Beta Test (2016) Movie Script

So if you're just joining us,
I am here with Andrew Kincaid.
Brainchild behind sentinel,
the world's most rapidly
growing video game company.
And if I may say so, now,
one of the most powerful
men on the planet.
You recently made
headlines for your
campaign against the
preservation of the right
to bear arms in this
second amendment war
that's been raging
in Washington.
Complete with catchy slogan,
"keep guns in games."
Well it's something that
I'm very passionate about.
We've lost touch with how
lucky we are to be here.
Uh, we piss on the planet.
We piss on the animals, on
nature, and on each other.
And then we raise our fists
in protests for our right
to own a gun while people are
being killed left and right.
And then we delude
ourselves into believing
that gun that we own could
ever match might with the
21st century American military.
Gun ownership in this country
is an obsolete tradition.
It can't protect us anymore.
In fact, it's
clearly hurting us.
Well, certainly a very
traditionalist perspective
to support gun ownership.
And the number of failed
bills reflects that.
Traditions still stand
strong in America.
That makes me very sad.
I mean, what is it gonna take
to get that point across?
And your solution would be to
contain violence to video games?
Well, we're never gonna contain
it, but we can direct it.
You wanna shoot something,
you wanna shoot somebody?
Play a game.
Play one of my games.
Flight's not delayed
like we thought.
Out the door in thirty, okay?
Ors, we are not gonna be able to
sort through all these things.
And speaking of your games,
what can you tell us about
the rumors that your top
security officer, Orson
creed, has been pushing
to move sentinel into
military contracts.
Come on.
I dare you.
Orson, we need to go.
Yeah, hold on.
I need to hear this.
And how it can best be
used to serve to public.
Mr. creed and I fall on
different sides of the aisle.
And let's be clear about this.
This is not the first time
he's tried to extract an
intellectual property.
But I could promise you,
it will be the last.
So Orson creed would be
the one saying...
Under his direction, sentinel
becomes a military
tech developer.
Are you hearing this?
Do you expect anything less?
Marrying ourselves to
tradition has held us back.
People are resistant to
the future, but that
doesn't stop it from coming.
And if it's not me, it's
gonna be the next guy who
takes up the reigns.
At the end of the day,
it's your quarter.
If any of you are unfamiliar
with Mr. Kincaid's
gaming ambitions,
and from the numbers,
there can't be too many.
We've heard of where you think
Mr. creed is going to
take sentinel...
Tell us what you're doing
here, what you've done.
I wanted to take the gaming
world and I wanted to push it.
I wanted to push the inner
activity, the gameplay,
the environment.
Players wanna be in the game.
And right now, we're
closer to that than
anyone's ever been before.
Well, you know, some of
your critics have been
pretty vocal about
their issues with that.
Especially given your outspoken
stance against guns.
Yeah, I think you'd be
surprised how many of
those critics have secret
gaming accounts of their own.
Look, I have an issue with
guns on the street and I
think that that issue will
be resolved. So...
Take one more look around.
I'll start the car.
I love you for not being him.
In America, we are in the
business of making money.
Come here.
If I can do that while making
my country a little safer?
Buddy, I call that
the American dream.
People are literally
controlled by their phones
and their tablets and
their social networks and
the games that the play.
We live in a world
dominated by technology.
Let her go.
You can call it sad, or you
can call it whatever you want.
But you can't argue
one fact, it is now.
Just you.
Just me.
Come on.
Thought you might come
outside for this one.
Quit playing around.
Come on.
Give it to me.
Man, when is Kincaid gonna
stop with all the discs?
Yeah, I guess it is kinda
old school for a new
school guy, huh?
Really nice way to say
someone's paranoid.
Says the man who refuses
to leave his house.
Shut up, Bernard.
This is a new adventure.
Stay tuned.
- See ya.
- Mhm.
Right on time, my Princess.
Oh, gee. You know how I love
it when you call me Princess.
So your highness, how art
thou on this majestic morning?
I'm good! Another
day at the office.
Jerry brought me crepes
for breakfast this morning.
Jerry. That bastard.
You tell that Jerry
that you're mine.
All mine.
Uh huh.
That would require you to
get out of your house and
take me out.
Oh, Princess.
How can you resist
my sex appeal?
Oh, nothing sexier than sitting
on the other end of the phone
while your coworker mods
a game against protocol.
You know, first of all, that
only happened like three times.
- Four times.
- Whatever.
And second, mods made
the games better.
Uh huh.
Oh right.
Let me give you your moment.
So tell me about this game.
Well, you won't be
modding this game.
I can tell you that.
This is the one.
The Kincaid prophecy.
The dream game.
The one where you get
to be in the world.
Oh, hey!
Keep talking.
I'm listening.
Just gotta grab my pizza.
Well, you'll be testing
the game frame mostly.
Kincaid isn't ready to
reveal the real tech just yet.
So can you tell me
about it then?
Exactly how are
you in this world?
No comment.
Can we get some comment?
Any comment.
Absolutely no comments.
What about the rumors?
He said no comment!
Let's go, let's go.
Hey, did you hear me?
Sorry, no.
Uh, let's get started.
We have a lot to cover.
Let's do this.
From behind.
Let's go.
Guys, we are on the clock.
Gotta go, gotta go.
Almost got it.
Pack up the gear.
I'll get the girl.
Come on, boys.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Enjoy the ride, old friend.
Style is great.
Kincaid wanted a
grounded universe.
Meaning real human movement
with a stylized aesthetic.
To distract from the
intense violence no doubt.
You're so smart.
You know.
Can't say I've seen a game
start like this before.
No menu, no options, no loading.
Total immersion.
That's the goal.
Man, that looks
like Orson creed.
Guess they designed it
before the total fallen
out of destruction thing.
I guess so.
Ah, it's amazing.
Almost like I can see anger.
Pretty good, huh?
Damn good.
I guess I'm supposed
to grab that.
Play me.
Hey, ors!
Good to see you're up and about.
I bet you're wondering
about now just what the
hell did we do to you.
But you should know, how
can the artist forget his
own artwork, right?
We've got a series of
tasks for you, ors.
And I can't wait to see
you make it through
because I know you will, buddy.
You'll have 90 minutes to
complete each objective.
If you fail, ors...
I hope you're listening, buddy.
If you fail to finish in
the 90 minute window,
you beautiful wife, Abbie,
loses a body part per objective.
Mission one.
National bank is
about to be robbed.
Your mission is to get
inside, undetected, during
the robbery and retrieve
the contents of safety
deposit box 1121.
Do you hear me?
If you're compromised,
it's all over.
Think of Abbie,
beautiful, Abbie.
Okay, scout, you
better get a move on.
Your 90 minutes begin now.
Yet, still has a classic
video game setup.
How can we embrace the new
without acknowledging the old?
True that, true that.
Inventory, inventory.
Hit the Grey button.
No inventory menu either?
What, he just pulls out
whatever he has on him?
That's weird, but okay.
Ladies and gentlemen, just in.
We are getting unconfirmed
reports of armed men from
the Southtown branch
of National bank.
No details as of yet.
I'm told one of our
reporters is sending us
text messages from the scene.
From inside the bank.
Please stand by.
I'm gonna stay on the
line today with you.
Orders straight from the top.
Yes, ma'am.
Why don't you just beam me
with excitement over your
Max, I didn't mean it
like that. I mean...
Oh, come on, Princess.
Say it with me... smitten!
Who says that anymore?
I say it.
Oh shit.
I wonder if I uh...
Max, stay on the mission.
We're on a time table remember?
Yeah, totally.
I told you to stay
on the mission!
Well, I guess I don't want
any stars or anything.
Don't do that again.
What? It's just a game.
Just having a little
fun, that's all.
Um, yeah. Just remember
the clock is running.
Yeah, right.
Oh shit.
How the hell am I supposed
to get in there undetected?
- Let's move.
- Dear god, please!
- Please no!
- Stay down!
We see movement,
we start shooting.
Get it?
Open the vault!
Gotta be the manager.
Get the bags ready.
What are you doing?
How do I talk to people?
Hit the black button with
the cursor over her.
Hey, baby.
Hey, baby.
I've never seen mpc's
react like that before.
Well it's probably because
you're being a douche.
Oh hey!
Sweetie pie.
Oh, you getting a little
jealous on me or what?
Uh, hardly.
I kinda like it.
I need to access safety
deposit box 1121.
Are you crazy?
I need to access safety
deposit box 1121.
Wait, where do I know you from?
I need the keys, ma'am.
You're gonna get
yourself killed.
I need the keys right now.
I don't have them.
They're in my desk.
It's over there.
Well, I think this is two
points for difficulty.
Get down!
What is this?
Is this thing on?
Hey, you got a hot
shot over here.
Drop the gun or you're dead.
3, 2, 1.
Okay, okay!
- I got the bag.
- Sweet!
Tryna murk some mpc's.
Stealth is key for
this mission, Max.
Thanks for the tip.
And um, don't kill any hostages.
You'll fail the mission.
Um, someone's being a
little drama queen.
I can always reload
and auto-save.
Hey, you're all gonna die.
Get him!
Everybody, stay down!
Stay down!
Check right.
What was that?
I didn't copy.
Come again.
Smile for the cameras.
I see him!
Knock, knock.
You're dead.
Hey, I'm gonna take
a quick break.
Why won't this damn thing pause?
Uh, I'll look into it.
Well, I'm still taking a break.
Man's gotta take a leak.
We're here with bank
manager, Lillian Brandt,
who is one of the hostages
in this crisis.
Can you confirm that he
killed all the suspects?
No, he stopped them.
And you're saying this
man is Orson creed.
What the hell?
I didn't recognize him at first.
It was a mess in there.
The Orson creed who was
recently fired following
disputes with sentinel
ceo, Andrew Kincaid?
He saved my life.
I just wish that
I could thank him.
It just seemed like he was
gone as fast as he came.
If you're out there, thank you.
We're awaiting comment
from sentinel and
authorities tell us attempts
to contact Orson creed
- no, this is not right.
- And his wife have failed.
Ladies and gentlemen, you
are as confused as we are.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen,
these cellphone photos
just came to us from
our source inside.
Uh, it looks pretty convincing.
Orson creed, apparent
hero, leaving the bank
with two million dollars.
As far as we know, the
money has not been
recovered and there is
no sign of Orson creed.
Is everything okay?
I'm calling the police.
Max, no!
9-1-1 operator.
Sit down and play the game.
What's going on?
I should be asking you that.
I sit down and start
playing this brand new game
and all of a sudden my mission
is on the goddamn news.
- There's no way.
- Calm down, Max.
Calm down?
Calm down.
Just tell me.
Did I just kill a
bunch of people?
You need to listen
to me right now.
You need to keep playing, Max.
Trust me, just keep playing.
You have to.
Not until I figure
out what's going on.
The only thing I'm doing is
turning this damn thing off.
Max, no!
Hello, Max.
No, this is not happening.
Shut up!
And listen very, very carefully.
Your life depends on it.
Now let me be perfectly clear.
If you, Max, try to call
the authorities, turn off
your console, or
leave the house...
Which shouldn't be a
problem for you, right?
We're going to kill your
girl and then we're gonna
tell the cops what you did.
What are you talking about?
I'd check your bank account.
I can see it in
the headlines now.
Say it isn't so, Max.
I think you get the point.
Now finish the game.
You have to finish the game.
I knew you'd make it.
Good job.
Very exciting stuff.
Your wife keeps
her digits for now.
Let's see how you do on
round two, shall we?
There's a private school
a few miles north.
There's about to be
another shooting.
Get there and wait for
further instructions.
Please try to stay in the game.
I can't believe you're
a part of all this.
They didn't give me a choice.
Save it.
You're just a voice!
Tech support.
Okay, champ!
Good god, this guy is annoying.
There's a shooter
in the building.
The authorities are
about to be contacted.
Internal security will
attempt to take him out.
You are going to stop them.
- What?
- You heard it right, folks.
Your mission is to
protect the shooter.
And if you refuse, I've
been itching to spend some
time with Abbie.
Clock starts now.
I'm not doing this.
Max, you have to.
I don't wanna die.
I'm sorry.
Oh god.
Let me go!
Let me go!
They're gonna kill my mother!
No, no, no, no!
Max! You have to get
him out of there.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we go now to frank b. Cooper
high school where a shooting
has just taken place.
Tragic day for our city.
You look sad, Orsy.
Why the blues?
You should be so happy.
Abbie's still in one piece.
No witty comeback?
That hurts my feelings.
Your next mission is a juicy...
Max, what are you doing?
Can you hear me?
This is your player.
I need your help.
Please eat.
I missed our lunches, Abbie.
You're as beautiful
now as you ever were.
Let's not quibble over details.
You were a snake then,
and you're a snake now.
Okay, well I'll take
that as a compliment.
A snake is an evolutionary
masterpiece and incredibly
And like the snake, I'm just
doing what needs to be done.
Though I don't seem to
remember you putting up
such a fuss back when I
was paying your bills.
No one could type a
memo quite like you.
You ever tell creed about us?
There is no us,
you piece of shit.
Not for a while, right?
I keep Winston up there to
remind me to stay the course.
He once said, you have enemies?
That means you stood up for
something sometime in your life.
You can't expect everyone
to believe in your vision.
But when they wake up one
day in a better world,
they will thank you
for your contribution.
That husband of yours
is a stubborn man.
You've underestimated him.
He's a survivor.
God, that's what
I love about you.
You're so dramatic.
You're just...
You're unpredictable.
I hate to eat and run, but uh...
Your husband is actually
becoming a bit of a nuisance.
And I need to go remind
the dog who's master.
I'll be back.
To build maybe the slow and
laborious tasks of years.
To destroy can be the
thoughtless act of a single day.
Churchill said that, too.
Careful of your dreams, Andrew.
Time to bring the pain.
Yo, yo, incoming, incoming!
We've got trees over here.
Watch out!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Get some, get some!
You don't want none
of this, creed.
You don't want
none of this, huh!
Get back here, creed!
No, no, no!
Never thought you'd
betray us, creed.
That's it.
You know what, creed...
Kincaid ordered not to shoot.
But I'm gonna shoot you anyway!
What's up?
Right. You can't talk.
Hey, you there?
You said I can't mod this game.
But you can.
I can't.
Unblock the speech frequency.
Max, I...
Do it.
Or I'm done.
And so are you.
You okay?
Who the hell is that?
Tech support.
Let them find the bugs.
Let them think that
they're ahead.
It won't matter.
I wanna see where he takes this.
How do you my house
is bugged, Mr. creed?
I created every security
protocol for sentinel
including bugging.
You bugged my house?
Everything you received from
sentinel is monitoring you.
Show me.
I need a beer.
Come on, join me.
Well drink up.
Oops, my bad!
We'll get that
cleaned up no problem.
So you're sentinel's
secret weapon?
Right here in the flesh.
Just a gamer.
So tell me...
What is all this that
you're doing, Mr. creed?
My wife calls me Mr.
Creed when she's upset.
We just met kid.
I develop a technology
that connects you to me.
It's called control x.
Control x?
Sounds like a
bad Sci-Fi movie.
It's the prototype.
It was meant for
surveillance, but I
thought it better
suited for military.
Why military?
I served a couple of tours.
Lost a few too many friends.
Control x is about making
stronger soldiers with
faster reflexes with
two sets of eyes.
And what's Kincaid got
to do with all this?
I'm not sure, but he
has some master plan.
Keeps guns in games.
No, that's bullshit.
I know Kincaid.
He's a one percenter.
He doesn't care how many lives
it takes to keep his billions.
I wanted control x to save
people, he wants it to use them.
So why'd you work for him?
He paid me good money.
Ah, yeah.
What about that Zane guy?
He's just a dog on a leash.
Brought in for muscle.
He's a glory seeker.
Wants everything I got.
Hang on a second.
Authorities have now
confirmed through
surveillance footage,
Orson creed has gone from
bank hero to murderer.
Strange and bizarre
day for our city.
An example of a man unhinged.
Truly shocking.
That's a load of shit.
Come on.
Just call me Oswald.
I'm the distraction.
From what?
The future of gaming.
What got you into it, kid?
Well um, it's just a
world that I fit in.
People in the real world
tend to let you down.
You lose someone who's
special in a game,
it doesn't hurt as bad.
Today actually marks two years
since I left this house.
I was uh...
I was coming from the gaming
tournament that I won and
being famous sometimes
makes you unpopular.
It was the middle of the
day, I was out walking
with my best friend...
And they drove by,
windows came down.
Let's just say that
they missed me.
Here's a picture.
Take a look.
I loved that dog, okay?
Best thing that ever happened
to me before that day.
It's not always easy losing
someone you care about.
You should know that, right?
A signal.
You gotta get this
thing out of me, kid.
What the hell?
I don't know how to do that.
I do.
I'm gonna go flush
out this beer.
Stand down.
I've got this.
I think you've had enough fun.
Why are you doing this?
Where is he?
I'm here.
I'm disappointed in you, Max.
I chose you because
you're the best.
You understand the game world
and you understand rules.
Well you've broken the rules
so that means a penalty.
Tell me something.
How are you and your
girl doing, huh?
I'm sensing some
trust issues there.
I would kill it every
time, my friend.
I mean, what do we have if
we can't trust each other?
Princess, you okay?
She could be, but
that's up to you.
Here are five feeds of
five sentinel employees.
Each equally
disappointing to me.
You're naughty girl
is one of them.
Come on, that's bullshit.
You know I've seen her.
Pay attention, Max.
That's the point.
You choose wisely, she lives.
You choose poorly, they all die.
Tell you what.
I'm gonna make it easy on you.
Do it.
You should be thanking me, Max.
Now you just got four choices.
You got sixty seconds.
Good luck.
Max, what the hell is going on?
I don't know.
I don't know!
That's her.
It's her!
Feed 4.
Feed 4!
Come on, feed 4!
It's her!
Why are you doing this?
What the hell do you want?
You'll be getting a
message with instructions.
And little man, I
suggest you follow them.
Baby, I'm okay.
They want you to go to the
ground floor of the needle.
Caleb Angelo will be
leaving a dinner and they
want you to kill him.
I love you.
I get it now.
Well tell me.
Caleb Angelo owns 51% of the
world's largest server file.
Kincaid only owns 40%.
With Angelo out of the way, he
can scoop up all of the shares.
Complete control.
He wants to play god.
Let's do this.
Alright, okay.
Go get your wife back.
I'm sorry about your loss.
You know I'm coming after you.
Give you a good show.
Yeah, hi.
Can I get some popcorn, soda?
- Max.
- Hey!
Are you okay?
I almost killed this dude.
- What!
- No, nevermind.
What happened?
They told me I was reassigned,
but I managed to sneak away.
I'm here to help how I can.
I'm so sorry that I
got you into this.
Yeah, don't worry about it.
The important
thing is your safe.
What do you mean?
If I live through all
this, I'll tell you how I
saved your life like for real.
You can't tease
a girl like that.
Putting you on speaker.
I'm feeling adventurous.
Just remember, there's
no rebooting here.
If he dies, you're done.
Go big or go home, right?
I always wanted to do this.
Do what? I'm just
booting up my laptop.
Max, are you hanging from a car?
Why yes, your highness, I am.
You stay away from my dad.
Who the hell is this guy?
I'm gonna gut you like a pig.
Get him, boys!
Do what the hell I pay you for!
- Whoa!
- Dad!
Hey, look.
I am rich!
I'll pay you whatever
they're paying you and
I'll double it!
I'm not a bad guy.
I'll do anything for you.
I have a daughter.
She's beautiful, super hot.
You can have her.
I'll give her to you.
Just let me go.
Come on, guy, come on!
Max, are you...
Finishing the game.
Who the hell are you?
Hey! Fuck you!
Yeah. What the hell is
going on over there?
Angelo should've
recognized creed.
Sir, he's here.
Lock it down.
Lock it down!
Yes, sir.
We're locked down, gentlemen.
No one out.
You know who's coming.
And remember no shooting.
So unstrap.
Kincaid wants him alive
and wait for my command.
What makes you think you
can just walk back in here?
Where's Abbie?
Come to rescue your girl?
I heard she had a lovely
meal with her boss.
They might even be getting
ready to call it a night.
I'm not leaving
here without her.
You hear that?
He's not leaving without her.
Fuck you.
I've retired from violence.
Guess we're gonna call
this a cheat day.
Tear that bitch's
arms and legs off.
All personal.
Report to main entrance.
Let's go!
Come on, creed!
- Get up!
- You ain't nothing!
- Come on, creed!
- Get up!
Dead man.
Oh, no!
Get up!
This isn't over.
I gave you a chance.
I gave you a chance.
We were like brothers.
Right there.
She'll be dead before
you can touch her.
Where's Zane?
He's dead.
Well maybe you're next.
Is this what this
all comes down to?
Well, I hope you've rehearsed.
That's cute.
And for your information,
yes, I have.
I gotta say you were uh,
fairly impressive, but I mean,
what else would we expect
from the great Orson creed?
Am I right?
Well I had some help, but
you know all about that.
Yes, you did.
Which reminds me,
where is Robin?
Oh yeah.
In my evil trap.
Onto the monologue, yeah?
What was it you wanted
to know, my master plan?
Well it's your game, maestro.
Always a gentlemen.
Even under duress.
But why kids?
Why would you kill children?
They're causalities of war.
You're delusional.
I'm delusional?
It's broken, creed.
The whole damn show is broken.
And you wanna take control x
and you wanna give it to the
puppeteers, the people who
sell you, sell all of us
on America, land of the free.
You wanna do that and
you call me delusional?
I see the future.
In the gamers lies
our salvation.
As events like today
continue, the country will
pass my bill willingly.
To keep guns in games.
An army of elite gamers.
Born through with
what we provide.
An absolute controlled
militia ready to strike.
That, that is the
revolution of today.
And that's how we show the world
the potential in our humanity.
From time to time, the
tree of Liberty must be
refreshed with the
blood of patriots.
This is our wasteland
and what we've made
doesn't have to be like this.
Sometimes to make things
better you need to start
by making them worse.
And I will do that.
I will tear it down.
I will tear it all down.
And then I will rebuild
it brick by brick.
So you'll lead this new order?
And you could've been
there, right at my side.
That's bullshit.
You don't have the right
to control people from
being assholes and you can't
because we're gonna fuck up.
That's what being human is.
This was never about
saving the wasteland.
The wasteland is
inevitable because of who
we are and that's
reality brother.
So who's selling who?
This is about you
and no one else.
This is about your greed,
this is about your quest
to be what only a god can be.
Right now I am god.
Well you can't control me.
You sure as hell
can't control her.
At the end of it all,
what is this really?
It's about what you don't have,
what you can't have...
What I have.
You don't know shit.
You don't think I
saw you coveting her?
Well no matter what
happens today,
you'll always know that
she chose me over you.
Hey, what are you doing, huh?
What are you doing?
Drop the controller.
Drop it.
Drop it right now!
Drop the controller now!
Come on! Come on! Come on!
Max, what is it?
What's going on?
When I come back, you'll
buy me dinner to thank me.
Max, wait!
This ends now.
I'll remember you well.
Remember why your
friend is dead, Max.
Because of what you're
holding in your hand.
Through me, that'll
never happen again.
Shoot him.
I know you won't shoot me.
Let's go home.
You're going to our house.
Let's not make a date of it.
Come on, let's go.
So if you're just joining us,
I'm here with Max Troy.
Champion gamer and former
lead tester for sentinel.
After a very bizarre chain
of events that one might
only find in a video
game, the sentinel board
unanimously voted in this
young man and their new ceo.
You've been fairly silent
since this has all
happened and we're
all dying to know.
Tell us a little bit about
what happened and what you
have planned.
Well one thing we must
acknowledge as a leader in
this field is our responsibility
to shape our society.
If you look where we've
come, or arguably where
we've fallen to, you have
to ask yourself what
happened to our humanity
and where did it go?
In my new position, my
focus is to return the
spotlight to the gamers.
I find that the single
most important thing.
And hopefully if we're
smart enough, we can
remind our consumers to
engage in balance, to
remember what makes them
human in the first place.
In between missions of course.
Some of your critics
have voiced concerns.
Going as far as to fear
you're gonna fall into the
same track as your predecessor.
And with such an
unprecedented vote,
some are wondering, I think,
if you almost planned
for this to happen.
Any ambitious man would
dream of reaching the top.
To deny that would deny
my own humanity I think.
Andrew Kincaid was a god
in his world and any god
who is obsessed with his
own power sets himself up
for his own demise.
And that power
falls on his angels.
Someone had to take
up the reigns.
All we can do is hope
for a fresh perspective.
Ultimately it's up to us
to enter this world,
to take up that controller,
to make those decisions.
Ultimately, it's your quarter.
So there you have it,
ladies and gentlemen.
Straight from the man himself.
Time will tell if sentinel
takes us in a new direction.
We will all be
curiously watching.