Best Thief in the World, The (2004) Movie Script

[Beat box music plays]
Yeah! This is our
show right here!
We're rapping kids, yo.
We're rapping kids!
Don't mess with us!
Say what?
I'm the man.
Say what?
I'm the man.
Say what?
Both: I'm the man.
I'm the man.
I'm the man.
Say what?
I'm the man.
Say what?
I'm the man!
Say what?
I'm the man!
[Laughs] say what?
I'm the man.
Hey! Don't listen to him!
Listen to me!
Listen to me!
I got a little gold tooth here!
I'm the man, yo!
Say what?
[Children shouting
in distance]
Okay, sammy joe, let's get
this show on the road.
Put your shoes on.
I know, i'm dead. Bang.
I thought we were waiting
for Izzy to come back this time.
Oh, honey...
is that really what
you want to wear?
Yes, i have to.
We're going to
the hospital.
I want to wear this
to the hospital.
Fine. Wear what you want.
But come here.
I don't want to go
if Izzy doesn't have to.
If he wants to be an asshole,
that's his problem.
Okay. Come on.
Let's go.
Amy, would you...
i know, i know.
[Speaking indistinctly]
[Doorbell rings]
[Doorbell rings]
Woman: Hello?
Sorry, wrong apartment.
[Doorbell rings]
[Doorbell rings]
Come out, come out,
wherever you are.
[Static blares]
[Static stops]
Yesterday, i saw dad's ghost
in the doorway.
It wasn't real,
That's stupid.
He's not even dead yet.
[Machine hissing]
You can't move him.
I won't authorize it.
Well, this doesn't require
I won't let you.
I won't.
So help me,
if you or anybody else
tries to move that man,
i'll kill you.
Miss zaidman, please.
I'm sorry.
We just don't have
the space.
We... i'll take him home,
That is an option.
It would be very difficult,
but it's possible.
You really don't get it,
do you?
What am i supposed to do
with my kids?
How am i supposed to work?
I'm a goddamn english teacher.
Miss zaidman, i'm sorry.
We just don't have
the space.
I'm really very sorry.
I know you are.
I'm sorry.
Hey, robbie.
Nice of you to come.
Are you okay, mom?
I suppose so, honey.
It's just the damn insurance
and the damn hospital.
We are so fucked.
Where's Izzy?
Respect, robbie.
Shut your hole.
I don't know where he is.
He's being a shit.
The doctor thinks paul's
well enough to come home.
Hmm. [laughs]
What do you think,
Hey, guys.
Wh... hello?
Honey? Jim?
Are you okay?
Are you sick?
Why aren't you
at work?
Are you depressed?
Jim, honey, i'm sorry,
[beat box music plays]
Hey, yo, this is
"walkin' through the jungle."
One, two, three, go.
[Rapping] walking through
the jungle, my dick in my hand
i'm a mean motherfucker,
i'm a jungle man
i look in the tree,
and what i see?
a green motherfucker
gonna shit on me
i took a rock,
hit his cock
and that motherfucker
ran a block
all right,
so who you got, man?
I got him right there.
I got him.
I got my man with
the red hat right here.
I got my man
with the blue hat.
Get outta here, man.
I fucking
hate this shit.
Just shut up.
Come on! Let's play
the fucking game!
Taking all day.
Yo, you go deep. You go down
and across the steps.
You go underneath
across the middle.
Dice is gonna guard you,
so get the ball,
and i'm gonna burn his ass,
Yo, i'm gonna be open.
Why can't we just play
some fucking football?
Yo, just do it, man.
I'm gonna take care of dice.
Yo, hit me if i'm open.
I can take my man.
Yeah, yeah.
Just get open, okay?
You can chill. You know
you ain't gonna get it.
Set! Hike!
Go ahead, go ahead!
Cut to the left!
Cut to the left!
Got it!
[Speaking indistinctly]
Why you gotta throw me
by the glass, man?
What you gonna do,
my man?
What you gonna do
about it, nigga?
Ohh! Ohh!
Ohh! Ohh!
I was wide open.
Take this,
you stupid fuck!
Ain't so tough now,
right? Shit.
Cry to your mama,
little boy.
Oh, shit!
You need to get up,
Come on,
let's get out of here.
You all right?
Get him! Get him!
Ohh! Ohh!
Ohh! Ohh!
Don't let him do that!
[Kids speaking indistinctly]
Stupid bitch.
Yo, that kid gonna
fuck you up in a few years.
Fuck you, b.
[Exhales deeply]
Hey, mom.
What's for dinner?
Meat and potatoes.
Your father's favorite.
I didn't know
it was today.
You knew.
I didn't.
I told you
a million times.
It was a big, big deal,
A big deal.
And you blew it.
I forgot, mom.
I'm sorry.
[Breathing heavily]
So, how's it going?
Juice, please.
Okay, i'll get you some juice.
One second.
There's another one
in the cupboard.
Give it some time,
He knows who you are.
Got you some juice,
You want me to
take that for you?
Did mom ever tell you
how good i did
in school last year?
Yeah, well,
i got straight "a's."
I'm a pretty smart kid,
as you might remember.
I stopped playing piano,
basically because i hated it,
and i sucked.
Well, i didn't hate it.
I just hated to practice.
You want to play chess?
You could start
teaching me again.
The horse goes on
the outside, remember?
Over there, too.
it's your move.
It's okay.
We'll play later.
Izzy, where you going?
No, you're not.
'Cause your father
just came home.
Don't play stupid with me.
I'll be right back.
I just forgot to
tell this guy something.
Don't test me right now, Izzy.
I'm not in the mood.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
God, i hate it
when you're mad.
It pisses me off.
Just go.
I don't know if you want me to
go or if you want me to stay.
Just get out of my face
for a while.
I'll be right back,
i promise.
[Doorbell rings]
Come out, come out,
wherever you are.
[Doorbell rings]
Oh, my god!
What beautiful children.
Thank you.
It was no problem, sue.
How are things?
It's fine.
He's fine.
You know. He's only been
back a couple of hours,
but it's nice just to
have him in the house, you know.
[Imitates explosion]
Hey, yo, this is
"10, 20, 30."
One, two, three, go.
10, 20, 30, 40
50 more
your dick got stuck
in the kitchen door
your mama screamed,
the dick turned green
and that is the end
of the jingaling
sue, i know
you're in a hurry.
It's just that...
with strokes,
there is a window
after the patient has one
where the brain is
reconfiguring itself,
trying to figure out new routes
around the damaged area.
Once the window closes,
the chances of recovery
shrink to almost nothing.
That's why i wanted him
to stay here.
You're doing your best,
i know.
It's not about you
or your effort.
I just feel that
i should be honest with you.
Thank you very much.
Sue, i have
a professional obligation
to tell you that
i don't think he'll improve.
Thank you.
I know you don't, but...
he will.
I know that he will.
That one's cherry.
Hi, hot stuff.
How was physical therapy?
[Brakes squealing]
Come back here,
Just step back.
You'll have to wait
for the next bus. Sorry.
We have to take
another bus.
[Speaking indistinctly]
Look out, sammy.
Look out.
Oh, please work.
And if it's not, we're gonna
have to do something else
instead of this.
And then
it will open.
Sammy, come here, honey.
You're gonna wait right here
for me, okay?
How nice to see you.
My goodness!
You brought the whole gang.
Here's the happy clan.
Izak, amy, samuel.
You having a nice summer?
Hi, paul. Glad to see
you're out of the hospital.
How are you feeling?
He's fine.
The stroke
gave him aphasia.
Some days are better
than others, but...
you're okay, right,
paul? [chuckles]
Shall i come back?
The kids can stay...
they'll wait.
I just had no idea
he was so bad.
He's not so bad.
He's in and he's out.
He's just...
he's out right now.
And the insurance thing
never got worked out?
He can't stay
at the hospital?
He's home, though,
which is nice.
God, they really do treat
teachers badly, don't they?
Yes. Yes, they do.
He always such a...
strong spirit, you know?
Jesus, susan,
i'm so sorry.
What can i do?
I need time, debbie,
for paul to get better
and to figure it out.
What if he doesn't
get better?
He will. I just can't work, and
i can't afford to lose my job.
Uh, how many sick days
do you have?
I don't need sick days.
I need six months.
I can be back right after
the winter holiday.
That's out of my hands, sue.
That's the school board.
I mean, we don't have enough
money to hire teachers as it is.
Okay, then.
So it's not okay to blame me
or the school
for the difficult situation
you find yourself in.
I'm sorry.
I don't blame you or the school.
I'm not a stupid woman.
I know you'll do
what you can.
[Kids speaking indistinctly]
No, honey...
you're a good brother.
Go on.
Go on ahead.
Go on ahead,
you guys.
Jesus! Mom?
Hello yourself.
That's some greeting.
You don't answer the phone,
you don't write.
I took the bus.
No big deal.
From michigan?
Yes, of course.
It was from michigan.
It's a waste of money,
these airplanes.
Flying all over!
I don't care.
It makes no difference
to me.
Bunch of thugs on the bus,
same as everywhere.
What happened to this one?
He had a stroke, ma.
I told you that.
Looks terrible.
I knew this would happen.
I knew all these years.
You have no idea what's going
on, so don't judge, okay?
Just give me a second.
I haven't had a chance
to clean up.
Looks like a pigsty.
I know, mom.
see where i get my
sweet disposition from?
Sit down.
Take a load off.
It's selfish, susan.
Disgraceful and selfish
raising your kids here.
You should come home
where you belong.
I told you once,
i told you a thousand times...
okay, shut up.
This is my home.
Oh! "shut up,"
she says!
Listen to this one.
Wait till you hit bottom.
Then we'll see who
you're shushing up.
It'll happen, susan.
Look at you.
Look at you!
I can't.
I'm leaving.
You live here.
Well, i meant
to the bedroom.
To the back of the house.
I know where i live.
You don't have to
hurt yourself.
Just draw a little blood.
Now i can show you.
You feel any different?
You'll see.
See, you should always still
have what you're gonna buy.
Not everything.
This way, you maximize your game
and minimize your risks.
Check this out.
All right.
Oh, shit!
I don't believe it!
You try.
Anybody can do it.
Um, my bad.
Yo, Izzy, you got
50 cents?
You want a bag?
Hey, yo, man.
The guy didn't even hesitate.
He was like, "yo, kid,
hand over the money."
It's because you weren't
smooth about it.
It's all mental.
Look guilty, you are guilty.
I just ain't got it, kid.
You the man.
[Men on tv
speaking indistinctly]
Izzy, is that you?
Uh, yeah.
What are you doing?
I don't know.
I guess i was sleepwalking.
I guess. I don't know
what i was doing.
Go back to sleep, honey.
All right, goodnight.
Good night.
[Beat box music plays]
Hey, yo, yo, yo.
This is "sorry to talk
about your mother."
[Rapping] i'm sorry to talk
about your mother
but she's in my class
she got the popcorn titties
and the rubber ass
she's 99,
she look like frankenstein
she's the first motherfucker
at the welfare line
she got the popcorn titties
and the rubber ass
"Oh, we're safe!"
"Ohh! Ohh!"
[Water running]
[Singing indistinctly]
Come out, come out,
wherever you are.
Is anyone home?
I just came in
through your house window.
Anyone hear me?
[Woman moaning on tv]
[Clicking tongue]
[Telephone rings]
Yo, is joel there?
Sorry, you must have
the wrong number.
What number were you
trying to reach?
Uh, let's see...
Sorry, this is 555-2972.
All right.
Sorry, man.
Listen, don't ever make
that mistake again
or i'll find you
and slit your fucking throat,
got it?
Woman: You've reached
jesus and maria garcia.
Please leave a message
after the tone.
[Answering machine beeps]
jesus and maria garcia.
My name is joel.
I'm just sitting here in my
apartment naked
wearing a cowboy hat.
I have this gun,
and i'm pointing it
right at my head.
I'm thinking about
blowing my brains out.
I'm absolutely,
completely fucking serious.
Call me and see for yourself
if you don't believe me.
My number's 555-1972.
Thanks. Bye.
[Telephone ringing]
Hey, mom, it's me,
your son.
I'm just checking in so
you know everything's okay.
Where are you?
I just stopped by my
friend's house to pick him up.
You're lying.
Why would you
think that?
Because i know you,
and you only left
a little while ago.
The only reason you would call
is if you were up to no good
and feeling guilty
about it.
What's that music?
I gotta go.
I'll talk to you
about this later.
I love you. Bye.
Shit head.
Yo, what's up?
This is last ups.
We got next.
Fuck it. If i gave you $25,
would you come with me
and keep it a secret
where we're going?
Man, you know you ain't
got no $25.
Get out of here
with that s...
oh, shit!
Is that real?
Of course it's real.
All right, then,
let's bounce.
Mom, just leave it.
I said i'd do it.
You're a wreck.
Sue, sit down.
Mom, i know i don't have
all the answers right now...
no, you don't.
Why do you have to be
so mean?
You're gonna hate yourself.
Susan, i know.
This one is a vegetable.
You live in a war zone.
Come home where it's safe.
This is my home.
This is your funeral.
[Dishes clattering]
You never listen
to nothing.
Mark my words.
God, why do you always
do this to me?
I just want to
strangle you or...
scratch your eyes out.
Just get out.
Just get out.
You'll regret this.
I don't care.
God, why do you always...
you just...
every time,
every fucking time,
and you have no idea!
I... i swear.
Drama, drama, drama,
Always thinking of yourself.
It makes me sick.
What about your kids?
And you think i want to be here
listening to this abuse?
You think your kids
want to get shot,
never seeing
grass or trees?
I'll go...
if i'm not wanted,
You just say the word.
Yo, what the hell
are you doing?
You scared or something?
Yo, man. You better come down.
That shit's stupid.
You scared.
No, i ain't scared.
Come down, stupid ass.
You gonna hurt yourself.
It's a test.
I never fall.
That's all right.
I'll show you anyway. Come on.
Here we are.
Yeah? So?
You look like
a scared little pussy.
Yo, man, fuck you.
I can see you're about to do
some stupid shit
from, like, a mile away.
I just don't want
to get punished.
Fuck you.
Fuck you!
All right, but you gotta
promise to stay cool.
I can't have you
freaking out on me.
Whatever, man.
Think you're so bad.
Quit acting like
you so bad.
Watch out.
How do you know
nobody's in there?
Just take my hand.
Nothing to it.
[Glass clattering]
Come on, then.
[Discordant notes play]
Yo, you know these people?
Nope. I just busted in here
a while ago.
Check this out.
Man: Hola. Como estas?
You've reached
heather and carlos.
We're out of town
for a couple of weeks.
You can leave a message
if you want.
Otherwise, call again.
Much love. Peace.
[Answering machine beeps]
Hey, yo,
check this out.
only four days old.
Hmm. So,
what should we do, man?
Want to get some
pay-per-view pornos?
Hold up. Try to imagine
the most disturbing thing
that can happen
when you first came home?
How about you come home,
all the shit from the bedroom
is in your living room,
and all the living room shit
is in the bedroom.
And the bed is all neat and
shit, and nothing's missing.
I like it.
That's some fucked-up shit,
They be like,
[high-pitched voice]
"Oh, carlos, oh carlos!
"Please! Help me!
Help me!
"Oh! Oh! Protect me,
carlos! Please!
I'll blow you."
[Normal voice]
"Little seorita, calm down.
"Don't be all
troubled or alarmed
"in any fashion
Me llamo carlos,
hispanic latin protector."
Is that the best imitation
you can do?
Yeah, buddy.
I got 50 bucks. Why don't
we get 'em some flowers?
For what?
I don't know.
It'll be some fucked-up shit.
Come home, your bedroom's
in your living room,
and someone got you
some pretty flowers.
All right.
Let me go.
I don't want to stay here
by myself.
Let's go together.
All right.
This is how it's
supposed to be...
two friends around
a sacred campfire.
Once we've done this,
we're friends forever.
First of all...
this ain't no motherfucking
campfire, all right?
Second of all...
whenever i get the feeling
that you're becoming cool
or whatever,
you say some fruitcake shit
that blows it.
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
I mean...
so she came all the way
from michigan
and then turned around
and went right back?
She's a freak.
I should probably
tell the school soon
if i'm not gonna
do it, right?
I just haven't been able
to bring myself...
i just have no idea what
i'm gonna do about money.
maybe you... should
go back to michigan.
Oh, come on, sue.
You're a grown woman.
What's the worst
that they could do to you?
Come on, who cares
if they're a bunch of fascists?
I know, but michigan
is like going to mars.
I hated it so much
it doesn't even feel
like hate, you know?
Well, you do
what you gotta do.
Did you hear
that marshall got promoted
to president
of that carpenter's union?
No, that's great.
Maybe now he'll
actually keep a job.
Have you heard
from the bastard at all?
People are busy.
You know how it is.
That's bull crap, sue.
It pisses me off.
They don't call.
They don't stop by.
I mean,
what are they thinking?
Shit happens, though.
I'll tell you that much.
I'd like to see them
coming around here
begging for a friend when
something bad happens to them.
I'm sorry, sue,
but these were paul's friends...
these righteous people.
And then leaving the woman
to clean up the mess
just as usual.
Screaming all over
your apartment
about workers and solidarity
and sticking together,
and you don't see
hide nor hair
of any of them pansy-ass
white men
the minute times get tough.
It's no different with them
bastard black men, either.
You hear
from marv lately?
he sent me $100.
A couple weeks back.
I'll give it to you.
You know, robbie won't
even call him "dad."
He claims he doesn't
even have a father.
I mean, i don't...
i don't even know
what to tell the poor kid,
'cause i hate
the bastard, too.
That doesn't
seem right, ruth.
Yes, i know.
It doesn't.
You're such a bitch!
Thank you.
Oh, man.
Mom, what are you doing?
Checking your father's
blood pressure, honey.
Is he getting better?
I don't know.
You getting better,
Yes... mother.
How are you doing?
Little old me?
I don't know,
Okay, i guess.
I don't know what i'm gonna do
at the end of the summer
when i'm supposed to
go back to work.
We probably
need money, huh?
You don't hate me,
do you, mom?
[Telephone rings]
Mom, should i get it?
Thanks, honey.
I don't hate you,
you stupid, little shit.
I love you
more than life itself.
You know that.
my shining star.
Oh, sorry,
Don't be so hard
on yourself, honey.
We'll figure it out.
1, 2, 3, go!
[Rapping] oom chucka willy
by the coke in the grove
he was a mean motherfucker
you could tell
by his clothes
he hung 100 women
on the wall
then he swore to the bible
he could fuck them all
when he got to 99,
he had to stop
if he fucked one more
his balls would pop
so on his grave
in red and green
it said that oom chucka willy
was a fucking machine
Let's get ready.
Subway guns, baby.
That's right,
Yo, don't forget
to take these.
These go
on your face.
Just pass them around.
Izak: Yo, let me
get one of those.
Yo, you ever dropped
a light bulb before?
It sound like a gunshot,
don't it?
But in the subway,
the echo make it sound
even more
like a gunshot.
You gotta
sell that shit.
They think it's the youth
gone wild or some shit.
They throw shit at you,
faint, scream, whatever.
Yo, we need
more bullets, though.
Yeah, baby.
That's right,
Y'all ready?
Yeah, baby.
A woman.
You made a mistake.
Get away from me!
What are you doing?
Give me
your fucking purse!
[Kids screaming]
Edwin: Hold up, hold up,
hold up, hold up.
Izzy, boy!
Motherfucker was like
three feet tall...
No pubic hair, and his voice
ain't even changed.
He's like "aah!"
All crazy, screaming and shit.
Dice: Not like
this smart guy over here.
Yo, man,
that's true enough,
but i ain't got it
like this kid here, man.
He got something fucked-up
in his psychology.
Got them big,
brass cojones, huh, iz?
Yo, Izzy, tell them about
that thing you do, man.
What thing?
Yo, me and my man, we breaking
into people's apart...
shit, rob!
Let's go!
Nah, i ain't doing it.
There's too many people.
Come on, cojones.
Why not?
We can make money.
Special pattern to it
so i don't get caught
that i can't fuck with.
Yo, bitch,
come on!
I'm not going,
you motherfucking bitch.
You guys aren't all
gonna stand outside
looking suspicious,
are you?
Come on, man.
We ain't stupid.
[Rings doorbell]
Yes? Yes? Yes?
Sorry, wrong apartment.
Oh, man! Oh, man!
Oh, man! Oh, man!
Might as well
steal off robbie.
Man, get off me!
[Rings doorbell]
[Rings doorbell]
Come on!
Trying to be cool,
Gotta split up.
You're gonna get me caught.
Relax, iz.
We're just
visiting friends, right?
It's hot up in here.
It's apartment 53.
Don't wait in a group
outside, okay?
Relax, man.
We got you.
[Both grunting]
[Glass shattering]
Did you hear that?
I think
i heard something.
[Clears throat]
What's wrong?
Oh, my...
ah, yeah.
Hello, police?
If you believe me
and let me off,
you'll have a friend
for life.
I'll never forget you.
What was his story?
He claims that a gang
was chasing him
and, in an attempt to get away,
without thinking,
he climbs
down the fire escape,
and breaks into what he thinks
is his friend's house.
Well, wasn't
the window locked?
It all happened
so fast.
Look, you have to believe me.
I need you to understand.
It's gonna kill my mom.
I can't imagine
hurting her this much.
Also, he claims that his
father's paralyzed
and has some sort
of brain damage
and his mom's crazy
and hanging on by a thread.
Look, i'll introduce you
to them...
whatever you want.
Just don't turn me in.
Yeah, i mean,
what do you think, harry?
I mean, it doesn't make any
difference to me either way.
He's lying, mary.
He's a pathological liar.
I think he's really sick.
Let the cops deal
with his family
if they are that crazy.
They're probably fine.
[Doorbell rings,
knocking on door]
I know
where you live.
Yo, she was naked?
[Laughing] yes.
Top and bottom?
Yeah, man,
and she was sweaty.
Yo, was that guy's cock
still hard, "b"?
Yo, son,
you a faggot, man.
You can have
the rest of that.
Fuck you, "b."
That's the shit
i want to know.
That's the real
gritty shit.
That's just the way
society is these days, "b."
That's what people
want to know.
I feel you.
I hate the police.
You know
how i hate those people.
Hey, mom,
what's for dinner?
Not now.
Go away.
I'm really sorry, mom.
Is it me?
Am i doing something wrong
as your mother?
No, mom.
It's not you.
Well, then,
what is it?
Because i'm trying
everything i can think of
but i feel like
i'm losing you.
You're not.
Well, then, what am i
supposed to think? Tell me.
Am i supposed to pretend
like i don't see
all the shit
that you're up to?
What shit?
I don't know
if i'm ever gonna be able
to trust you again!
Would you trust you
if you were me?
Just speak up, man!
I don't know.
Just... fuck you
with the tortured shit.
I'll shove that tortured shit
right up your ass.
Listen to me.
I'll be damned
if i'm gonna
let you
destroy yourself.
Don't do it, izak.
Please don't do it.
It's more than
my poor heart can take.
You know
i'm good, mom.
I'm good.
Oh, jesus.
I can't take this shit.
Amy: So,
what are you gonna do?
Shut up.
Mom, why don't you believe me
when i say i'm sorry?
I really am.
'Cause it's manipulative,
sappy shit.
["We three" plays]
It's words, honey.
You don't even know how you
try and manipulate people.
You're very intelligent,
and it makes you dangerous.
I'm just worried
about you, you know?
You're gonna wind up
dead or in prison
before you get laid
at the rate you're going.
That won't happen, mom.
I promise.
I love you too much
to hurt you that way.
You don't even see it,
do you?
How do you know
i haven't been laid already?
You wouldn't know
what to do with it,
you stupid, little shit.
You're so young.
Moms know a lot more
than you give us credit for.
[Exhales sharply]
This is
my favorite song.
Do you like
this song?
and you began to cry
so recklessly
baby, please
don't take my hope
away from me
you say you want me
i want another, baby
you say you wish for me
[Rapping indistinctly]
what you know
about ice like freezing rain?
... 15 about to
freeze the game
i'm stacking these ones,
you can keep the change
got my own private jet,
you can keep the...
i flow money,
so get out your checkbook
i'm not like him or her,
i got the next look
i flow so different,
similar to nada
[rapping indistinctly]
6'4"...interior seat
matching her pradas
6'4"...exterior doors
matching my...
going to
red-carpet interviews
cameras go...
as they follow
... make you want to eat
the shocks on your impala
[rapping indistinctly]
everyday fresh
when they see me
young "g" sick with it
can't bang with me
fly babies, come on,
sing with me, man
bad boys... hot
from my town to your town
from new york
to cali streets
bad boys... hot
from the crib, baby
you know these joints rock
to the... baby,
to the club, baby
bad boys... hot
from my town to your town
bad boys... hot
from new york
to cali streets
from the crib, baby
you know these joints rock
to the... baby,
to the club, baby
mommy on a yacht
pretty shoes, toes out
wife beater, white sneakers,
blue and yellow stones out
and she was...
and she keep her...
getting money and out
the hood's my only route
same party...
[rapping indistinctly]
mommy in the zone
oh, watch, she get it up
i stop till dawn
i'm gonna be gone...
what's with this shorty?
Let me see...
a true superstar
like a don in slippers
my competition sweet
as lucky charms and snickers
i been released on a jet,
taken for a trip
... on the palm tree...
northeast embrace me,
in... they love me
midwest, they swing,
and out west, they chase me
bad boys... hot
from my town to your town
from new york
to cali streets
the senate is expected
to pass the bill
in the next week or so.
The house has passed
its own version...
[sam speaking indistinctly]
The voting-rights activists
fear the provision
could end up
in the final agreement
if... is eventually reached.
At city hall,
voting-rights advocate
stood outside city hall
blasting proposed federal...
sam: I'm gonna rip off
your head with my bare hands
and shit down your neck,
you low-life scum.
... driver's license,
either when they register
or when they go to vote.
Hey, Izzy...
want to play
with me?
No, leave me alone.
... their signatures
when they vote.
But the city board
of elections
says stricter rules
could help.
I'll play with you
if you don't pout.
It's a battle
between the "s"
and the "a"
and the "m" armies,
and they're about
to destroy each other.
Amy: This is his new thing...
sam wars.
He just does it
for attention.
No, i don't.
Yes, you do.
Um... Izzy, do you remember
when dad had a stroke
i mean, do you remember
what happened?
Um... Izzy...
do you remember when you
and amy were on the couch
and i was here
on the floor
and you guys
were yelling at me
that it was my fault
dad was in the hospital...
that it happened
because i was scared of him?
God, do you ever stop?
I'm not mother, dad.
I'm Izzy, your son.
I just need you to focus
and give us a sign.
You are in there, right?
Can you feel this?
What about this?
What about this?!
Come on, dad.
I don't get it.
You're paralyzed
on your right side, right?
Does it stop right here
or does it only affect
your arm and your leg?
Izzy, stop.
Mother, please...
i don't want to watch this
anymore, dad.
How about we watch
what i want to watch?
Izzy, why don't you just
leave to your hiding spot?
You're being a jerk.
What hiding spot?
Don't play stupid
with me, mister.
Shut the fuck up.
I'm telling.
I'll kill you.
You're not gonna tell.
you're hurting me!
Don't do it.
Stop moving!
Izzy, you're hurting me!
Get off!
Get off me!
Get off!
Fucking jerk!
Yo, check that shit out.
Oh, that's
a crazy motherfucker.
It's your boy.
Okay, gang...
time to eat.
Amy: He's a jerk...
a fucking jerk.
And you weren't there
so he was mean to daddy,
and then he went up to the roof
to his secret spot.
Don't what,
That shit
is mad dangerous, "b."
[Door opens, closes]
This one?
Amy: Yeah.
Where the hell
were you?
Mom, you're hurting me.
Don't lie.
I'm sick of your shit.
I'm gonna kill you, amy.
I didn't!
I didn't do anything.
Do you know why i'm pissed?
Do you even want to know?
It's 'cause i'm doing
everything i can
for you... everything.
I'm sorry...
do not fuck with me!
I will not be fucked with!
I won't!
Not by you
or anybody else.
[Fire alarm rings]
[Smoke detector beeps]
I don't give a shit
how much you're dealing with.
We all have to deal.
I'm dealing.
You think i don't know
it's hard?!
You think it's not hard
for me?!
I just can't be there
all the time, izak!
I just can't!
You are
such a stupid child!
I wish i could,
but i can't!
I know you can't.
Oh, shut up!
[Sirens wail]
I know you can't.
Calm down.
[Sirens grow louder]
Your father.
Oh, my god. Your father.
Run down the hall and see
if the elevator's working.
Go, go.
We're trapped.
[Fire alarm rings]
Okay, everybody,
there's a fire in the building.
Izzy's gone down to see if
the elevator's been shut down.
If it has, i want you two
to go down the stairs with him
and wait for me
and your father there.
The elevator's down.
All right, then.
Izzy, take amy
and sam downstairs.
I'm gonna wait here
with your father
for the firemen.
No, we can carry him.
Izzy... Izzy, i've had
about enough of your shit.
Cut it out!
You guys...
sam: No!
No, stop!
Get your asses
out of here.
We just leave you there
or what do we do?
Help! Help!
Up here! Come on!
[Kids screaming]
Help us!
Please help!
Up here!
It's a fire!
Up here!
[Fire alarm rings]
[Police radios playing]
Up here!
Help us!
You can wait for me
to bring him down
if you have
the elevator ready.
Don't worry about it.
We got him.
You need anything?
Are you all right?
set it on fire.
Let me talk to you
for a minute, yo.
Some fire, huh?
Fire boy.
I gotta go.
Hey, i'll be around,
watching and chillin',
you know.
get out of here.
Say what?
I'm the man.
Say what?
I'm the man.
Say what?
say what?
I can't hear you.
I'm the man!
I'm the man!
Can't wait.
Say what?
I'm the man.
[Speaking indistinctly]
I don't even know
about all that, though.
What's this little sissy's
problem, man?
I have to leave.
We're moving to michigan.
Awww! Awww!
Awww! Awww!
Dice: 'cause of
the fire, fire boy?
What about
the investigation, "b"?
Fuck you.
I just came to say goodbye.
You ain't going nowhere
till i tell the cops
about you, fool.
There's nothing
to tell.
Man, shut up, man.
You ain't gonna
do nothing.
Fuck you, dice.
I hate you.
Ohhh! Ohhh!
Ohhh! Ohhh!
I want to be hated, too,
you little bitch.
I'm calling the cops.
I'm calling the cops.
Come on, man.
Dice: Come on, man.
Put on the fitted hat.
It'll be a rat.
Tell how you do it.
Find some
new friends, man.
Send your ass back to
wherever the fuck you belong.
Fuck you.
I'm gonna miss
this little nigger, man.
Oh, man.
Yo, send me a postcard,
dawg, a'ight?
Fuck this nigger, man.
My man off to michigan.
Your boy.
We can't beat you up
no more.
Yo, robbie.
Help me pack,
say goodbye.
i'll miss you
yo, don't forget
about your boys, bitch.
I'll kill you.
A'ight, iz.
[Speaking indistinctly]
Sue: Want me
to help you with that?
No, it's just...
[speaking indistinctly]
Last time, eh, mom?
Last time.
Ruth: Wow, sue,
this was so much fun.
I'm really
gonna miss you.
I want to skip
the drama and...
all right.
Bye! We love you!
Take care!
Blah, blah, blah.
Be good, boy.
Hasta luego.
Peace out.
You'll be fine, sue.
You're the man, Izzy,
so stay cool.
Shut up.
I am not.
Man, whatever.
Just stay cool, a'ight?
You stay cool.
I am cool.
You the man.
Damn straight.
Don't worry about it.
It doesn't matter.
I'm just going away.
All right,
my man.
See you.
Mom, there's something
that i have to tell you.
I know everything.
I'm all-knowing.
Can i guess?
Is it that...
uh... the... sun isn't gonna
come up tomorrow?
Come on, mom.
Is it that...
you're not actually
my son?
Well... i'm just
a simple country girl.
What do i know?
What do
any of us know?
Exactly, honey.
["Still my heart" plays]
we've seen so much
but we made it through
and in the end
i'm glad
i've seen it with you
time may test
our love sometimes
we're worlds apart
you're still my heart
even when i've had enough
you're still my heart
still my heart
hard times
may come
but we'll watch them go
and where this road
is going to lead
only heaven knows
time may test
our love sometimes
we're worlds apart
you're still my heart
even when i've had enough
you're still my heart
still my heart
time may test
our love sometimes
we're worlds apart
you're still my heart
even when our road is rough
you're still my heart
still my heart
you're still my heart
you're still my heart
even when i've had enough
you're still my heart
when we're worlds apart
you're just still
you're still my heart
even when the road is rough
you're still my heart
still my heart
time may test
our love sometimes
we're worlds apart
you're still my heart
even when i've had enough
you're still my heart
still my heart
time may test
our love sometimes
we're worlds apart
you're still my heart
even when our road is rough
you're still my heart
still my heart
[hip-hop music plays]
Just need you to focus
and give us a sign.
You are in there, right?
Can you feel this?
Can you feel this?
Can you feel this?
Can you feel this?
Can you feel...
Can you feel this?
Can you feel this?
Can you feel this?
Can you feel this?