Best Friend from Heaven (2018) Movie Script

I always said the only thing my
daughter would be on time for... her own wedding.
I guess I was wrong.
Uh Paula.
You think you two could...
Play something for these
very patient folks?
Pretty sure that's
something we can do.
For Pete's sake.
Nothing's even happened yet.
I know, I know.
It's just...
I thought about how beautiful
it's going to be and I lost it.
Be more beautiful with flowers.
No, no, I didn't
mix up the dates.
I'm just dropping the bouquet
at the bride's house now.
I got stuck behind Mr. Withers.
You know... We really should
politely mention to him
that it might be time
for him to hand in his -
No. No way they bought that.
Gabe! C'mon I'm late
enough as it is.
Come here baby.
What do you say Gabe?
Want to get married today?
Me too! Now where did
you hide those rings?
Want to take a bet on...
Who's calling to yell
at me for being late?
Alright, Gabe. Dad says this is as
fashionably late as I am allowed to...
It's Tara. You knew she was
going to be a little late.
Yeah... yeah.
Hey! I thought it was
always bad luck to...
Yeah, yeah. I'm on my way.
What's wrong?
Gabe got hit by a car.
Oh no.
How is he?
I don't know what happened.
I was just trying to get
the rings from him...
And then dad called and I knew
I was late already, and I just...
It's okay. It's okay.
How is he, Doc?
He's taken a substantial
amount of damage.
I can operate
see if I can reduce some of
the swelling on his brain.
Whatever it takes.
Unfortunately, it's not cheap.
It's not my labor mind you...
Medicine, the procedure itself.
We don't care.
I'm happy to help with the
costs if you need it...
I think you've done
enough already.
I'm truly sorry. We did
everything we could.
Oh wow, this is
nice on the paws.
Hey, I can talk!
Pardon me.
Yes you!
Yeah, we're looking over here now.
Ahhh, who's a good boy?
Excuse me, I was wondering
if you could tell me how
to get to the church from here?
I'm late for a wedding.
Ya sure, no problem.
All you got to do is go back and
take a left at No Chance Avenue.
- Name?
- Gabriel.
What are you talking
about No Chance Avenue?
What is this place?
Well, let's see.
You're walking on a cloud
and listening to harps.
Are you honestly
not getting this?
No, that can't be right.
I'm going to my
family's wedding.
I saw a squirrel. And I chased
him out to the front and...
Oh no.
Ahh, it's always the squirrels.
Now, if you'll kindly sign here
we'll get you sitting on a couch
you can never get kicked off of.
How does that sound?
I can't! I have to get back there!
They need me.
Ya I feel for you, I do.
But it's not how this works.
Head on through, I promise
you're going to love it.
Hey. Excuse me? I think
I might be lost?
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, no,
no, no, no you can't be here!
- (BARK!)
- Squirrel!
Oh no.
Hey, hey, ya I need
some paws down here!
Ya, it's happening again!
I'm coming home guys!
Hey guys.
I'm back!
Look who's home!
Oh ya I can talk now.
Have you seen my tie?
Don't be mad.
You ready?
Hey Pete!
Can I sit with you up front?
Or in back.
The back's fine too!
I'm just happy I didn't miss it!
Hey, guys, where are you going?
The car's out front.
You... Ah...
I keep opening the fridge door
and expecting him to knock
me over and steal a hot dog.
I can't believe it's
been over a month.
A month?
We were going to go on our
honeymoon today, Gabe.
You would have loved it.
We found a place with a
beach just for dogs.
We miss you Gabe.
They didn't get married.
Hey! The rings are right here.
I'm sorry.
A hundred and thirty five, a
hundred and thirty six...
A hundred and thirty seven.
Remind me to ask the boss what
the purpose of squirrels are.
What? No, I was...
You just go on through.
Chase them all you want.
A hundred and thirty eight.
Wait... Who's missing?
Which one is...
Huh! Oh no.
Hey, I need, uh, someone
to cover my shifts.
One of the new
arrivals went for...
You lost another one?
No! And if anyone
asks, it's a walk.
Who goes back??
Honestly - mountains of treats,
no baths, no fleas. C'mon.
Alright Gabe, where did you go?
It's alright.
It's not the one I'm looking for.
Hey dad.
Tax season already?
Actually, I wish.
Just trying to figure out which
vet bill gets paid this month
and which ones can wait.
Why don't you guys
let me help you out?
Really. I have a
little socked away...
Thanks, but we're fine.
Besides, you've
already done so much.
You know...
If this is just about
getting married...
You don't need a fancy wedding.
I can marry you guys right here.
I appreciate it.
But we want to wait until
we can do it right.
We want everyone to be there.
Missed you at church.
We just need a
little bit of time.
Oh ya, ya no rush.
Just, uh...
Letting you know we, uh...
We all missed you.
I appreciate it.
Um yeah.
Can you hold on a second?
Sorry about that.
Yes, the dress still
is available.
No, nothing wrong with it,
just, umm... never used it.
Don't sell the dress.
Sure. Five o'clock sounds great.
I'll give you my address.
Do you have a pen?
I got to do something.
Morning, Mrs. Jeffries.
I'm fine.
Thanks for asking.
Hey mom.
Couldn't be better!
Everyone in town hates me
which means I probably
moved back to town just to run
your business into the ground!
You could be right but...
Excuse me, Mr. Culligan!
My mother's looking
for a second opinion.
Would you mind telling her how
everyone in town can't stand me?
Thank you!
Hey mom.
Yep, I got to go
deliver these flowers
to the only person in town
still taking our business.
I love you too.
Enjoy the Grand Canyon.
Morning, Norma.
Late again I see.
I got a flat.
I was trying to flag someone
down to lend me a hand.
But people don't seem too
eager to help me these days.
Well, we all really
liked that dog.
Always appreciated your
honesty there Norma.
And while we're on the subject.
I just want to say thanks...
For continuing to use
me for your flowers.
You sticking by
me during this...
That is to say, it
really means a lot.
I promised your mother.
Is that the only reason?
Next week then?
Try to be on time Jerry.
I will.
Mr. Jeffries!
Mr. Culligan!
This is useless...
Hey! There's Jerry!
Thanks for hitting me, and
messing up my family!
Maybe don't run into the
middle of busy roads?
Did you just talk to me?!
You can see me?
Seeing you
isn't the biggest problem I'm
having right now, although
that is also troubling.
This is perfect!
You can help me throw the wedding!!
I honestly have no idea
how to react to this.
It's fine!
See I was up there, and He said
to go through. But how could I?
I didn't want to
miss the wedding.
Then I come down and found
out it didn't even happen.
But it's okay because
you can hear me.
So now you and me can fix this!
Isn't that great?!
What are you doing?
I'm looking up
psychotic episodes.
Specific to dog hallucinations.
You're not hallucinating!
Look, I don't know
how to explain it.
But there's obviously a
reason I can talk to you.
If you're the
only one who can see me
that must mean something.
Even if I did believe
this, which I don't.
Why would...
want me to help?
I think I'm the last person
Pete and Tara want to help
put their wedding on.
Mysterious ways, my friend!
As of right now, you and me,
we're in this together.
No, we really aren't.
I'm just imagining you because I
feel guilty. That's all this is.
Jerry, you know
you're gonna help.
Say yes. Come on. Be with me.
You can ask me a million times,
and the answer will still be no.
Just say yes.
- Say yes.
- No.
- Say yes.
- Uh, uh.
Say yes.
Just say yes.
Say it.
Say yes.
How about no.
Say yes.
Leave me alone!
Okay, as soon as you say yes.
Just say yes.
Or I'm going to bug you all night.
- Say yes.
- No.
And when my brother saw
that truck under the tree...
- Say yes.
- No.
The look in his eyes...
- Say yes.
- No.
Say yes.
Everything okay, Jerry?
I do not suggest you say
you were talking to me.
I was just saying...
You know, like this was a
fine sermon today, there Rev.
Nice save.
May I?
Now, I knew how much my
brother loved that truck.
So when curiosity got
the better of me...
And I broke it, I knew I
had really messed up.
Now here I am trying everything
I can to fix this thing.
I'm using tape, I'm using
glue, I'm using bubble gum.
But it wasn't until I admitted
that I needed help...
That that truck got fixed.
So are you going to help?
I want to hear this.
My dad, he fixed the wheels.
My sister gave me a fancy
art glue. And mom...
God bless her.
Used a red nail polish to make
that thing look as good as new.
And the moral of the
story people...
It takes a village.
I will see you all next Sunday.
You have something to add?
Yes. Please.
If that's okay?
Hi everyone.
For those of you
who don't know me, I'm Jerry
the guy who took over
my mom's greenhouse.
Some of you may also know
me as the guy who ruined
Pete and Tara's wedding last month.
Ah... Oh...
After listening to today's sermon
I was wondering if you guys
might be able to help me
fix the thing that I broke.
Recently, I've been getting
a lot of pressure from
someone to make things
right for Tara's wedding.
I thought we could throw
them another one.
But as a surprise.
I don't know how open they'd
be to me doing this
so I think a surprise might be best.
Jerry, Jerry, that
is so kind of you...
But a wedding is
extremely expensive.
It is.
Yes. And I one
hundred percent
can't afford to throw
them one myself. But
I thought maybe we
could all chip in
and do it together.
You know, like...
As a village?
Not bad, kid.
Kindness is one thing Jerry
but if I provide the food
for an entire wedding
it will bankrupt me.
What if I agreed to work for you
all in exchange for your help?
I mean, I'm not exactly
swamped with work these days.
So if I helped you at your
restaurant, or store, or whatever
free of charge for
a couple of weeks,
then, maybe you could supply
what's needed for the wedding?
Well I suppose if I had
an extra pair of hands
around the restaurant it might
be considered fair trade.
There you go!
We got food.
What else do we need for a wedding?
Who's got music?
No idea what I can do for you,
but we'll figure something out.
Who's next?
Well, I'll be.
Little girl with the very sticky
fingers touching my coat.
I saw your dog.
You did!!!
Always the kids.
That's great!
Where did you see it?
Come with me.
Oh you have no idea
how great this is.
I am going to make
sure you get extra...
Yes, that's him. Where
did you see him?
You saw the poster.
- Thank you very much.
- You're welcome.
Excuse me ma'am. I was
wondering if you could help me.
I've lost my dog Scooty poops.
And you know what, I
just I miss him so much.
That looks like
Tara's dog, Gabe.
Yeah, um, I heard about that.
I was actually just about to go
over and give my condolences.
To uhh...
Tara, yes I am gonna go do that
right now. Okay, thank you!
I'd like to start off by saying
how sorry I am for interrupting
your sermon today.
I loved that dog.
Yes sir.
I imagine you did.
And I don't think I could say
sorry enough to make it better.
You think it's your
job to make it better?
I don't know.
A persistent little birdy
put the idea in my head.
Well if you think you can get my Tara
and her Pete to come back to church
you have my full support.
They're struggling.
We all do sometimes.
They're just not ready,
and I'm not pushing.
I know the feeling.
You know...
I think what you're doing here,
is exactly what this town needs.
A little community kindness.
And I for one, am happy to
practice what I preach.
That's great sir.
Thank you.
I'm going to go get started.
I feel like there is going
to be a lot of work to do.
Great. I'll see you tonight
at six at the soup kitchen.
Yes sir you... ahh?
Soup kitchen?
Well you're going to need someone
to perform the ceremony,
I assume.
And an ounce of your time
helping those less fortunate
is a fair exchange, don't you think?
Couldn't agree more.
See you at six.
I think I caught most of that.
It's hard to listen
through those doors.
Did he ask you to make him soup?
Couldn't you just walk through?
Oh I didn't even think of that.
See, you and me are gonna
be a good team, Jer!
Please don't call me that.
What, Jer??
I can't call you Jer??
No what?
Ah... No, sorry.
Nothing. I was just talking to
Which is something I do when I
want to feel embarrassed...
You know what?
I'm Jerry.
Hi, I'm Shawna.
It was nice to meet you.
Oh, hey, umm...
Jerry, look if you need any help
or anything just let me know.
That would be amazing...
Have you ever talked
to a girl before?
Okay, great.
I'll keep that in mind.
Thank you.
I'll see you later Jerry.
That's got to make it even worse.
So I'm thinking if we skip out
on birthday gifts this year
that will be enough to get
us square with the vet bill.
I'll make you a homemade gift again.
I need a new TV stand
for the broke one you
gave me last year.
Well someone just talked themselves
out of a really uneven table.
Hey Willow.
Hi! You know, I was just thinking...
Boy, I sure don't give
Tara enough hugs.
Can never get too
many hugs I guess?
Uh, we were just going to
grab some cof... coffee.
Do you want to join us?
Sorry. No time.
Can't. Gotta go!
Hey Kevin.
You will never guess what
just happened, Willow...
Tell me your favourite color?
If you had to choose just one
between the both of you guys.
Ummm... Ah...
I guess?
Fair enough.
Are we on a hidden camera show?
Well, I'm not picking
my nose, just in case.
Ah! You made it!
Yes, sir.
I figure this is as good
a place to start as any.
So, what do I do?
Follow me.
Luckily, this should be
pretty easy for you.
All you have to do
is stand back here
and serve these nice folks in line.
Think you can handle that?
Seems easy enough.
I'll fix him if he messes it up.
Oh, ah...
You volunteer here too!
You going for sainthood?
Some of us help just for
the sake of helping.
Careful Jerry.
You don't want both my
daughters mad at you.
That means your...
Tara's sister.
Yeah, for my whole life now.
I take it you hate me then too?
No, hate is not something
I let get a hold of me.
Hey Carrie, how are you?
Be a lot better if I
could find some work.
You know what, I'm sure
something will come up. Promise.
I didn't know so many
people in town needed help.
Yeah, sadly there's always lots
of people who need help, right.
Let's at least do our part.
What did you think?
That was actually a lot of fun.
Hopefully the rest of
plan goes as smooth.
Well you did a good job.
Any time you want to
come down and help out,
we'd be glad to have you.
I think I just might.
Well thanks and
you're good to go.
You sure?
Does that mean you'll
do the wedding?
She's my daughter Jerry.
I was always going to do it.
Take care.
Night Jerry.
This is not...
How does anything fit in here?
I can barely get my head in.
Give me a sec.
I just want to water the flowers.
That's definitely him.
Okay. Alright... Ummm.
Under here.
This so much harder
without paws!
Ah! I'm a cat!
Up the tree!
Be like a cat.
Fat cat!
Very fat cat!
not look up here.
You will not look up here.
There is nothing to see.
Oh, I am so heavy.
How do I get down?
Hey! So I've got
tomorrow all planned.
We'll start by getting
the jukebox for Norma.
And then make our rounds.
I'll navigate and I get to
control the radio.
How'd the soup kitchen go?
You didn't think that
Shawna being Tara's sister
was worth mentioning?
It never came up.
Why does that matter?
It doesn't.
Just saying, it would
have been nice to know.
Somebody's got a crush!
Enough of that.
Get up.
Why? Tara and Pete always
let me sleep on the bed.
Fine. But...
Stay on your side.
Can I be the little spoon?
My paw falls asleep
if I'm the big spoon.
No spoons.
Go to bed.
We're just about ready to
close so if you want food...
You're have to order
it right away.
Mmm, 'Kay.
Uh, tea?
Coming up.
Honestly, who invented a tie?
Like putting a
leash on yourself!
- There you go.
- Thank you.
Hey Norma.
Evening Willow.
- Coffee?
- Yes please.
I need a pick me up.
I'm working on Taras's dress.
I'll have it one
milk and nine sugars.
You might want to dial
that back a scooch.
Oh no, I love the tingling
feeling it gives me in my toes.
Gonna see this one pretty soon.
That's sugar foot darlin'.
Let's try a dollop
of honey instead.
You'll never believe
what I saw today.
A log rider?
Blue cats?
I worry for you.
I watched Jerry losing his mind.
Standing right out front here,
talking to an imaginary friend.
Yeah. Yammerin' on about
dog hallucinations.
Hi there.
Me again.
Uh, who is this Jerry fellow?
You know...
Ah ha. Right.
Remind me.
Jerry who is helping Pete and Tara
with their wedding
they didn't have because
of the, you know...
Yes of course.
Uh just wondering...
Where might I find my
good buddy Jer tonight?
If he's such a good buddy
you'd know
he doesn't like to be called Jer.
But he's most likely
at his green house.
Or wherever he
grows his flowers.
Uh, his...
Oh yes.
He lives in a green house.
Alright, thank you very much.
Greenhouse for Jerry.
Have a great night.
Jerry's house isn't green.
Yes it is.
I ran into him the other
day and he said...
I'm on my way to
the green house.
Drink your coffee.
Can you believe he's
doing all this for them?
Maybe he needs it...
Like for himself.
Hey, guys.
- Morning, Jerry.
- Hey Jer.
came by to get this over with.
Figured it would be best to rip
it off quick like a band-aid.
Well the car is in good shape.
I mean...
It runs.
Not so bad.
Would have been nice to
finish it with my Dad but...
But, that's life right?
That's your problem now.
The clutch sticks a
bit going into third.
Come by and drive it
whenever you want.
It just sat there.
And this is a good deal.
You guys get this...
Norma gets the jukebox...
Tara and Pete get food,
and the best band I know.
I've already loaded
up the jukebox.
I told Norma I'd bring
it by after lunch.
I appreciate it.
Hi there.
You must be the
lady of the house.
Sorry. That joke probably
went over your head.
I imagine most do at your
size don't they? Ha, ha ha.
Anyone inside the house speak?
By any chance.
Hi, sorry about that.
I didn't even hear you knock.
She must be talking
your ear off.
Oh, my, uh, ya.
Real chatterbox you got here.
I am here with a
rather specific task.
Uh, what I'm doing is, um...
Oh sweetie,
I can't believe you remembered!
Of course I remembered.
You got me a singing
telegram for my birthday!
Yes, yes I did.
Uhh, I'm sorry there must
be some kind of mis...
Hey, what day is it?
It's your day, this is it.
Hope it's grand, hope it's swell,
hope your year goes as well!
It's your birthday
and your husband...
Dan, will give you back rubs
every night, for a year!
Oh my goodness. Thank you so much.
That was fantastic!
C'mon honey,
I'm going to cash in
on one of those back rubs.
Let's go.
Yeah, every year,
or for the rest of my life.
That long.
A bit pitchy.
I forgot to ask about the dog.
My dad used to call me Jer.
I know it seems dumb
to ask people not to call me
that, but...
It just hurts too much.
He was a good guy, huh?
The best.
He bought that car as a project
for him and I to work on.
That's cool.
He was good with cars?
Not even a bit.
But we learned.
Some of my favorite memories
of my dad were with that car.
This is crazy.
Let's go back and see if we can
figure something else out.
I'm letting him down.
It was just sitting there.
Reminding me of how
much I miss him.
There's no way you're
letting him down.
I bet he's watching.
Super proud of you right now.
At least Paula can do
something with it.
She and her family taught us
everything we know about cars.
They're really good people.
Hey um...
I realized I haven't really said
thank you for doing all this.
You don't have to.
I want to do it.
I owe it to them.
I wish I could help you more.
But you're the only
one who can see me.
You could encourage me.
I could use that sometimes.
You got it!
Let's start now!
Come on champ, get up!
You heard me, get up!
You're gonna climb those stairs!
Then you're gonna
knock that chump out!
Are you quoting Rocky?
Name a better movie
for inspiration.
Can't argue with that.
Here's the flowers
and the gnome just like we promised.
There you go.
Oh my goodness!
- Careful.
- Okay.
Thank you.
You don't wave at me like that.
I guess I don't do I?
Afternoon Kevin!
Got that lens for ya.
So you do.
Much obliged.
So we're all square.
That lens, for photography and
the center pieces, yes?
That was the deal.
We'll see you soon.
Unfortunately, I got to
change my conditions.
What's wrong?
Is that lens not the right one?
Lens is fine.
I got something else I need.
Uh what do you need?
Hold on.
Let me get us some gloves.
Oh no.
What's wrong?
Kevin is a Golden Gloves boxer.
He probably wants me
to be his training partner.
Oh wow,
that's going to go bad for you.
Have you ever even
been in a fight?
Let's get to it.
I'm begging you.
I'll do anything I can...
I need you to help
me with my garden.
Okay then.
Flowers I... I can
help you with.
I'm so glad you could make it.
No problem.
Ah so...
I was looking over this list
and it says Pete and Tara
can use your summer house
for their honeymoon
if I can get you a cloud?
You're going to be a clown.
Oh, this isn't good.
I'll see you in there.
This might not be...
Not a word!
Not... One... Word.
I'm Jerry...
The clown.
That's not a clown name.
I'm going to call you Stinky.
Alright, then.
I'll be right back.
What do you guys want to do?
Let's play throw cake
at the clown!
Yay! Yeah!
Throw cake at the clown...
I can't look.
And I can't look away.
Okay. That was fun. But...
That was lovely Paula.
Thank you.
Always my pleasure.
How about an update on our
Church's secret wedding?
Go on.
Come on up.
I think it's going well!
I've been able to secure the music,
the food, photography.
Flowers are looking great.
Where I fall short,
is in the cash department.
I'm working on it.
I think if I just have a garage sale
and get some of my
stuff out there then...
How much do you need?
It isn't much.
I can work it out.
I can give twenty dollars.
It's not much.
That would be incredible.
I have a dollar.
I got a few bucks
I could throw in.
How about we pass around
the collection plate.
I think this week we'll all
donate it to another good cause.
Oooh, this is going
to be a nice wedding!
Do you have a second?
Everyone's been really generous.
I think this is actually
going to come together.
Yeah, you did a
really great job.
I couldn't have done it
without all your help.
Well since you mentioned it...
I was just wondering
when do I get to cash in
for all of my help?
Oh wow, I'm sorry.
I didn't even think of that.
With all that's been going on.
You're right.
What can I do for you?
There is this person that I did
promise them I'd help
clean out their garage.
I just have literally
not had a second...
Consider it done.
Yeah. What's the address?
I've got the afternoon free.
Honestly Jerry, this is such a
huge help. Thank you so much.
Tara's house.
You have to talk to her.
I really don't
think she wants...
Sometimes what people wanna do,
and what people need to do...
Are two different things.
Thanks Jerry.
I really appreciate it.
I don't really know
how this all works.
I mean that,
I know we don't chat that often,
and I'm not blaming you, that's...
That's on me...
But if you have a sec...
I could really use some advice.
I know I screwed up.
I do.
I'm really sorry.
And I'm scared to death
of seeing them.
So if you could just...
send me a sign.
Just show me that
they even want to talk to me.
I'll go.
Jerry come on man.
It's like a bazillion
degrees out there.
You picked a
seriously odd angel.
I could really use some of
that encouragement right now.
Put a foot forward.
Take the first step...
That's all it takes.
I think I need to do it alone...
If that's okay?
I'll be right here.
I... Uh...
Probably should have thought
about what I was going to say
before I actually stepped up here.
I'm not exactly great
at thinking on my feet.
What are you doing here Jerry?
Here it goes...
I was talking to your sister.
And she thought that...
Why were talking to my sister?
It's a long story.
We don't care.
I think we've heard enough.
Please don't come here again.
Come on in.
What are you doing?
He took the first step,
so I'm inviting him in.
That's the family rule.
You have a really
nice place here.
No small talk.
I don't like dogs.
- What?
- Unbelievable.
I just never understood them.
The way that they smell...
Jumping all over you.
Or licking your face.
Is this really what
you came to say?
I finally understood.
That day.
When I saw what I'd
done, to you...
The look on your face...
All at once...
I finally knew what all
the other people knew.
That accident...
I didn't just take
your dog from you...
I took your family.
I left the gate open.
I ran to grab the phone,
and I left the gate open.
It's my fault he ran
out into the street.
I blame myself for
not being there.
I'm gonna go.
I just thought I should
come by, and I did, so...
I'm really glad you came over.
Me too.
I almost forgot...
Uh... Shawna said you needed some
help cleaning your garage.
- What?
- I don't have a garage.
I kind of owed her,
so I was repaying the favor.
I think you just did.
One more thing.
Kind of a long shot, but...
I promised your dad
I'd try to see if I could get you
to come to church this Sunday?
Tell him...
We'll be there.
See you there.
You got a good family there pal.
I got a good friend too.
I really appreciate
you letting us use your space
for the reception.
Oh, I'm so excited!
I love weddings.
You sure we can get it all
done by this weekend?
Of course!
I'm finished Tara's dress.
And there is just a few things
to clean up around the studio.
If you could grab that bucket,
I think I can handle the rest.
How are we supposed to get
this place ready by Sunday?
You can start by...
Grabbing that bucket.
I have an idea.
You didn't even move the bucket.
We got the good stuff today.
- Shawna.
- Jerry, what's wrong?
Willow's place.
How much money did we make?
I don't know. I'd have to
double check, but quite a bit.
Hey everyone.
Uh, sorry to interrupt
your breakfast.
But I was wondering
if anybody might like a job?
Then finish your food
and come meet me at Willow's studio.
By the way, thank you for
making me talk to your sister.
Hey you, I was going
to move your bucket.
But I was like - Nope!
That's Jerry's bucket.
I know, but Willow...
Meet your new employees!
What can we do to help?
Let's turn this place
into a reception.
Put it over there.
Oh, careful.
Watch out.
I think we need something
here where the food will go.
Ah Willow, do we have anything
that will make this area pop?
I made this!
Umm, I think this will be perfect
at the front,
you know, where everyone can see it.
Wait until you see this baby lit up.
I think that's about it.
Please tell me we're done.
All trades, all jobs,
all favors exchanged.
We are now officially finished.
Thank goodness.
Can I sleep now?
We can sleep after the
wedding tomorrow.
If you get that, I'll let you
be the little spoon tonight.
Ah ha, they can't see me.
Would you if they could?
We'll never know.
I'll be right there.
Come with me,
in case I fall asleep.
Hi there.
Can I help you?
You can see him?
Ya, course I can see him! I've been
searching for him all over town.
You're the little fella.
First of all, very rude.
I am as I was created.
Second of all, yes.
I'm the little Fe...
The one you ran away from.
So if you don't mind,
I'd like to go back.
Please open the gate, let's go.
Hold on!
I don't understand.
Where'd you say you came from?
You said you were...
Oh wow.
Are you...
I just work there.
Or at least I did
before all this mess.
So if you don't mind...
I can't.
Please, I...
I know this seems crazy,
but we've been working so hard
to keep this wedding together.
And tomorrow's the day.
See first Jerry had
to feed the homeless.
That's where he met Shawna.
And then we were helping
Norma, and Kevin's flowers...
Oh yeah sure.
Kevin deserves flowers.
And then Shawna convinced him
to talk to Tara and Pete.
And now everything is set.
What and, I talked to your boss,
and he sent me a sign!
You didn't tell me that.
Yeah, it was really cool.
Sorry, I meant to tell you.
Alright you know what, this is..
This is...
This is a wonderful story.
And I'm sure it's going to have
just a fantastic ending.
But you and I, we will be
watching from up there.
You know, that is if
you're still invited.
I know this seems crazy.
I hardly even believe it myself, but
the fact is, Gabe talked to me...
and he came back.
So there must be
some sort of reason, right?
It's possible.
So just let us just
see this through.
Then I promise,
tomorrow I go with you. No running.
You know what?
I probably lost my
job already anyway.
Ahh... I am so tired.
You can stay at my place.
Thank you.
I already called dibs
on the little spoon.
Already regretting this.
Why do you sleep on the floor?
Where else was I
suppose to sleep?
In the bed.
That's where I sleep.
What? I didn't even know
that was an option.
Uhh mm my back.
Come on.
I need a walk.
I'm taking Denny to
help me with something.
Call if you need us.
Phone two dogs,
that's perfectly normal.
Have fun!
Hey Willow.
What's up?
Okay. I...
Just stay calm.
I"ll... I'll be right there.
- I just think it's very important.
- Yeah, as do I.
What's wrong?
The wedding's off.
We should call Pete and Tara.
No, no nothing's off.
Just the power's down.
I called, the whole block will be
out for probably at least a day.
Does that mean the church too?
Yeah, yeah. Dad called me,
he was out buying candles.
This is perfect.
We're done.
No, no, we're not done.
We just need to find
somewhere that still has power.
What about your greenhouse?
I don't know.
It's big enough, but it's
not exactly reception ready.
I can fix that.
Carrie, I can't ask
you to do this.
I mean we spent all the money
trying to get this place ready.
I didn't say anything about money.
Leave it to me.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
Just get them there
on time, okay.
Okay, great. I will call
everyone and let them know.
And make sure everyone
lends a helping hand.
Alright then!
Wedding's back on!
And I've got tons of candles.
I'll see you guys at the church.
Okay great!
Go team!
- Hey.
- Hey.
You okay?
This is crazy...
You know they can see me right?
I need to make
sure they're gone.
Okay, come on.
Let's go.
I need you to help me fix
something I screwed up.
They can't get married
without them.
You know, they don't
actually need these, right.
Honestly, it's just a symbol.
If they love each
other, it's enough.
I know.
But I want to make
today such a good day,
that they forget about the bad day.
They are never going
to forget that day.
It probably wouldn't hurt if they
didn't forget this day either.
I knew you were a softy.
Where is everyone?
- Hey Dad.
- Hi guys.
What's going on?
Why isn't anyone at church?
Oh they're at church.
They just aren't here.
So what are we doing, then?
Something we should have
done a long time ago.
Why don't you go inside
and get changed.
Yeah, so we can get started.
Go on.
Let's get you a bow tie.
Oh just set it on the head table.
Dearly beloved
we are gathered here today
to join this man
and this beautiful
woman in holy matrimony.
And love, is not just a word.
Love is that last thought you
have before you go to sleep.
It's that hand that you hold onto,
not because you have to,
but because you can.
And sometimes love is not even
for us. We give love to others...
Just to see them smile.
And the best part is...
Love is something that
we don't run out of.
Even when we loose someone
that we poured our whole heart into
we realize that when
it comes to love
always find a little more to give.
The rings, now the rings.
Oh, we don't have them.
- Yeah, we lost them.
- It's okay.
Thought you two might be able
to give this guy a good home.
Our rings!
How did you find them?
I guess someone who
loves you found them.
Come on, let's get ready.
Do you, Pete...
Take my beautiful daughter...
To be your bride?
I do.
And do you, Tara...
Take Pete, to be your husband?
I do.
And I now pronounce you
husband and wife.
This is beautiful.
Too bad everyone else
couldn't be here.
Thanks Dad.
It ain't what
she's wearing
That's making
me turn around
And it ain't
what she's sayin'
Cause I ain't heard a sound
I wish I had the words
To say what I mean
Cause somehow I love you
Is not strong
enough for me
And I'll find the words
I've got forever to try
Ladies and gentleman,
Pete and Tara Maguire.
I can't believe what an
incredible job you did.
It was easy with so much help.
No really.
You've got a great eye for this.
Hey, this is your place right?
It is, yes.
We were hoping we could book
it for our wedding this fall.
Oh, well, it's not really...
As long as it's not the day
that I would like to book
this place for renewing my vows.
Well, you guys can book
that through my new partner.
She's in charge of booking
all weddings, parties
whatever you need.
Great. Let's step over here and
talk about what you're thinking.
So you throw one wedding
and you're starting a business
now, huh?
Well, I figure it's pretty easy.
As long as I employ every person
in town every time I need help.
Look how happy she looks.
She deserves it.
You did a really great thing.
We'll be back in a couple
minutes to do another set.
But for now it's
time for you chickens
to ask those pretty girls to dance.
What do you say?
I would love to.
Time to go.
They look happy don't they?
Which one?
All of them.
Two minutes?
Do I have a choice?
Take your time.
So, that was it.
You're just going to leave?
No goodbyes?
My job here is done.
Tara and Pete got their wedding.
I got to make a new friend.
Looks like you did too huh?
I guess so.
I'm going to miss you Gabe.
I'm going to miss you too Jerry.
Call me Jer.
Jer it is.
What's it like up there?
It's like a long drive where
the window's always down.
You're a good boy Gabe.
So we didn't know
this was happening
Um so obviously
I didn't plan anything to say.
We've had a pretty tough time
And sadly
I chose to hide
it from everyone.
But when I look around
at all of this,
what everyone did, just because,
I realize how lucky we
are to have friends.
Like all of you.
And the more we talk to everyone
the more we learn
what love truly means.
So we'd like you all to join us
in a very special toast.
To Jerry!
- To Jerry!
- To Jerry!
C'mon, come here.
To Jerry!
Thank you.
Thank you.
- I have to go.
- Oh, no.
- Stay.
- Come on.
You alright?
Yeah. Just, I don't take
compliments very well.
Well, then you probably
shouldn't go back in there.
Everybody's waiting
to congratulate you.
Well hey you don't
have to go back in.
Let's do something.
Just you and me?
Yeah sure why not?
I'd love to.
That sounds great.
The truck's kind of a mess.
I don't mind.
What? Did you really think
we were taking this car?
I've watched you and your dad fix
the car up ever since we were kids.
I just needed to
finish it up for you.
I don't know what to say?
I thought you could use someone
doing something nice for you too.
Go enjoy it Bud.
We love you Jer.
After you.
Well, he's off to a good start.
I'd say you're right.
This time you have to promise
to go through.
I am really behind
on my paper work.
Don't worry.
I promise.
Nothing's gonna stop me
from going through this time.
Hey I think I'm lost.
Oh no.