Best Years Gone (2021) Movie Script

(crickets chirping)
(bear roaring)
- Where'd he go?
Where'd he go, where?
(Gil panting)
(Gil whimpers)
Stay, go!
Bad bear!
(Gil gasping)
Bad bear, stay, stay,
stay, stay, stay, stay!
Oh, Lord God, I'm
sorry! I'm so sorry!
Hey God.
It's me, Gil!
Look it, I know we
don't chit chat much
and you know that I
am far from perfect,
and if anybody deserved
to put on trial here,
it's Gil Gilles.
But God, please don't let
me get eaten by a bear.
A bear, no!
Oh, I mean, I might've pulled
a leg, man, a couple times,
but you're all about
forgiveness, right?
It's about forgiveness,
right? (gasping)
Oh, thank you, thank you!
I'll take accountability
for whatever I've done!
What'd I do? Wait,
did I kill that girl?
Did I kill that girl?
Come on, give me a sign!
(branches snapping)
(Gil screaming)
(Gil grunts)
Black flag (grunts), black flag.
(lively banjo music)
(engines roaring)
Push-to-pass, I knew she
was gonna be trouble.
- Hey, handsome, got yourself
an occasion for that hangover?
- It was a Thursday.
(both chuckle)
(Sylvia shushes)
(Gil chuckles)
- I think you might need
a little hair of the dog.
- I do, right?
(glasses clink)
(glasses thud)
- Oh, yeah.
- That's just the kind of
woman I'd been praying for.
A few dents, minor
scratches, but runs well.
(soft music)
What I didn't count
on was those identical
demon spawn twin
daughters of hers.
(horse whinnies)
(horse neighs)
That was a real
kick in the pants.
(leaves crunching)
(birds chirping)
Oh yeah, I, I think I
can maybe fix it, yeah.
- Hey girls, this here
gentleman here is Gil Gilles.
He's offered to take
a look at the Subaru.
Ain't that kind of him?
- How you girls doing?
Mm, friendly type.
- You know, I have been
known to make myself
a pretty mean Hamburger Helper.
What do I gotta do to
have you stay for dinner?
- Well, if you insist,
but I don't wanna intrude
on no family time.
- Them girls, they're just
overprotective is all.
You pay no attention
to them, all right?
- You got no man looking
after things here?
- No, their daddy's
serving life in Jackson.
Robbery gone wrong.
Can I get you
something to drink?
- You got any cold suds?
- You know, I think I might.
- Huh, if you agree
to have one with me,
well then I just
might have to have me
some of that Hamburger
Helper and some cold suds.
- Deal.
- All right, all right.
(mellow music)
That woman spoke my language.
It was more than
just a good time,
more than just the laughter,
the loud music,
and the libations.
It took us far away
from our past failures.
When I met my Sylvia I knew
my bachelor days were over.
- [Julie] Gil, I'm
gonna be late for work.
- All that whining ain't
making anything drop faster.
- Gross, Mom!
- He'll be out in a minute!
- Why is he here? He
has a home, kind of.
(Gil passing gas)
- [Gil] Ooh, yeah.
- You're disgusting.
- [Gil] Your attitude
is disgusting.
(toilet flushing)
(air freshener spraying)
- Pizza rolls, I think I need
me a catch cake. (sniffs)
(lazy music)
- Morning, Gil.
Hey, Peg.
You need my help with something?
Something you wanna say to me?
- [Gil] What? Why
you staring at me?
- Not now.
- I poured you some coffee.
- Oh thank you, but
you know what they say?
Waste not. I think
it's in the Bible.
- [Julie] You're
not even dressed?
- Honey, I'm just, I'm not
feeling very well today.
I was hoping Peggy, you might
switch shifts with me, please?
- I was already planning on it.
(Sylvia sighs with relief)
I could drop Julie
off at the campground.
- It's okay.
- I might be late tonight.
Jim offered to take
me on his boat.
- I thought your hair looked
extra snazzy this morning.
- Peggy, stay outta
my head. Let's go.
- [Gil] Hey, you just
have a good day at work.
- Surprised you remember
what that word even means.
- [Sylvia] Hey.
- Sylvia.
I try with those
two. I really do.
I, they're just
playing dirty air.
(rooster crows)
(train horn blares)
I was the youngest of six
raised in the upper peninsula.
My daddy was a hard man
and mama deserted our
family when I was 12.
She ran off with a
Finnish copper miner.
Can't blame her.
I left home at 13 and
never looked back.
I ain't seen any of my siblings
since and I don't care to.
I heard my mama died of lung
cancer a few years back.
Ain't that a bag of donuts.
- [Sylvia] Child, you
have got to slow down.
My feet are killing
me after my shift.
- [Peggy] Mom, Julie
could be hurt or worse.
- [Sylvia] What are
you talking about?
She probably just enjoying
some private time alone.
- She went boating
with Jim earlier
and I haven't heard
from her since.
- Hey, what do you mean
she went boating with Jim?
Who is Jim?
(dramatic music)
No. Do you know Jim?
Huh? Have you met him?
You know, this is something
you might consider
sharing with your mother.
Pick it up. Come on.
(hand thuds on door)
Gil, baby? Hey, it's me.
I'm coming in. Don't shoot me.
(door creaks)
Gil, hey. Gil, baby.
I need to talk to you
for a minute. Hey.
- [Peggy] Gil, wake up.
- [Sylvia] Gil, come on. Hey.
- Hey baby. What are
you doing in here?
- Julie went boating with Jim
and I haven't heard
from her since.
Please, can I have your
help looking for her?
- This is the
first time that one
of Sylvia's brats
asked anything of me.
I've surely have my
days where I wish
those two would just disappear,
but just maybe this situation
would change things.
All right, enough
of this cackle fest.
If we're gonna chop
down the Christmas tree,
then we gotta get going.
We'll have that boat in
the water by first light.
Come on. Let's go.
(energetic music)
- Man, are we happy
to see you guys.
Heck of a way to
meet Julie's family.
- It's nice to
finally meet you, Jim.
- [Peggy] Why didn't you call?
- We would have if our
phones had services.
- Kind of ran outta gas.
Probably should have been paid
more attention to the gauges.
- Yeah, a little gas
check might saved
us all a lot of problems here.
- You also lost the anchor.
- Oh, anchor too.
- Hey, uh, Gil, you think
you could give me a tow?
- That's a negative.
All right. Let's go.
Got things to.
(boat engine roars)
(wistful music)
I used to dream of
being that cool stepdad,
being that I never
had much of a family.
I think it was a fantasy
I often got lost in.
I try to do right
by these brats.
They're just plain uppity,
entitled and ungrateful.
At least I only have to
deal with one of them soon.
- [Sylvia] People been
saying the same thing
about us at their age.
- Yeah, I'm worried
about their generation,
bunch of backmarkers.
- They just don't
know yet, that's all.
- Oh, they will.
(Sylvia sighs)
(thunder rumbles)
(Gil sighs)
You ever want
anything different?
Had any dreams or anything?
- Course, didn't we all?
(rain pattering)
(thunder rumbling)
Dreams are for young people.
- Yeah.
(Gil exhales)
Life has been destroying
youthful dreams
as long as I can remember.
(thunder cracks)
(bell rings)
Who's you, Betty Lou?
- Okay. Okay.
This is none o' your business,
but since I'm in kind
of a good mood today,
I'm gonna give you some scoop.
My father's brother
owns this place,
so naturally I came
over to run it.
That makes me the manager.
Unfortunately, when I got here
somebody else thinks they
already wearing that title.
- Hm, not really. No.
- Okay, I don't need
any more problems
with her thinking
I'm into her man.
So I don't know if you're
trying to be some sort of cowboy
or something, but I'm
still not into you.
Okay. You're not my type.
- I think she just insulted me.
And when did that happen?
- This morning, right
before Emmet left
for Arizona to visit his mother.
(alarm beeping)
(fire sizzling)
- Sorry, sorry!
- You are taking forever!
- You're in my kitchen!
- I mean it!
Every single one of them
that's out there is waiting.
- Go over there.
Don't touch anything.
- No, let me take this out.
(Gil laughs)
(kitchen staff bickering)
- Yeah.
- Don't laugh. It isn't funny.
- Oh, it's the funniest
thing I've seen all week.
- I cannot work with you!
- Get...
- Hey babe. Mandy's gonna
give me a ride home, okay?
So I'll see you later
tonight. Kisses. (lips smack)
- So I'm not really sure
what you're seeing in him,
'cause I don't see what you see.
- Just 'cause I'm
letting you drive me home
don't mean we're friends,
especially you keep
bad mouthing my a man.
- Well, I wasn't asking
to be your friend.
Forget it. Now I'm
not saying nothing.
- What?
- I'm just telling you,
everybody in this town
is a little weird,
so I got my eyes everywhere.
And from working in the
salon for so many years,
I know what I see
and what I see was
your two daughters
walking down the street with
not a lot of fabric on 'em.
- What are you talking about,
not a lot of fabric on 'em?
- [Mandy] And then I seen your
man's truck in the same area.
Like I said, I
worked at a salon.
- What are you saying?
- I'm just saying it's weird
and people at the
salon would be talking.
(Sylvia scoffs)
(engine whirs)
- [Arcade Machine]
(indistinct) Ready, set, go.
- So that's why you so gassed
up to get to work every day.
- What are you doing here?
- Getting tired of you sassing
me all the time, little girl.
- What brings you here, Gil?
- This.
I retrieved it from the shore
and thought I'd be helpful
and bring it back,
but as always,
you got everything
you want from me.
Back to talking
down to Gil again.
(anchor thuds)
Listen, I love your mama
and you and your sister are just
gonna have to get
used to them facts.
And you, you better be careful.
She's gonna start
clerking your course
once she gets what she wants.
- Thanks, Gil.
(ball bouncing faintly)
- First are worst.
Game respects game.
All right. You two
have a good day.
You know,
(soft music)
life, life is about survival
and it's about gratitude.
See, I'm grateful.
I'm grateful it's
a beautiful day.
I'm grateful I'm alive.
I'm grateful I got
your mom in my life.
See, if you're lucky, you'll
learn about the power of love.
- You're drunk.
- No, I'm not.
Your mama has got me drinking
light beer for my day drinking
and everybody knows you can't
get drunk on light beer.
So no, I got things to do.
(foot clinks)
(Gil yells)
Drive through pain. Good day.
- [Arcade Machine]
Ready, set, go.
- Can't believe you have to
deal with that every day.
- Okay, Jules. I'll
see you later tonight.
Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
Love you. Bye.
(laughs) Oh, I think
Jules is falling.
She's gone out with
that Jim guy again.
And Peggy is out with
the girls, which...
- Which means gone, gone.
Mama bear's got no kids.
(Sylvia chuckles)
It's all good.
(Gil sighs)
- I'm counting on
you being a good one.
- Oh, I try.
- Try ain't good enough.
You lay a finger on me or
one of the girls in anger
and I will kill you.
You believe my words?
- Oh yeah, I believe your words.
- Good. Here.
- You know-
- 'Cause I would
kill for what I love
and I do love you Gil Gilles.
I'd protect what I love
with my dying breath.
I ain't got much, but I
do love deep what's mine.
- Let me take this
opportunity, Sylvia,
to apologize for
anything that my
idiotic mouth might have
spouted when I'd been drinking.
- Okay. (laughs)
You just saying that on
account of me talking killing.
- No, no, I'm not.
Serious moment, Sylvia.
Serious moment.
You need to know,
no, listen to me.
You're the best thing
that's ever happened to me,
you know that.
I sat on a bar stool for years
praying to God to send
me someone to love
and who would love
me for all my flaws.
And he sent you.
Without you, I would've just
died alone in that trailer.
And you're the
only family I got.
- I'm feeling so dance
stimulated right now.
- Really?
(Sylvia chuckles)
Now is that like
kiss dance stimulated
or Peter Frampton
dance stimulated?
(swinging music)
Shimmer, shade
and golden shine
Busy polishing your shrine
Happy living deep
inside your mind
Doesn't take a-
(Gil snoring)
(feet tapping)
- Sad, isn't it?
- I didn't expect you to
be back until tomorrow.
- I didn't have enough
money to go out after.
Plus I really wanted
to come home and pack.
I can't believe
I'm actually going.
- Look what you'll be missing.
- I hope Gil got the
car running better.
- He was working on it
a good part of the day,
but you know Gil.
Does he ever finish anything?
(Peggy sighs)
(dramatic music)
- Them girls are starting
to green my rubber.
(ominous music)
(jaunty music)
(bouncy music)
- Mom up?
- [Julie] Nope.
- [Gil] Your mom
ain't quite feeling
the groove this morning.
- Wonder why.
- You know, your mama
really works hard
to take care of the two of you.
Maybe you should
try, I don't know,
maybe giving her a little
bit more appreciation.
- Why are you here?
- Oh, I'm good enough to
wrench on your vehicle
all afternoon, but
not good enough
to park here with
the love of my life?
Okay, just because
your mom and I like
to party and blow off steam
don't mean that we don't
handle our business.
- Help me finish packing.
Tell mom I love her
and I'll call her
once I get settled in my dorm.
- Yeah. I'm right
on that. (sighs)
Unbelievable little brats.
(car ignition sputters)
Oh, that didn't sound real good.
Maybe I, it'll hold.
(car engine hums)
Well, well, what
do we have here?
And just whose
skivvies are these?
(Gil gasps)
- Did I miss 'em? Are they gone?
- Yeah, I think they're gone.
- I thought Peggy would
have at least say goodbye.
- [Gil] You know
how them girls are.
- Oh, I look awful.
- No baby, you're
naturally beautiful.
- That's just a polite
way of saying frumpy.
- (laughs) No way, you
are like white snake
hood slidin' hot.
You are baby, I'm
telling you. I know.
Looky, I'm gonna run up to
Tink's and get some smokes.
You need anything? Oh.
- Aspirin.
- Somebody's got a headache.
- I think we're out.
- All right. I'll go get that.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Well, I'll be back
in just a few.
(car sputters)
- What's that noise?
- I don't know.
Gil was trying to fix it, but
I'm gonna grab a road coffee.
- Oh now, won't you look who
done come seen ol' Tinker?
How are you doing?
I'm all right.
I reckon. I can't hear nothing.
You gotta speak up, honey.
- I have to use the bathroom.
- Well, go right
back in there, and...
I just cleaned it two weeks ago.
Hey there, how are you doing?
What's the matter with your car?
I heard a rattle
when you pulled up.
- Yeah, it's making
a weird noise.
- How long has it
been doing that?
- I don't know. I
just heard it today.
- Here. Hold spit cup for me.
I heard you got into university.
- [Peggy] Yeah.
- What are you gonna study?
- [Peggy] Just basic
courses until I figure out
what I wanna major in.
- Well, that's all right.
(metal thunks)
Here's your rattle.
(birds chirping)
(horn beeps)
(Gil muttering)
- Come on! Damn.
Hey, you scrutineer, Tinker. I
told them already I fixed it.
- Well, there ain't no
harm in taking a look, Gil.
According to what I
see, it looks like
you bled the brakes just fine.
It's a quality fix.
- Hear what he
said? Quality fix.
- You're still a stupid drunk.
- Oh, I'm stupid.
You know what I saw her
sister doing the other day
on her fancy phone with the
little looky wooky thingy?
She was looking up
how to boil water.
You know what that is, that is
fire plus water equals boil.
You imagine that? But
somehow I'm the stupid one.
- Yeah. That's what I said.
- You know how stupid you sound?
Try not to do any
Tide pod shooters
when you're away
at college, okay?
- Shut up, Gil.
- Oh, nice way to
win an argument.
You pick up your
participation award
at I don't give a flying flag.
- Yo, you're gonna
have settle down, son.
The world's a changing.
You're just going
around everywhere,
just like this, all
coiled up like a snake.
You're ready to strike
at people all the time.
They don't know what to think.
- Was that mine?
- I reckoned it's your'n.
I found it laying on
the intake manifold
and she pulled up here,
said car's a rattling
and that's what
I found in there.
- I got to get a few things.
- Them Tide pots really
work, get your plates clean.
(door creaks)
(toilet flushes)
- Too good to take a deep
break at the house, I see.
- Real classy. What
are you doing here?
- Uh, getting smokes and
some aspirin for your ma.
- You know she has to
open at the midway, right?
- Yes, I do.
- Thank you, Tinker.
You're so sweet.
- Youngin', I try.
Listen now, on your
trip, when you get back
bring that car in here and
I'll put you a new belt on her,
put you a deco on there,
but it'll be all right
through the trip.
- Okay.
- But stay away from
them rest stops.
- I will. It was great
seeing you, Tinker.
- Good to see you, honey.
- I'll be in the car.
Gil, you better
be good to my mom
and my sister while I'm away.
- [Gil] Yeah, dirty air.
Shut your teenage talk box.
But you too.
- Tinker, can you put
this on my mom's tab?
- What'd you say, honey?
- Can you put this
on my mom's tab?
- I surely can.
- Thank you.
- [Tinker] Good to see you.
- Good. We can put a few
things on the tab, right?
- Kind of like to have cash.
(bright music)
(engines roaring)
(crowd cheering)
(metal crunching)
- [Gil] Like you, Gil.
(Gil sighs)
Sorry, Ike.
- [Ike] That's my, let me go.
(siren blaring)
That's my car. (yells)
- [Announcer] Gibenos is
scarce. Fire through there.
Checking. Getting Gil out.
(Gil sighing)
- Maybe the panties
won't even come up.
(Sylvia yells)
(bottles crashing)
- I thought we already
talked about all this.
It can change that
fast for Syliva,
from love to hate
and back again.
Add half dozen beers
and double jeopardy
rules are in full effect.
Her mood changes seem
to be more often.
- Why did you ask if
Julie was gonna be here
when we got here?
- Because I wanted to know if
we had the house to ourselves.
- Oh.
- What?
She already got
that boyfriend, Jim.
- Oh right, the guy has a
better truck than you do.
- That entitled
turpile had his mommy
and daddy buy it for him.
- No!
(bottle clangs)
Oh, you gonna cry, Gil?
(Gil panting)
- I'm not a wealthy man, Sylvia.
Love is all I got.
And I see that aint
nothing no more.
(glass thuds)
(liquid glugging)
(dance music)
Back to this, you
ready for this
(phone ringing)
(Gil sighs)
- Sylvia, I re...
Whoa, slow down, slow down.
I can't understand you
when you're crying.
Arrested? Wait, let me
put you on speakerphone.
My heart knows how to pick 'em.
Seems Sylvia had herself
a one person ramp run.
Got so wasted she woke up and
thought she was late for work.
She didn't remember
showering or dressing,
but remembered climbing
into the Subaru
and backing out of the drive.
Constable Calvin Greeney-Pierce
found Sylvia in a ditch,
passed out just down the road.
They confiscated
her driver's license
and they put her in county
lock-up until her hearing.
And my real fear
was her not getting
her daily intake o' drink.
After so many years, the
devil's drink not only
has it hooks into your body,
but your mind, your soul.
(train bell ringing)
Excuse me. That's,
uh, that's my woman.
That's, that's the woman I love.
- Why does this have
to be the only place
to eat and drink in town?
- You wanna go somewhere else?
- Hey, what's going
on with your mama?
Heard she went to the hospital
and now she's stuck in county.
Damn Calvin Greeney, I swear
he's drunk in his cop car
half the time cruising around.
- Mom'll live.
- Your mama has given you
the best years of her life
and that's what she's
gonna get from you?
You and your sister just
a couple of snooty brats
who need to be taken
down a few pegs.
- Yeah, why don't you
just get outta here, man?
- Jim, why don't you shut up?
I don't think I was
talking to you at all.
- I ain't gonna tell
you twice, old man.
- Old man?
- [Jim] Feeling tough?
- Oh look, it, you know what?
This ain't punk locker
room posturin' time.
I would beat the shiny off you.
- [Jim] You wanna go?
- You wanna go?
- Yeah.
- What do you want?
What you want?
You want some boxing?
Boom, would you also like
karate with this whole thing?
What you want? (woops)
- Okay, okay, okay.
Please, stop, stop, stop it.
- What you want?
What you want, Jim?
- This little cat fight you
boys got brewing's
gonna stop now, okay?
- What you want? What you want?
- Chill, take a
breath. Take a breath.
- [Gil] What, what, what?
- Both of you realize this
ain't happenin' in here.
Uh-uh. You, get him out of here.
(Gil makes verbal whip sounds)
Go sit!
- I ain't gonna sit.
I want play some darts.
Who wants play some darts?
I'm see some money.
And Mandy, how about you get
me a double on the rocks.
All right?
- [Mandy] I'm not
getting you nothing.
- Damn kids these days.
(bright music)
(darts thwacking)
- I talk big.
I was gonna see my love
set free at any cost.
Her companionship and
lovin' had truly saved me.
(phone ringing)
- I'm gonna change that.
Wait, I'm putting
it on speaker phone.
Don't go nowhere. Sylvia?
- [Sylvia] Gil, I need to borrow
just a little bit of money.
I got into some trouble.
- Uh, what do you want
me to do about it?
- [Sylvia] Ha, not
funny. Come on baby.
You know I'm good for it.
- [Gil] I might be
able to contribute
like a hundred or something.
- [Sylvia] I gotta
get outta here.
(Gil's lips smack)
I don't feel good.
- (sighs) Um, I, I'll,
I'll see what I can do.
- [Sylvia] They're making me
go. Love you. (lips smacking)
- Sylvia? Sylvia?
What the heck. (sniffs)
It's beer. (laughs)
(bright music)
'Sup, Rowdy. Rowdy,
Rowdy rooster.
(toilet flushes)
(bell dings)
(insect buzzing)
(Gil yelling)
Call it wisdom or luck,
it's been a long time
since I myself
have walked through
those was steely
doors to freedom.
I don't recall much
of the last event,
other than I had an ample
amount of bruises on my body.
Apparently it was
from resisting arrest.
- So you take care, all right?
I'll be praying for you.
(paper crinkling)
- Come on. Let's get
out of this dump.
(Eddie sighs)
- Mr. Gilles.
- Eddie.
(engine roaring)
(tires squeak)
- [Sylvia] I'm not
feeling very well.
- [Gil] I'll be right back.
Stay in the truck, alright?
- When I was in the hospital
the doctor did an evaluation.
They said I had some type
of psychosis. (sniffs)
I don't know what that means.
(Sylvia whimpering)
- (yells) No, no,
no, no. Not the beer.
Wait, Sylvie, I'm
coming. I got it, baby.
Here baby, they're going
overboard. Get it down.
You good? Oh my God.
Oh, slow down. Slow down.
We got a lot.
Let it work. Let it work.
It's all right. There you go.
There you go. See, see?
You're good. There you go.
Slow, slow, slow. Whoa,
what are you doing?
(Sylvia yells)
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- What is it?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa. No, no.
- Get it off of me!
- What are you talking about?
(Sylvia gibbering)
- [Gil] Sylvia,
no, come back here!
Sylvia, got go nowhere.
Stay with the truck.
- [Sylvia] Please,
he's gonna kill me.
Killer's gonna kill me.
- You got nothing.
- Look at...
- You got nothing. You
got nothing on you.
Nothing is on you at all.
Nothing, honey. You'll be fine.
Get back in it. Get
back in the truck.
Please, it's me,
honey. Stay with me.
Get back in. Get back in
the truck. (speaks faintly)
(Sylvia sobs)
Stay in the truck.
Stay in the truck.
(Sylvia panting)
- What? Look at them.
- No, no, no.
- They're gonna kill me.
- It's all right.
(speaks faintly)
(hand tapping on door)
- What's going on, Harold?
- Huh?
- No, no. No, no, no, no, no.
I can't go back. I can't go
back, they're killing me.
- Sylvia, can I help here?
- They're gonna kill.
- Sylvia. Sylvia, no, Sylvia!
- I can't go back.
I can't.
- Greeney!
- [Sylvia] Can't go back. Can't.
(ominous music)
(imagined growling)
I see you! I see you!
I do.
- What's going on, Harold?
- I don't know.
She's been misfiring like this
ever since I picked
her up at the hospital.
I think she needs to go back.
- Sylvia's done gone crazier
than a doogle over there.
She says she's got a bomb.
She's turned my place up.
Need some help!
- She doesn't have a
bomb, Greeney. She's sick.
- 221 to central.
We're gonna be transporting
a female to county general.
That's gonna be on a PRT.
(Sylvia panting)
- Can't kill me. I know it.
I know it. You can't kill me.
(birds tweeting)
- Don't get behind
that wheel, Harold.
You do, you're going to jail.
I smelled beer on your breath.
You copy me?
- Copy.
Seen many mood
swings outta Sylvia,
some being womanly swings
and some being saucey,
swilly swings, but this
particular swing was different.
This swing was off
the playground and
it had me worried.
The love of my life
is in a bad place.
And me without her love,
it puts me in a bad place.
We're connected by our love.
If she crashes, we could
both end up in the junkyard.
And many people just
don't give a damn.
It's mainly true about me.
They could care less if I
had a roof over my head,
food on my table or just anybody
to love me or let
me love 'em back.
To everybody, save
Sylvia, I'm just garbage.
- Yeah. She's resting.
I, I don't know. I'm still
waiting to see the doctor.
Okay. I'll let you know.
Love you.
I wanted to thank you for
taking such good care of my mom.
- It's what I do.
- Listen, she's calm now, but
what happens when the
sedation wears off?
I don't want to have
to cuff her to bed.
- Honestly, what do you
see happening with her?
- Honestly, if she
doesn't quit drinking,
you're looking at
more hospital trips,
more jail time and very
likely an early death.
- Is there anything we can do?
- Can try getting her to rehab.
- How do we do that?
- You wait.
We can't.
You can't make anybody do
anything they don't want to do.
I mean, all the interventions,
all the hospital trips in the
world won't make a difference
unless she wants to get better.
She has to be able to push past
whatever pain
brought her here and
choose to live.
(melancholic music)
- How's she doing?
- She's gonna be fine.
- Is this family?
- I'll call if
there's any change.
- [Gil] I heard from a
buddy who's in maintenance
at the hospital.
He said that Sylvia did
start to get better.
She eventually got well
enough to be released.
Did those girls call me?
- Peggy, stop worrying.
I don't know where Gil is.
I hope he drinks
himself to death.
Be the best thing that
ever happened to mom.
- [Gil] Like it kicked in the
butt by a Budweiser horse.
You can't imagine how low I felt
being diminished
to roach status.
I mean, she was wishing
that I would just die.
Those are the evil thoughts
for sure inside those twins,
but I do need to take
a real look at myself,
try to see those hard truths
that are buried deep within.
(uplifting music)
Outside my own insecurities,
I do have to ask,
"Would my true love be
better off without me?"
- 'Cause we do wanna
work on your stretching,
just getting in there
just a little bit deeper.
- Yes.
Your hands seem a little tight.
- (laughs) I agree.
- Yeah.
- I agree.
- [Gil] Jealousy issues aside,
do I want the best for my love?
Would she be happier with
someone, anyone else?
- Oh, I'll,
(phone ringing)
I'll be back next week.
I promise.
- Great. Thank you for
calling Studio One Eleven.
This is is Tas speaking.
Are you ready to change your li-
- What kind of name is Tas?
(slow country music)
- [Bar Patron] Hells bells.
- What is it?
- He has played every
sad song on that jukebox.
- He ain't been this
bad since Shirley.
We've all been there
one time or another.
- You know, I thought she was
going to blow up my store.
- You're kidding me?
- I am not.
You know, I think he'd
be much better off
just to leave her be.
- Oh yeah. You're
probably right.
You know, there's
only three things
that a man needs to be happy.
Three of 'em. You wanna
know what they are?
- You're going to tell me.
- Oh yeah. Number one,
your favorite gun.
M16 all day long.
Number two, your favorite car.
1966 GTO 389.
And that third.
- Yeah?
(Tinker laughs)
- I can't remember that third.
I done forgot it. (chuckles)
I don't know what it was.
Honey, you take that.
That's cold, but I gotta
get to the tractor.
I'm running late anyway. Bye.
Just when you think
that life will return
- I can't take anymore
of this sad music.
Gil, I hope everything
works out for you better.
Singing a lonesome song
Where is my honey
Nothing but booze
all the time
- Come on, I
wouldn't be listening
to nothing they're saying.
They're hardly Romeos.
You want another pull?
(liquid splashing)
This empty house
with nothing left
You know, you and me, we're
like oil and water, right?
Two things you should
just never put together,
but since you've been coming
in here I'm starting to see
you're kind of like an old nail
polish that's been chipping.
So here's a little advice:
stop picking at it.
Go get some remover and paint
a new color. Understand?
- Kind of.
- Okay, now I gotta ask you.
Have you talked to
her since she got out?
- [Gil] No.
- Yeah, me neither,
and between you and me
it's getting really hard, 'cause
I don't really know
what I'm doing here.
And her daughter's
so tight-lipped too.
Maybe that's because
she doesn't like me.
- What Julie like or don't like
don't matter nothing to me.
They're just a couple
of nasty girls that best
keep out Gil Gilles' way.
(glass slams)
Here to be found
(grass crunching)
(chickens clucking)
(birds tweeting)
(Sylvia humming)
(tires crunching)
All right, Gil. You
deserve true love.
(hands slapping)
You go and get it.
(car door thuds)
- Hey, handsome.
How you been doing?
- How would Rocky be
doing without Adrian?
Tango without Cash?
Cheech without Chong?
All kidding aside,
you're my ride and die, baby.
Without you, I, I've
been doing poorly.
You look like sunshine.
I love what you done with
your hair. Digging it.
- You like that? (chuckles)
- [Gil] Yeah.
(Gil grunts)
- I know you did
something to help me.
I saw your name
on the paperwork.
- Yeah, I might have
gotten my girl outta jail.
That's it.
- Jail. (sighs)
- I almost forgot
I went to jail.
- Good afternoon, folks.
- Can we help you
with something?
- You already have,
just by being here.
Sylvia, I'm here to serve your
court appearance documents.
- Well, maybe you
can do that without
a smug smile on your fat face.
Don't you think she's been
through enough already?
(papers thud)
- Consider yourself
served, Sylvia.
You know, in my experience,
most people get exactly
what they're deserving.
You all have a
wonderful day now.
- I ain't never gonna
get this past me, am I?
- God never gives
you anything more
than what you can handle.
He'll take something
off your plate.
- Typically, when
someone's got a job
they need to show up to do it.
So I ask ya, how am
I gonna have a worker
that doesn't work, hmm?
- I'm sorry. I
should have called.
Unfortunately I
couldn't for a few days.
I've got some personal
stuff in the back.
Can I just grab it and
I'll be outta your way?
- Go flush my fluids
and I'll be right back.
- Okay.
(Mandy clears her throat)
- Have a seat.
As you know, my
area of expertise is
really in the salon,
so if you're ready
to start working.
- Yes. Yes, I can start.
I promise I'll
show up. Thank you.
Oh, thank you. You really
are a friend. (chuckles)
- Oh, now you wanna
be my friend? Okay.
- Yes. Gil, Gil, she
gave me my job back.
- When I was taking a pit stop
I asked God to help
with your job situation.
(energetic music)
I think we need a
victory lap celebration!
In the dark, dark,
dark, the dark of light
- Just one, right?
I have no worries,
because I'm white
And all the cops
give me soda pops
- [Gil] Hm, all
right. Feeling it?
- Yeah!
(glasses clink)
- [Gil] Yeah.
Lord, thank you
for this fate
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!
(cans pop)
(foot thuds)
(door creaks)
- What happened?
- Gil happened.
(door thudding)
Mom! Mom!
- [Jim] Come on, come on.
- [Julie] Mom! No, I'm
not doing this again.
Mom, mom!
- Come, on. Please, please.
- Just go home.
- [Jim] All right.
(door creaking)
(Julie sighs)
(ominous music)
- We're doing Christmas.
That's what you wanted.
Hold this ladder,
boy. Come here!
Help! Boy, I told you
to hold the ladder.
What, you gonna cry?
Pick up that lip.
It's gonna get dirty.
Get me another beer.
I said go get me another
beer! God's sake.
(ladder rattling)
(dark music)
- A life of highs and lows,
losing my only family,
my beloved Shirley,
and now this mess with Sylvia.
But love is a sacred gift
and I'll play our game
of hearts until the
final flag is waved.
(Gil grunting)
(Gil groans)
(Gil groans)
(suspenseful music)
(dramatic music)
(Gil panting)
(Gil whimpering)
Come on.
(zipper whirs)
(Gil yells)
(glass shatters)
(Gil sniffs)
(music lulls)
(dramatic music)
(tarp rustles)
(boot thuds)
(engine roars)
(tires screech)
(upbeat music)
Any way you cut it, this
is not looking good for me.
(car door thuds)
- [Female Pat] Grab
me. Okay, grab me.
- 61, 62.
- Okay. Okay, let go.
- 63, 64, 65.
- Oh, no get me.
(ominous music)
(bottle rattles)
- [Male Pat] You,
uh, you okay there?
- Yeah, I'm fine. Here.
- So, uh, I see you noticing
these old pictures here.
Name's Pat Patterson
and this pretty lady
right here is my
better half, Pat.
Imagine that, two people in all
the world meant for each other
- And we're both named pat.
- Pat.
Pat doesn't like to brag,
but he was quite the specimen
back in our competition days.
He still is, but added
couple of extra pasty bells.
- Oh, come on now, Patty.
Patty, no, I can't,
I can't help myself.
She makes the best
pasties in all the world.
- I do.
- She even makes the, uh...
- Uh, gluten.
- Gluten free.
Gluten free are best.
- The gluten free pasties.
Got a thing, got-
- I'll take one of those,
your cheapest six pack
and then these zigzags,
20 on pump four.
- Okay, I'll do that.
(till beeping)
All right, then.
Okay. You want a bag for this?
- Okay. Okay, the
total is 28.17.
- [Male Pat] Okay.
Got the beer going.
- Hope you don't have far to go.
28, 18, 28, 19,
28, 20, 28, 21, 28-
- Okay, just,
just, just keep it.
- [Female Pat] Oh, thank you.
You're so nice, thank you.
- [Male Pat] So
what, are you up here
visiting friends, are ya?
- Yeah.
- You know, we got just down
the road, a couple of ticks,
you got, uh, you got
the Red Bear Lodge.
You know it's,
uh, a combination.
- The Red Bear Lodge.
- Bears and red colors, so up
there we've got the big beer-
- Everything's red.
- Yep. It's a favorite
color up here.
- Ah, thank you.
- [Male Pat] Okay
then. All right.
- [Female Pat] Have,
have a safe trip, 'ey?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- You know, I never
laid eyes on him before.
- Me neither.
- A nice fella.
- Spot me again.
- Okay hun. Okay, now Patty.
Here we go, dahl. Get
up there now, come on.
Oh yo, my golly.
(car engine humming)
(birds calling)
- [Gil] In my youth,
my cousin Ike and I
used to look for the
right places to break in
to party and steal car parts.
The chain across the drive
usually means this is
a vacation home for trolls,
those living under the bridge,
meaning the owners are gone.
(bolt cutters clacking)
(steady music)
(tense music)
(gunshot booms)
(engine humming)
(tires squeak)
(dramatic music)
- Hey, you don't get off
this property in 30 seconds
I'm gon' drop ye
like a bad habit.
(gun clicks)
(gunshot booms)
- [Gil] Uh, crazy braud.
(gunshot booms)
- [Nina] I heard that!
(Gil muttering)
(gun clicking)
(gunshot booms)
(car engine roaring)
- [Man] Hey, Nina,
what in the world
are you shooting at out here?
- Claim jumper.
- Oh, I got, I got $47 in cash.
I got some canned
goods and I got this.
I don't know what it is,
but I'm gonna make a lamp
outta the son of a gun.
Now come on in the house.
We got sheets on
the bed in here.
(crickets chirping)
(phone ringing)
- [Gil] Hello? Sylvia, baby?
- She's in the hospital
again, you piece of crap.
Because of you.
- Julie?
- You know that
ain't possible Gil,
because you murdered her.
- Peggy look, I don't know
what happened. Honest.
- You better hope the
law finds you first, Gil.
(door creaking)
- What a pig's sty.
- Sir.
- Yeah.
- The tap we put on
Sylvia's phone paid off.
The daughter called Gilles
with it and he picked up.
- We get a trace?
- Partial. We did find paperwork
to another vehicle though.
He's running.
Our best guess is he's
headed toward the bridge.
- We've gotta find those kids
before somebody else gets hurt
or worse.
The big question now,
Mr. Harold Gilles,
do you have any
family in the UP?
(Gil sobs)
- [Gil] Don't cry, Gil.
Don't you dare cry.
Pick that lip up.
God, help me get through
this and I swear.
- [Gil's Father] Careful
now, Harold don't swear
any promises you can't keep.
- Dad, is that you?
I didn't say that.
I thought that.
You're in my head.
- Well, trauma psychosis,
I'm in your head.
What're you doing there?
- You tell me what
I'm doing here.
- I don't know why you're
here, but while you're here,
I will tell you, I did
not mean to kill you.
I mean, I did mean
for you to break a leg
or something like that, but...
- I know, still it was
a pretty Damien move.
- I guess, yeah.
(knocking on car)
- Come join me, son. A visit.
Everything depends on it.
(train horn honks)
(fire crackling)
(solemn music)
- Is that?
- When your mother left me,
something inside me just died.
You deserved so
much more, Harold.
I just didn't have it to give.
I am so very sorry.
- There's no way that
I killed that girl.
(fire crackling)
(engine roaring)
(bat patrons chattering)
- [Bar Patron] You hit 'er
pretty hard, didn't ya?
(men laughing)
- Hey.
- What'll you have, my friend?
- [Gil] Do you still got
that burger and beer special?
- Yes, we do.
- Medium rare and whatever
beer comes with it.
- [Bartender] Get me the
special, medium rare.
(door creaks)
- [Gil] Changed a few things up.
The funny thing
about having friends
They're never around when
- Either you got a sack the size
of swamp tires, buddy
or you are as
stupid as you look.
- Now, is that
there supposed to be
some kind of
compliment or insult?
What you want,
Ike? What you want?
(fist thuds)
(men yelling)
Now, the stories of people
actually getting their eye
punched out is like urban myth,
kind of like Bruce Lee
pulling out someone's heart,
but in my case...
- Yeah!
(glass shatters)
- [Gil] Oh, my eye.
I'mma need another beer and
put it on Ike Gilles' tab!
Matter of fact,
(coughs) do a round
for the bar and put
it on Ike Gilles' tab.
(bar patrons cheer)
- [Bartender] You heard
him, put it on his tab.
Yeehaw, I love you all
(door creaking)
- [Gil] That Ike is gonna
get it for knocking my eye.
Wait till I catch up.
Whoa, whoa. Oh, no.
My keys?
(car handle thuds)
No, come on.
(car handle thuds)
No, come, please, God.
Please God, please God, please!
Yeah, oh! Oh!
The funny thing
about playing dead
They give your pals a
chance to fall in love again
All the yeehaw,
I love you all
(car engine sputters)
(upbeat music)
All the people the water,
oh why it was bothering
I don't crane my neck,
well somebody better
(door creaks)
- [Ike] My truck!
(Ike yells)
- Is that Gil?
- [Ike] My idiot cousin.
I'm gonna kill him.
I'm gonna kill.
- You're a Gilles, aren't you?
- [Ike] Who wants to know?
- Gil killed my sister.
We're gonna get him.
We want your help.
(dramatic music)
- Hey, guess who?
(frames whooshing)
Do you know out
of all the trucks
that I could have acquired,
guess whose truck I got?
- Parp's narps, you
stole my truck, buddy!
- Oh, that's not all I stole.
This here knife sure is a beaut.
- My momma gave me
that knife, Gil.
- Oh, and this cherry pie
kush, absolutely delightful.
- Okay. Game respects game.
Let's just say we're
even on the rides,
but you still got an ass
whoopin' coming, buddy.
- What are you
talking about coming?
You knocked out my
eye, you nitwit ogre.
And what are you talking
about even on rides?
- My new race car
is totally badass.
You dropped your keys when
you left your eyeball, Gil.
- Ike, if you take my car I
just might have to kill you.
- What would that
bring your number to?
What, like three?
You've been racking
up some kills
I don't know nothing
about, buddy.
- Eat crap, Ike and I'm
talking about double servings,
double servings of
eating crap on you.
- You eat crap. Crap.
(crickets chirping)
- [Gil] Last time I was
here I was about 14.
(owl hoots)
Ike and I had been busting
into troll cottages
when the law got wise.
Before that I had hung
here a month after my dad
caught me stealing from him
and threatened to
beat me to death.
(dark music)
- I wasted my time, a haze of
alcoholic rage and depression.
(Gil's dad sighs)
I could have been had
a teacher for you, son.
And I caused you to
drop outta school and
(sighs) didn't give you
the tools you needed
in order to succeed in life.
It's all so clear now.
You gotta start seeing
your truth, boy.
Come on, let me
make it up to you.
- I don't know about that.
- [Gil's Father] Come on, Gil.
(Gil groaning)
(Sylvia moaning)
- [Sylvia] It didn't
have to be this way.
- Sylvia? Sylvia.
- She can't hear you.
- My baby didn't
have to be dead.
- What, is all this
in my head again?
- [Sylvia] (sobs) No.
- Is it?
- There you go again.
(Sylvia gasps)
It's all his fault.
She, she saying it's
my fault? I did it?
- I told him to leave
her alone. (sobs)
- I love you, baby.
I'm sorry, I, I'm so
sorry, I hear you.
- Now my baby's dead.
(dramatic music)
- This is a taste of truth, son.
Make you wiser than any
whiskey or beer ever will.
- Those two girls
always had it in for me.
- Those two girls only
ever had each other.
Bond of love born in
heaven that they carried
into this hard life
they were living.
- [Peggy] Julie, I'm sorry.
(crickets chirping)
(Gil snoring)
(bear puffing)
(bear roaring)
- I still feel that
connection to my sister.
I feel her presence
with me, even now here,
but it's, it's different.
- Yeah, dead'll make
things different.
What, buddy?
- Come on, man.
- Life doesn't
give participation
awards or trophies.
There's winners
and then there's losers.
- Yeah and obviously you're a-
- I'm a what?
- Whoa, come on.
- Oh, let her
finish. I'm a what?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- No, let her finish. What?
- Stop. Stop.
Obviously we're
pretty tired, so-
- I'm not-
- I say, I say we down these
eggs and we go and find Gil.
Can we please do that, please?
- Yeah.
- [Jim] Great.
- Yeah.
All right. Geeze.
(bear roaring)
(leaves rustling)
- No.
(dramatic music)
(Gil whimpering)
(Gil panting)
God, how did I get here?
I'm just trying
to get by in life.
(bear roars)
You need to tell me,
did I kill that girl?
(branch snaps)
(Gil yells)
(Gil thuds)
(Gil groans)
(Gil pants)
(bear growling)
(dramatic music)
(birds tweeting)
(Ike chuckles)
- [Jim] You leaving us already?
- I don't like Gil one bit,
buddy. Business from as kids.
We only had one
another growing up
and then there was Shirley
and then I knocked his eye out.
Kind of feel like I owe him
some change on that one.
Then he took my
truck without asking,
but then I got my truck back.
This here place
is Gil's hide out.
He knows this area
better than most.
He's probably got
a stash of guns.
And like Obi-Wan,
he's got the high ground.
And lastly, Gil grew
up immortalizing Rambo.
So no, I think we're done here.
- [Gil] Facing the law
and justice is one thing,
but these three would likely
kill me if they could.
- Best place to set a trap for
old Gil is at the local bar.
If you need anything call me.
(car engine roars)
- I think him leaving
might be for the best.
- What did you bring
for protection?
- [Jim] Got a knife.
- [Peggy] A knife? This
is Gil we're going after.
- I don't like guns.
When I was a kid,
my brother hurt me
pretty bad with a BB gun.
I mean, he didn't
shoot me or anything,
he just hit me over
the head with it.
What'd you bring?
- [Peggy] Gil! We're
coming for you.
(dramatic music)
(tense music)
(Gil grunting)
(Gil groans)
(Gil panting)
(gentle music)
- [Gil's Father] Hey, Harold.
- Dad?
Again? Am I dying?
- No. Uh, yeah.
Well, I mean, all
things born die.
That's the circle of existence.
But there is a place of rest
outside the pains of life.
It's not your time yet, son.
Allow me to, once again show
you where your actions have
put other events into motion.
(Sylvia humming solemnly)
- I can't stand to
watch her like this.
I Never felt this much guilt
before in my entire life,
not even when I killed you.
(dark music)
- The tormentor becomes a
tormented without redemption
and that's like drinking poison
and expecting another
person to die.
Lies are a slow poison.
How much one can
endure alone varies.
The human spirit
needs compassion,
forgiveness, kindness,
and love to survive.
Without it, their spirit
to live will surely die.
(Ike laughing)
- Ike, you can't
do it, you old oaf.
You're the only family I got.
(Ike laughs)
(suspenseful music)
(dramatic music)
(Gil groans)
- Shut your mouth!
(engines roaring)
(music lulls)
(solemn music)
(engine humming)
- Yeah, Mary.
We're up here in the
middle of nowhere.
I mean, we gotta get this
guy back there. (sighs)
What do you mean?
Who did it?
You gotta be kidding me.
(Calvin breathes heavily)
- What'd they say?
(Calvin sighs)
- Sylvia did it.
- What?
- She killed her own daughter.
- (gasps) I didn't kill her.
S, Sylvia killed her?
(Gil breathes deep)
Had that call come
just an hour later
I would've been a
fugitive on the run again,
but I just can't believe
that my beloved Sylvia
killed her own daughter.
I ended up getting a few years
probation and mandatory AA,
which I started attending with
my Sylvia at her hospital.
Together, we were relearning
how to live without
the drinking.
(bright music)
(emotive music)
(soaring music)
She had a long
journey to travel,
but at least she had taken
those important first few steps.
(material scuffing)
(item clatters)
(car engine humming)
(car door thuds)
(item thuds)
(door creaks)
- 'Sup, Gil?
Okay, come in.
(feet thudding)
(Gil sighs)
(cloth rustling)
(cardboard rustling)
(bottle hisses open)
(glasses click)
(Ike sighs)
(Ike burps)
(both laughing)
(keys rattle)
- [Gil] I kept my promise
to make good with Ike.
The Gilles boys were
gonna race again.
(energetic music)
Head out on the highway
(tires screeching)
Shove it into overdrive
Push it past the red line
I'm not sure if seeing dad
was real or just a delusion,
as the doctor suggested.
He never appeared again.
Either way, it
brought me back around
to the here, to the now.
I've realized our best years
are not gone, but ahead of us.
And to that I say, rock on.
Tell you, here we go
Come on, everyone
We're off to the races
No one can stop us now
The force is within us
So everyone get on your feet
And join in the celebration
There's a party here
you won't want to miss
Tonight's the night
and it looks like this
Oh, come on
Make no bonds about it
What are you waiting for
It's time to rock this show
Ooh, gonna let it flow
Here we go, come on everyone
We're off to the races
No one can stop us now
The force is within us
Everyone get on your feet
Join in the celebration
There's a party here
you don't wanna miss
Tonight's the night
and it looks like this
(guitar solo music)
Here we go, come on everyone
We're off to the races
Here we go, come on everyone
We're off to the races
Here we go, come on everyone
We're off to the races
There's a party here
you won't wanna miss
Tonight's the night
and it looks like this
(guitar solo music)
Here we go, come on everyone
We're off to the races
There's a party here
you don't wanna miss
Tonight's the night
and it looks like this
(guitar solo music)
(peaceful music)