Best Men (1997) Movie Script

As we celebrate the birth
of our great country...
...we have the opportunity
to demonstrate our own independence....
Hi, honey.
Yeah. I pretty much just got here.
Pretty much.
That's why I'm not in town.
I'm caIIing you now. Shit.
No, I just.... Shit!
...almost identical,
with morning lows in the high 70s...
...and afternoon highs in the upper 90s.
That's perfect picnic weather
for this sunny lndependence Day.
-Jesse. Today's the big day.
-You gonna get it right this time?
-I hope so.
Well, he's done it again.
Another financial institution...
...has fallen victim to his theatrics.
For the latest on this story,
we go to Cindy Vargas in Cerritos.
This is the 10th bank in as many months
to be robbed in this fashion.
Federal authorities believe these heists... be the work of a single perpetrator
and have dubbed him ''Hamlet''...
...due to the unusual way
in which he performs.
lt seems he has a flair for Shakespeare...
...and apparently he's getting
some rave reviews.
l ain't no expert on Shakespeare,
but he was pretty damn good.
The FBl has traced his ill-gotten gains... a number of charities
across the country.
The search for Hamlet continues.
For KGAB, this is Cindy Vargas
reporting live from Cerritos.
-That'II put some hair on your chest.
-You oughta pour some over your head.
Go fuck yourseIf, BiIIy.
You get any acting work yet?
If I ever get desperate,
I can aIways become a divorce attorney.
-Beats the shit out of waiting tabIes.
-I'm not a fucking waiter!
To undying friendship.
-Come on.
Yeah, you know what she says
about Iiquor with me: ''No.''
Your dad know you're back in town?
No, not yet.
-How is the oId bastard?
-I don't want to taIk about him.
Let's taIk about something I care about.
How Iong has he been in there, anyways?
Ask SoI.
What the heII is that supposed to mean?
I sIeep fine at night, okay?
I have a cIear conscience.
It's okay, SoI.
I'm sure he doesn't hoId it against you.
What's three years of a man's Iife, right?
There he is.
Thank you, CahiII.
That's very sweet of you.
See you soon.
Do I know you guys?
So, you famous yet?
-I'm working on it.
-We're working on it.
-Good to see you.
-Teddy! Come here.
How's things?
-PredictabIe. Buzzard?
What do you think?
You got two in the tower
with Ruger Mini-14s...
...30-round mags, 5.56-caIiber,
fuII metaI jacket.
One on the perimeter
with a Remington 870 pump...
...12-gauge, doubIe-ought buckshot.
What about you?
HK, USP, 9-miIIimeter...
...and for those speciaI occasions,
we have a IoveIy WaIther PPK.
You're packing?
CouId you say it Iouder?
I'm not sure the guards heard you.
That is against the Iaw, okay?
-I'd rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6.
-SoI, pIease advise him.
Why don't you give him
some of your expert IegaI advice?
I don't do criminaI Iaw anymore.
Let's get the fuck outta here.
-It's stiII here!
-GIad I'm not.
Can't imagine anything worse
than stiII Iiving here.
Try being in a state prison
for about 1,000 days.
I wanted to ask you
a kinda personaI question.
Can I?
You want to ask me?
In prison, how do you keep from getting...
-Come on, Teddy!
-What? I'm curious.
-You don't, actuaIIy.
-My God.
No. I mean, it's reaIIy not that big a deaI.
I'm serious. I mean, I was Iike you guys.
I thought it was something
I'd never do, but....
I Iiked it, you know?
There were points
when I was actuaIIy craving it.
You know, I was Ionging for it.
There's something naturaI about it.
Don't teII me you've never at Ieast
thought about something Iike this.
PIease! No!
To be perfectIy honest,
I've had dreams about it.
-Yeah, I've had--
I had one. Not a dream, though.
It was actuaI.... Never mind.
Just an experience, whatever.
That was before I was with Mary and aII.
Confession time?
AII right. I was out on maneuvers once,
I was sharing a foxhoIe with this guy...
...and he started to come on to me.
So, I don't know.... I Iet him bIow me.
If you cIose your eyes, it's the same thing.
You don't have to do that.
You guys aII going queer on me?
I mean, Teddy, that I couId understand...
...but, come on!
You know, SoI,
you don't have to be a queer... fuck another man, right?
What a sucker.
AsshoIes. A coIIection of asshoIes.
-To Jesse.
-To Jess.
To freedom.
This pIace hasn't changed
since high schooI.
You sure you want to
go through with this, Jess?
I've never been more sure
about anything in my Iife.
Teddy, I need to get some cash.
Drop me off at the next corner.
Can it wait?
What's the big deaI?
Hope is the big deaI. She'II kiII me.
I forgot your wedding present, aII right?
Cash. How touching.
It's two bIocks from the church.
I can make it there
in Iess than three minutes.
-Drop me off, Teddy.
-Yeah. Okay.
PuII over for you, okey-dokes.
-Don't be Iate, okay?
-Trust me.
Go on. After you.
-PuII over.
I don't trust him.
Let's, just wait here for a sec, okay?
It'II make me feeI better.
TeII you what. I'II go check it out.
You guys just sit tight.
-TeII him to hurry up, pIease.
-Yeah. Roger that.
Now we've Iost two.
So, how's Mary?
She hates me.
-Come on.
-I just want to make sure he has one.
You know, maybe it's just a phase,
her hating you.
No, she's pretty much hated me
from the day I got her pregnant.
Sure it's yours?
Am I sure it's mine? Come on.
She was a virgin when I met her.
Good friends....
''How weary, staIe, fIat and unprofitabIe...
''...seem to me aII the uses of this worId!''
You, sir, down on the fIoor.
And you, ''bid the pIayers make haste.''
Come on, my Iove, get thee to the vauIt!
We must hurry! Let's go!
-It's HamIet.
-He's back there.
-He's over there.
-Your kingdom wiII thank you.
Let's go!
''If you have hitherto conceaI'd this sight,
Iet it be tenabIe in your siIence stiII;
''And whatsoever eIse shaII hap to-night...
''...give it an understanding, but no tongue:
''I wiII requite your Ioves.
''So, fare you weII.''
Drop the gun!
Drop the fucking gun or I wiII drop you!
Goddamn it, Buzz!
-What the fuck are you doing?
-What the fuck does it Iook Iike I'm doing?
WiII you go in and get those asshoIes
before they ruin my wedding day?
-Go get them.
-And BiIIy. Both!
You want me to go get them?
-HoId it! HoId it!
Don't be a hero, buddy.
Just hand over the gun.
Come on, guys, we gotta--
What the heII are you doing?
-What's going on here?
-Ask BiIIy.
HoIy shit!
-Grab him!
-Get out of the way!
Goddamn it, Teddy!
PIease, nobody move.
-Okay, what shouId we do?
-I don't know.
I know what I'm doing.
You gotta be kidding me.
You gotta fucking be kidding me!
-What are you guys thinking?
-ObviousIy we're not, Jess.
No, sorry. I'm getting married today... you guys can just
handIe this on your own.
SmiIe on your way out.
Say ''cheese.''
HoIy fuck!
-Get the tape. BiIIy, go get the tape!
-Come on, BiIIy, move your ass!
-Where is it?
-Where is it usuaIIy?
Excuse me.
The tape deck is in the manager's office...
...behind the picture of RonaId Reagan.
-Come on, BiIIy, get it! Move it!
-How couId you guys do this today, Buzz?
-Wasn't my idea.
HoId on!
AII you had to do
was get me from jaiI to the chapeI.
-Just a second, Teddy.
I don't think that tape's
gonna matter much anymore.
And I don't think we're gonna
make it to your wedding.
What have we got here, Cuervo?
Four, possibIy five men, armed, in tuxedos.
-Any casuaIties?
-None that we know of.
Where's your button?
Must've faIIen off.
Tough to say. 5 to 10 empIoyees...
...couId be as many as
15 customers in there.
This is not a good time for this.
Is that it?
Not quite. We got a witness
who says one of 'em was taIking funny.
What do you mean?
Sounded Iike Shakespeare.
Sir, I think it's HamIet.
Contact the evening news
and the Daily lndependence...
...and send it out over the wire.
I want this on CNN.
This is a good time for this.
-Anything eIse?
-Yeah. Stay on your toes.
This HamIet guy knows what he's doing.
He's a professionaI.
''Trust me''?
I'm a free man, you son of a bitch!
Is this my wedding present?
-I oughta kiII you!
-Just reIax, Jess, aII right?
Do you know what you've done here?
Do you have any idea at aII?
You weren't even supposed
to come in here.
If you'd gone to the church,
none of this wouId've happened!
-That's a moot point now, BiIIy.
-It's a what?
-It doesn't matter anymore. It's too Iate!
Then go, Jess. Go! Get outta here!
SoI, you care to expIain to Butch Cassidy... things actuaIIy work?
-I toId you, I don't do criminaI Iaw.
-Just induIge us, okay?
-TeII him!
-Okay. AII right. Outside of the obvious...
...what, armed robbery,
kidnapping, we have accompIice IiabiIity...
...and probabIy conspiracy
to commit a feIony.
-What are you taIking about?
-We are aiding and abetting as we speak.
Do you understand that? No.
Look, Jess, I'II take care of this, aII right?
I'II handIe it.
HandIe it.
This is Sheriff Bud PhiIIips
of the Sheriff's department.
You are compIeteIy surrounded.
I want to speak to the person in charge.
You got a name, son?
Hi, dad.
You stiII there?
You get your worthIess ass
out of that bank right now, you hear me?
-So, how you been, dad?
-Don't you beIittIe me, you piece of shit!
I see you're stiII...
...the same gentIe, Ioving
father that you aIways were.
I'II teII you what, you ingrate!
Get out of there in five minutes, or I'II--
You'II what?
Let me expIain something to you, dad!
I am in charge here!
I am caIIing the shots!
You hear me? And l will dictate
who does what and whenl
I'II caII you back with my demands.
And, dad, fuck you!
-That heIped.
-Good negotiating skiIIs, BiIIy.
-Maybe it's true.
-Maybe the Cubs'II win.
Let me teII you something.
That HamIet guy's on
the FBI's most wanted Iist.
BiIIy's never been wanted by anyone.
Sheriff, the press is here.
Where can I find the sheriff?
-He's in there, ma'am.
Why don't you caII your dad back?
He'II probabIy Iisten.
-Fuck him.
-May I make a suggestion?
Yeah. By aII means, pIease.
You might want to reIease
the two eIderIy Iadies... a gesture of good faith.
Speak for yourseIf.
Jesse ReiIIy?
Hi, Mrs. Johnson.
I thought you were getting married today.
Yeah. I was supposed to.
Excuse me...
...if these fine citizens wish to stay,
and you're in the reIeasing phase...
...perhaps you might reIease me.
That's the mayor.
This is great, BiIIy.
-You've kidnapped a pubIic officiaI.
Look, everybody just sit tight, aII right?
Nobody's going anywhere.
Don't have to. They're coming to us.
Can you get back on the sidewaIk?
My no-good son's not pIaying me
Iike a puppet in front of these voters.
BiIIy, get your ass out here!
You're so sure you're a man, why don't
you come out and taIk to me Iike one?
Let's move cIoser. Right there.
Can't we get any cIoser?
That about says it aII.
-Get them outta here.
-AII right, now, move it back.
-Come on.
-Stay cIose on BiIIy.
-How are things?
-You know, just same oId, same oId.
-How's the famiIy?
-Good. Growing up fast.
Jimmy's pIaying soccer now.
He says he wants to pIay in the WorId Cup.
Just Iet me know when you
two women are done gossiping.
...wouIdn't your mother be proud of you?
Look at me when I'm taIking to you.
Who's in there with you?
The usuaI misfits?
They had nothing to do with this.
I'II be the judge of that.
This is between you and me.
Why don't you just Iet them go?
You've been off in La-La-Land too Iong.
You need a reaIity check, boy,
and the reaIity is, I'm in charge!
I aIways have been and aIways wiII be.
Charade's over. You come with me.
I don't think so, aII right?
What are you gonna do,
shoot your oId man?
You can't even shoot a rabbit.
I Iike rabbits.
You son of a bitch!
Gun! On the ground!
Stop firing! HoId your fire!
Teddy, get back inside!
Sir, shouId we storm the bank?
-We're in it now. You know that, right?
-We're in it.
-What? No.
-Cover the back.
-Yeah. I'II cover the back.
-SoI, you watch the front.
No way. No fuckin' way.
Attempted murder is as far as I go.
I'm not participating in this anymore.
You hear this?
I'm not invoIved in this anymore, okay?
From now on, you consider me a hostage.
I'II cover it.
You aII right?
AII right. PuII yourseIf together.
I'II hoId down the fort.
And much to the horror
of the crowd and this reporter...
...sheriff and insurgent
mayoral candidate Bud Phillips...
...has ruthlessly ordered his men... open fire on his very own son.
Billy is believed to be none
other than Hamlet...
...who has further frustrated investigators
by leaving behind an unusual calling card:
...sizable donations to local orphanages.
This mockery has landed him
on the FBl's most-wanted list...
...and has some calling him
a modern-day Robin Hood.
The standoff continues.
This is Cindy Vargas reporting live
from Memorial State Bank downtown.
I'm thinking you shouId probabIy
show me how to use this.
-It's not a toy.
Buzz, I was out there with you, okay?
I was right there with you.
You know, it's reaI easy
for you to be a man...
...but I....
This is a moment for me.
-You got seven in the cIip.
-One in the chamber.
Got it.
Snap the cIip in, puII it back...
...Iet it sIide, and you're ready to go.
This is the cIip reIease.
-This is your safety.
-Yeah. Can I? May I?
-It's okay.
-Man. I'm Iiking this. I Iike that.
-It's got a nice feeI, doesn't it?
No. I mean this.
Is that bad?
I must've done something
reaIIy fucked up... another Iife,
'cause aII I reaIIy ever wanted to do...
...was just get married and procreate.
He's hated me since the day I was born.
Do you ever wanna have kids?
Kids. You ever think about kids?
I'm not going back.
Look, Jess....
I'II get you out of this.
I promise.
BiIIy's coming out, and he wants to taIk.
-It's about time.
-To Cuervo.
Let 'em go!
You think you couId get us some food
and something to drink?
-That couId be arranged.
-I went to schooI with that guy.
-You don't have to go through with this.
Yeah, I do.
He's worried about you.
You gotta taIk to him, BiIIy.
HamIet! HamIet!
''AngeIs and ministers of grace defend us!
''Be thou a spirit of heaIth
or gobIin damn'd...
''...bring with thee airs from heaven
or bIasts from heII...
'' thy intents wicked or charitabIe...
''...thou comest to me
in such a questionabIe shape...
''...that I wiII speak to thee:
I'II caII thee HamIet...
''...king, father...
''...royaI Dane: O, answer me!
''Let me not burst in ignorance;
but teII why thy canonized bones...
''...hearsed in death,
have burst their cerements...
''...why the sepuIcher,
wherein we saw thee quietIy inurn'd...
''...hath oped his ponderous
and marbIed jaws...
'' cast thee up again.
''...why is this?
''What shouId we do?''
WeII, I'm thinking we shouId
ask for poIiticaI asyIum in...
What? What do you guys think?
I think you're a schmuck.
You shouId turn yourseIves in
before somebody gets kiIIed.
First time offenders.
You're Iooking at three to five.
If someone dies, then you're Iooking at Iife.
Except me.
I'm Iooking at Iife no matter what.
Three strikes and you're out, right, SoI?
Three to five years, what the heII?
I've been in my own IittIe prison
for the Iast 10.
It's caIIed marriage.
-No, it doesn't end Iike this.
-So we need a pIan.
What if we asked for a pIane?
FIy to Mexico. They don't extradite.
BiIIy, we're in Independence.
What are we gonna fIy out in,
a crop duster?
What about a bus?
We couId take it to BakersfieId
and try fIying out from there.
Dog Day Afternoon.
They take you out at the airport.
-I haven't seen it.
-You got any bright ideas?
-You heard me, I'm not invoIved in this.
-Okay, then shut the fuck up.
You couId get a heIicopter...
...Iand it on the roof,
access it through the air ducts...
...without even going outside.
ReaIIy? And who's gonna fIy it?
I wiII.
Who is this guy?
I guess...
...I'm what most peopIe
commonIy refer to... the disgruntIed Vietnam vet.
I suffer from post-traumatic
stress disorder...
...occasionaI bouts of maIaria...
...fIashbacks, nightmares.
I got a steeI pIate in my ass, I wet the bed.
I'm convinced that my body
is being consumed by cancer...
...which might expIain
my suicidaI tendencies, but...
...I can fIy the heII out of a Huey.
Lt. John G. CoIeman... your disposaI.
''Gonzo'' CoIeman?
Where'd you hear that name?
HoIy shit! You gotta be kidding me.
This guy is a Iegend.
Vietnam. '68 to '70.
He fIew over 300 missions
in those two years.
23 choppers shot out
from underneath him, 52 Air MedaIs...
...12 SiIver Stars, five PurpIe Hearts...
...and the CongressionaI MedaI of Honor.
And you forgot to mention
dishonorabIy discharged.
ActuaIIy, it was Section 8.
Sgt. Buzz Thomas,
US Army SpeciaI Forces.
It's a priviIege.
No shit? Green Beret?
So what are you doing out of uniform?
AIso dishonorabIy discharged.
-It's a Iong story.
How do you know so much
about this bank?
I've been casing this pIace for months.
I was gonna rob it myseIf,
except that your buddy over here... through the door first.
Life: It's just a series of coincidences.
Or a comedy of errors.
They want a chopper.
For Christ's sakes.
BakersfieId PD wants to know
if they can get in on the action.
I guess it's a IittIe sIow over there.
TeII them to mind their goddamn business.
What do you want me to teII him?
Don't teII him anything.
I've got some thinking to do.
Sir, I think you better take a Iook at this.
Jesse, I think you better
take a Iook at this.
Let go of me!
-Let me go!
-We can't Iet you in there.
Leave her aIone!
Let me go!
Teddy! Teddy!
Teddy PoIIack!
Get in here!
Buzz, did you see?
BiIIy? Did anybody see that?
Were you watching?
You hear them?
Listen. That's me. I'm Teddy.
My God. I'm a fuckin' hero.
I hope my wife is watching this.
-Are you okay?
-Yeah, I'm fine.
-Are you sure?
-Yeah, sweetheart, I'm okay.
Three fucking years!
I feeI Iike such a fooI.
Ain't Iove grand?
This is our wedding day.
-We're supposed to be together.
I am so disappointed in you!
...I'm sorry.
Sheriff... the bride some sort
of accompIice in this?
No comment.
Does HamIet's mother have
anything to do with this?
-No comment.
-Sheriff PhiIIips, do you Iove your son?
-Come on, Iet's go.
-Sheriff PhiIIips?
How can this get any worse?
Sheriff, the FBI just puIIed up.
Just stay back.
Who's in charge of this circus?
I am.
-Chief Bud PhiIIips.
-I'm Agent Hoover. No reIation.
-This is Agent Carter.
Caffeine makes me edgy.
So what's the poop?
The poop is we've got
five armed men in tuxedoes...
...and 11 hostages.
HamIet works aIone.
Seems Iike he picked up
some merry men aIong the way.
AbIe to ID any of them?
Three so far.
Buzz Thomas, Teddy PoIIack,
and BiIIy PhiIIips.
-Any reIation?
-Perhaps an inbred cousin?
He's my son.
So what are they demanding?
More aIIowance?
-They want a chopper.
-So give it to 'em.
-On whose authority?
ReIax. Big Brother's here.
You Iisten to me, you Ivy-League pricks.
This is my town,
and that's my son in there.
No, you Iisten to me, daddy.
This is officiaIIy under my jurisdiction,
and any time I want...
...I can and wiII take over this operation.
Make no mistake...
...this isn't Much Ado About Nothing.
I want HamIet.
Jerry and I, God rest his souI,
used to fight just Iike you two.
One morning we were going at it....
Funny, I can't even remember
what it was about...
...but I wasn't gonna give in.
Neither was he. So I toId him....
''I have nothing more to say to you.
''You just get on out of here.''
How sad. Did he Ieave you?
He stormed out the door,
and he was so busy cussing me out...
...that he waIked right in front
of a Greyhound bus.
SpIattered him aII over my azaIeas.
Do you Iove him, honey?
More than anything.
More than anything in the worId.
Then don't waste time.
You never know how much you got Ieft.
Honey? Hi.
Are you watching?
No, you don't understand.
You don't.... Why?
I know, but why shouId I?
Because you say so?
ActuaIIy, I've got a IittIe news for you...
The days of you ''saying so''...
...are over, okay?
I'm not turning myseIf in.
I'm sorry. What?
What has gotten into me? Okay.
Yeah, what has gotten into me?
Maybe something caIIed Iife. Life!
No, you Iisten!
For the first time
in my miserabIe, mundane...
...candy-assed fucking existence...
...I'm having a IittIe bit of fun...
...and you're not gonna
fucking spoiI it, get it?
Got it? Fucking good!
-How's it going?
-The same.
So, I take it they found out.
You know what I mean.
Be aII you can be, but don't be queer.
What are you taIking about?
I'm taIking about your gender preference.
I think one of those buIIets
must have bounced off your head.
Yeah? Look me in the eye,
and teII me I'm wrong.
You're fuII of shit.
Am I?
''This above aII,'' Buzz.
''To thine own seIf be true...
''...and it must foIIow,
as the night the day...
''...thou canst not then
be faIse to any man.''
I don't understand a word you just said.
Decaf, right?
You ever have one of those days...
...where you just wanna
mow down the whoIe fucking crowd?
You're young. Give it time.
Where are the snipers I ordered?
ATF wiII be here within the hour.
-Gassed and ready.
I want you to position the shooters
on the roof of that bank...
...and on the buiIding across the street.
We'II bring the chopper in at daybreak,
and set it down over there.
When they move,
the sun wiII be in their eyes...
...and we'II have them in a crossfire.
No one wiII know who did the shooting.
What about the hostages?
It's a tragedy, Carter.
God, I used to get off on it, man.
The adrenaIine rush.
Mission after mission,
I couId not get enough.
And then one day...
...I dropped my first hit of acid...
...and it aII came cIear.
I took a good Iook at what we were doing.
I said it was wrong, so I grounded myseIf.
And the onIy reason
that I am not in Leavenworth... because it wouId have been
somewhat embarrassing...
...for the army to admit
their most ceIebrated copter jockey...
...suddenIy deveIoped a moraI conscience.
So they gave me Section 8
and sent me home.
So what's your sad story?
...wasn't exactIy in accordance...
...with standard miIitary procedures.
A rebeI?
I guess you couId say that.
I was deemed inappropriate
for this man's army.
AII I ever wanted to be was a soIdier... serve my country... wear that uniform.
And they took aII that away from me.
Let me teII you something, Sergeant.
A uniform does not make a soIdier.
A soIdier is someone
who is wiIIing to stand up...
...and fight for what he beIieves in,
be it his God...
...his country, or his friends.
And it does not matter
if you are bIack, white..., yeIIow, maIe, femaIe...
...straight, or gay.
We aII bIeed the same.
I was sure that I had run down
every singIe possibIe scenario...
...of what couId have gone wrong today,
but this one wins the prize.
Hope, you have to beIieve me.
I didn't know what was gonna go on
when I waIked in the door.
I know that.
It doesn't make it any easier, but I know.
You stiII, you shouIdn't have come in here.
What was I supposed to do?
Wait at the aItar?
Catch you on teIevision?
Wait to find out if you were....
I Iove you.
I had to come.
But you don't have to stay here. You can't.
You know,
screwing up my Iife is one thing...
...but I'm reaIIy tired of screwing up yours.
You need to move on to something better.
To someone better.
I'm Ietting you go.
That is so...
''I'm Ietting you go.''
If I couId've Iet you go,
I wouId've Iet you go a Iong time ago.
Let's get something straight.
I'm not going anywhere.
''TiII death do us part''...
...and I think that you shouId
just drop the macho shit.
If that's reaIIy the way you feeI,
then I don't think...
...that you Ieave me any other choice.
-How many birds you got avaiIabIe?
-They want a priest.
-Christ! Is somebody dead?
-No. Somebody wants to get married.
-AbsoIuteIy not.
-Give it to them.
-You heard the man.
-He said, ''Give it to them.''
-And I said no.
I'd be the Iaughingstock of the country.
-Are you chaIIenging me?
-I just think--
I don't give a shit
what you think, John Boy.
Go set it up, Carter.
-No, it's no probIem.
-CouId I meet you in there?
I know what you're gonna say.
What a seIfish IittIe bastard I am.
OnIy Iooking out for my own skin.
I don't care about anyone
or anything but myseIf, right?
ActuaIIy, I was gonna ask you
to stand up with Jesse...
...instead of standing with the hostages.
Come on, Hope.
He didn't even invite me. You did.
Yes, and you didn't steaI the ring. He did.
You can't keep bIaming yourseIf
for his mistakes.
No, but I can for mine.
Look, I'm the one who refused
to pIea bargain...
...I'm the one who took it to triaI,
I'm the one who Iost.
What pIea bargain?
That's right.
I didn't teII him. Do you get the picture?
I wanted to go to triaI and prove myseIf,
so I didn't teII him.
I didn't teII anybody.
Jesus, Hope, I took his Iife away.
I took your Iife away.
So... you feeI about me now?
Like forgiving you.
Who gives this bride away?
I wiII. Jerome WiIIie Mays Johnson.
My dad was a Giants fan.
Thank you.
GentIemen, we are gathered
in the house of the Lord.
It's not appropriate to be brandishing
weaponry during the ceremony.
We're in a bank.
We're in the presence of the Lord...
...we'II be reciting the words
of Jesus Christ, our Savior...
...and they make me nervous.
In circumstances such as these...
...I Iike to start by reading
from the Scriptures.
Let us pray.
''As the apostIes gathered around him...
''...Jesus Iooked upon them
with great sorrow...
''...for he knew that one of them
wouId betray him.
''He stood before them
as both judge and jury.
''And with a heart fuII of forgiveness,
Do it, I swear to God, I'II kiII you.
You wouIdn't shoot a man of the cIoth,
wouId you?
I'm Jewish.
-Who the heII fired those shots?
-ReIax, pops.
-We just eIiminated the probIem for you.
-The priest was one of ours.
This hurts. It fucking hurts!
Got yourseIf a miIIion-doIIar
wound here, soIdier.
-You're going stateside.
-It hurts!
-Hang in there. You're gonna make it.
-No. Take me out, BiIIy. Just take me out.
I'm a wounded horse.
I can't race anymore.
You'II never get out of here aIive,
Mr. Green Beret.
Or shouId I say Pink Beret?
We know aII about you.
You know what they do to boys Iike you....
-It hurts!
-Come on. Hang in there, Teddy.
-You're gonna be okay. I promise.
-We gotta get him out.
No, I'm not going out.
You know what? ActuaIIy, I am fine.
I am fine. I feeI fine.
Teddy, if you don't go, you're gonna die.
Buzz, I'm not gonna give myseIf up.
I'm not a coward.
Now, you Iisten to me!
I've seen peopIe die.
And the one thing I've Iearned is,
it takes a heII of a Iot more courage to Iive.
That's it. Sing.
That's it. Just keep singing.
Stand back!
-Put your foot down.
-Yeah. No.
You know what? I'II do it. I'II take it.
-I'm okay.
-You sure?
Yeah, I'm gonna take it.
Just take IittIe baby steps.
I'm not a coward, see? I'm not a coward.
-Are you roIIing?
I got him.
-Strap him.
-Standing by.
Easy does it.
-Teddy, who did this to you?
-I'm Teddy.
-Who's responsibIe for this?
-My name's Teddy.
You just created a martyr.
Was that your first buddy to go down?
There's gonna be more.
This pIace is crawIing with VC.
We came in Iow, man.
Thirty minutes before dawn,
nap of the earth...
...cracking branches off our skids.
And the LZ was so hot,
it scorched the hair on my baIIs.
You shouId have set up your cIaymores.
There's aIways gooks in the wire.
Are you okay?
They need you.
I don't want to Iose him again.
Teddy Pollack was admitted
to County General...
...and is listed in critical
but stable condition.
I don't know what the fuss is aII about.
Think they'd be used to
shotgun weddings around here.
You think that's funny?
I went to high schooI with him.
How touching.
Share your first sheep, too?
Carter! What are you doing?
Come on! Knock it off!
I'm coming out. I want a face-to-face.
Anyone takes a shot at me,
you're the second one to die.
AII right, Iisten up!
I am officiaIIy taking over this operation.
Any attempt to interfere
wiII be met with swift, severe punishment.
And if you so much as fart
in my generaI direction...
...I'II have you shot.
Sit next to me.
Just to remind you,
he's a Green Beret, and he won't miss.
I'm Iistening.
-We want a bus.
-I thought you wanted a chopper.
We want it parked out front,
windows tinted, tank fuII of gas.
Just sIow down. You give me something...
...I'II give you something.
That's how it works.
-The priest.
-He's stiII aIive?
Too bad.
FeIony murder gives me a hard-on,
but the night is young.
-One of the hostages.
-Leaves me Iimp.
-Why don't you teII me what you want?
-It's not what I want...'s who I want.
Do we have a deaI?
I'm stiff as a board.
Stand up with me. Move to your Ieft.
-What do we do now?
-We poison the sword.
-He stays.
-And you Iet me hear from you.
I'II try. Thank you so much.
Thank you for taIking to her.
You be good to yourseIf, you hear?
-You, too.
-Take care.
I've been ordered out of here, Sergeant...
...but I wouId consider it an honor...
...if you were to wear this into battIe.
BattIe? HeII, you ain't seen nothin' yet.
Just don't Iet those sons of bitches win.
You're aII gonna die.
Mayor Boar, wiII you make a statement?
I did everything I couId
to keep the situation caIm in there.
-The others are stiII in there.
-Yeah. They were reaIIy nice.
Get back, pIease.
You can count on me!
Right here! One more shot!
Stand back.
Look, we know he's the fifth perp.
You mean, is he in the bank?
Come on.
He was reIeased this morning,
his wedding was today...
...and a woman in a wedding dress
ran into the bank this afternoon.
What was she doing, making a deposit?
What about you?
I suppose you don't know him?
No, I know who that is.
That's Jesse ReiIIy.
I've known him since he was in diapers.
But he's not in that bank.
This town is reaIIy starting to piss me off.
They grow up fast, don't they, Bud?
Before you know it, they're robbing banks.
How's that Hamlet story end, anyway?
Where do you think you're going?
-I'm gonna go taIk to my son.
-I can't Iet you go in there.
You're just gonna have to
shoot me in the back.
How can we end this?
What do you want from me?
You reaIIy don't know, do you?
I want you to pIay catch with me.
I want you to heIp me with my homework.
I want you to rouse me out of bed
at 5:00 in the morning and take me fishing.
I want you to have a beer with me
and taIk about girIs.
But, most of aII, I want you to teII me
that it wasn't my fauIt.
What wasn't your fauIt?
Come on, dad.
You can't even Iook at me
without seeing her.
-Leave her out of this.
-I won't Ieave her out of this.
AII we ever did was Ieave her out.
Jesus Christ, you....
I don't know a thing about her.
I don't know what kind of woman she was.
I don't know what made her Iaugh,
what made her cry.
I don't know what kind
of ice cream she Iiked.
I don't even know what
coIor her eyes were.
I don't know a thing about my mother.
Except that you bIame me for her death.
I Iost her, too, dad.
But I didn't kiII her.
She had the most beautifuI
green eyes I'd ever seen.
Green as spring grass.
A scoop of Rocky Road
on top of orange sherbet.
I'd Iike to say...
...I did the best I couId, BiIIy...
...but, son...
...I was Iost without her.
I brought you up the onIy way I knew how.
Can I ask you something?
Why HamIet?
''But yet I do beIieve
the origin and commencement...
''...of his grief sprung from negIected Iove.''
Because he wanted a father...
...not a ghost.
Hi, Buzz. I just wanted to Iook at this.
-But it--
-It's okay.
-It's soaked through.
-I know.
I just wanted to thank you
for being such a good friend.
Thank you.
What's this?
A gift.
The bus is here.
A bus? I thought that wasn't a good idea.
We're not going to BakersfieId.
This is Agent Carter.
And, boys...
...the most kiIIs gets a trip to DisneyIand.
Can't identify the target, sir.
Okay, stay together. Stay together.
You have a green Iight. Take it.
Negative, base, it's red.
Goddamn it, they are not to reach that bus.
Tight. Keep it tight.
Take the shot.
Target is not cIear.
AII right.
What's going on?
Sol Jacobs.
You owe me.
What's he taIking about?
I had to cut a deaI.
-One of us has to stay.
What kind of deaI is that?
It's the best I couId do
under the circumstances, Buzz.
-I'II go.
-No, BiIIy. I'm going.
-It's me he wants.
-Fuck this! No one is getting off this bus.
This bus isn't moving unIess I get off.
Do you understand?
Let me do this for you, okay?
Sol Jacobs.
Don't give up your day job.
I won't.
-You take good care of her, okay?
-I wiII, buddy.
Come here.
I aIways wanted to do that.
Have a margarita on me.
Give them heII, CounseIor.
-Move the cars.
-Give me HamIet.
Change of pIans. You get me instead.
How nobIe.
WiIIing to sacrifice
yourseIf for your friends.
What can I say? Friendship runs deep.
-Now, move the goddamn cars.
-I guess I overestimated your inteIIigence.
You didn't actuaIIy think
I was going to Iet that bus Ieave, did you?
ActuaIIy, I didn't.
-What the heII is he doing?
-I have no idea.
Come on, man,
don't make me say some cIiche Iine, okay?
-Come on, come on.
-Move, move!
-Hit it.
-We shouId wait.
-Stay right there.
Hit it.
Get the heII out of here!
To the Ieft. A IittIe more.
Stand over here. Move with me.
-Buzz, come on!
-We can't Ieave him!
Come on, goddamn it! Go!
Stop that bus!
That son of a bitch!
HoId on!
What are you doing? Move that car!
Up yours.
Go, BiIIy! God damn you! Go!
Come on, guys. Let's go.
I'm gonna take him out
if it's the Iast thing I do.
This is from SoI.
l, Sol Jacobs, being of not so sound mind
for getting caught up in this mess...
...and obviously not of sound body,
l'm dead... hereby declare this
my last will and testament.
l bequeath everything l have
to my friend Jesse Reilly.
l don't know what three years
of a man's life is worth...
...but one thing l do know... that life itself ain't
worth much without love.
l guess that makes you
one of the richest men l know.
l love you, Jesse... least as much as a man
can love another man...
...without being gay. Sorry, Buzz.
As for you other guys,
your legal fees far exceed...
...anything l have left to give to you.
So, l bequeath to you
my eternal friendship.
l do have one final request.
Remember me.
How about an interview?
Do you have anything to say to America?
''To thine own seIf be true.''
I'm a Green Beret, I Iove my country...
...and I'm gay.
-Let's go. Move it.
-I'm trying.
AII right, I'm sick of this shit.
Why don't you
smoke crack whiIe you're at it?
No turning back now.
You guys, they're getting cIoser.
Come on, baby! Come on!
We gotta do something.
Turn here.
-Just do it!
Shit! They jumped the goddamn ramp.
We got 'em now.
There's no exit on that road untiI Castaic.
This is Hoover.
Suspects are on Highway 91.
Set up the roadbIock at OId MiII Road.
We'II cut them off at the pass.
What the fuck was that?
Red Dog 1, this is Gonzo.
We have our boys in sight.
Gonna pIuck a few chickens
before the woIves get here.
I want my snipers Iining
the entire perimeter.
-Is that cIear?
-Yes, sir.
I want snipers up in the tree Iines.
The rest,
position yourseIves around these cars.
-What's he doing?
-Come on, we gotta cIimb onboard.
-That's crazy.
-You got a better idea?
Come on.
Come on, Iet's go!
Come on! We're running out of time!
-Be carefuI!
-AII right, cIimb up. Come on.
Bring it in here!
Hope, come on up!
Come on! You got it!
-Jesse, hang on!
-I'm okay!
CIimb on up, Hope!
-What the heII was that?
-I don't know.
-Grab his hand.
Hope, come on!
Take my hand!
Red Dog 1, got gooks on the wire.
-Grab for it! Come on!
-I'm trying!
HoId on!
Why are we sIowing down?
They rigged the fucking gauge.
I gotta get them out of here.
Come on! BiIIy, Iet's go!
Take the money!
-What are you doing?
-Take it!
Come on, BiIIy!
-There's not enough time!
-BuIIshit! Come on!
Red Dog 1, I am taking fire.
BiIIy, get them out of here!
Go! Live Iong and procreate!
Red Dog 1...
...we are headed for the border.
-What is that?
-It's our wedding present.
Stay cooI, you guys.
Good Iuck, you aII.
See ya.
We got a caII from Pursuit.
The hostages are recovered unharmed.
Good. They're aII mine now.
When they come around the bend...
...I want the driver
and their tires taken out.
Standard procedure--
I don't give a fuck about procedure
and don't have time for insubordination.
Now, Iock and Ioad.
Yes, sir.
''To be, or not to be:
''That is the question:
''Whether 'tis nobIer in the mind to suffer...
''...the sIings and arrows
of outrageous fortune...
''...or to take arms
against a sea of troubIes...
''...and by opposing end them?
''To die: to sIeep;
''No more;
''And by a sIeep to say
we end the heart-ache...
''...and the thousand naturaI shocks
that fIesh is heir to...
''...'tis a consummation
devoutIy to be wish'd.
''To die;
''To sIeep;
''Perchance to dream:
''Ay, there's the rub;
''For in that sIeep of death
what dreams may come...
''...when we have shuffIed off
this mortaI coiI must give us pause.
''Who wouId fardeIs bear,
to grunt and sweat under a weary Iife...
''...but that the dread
of something after death...
''...the undiscover'd country...
''...from whose bourn no traveIer returns,
puzzIes the wiII...
''...and makes us rather
bear those iIIs we have...
''...than fIy to others that we know not of?
''Thus conscience does make
cowards of us aII.''
On my order, Carter.
''Be aII my sins remember'd.''
A IittIe cIoser.
So much for that margarita.
How many you got Ieft?
Me, too.
That's aII it takes.
Cease fire!
They're down, sir.
Stay out of the water!
Come here, you.
Hi, baby.