Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back (1995) Movie Script

Where is this guy?
Are you ready?
- If.
You nervous.
- No, Dad.
If you lie, your nose will grow.
- It will not.
When you feel nervous,
remember what I said.
Close your eyes and make
realize you're there.
What is this?
I wanted to show my friends.
We are all very proud,
reverend. Very proud.
Come on, Luther.
- Come on.
Farewell to all.
God bless.
What is it?
- Nothing.
Come on, tell me you have.
Why did you kill her?
- Because I was scared.
Do you believe God created
heaven and earth...
...and populated the world... ...
...without a specific purpose?
If so, you are wrong. ...
...We were made to live apart. ...
- Changed the channel.
I forbid you see that guy in
front of your brothers, Owen.
What will you do today?
Riding Underwear drinking beer?
There is a place in the canteen.
I'm not flipping burgers.
Need your help.
Are also part of this family.
Call this family.?
Good day.
How are you, Margo?
I'm sorry, Elizabeth.
I tried to call but you were out.
What is it?
Tell me.
If you are going to get names, at least
could write well.
We will continue.
Never miss sacred oath.
To join us, you're missing
and government favoritism towards...
Sentences yellow hordes...
...and the crowds of Latinos
invade our own shores.
Y complaints
dirty money vile Jewish bankers.
Never betray your white brothers.
Never rest until we obtain our Aryan Nation,
under one God as one race pristine.
While contaminated slag there between us,
hatred is our law and our mission revenge.
Owen Tucker,
what do you say?
Patriots let me join their ranks.
Now you have a home.
And you are welcome.
White Power.
White Power.
Well, calm down.
Davey, Mikey,
For today's meeting,
I have a very special surprise.
Under the direction of
Miss Elizabeth Jackson...
please receive the vocal group
that was state champion...
Liberty Baptist Choir.
Brothers, today we have something special
Reverend Phelps.
Good to see.
Before a black
knew the meaning of a cross on fire.
Killing me will not shut up the truth.
No, no, Reverend, nobody said
anything about killing...
I just want to read the newspaper.
It's amazing what one can find. Like today.
Luther Reverend Phelps father,
Liberty Baptist preacher,
used his pulpit to attack racial,
blah, blah, blah,
lots of chatter...
Here follows.
And I quote:
Aria has attracted radical racists, ...
...are here just to spread
their message of hate. ...
...says Phelps called these groups...
A scourge of the earth.
Strong words, right?
Tell me, have you ever played to baseball?
Surely if.
Abner Doubleday,
a white,
invented baseball...
For people to learn coordination...
...and to keep your eyes on the ball.
Reverend, I invited today...
promoting some computer game.
You have to have some respect...
On the other team.
Do you understand?
What I mean, black?.
Respect applies to everyone,
or not true for anyone.
God does not judge us by
the color of our skin...
Take that as a 'yes.'
Reverend, I'm glad we had this talk,
and could share his wisdom with us
black, white trash.
Go and take care, okay?
Come on, no kidding.
Damn, I forgot something, Reverend.
a message to all those who oppose us.
No longer we will be a silent majority.
This is the land of the white man.
Blacks will not be tolerated.
What do they say?
- White Power.
White Power.
White Power.
Sorry, does a payphone?
At the side of the men's room.
- Thanks.
Thank you, Georgia.
A bat.
Problem, honey?
You're hurting me.
- He's right.
Misconduct had not.
Do not hurt you, right?
Miss, could you give me a cup of coffee?
Does not seem right.
Maybe it's friendly.
Best show him what kind of
can be friends, right?
- Are you sure?
Hello, how are you?
- What?
're Not from around here or
you meet. Are you passing through?
Yes, sorry...
- I'm Donnie Hensen.
How is? Tommy Lee.
- Lee?
Is a good southern name,
as the Confederation
General Robert E. Lee.
Is it related?
A taste, sorry.
Where are you going?
Maybe we can catch up.
It's fine.
- Are you sure?
- Agreed.
MISSING Reverend Luther
Phelps, father. .
By God.
Problem, Officer?
- If.
're Late...
And you walk.
I got your message.
- Good to see you, Jack.
Good thing see me.
How are you? Dejame.
- No, I will send a tow truck for the car.
Susan takes all week waiting.
Cooked everything you bought.
Cooking? - Is improving.
- You can not get any worse.
What happened?
Liberty is not what it was, Tommy.
Come on, Luther...
should have been able to grab easily.
Justin, I said 'enough'.
Do not want to do anything, Mom.
- It may not feel like it..
Look who came.
- Come, Luther.
Look what I found.
I can not believe you're here. Let me see.
Hello, Uncle Tommy.
- Justin.
Wow, look at you.
Come on, take them out.
Is faster.
Tommy, remember to Luther?
- Sure. How are you?
You know when I saw you last? -No.
You were so small.
How are you, Luther?
I guess.
- Are you hungry?
- Well. There are liver and onions.
Our cities became war zones.
The streets in our neighborhood are
filled with children's charities..
They stole our jobs and
were given to immigrants,
Zionist and this government does not care.
Unless, of course, that just
arrive into the country.
But to us, the Church of the
Crusade Aria, if we care.
And so we came to help.
Expanding Aria Earth is our future.
With our work we create our own nation,
with God, justice and
freedom for our children...
..... and our children's children.
Count on your commitment.
I know I can rely on your dedication,
because we all have the same ultimate goal
Where have you been?
- Over there.
What are you doing?
- I'm going.
Go back and talk to me,
Owen Tucker.
Look at me.
Good God...
If your father were here -
- Not. You took care of that.
Owen, please. You know what that
people are doing to the people.
We fight for our race.
- No, the demerit.
One of them attacked me today.
- What?
You probably deserved it.
Not brought you into this
world that go around...
...choking people.
To what brought me into this world?
Owene Tucker.
Hatred gives me something to live for.
Hate will get you killed.
Hatred will kill you.
Why not arrest him?
- There were no witnesses.
Ni corpse. So no case.
- But suppose who was?
And Luther?
- Is living with us.
Do not know what it is.
See it every day and give you hope,
when there is no.
I'll bring the kids to find ice cream.
Will you come?
No, go.
- Come on, Uncle Tommy.
Just had to buy some things.
Do not you want chocolate?
- Do not tempt me.
Come on, guys.
Where is the store? - There.
- Now we come.
Guys, just a taste.
Get down.
Out of here, yellow whore.
One.. two...
I'm coming, I'm coming.
Back to where you belong.
- Karen.
The Chinese are multiplying
like rabbits. Come.
Look what we have here.
Look, I do not want problems.
You're far from home, boy.
- Do not have to do this. We're leaving.
Yes, they will.
That nice guy. Very pretty.
- I said I did not want trouble.
I broke my nose,
Let, largumosnos.
You all right?
- I'm fine. It's over.
- Justin, okay?
Let us children home now.
Did you see anything?
- No.
Come on, do anything?
Mr. Morgan?
- Commissioner...
Is he saw something.
I have a wife and two children.
- So nobody knows how... I feel.
What a day, eh? How are you?
- Well.
It's okay to be afraid sometimes.
We called 'crusaders'.
What does it mean?
Means you are ignorant.
Sorry I was not there.
- You can not be everywhere.
're Right.
You know how I love you, right?
Do you know it?
I promise this will not happen again.
Okay, Dad.
- Will not happen again.
I promise.
This child is a beauty.
Is female
- What? - Female.
I'm sorry, baby.
Justin, it's time. Go to freshen up.
See you later, Uncle Tommy.
- See you, boy.
Missed you.
As everyone.
I missed you too.
Wants to teach him to defend himself.
Karen, you know no longer teach.
I'm sorry.
Help me to upload and go.
- Where?
At the Four H's fair.
- The Four H's?
You volunteer.
- Really?
Come on, come on.
Shoots and... FAIL.
What is it, boy?
Do not eat?
Strip harder.
Do not be lazy.
Strike 2.
Do the best you can do, boy?
Strips as a child.
Wait a moment. David, I'll buy the shot
for $ 5.
$ 5?
Ma'am, what does?
It's the shot of the child.
's Cheating.
Strip'll show as a child.
Clown seems that bathed.
Come and talk to us, and -
- What is this? Get out of here.
Get out you.
Is public land.
Owen Tucker?
Do not teach to hate here.
- Is not hate, it's true.
And you're not my teacher.
Give me that.
- Get your hands off me.
Come, let us go from here.
Why do not you go home, baby?
Who the hell are you, boy?
- I called the Clown Murderer.
Hold him.
Do not, child.
Come on, Chinaman.
Yellow Bastard. I have Do not fear.
After finish this.
That was not necessary.
I can take care of myself.
- Almost kills him.
Lady.... Welcome.
Wow, it double what we discussed.
Is military equipment.
Very expensive.
But for being you, I will give it.
Is comfortable.
Try it.
I hate blind dates.
- Not a blind date.
Justin is the teacher.
- I know my sister.
I arrived.
What do you think?
- Jesus...
The Ice Queen?
I think you missed a spot.
- Where?
I do everything thoroughly.
I wanted to apologize for being such a bitch
What a strong word.
Appropriate, but strong.
Tried to thank your help.
No, you were right.
All right.
About what?
Should have let you hit.
Strong character, right?
Tell me something, Margo...
- What?
Are you always this rude?
- If.
Do not why you committed?
I'm engaged.
With it...
Going to pay.
Come here please. .
What is this?
Metelli inside.
Have five seconds to leave my property.
White Power.
Luther is.
- I'll get it..
I think where he was.
- Come on.
Come on, Jack.
Enter the house.
Are you okay?
They are the ones who killed my dad.
How do you know?
- I've seen it before.
Burned a cross and... took him away.
I did not do anything.
Why do they hate me?
Luther, I'll tell you something
and I want you to listen...
Do not hate you.
Hate all those who are different from them.
My dad told me he wanted them all.
I can not help it.
Hate them.
You can not fight hate with hate
. You consume.
Would you feel if you killed your father?
Not know, Luther.
I want her back.
Never left.
I'm sure you are caring now.
And if you remember his teachings,
always be with you, okay?
Ven. Give me a hug.
Gonna be okay Everything will be fine.
And now the last point agenda.
A proposal by the
of the Crusade Church Aria...
To buy from Liberty City plot 154,
2500 acres in the northeast corner
of the city limits.
If there is any discussion or objections I -.
Gentlemen, there seats if they wish -...
...right. As I said,
if there are no objections,
recommend to council approval.
Okay, no more issues try, is together -.
Sorry, mayor.
I want to say something.
We all know.
We are neighbors.
And we all know Mr. Bryan.
It is also our neighbor.
Many do not like what it says Mr. Bryan,
but always respect your right to say it.
But now Mr. Bryan wants to buy our land... build a monument to hatred.
But I believe that freedom is not for sale.
Tell, Margo.
The law allows me to buy
lands. This is still a free country.
Yes, it's a free country.
Know the words but not their meaning.
You can see it in the faces of the children
looking to the future,
hoping they can always live in freedom,
decently as God wants,
regardless of race, creed or color.
I want to say something.
A threat to freedom here is a
threat to freedom anywhere.
What I mean?
A threat to freedom here is a
threat to freedom anywhere.
I just preach segregation.
I have the right to take -
- We all do.
some of his followers take their words...
as permission to hate and kill.
We no longer intimidate Mr. Bryan.
Neither your followers.
In Liberty no place for
prejudice, hatred or violence.
Mr. Bryan.
It seems clear that the
interests of his church... not match...
...with our city.
YES. What hicimos1.
You liked the campfire last night?
I hate it as much as I hate, Chinaman.
Remember that your blood is red like mine.
You wish.
do yourself a favor and get out of here.
People, break.
It's over.
what the hell were you doing?
Jack, are you going to sit
back and let us do what...
...the Rev.. Phelps?
I'll but I have to do so by law.
No I think they are following the law.
Margo, why did you put Rose?
- The name is Rosebeth.
But you can call her Rose.
have to pay the price for what you believe.
Is that why you stopped teaching?
- Karen told you?
What else did he say?
- I killed a man.
Killed my friend and came for me.
I had no choice.
I'm sorry, I should not
have brought the issue...
What I did was against
all what I believe. Everything.
Tommy, you have to stop blaming.
You said you had no choice
and I believe you.
Now if you have a choice.
You can stay to help your family, or leave.
Hansen will not let them hurt my family.
Give one to Small.
Sorry, sorry.
Where the hell is Hansen?
- In the meeting room, sir.
How could you betray me?
Are assault weapons, weapons of war.
Yes, sir. A race war.
Is imminent.
Is why people fear us. They
think we want to exterminate...
not separate them.
- But pastor,
if we want.
- I trusted you.
I gave you a life.
How well you repay me?
The preaches war is the devil's chaplain.
For tomorrow, I want to
you and him out of here.
Men need a new leader.
- I agree.
Out of my way.
Yes men need a new leader.
It was one of ours.
I will decide who they are ours.
What are you doing here?
I told you to follow the Chinese.
I did.
Until last night, that was what the teacher
...Ms. Preston.
Two birds with one stone.
Small, know what to do.
Who are you?
Hey, you.
After him.
Come on.
Rosy, shut up.
Rosy, what happens?
Get away from me.
Come on, hit me.
I like to be rude, right?
Stay still or I'll cut your throat.
Not here.
Find him.
No, you first.
Give me the knife.
Think about that.
Thanks for the ride.
Sons of bitches.
They took the children.
You continue fulfilling the law, Sheriff?
My brothers Aryans,
warriors of God,
I have tragic news.
Someone brutally murdered our leader.
This garbage wants to
destroy our movement.
And tonight, will lead to a troop against us.
God has asked me to assume the
huge challenge...
Happened to Pastor Bryan.
And I ask
fulfill their destiny as warriors of our race.
Do not underestimate the
intelligence of this monster.
Have eyes that see in the dark.
There is more evil in his heart that
courage in you. You have no honor.
And so I say, brethren,
Y reclaim our destiny.
Arise and claim...
...the land that our ancestors died.
We are warriors of God.
We Fall to emerge from
above the black grime,
brown and yellow.
Our skin is our uniform.
A heart, a heartbeat.
One hundred hearts, one beat.
Thousand hearts, one beat.
For the win. Sieg Heil.
Where are the children?
Better talk, kid.
Is here.
- Luther.
- Are you okay?
Are they right?
Tommy, get down.
Will explode.
Are you ready, kids?
Luther, Justin, come on.
Go back and crouch.
Come on, come on, turning back.
'll Make it.
Keep. The will delay.
Come on.
What do you expect?
Go or ruin their asses.
God, please...
Margo, go.
Go on, go.
Out of my way.
Over there.
Drop it.
When will you learn, boy?
Come on, Lee.
Can not we get along?
We will now see that color your skin is.
Go ahead and do...
I hate this world.
Come on, buddy.
Hate is not the solution.
Of course not, friend.
Made a big mistake.
Shoot him the son of a bitch.
What are you doing?
I said I'd shoot.
Kill the motherfucker.
Ell Armageddon is coming.
The Apocalypse has arrived.
Wolf howled also with the
lamb and the cat, ...
...and the young lion
join them. The cow and the bear will. ...
...The youth will be together. ...
...bring peace to the earth. ...
...there will be no fear. .
Amen. .