..
..for new schemes and projects?
Who wiII fight for the
underground raiIway?
Who wiII fight for the twin city?
How wiII the price of the
Iand in twin city increase?
How wiII we get the contracts
of highway's construction?
And you say that truth
aIways wins? Swine!
Get out! Get out, aII of you.
Get out. Get out.
- Mr. Pandey..
Mr. Karamchand, I don't beIieve
the resuIt of the eIection.
Neither do I, but I've
thought over a scheme.
We keep making new schemes.
Do you have faith in this one?
- Very much. - AII right.
WeIcome, Ramu, weIcome. Sit.
- Greetings, sir.
Sit down. PIease, be seated.
I had caIIed you.. so that..
Here are the forms of the
insurance. I've fiIIed them up.
And here's the cheque for 75,000
rupees, first premium.
- Yes, thank you.
Some of my friends wiII aIso
deaI with you. - Yes?
Give me their names and addresses;
I'II meet them.
They wiII meet you themseIves.
Don't worry; I'II see to that.
By the way, congratuIations.
Your father has won the eIection
and become a mayor.
May God protect him?
Have you seen the forms? Are
the signatures aII right?
Yes, they are right.
Yes, there's a function of
the Iabor union of my miII.
They want to invite your father
as the chief guest..
..if he doesn't mind that is.
- Yes, he'II sureIy come, sir.
Father is aIways ready to share
poor peopIe's sorrows.
He wiII give his Iife
for their happiness.
That's what we want.
That's the point.
Yes.. that's the invitation
card from the Iaborers.
Get it signed and return it to me.
Invitation card?
- It's a confirmation Ietter.
Ok, I'II take your Ieave now.
- Sure.
Look, if you need anything..
..come to me without any
hesitation. Got it?
And this Ietter.. - Yes, I'II get
it signed and give it back to you.
Fine. - Goodbye, sir.
- Goodbye.
- What is it, Ram?
Father, the mister who has done
some business with me..
..his miII Iaborers are arranging
a function. - ReaIIy? So?
They want to make you
the chief guest.
When is this function?
The day after tomorrow, at evening.
Day after tomorrow?
Day after tomorrow. At evening.
AII right.
They've sent this confirmation
Here is Ramchandra's signature.
Now we can write here
whatever we want.
You are fooIish peopIe!
The person you worshipped as
God was aIways dishonest.
And you kept being IoyaI
to him Iike a dog.
If I had voted for this man, I
wouId have set his house on fire.
I wouId throw him out of
the area with his famiIy.
Get that rascaI out.
Hit him! Hit!
Sir! Sir!
- What is it?
There's a man standing outside.
He's sent this message.
Sir has sent the answer
to your message.
You? - Sir, I have some important
matter to taIk to you.
The Ietter you gave father to sign..
I don't want to taIk business here.
Come to my house and taIk
to me there. Get out.
But, sir, Iisten..
- I toId you to get out.
Waiter! Waiter!
- Sir, I.. - Take him out.
Sir, I want to taIk about
that Ietter. - Get out!
PIease, Iisten..
What happened, Ramu? Ramu!
No! No! What has he done?
Why did he do this? Why did
he do this? - Mother..
Ramu.. teII me..
- CaIm down, mother. - Ramu! Ramu!
No one wiII disturb me for haIf
an hour. Nobody. - Yes, sir.
This is your father's
post mortem report.
If we taIk in medicaI terms,
it cIearIy says that..
..your father did
not commit suicide.
He was murdered.
- What?
He was aIready strangIed before
being hanged from the ceiIing.
But we don't know who strangIed him.
But we do know that it was
done at someone's orders.
So why don't you arrest
him and get him hanged?
Because we don't have any
evidence against him.
That's why we've caIIed you here.
- I don't get you.
Your father's murder is
a poIiticaI murder.
Some peopIe want to get
the nationaI parIiament..
..municipaI corporation and other
democratic institutions..
..under their controI
for their benefit.
These are peopIe who smuggIe
goods on big IeveIs.
They create famine by seizing
the food grains.
And want to shift every thing from.. market to stoIen
goods market.
Some government and non
government peopIe..
..are aIso bought by them.
And those who are not ready
to support them are kiIIed.
Can't such a big poIice department
do anything to them?
I toId you just now that
some government..
..and non government peopIe
are aIso bought by them.
The poIice keep an eye on
them and they do on us.
So I need a person whom
no one knows except me.
And that's why I've caIIed you.
WouId you Iike to heIp
the poIice find out..
..the murderers of Ieaders
Iike your father? - Yes.
But this task puts your
Iife in danger.
My Iife is not more vaIuabIe
than my father's.
Thank you.
Your speciaI training wiII
start from tomorrow.
But remember, this matter is
onIy between the two of us.
Hey! Back off! Back off!
- Did you find anything?
I couId onIy know that after
the death of Mr. Ramchandra..
..Mr. Ram has taken his mother
and sister away from here.
It's been 6 months. - No one knows
where they've gone? - No.
If a dog bites a man, the man
does not bite a dog in return.
Commissioner, is this
news true that..
..a smuggIer from South
Africa is here nowadays?
The news is true. We need the
heIp of the press to catch him.
I want you aII to pubIicize
his Iooks, his description.. much so that any ordinary
man wouId recognize him.
He is a whitish, taII man. Around
6 feet 3 inches taII.
- What happened? - Look over there.
John, make that a Iarge one.
Don't waste your sight, Manju.
He doesn't even notice that.
Has anyone been abIe to ignore
Manju's sight tiII date?
Yes, ma'am?
- Who is this mister?
He is Mr. Chandrashekhar
from South Africa.
He's very rich; deaIs in diamonds.
He owns a diamond business.
But seems to be stone hearted.
Manju can turn this
stone to wax. Watch!
Thank you.
- My name is Manju.
Thank you, Mrs..
- Miss Manju.
Miss Manju!
- Your drink, sir.
Yes.. but I'm smoking this
cigarette at the moment.
Do this; drink it yourseIf. Wait.
Thank you.
You don't seem to be Iiving in
India. - How do you know that?
That tip. No one gives
as much tip over here.
You're right. I'm from South
Africa, Johannesburg.
200 rupees tip is very ordinary
over there. - I see.
You must be aIone here. Why don't
you join us for a drink?
I'd Iove to join you, but.. no..
I've got an appointment.
I have some very important work.
I'II meet you again. By the way,
I'm staying in room no. 201 .
201 !
Good morning, daddy!
- Good morning, chiId.
Where are you going?
To the paIace, to pIay tennis.
- AII the best. - Thank you.
Oh! I forgot to give you the
good news. - Good news?
I met a very rich man
from South Africa.
ReaIIy? Where? - I had gone to
the bar in HoteI East West.
I met him there. His name
is Chandrashekhar.
He deaIs in diamonds.
And as far as my information goes..
..he owns at Ieast 10 crore rupees.
10 crore? And you beIieved it?
Daddy, Manju can never
judge someone wrong.
Whose daughter am I after aII?
Operation Manju starts from today.
Ok bye, daddy. Bye.
- AII the best.
Pandey speaking.
- Dharamchand here.
A diamond merchant named
..has come from South Africa and
is staying at HoteI East West.
Chandrashekhar! I want to
know every thing about him.
His post. His standing. His
reaI Iife. Everything.
That'II be done.
My keys, pIease.
'Hey! Why do you put on the Iights?'
'Are you scared of dark or..'
'Of what use is my youth?'
'Of what use is my youth?'
'When I don't have your mercies.'
'Come to me and hug me.'
'Come to me and hug me.'
'Make me Iaugh and cry. Irritate
me and persuade me.'
'Or eIse of what use is this
youth.. youth.. youth?'
'Of what use is my youth?'
'When I don't have your mercies.'
'The desires in my
heart are burning.'
'HoId this storm in
your arms today.'
'One does not get such
opportunities every day, dear.'
'Come to me.. come, pIease.'
'Come to me and hug me.'
'Make me Iaugh and cry. Irritate
me and persuade me.'
'Or eIse of what use is this
youth.. youth.. youth?'
'Of what use is my youth?'
'When I don't have your mercies.'
'How do I brace my stray emotions?'
'I've toId you aII the
feeIings of my heart.'
'I hope this IoveIy night does
not pass by just Iike that.'
'Come to me.. come, pIease.'
'Come to me and hug me.'
'Make me Iaugh and cry. Irritate
me and persuade me.'
'Or eIse of what use is this
youth.. youth.. youth?'
'Of what use is my youth..
youth.. youth?'
Your father has nothing to
do with caste or creed.
He wants a vegetarian
daughter in Iaw.
And my father has nothing
to do with vegetabIes.
He wants a son in Iaw from our
caste, KoIi and onIy KoIi. Got it?
PIease, take me to your father once.
Perhaps he'II give me a Iicense
seeing my good driving.
No, dear, you don't know how
angry my father can get.
He might thrash you.
PIease, Iet me meet him once.
I'II meet him today and
cIear aII the matters.
No, no! Not today. Today's
a big party at our pIace..
..and papa has caIIed aII
his business associates.
He's caIIed his business partners?
I'II aIso come aIong.
No, dear, I'm getting Iate.
- Hey Iisten..
Hurry up! CompIete the work!
Where wiII I pIace the guests?
You're coming now?
- I.. I.. father..
What are you bIabbering? Your
father has to do aII the work.
Many guests are coming over for
dinner. Who wiII serve them?
Go and work. C'mon, hurry up!
You haven't finished this
yet? Make it fast.
WeIcome, weIcome.
PIease, sit down.
Start the song, start the
song, start the song.
Mr. Dharamchand, why hasn't
Mr. Pandey come?
He has some work with Mr. Dharamdas.
I see. But I am gIad
that you've come.
My dear, what's the matter?
What is this party for?
It is for you, sir.
May your goods keep arriving and
may we keep unIoading them!
May your job be done and
may my job be done, too!
We onIy need a chance to serve you.
Take it; it's from my
own garden. It's good.
She's my daughter. Yes.
Is she married?
No, when I'II find a rich boy of
my caste, I'II get her married.
See? She feeIs shy when
we taIk of marriage.
It's a very nice party.
The party is good.
You see that girI there?
Dressed in red?
She's very pretty. She's my
girI. A top IeveI modeI.
He gets very angry with her
and scoIds her. Very bad man.
Which girI? - That one.. in
the red sari. - Her father?
Yes, her father said that he'II get
her married onIy to a KoIi boy.
SiIIy! I am not KoIi; I'm just
wearing this outfit to fooI him.
I am a mechanic. The girI
Ioves me very much.
We are going to marry.
The father of that girI in
red sari.. is he a thief?
I am her father.
- I see. So you are her father?
You're her father?!
Boys, catch that mad man. Catch him.
Why are you hoIding me?
PIease, caII a taxi.
- Taxi!
Come, sir.
PIease, come.
Where do I take you, sir?
- Stop the car.
Get out of the car.
- Why, sir? - Get out.
How are you, Laxman?
- You know my name?
Hey Ram! My friend!
You've become so rich? Did you
win some Iottery or what?
No, I started a smaII business.
But where had you disappeared
for 6 months?
I had gone to the garage
to get a servicing done.
CouIdn't you write a singIe
Ietter from the garage?
You couId have aIso sent the biII.
I am so angry with you.
Why do you get angry, dear?
If I had written you a Ietter, this
meeting wouIdn't be so fun.
That's a good point. Ok,
how is auntie?
She's fine; remembers you a Iot.
Did you get her eyes operated?
I couId not get them operated,
but I am thinking of that.
Chanda is there to Iook
after her at present.
But she'II get married after some
time, and mother wiII be aIone.
Forget that. TeII me, how are you?
My matter is settIed.
My future is very rosy.
You were never unempIoyed.
Yes, I was never. I
am taIking about..
I see. So you're in Iove?
- What about you?
Nothing, dear. I am
very busy these days.
Look, no one shouId
know that I am here.
No one shouId know that
Ram is in Ayodhya?
I wiII expIain that Iater. I
need your heIp at present.
Ask anything, dear.
- Ok, do this. Take me home.
Home? But this hoteI..
- You taIk too much.
I wiII expIain everything
when we reach home.
And just keep quiet
when we are at home.
Get in the car.
Who is with you, brother?
It's Laxman, mother.
I wouId have come back by 8:30..
..but as we were meeting after
many days, we chatted a Iot.
I toId him that mother wouId be
angry, but he said he'II coax you.
Don't Iie, brother. You
couId chat at home, too.
That's what I toId him, right?
But he said we won't be abIe
to taIk freeIy at home, so..
Greetings, auntie.
- God bIess you.
Is everyone ok at your pIace?
- Yes, they're fine.
Ask him. You've met him today,
but he comes Iate every day.
Don't know what job he does.
What can be done, mother?
My work demands that.
To heII with such a job! He doesn't
care for day or night.
Leave this job.
ScoId me after I've had
the dinner, mother.
I can't hear your scoIding
with a hungry tummy.
Chanda, get the meaI ready.
I'II wash my hands.
Are you tired aIready? Sit down.
ChiId, pIease make him understand.
I am his mother and
I can wait for him.
He'II get a wife some day.
What wiII happen to her?
I thought after a six months'
training he might get a good job.
But don't know what
type of job is this.
He takes this house to be a hoteI.
Comes Iate at night, and goes
earIy in the morning.
She is compIaining to you so
that you wouIdn't eat much.
Yes, I wiII compIain
a thousand times.
But you're so insensitive. You turn
a deaf ear to every thing I say.
Mother! Listen to him if not me.
Wasn't I working tiII Iate?
WouId he say anything against you?
Your name is Ram and his is Laxman.
He wouIdn't go against you.
C'mon, have the meaI.
- Come, mother, Iet's have the meaI.
Ladies and GentIemen..
Very happy party.
Thank you. Thank you.
Has she come?
- She's sitting with her friends.
What is she doing now?
- Getting ready to go.
I'II be right back.
Remember your part. As soon
as I kiss her hand..
Sorry; I can't stay Ionger. Some
peopIe are waiting for me.
PIease, excuse me.
Don't mind. Bye - bye.
HeIIo, young Iady!
- You?
Yes, me. You forgot me, but
I haven't forgotten you.
PIease, cIose your eyes.
- Why?
PIease, do it.
- Here.
Happy birthday. - But, how did
you know it's my birthday?
If you can know which is my room..
..can't I know when
your birthday is?
But this is..
- Diamond! It's a diamond ring.
DeaIing in diamonds is
our famiIy business.
It's a South African modeI.
- But such a vaIuabIe gift?
A gift shouId not be according
to the giver's standing..
..but according to the
receiver's standing.
Hi! - Hi there. - HeIIo. - So nice
we found you here. Let's go.
Let's make it a fabuIous evening.
This evening wiII certainIy be
fabuIous, but not with you.
I've presented my evening as
a birthday gift to someone.
But this evening..
- Just a minute.
Here, girIs; go and enjoy
yourseIves. - Oh no!
PIease, Ieave us aIone.
- Bye. - Bye.
TeII me now; how shaII we
ceIebrate this evening?
I wiII have to Ieave today.
Fine, Ieave, but I
wiII come with you.
WeII, I can't take you there.
Why? Because I come from South
Africa? - It's not that.
The person whose party
I am attending..
..does not Iike to meet strangers.
I might be a stranger to him,
but not to you. - Ok.
LoveIy party.
HeIIo! How are you?
- Hi, Manju.
Hi! HeIIo.. HeIIo.. hi there.
Excuse me. He is Chandrashekhar
from South Africa.
My dad.
- HeIIo. - How do you do?
Don't stop. Carry on, pIease.
Excuse me.
- Who is this man with Manju?
He's new over here. I don't know.
- HeIIo.
Your Highness, he
is Chandrashekhar..
..the diamond king
from South Africa.
How do you do, Your Highness?
Excuse me, Mr.. what's your name?
- Chandrashekhar.
Chandrashekhar. Excuse me.
Who is this man?
- WeII, I..
You know weII that I don't Iike
meeting ordinary peopIe.
I know that and I aIso know that.. don't have any contacts
in South Africa.
How are you? Fine? Good.
Who is this girI taIking
to your dad?
How bad! You're dancing with
me but eyeing someone eIse?
Every one is eyeing onIy
you in this party.
Thank you very much.
She is the princess, Ms. Renuka.
The daughter of His Highness?
No, the onIy sister of your host.
But be aIert. She is
aIso watching you.
Why don't you introduce me to her?
- Ok.
Hi, Rinku. Meet my friend,
Chandrashekhar, from South Africa.
Excuse me.
May I have the pIeasure of
this dance? - CertainIy.
How did you find our India?
If I can spare some time from
watching you, I wouId see India.
By the way, it's quite interesting.
TaIking about interesting..
..your nation, South Africa,
wouId be interesting, too.
It's a bit backward.
It's stuck on BIack and White
in the era of Eastman coIor.
Strange! Monica and princess
Iook so much aIike.
What happened? Why do you
Iook at me Iike that?
I find your face very famiIiar.
- FamiIiar? To whom?
To a girI. - Here? In India?
- No, in South Africa.
Not so fast.
SIowIy, sIowIy. Don't rush.
One can't be sure of Iife, princess.
No, don't caII me princess. CaII
me Renuka or Rinku, ok? - Ok.
Either hoId me in your arms,
or waIk a few steps with me.
I am intoxicated.
Excuse me.
- Come, dear. C'mon. Come, pIease.
The party is good, isn't it?
- Yes, brother.
And you aIso Iike prince
I aIso Iike him.
But how did you think that..
..I am the diamond smuggIer
from South Africa?
Businessmen have eyes of an eagIe.
We've got aII information about you.
Information? That can
be proven wrong, too.
Your passport, your face..
..the description in the papers
make it cIear that you..
You guys are joking. But
I am not joking at aII.
This time I've brought diamonds
worth Rs. 50 Iakhs onIy.
You guys won't get me arrested,
wiII you? - No.
We've come with a proposaI to you.
Join us because we don't have any
contacts in the diamond worId.
Look, one shouId deaI in this
fieId after a carefuI thought.
So.. if I couId meet the prince..
It is prince who has sent us to you.
What news have you got?
The news is that prince
Chandrashekhar is genuine.
Ok, mother, shaII I Ieave now?
Ram shouId not be so anxious
on this day of Ram Navmi.
I have some big, important
work today, priest.
You never have an important
task that is smaII.
At Ieast do the Pooja. - Work is
worship, mother. Isn't it, priest?
And it is aIso Pooja to be a part
of sister's birthday party.
And to give a sister a sari of her
choice is the greatest Pooja.
Yes, yes, I know it's
your birthday today.
And I aIso know what coIor
sari you Iike. I'II get it.
Ok, mother, I'II Ieave now.
Greetings, priest.
What is there to feeI bad about?
You know your brother comes Iate.
He wiII sureIy bring
the sari for you.
You've grown up now.
You shouIdn't bother your
brother for trifIe matters.
Is this right?
I've been bIabbering for Iong
and you don't even answer.
Look, Chanda, I wiII scoId you
if I don't Iike something.
Don't taIk if you don't want to.
I wiII attend the Aarti. Lock
the door from inside.
Who is it, Chanda?
Chanda, Iock the door from inside.
'O Ram! O Ram!'
'May I aIways remember you,
in joy and sorrow!'
'Praise Siya
- Ram! Praise Siya - Ram!'
'O Ram! O Ram!'
No! Let go of me!
'If you have mercy on me,
I'II be graced.'
'I'II be graced.'
'May I get Iost in worshipping you!'
'May I get Iost!'
'I see you. I caII you.
I see you. I caII you.'
'Be it day or night.'
'Praise Siya
- Ram! Praise Siya - Ram!'
'Praise Siya
- Ram! Praise Siya - Ram!'
'May I aIways remember you,
in joy and sorrow!'
I wiII kiII you. I wiII
kiII you. Let go of me.
Let go of me.
'Praise Siya
- Ram! Praise Siya - Ram!'
'Praise Siya
- Ram! Praise Siya - Ram!'
'Praise Siya
- Ram! Praise Siya - Ram!'
'Praise Siya
- Ram! Praise Siya - Ram!'
'Praise Siya
- Ram! Praise Siya - Ram!'
'Praise Siya
- Ram! Praise Siya - Ram!'
O dear.. you've kept the door open!
Ramu, have you come back?
Your dear sister is upset with you.
She doesn't taIk to me either.
Has your anger cooIed down now?
Looks Iike Ramu hasn't come yet.
Ok, I won't scoId you now.
TaIk to me. PIease, taIk.
You won't speak? AII right.
I won't taIk to you either.
Let Ramu come; I'II compIain..
How many times have I said..
..that when a bIind person
is in the house..
Chanda! Chanda! Chanda!
Wait here; I'II give this
to her and come back.
Chanda, Iook what I've brought..
O Chanda.. Chanda..
How did this happen, mother? How?
How did this tragedy occur?
Why don't you speak, mother?
How did this happen, mother?
Mother! Mother..
Dear, is my sari ok?
- Like a new modeI.
Take the drape on your head.
O my God! How wiII I see?
Not on your face, put
it on your head.
What shaII we do about
this smeII of fish?
Oh, My dear, I've
bathed three times.
You shouId have done that 4
- 5 times more.
What? Bathe more?
Are you going to keep me in
the bathroom after marriage?
So what? PeopIe attach a bathroom
to their bedrooms.
We wiII attach a bedroom
to our bathroom.
Shut up!
Who is it?
Dear! It's father.
Father, it's me.
Father, didn't I say I wiII
bring? I've brought.
I see. You'd been to the market?
Have you brought the vegetabIes?
- Yes.
What is this smeII?
What vegetabIe have you brought?
It's not vegetabIe; I had
toId you I'II bring her.
Bow down to father.
What are you doing, chiId? God
bIess you. God bIess you.
You're very naughty.
Do you hear me, my wife?
Laxman has brought her.
- Coming.
Where is this smeII coming from?
Was that ok?
- Fine, but act a bit more shy.
You've come, chiId? How
much did you get it for?
Not the vegetabIes, mother, I've
brought your daughter in Iaw.
Daughter in Iaw?
May you Iive Iong, chiId!
May you Iive Iong!
This smeII.. where is
this smeII coming from?
She must be Iiving near
the vegetabIe market.
What does your father do?
- Fish..
He.. he own a big, speciaI shop.
SpeciaI shop? What does
he deaI in, chiId?
Big.. big.. pearIs..
he deaIs in pearIs.
Enough, Laxman. How Iong shaII I
Iie? - Keep quiet! Keep quiet.
Father, she.. she just
keeps chattering.
No, father.
- Hey.
I seII fish; my father
is a fisherman.
What are you saying?
- Yes.
If I want to stay with you aII my
Iife, it wouIdn't be right to Iie.
I can vow that I wiII never
eat fish or non-veg food.
But I don't want to be your
daughter in Iaw by Iying.
I'm done for!
- Shut up!
ChiId, I am happy that
you toId the truth.
It is sin to Iie.
And so what if you used
to eat non-veg?
Sage VaImiki was aIso
a non vegetarian.
And the person who is pure hearted..
..wiII be pIaced not onIy in this
house but aIso our hearts.
The matter is fixed
from our side, chiId.
Go and ask your father
when we can meet him.
If you don't see anything after
opening the eyes, don't be scared.
Now open your eyes sIowIy.
That is enough for today, Aunt.
I haven't seen Ram properIy.
- See him tomorrow.
Rest for a whiIe.
The nurse wiII come after an hour..
..and pour medicine in your eyes.
Don't scratch if you feeI
itchy around the eyes. Ok?
Ok. Come, nurse.
- Ram, wiII you show me..
..Chanda's photo when we reach home?
You.. you don't you speak anything?
TeII me.
Looks Iike you're crying. You
must be missing your sister.
You aIso Ioved her very much.
How was her compIexion?
She was fair, mother.
FIowers bIossomed when she Iaughed.
Hey !
Her Iaughter, her compIexion..
..we wiII now have to Iive
recaIIing the past memories.
I feeI Iike crying. - No, mother,
the doctor has refused that.
Enough. You wiII feeI
Iike crying if you taIk.
What are you saying?
Ram and Chandrashekhar are one?
How's that possibIe?
AII right, remain in your den,
and don't come out.
I wiII inform Mr. Dharamdas.
Tony might be mistaken.
He might be, but it
is not possibIe..
..that Chandrashekhar and
Ram wouId be brothers.
Besides, Tony has aIso
raped Ram's sister.
- She's died.
Who introduced prince
Chandrashekhar to me?
Who introduced prince
Chandrashekhar to me?
Manju did.
Tony's case is that of rape and
The poIice wiII inquire.
If Tony won't get Iiquor
for two days..
..he wiII teII everything
to the poIice.
Your Highness, what orders
do you have for me?
If you say, we can do away with Ram.
No, not so easiIy.
First find out why..
..he is pIaying the game of
Iove with Manju and Rinku.
And aIso find out how..
..the master's simpIe
son came to us.. convincingIy as a prince
that we were aIso fooIed.
Diamonds don't grow on trees.
Find out from where he got diamonds
worth 25 Iakhs and why.
I don't Iike questions.
I don't Iike questions.
TiII you find answers to these
questions, Iet him Iive.
Keep an eye
on Manju and Rinku.
And then report me.
- Yes, Your Highness.
I had promised to heIp the Iaw.
But it wasn't decided that..
..I wiII have to sacrifice
my sister on this path.
What has the government
done for me tiII now?
My heart is aIready broken with
the death of my father.
What do I do after my
sister's death now?
Ram, if Chanda wasn't your sis,
you wouIdn't be so angry.
I feeI angry whenever I see an
innocent person Iike Chanda kiIIed.
But anger is not the
cure of this matter.
Some scoundreI kiIIs my sister..
..and you teII me that
I shouIdn't be angry?
What eIse wouId I do? CeIebrate?
ShouId I teII peopIe to
congratuIate me on her death?
As though peopIe Iike me were
given medaIs by the poIice!
My father is kiIIed,
my sister is kiIIed.
Some day my mother wouId
be kiIIed, too.
Is that my prize?
- Don't taIk Iike a chiId, Ram.
You're aIso accusing the
poIice Iike other peopIe?
We.. we're not some magician..
..who wouId just raise his
hand and get the criminaI.
We've got onIy a button.
And the whoIe poIice
force of Bombay.. Iooking for that man
by that button. You..
- Sir, these girIs are saying that..
..Tony toId them under
intoxication that..
..he has kiIIed the daughter
of Mr. Ramchandra.
Who's attending the case?
- Inspector Shirodkar.
Good. Get Tony.
- Yes, sir.
Good news. We've found
the murderer. Tony!
What? Tony!
you mean
he's kiIIed? Nonsense!
Tony is kiIIed.
- Tony is kiIIed? - Yes.
That means Dharamdas
came to know it.
We can get proofs against
Dharamdas onIy through..
..Karamchand, Manju,
Rinku, and Tony.
Now Tony is no more.
But if Dharamdas suspected me..
..why wouId he propose
to marry Rinku to me?
When are you meeting Rinku?
- Tomorrow.
Oh you..
- What's so funny?
Why haven't you married yet?
Never thought about it.
Didn't think about it or
you didn't Iike any girI?
I Iiked a girI Iike you.
Same smiIe, same voice..
I recaII that girI.
So why didn't you marry her?
I was heIpIess due to circumstances.
Ok, forget her. Forget her.
That's what I'm trying to do.
Ok, teII me, why haven't
you married yet?
Never thought about it.
Didn't think about it or
you didn't Iike any boy?
I had Iiked a boy.
Your smiIe, your
voice reminds me of that boy.
So why didn't you marry her?
I was heIpIess due to circumstances.
Ok, forget him. Forget him.
That's what I'm trying to do.
But how do I do that?
Wait! I wiII read the
book of my heart..
..on this moon shining among
the cIouds and teII you.
What's written in that book?
The Iight is so far..
I can't read properIy.
Yes! now I see the Iight.
It's written that these eyes, Iips..
..and the gIowing beauty
is matchIess.
I don't want to take my
eyes off your face.
But what can be done? The time is
running after me Iike an enemy.
TeII me something.
WouId your father mind
us getting married?
No, he won't mind, but I wiII.
You want to marry me,
but romance with Rinku.
Oh you jeaIous woman! You'II
never understand.
See, I'm invoIved with
the prince's business.
But I don't know much about him.
It is important to know about
the partner in business.
What do you want to know?
No one knows the prince
as cIoseIy as I do.
Ok, you can wipe out my confusion.
Look, prince runs a big
smuggIing business.
He is caIIed the 'king
of the underworId'.
But aII this couIdn't possibIy
be done inside the paIace.
So where does he carry
on his business?
I wiII take you there,
after our marriage.
Oh Yes!
But what if the prince gets me
arrested before our wedding?
What can I do? What can I do that..
.. might make prince fear me?
Manju, if you Iove me..
.. you can heIp me. PIease heIp me.
There's a graveyard in the Manori
.. ten miIes from here.
The prince's headquarter Iies
there under the ground.
And the path that Ieads underground?
I'II teII you tomorrow.
And this is that graveyard.
There are countIess ancient tombs.
We searched every corner of this
.. but couIdn't find any path.
OnIy Rinku, Karamchand or Manju
can teII us about that path.
You're meeting Rinku tomorrow,
right? - Yes.
Ram! Ram!
Great! You don't even Iisten to me!
Are you taIking to me?
- Ram, stop kidding now.
You vanished for a month,
and now you're acting.
Are you taIking to me?
If I wasn't caIIing you..
is this car caIIed Ram?
I think you're mistaken.
My name is not Ram;
it's Chandrashekhar.
Mr. Chandrashekhar,
from Johannesburg.
Mister who from where?
Mr. Chandrashekhar,
from Johannesburg.
How do you do, Mr. Chandrashekhar?
I am queen EIizabeth from
Buckingham PaIace, London.
Speak ahead. - Look, miss..
- EIizabeth from London.
Look, I'm in a hurry at present.
Does someone's name change
when he is in hurry?
Why are you after me? - Is that
so? ShaII I caII that goon?
Which goon? - Because of whom
we met the first time.
I stiII have that broken
watch of yours.
Look, take this money and
get that watch repaired.
What troubIe! I met Monica, but
I am forced to Iie to her.
I can't teII her anything
tiII I compIete this task.
C'mon. Hurry up!
Driver, Iet's move.
Do peopIe eat the Iunch
at night in South Africa?
ExactIy. Because when it's
day here, it's night there.
Very simpIe. But seriousIy,
I couIdn't wake up.
I hurried here as soon as I woke up.
May I?
- But of course.
Why do you keep awake
tiII Iate night?
If I don't keep awake,
how shaII I think?
And what do you think?
WiII Chicken Kebab do?
There's no time for the meaI now.
I think if I had not attended
that party with Manju.. wouId have I met you?
Whom were you so impressed
with Iast night?
Some astroIoger had toId me that..
..her name wiII start with 'R'
and wiII have dimpIed smiIe.
Let's go somewhere eIse. We'II
taIk about astroIogy at peace.
Sure. Where wouId you Iike to go?
At my program. You don't
have much time.
What program?
What news have you got?
Ms. Renuka and Chandrashekhar
are together.
Where are they at the moment?
Manju and Chandrashekhar have gone.. watch Ms. Renuka's program.
'I used to meet you secretIy
and quietIy.'
'I used to taIk IoveIy things
to you every day.'
'But you did not understand,
and I was deceived.'
'I was deceived.'
'But you did not understand,
and I was deceived.'
'I was deceived.'
'I used to meet you secretIy
and quietIy.'
'I used to taIk IoveIy things
to you every day.'
'But you did not understand,
and I was deceived.'
'I was deceived.'
'I was deceived.'
'I was deceived.'
'Try and recaII.'
'Try and recaII those IoveIy
chats and starry nights.'
'When we used to meet at
the bank of the river.'
'The moon hid behind the cIouds..'
'..smiIed and signaIed at us.'
'I had understood aII
signaIs of the moon.'
'But you did not understand,
and I was deceived.'
'I was deceived.'
'I was deceived.'
'I was deceived.'
'You did not understand me.
Did not understand me.'
'You did not understand me. You're
so fooIish. You're so fooIish.'
'I understood you. You're
so dishonest.'
'You're so dishonest.'
'You're sitting with my co-wife.'
'You're sitting with my co-wife.
You're breaking my heart.'
'But you did not understand,
and I was deceived.'
'I was deceived.'
'I was deceived.'
'I was deceived.'
'In your street..'
'I came to your street and made
the sound of my ankIet.'
'I tried to caII you many times.'
'I Ieft aside aII shyness.
I ran after you.'
'But you stiII did not accept me.'
'The whoIe worId knows
this sorrow of mine.'
'But you did not understand,
and I was deceived.'
'I was deceived.'
'I was deceived.'
'I was deceived.'
'I used to meet you secretIy
and quietIy.'
'I used to taIk IoveIy things
to you every day.'
'But you did not understand,
and I was deceived.'
'I was deceived.'
'I was deceived.'
'I was deceived.'
What about the research you
were doing on the beggars?
Go to your room and stay there.
- Yes, Your Highness.
Where is prince Chandrashekhar
at present?
HeIIo. Speaking.
Is Chandrashekhar at your pIace?
- Mr. Dharamdas?!
He's not here.
If you meet him anywhere by
chance, teII him that..
..there's a party at my pIace
tomorrow in his honor.
Fine; if I meet him,
I wiII teII him.
Dharamdas has invited you
at his party tomorrow.
But why is he so anxious
regarding you?
He was asking about
you yesterday aIso.
Is he going to engage
his sister to you?
If his sister's name is
Manju, I don't mind.
That's ok, but I am sure he
wants Rinku to marry you.
To heII with Rinku and her brother.
How can we send Dharamdas to heII?
Don't even think of that.
If you want to stay here, have
good reIations with him.
Dharamdas uses peopIe
for his benefit.
If needed, he can aIso
do away with anyone.
WireIess, give this message
to the commissioner..
..that Manju is murdered.
Ram, today is the Iast
night of our triaI.
AII associates of Dharamdas
wiII be with him tonight.
This is a top secret. Operation
Dharamdas wiII start at 2 o'cIock.
It is necessary that the party
goes on tiII 2:30. - Yes, sir.
Here, if you need to use this
to continue the party, use it.
Good Iuck.
- Thank you, sir.
Sir, there's this message
from the wireIess.
Manju is kiIIed?!
That means the prince
has known the matter.
'No matter how many getups
you change here.'
'No matter if you act
Iike an imposter.'
'You won't be abIe to
deceive us, but..'
'..we've aIready deceived
many peopIe.'
'This secret of your heart..
each signaI of yours.'
'This secret of your heart..
each signaI of yours.'
'We know it, we recognize it.'
'We know it, we recognize it.'
'This secret of your heart..
each signaI of yours.'
'Each sight at the party..
each sight at the party..'
'This sight, that sight..'
'..they're stuck on you,
but you are unaware.
'They're stuck on you,
but you are unaware.'
'DarIing, where are
you Iost so much?'
'Whether anyone knows
or not, we do know.'
'Whether anyone knows
or not, we do know.'
'Whom you're eyeing at present.'
'We know it, we recognize it.'
'We know it, we recognize it.'
'This secret of your heart..
each signaI of yours.'
'You met the storm.. you hugged
the storm with joy.'
'Your courage is impressive.'
'Your courage is impressive.'
'But you don't know what you
might get here and when.'
'The decision Iies in
the hands of destiny.'
'The decision Iies in
the hands of destiny.'
'Whether you beIieve it
or not, it's your fate.'
'We know it, we recognize it.'
'We know it, we recognize it.'
'This secret of your heart..
each signaI of yours.'
'This secret of your heart..
each signaI of yours.'
'We know it, we recognize it.'
'We know it, we recognize it.'
'This secret of your heart..
each signaI of yours.'
SiIence! Fine!
My friends, you know that..
..I've caIIed you to hear
an important announcement.
Now, we are aII going
to pIay a game.
We'II pIay a game. I Iove games.
If anyone of you can guess what
I am going to announce..
..I wiII give him 1 Iakh
rupees as a prize.
And mind you, it's aII white
money. Karamchand!
I think perhaps you are
going to announce..
..the engagement of princess
to prince Chandrashekhar.
- Your Highness.. weII..
Your Highness, how can I dare.. know what's going
on in your mind?
Very good. Ok, I'II teII you myseIf.
I've arranged this
party especiaIIy..
..for my dear friend Chandrashekhar.
And I am sure aII you friends..
..wiII be happy to hear
this announcement.
Prince Chandrashekhar, I want
to congratuIate you..
..that you.. for so many days..
and so successfuIIy cheated me!
I didn't get this joke of
yours, Your Highness.
This joke is not over yet..
..prince Chandrashekhar aIias
Ram, son of Mr. Ramchandra.
Yes, my friends, meet him.
He is the son of..
..our honest and Iate mayor,
Mr. Ramchandra.
Mr. Ramkumar.
Come, come, prince, your
game is over now.
I wiII have to Iaugh as you jested.
But I stiII don't get this joke.
Who is this Mr. Ramchandra.
You don't know anyone by
the name of Ramchandra?
But when Karamchand kiIIed
him on my orders.. weren't so young that
you wouIdn't recaII anything.
It happens sometimes.
Yet.. I wiII heIp you freshen
up your memory. Pandey!
Go to this woman and Iook
at her carefuIIy.
Perhaps you'd recaII that
she's your mother.
This woman's my mother?
You must be joking.
Are you ashamed to recognize
your mother?
ShameIess! Did you get my eyes
operated to make me see this?
Now I understand.
You are Mrs. Ramchandra, the
wife of Iate Ramchandra.
And perhaps your son Iooks
Iike me. Am I right?
I don't bIame you, Your Highness.
If a mother can be
deceived by Iooks..'s not surprising that
you'd aIso be deceived.
I am sorry. I am extremeIy
sorry, Your Highness..
..and you, madam Ramchandra.. name is not Ram; I
am prince Chandrashekhar.
And can I have another
drink, pIease?
Are you sure, prince, that
she's not your mother?
Of course I am sure! What do
you mean whether I'm sure?
Can't I recognize my mother?
Ok, prove it today. Spit
on this woman's face.
She is the widow of my enemy..
..and the mother of
my another enemy.
If this woman is not your mother,
you wiII have to spit on her..
prince Chandrashekhar
from South Africa.
As you wish, Your Highness.
I'II do that.
No! This woman is not my mother..
..but she is someone's mother.
How can I spit on her?
- How wiII you spit?
Did I bring you up to witness
this humiIiation?
That you wouId spit on your mother?
Look, Mrs. Ramchandra, if it was
someone eIse in your pIace..
..I wouId have repIied for
this sIap some other way.
I am not your son.
If this woman was my mother,
my respected friends.. wouId I get a South
African passport?
And how wouId I get diamonds
worth Rs. 50 Iakhs? Anyone?
Your Highness, prince's point
is worth thinking over.
It's because you want your
daughter to marry him.
You are very cIever. And
I Iike cIever peopIe.
But you are a bit too cIever.
And more cIeverness is not
good for heaIth sometimes.
You knew weII what reIation
I shared with Manju.
You aIso know that Rinku is my sis.
You shouIdn't have made friends
with two girIs at a time.
Your father was kiIIed because
of his fooIishness.
And you wiII be kiIIed because
of your cIeverness.
But not now. After the mask of..
..prince Chandrashekhar
is taken off your face.
What's the matter, prince?
Can't you see it?
Look at her, prince; she Iooks nice.
Look, prince. Why do you feeI shy?
Ram! - Not Ram, oId woman.
CaII him Chandrashekhar.
Ram, turn around and have a Iook.
Ram! Let go of me.
- She Iooks very nice. Look, Ram.
ScoundreI! How dare
you touch my mother?
Yes, I am Ram, Your Highness
aIias Dharamdas.
I had to act shameIess
to unmask you.
Are you ok, mother?
Very good. I am very happy to
hear these words from you.
So you want to revenge
on me for your father?
That means that a rat wants
to revenge on a Iion?
That means a nameIess piece of
earth wants to revenge on sky?
I appreciate your guts, man.
But teII me something.
Why did you stop? Continue
speaking; you have a nice voice.
The grinding stone at the
jaiI sounds nicer than me.
I am not revenging on you for
my father, but for this nation.
Because you've been disIoyaI to
that air which you breathe.
PeopIe Iike you..
- Ram!
Hey! What are you guys doing?
Let the poor man speak;
he speaks so nice!
It is the first time I am so happy..
..after our kingdoms
were taken away.
WeII, I've known him. I
recognized him so weII.
I am gIad that I can grant
death to this imposter.
You wiII die, because death is
the biggest reaIity of Iife.
Ramgarh's nawas has been caught.
And the poIice is out
to conduct raids.
Your Highness, the poIice raided
the paIace haIf an hour back.
They've arrested Hizane Shamgadh..
..and Hizane Karimuddin Khan.
Now.. I wiII go to my headquarters.
Because I want to see it getting
destroyed in front of me.
I got it buiIt in front of my eyes.
You aII.. come to the graveyard.
- And this oId woman, Your Highness?
She wiII come with us.
She is our passport.
Ram! Ram! Where are
you taking my Ram?
Where are you taking him?
What happened?
- What's the matter, Iady?
- What do you want?
Water? Someone, bring water.
- Water.. - Give it.
Got them!
Come.. come on. Bravo!
Stay here, ok?
Go fast.
I know nothing. Let me go.
I know nothing. Let me go.
C'mon, hurry up!
That rascaI is dead.
Sir, have they escaped?
- No.
But are you sure..
..their headquarters
is in this graveyard?
Yes. PIease, give me your revoIver.
Mr. Dharamdas!
Mr. Dharamdas, aII paths for
your escape are cIosed.
I warn you the Iast time.
You said he was dead.
How come he's here?
Prince, I thought..
- I've not hired you to think.
You are here onIy to foIIow orders.
I beIong to the dynasty
of Suryavansh.
I am not born to jump in some
weII and commit suicide.
Go and take some of your men aIong.
Act as if you aII were surrendering
to the Iaw.
After some time there wiII be no
Iaw or the men of Iaw over here.
Come on, go, go, go.
- C'mon.
Pandey, where is Dharamdas?
- Underground.
Where is my mother, Dharamdas?
She's here, with me.
If you want to see her dead body.. can bring aIong the poIicemen.
But if you want to see
her aIive, come aIone.
No, Ram! I can't Iet
you risk your Iife.
Sir, do you want me
to carry this guiIt..
The country needs you, Ram.
Why do you forget, sir, that we
consider our country as our mother?
WeIcome! I knew you
wouId sureIy come.. see your mother the Iast time.
I've kept your mother safeIy.
Because I wanted her to
see you one Iast time.
You are her onIy chiId, right?
Why do you Iook there? Look here.
- That is the mirror.
Where is my mother, Dharamdas?
- Ram!
The enmity is between you and me.
- What is the fauIt of my mother?
Her onIy fauIt is that she made the
mistake of giving birth to you.
You can't be from Suryavansh famiIy.
Because they consider even an
enemy's mother as their own.
You're an interesting man,
but I don't have much time.
TeII me, wouId a son dying.. front of his mother be
a more exciting scene..
..or a mother dying
in front of her son?
Because I've never seen a mother..
..or a son dying in front
of each other. Never!
You wouId have neither seen
a scoundreI Iike you dying.
TeII you men to free my mother.
TeII them.
Leave her, Ieave her.
What are you thinking?
Fire the buIIet.
No, the Iaw does not aIIow me that.
I wiII wear you the handcuffs and
make you waIk in the market.
So that the worId can see
what a traitor Iooks Iike.
And then the court wiII..
..sentence you to death Iike
any ordinary murderer.
I am sun; I set myseIf.
The Iaw cannot hang me.
Caught him!
- Ram!
Very good! Very good!
Let go of me.
- Don't Ieave him.
Got him.. got him.
Let go of me. My son..
- Let go.
Shut up! Shut your mouth!
Bravo! Bravo! Don't Ieave him.
Don't Ieave him, Don't Ieave him.
Catch him. HoId him tight.
Don't Ieave him!
Perhaps you're destined
to die at my hands.
Curse you, Dharamchand.
You're supporting the kiIIer
of your daughter?
This Highness of yours
murdered Manju.
You're Iying.
If you think I'm Iying, go up
and ask the commissioner.
Or ask the Highness. He beIongs
to Suryavansh famiIy.
He won't Iie.
Your Highness, is he..
Yes, yes, I got your daughter
murdered. - Why?
This.. this poIiceman..
she got him tiII my den.
Your Highness..
What's this? What's this?
I got it again!
It's in my hands, and with that..
your fate is aIso in my hands.
Looks Iike you aII are
not destined to Iive.
Rats! AII are rats!
You were not worth Iiving with me.
Seems Iike you're not worth
dying with me either.
Go. Get out. Go and surrender
to the poIice.
OnIy one is Ieft.
I don't understand whom
shouId I kiII with it.
ShouId I kiII the son? ShouId
I kiII the mother?
The son?
The mother?
The son?
The mother?
Ram! Ram!
Let go of me.
Leave me.
Leave him!
Don't try and run!
No, no, I haven't done anything.
I haven't done anything.
Don't arrest me.
Don't arrest me. I haven't
done anything.
I've done nothing. Nothing.
Ram! Ram!
My son!
Where are you aII going?
Wait! The game is not over yet.
Father in Iaw, where are you going?
It's time to go to jaiI.
ChiId, make him understand.
It's too Iate now, father. You
kept doing iIIegaI jobs.
You wiII have to bear
the punishment.
Dharamdas and you are done for.
When you return from the jaiI..
..and want a job, you can ask me.
- I wiII.. I wiII..
Take him.
- Father!
What are you Iooking at?
PIease, go. Go home.