Best in Sex: 2017 AVN Awards (2017) Movie Script

Tonight is the awards show.
I get to see, you know,
if I won Best New Starlet.
I'm so nervous.
I've been nervous all day.
Well, I feel like
I'm gonna throw up.
The AVN red carpet.
there's a lot going on,
so there's a lot
of positive energy.
Almost the whole casino is filled
with fans taking pictures.
All the people that came
to the expo, you know,
they're all waiting there.
It's really exciting.
Welcome to the AVN Awards
Nominations Party,
where tonight we are gonna
find out who the nominees are
for the 2017 AVN Awards Show.
- I love you!
- Yes, I love you!
If I were to be nominated for
Female Performer of the Year,
I'd be fucking mindblown,
to be honest with you.
There's so many girls
that go so hard.
So I've been in the industry
for about a year and a half,
and I've probably done
300 scenes
because I've worked
almost every day.
I've put all my effort
into doing porn.
In the category
of Best New Starlet,
Holly Hendrix...
Elsa Jean...
I've been waiting
my whole life for this.
The best night ever.
The next category
is Female Performer of the Year.
Adriana Chechik...
So good.
Jillian Janson...
Best Female Performer?
I'm so excited.
I'm just honored
to be nominated.
- Katrina Jade.
- Yes!
I love you!
You're a performer.
Like, you're a thing.
Like, you're an entity,
like, in this business.
Let's have
a big round of applause
for all of the talent
in the audience.
Like, I'm such a crybaby
for, like, if I get respect.
I'm like, "Really?
You think so?"
- You're gonna have...
- Nobody wanted to hire me.
A lot of people didn't book me.
They were like, "No, you have
tattoos on your face.
No, you have tattoos
on your face."
The fact that I got nominated
for that, I was just like,
"Wow, somebody recognized me."
Thank you.
I'm a badass.
I swear!
I'm really fucking stoked.
Don't go anywhere.
The party has just
gotten started.
Good luck!
You're a little bit late.
Hey, everybody,
I'm Allie Haze.
And I'm Jessa Rhodes.
And we're here to cover
the 2017 AVN Red Carpet.
Not only are we gonna be
the front of the house,
but we're gonna be covering
the back of the house.
And we couldn't find anybody
else better for that job
than the one, the only...
Katie Morgan.
I'm so excited.
I think the thing
that I'm looking the most
forward to is just
the excitement of it all.
I can't wait to go
along for the ride.
You're always
along for the ride.
That's true.
I'm gonna go
- take it in the back.
- Let's do it.
- I found Angela White.
- Hi!
So if you don't know
who she is, she's, like,
the hottest Aussie porn star
ever to exist, in my book.
Aww, thank you.
You're really sweet.
What is one of your
favorite projects
that you worked on this year?
Oh, that's so difficult.
I mean, okay, the biggest thing
to happen is obviously
becoming a Spiegler Girl
for me because
now I've moved over
to Los Angeles.
That's very exciting.
This year is gonna be
a big year for me because
I'm gonna be working on
"Angela Volume 3" in 2017,
so I'm looking to do, like,
an a gangbang
and a whole bunch
of other things, so...
Oh, maybe I could
get involved.
I thought the biggest thing
on you was those boobs.
I just I can't...
Oh, my goodness.
They're like, I mean, that's,
like, a whole nother country
- in itself.
- Yeah.
Elsa Jean!
So favorite part
of this year thus far?
Um, probably finding out
that I was nominated.
Favorite dirty word?
Give it to me sexy.
I wanna lick your asshole.
On that note...
This girl has 17 nominations.
I didn't even know that.
Best Anal, Best DP,
Best Supporting Actress,
the list goes on.
Adriana, what is
your favorite,
most exciting
nomination tonight
that you hope to win?
Um, I would really love
Performer of the Year
because it's just awesome
that everyone in the industry
would recognize me as that.
What is the thing you look
forward to the most
about coming to AVN every year?
I look forward to seeing
what everybody's wearing.
I love fashion, and I love
to check out all the women
in their awesome clothes.
And I also look forward
to meeting fans.
The convention
is the best part.
Here we are
at the AEE 2017 convention.
Let's take a look at some of the
things you might have missed.
I know.
We got in a lot of trouble.
- Hi!
- Whoo!
- Gosh, her boobies!
- Yes, whoo!
There they are!
I wanna hang it
on my Christmas tree.
Mwah! Oh!
Sorry, boys, coming through,
making my way to the titties,
making my way to the titties.
Dance gig tonight?
So I'm gonna bring out
a whip and do
- a candle show, and ice...
- Can I be the...
- You can pour some wax on me.
- You're gonna beat people's ass
and burn yourself
all at the same time.
- Super sexy!
- I'm gonna beat my own ass.
VR, you get in it, in it.
Put those glasses on.
- You can touch us, feel us.
- Hell, yeah.
Penny Pax,
so favorite character
you've done this year.
Uh, this one.
- Aww.
- Aw.
So you like to play
with your Poke balls?
Oh, my God, I love
to poke the balls.
What do you use
on your skin?
- Please tell me.
- Coconut oil.
Yes, I can tell.
I can feel it.
- Can I smell it too?
- Oh, goodness.
- Diving down under.
- Ah, so...
The lair is amazing.
Nobody's in trouble right now.
I think we need
some slave action.
- How are you feeling right now?
- Really relaxed.
I love it.
It's like a playground
for adults.
I just wanna eat the frosting,
like, off your butt.
- Off my butt?
- Well, we can put...
I kind of want
to feed you a cupcake.
I just want to feel the inside
of your mouth on my body.
- Ooh, is it warm?
- So good.
Can I taste it?
Can I...
Oh, see?
Every single time.
Oh, my gosh!
Well, I don't know about you.
That was that was intense.
- That was so fun.
- I know.
And you didn't even get
to see all of it.
It's crazy. There's so much
more that happened.
And how about that cam show?
I know, cam party,
let's talk about first ever!
Speaking of parties, you know
what I think, Allie?
Open up the champagne,
Yeah, it's my house, come on
Turn it up, hey
Hear a knock on the door
and the night begins
Hey, what
'Cause we done this before
so you come on in
Hey, come on
Make yourself at my home,
tell me where you been
- Hey
- Pour yourself
Something cold, baby,
cheers to this
Sometimes you gotta stay in
- Hey, hey
- And you know where I live
- You know where I live
- Yeah, you know what we is
You know what we is
- Sometimes you gotta stay in, in
- Party, people, come on
Welcome to my house
Baby, take control now
We can't even slow down
We don't have to go out
Welcome to my house
Play that music too loud
Show me what you do now
- We don't have to go out
- Come on
And everybody say
what, what, come on
Welcome to my house
You heard me
We ain't got to go out
'cause, what
Welcome to my house
Hey, morning comes,
and you know that
- You wanna stay
- You wanna stay, come on
Come on, close the blinds,
let's pretend that
The time has changed, yeah
Hey, keep our clothes on
the floor, open up champagne
Hey, let's continue tonight,
come on, celebrate
- You know how we do, hey
- Sometimes you gotta
- Stay in
- Yeah
- And you know where I live
- You know where I live
- Yeah, you know what we is
- You know what we is
- Sometimes you gotta stay
- Party people, come on!
- Welcome to my house
- Yeah
- Baby, take control now
- Now
We can't even slow down
- We don't have to go out
- Come on
Welcome to my house
Play that music too loud
- Show me what you do now
- Show me now, yeah
- We don't have to go out
- Come on
And everybody say
what, what, come on
- Welcome to my house
- You heard me
Bring a friend
Welcome to my house
Welcome to my duck off
the crib, the spot, the pad
But my house is your house
if you throwing it back
Excuse me if my home
draining the sad
Soon as these happy faces land
you can run with the cash
Home run, slam dunk,
touchdown, pass
Mi casa es tu casa,
so it ain't no holding back
Another shot of vodka,
you know what's in my glass
- It's my house, just relax
- AVN, make some noise!
Welcome to my house
Baby, take control now
- We can't even slow down
- Hit the brakes
- Hit the brakes, slow down
- We don't have to go out
Cheers to this,
welcome to my house
Play that music too loud
Show me what you do now
- We don't have to go out
- Come on
And everybody say
what, what, come on
- Welcome to my house
- You heard me!
We ain't gotta go out
'cause what
Welcome to my house
It's my house, my house
- Yeah
- Welcome to my house
It's my house.
- Fucking Mitch.
- Colin, Colin, buddy...
There's no fucking way
I'm picking them all up.
- Fufufufuck you.
- You already agreed.
Take a shit, and take a
picture of it and send it to me.
That's what I'm
looking at right now.
Just think, sexy women,
Las Vegas...
You're the last manager
I'm ever working with.
Just get on the road.
I'm sure it'll be fun.
This car is a wreck.
What is this, Uber shitty?
I'm Colin Kane.
- I'm hosting the AVNs.
- Holy shit.
Yeah, yeah.
Damn, you're pretty sexy.
- You alright there?
- Yeah, sorry.
So you know we're
contractually obligated to shoot
an anal scene together, right?
- I'm Aspen.
- I'm Colin.
Oh, I know who you are.
Riley texted me on the way here.
And you guys are doing
a scene together.
We're not doing
a scene right now.
Oh, yes, we are.
Trophy Girls?
You girls just fuck
rich old dudes or something?
Can we stop
and get some tacos?
- No, no, no.
- Ugh, come on.
I'm not your goddamn driver,
shit tits.
He's our driver
and our cohost.
And my new scene partner.
One of those is true, ladies.
Just one.
- Oh, my God, you guys.
- Are we almost there?
Road trip selfie!
Get back here,
get in on this!
- Everybody get in.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Everyone say "dildo!"
Who the fuck
is driving the car?
Shit, hell yeah,
topless road trip!
Topless road trip!
Topless road trip!
Topless road trip!
Topless road trip!
Topless road trip!
Topless road trip!
So is that it, then?
Oh, shit, there's Vegas.
- Oh, yes!
- Yes!
- Yes!
- Fuck, yeah!
What the fuck, you guys?
We gotta go.
Nah, we're good.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome, Colin Kane.
2017 AVN Awards.
Make some noise,
ladies and gentlemen, come on!
Another round for Florida
doing his thing.
Come on, let him hear it.
Let him hear it.
I am so happy to be here,
It is such a great night.
You guys look amazing.
And I gotta say, right from
the start, you guys are dirty
and you keep it real,
and I want you to clap for that
right now
'cause you keep it real.
I mean that.
I'm a dirty guy.
That's why I do this show.
I was at the gym yesterday,
true story.
This girl started to put
her hair up, and I started
to take my dick out
out of habit.
It's one of those.
That's just how it is.
You girls, I gotta say this.
When you grab a dick,
you porn stars, you grab it
like you mean it, like,
it's just like, give me one of these.
These young girls, they kind of
do that foreplay a little
where they grab it a little,
and they're like,
"Oh, hey.
Not yet, not yet, hold on.
Not yet, not yet."
This is the best sound ever
when you're getting
a blow job, shh.
And if you laughed at that,
please DM me on Instagram
tonight, please do.
You guys are filthy.
I got a blow job one time,
and this girl had Invisalign.
I filled up the whole top shelf.
Whole top shelf.
And she tried talking to me
after sex,
"I'm just gonna get
some water or something.
I need a little something
just to clear it out."
I gotta say this too right now.
You ladies take it in the ass,
and it's unbelievable.
When I try...
Yes, yes, when I try
to put it in a girl's ass,
I feel like she's, like,
helping her friend
parallel park the whole time.
"Come on, eh, come
Eh, eh..."
I tried to put it
in this girl's ass one time,
this is a true story,
and she looks at me, and she goes,
"My ass is an exit only."
"Oh, wow, we have
a lot in common.
"So is my fucking apartment,
holy shit."
You guys are filthy.
Look at you.
I love it.
The dirtiest joke of the night.
And I gotta say this too.
I had girl one time
stick a finger in my ass
when she was blowing me.
Some of you, some of you
might think I'm gay or whatever
or I'm a, you know,
but I gotta tell you,
this fucking gay guy
fucking loved it.
Holy shit.
I think, like, doves
flew out of my dick hole.
It felt amazing.
And there's a moment,
listen, there's a moment
when she put it in, I came,
and, fellas, I can't describe
what it felt like,
but I looked like that thing
in front of
the fucking car wash.
You know what I'm talking about?
Have you ever stuck your finger
so far in someone's ass,
you have no idea what body part
you're touching anymore?
You guys, yes, you're like,
"Is this her vertebrae?
"What the fuck is this?"
And then you realize
you're playing with, like,
an undeveloped piece of shit
for 20 seconds.
You pull it out,
it looked like you just
fucking finished Tough Mudder.
You know what I'm talking about?
Oh, shut up, AVN,
you dirty fucks.
You love this shit.
We got Best Anal tonight.
Who's nominated for that?
Up front, beautiful Asian girl
right up front,
like your whole life in school,
hell yeah, I like that.
What's your name, beautiful?
What's your name?
- Vicki Chase.
- Vicki Chase,
- you look beautiful.
- Thank you very much.
- Absolutely beautiful.
- Thank you.
But a lot of Asian girls,
they're quiet in bed.
I know you're not, but a lot
of Asian girls
When I have sex
with an Asian girl,
sometimes I feel like
I'm fucking a Prius.
They're so fucking quiet.
Have you ever made
an Asian girl come?
Sometimes she sounds like
a fucking baby baboon, like,
"Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh."
She's not Asian?
She's Chinese?
- Indian?
- Latina.
I don't give a shit
about you, shut up.
You know what I'm talking about?
I'm kidding. What is she?
What are you, beautiful?
I'm Latina!
You're Latina?
Oh, you, oh!
You got that hair from your
pussy to your belly button?
You know what I'm talking about?
Hola, Papi. Hola, Papi.
I had my first threesome with
a Hispanic girl, I really did.
I did.
It was kind of like a threesome.
Her little kid was in the room.
But listen...
Fuck you, AVN.
I just started. Fuck you.
We're having fun tonight.
You're beautiful, by the way.
You're absolutely beautiful.
I wish you the best.
- Thank you.
- Seriously, I wish you the best.
I'm sexy.
Thank you so much, beautiful.
I appreciate it.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Thank you so much.
I gotta say this right here, and
then I'm gonna get things going.
I gotta say this.
You guys, you get a lot of shit
sometimes for what you do.
And I gotta say this, honestly,
you guys do exactly
what you wanna do
with your life,
and that's fucking respect,
and I wanna say that
before I get it going.
And I mean that. You really do.
So I wanna get things going.
You guys ready for the best
awards yet, or what?
I want some more energy.
Are you guys ready
for the best awards?
Come on!
That's what I'm talking about.
We got a great night tonight.
We really do, so let's
get this started.
Behind every great man,
they say there's a great woman,
but tonight we got two
fucking amazing women behind me.
Put your hands together,
everybody, and please welcome
Riley Reid and Aspen Rae.
Come on, let them hear it!
Let them hear it!
- Hello, beautiful people.
- Hey, everyone.
It truly is an honor to be
cohosting this year's awards.
We're happy to say that
for the fourth year in a row,
our aerial coverage
is being provided
by the Fleshlight blimp cam.
Wave, everybody!
So when I was asked to be
a part of this year's show,
- I had one big condition.
- Ooh, can I guess it?
- Sure.
- All right, mm,
- a huge bubble bath?
- No.
Let's see,
a fivehour massage?
- No.
- Fine, getting DP'd
by midgets
while watching cartoons
and eating out of
a chocolate fountain.
- You know me so well.
- Yeah, I follow your Twitter.
Oh, sweet.
Now here's two people
definitely worth following.
Presenting Best Actor,
please give a loud round
of applause for...
Kat Dior and Ariana Marie.
When writing the recipe
for how you make a Best Actor,
you need the following.
Start with a great cock.
Then sprinkle in some charisma.
Drop in a big helping
of talent,
and whisk in some passion.
Lastly, add a ton of patience
to put up with
all of us crazy actresses.
Then put him on the screen,
and serve him up.
Here are the nominees
for Best Actor.
Can you play with these
nipples a little bit?
But it's much, much bigger
than yours.
Miss Hudson, right?
What amazing little bangers.
Preacher's pretty
pissed off, huh?
What do you think about that?
I'm the one doing
the motherfucking talking here,
you see?
You hear me?
There we go.
It's not other women, baby.
Another woman with us.
Let's do it.
Let's get away for the weekend
and focus on us.
Will you go?
Oh, hello, room service.
Please send up a gallon
of your best poison lipstick.
Shiny and pristine,
until you make that first stab.
Stab, stab, stab, stab, stab!
Woke up at 5:00 in the morning.
From 5:00 to 9:00,
I read the Constitution
of the United States of America.
I didn't want to say
what she said,
but what she said was,
"Senator, you're a pussy."
And the winner
for Best Actor is...
Xander Corvus!
"The Preacher's Daughter,"
Wicked Pictures.
Oh, wow. Thanks.
Thank you. Oh, wow.
Wow, all right.
Thank you, everybody.
Uh, wow.
Once again, um, I wanna thank
everybody from Wicked
that put this movie together.
Brad, thanks
for casting me, man.
Thanks for writing
an amazing movie as well.
All my friends who support me
and everything.
Thank you, guys.
OC Modeling, hell yeah.
My beautiful girlfriend,
Lily Lane.
Thank you guys so much.
Thank you, AVN!
All right, guys.
Thank you so much.
Y'all are so awesome.
I'll see you next time.
And cut.
That was perfect, Bailey.
- It was super authentic.
- Carrots?
Get the fuck out of here
with the fucking carrots.
Let's start from the top.
My name is Linda Wilson.
I'm a cam show director.
I've been in the industry
about 17 months strong now.
I'm what they call a veteran.
If you want something done
right, go to Linda Wilson.
I'm ready.
Let's roll.
- Cookies?
- Patrick!
A lot of people say,
"How is this a thing?"
Or, "Cam shows
don't need directors,"
or "Linda, pay me back
the money you owe me."
You go ahead and you ask Bailey.
She'll tell you.
I mean, you could take
the lampshade off.
You get better punctuation
with the light.
You need good light penetration,
you know what I mean?
I mean, you can get one girl
that she's got maybe one,
maybe two lamps.
That looks really good.
Lighting, it's all about
the lighting.
Oh, that's it, yeah.
I see some of these shows,
and I'm like, "Hey,
the only thing getting
blown out is your face."
'Cause the lighting's so bad.
That's it.
I don't know much
about lighting, but I know
I made 10,000 bucks last week
showing my tits.
Food is the most important
thing you can have on set.
And despite what my...
bitch of a sister Linda thinks,
people like having food on set.
Patrick, shut the fuck up!
Yeah, sometimes
I get yelled at,
but I wanna make sure
the hummus and the veggies
are ready to be eaten.
Veggie medley?
Nice tits.
I don't know what any of these
people are doing in my bedroom.
Patrick, are you
still fucking here?
I am crucial
to this production!
AVN salutes the heroes
of the adult film world.
Girls, it's been great
working with you both,
but I have a few questions.
Okay, what's up?
Do we really get paid
in AVN gift cards?
Wait, we're getting paid?
Yeah, I thought this was
community service.
Okay, I guess
my other question is,
are we really sharing
a room tonight?
- Wait, what?
- Yes, that's true.
Uh, and I call the middle!
Great, I'll bring
my gift cards.
For the category
of Best Supporting Actress
and Best Oral Sex Scene,
the presenters are...
2016 Penthouse
Pet of the Year, Kenna James,
along with Gia Paige
and comedian Doug Benson!
Love you, Doug!
Hey, everybody.
As everyone knows,
I'm a huge fan of movies.
It's great to have you here.
I didn't know you loved
our movies too.
Well, with your movies,
a few minutes here,
a few minutes there,
and I'm good.
- That's all I need.
- Just like our
supporting actresses, they may
not be in the whole movie,
but they'll definitely
give you the few minutes
that everyone needs.
Here are
the very sexy ladies
nominated for
Best Supporting Actress.
Why does everything come back
to gay issues with you?
I'd like to thank everyone
for joining us tonight
at the Republican Candidates
Wife Swap.
I mean Debate.
Oh, hell.
Did that go out live?
You seemed so eager
Oh, yes, yes!
Please don't, please don't
let him find me.
It all started off innocent,
I swear.
I swear, but...
This boy your father's talking
about, I don't think...
There is no boy.
Marissa is a good girl
and thoughtful,
and I just know
she'll do the right thing.
Now that you're 21,
it's important thing
is start drinking alcohol.
I'm horny, and I really
liked your band
and stuff.
I know you feel responsible
for her, but you've done enough.
You want to fuck my daughter.
I guess that just
leaves you and me.
Here we go.
Do it.
And the winner is...
Joanna Angel!
- Congratulations, baby.
- Congratulations, Joanna.
Thank you!
I acted in a porno!
Thank you, thank you,
AVN, so much.
This means so much to me.
Thank you to everyone
in "Cindy Queen of Hell."
I could not have
done this without you.
Thank you, thank you,
Xander Corvus,
for directing this with me.
Thank you, Mike Quasar!
Stand up if he's ever paid
your rent in this room.
Thank you.
I... and thank you
to the love of my life,
Small Hands.
I love you.
There are
so, so, so many women
of this next award.
I have no clue
how they narrowed it down.
Actually, giving a perfect
blow job is very scientific.
Yeah, if you want,
we can tell you all about it.
No, when it comes to oral,
I prefer to lie back
and stare at the ceiling
and just let it happen.
- We get that.
- Just get it over with.
Let's take a look
at the nominees for Best Oral.
Best Oral!
Give it to me.
Oh, yeah!
And the winner is...
Adriana Chechik!
Congratulations, beautiful!
- Ah!
- Congratulations.
Oh, my God, guys.
I love sucking dick
more than I love eating pussy,
so this is so fucking awesome.
Um, I have to say thank you
to Jonni Darkko for giving me
so many cocks to suck.
My agent, Derek,
and everyone over at LA Direct
for hooking it happen
and making it so good.
And for having a sore throat
after all those scenes,
you know, I wear it with pride.
So thank you. I'm so happy.
You just won
Best Oral Sex Scene.
- How do you feel right now?
- I'm so excited.
You know, I actually did
two blow job scenes
before I came to AVN, so it
makes the sore throat worth it.
Feeling pretty shaky.
I'm pretty happy.
That was a hell of a movie,
and I'm really glad
to be a part of it,
and thanks
for believing in me.
Joanna Angel just won
Best Supporting Actress.
How are you feeling
right now?
I feel so amazing.
It's so early on
in the night.
I wasn't expecting
to win anything,
and now I've won
something early.
Girl, you have
12 nominations.
One down, 11 to go.
Let's see how it goes.
I'm very, very, very happy
about this.
- Very excited.
- Oh.
I'm sure we're gonna
see you again really soon.
You know, it's so fitting
that you and I are presenting
the Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene.
I know.
Wait, why's that?
Well, because I feel like
we can be up for this scene
next year.
Is that because we fucked
in the car on the way up here?
Yeah, and because
I filmed it.
- Uh, what?
- And the presenters
for the award for
Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene,
we have brought the A team:
Angela White, Alexa Grace,
and Alec Knight.
I love a crazy hot
boy/girl scene.
It's like an orgy
with two people.
Yeah, that's kind of true,
just minus the orgy part.
No, it's still an orgy.
Just, I'm counting
all the people in my head.
Well, if we're counting
voices in our heads,
then I've been in hundreds
of two person orgies.
Well, before it gets
too crowded up here,
these are the nominees
for Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene.
And the winner for Best
Boy/Girl Sex Scene is...
- Kendra Sunderland and Mick Blue!
- Sunderland and Mick Blue!
This is no, this is for you.
- Thank you.
- It's for you because
you were absolutely amazing
in that scene,
and I was just the lucky man
to do her first.
- Thank you, that is so sweet.
- It's all yours.
Oh, my gosh, thank you, AVN,
for this award
and thinking
that I deserve it.
Oh, my God,
I'm just so happy.
I'm so happy to be
a part of this industry.
I love it.
I love all you guys.
Thank you, Greg Lansky,
for believing in me
and allowing me
to express myself
and just I love it, and I love
all of you, thank you.
Thank you also, AVN
and Chaturbate and MyFreeCams.
You guys are amazing.
I was a stripper in Ohio,
then I stripped in D.C.,
and then I came to California.
Ohio is terrible.
It's just cloudy,
and everyone seems depressed.
You just have to get out
of Ohio.
I was always interested
in doing films.
I always made, like,
solo videos
for the people that came
into the strip club.
And then I wanted
to try just one
so I could make, like,
a professional one.
So I did my first scene.
I loved it.
I flew back to Ohio,
packed my bags, left again
that day, and flew back to LA.
Maybe I like to show off
or something.
I don't know.
- I told you to bring your ID.
- Mm-hmm.
This is my first scene
and my first blow job.
I refused to suck dick
growing up
because my mom told me
I would have indents
in my cheeks
and everyone would know
that I sucked dick,
so I never, you know,
gave blow jobs.
I look so different.
Love your eyes.
Right here, he tells me
to get on my knees,
and I've never given a
blow job before, so I obviously
face the wrong way, and I think,
at this point, I cut,
and I was like,
"Whoa, I don't suck dick."
And they're like,
"Oh, today you do."
I was terrible at oral sex,
so I really needed
to practice giving blow jobs,
and there's a lot of people
that will definitely
practice with you, so...
That's actually my most popular
scene still.
It got viewed 2 million times
in two weeks.
And people still view it.
- You just have to make them happy, right?
- Right.
There's a lot of short clips
that people put up,
and I go through the comments,
and I see what they say.
It's hard to satisfy
every single person
that watches your scenes
'cause everyone
wants something different.
I know when I get my call sheet
when it says
"bring brightcolored
crop tops and shorts"
that I'm gonna do
an incest scene.
A lot of step, you know,
in general fake incest.
I love it.
I love to play that role.
It's my favorite.
I've fucked my stepdad, stepmom,
stepbrother, stepsister.
Usually they try to seduce me,
"But you're my stepmom.
"I don't wanna
take a bath with you."
My stepsister Trillium
has a dildo, you know,
behind her back, so she's gonna
give it to me, teach me how
to masturbate, have an orgasm.
Why would I need a vibrator?
It's a good sister.
What are you
doing home so early?
There was a bomb threat.
These people are brilliant.
There's a lot of random
scenarios that they do.
Like, this one, my boyfriend
can't make it to work,
so I'm trying to help him out
by cleaning the pool
for the guy that he works for,
and I accidentally put in
- the wrong stuff...
- Hey!
He wants all natural
cleaning products.
And you just put
that shit in my pool.
Who thought of,
she's gonna put in
the wrong cleaning stuff
and then I get disciplined?
The pizza guy and the mailman
guy stuff is getting boring,
so we gotta get to
the pool cleaning business.
What are you doing?
I think it's time
for you to have sex
with an actual person too.
I'm really proud of how far
I've come
and how much I've come.
Oh, my God, it's so big.
Please welcome the chief
executive officer of AVN,
Tony Rios.
Each year, one of the most
anticipated award presentations
is the one for Best New Starlet.
So in keeping with
a longstanding AVN tradition,
here now to present the award
and pass the crown
is last year's winner,
Abella Danger.
I'm so sad.
From the moment I started
performing, my ultimate goal
was to be awarded the title
of AVN Best New Starlet.
I did my absolute very best,
and AVN made my dream come true.
Although I'm extremely sad
about passing down the title,
I hope tonight's winner
cherishes and enjoys it
as much as I have.
So here are
this year's nominees.
I'm-I'm really sad
about doing this, guys.
And the winner is Holly Hendrix.
You got it!
You got it.
- No way.
- Good job.
No way, oh, fuck.
This is way heavier
than I thought.
Holy shit.
Oh, my gosh, wow.
First of all,
I want to thank AVN
for making this happen for me.
Holy shit.
I love my job
more than anything.
I mean, fuck,
I fuck for a living.
What could get better than that?
I wanna thank John
with East Coast Talents
for always being there with me.
I wanna thank all
of my East Coast Girls,
Tiffany Watson, Amara Romani,
Gina Valentina.
Fuck, all my girls, fuck, yes!
We did it!
Thank you so much.
Oh, my gosh, I wanna thank
Jonni Darkko, Mason,
all my favorite directors.
Thank you, oh, my gosh.
Holly Hendrix, AVN 2017
Best New Starlet.
- No, no, no, no, fuck.
- Girl, this is real.
Wait, wait, wait,
my boobs are falling out.
Tuck them in.
How do you feel right now?
I feel like this is a dream.
I don't even feel like
this is real.
Fuck, me, really?
Congratulations, you got
a whole lot of pictures
- to take now.
- Oh, wow.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you, AVN.
Thank you, everybody!
Fuck, this is
a huge honor for me.
Oh, my God.
I can't be that upset,
because I've had way more
than most people, you know?
I need to go see Holly
and tell her congratulations
'cause she really did
she worked so hard this year.
I mean, I saw her showcase,
and it was-it was awesome.
She, I think she shoved
golf balls up her ass
and, like, pushed them out,
and that's amazing.
I couldn't do that.
That, you know,
she deserves it.
If you can do shit like that,
then you deserve it.
So I was looking up
and #splittongue
and this and that,
and so then he has one.
So I was like, "Like, like."
I had no shame.
I was just, like, writing him.
I sent you my photos.
So then he wrote me,
and then
I think I moved in, like,
two weeks later.
When we got together,
we were not monogamous at all.
- We've never been, ever.
- I had, like, a black guy
come over, like, three days
after she moved in,
and he was, like, fucking her,
tied her to a door.
Like, it was just game on.
- Let's get the panties all the way off.
- You've got it.
We got started by just
posting our life on Tumblr,
the hotwifing thing.
Hotwifing is basically
being a slutty wife.
So you're married,
but you fuck everybody.
She's, like, fucking people,
and I'm watching, you know,
and then joining in,
and so on and so forth.
We just got followers and got
followers and got followers.
Guys would write me
and be like,
"You literally
saved our marriage."
We were so open
about our relationship
that someone
thought that, you know,
they weren't weird.
Turn around, let's see that ass.
Once we got, like,
really popular, like,
and we started actually, like,
paying attention
to, like, fans,
we were like,
"Hey, guys, we're gonna
start doing porn now!"
So then we kind of just
transferred all of
the original fans
straight to Twitter
and adult life.
It was easy to cross over.
When I got into porn, like,
I was way more
That's Biggie.
When she first got in,
everything we were doing
was immediately like,
"You shouldn't be doing that."
You can't be married.
You can't have tattoos.
You can't wear black.
All these little weird things,
and we're like,
"Well, that's kind of, like,
not what we're about."
That's not our dynamic
to begin with.
A lot of porn couples, like,
they really don't want
their partner to have sex with
anybody unless it's for work.
- Yeah.
- And then at home, like,
aside from porn,
they're monogamous.
'Cause we don't see
the difference.
- We're like, "What?"
- Yeah, I'm like, "What?
- Okay."
- We're just not built that way,
so we just don't have the mental
capacity to understand
because we don't understand
monogamy at all.
- Yeah, yeah.
- So...
So it's us, basically.
It's not you guys.
- You guys are awesome.
- We just don't...
Keep doing you.
We just are fucked up.
At this point in the show,
I'd like to take a moment
right now and acknowledge
the 2017 Trophy Girls.
Let's hear it for Gina Valentina
and Uma Jolie.
Come on, let them hear it,
Look at them.
So, girls, I have
a couple questions.
What is something
that you've learned
from being a Trophy Girl?
Hmm, we learned the statues
are really heavy.
And that no one knows where
to get one when they win one.
But most importantly,
that you can be a part
of the whole show without
knowing the host's name.
Please leave.
That-that just-just leave.
- We know your name, Corey.
- Wait, wait.
I thought it was Kyle.
Uh, thank-thank you, ladies.
Thank you so much.
Let's hear it for the girls
names I don't remember.
Let's hear it.
Come on, let them hear it.
And put your hands together
for our next presenters,
Karlee Grey, Isiah Maxwell,
and Wicked Pictures girl
Jessica Drake,
ladies and gentlemen!
This next award
involves relaxation, lube,
and a lot of trust.
That's funny, that's the same
thing I offer in my Tinder bio.
Those are great things.
How are you single?
Who said I was single?
I get it.
Now let's take a look
at the nominees
- for Best Anal Sex scene.
- Speak louder!
Because you're actually
a slut and you love sex.
Can't believe you're fucking
my ass right now.
Oh, fuck!
I'm coming. I'm coming.
I'm coming. I'm coming.
And the winner is...
Megan Rain
and Manuel Ferrara.
"Anal Models," Tushy,
Jules Jordan.
Can I take this off?
Okay, so I'm sorry,
I lost my voice
over the weekend, but,
um, thank you!
Thank you, um, and thank you,
honestly, seriously.
- All right, I...
- You lost your voice too.
I lost my voice too, so it's
gonna be a little difficult,
but thank you.
You're the one,
like, I mean, you-you...
It was your butt.
It was not mine.
So clearly you.
It's all you.
It's all yours.
Thank you.
Thank you, thank you.
Today we live in a world
where it seems like
everything we do
is caught on camera.
Which means there's a ton
of competition for getting
people, government,
and, most importantly,
the fans to look at you.
Something everyone
in this room is great at.
Here are the nominees of the
Fan Award for Favorite Cam Girl.
And the winner is...
I got it. I got it.
So, Katie, yo, I love you,
and I'll let you finish
right now.
However, Aspen is hosting AVN,
and she is kind of, you know,
the best cam girl ever.
Eff you, KKC.
Peace out.
Yeah, she's not
gonna pass this.
We got this.
I'm the mystery
secret weapon.
She's been my
yeah, the secret weapon
- all along.
- Are you kidding me?
Riley fucking Reid?
Aspen, you called
Riley fucking Reid?
Hey, Riley.
It's fun on my cam too.
Why don't you come on over?
Panties coming off.
- Bye bye, panties.
- Want me to sniff them?
Mm, they're so good.
You'd be jealous.
They are pretty fucking good.
Oh, my God,
thank you guys so much.
Riley, you won so many
great awards over the year.
Is there any category
out there that you
really hope to win?
Besides Best Blow Job, I would
love to win Best Actress.
Ooh, I've been taking classes
in Shakespeare.
Wow, can we hear some?
Are you talking to me?
Are you-are you talking,
are you-are you talking to me?
I don't see anyone else in here.
Are you talking to me?
Who the fuck
do you think you are?
And scene.
Girl, I thought you said
you were taking a class
- in Shakespeare.
- Oh, it is.
It's in Shakespeare,
New Mexico.
We study
classic movie scenes.
Oh, okay,
well, then perfect.
And now we give you
three gorgeous women
I'd act with any day:
Piper Perri, Morgan Lee,
and Chaturbate cam girl
It's wonderful to be
recognized for just great tits
and a great ass.
It's also pretty awesome
to be recognized
because of your great tits
and great ass.
Here are the women that can
say both of those things
apply to them, and they are
the nominees for Best Actress.
They're playing our song,
Joker poker, huh?
This is going to be
so much fun.
The renowned and only
blind surgeon.
It's just those people you
and Shawna watch on TV.
They're different too.
I mean, they're not different
like I'm different,
but they're still different.
If you can't admit to yourself
that you feel the same as me,
then you're fucking crazy.
Just answer your phone.
Please, just answer your phone.---
I'll do anything.
You think you'll be able
to tough it with me
for the next few days?
Nothing will come between us
ever again.
I do not only call you
when I'm horny. Stop it.
That looks really formal.
What kind of party is it?
It's a fancy party.
And the winner is...
Kleio Valentien!
- Congratulations!
- Whoo!
- Yay!
- Aww.
I don't know what to say.
Thank you, Axel, so much
for-for letting me
reprise my role as Harley Quinn.
Thank you, Wicked Pictures.
Thank you, everyone who was
in "Suicide Squad."
Thank you so much.
You were all amazing.
Thank you, AVN.
You just won Best Actress
for Harley Quinn!
- I did.
- You did!
I feel like I wanna puke
and then drink
a whole lot of whiskey.
So happy for you.
Thank you.
Thank you, Greg Lansky!
Greg Lansky,
they put us together.
- Fuck!
- We forgot to thank him.
- We're such assholes.
- We never thanked Greg! Shit!
- We always...
- Congratulations, you guys.
I didn't think
this was gonna happen.
I'm just-I'm amazed
and grateful and mindblown.
It just goes to show you
it's all about the fans.
We're all here
because you guys watch.
You did this.
Thank you.
Thank you and also screw you,
'cause you know
how awkward I am.
- But in the good way.
- Yes, in the good way.
Hi, my name
is Bradford McBride,
and I'm an adult film
foley artist,
or "AFFA."
The first movie I ever worked on
was "The Gapes of Wrath."
Sometimes we have to recreate
the sound of the performers.
For example, Riley Reid
lost her voice one time
at a Boyz II Men concert.
She couldn't scream at all
the next day.
In order to match her orgasm,
I has to heighten and speed up
the sound of a bird called
a Wisconsin whippoorwill.
And we were able to match
her orgasm perfectly.
Amazing, right?
Hey, it's Patrick again.
Listen, if you're not gonna
eat any of the food,
get away from the table.
I got what I need.
Still serving food
to the masses,
at least, trying to.
The other day,
I gave a girl some napkins
for her squirt scene,
but that was about it.
I mean, why don't they
take advantage
of this delicious food?
Seriously, what is with
these people?
Do you know how hard it is
to find organic gummy bears?
- Excuse me, hi.
- Oh, hi.
- I'm Neil, the director.
- Hi, Neil.
- I just...
- I didn't mean anything I just said.
This is a great looking table.
Is do you if we show it off?
Thanks, man, listen,
I worked really...
- Where's... where my meats!
- That's great, perfect.
They're my meats. Don't...
What are you doing?
No, no, my table!
No, no, no!
Jasmine, honey, you got
a gummy bear on your ass.
AVN salutes the heroes
of the adult film world.
We got married.
He double creampied us
about two years ago.
We, you know became officially
married at that time,
- but we never had a ceremony.
- Yeah.
So we just wanted to,
you know, show everyone
that we love each other.
They're, like,
hot and cute together.
They're just as excited
to watch the other one
get fucked as to
get fucked themselves,
which is really cool.
Coming, and then we're crying,
and then we're coming
and then laughing.
It sounded like
a mental hospital.
We met because we both
have slutty ass tattoos.
And then we fucked
for an orgy.
I guess we fell in love
really then.
We both love creampies.
- Like, that's our shit.
- Yeah.
Like, what better way
to consummate our marriage
than to both get creampied
at the same time?
That was like, you know,
going to the courthouse
and signing all the documents.
Yeah, but then today
was, like, the ceremony,
you know, for friends
and family and everything.
It just made sense,
and we both love come.
We're gathered here
at AVN 2017
to unite these two sluts
in marriage.
You made me feel like
electricity is my fire.
You remind me of who the fuck
I am inside,
and that's why you're my wife.
You're 100% you
100% of the time,
and you don't give a fuck what
anyone fucking thinks about you.
Just never fucking change.
Please, never change.
And I love you.
I now pronounce you
wife and wife.
We just don't really
know how to, like, show love
except for, like, sexually.
So then once we threw
our bouquets
and everyone cheered for us,
then, you know,
we kind of just walked around
and flaunted
our newly married butts.
Being that Las Vegas
is known as the sin city,
we decided to get
the most sinful group
of talent we could find.
We give you 2015 Penthouse
Pet of the Year, Layla Sin,
along with Kissa Sins
and Johnny Sins.
Some of the best porn parodies
are being made right now,
and I'm happy to announce
that I just finished
making my own parody.
You made a parody
and didn't tell me?
Yep, it's called
"Johnny Sins' Grinding Nemo."
It's a cartoon
about a fish?
In my movie,
it's about a whale.
Let's take a look
at the nominees for Best Parody.
Thank you, kind sir,
and I'll tell you what.
I'll even let you
put it in my butt.
Hey, I'm Tom.
I'm Christie Elizabeth
You look more
like a Traci.
You wanna fuck?
It's like a mountain of shit.
But it's like, what is behind
all of it, right?
He speaks to me through the
very sword that took his life.
The Soultaker.
Okay, you're totally
creeping me out about right now.
Liked it, friended it,
followed it.
It was great, April!
Why don't you guys
just fuck already
and get it over with?
And the winner is...
- "Suicide Squad"!
- "Suicide Squad XXX"!
- Congratulations.
- Congratulations.
Good job, good job!
My man!
There's my other man.
I love you, bro.
Wow, this is
the seventh consecutive year
that I win Best Parody,
so it feels pretty awesome,
but it really is the culmination
of several months of hard work
and, uh, a lot
of very talented people.
My amazing cast, uh,
my incredible crew,
and everybody
at Wicked Pictures.
And I wanna give a special
shout out to some people who
never get to have their name on
the trophy, and it's the agents.
So, you know, Mark Spiegler,
Derek Hay,
Sandra at OC Modeling,
Mark at ATMLA,
and a special,
very special thanks
to Jonathan and Andre
at Nexxxt Level
for really going above
and beyond for this movie.
Thank you so much, AVN.
Thank you, Wicked Pictures.
Yeah, "Suicide," baby!
Well, I've been signing
at the AVN Awards Show 2017.
If a fan comes to my booth,
it gives them an opportunity
to take photos.
I love to sign autographs.
But most often, you know,
you'll get a hug from me.
We're just here
to have a good time
and celebrate the nominations.
It's so amazing to be recognized
for what I've done.
Today I decided
to take a break
from signing
to do a spurofthemoment
photo shoot
with my friend Igor.
All right, yeah, I want to put
you, like, right back there.
I actually met her
at Santa Monica Pier,
and we shot under the boardwalk.
Got a little naughty
on the beach
with a little nude shoot.
Shoots naked under
the boardwalk for a while,
and definitely
a lot of people saw,
but people seemed
pretty psyched about it.
Take your top off now, I think.
I'm here for "LA Weekly,"
"Mass Appeal" magazine,
I saw that.
And then I'm working
on a book of nude Polaroids
for myself as well.
Shooting in a nice penthouse
is fun,
but, like, I would rather
shoot in public
and run really quick.
Um, I think we're done here.
- Wanna do something weird?
- Let's do it.
Living in New York,
there's not a ton of locations,
and it sort of just became
necessity to find something,
get in, get out really quick.
Doing something on the streets
plays to my strengths.
'Cause I've done this before,
but it wasn't good enough.
I've only done one or two
shoots, like,
where I've really been
out in public.
It's-it's entertaining.
It's-it's really fun
to see people's faces,
whether they're smiling
or just like, you know, shocked.
I'm getting horny a little bit.
My nips are so hard.
When we're out in public
and someone walks by,
you know, the blood rush,
it makes you, you know,
hotter and hornier and makes
for an even better scene.
Yeah, that's pretty good,
right there.
One, two.
- There's a car.
- Ah!
I don't know what to expect
when shooting with Igor.
Yeah, we got kicked out.
I'm, like, sweating right now
from, like, running away.
That was good.
we still got a shot.
To be honest, that was
just really fun.
I don't even care
what the photos look like.
Here to present the award
for Female Performer
of the Year,
we have Wicked Pictures star
Asa Akira
along with Eva Lovia
and Chad White.
It's so high.
Chad, I can't help but notice
you're wearing something
a little extra tonight.
Oh, you mean 'cause
I'm wearing clothes?
She's talking about
the camera, Chad.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah,
I'm making a movie right now.
You're making a movie?
Like, right now?
Like, right-right now.
What's it called?
Okay, check this out.
It's a horror/comedy/love story
called "50 Shades of White."
No, white doesn't even
have shades.
That makes zero sense.
That totally makes sense.
Well, here's something
that makes sense to everybody.
Our friends at ImLive
will be presenting the winner
a beautiful piece
of Tiffany jewelry
to one of the lucky nominees for
Female Performer of the Year.
And the winner is...
Adriana Chechik!
Fuck, holy cow, guys.
Oh, my God, first Donald Trump
and now Adriana Chechik,
Performer of the Year?
Ah, I'm so happy.
Thank you guys so much, AVN,
for recognizing my hard work.
I love you!
Thank you to all the
performers who have been there
and who have kept me
going strong in this industry
and the fans
for keeping me going.
The team over at LA Direct
for pushing me
and supporting me so much.
Derek, I honestly love you
so much.
I wouldn't be here if you didn't
push me so hard.
Oh, I'm so overwhelmed
right now.
Just thank you guys so, so much.
This is amazing.
I'm gonna remember this forever,
so, fuck yeah,
I fucking finally did it,
damn it!
Thanks to my boyfriend
because he's awesome too.
Adriana, you got this!
Fuck yes!
Hang on.
I'm gonna take you here first.
Come here! Yeah!
I'm so sorry.
I can't stop crying right now.
- Oh, fuck!
- Girl, congratulations.
- Thank you.
- This is the big one.
I'm so overwhelmed right now.
I'm, like, so overwhelmed
with happiness and everything.
I'm just, like, so thankful
to AVN and all the performers
that have pushed me to be
even harder
and the new girls that came in
and fucked
to make me fuck harder.
And the fans
for keeping me around.
We're so happy for you.
Thank you, thank you.
I know. It's over.
It's over.
It's all right.
- There's always next year.
- Okay...
She deserves it.
She works, like, every day
of her life.
She deserves it for that.
- She went hard.
- Went hard.
- She's been waiting for this.
- Go hard or go home, right?
I have one thing to say,
and this is it.
Adriana Chechik had been skunked
for a couple years now,
and I'm so fucking stoked
- that she won that award.
- I agree.
110%, Female Performer
of the Year, hands down,
- I completely agree.
- hands down.
I think she's been deserving it
for a long time.
Embarrassingly bawled
my eyes out
crying when I was nominated,
so that was enough for me.
Um, I didn't think I went
any harder than the other girls
- or, you know...
- You know, this next year
is gonna be full of lots of sex,
and we're gonna see
what's gonna happen, so...
Nominees for next year.
We have an old saying
in our industry.
"You can't judge a book
by its cover,
but you can definitely judge
a porn by one."
My name is Kelly Mannelle,
and I'm the industry leader
in adult film front art,
or AFFA.
This isn't just a collection
of chicks, dicks, and tits.
Every image was carefully
crafted to convey
the essence of the film.
If you get a chance,
take a look
at "Stepmom Sluts 87"
versus "Stepmom Sluts 88."
You'll be able to tell
which one I was assigned to
and which one was outsourced
to Canada.
"Ooh, I know 'bout sexy, eh?"
That was my Canadian accent.
What's in a name?
I'll tell you what's in a name.
Fucking everything.
Now there it is.
"Linger All Over My Prick."
The first thing an adult film
needs is a title.
If you have a good title,
you don't need anything else.
Well, except talent and cameras.
A great title should seem fun
and use words
that don't normally go together
to jump start a person's
erotic secret brain,
or ESB, as I call it.
This is my word wall.
I just start combining words
and see what happens.
Let's try right now.
"My Wonderful Prick."
That is a fairly decent title,
but I'm pretty sure
I can do better.
"All Night Face Fucking."
It gets your mind thinking,
"Hmm, how much face fucking
"could I do in a night?"
And if you just wanna get to
the point, "Stroke, Goddamn It!"
My ESB is ready to RSVP.
It's me, Patrick.
Wait, you probably thought that
I was gonna get out the game
after my last gig, didn't you?
That's right, bitches.
I started my own
production company.
It's called Flesh Buffet.
All our movies involve
food and fucking.
Sex and food, I don't give
a fuck what you call it.
You can call it "Ketchup
and Hot Doggy Style,"
"Cock Meat Sandwich 7."
Do your fucking job!
This is what I need you to do.
Take these
two pieces of bread...
- Okay.
- And make a titty sandwich.
You want me to make
a titty sandwich?
- Um, is this right?
- Yes, yeah, that's right.
- So good. Oh, my God.
- It's just bread.
I like to think I took
all the lessons I learned
on my way to the top
to be the best boss I can be.
We're the fastest growing
company in the Valley.
No, no, no, everybody knows,
at Flesh Buffet,
we don't use green apples.
We only use red apples, okay?
This is blasphemy.
Let's get these out of here.
Tighter, tighter, tighter.
- You don't think this is weird?
- Tighter.
- Um...
- Oh, that's such a good sandwich.
Okay, you got the job.
- Oh.
- You got it. You got the part. You got the part.
Hey, be careful
with that fucking bread.
- I got a couple more girls coming in, yeah.
- Okay. Yes.
Thank you. This-this has been
a really weird day.
Oh, let's see, hold on.
- Hello?
- Inside the Industry.
Oh, fuck!
AVN salutes the heroes
of the adult film world.
Jenna Sativa!
Oh, my God!
Thank you, thank you
so much, AVN,
for this recognition.
It means the world to me.
Thank you so much!
- And the winner is Abella!
- Abella!
Thank you, Hard X.
You guys give me
the best orgasms.
You don't understand.
- Thank you, AVN.
- Thank you, AVN, yes.
Thank you, Derek.
Thank you, everybody!
Phoenix Marie
and Katrina Jade, thank you
for fucking filming with me
and accepting me for who I am.
I love you.
Mick Blue!
Every single man in this
category deserves this prize
every year because we bring
the hard dick on the table.
"The Preacher's Daughter"!
We're forgetting who fought
that battle at Prop 60.
Eric Paul, lawyer,
by all means,
stand up and take a fucking bow.
The winner is...
Greg Lansky!
Art is what you do
when you truly feel alive.
That's what you guys do.
You guys are artists.
Do not let them shame you.
They do not define what we do.
We define what we do!
Here to present
the final award of the night
are Adriana Chechik, Venus Lux,
and Seth Gamble.
The great thing
about our final category
of the evening
is that if you're nominated
for Movie of the Year,
you've already won
an AVN tonight.
I can never tell
if the applause at this point
in the show is because
we're giving out a huge award
or because the after parties
will be starting soon.
Either way, let's not keep
anyone waiting.
Here are the nominees
for Movie of the Year.
And the winner is...
- "Suicide Squad XXX."
- "Suicide Squad XXX,"
- an Axel Braun Parody.
- Yay!
Third year in a row that
a parody wins Movie of the Year.
I remember four years ago,
somebody told me
parodies were dead.
I think they're alive and well.
Um, look, you don't get to be
up here without standing
on the shoulders
of a mountain of people,
and on top of that mountain
is a man who I really love
and respect who has graced me
with his friendship
and his guidance.
Thank you, Steve Orenstein.
- This is for you.
- Whoo!
And thank you, AVN.
Ladies and gentlemen,
one more time, Flo Rida!
AVN, let's go.
I gotta ask
where you been hiding
You're like
a 20 carat diamond
- Yeah
- Diamond
The finer things in life
are shining
Come on
How 'bout that latenight
wine and dining
- Let's go
- Dining
Yeah, you want
that expensive clutch
And I'm a give
that fivestar experience
- Show you the kind of love
- Let's go
That you can only get
when you...
- AVN Awards, come on!
- give enough
I'll spend it all on you,
baby, baby, just watch
A BMW, a Bugatti,
thick rock, yeah
Get you a fancy yacht
any chance I got
When I become a zillionaire
I'll spend it all on shoes
for you, take your own pick
McQueen or Jimmy Choo,
and I'll get 'em real quick
Get you a fancy yacht
any chance I got
When I become a zillionaire
That was perfect
- I'm gonna work it to impress you
- Hey
Get you that dress
and then undress you
- Yeah
- Hey, hey
And we'll do things
only the best do
- The best do
- Hey
Do what you want
because I'll let you
- I'll let you
- Hey, hey
- Check it out
- Come on
You want
that expensive clutch
And I'm a give
that fivestar experience
- Come on
- Yeah
- Show you the kind of love
- Hey, hey
That you can only get
when you give...
- AVN, let's go!
- enough
I'll spend it all on you,
baby, baby, just watch
A BMW, a Bugatti,
thick rock, yeah
Get you a fancy yacht
any chance I got
- When I become a zillionaire
- Hey
I'll spend it all on shoes
for you, take your own pick
McQueen or Jimmy Choo,
and I'll get 'em real quick
Let's go
Get you a fancy yacht
any chance I got
When I become a zillionaire
- Come on, come on!
- Hey!
What, what
Hey, come on
- Yeah, yeah, oh
- Come on
A little louder
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Check it, come on
I got the magic
I hope you can handle
living this lavish
Let's blow a zillion,
zillion, baby
If you got a passion
for fashion, mansions
And platinum,
I got the answers to questions
So let me tell you
what's happening, baby
- AVN, make some noise!
- What's happening, baby
Let's go!
I'll spend it all on you,
baby, baby, just watch
A BMW, a Bugatti,
thick rock
Get you a fancy yacht
any chance I got
When I become a zillionaire
I'll spend it all on you
Hey, hey, oh
A little bit on me
Words of advice?
Don't cry on camera.
I did.
Hey, hey, when I become
a zillionaire
A little bit on you
You get nominated?
Did you win?
- What, what, what
- Come on
I'm taking up my camera time.
You have no idea
what she did in that scene.
Licking the concrete
and sticking a heel up her ass.
It sounds like
a wellearned award.
Hey, hey, hey, come on
Thank you guys so much for
watching the 2017 AVN Awards.
Good night.
When I become
a zillionaire
AVN Awards, I love you.
MyFreeCams, baby.
We're good.
No, no, we're good.
We're good, guys.
We're good.