Beta (1992) Movie Script

"Children, have you written
four lines about your mother..."
....which I had told you to write.
-Yes Master-Very good.
"Raju, have you written or not.
-It is blank, do U sleep in class"
Answer me. Only this stick
will make you speak.
"Master, please don't beat him."
How can he write when
he does'nt have a mother
"Call from Delhi
-Sir, your call from Delhi."
"Yes, I am Prem here,
"Ramu uncle, with whom is my
father speaking."
With someone in Delhi.
-But Delhi is very far.
"Not only to Delhi, we can
speak to anyone in sky by phone"
"Don't worry your work will be
done. Come Raju, let's have food."
I want the number to God's
house- What?
I want to speak to my mother.
-ls your mother in God's house.
"Yes, can you tell her that her
son Raju is calling her."
"Wait, Neeta It is a boy
asking for God's phone number"
He wants to speak to
his mother.
Why don't you speak to the poor
boy - Forget it
"Come on, nothing will happen if
you speak for two minutes."
Ok- Speak to your mother.
"Mother, I am your son Raju.
-Yes, won't I identify my son?"
How are you mother?
-I am fine.
I miss you. You take a holiday
from God and come to me.
I cannot come.
-Why? Don't you love me.
"I love you a lot.
-Then, why can't you come?"
"If I have clone some mistake,
I will catch my ears,"
"l promise, I will never trouble
you or make any mistake."
Please come I want to see you
and talk to you.
I want to keep my head on your
lap and sleep.
Don't cry. Are'nt you my brave
son.-Now I am telling you very..
"...clearly, day after tommorow
is my birthday and if you don't
....come I will stop eating and
drinking and give my life.
"No, You must not say that.
-Then promise that you will..."
...come for my birthday.
-I will come.-Don't forget.
Till you come I will not cut the
cake.-l will surely come.
"Okay mother.- Father, see
mother is going to come."
I just spoke to her and she said
she would come for my birthday
"Yes, son, your mother will surely
come on your birthday"
"Raju, cut the cake quickly, we
are feeling hungry."
"Not now, after mother comes
-Nobody comes from God's home"
My mother will surely come as
she has herself told me.
"Must be your mother's ghost.
-If you call her a ghost,
...will kill you.- Light has gone
-What happened to the light?
"Father lied as usual, today
also he did'nt bring my mother."
Mother - Son!
The days of happiness
have come.
I have got whatever I
asked for.
Today my mother has
called me as son.
Mother! My mother!
"Master, my mother has come.
Aunty, my mother has come."
"Mother, I want to grow on your
lap & hold your finger and walk."
I want to pray before you
as you are my God
Everywhere I see
only your form
The days of happiness
have come.
I have got whatever I
asked for.
Today my mother has
called me as son.
Are you seeing what I can see
Take your medicine
on time
"My dear sister, why did
you leave us and come?"
It looked like my funeral when
you left for your husband's home
He cried so much that it looked
as if a drainage pipe has broken
Not drainage but water pipe
-Both are the same.
"Brother-in-law, we won't leave
you and go now."
"Totharam, you can stay with us.
-Lakshmi, take them inside..."
I will meet the collector and
come.-Brother-in-law is nice
He is nice. Have you transferred
all property in your name by now
"Don't worry, brother, everything
will be ours in some days."
"Sister, we are lost. Did you see
this will?-What is there in it?"
We conducted our sister's
marriage with Prembabu so...
...she gets the property. But he
is only the caretaker of property.
He has no rights over it.
Raju's mother has written...
...all property in Raju's name
before her death.
She has also written that till
Raju is married and without...
"...his wife's permission, he can't
transfer his property to someone."
But what will happen to the one
which is going to born to Maina
He should also gets his rights.
-My son will surely get his right
"l will control in such a way that
he will tell only "mother"
...always in his whole life
till he dies.
"How much?-16 "Mans"
"-Collect while you come back"
"Son, do you know, how much
this accountant has studied?"
"A lot, he speaks English also
-Still, why does he bow before..."
" That is because, learned
people respect others."
"No, son, he bows as we have
lots of money which your father.."
"...earned by working in the fields
-But, by studying only..."
"No, son, let me explain to you,
see how everybody is bowing..."
...before your father. That man
with black coat is a lawyer
One is Tahsildar and all are
educated & are only servants.
"I won't be a servant and
become a master, mother"
"From now on you work in the
fields, as read treasure is not..."
" books but one earth. Give,
Let me throw these books."
"Not this as "Ma" is written in
this. I will tear this book."
"See son, this part of our fields
is barren for many years."
"Nothing grows here, not even
grass. With hard work, you..."
...should convert this into
a greenery-What are you doing?
Such a large burden on a small
boy. The field which could not...
" cultivated by strong men,
can a boy do that?"
Mother! - Put me down!
-See now lush the fields are
This was just a barren land.
If you tell me...
...I would have converted even
a desert into green fields.
How will a son not listen
to his mother's words?
Tired so soon! -Looks as if
brother Ramesh is leaving the...
" permanently. So heavy,
that I am dead."
What you are whispering to your
wife?Did U keep things properly?
Yes- Then close it now.
Nothing should be left behind
"Hurry up, Ramesh, it is late.
-Will remember you a lot, Uncle"
Take my memory along with you!
Am I a demon that she is
"No, but God Narayan also is
scared of naked ones"
But I am wearing clothes
-But where!- Go fast!
"What you mean by obstructing
the way, we are already late"
We are only delaying you but you
have brought darkness into our...
...lives by snatching our fields.
-Which field? That land...
mbelongs to us and will
remain ours only.
That land is our ancestofs.
If you don't hand it over...
"...proper | y, I can use improper
means-Whom are you threatening"
Do anything you can do
I don't face dogs like you.
"It is time for the train to leave,
still Raju has not come."
"Mother, I got Badam Halwa made
for Ramesh and got late."
"The train started, get inside.
Pay respect to mother."
"l forgot to give this. Have
everyday, brain will be sharp."
This is your last year. Work
hard. Mother's dream is that... should become a big
doctor & you should fulfil that
What do you mean by this?
-Sign quietly or... - Rogue!
You are also not good. The
whole village knows how...
"...wicked U are. When thousands
die, a sinner like you is born."
You abused my mother!
I won't leave you at all.
Leave me!
"Leave him, Raju!
-I tell you, leave him."
"Is this just? When he was
asking for his right, he..."
...tried to take away his life
-He does'nt know right or...
...wrong. He is blind in his
mother's love.
"God knows how she has
enchanted him, Raju loves her"
...more than her own son.
She has made him mad.
"Raju is only her step son, but
she has imprisoned her own..."
...husband by making him mad.
"Babuji, eat this before that
demoness comes."
"My heart is hungry, not my
stomach. Even animals fill..."
...their stomach by dry things
But I want to live like a human
I want to come out of here.
lam dying here
"Be patient, Babuji
Shall I ask something?"
Why are you in this dark room?
Can't understand anything
"it is a story of 20 years, when I
had brought a mother for Raju"
But I did'nt know that she had
married me only for money
"When she knew, that all the
property was in Raju's name..."
...she stopped his studies to
bring him under her control.
When I learnt this from his
"If you don't go to school,
I will break your legs"
"Don't beat the innocent child, I
have told his mother many times."
"But she did'nt listen- She is
aware of this, then"
"To remove me from the path, my
wife & her brother conspired.."
"As soon as brother-in-law
regains consciousness, give him..."
"...another dose, sister
-My head is aching"
"You take this drug, everything
will be alright-No, I won't!"
"But taking advantage, she gave
me a medicine which made me..."
...mad for some time.
Save me
I understood that all this
conspiracy was my wife's.
You are provoking innocent Raju
also to go against me.
I won't leave you and
will kill you. Raju!
He has killed my nephew!
"Then, I was declared mad. I
don't feel sad that the whole..."
"...wor | d calls me mad, but my
own son also thinks I am mad"
"We know, nothing is wrong with
you and one day brother Raju.."
"...will also learn the truth.
Come and sit, Babuji"
"Have your food,
"If you repeat this daring, I will
kick you out of the house."
"Don't look at his chicken,
go away!"
"Brother-in-law will you eat this,
this is good, eat!"
"Raju, the invitation of Ram
Prasad' son marriage has come"
"Has invited both of us.
-You only go, mother"
"They are our near relations. They
will feel bad, if we don't go."
"Ok, when should we go?
-By tomorrow morning"
"Come fast, marriage
procession has come."
"Saraswati, your dupatta has
Go & bring my dupatta
from that man.
"Take this, sister."
"Are you Raju? Everybody
is waiting for you, come."
Was I dreaming?
"Where is this Raju?- He is a
youth, must be roaming!"
Where were you?- I...
-Now sit here
"Call the bride.
-What happened, son?."
Just got hiccups!
"Raju, where are you going
now?- Hiccups & water!"
Go & drink water and come.
"Your teeth are very nice, you use
Monkeybrand tooth powder!"
I also use the same.
See! - Take the juice.
"No, don't drink that.
You go away from here"
"Why should'nt I drink,
lam thirsty."
Your good lies in not drinking
this juice. You go away.
Why did you stop me from
having the juice?-Your name!
"Saraswati- Listen, there was ice
in that juice. That would have..."
...made you cough & fever' | | come
which can develop into...
"mpenumonia, which I would'nt
have liked."
Your friend got annoyed
and went.
There is only one way to pacify
her. She likes roses a lot.
Take one rose from that fat
woman's hair and give it.
See there!
I wanted a rose but this
bouquet has come into this.
"This is not fair. I have already
given the 3 lakhs, I promised."
From where will I bring
another 2 lakhs now.
"When 3 lakhs was decided,
economy was low, but now..." son's value has increased.
Now marriage will take place...
...only if 5 lakhs are given. Or I
will go with my son now.
"Come here, Tulsiramji & son!
lam your well-wisher and to..."
...give right advice is my duty.
Now government is very...
...strict with dowry seekers. If
somebody complains against you...
...police will beat you with
shoes. Then they will catch... & you'll be imprisoned for
3 years in jail & made to slog
We will take leave- You
increased our prestige by coming
That was our duty
Where will I get Ms. Saraswati?
I have come to give her
photographs- Give it to me
"Who are you?- I am her....
-Oh that, give this to her"
My heart started beating
and started getting scared.
"Beloved, please leave
my hands"
Our hearts have met then why
you are you still shy.
"You are my lover,
how beautiful you look!"
"When you called me mine,
I started having sweet dreams"
"From the time I saw you,
my mind is awakened, my queen"
You magic has spread
into my whole body.
"I started forgetting myself, and
hold you in my breath now."
What is this relation which
has maddened both of us?
"Your black hair is entangled,
allow me to set it right."
"What is your union, let
the time for our union come."
"Don't make reasons and
come into my arms, dear"
"Don't meet my eyes like that,
what will the others think"
"There is merry all around,
come and hug me."
My heart started beating
and started getting scared.
"Beloved, please leave
my hands"
Our hearts have met then why
you are you still shy.
"Where has she gone, from
where you come, now?"
You are making me swing for the
last two hours. Now you...
"...ask me how I came. Thank
God, I stopped you on time."
"Otherwise, I could'nt have shown
my face to anyone."
"I had such a nice dream, you
spoiled everything, you donkey"
"Tell me, who came into your
dreams- Saraswati!"
You started loving her. Don't be
scared. This Hanuman promises...
...that he will definitely
unite Sita & Ram. Give Rs. 200-
You take Rs. 400- but you make
me meet her- Done!
Thief! Stealing in front
of a policeman
It is already afternoon searching
for her. Have'nt seen her yet.
You search that side.
I will search this side.
"Khan -Sultana, what happened?
-One man teased me & ran away"
I will see to him
"Khanji, he only teased me!"
"I won't leave you, you tease her
twice - But only once!"
I will shoot you!-Is it duplicate
-No real- Run!
Why are you beating me?
"Brother Raju!-Did you get her?
-Yes, got a lot!"
You told me lies that I will get
her in the fair & took Rs. 200-
"Listen, see there -I got her
-Tell us also what you got."
He is the same one who was
after me in the marriage also.
"Then, let us run away from
here-Tell us what you got."
He got his loved one
-Where is she?
How did this happen? How did
my good sister-in-law became...
...donkey before marriage. Now
Raju brother has to become a...
"...donkey now.-Fool, this is not
your sister-in-law, come"
We will sit on that & have fun.
Can't you see and come.
"Give me a kiss-Have no teeth
& want a kiss, old man!"
"O | dy, U don't kiss me but ask
others for it. Will teach U! Come"
"Because of your madness, she
vanished-You were also mad."
"How much money do you have?
-Rs. 5,000-"
"Listen everybody, this girl is
lost, whoever finds her will..."
"...get a prize of Rs. 5,000-
-Let us find the girl."
"Come, the girl worth Rs. 5,000-
on God's name. There she is!"
I am going as I feel giddy
-Are you hurt?-
What is the time?- 11:30
God bless you- Come!
Khan saab- See there!
Don't leave him.
How much is it?
-Two rupees
"There is the girl worth
Rs. 5,000-"
"Those rogues are troubling me
-You go, I can't help you!"
"She is the girl of
Rs. 5000-, constable"
"Don't shout, can't you see that
the matter is fixed now."
"Move away, I saw her
first!- No, me!"
So you have put these rogues
behind me. What do you want?
I feel shy to tell.-You are
behind me like a shameless.
What is the relation between us
-Can call it relation of ages.
"With you. Have you seen your
face on the mirror, monkey!"
Open this fast. Has come
like a big prince.
lam Bhairav Singh Rana. If
someone sees me once...
...they can't forget it for
seven births.
I got 2 years imprisonment due
to your father's statement...
...just for raping a girl. Today
I will rape you in front of all.
Leave me!
"Pandit, marry this donkey to
another donkey, so he never..."
"...teases another girl in the
village, do it!"
"it is already evening, let me
leave you in your house."
"Pandu, tell mother that I will
come home late."
This cyclone is furious. We will
have to wait here till it subsides
You are shivering with cold.
Come and sit here.
I will light a fire in the
meantime. You inhale the...
"...heat otherwise you will get
cough, fever & your body..."
"...will pain & then...- I will get
pneumonia, which you won't like."
"Raju, U have done a great favour
by saving my prestige today."
Not at all. It's the duty of every
man to protect a lady's respect.
"Your hands are hurt- Nothing,
just a scratch, it will be fine."
A small scratch will become a
big wound and get septic and...
...poison will spread & your hand
will be cut which I would'nt like.
"You have returned my own
shot, Saraswatiji"
Your voice is like the
Your face is so innocent.
Your eyes are filled with
kajal & lips are like fire.
My heart is getting lost
after seeing me.
Your words are musical and
enchant my mind always.
Your colours attract me.
Something is happening
to me after seeing me.
You are queen of youth and you
are blossoming with fragrance.
"When I am near you, our breaths
also filled with fragrance."
You are spreading nectar
-My life is yearning for you
Your bangles are taking
away my consciousness.
You have made my yearn!
-You took away my peace
Your words are musical and
enchant my mind always.
Your colours attract me.
Something is happening
to me after seeing me.
You touched my body and
my mind is in turmoil.
Your flying veil is making
my heart to dance.
Colour has been added to
me by your love.
My whole age is writing
only your name.
I will become a bride and
come to your house
lam thirsty to unite with you
-How to tell the fire in me?
Your voice is like the
Your face is so innocent.
Your eyes are filled with
kajal & lips are like fire.
My heart is getting lost
after seeing me.
Where were you lost?
-In somebody's thoughts!
Let me also know that
You want to know
-Then come with me.
That is only you!
"Have I made a mistake?
-Yes, a very big one."
Think it as a mistake & know
that I love you very much...
...with a true heart.-It is a sin
for me to hear that
"I am going to marry someone
else, with whom I am engaged."
"Saraswati, Unknowingly I've hurt
you. Let me leave you home now."
There they are coming.
I told you before that I
don't believe that.
See there!
"Ask your future daughter-in-law,
where she was the whole..."
...night and what she
was doing?
"Shyam Lalji, you only
ask your daughter."
"Answer me, where were you the
whole night, and what you did?"
"Father, you also think
wrongly about me."
If a young daughter does'nt
return the whole night...
...what will the old father think
and then explain to the society.
I should have died before
seeing this day.
"Sir, nothing went wrong. Whole
night, we were stuck in cyclone"
Which cyclone are you talking
about? The cyclone in your...
...minds or the cyclone which
united a unmarried girl & boy.
It is a lie.-Then were you
praying to her the whole night
She has blackened the image of
the whole village like this.
Now who will marry our
daughters and sisters &...
"...keep relation with the village
-Whoever has, will also break it"
lam also breaking the
engagement and can't make...
...this characterless girl
as my daughter-in-law
"Please wait, the blame on this
innocent girl is false."
"By God, I say that she is sacred
like Ganga & we did'nt sin at all"
Don't break this engagement
-Such a girl can't be kept
"...even as a keep, leave
alone marrying her."
"If you are not her would-be
husband, my answer can hit you."
What? First you do a sin and
then beat him also.
"Villagers, show him the result of
playing with prestige of village."
Beat him!
Stop! I am telling you to stop!
If somebody beats him again...
...I will cut him-Whom are you
threatening? Beat him
"Bhairav, Hariya, if you have the
courage, beat him and show!"
You are beating an innocent
without mercy. Do you think...
"...he is wearing bangles, and
can't beat you back."
"If he wishes, he can destroy
you all with one single hit."
He is quiet just to see that
I get justice.
"That too, you are worrying about
my prestige. Yesterday you..."
...had come to the fair to rape
me & would have done so...
...if this man had not
saved me.
"And you were going to become
husband, a life-long relation."
But you don't know that basis
of husband-wife relation is...
" | ief, and you can't trust me
for one night. Now I tell you."
"You are not fit to become even
a broker, leave alone a husband"
"Keep this bangle given by you,
and get away from here."
"You are only my mother &
father, and I have the culture..."
"...which you have given me. I will
die, but not do such a sinful..."
...which will make you bow in
shame. I will never allow that.
Will you marry me?
"Daughter, fall at her feet,
your fate has opened up."
By accepting the marriage of
my uneducated daughter with...
"...your son Raju, you have done
a great favour."
My daughter will serve you as a
servant in your house.
Look for a auspicious day soon
and conduct the marriage.
"Sister, I don't know why you
selected this pauper."
"If you had seen a rich family,
lot of dowry would have come"
"Don't talk foolishly. As per
Raju's mother's will, he can't..."
...transfer his property to anyone
without his wife's consent.
I understood. You can take Raju's
wife's thumb impression also...
"...Raju's and can seize all
his property, sister."
"Mother, brother Raju has come."
"Raju, where were you last night,
I was very much worried."
I got stuck in a cyclone
-It is ok.
I have to tell you a very good
news today- I also have a...
"...good news, mother-
What is it?- Saraswati!"
She is my mother!-She is
your daughter-in-law.
The situation was only such that
we were compelled to marry.
Won't you take the blessings
of your mother?
Mother!- I bless you-Are you
unhappy with my marriage
How can a mother be not happy
when her son's life is settled.
"My happiness lies only in your
happiness-Really, mother"
You saw how good my mother
is. She is not upset by our...
"mmarriage at all. Ma,I don't need
anything else but your happiness."
All our dreams are lost. The
way you are welcoming that girl.. looks as if we have to leave
for Haridwar soon with our bags
"Do something, sister
-She left without speaking"
"During the dice game in
Mahabharata, Shakuni also left..."
"...smiling, but it resulted in
Draupati's insult."
"Don't worry, sister will definitely
plan some conspiracy."
My daughter-in-law is like the
moon. I am proud of my Raju's...
...choice. Even I could'nt have got
such a modest beauty for him.
Sit down. I had made these two
bangles for Raju's bride. Take it.
"Let me put it on your hands
myself-Why these tears, mother?"
Sometimes God gives sorrow
alongwith happiness.
"What is it?- How do I tell you,
as it concerns Raju's life."
What are you telling?- I have to
tell you the secret which I...
...had hidden in my heart. This is
Raju's horoscope. See it.
What is written?-If Raju
becomes a father before 25 yrs... is written that it will
result in his death.
I did'nt conduct the marriage till
now as there is some time left...
"...till he becomes 25 years.-
Mother, telling this matter to me"
"I knew, you would'nt believe
such things. But what do I do."
"I am a mother, and beg to you
for Raju's life. Please for..."
"...God's sake, don't let this
disaster to happen"
"Listen, it is only a matter of
some days. I beg at your feet"
"Mother, whatever you tell,
that will be done."
But please don't tell about
this to Raju.
"Saru, your love has given a new
light to my life."
We will start the first night of
our life with these bright stars.
So your life is full of happiness
and has no place for darkness.
"No, Raju- Why not?
- As I am telling you"
"Your Raju will not hear "no"
"today. Come near me."
lam refusing & you don't listen.
Stay away & don't touch me.
"What are you telling, have
I done some mistake, Saru?"
"Please leave me alone, Raju.
-Alone and that too tonight!"
But why!-I don't have the
answer for that.
"If you don't want to go, I will
only go away-No, Saru"
"You don't have to leave this
room, I will only go away."
"I don't know, for what you are
punishing me, but I assure you..."
...that I will never come near you
to claim my husbandly rights.
"Great sister, this Totharam is
nothing before your plans."
You should be in Delhi. By
spreading Raju's fear of death... misled her so much that
she herself spoiled her first...
...night of marriage. You kindle
this fire so much that she...
... | eaves this house in four days.
Our work is over and let us...
...go and sleep peacefully now.
What a mother-in-law? My
henna's colour has not faded...
...even now. But you started
showing your colours.
"But remember one thing, put all
the oil you have in the fire."
"If I don't teach you a lesson,
I am not my father's daughter"
I will not spare you today
-What is it? You are very...
...happy today.-Today's climate
is only very romantic
"Are you mad?- No, but I want
a flower to bloom in our house."
So many flowers are there here.
-I am not talking about those...
...but one will bloom inside you.
-Could'nt do anything in youth
"Now, in this age, you will make
a flower bloom- What!"
You keep coming & laughing
-I am only bringing vegetables.
Go and make food for me
-I am going
"You had asked for vegetables,
see these!, are you listening?"
"You look annoyed today-What
else to do, yesterday was..."
...Raju brother's first night. But
he was sleeping at the backyard
"His fate is only bad, mother was
a demoness but the wife is..."
...also like that only.
-The queen has come.
"Pandu, what are you making
-Vegetables- I will make"
Why are you talking like that?
-I cannot respect a woman...
...who has no respect for her
husband-But what did I do?
Why was Raju sleeping in the
backyard on his first night?
"If you thought he is not suitable
for you, why did you marry him?"
"Who said that, I am only not
fit for him- But what I heard!"
Those were lies. This family's
elders want to separate me and...
...Raju for their selfishness
and want to break our marriage
But I will not allow their wishes
to be filled. Won't I respect I...
...person who saved my prestige
and my father's in front of the...
whose village, will I not give
him respect. Think about it."
"You don't know how much I love
him- Sorry, I misunderstood you."
"Pandu, bring food, I am dying of
hunger-Then die, I am coming"
"Stomach or what, never gets
filled up. First go and give..."
" to Babuji, then we can
feed these street dwellers."
"This dry food for Babuji- What
to do, those people!"
"Don't worry about them, I will
take food for Babuji from today."
Babuji! -Daughter-in-law-How
can the owner stay hungry...
...when everybody else is eating
nicely. I did'nt like it.
You are crying-l was thirsty for
affection for the last 20 years
I was only hungry for this pity
-Why is this injustice happening... this house for so many
years. Why nobody is stopping it
"I tried to stop it alone, but my
wife with her brother proved..." mad and left me to
die in this hell.
"I wanted to bring a mother for
my Raju, but a snake came"
She did'nt allow Raju to study
and made him an ignorant.
So that she can take advantage
of him. My Raju thinks of her... a goddess and prays her.
Before that snake engulfs him...
"...p | ease save my Raju,
"Gauri, Rani, work carefully.
-Where do I keep this?"
Put it on my head -If this year's
yield is not good.....
"Why are you so upset today?
-Looks, he did'nt sleep yesterday"
Stop talking & do your work
-That is what we are doing
Your bride has come brother
What magic you did in the night
that she does'nt leave you in also
-Why did you come here?
I had to talk to you- Come
and talk in that hut.
Taking her to the hut.
"I want to tell you- I know, you
want to say, I am not suitable..."
...for you. - Listen to me
-I have heard in the fair only
That is you will marry only a
prince not a monkey like me
"Suru, I am your husband, did I
try to force myself on you."
Why you did'nt do it?
- What are you doing?
Marriage is the union of two
souls-Then let us unite.
You think I will melt by your
behaviour. I will die but will...
"...not let you near you-
Please accept me, Raju"
Don't compel me to become a
Menaka-I am not Vishwamitra... get melted by your words.
-ls that so- Yes.
You think something will happen
to me by your actions
Any effect- No!
"Gauri, I am going home-Why
-I am remembering him"
What was the secret thing that
happened with your beloved...
"...tell us, our friend."
My ears are looking down
and I am feeling shy... can I tell my
secret message.
"Take oath on us, don't hide
anything from us"
"Tell us, how the flowers from
your hair fell down."
"A bee sat on my hair,
I was trying to drive it away"
The flowers were
delicate-ls it?
Hence kept on falling
from the strings.
The signs of the teeth
which can be seen on you....
"...tell us friend, how
they came about."
I got a parrot
in the night.
Seeing it my mind
was blooming
I kept on fondling
the beautiful parrot
It bit me and
then flew away.
Your entangled hair
is asking you... your blouse
has got wrinkles.
Tell us friend!
My troubled heart started
remembering an unknown
And I started
feeling restless
When I could not
my painful longing...
...I started pressing my heart
with my own hands.
What is this suspense
on this Ghagra?
And why are you wearing
it on the reverse side.
Tell us
"You are caught now.
Yes, you are caught."
All of you come here.
I will tell you everything.
I will not hide any
secret from you.
Whatever Maina tells
a parrot secretly.
Whatever happens
after the lights are off
The pain that is
told to the sky.
Whatever a bee
tells a flower
We also did the
same thing.
Listen all of you
"See mother, Ramesh has become
a doctor and has brought..." many degrees from the city.
Now your dream has been...
"...fu | fi | | ed, mother. Are
you happy?-Yes, very much"
Now our Ramesh has become
a doctor.
Ramesh has finished his studies.
See a good girl and conduct...
"...his marriage now-Shall we
look for a girl, or you have one"
"Mother, that is...-Tell us who
the girl is, her family..."
...and what is she doing?
-She is Konika and she...
...belongs to very big family.
But there is a small problem.
"She is a modern girl, and wants
our marriage in the Court."
"Court or Assembly, we are
concerned with daughter-in-law"
Raju is telling correctly-You got
Mother's permission now
You prepare for bringing your
bride now.
Come- What is this noise?-
These are crackers to welcome U
"Ramesh, you have brought the
bride. Champa, bring "Aarti"
"No, I don't believe in these old
traditions. I have to go inside..."
take bath in cold water
-Yes, let us go"
"She is a modern girl. -Pandey,
what do you think of this girl"
I feel she is quite a
bad woman
"Such a long journey, my
whole body is paining."
"If you are tired, shall
I press your legs-Yes"
"Tea, brother Ramesh.
I did'nt see anything."
It is 40 years since this country
got freedom. Still the...
...husbands here are
servants of their wives.
ls that right?-You stop your
nonsense and give the tea.-Yes
"How bad is this tea?-Madam,
people from the village come..."
...just to drink the tea I make.
You don't call it bad.
The taste in your mouth is only
bad. Check it up with your...
...husband who is a doctor.
ls'nt it?-Bloody servant
She is calling you-I am telling
you valueless servant
"See madam, my name is not
servant but Pandav Bhikaji Rao"
"Talking back, you donkey.-
Whoever is kicking is calling"
" a donkey- Ramesh, Pandav,
what is happening?"
"See, this servant is...
- My name is not servant"
"Don't talk like this with the
owner, go from here."
"Konika, did you take father's
blessings-No, who will go..." that mad man's room.
What if breaks my head?
"Konika, don't you feel ashamed
to talk like this about your..."
"...father-in-law?-No, everybody
knows he is a mad man."
"Do you know, what you are
saying-She is telling the truth"
Came to advise us like
a grandmother!
Come father
-Why did you stop?
"Those people...- Nothing
will happen, come with me"
"My own family left me to die in
hell, but though an outsider..." gave me freedom.
You should live long.
"Let us go to the temple, father
-What are you doing?"
It is dangerous to free this mad
man as he is like a wild animal.
"In this house, wolf is free
but the cow is tied & kept."
"See Madam, even I know to
abuse in English."
But I belong to a country
where daughter-in-laws come...
...with a covered cloth in front
of their father-in-law and... not roam half-dressed like
this. Take this towel to cover
You can't take him out.
Keep your delicate hands under
control. If you cross the limits...
...I will break it and give
it in your husband's hands.
"Let us go, father- That is why
I told you not to irritate."
You did'nt do right by taking him
out of his room.
I know what is right & what is
wrong. But you don't know.
Do I have to learn this from you
now?- Yes.
When the elders in the house go
in the wrong path out of their...
"mselfishness, then the younger
ones have to teach them the..."
...right path.- Daughter-in-law!
-Don't shout!
Husband is like God. You have
treated him like an animal.
You don't deserve to be called
human- Then are we animals!
"Be thankful, my son Raju did not
hear, what you told about me."
I want him to learn how selfish
and greedy his mother is.
"Suru, another word about my
mother will not be for your good"
"Raju, you don't know how bad
your mother is? She did not..."
...allow you to study so that she
can take advantage of you.
"Your mother does'nt love you at
all, she loves only your property."
The mother you worship is not a
goddess but a demoness.
What did you say? I will kill you
today for calling her a demones..
"Raju, I tell you to leave her.
-Saw how good my mother is"
"You abused her so much, but she
only saved you from me today."
"But if you want to live in this
house, you fall at my mother's..."
...feet and ask for forgivance
now only. Or there is no place...
...for you in this house- I also
don't want to stay in a place...
...where one is punished for
telling the truth.
Saw this lady who does not
respect her husband also.
"From the time I have come to
this house, only I rule here."
Nobody has been able to change
it. What are you?
"My advice is, don't open your
mouth except for eating here."
Or your life will be worse
than hell here.
I also take oath that I won't sit
at peace without removing all...
...the injustice going on in this
"Raju, I hurt your mind.
Please forgive me."
"l should ask for forgivance,
as I behaved like an animal."
"But what should I do, whenever
anybody abuses my mother..."
lose control of myself. You
can abuse me a lot, but please..."
...don't talk badly about my
mother. I request you that.
What has happened?-I punished
myself for beating you.
"Forgive me, Raju, I did'nt know
you love me so much."
I will never leave you and go
My beloved! My beloved!
lam yours and you are mine
how does the world matter?
Now I only want to give
all the happiness in life
MY dear! My dear!
lam yours and you are mine
how does the world matter?
Now I only want to give
all the happiness in life
I will fulfil all the traditions
of our marriage
And will complete all
the oaths taken
I will also fulfil all
the promises.
I will never give you
any sorrow now.
Whatever you tell
only matters to me.
How does the world
matter to us?
"In times of happiness as well as
sorrow, I will not leave you"
"Now that I have caught your
hand, I will never leave it."
It is my good fortune
that I have got you.
God has made me just
for you.
You are in my heart
as well as my life
Now where will I be with you?
Why should we take
from the world now?
"Teeth is already broken, now
my hip will also break."
Here is your material. Give me
my money now.
"Here, take this Rs. 2 lakhs.
-Shall I write it in the book."
"Write that, due to fire in the
godown, 2 lakhs were lost."
But Totaramji- Now you will tell
me there was fire in the fields...
"...last money, & before that
pumps burnt & all."
But this month also only fire!
"Pandu, my husband slogs day &
night & you all don't care."
How much loss has come to us?
-You are slapping our Pandu.
"Ask him, how there was fire
in your fields, well & godown."
"But for the last two years, there
has been no fire in the village"
"I am not telling this, but
these account books state that"
"it says that clue to fire,
lakhs of money have been lost"
Who writes the accounts?
Tell what my stars tell for me
this week-Bad time starts now
"Accountant, what is written
in this account book."
Read what is written quickly
"Due to fire in the godown,
there is a loss of 2 | akhs."
Your glasses need to be changed.
2 lakhs profit is written here...
"...and you are telling that there
is a loss, fool."
"Uncle, don't try to be clever, my
educated wife told me everything."
"You won't tell me like this.
Pandu, where is my stick."
Take this gun. Real bullets
are there inside.
"Now tell me, who has stolen
the money by wrong accounting."
"Sir, I did'nt steal anything.
Totharamji did this."
"Leave me-Don't try to run away,
uncle, or I will shoot you."
"I am your only uncle- Now tell
me, where is the stolen money."
"What is all this?- Save me,
lam getting big punishment for..."
" small mistake-Mother, I had
given all responsibility of..."
maccounting to your brother.
But he has stolen lakhs from us
"I have reformed myself,
please forgive me."
"Leave it son & forgive him.
-Please forgive me- Ok, mother"
What are you speaking? It was
forgivable if he had only...
...cheated you but he cheated
your goddess like mother.
"How can we forgive him?
-Mother, you are very innocent"
"So, they are cheating you, we
should'nt forgive people like him"
"Tell uncle, where is the money?
Or I will shoot you."
Snake! Snake!
-I won't let you take the bed
"I can't let you take the bed, as
snake is inside it-What is this?"
A snake is inside this bedding
-He is thinking a rope to be...
...a snake-If you don't find snake
send me to mental hospital today
"Let the mad man speak
-Pandu, bring the bed outside"
"Raju, I agree there is a snake,
but it is brought up by me for..."
...the last fifteen years
-Get up uncle
You don't believe me and insulted
my snake god. I can't stay here
lam going with my snake god
to some far off place. Come
Wait-Pandu!-Leave your bed
or I will shoot you.
"I never thought you can do
such low behaviour,"
Your punishment is you will one
among the other servants.
"Yes, I will work in fields,
but my wife is also a part..."
"...of this cheating. She should
also work- Yes, she will do."
I have kept all the money in this
box- Give this to mother.
"Wait! Do you have any sense,
you are putting mother's life..." danger by giving this money.
-But how?
"You are very innocent. If some
day, cheat uncle puts stone on
"...mother's head and runs
away with the money, then."
"You are right!- Father, give this
to Suru- To me!"
"Yes, you only take care of this!
-Ok, as you wish."
I will take this risk for you . I
can do anything for mother.
"Congratulations, have to
appreciate your game."
I have learnt from you only
"Remember, | am the old master in
this game & noone can beat me"
Till now you were playing with
weaklings & so won the game.
You have no idea about the
danger of game you're playing
"Without danger, there is no
fun in playing. And one does'nt..."
...get the chance to play with a
master like you every day.
Fond of playing! I challenge you
that you will only come & give...
...these two lakhs to me before
12 o clock tomorrow.
"Whose telegram, daughter? -
Ramesh has been expelled from..."
...the college. But how is he
a doctor now?
"What are you doing, don't leave
the house and listen to me?"
"Never, my dad is not a beggar
like you. If I go there,..."
...he will do anything for
my husband.
It is a matter of prestige of this
house. I beg to you.
"Mother, what is this? - I will
tell you. My husband is a doctor"
"For establishing a hospital in
town, I asked for Rs. 6 | akhs..."
...from your mother. You know
what she said.
She says it is your money and
can't be given to anyone.
All property belongs to my
brother. I am only a step brother
What are you saying? Mother
must have just told something.
"Tell me, how much money you
want for making a hospital."
"Six lakh rupees- Suru, bring the
money I gave you yesterday."
"Brother, I will return your money
with interest after hospital runs."
Are you mad to differentiate
between us?
"Whatever is here, belongs
to all of us."
Give this to Ramesh-I want to
take this from mother's hands.
"That is also very good.
-Brother, what is the time?"
"Two seconds left for 12' O'clock.
-Give me, daughter-in-law"
If we open a hospital in the
village itself in mother's name...
...respect for her will increase a
lot.- What great idea?
"Hospital in mother's name.
Yes, that will only be done."
"Villagers, we are laying the
foundation for a hospital today."
This good work will be started
by the auspicious hands of my
msacred mother-in-law. This
hospital will be named for her
This another garland is for
my brother-in-law whose...
...great hands will be
treating you all.
He has studied hard for five
years & has become a doctor...
...after getting many degrees and
has come to treat you.
I don't like this garland...
-This is the first garland
Lots of garlands are waiting for
you - What do you mean?
"Means, this garland is a sign of
your victory."
See how she is garlanding
him. When I went to the temple...
...they were putting one on a
goat before sacrificing it.
I feel that there is something
wrong. He is also being cut...
"Now hospital is not yet made,
inspector has come for treatment"
I have come for seeing the
medical degrees of your brother.
I will satisfy myself & then go
-You are doubting my brother!
There is no point in making this
issue bigger. You tell Ramesh... show his certificates and
then the inspector will leave.
"You are right, Suru. Ramesh,
show him your certificates."
"Inspector, please come. Don't
make this big, take some money"
"Inspector, is my brother is a
culprit, that U catched his collar"
"Your brother deserves only this
treatment, as he is a liar..."
...and was trying to give me a
bribe. He is not a doctor at all.
How can this be? He got a box
full of degrees when he came.
They were not degrees but waste
paper which are got for Rs. 2-
My brother deceived us so much.
He broke my mother's dream.
I arrest him for the crime of
acting as a doctor.
"Don't do that, my mother can't
show her face to anyone."
I request you not to arrest him
for my mother's sake.
"Today I warn him and leave him.
But next time, I won't spare him"
"Many thanks, Inspector."
"Useless cheat, you deceived
my mother to such an extent."
The whole village is laughing
at her and spitting on her.
You kept deceiving her always
that you are becoming a doctor
"Raju!- Leave it mother,if U also
beat Ramesh, he can't bear it. "
"Leave my hand-No mother, leave
your anger and forgive Ramesh"
"From today, I should see you
working in the fields."
Now you go from here.
"Son, what do I do with the
money you gave to Ramesh."
"Give them to Suru
-Daughter, there is a lot..."
...of fun in the game of chess.
Opposite team is losing a lot.
Yes Babuji
"How much will you make us
work, it is evening now."
"Why did you bring me here,
I was better off in town."
lam remembering my mother
-I remember my father.
"Food is ready, all of you come
-Food is written in our fate."
"What about our food? -That
was not yours, this is yours!"
"This chapathi & green chilli,
we can't eat this."
"Don't eat then, I will give this to
Tommy- Tommy!"
This dog is more fortunate than
you. Now you will get food...
...only tomorrow afternoon
-That is after 24 hours.
Let us snatch food
from the dog.
Now they have lost the king
and the minister.
Only the queen is left now.
-If she comes to our hands...
"Pandu, where has he gone."
"Leave me- We will not leave you
easily queen, got you after..."
"...great difficulty. Catch her
-Suru, why are you catching..."
" mother- Raju!- How
is this blood coming, Mother?"
You should not speak much at
this condition. I will tell you
"When Mother was coming down
the steps, she fell suddenly..."
...out of giddiness. This happens
to people with high B.P.
"This comes to people who have
too much fat.-No, son."
My friend's mother also had the
same disease. Lack of proper...
" made her vomit blood,
and she had a terrible death."
"Tell good things, Suru. Mother,
you take rest, your life is..."
...very important to me. I will go
and get the doctor.
"You think, we have not called
the doctor. There he has come."
"Doctor, please tell what has
happened to my mother."
"She is the patient.-
My God, lot of problems!"
You make arrangements for
her funeral.-What do you mean?
She does not need medicines
but needs prayer.
How can you say that without
testing her?-I will test her
"He is my uncle. Doctor, see
what is wrong with my mother"
Time is very short for her
Catch this
How he has made
my condition?
The voltage of her brain is 440
volts. That means she uses her...
...brain a bit too much.
- ls there a treatment!
Give her a juice made from
neem leaves- Yes
"No Raju, I can't drink this, it is
very bitter. -Drink for my sake"
"Doctor, now my mother will live
-To try is my duty."
Now I have to give her this
injection-But this is very big.
"Yes, its effect is also great.
I gave it to a horse."
"She came first in the race.
-No, I won't take the injection."
"Hold her tight- Mother,
take the injection."
I have done what I could. She
needs rest from today.
Full control of diet and
full bed rest.
"But doctor, she is only managing
the house and the business"
She has to open and close
thousands of keys in a day.
Who will take so many
What is this daughter-in-law
for?- I am educated.
"l can't do these small works.
- If I give you one slap,..."
...all your pride will go.
You have to take the keys.
"But -Mother, give the keys
-She can't handle it, son"
"l will see, how she can't
-Take these keys."
You have the full responsibility
of the house.- No
To take the burden from mother-
in-law's shoulders is the...
...duty of the daughter-in-law.
Take the keys.
"l will accept, if you say so.
-Now the keys are also gone"
Sum, what happened to you. Who
has put a buck eye on our...
" Doctor, see her...
-What are you doing?"
"I know what has happened to
me-You are laughing, tell me!"
You are going to become a
father!- I am becoming a father
"Yes- Mother, you are going to
become a grandmother."
"Father, I am gong to become a
father. Pandu! - Yes master"
He has gone to the fields. I will
go and tell him if you tell me.
Tell him to run and inform my
father-in-law that his...
...son-in-law has done
a great job.
"What has happened to her,
Effect of the injection. Will
become ok after 2 hrs.
What happened? - The motor
and fuel pump are not working
"Then how will the work get
over.-Pandu, we will ourselves..."
...go to the city and hire the
"Champa, go and tell in the house
that we will come tomorrow"
"Ok sister, we will leave,
as we are getting late."
I got all the things for all of
you. And this Kesar for Saru.
"What is that for?-If this is
drunk with milk, then the child..."
...will born fair & healthy. Tell
her to have this with milk daily
"After a long time, we have got
pure ghee sweets."
"Wait patiently, brother- If Saru
comes, we won't get this to eat"
"First listen to me. Ramesh take
this key, and take out the..."
"...poison from the shelf. - Maina,
why is she asking for poison."
Do you want all of us to eat
poison and die.
You asked me about my last
play. This is it.
"I don't understand. -All limits
are crossed. In this house,
"...either she will live, or me.
-Yes, when you have put..."
"...your foot forward, don't back
out. Our life lies in her death."
"Take this, mother. "
Wants to fight with me. She
does'nt know I am a snake...
...who can eat her own child.
Then how will I leave you...
...and your child.
Sam doesint have a mother. So
we have to take care oi her.
Her father came and gave this
kesar. Give this to her.
What will happen with this?
-Child will be born fair and...
...healthy- Then I will definitely
give it to her.
What are you doing in this
condition. Get down.
Why have you put such a big
photo of mine?
"Secret, first take me into your
"it is said, whoever a pregnant
woman sees a lot during her..."
"mpregnancy period, her child's
face also will be like that."
"That is why, I have put
your photo there."
So that your face always stays
in front of me.
And a small Raju is born
after some days.
Then you put your photo there
"First a girl will be born
-No, a boy will be born"
lam telling you a girl will
be born
"This kesar was given by your
father. He told that, if this..."
" taken with milk, child will
be fair, beautiful and healthy."
"Before the milk gets cold,
drink it quickly."
"Wait, let me mix more Kesar
in this, so the child is more fair"
"This kesar is for one month,
will you finish it in a day."
"If it is over, more will come.
You have it quickly."
Give it with your hands.
"lam drinking milk from your
hands, I will pray & come."
Why did you stop me from
having milk?
Poison is mixed in that Kesar
sister.- Poison
I saw Raju's mother mixing
poison with my own eyes.
No that is not possible
-I take oath on my husband
"ls your prayer over or not Saru!
Come soon, milk is getting cold."
"Take this-Why this, Saru
-I would prefer to die at..."
"...your hands, instead of drinking
the poison given by others."
"Cut me-The Kesar you mixed in
the milk, had poison in it."
What nonsense. That kesar was
given by your father.
"My father gave only kesar, but
your mother mixed poison in it."
"Don't say like that, your tongue
will get cut."
I am ready to get completely cut
as I knew you won't believe me.
Don't put such a big Name
on my mother, Sam
"Before my mother becomes a
murderer, sky will tremble..."
...moon & stars will move away
& earth will move from its place
"You are lying, Suru-if I am
lying, my child will die inside me"
"If your belief is definite,
my belief is also strong."
Now it has to be proved whether
there is poison in this milk or...
...not. No need to trouble mother
I will prove it by drinking it.
What have you done? I have
become the reason of your death
"If I had known you will drink the
milk, I would have drunk it."
What do I do? Let us go
to the doctor now. Come
Leave me. You go to doctor if
you want. I will stay here only.
Nothing will happen to me.
-Where do I go now?
"You snake, tell that there is
poison in the milk."
"Otherwise my Raju will not live.
Murderer, don't stand quiet."
Don't dare to tell anything bad
about my mother. I'll kill you
"l will go and call the doctor
-See, she doubts you mother."
Let her call the doctor. She will
also realize the truth now.
You have given me more love
than your own son.
And she is trying to provoke
me against such a mother.
She calls you a murderer and
says U mixed poison in the milk
"She cloes'nt know, poison can
become milk by mother's love"
"My father only gave kesar, but
your mother mixed poison in that"
"Mother, the first word coming
out of a baby's mouth is Ma."
"When he becomes big, he
says a lot of things."
"But I have only said "Mother"
"in my my life"
"If you had just told me that,
you want all my property..."
put your thumb impression
here, I would have cut my
"...thumb & given you. For you,
I can cut my head & give you."
"Then why did you do all this,
why mother?"
"Fulfil the last wish of your
son, mother."
Ladies are'nt allowed in the
graveyard. But you should come
"Before my body burns, call me
son with a true heart"
"I don't need anything else,
mother. "
"Come quickly, doctor!"
We have locked your husband in
this room.
Good you brought the doctor.
He is in his last stage.
"And we have the key. To open
that, you have do a small..." You have to sign
in the will
"Rogues, lifelong you squeezed my
Raju and were eating him."
Now you want to take advantage
of his death also.
"You want only property, tell
we where I have to sign."
You will not sign
in these papers.
"Open the door, daughter.
-Have you gone mad, mother?"
Leave me. Even bad people have
morality. They are scared of god.
We have been wicked enough to
take away Ram's (e who has...
"...prayed not God, a demoness
like me throughout his life."
"Today if we save him, our sins
might be washed away."
"He might forgive us. But if he
dies, it will be death of a..."
...mother and the sacredness
of motherhood.
"And I will be the murderer,
that is the mother."
"Sister, what is sudden affection
of love. We have waited to..."
"...grab this property for 15
years, will we leave it like this."
Think of your own son.
-Kaikeyi sent Ram only to the...
"...forest for 14 years, but will
I give death to Ram for Bharat."
"Ramesh, if you have little love
for your mother, give the key."
"First give me the will, then
I will give the key."
"Give me the will papers,
otherwise I will..."
You talk like this with
your mother.
"Well done, son, you returned your
mother's milk very nicely."
"Not your mistake, but this is the
punishment of the God which..."
...has come as a slap on my
face. You have proved that...
...only a wicked son like you can
be born to a demoness like me.
"Not a son like my Raju. Even if
you take my life, I won't..."
"...give these papers to you.
-If you don't give it, I will..."
...have to use other means
for taking it from you.
"She has gone mad, snatch the
papers from him."
"Give me the papers, mother!
-Raju, my son."
"Snatch the papers, immediately."
"Raj", my son!"
"Father, I am leaving this house
and going."
I know that the duty of the son
is to take care of his parents... their old age. But that was
not there in my destiny.
"So, I have transferred all the
property in mother's name."
"Take care of my mother
Let us go, Saraswati."
"What are you doing,
"I know I am a sinner,
you give me any punishment."
But don't leave me
and go.
I don't need any of
this property.
"I only need my son,
my son Raju!"
The days of happiness
have come.
"Whatever I wished for,
I have got."
"Today my mother has
called me as "son"
Mother! Oh my mother!