Bethlehem (2013) Movie Script

- Give me the gun!
- Ask nicely.
Why are you pushing?
You're not even close.
I can't shoot when youre pushing.
Who's pushing you?!
Stop it...
I found it.
Now we'll see who's got balls...
I'm not scared, you are.
- Ibrahim's brother is scared?!
- Shut up about Ibrahim!
I'll do it if you will.
Didn't you say youd go first?
No problem,
I'm first, then you.
That vest is shit.
Shoot already!
Okay, that's enough.
So youre a puss.
Your father's a pussy.
We're not stopping.
I'm first, then you.
Shoot or I'll kick your ass!
Looks like your brother is
planning something big.
Sanfur, I need you.
I cant. We said Thursday.
I really need your help.
Everyones at the video arcade.
Let's go.
I don't feel like it.
Take the vest with you.
Tell Jamal tomorrow
we do it for real.
How can I come now?
Our van will pick you up
from Bethlehem.
Wait in the usual place.
See you soon, buddy.
I want all roads between
Bethlehem and Jerusalem closed!
Bethlehem is closed.
The army needs more info
on the whereabouts
of the suicide bomber.
He's already hiding
in Jerusalem, I'm sure.
- Are you coming back to headquarters?
- No,
I'm bringing 'Esau' in.
Send a van to pick him up.
Bring him into Jerusalem fast.
I'll wait in the apartment.
- Leave me alone.
- Shut up.
Turn around.
- I was already searched.
- Take that out.
The other morons already
strip searched me.
Tell them to leave me alone.
Leave him alone!
I trust him like my own son,
leave him alone.
Ignore him, Sanfur.
You want to search
my underwear, too?
Look at me, Sanfur.
Ignore him. He's not here.
It's just us.
But he pushed me on purpose.
- Sit down.
- Sit down!
Come with me.
There's a suicide
bomber already inside Jerusalem.
I don't care.
This asset is out of control.
Do you understand how serious
this situation is? Do you?!
Stay out. Let me work.
That's it.
We got rid of that jerk.
What's up with you?
I made a bet with Jamal.
To see who has balls.
He chickened out.
Again with Jamal...?
He's a whimp, a coward,
and then he talks shit
in front of everyone.
What did he say?
What is it, Sanfur?
He said:
"You're Ibrahim's brother?"
You see?
What does he know about Ibrahim?
Next time I'll kill him
in front of everyone.
But I told you not to
see him anymore.
Why are you always around him?
There's always trouble with that guy!
Sit down.
I want to tell you something.
Being a man
means working, studying,
means quitting smoking
if you decide to quit.
The people we hang out with,
that's who we are.
Why do you hang out with
those losers from Beit Sahour?
Your brother has real friends,
from East Jerusalem,
not losers from Beit Sahour.
What friends?
Two years ago, you told me
Ibrahim has friends there, right?
Where do they live?
I don't know, I swear.
Maybe in the Silwan area?
Yes or no?
How should I know?!
Okay, buddy, okay...
We have an alert there's a
suicide bomber hiding in Jerusalem,
and I knew I must talk to you.
All the professionals I work with,
they don't have your talent.
That's why I get mad
when you waste your time with
those idiots from Beit Sahour.
Who were those guys from Silwan
that your brother once worked with?
Right, al-Arja.
Samm al-Arja
lives in Silwan.
His phone records show 12 calls from
Bethlehem in the past 24 hours.
- Who oversees intelligence on Silwan?
- Shadi.
Tell him to gather info so
the army can raid the house:
What it looks like,
possible entry points, everything.
Are you listening to me?
Hold on. Something happened.
- What's up?
- Are you and the kids okay?
We're all okay.
What happened?
A suicide attack,
center of Jerusalem.
I'll call later.
The suicide bomber blew himself up
on King George Street,
15 minutes ago.
There are at least
9 dead, and 23 injured.
The suicide bomber
is still unidentified.
I want to make sure there isn't
another attack on the way.
Everyone, call all your assets.
I want a list of people
we need detained.
Find out fast if this
came from your area.
- Where's Maya?
- Here. - Join us.
Number one priority:
Find out if Ibrahim is behind
this as soon as possible.
Connect me to Asset 662, please.
Abu Yens,
why did man invent language?
So he could lie...!
I was sorry to hear
about King George.
Do me a favor, go around Bethlehem,
the Old City, the outskirts.
See if anyone set up a
mourners' tent.
Check out where
people are gathering,
or if you see any graffiti
that can help me.
I need brains here,
that's why I'm calling you.
Ibrahim is on the news!
...the attack on King George
is only the beginning.
We will teach the Jews a lesson.
They can continue the occupation
or they can enjoy security,
but they cant have both!
Speaking from his hiding place,
Ibrahim al-asri,
leader of al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades
in Bethlehem.
Where are you on this?
We're focusing on the
bomber's immediate support.
- Is Raci with you?
- Yes.
Did you speak to 'Esau'?
Yes, before the attack.
I spent an hour with him.
What do you mean
'before the attack'?!
It would look suspicious
if I brought him in again.
The kid is Ibrahim's brother
and you don't bring him in
after something like this?!
Okay, you're right.
But let me call him first, okay?
Did you shave?
- I told personnel that...
- And what did they say?!
Hey, what's up...?
We'll talk...
Call Ibrahim.
His phone is off.
- Abu usa been here?
- Not yet. We've been waiting.
The Palestinian Authority
politicos have it good, huh?
How long do we have to wait?
- Stop complaining.
- Leave him alone.
Shut up, enough!
Abu usa.
Are you al-Aqsa Brigades,
or a bunch of thugs?!
Why don't you return our calls?
Call to make an appointment,
then we'll talk.
Now we have to make
appointments, Abu usa?
You have secretaries, bodyguards.
You're such a big shot
in the Palestinian Authority,
we cant even talk?
Call us back. One call...
We're sick of chasing you.
Don't you see what's going on?
The Americans, the Europeans,
the Egyptians, are all here.
Ramallah became like the UN, Badawi!
The Americans promised you SUVs,
so you forgot about us?
- What did you say?
- Abu usa,
you owe us money,
for 12 men.
We had agreements!
You're talking about agreements?
What about your last
attack in Jerusalem?
You're working for Hamas now?
Haven't you heard?
Didn't your friend Ibrahim tell you that
he started getting money from Hamas?
I guess he doesn't trust
you anymore, Badawi.
Fucking Jews...
Just came to harass his family.
Wait for my signal.
Cowards. Bastards.
Let's shoot anyway.
When I shoot,
I wanna hit something.
After what they did
to Ibrahim's house...
Put your gun down.
Lucky it was only two Jeeps,
the Israelis are crazy these days.
What can you do...
I'll send someone to fix this for you.
God willing, tomorrow morning.
Where the hell were you?
Abu Kaes said you left work early.
I had to beg him to hire you.
There was nothing to do.
I was sweeping all day.
You can't just leave work like that!
He'd play video games
all day if you let him.
But I work.
Why do you say I don't?
Get inside! Go!
Open up!
I told you not to lock this door!
Between you and me,
I'm very worried.
After the King George attack,
everythings changed.
I haven't slept since.
Tell Ibrahim to come
to my jail in Jericho.
Just for a month or two,
until things cool down.
Where is he now?
Hiding in some basement, or a cave,
alone like a dog...
You think the Israelis
won't find him there too?
He'll only be safe with me.
We'll treat him like a king.
Hello, Badawi.
So... I have to run into you
fifty times a day, Badawi...
Abu Ibrahim, I have to go.
Call if you need anything.
Allah be with you.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Did you talk to Ibrahim?
- He's not talking to anyone right now.
But he's fine. Don't worry.
I'll send someone
to fix the wall.
What did Abu usa want?
Ibrahim in his jail?
Yes. What do you think?
That Abu usa...
he cant wait for the
Jews to kill me and Ibrahim.
He's a snake.
Always was, always will be.
Did you see that limping dog
who came with him?
I once saw that gimp
put someone in jail,
just so he could
mess around with his wife.
- The Ziads shot him in the ass after he hit on their sister.
- Right.
They say the bullet
is still in his ass.
And now he's a big shot
with a bullet in his ass.
Wait here.
What happened to you?
- Was he shot?
- I don't know...
We took some shrapnel
out of his stomach.
We were told to bring him down here,
and not to ask questions.
What happened to you?
You did that stunt with Jamal?!
Why do you do shit like that?
- No reason.
- No reason?! You could have been killed.
Who lets himself get shot?!
How did you get here?
I walked.
You walked all this way?
I sneaked around the checkpoint.
Nobody saw me.
Why didn't you call me?
I knew exactly what
you would've said.
- You're not going, right?
- I'm just gonna get...
No, stay with me.
- I'm not going, one second...
- Stay here. Don't go.
- I'm not going...
- Don't leave me.
I don't want my father
to see I'm injured.
We will figure this out.
I won't leave until
we figure it out.
Look at me...
I'm not going.
Honored minister,
the mayor is waiting for you
in anger Square,
and with him, Abu usa, head of
of Preventive Security.
Welcome to Bethlehem.
What's that?
They scared the minister away.
Who's entering Bethlehem
without our permission?
Call Abu usa.
He's on the line.
Who is that? Badawi?
Tell him he owes us
17,000 shekels.
Tell him we owe him nothing.
And tell him...
You give us the money!
Maybe the clerk has a
little money...
Go down and get it.
- There's not much...
- All of you, go get it.
It's Ibrahim.
I heard the Israelis
visited my familys home.
They came and did some damage,
but not much.
Take care of my family.
Give them what they need.
What can I give them?
Are you complaining again?
What's with you?
I hear things... rumors...
People say you started
working with the 'beards'.
Me and Hamas?
Where did you hear that shit?!
I'm stuck here alone, like a dog,
eating canned food,
not even a cockroach to talk to.
And now I need your bullshit too?!
Why am I hearing things
about Ibrahim and Hamas...
things that you should've told me?
It's all I knew, I swear.
You swear?
Don't swear, okay?
Don't swear!
Ibrahim and Hamas,
I already know a hundred things
that you should've told me!
How do they transfer
money to him?
Look at me!
Look at me!
Speak up!
How do they transfer
money to him?
His brother.
Don't fuck with me.
Who is this brother?
The young one, Sanfur.
They call him "Sanfur,"
you know, meaning "Smurf."
His brother has nothing
to do with this.
Don't give me this shit.
No, I swear.
It's his brother.
'Esau' hid this from you
for three months?
Transferred money to his brother,
right under your nose!
I know.
What do you mean "I know"?
- It's his brother...
- What did you say?!
Nothing. You're right.
When's the next transfer?
We intercepted a communication
from Hamas. Probably Thursday.
When is 'Esau' out
of the hospital?
'Esau' needs to lead us to his next
rendezvous with Ibrahim.
We'll send a chopper,
kill Ibrahim when they meet.
What about 'Esau'?
I'm not sure I can push
him that far.
He lied to you.
Use it against him.
He can advance in al-Aqsa Brigades,
why waste him?
This asset betrayed us,
and you're still protecting him?
You baby-sat this kid for
over two years now,
and he helped his brother finance
the King George attack!
I don't give a fuk if we lose him.
Make sure 'Esau' leads us
to his brother on Thursday.
I've invested so much
in this kid, Levi.
Phone calls, meetings,
patience, attention.
I spent more time with him
than with my own kids.
And just the hassle of getting permits
to recruit someone so young...
In a few years, this kid will be a
leader in the Palestinian resistance.
And he's attached to me,
he's like my own son.
What's the matter with you? Huh?
You should have
one thing on your mind:
Ibrahim al-asri,
where is he?
Where is Ibrahim al-asri?
He's hiding somewhere.
Do you know where?
He murdered 30 Israelis
and youre whining
about his brother?!
Get a grip.
You know what they say
when the whore starts
getting off with the customers.
Which shirt do you want?
Which do you think?
This one?
Give it to me.
- Give me your phone.
- Why?
Just give it to me.
Give me, I'll tell you.
This phone is better.
No more excuses about bad reception.
It looks the same, so you won't
have to explain anything to anyone.
- Same number...
- Fine.
What about the jeans
you promised me?
- You don't deserve it.
- But you promised.
The last ones cost 700 shekels
and were ruined in the laundry.
I'll make you pay for that...
Be careful with the money.
Yeah, I know.
You said you don't want your
father to see your wound, right?
What can I do?
You once told me you wanted
to visit your aunt.
My aunt in Hebron?
I thought you said that.
Maybe I'm wrong.
That's a good idea.
I can take a taxi
from the checkpoint.
Maybe it's not such a good idea.
Why not? It's a great idea.
Are you sure?
Yeah, I don't want my dad
to see my injury.
It was your idea.
Why is Hamas sending
al-Aqsa Brigades money now?
The Palestinian Authority
wants a cease fire
now that the Americans are here.
Hamas wants to 'encourage' al-Aqsa
militants to carry out attacks,
to make the Palestinian Authority
look bad.
Hamas is sending Ibrahim
money, this coming Thursday.
Their contact is a grocer
at the vegetable market.
Raci's asset is going to
transfer the money to Ibrahim.
Something's changed.
My asset won't be in Bethlehem
Thursday. He went to Hebron.
Hebron? Just like that,
he went to Hebron?
He doesn't want his father
to know he's injured.
I pressed him hard.
Did you use his lies against him?
I tried everything.
The fact that Ibrahim uses
'Esau' for deliveries
means he's hiding the money from
the other al-Aqsa militants.
With 'Esau' gone, Ibrahim might
come out for the money himself.
We can wait in the market,
ambush him there.
First, he might not come.
Second, it would become a
complicated ground operation,
with the risk of many casualties.
If Raci gets 'Esau'
to lead us to Ibrahim
it will be a clean hit
from the air.
We can wait a week.
I don't want to wait a week.
You're out of your mind.
- You sent him to Hebron.
- Don't be ridiculous.
Do you think I'm stupid?
- I swear, Levi...
- Think I'm fukin' stupid?!
You've gone too far this time.
Give me another black pigeon.
- That one?
- It's not black.
- You come and get it.
- What am I, your bitch?
Come meet me at the usual place.
I'm in Hebron.
What are you doing in Hebron?
I came to visit Aunt Intisar.
Fuk! Why did you go to Hebron?!
Don't be angry,
you didn't say youd need me.
Who was that, your brother?
Which taxi goes to Bethlehem?
No taxis to Bethlehem.
Checkpoints closed.
What do you want?
What is it?
I'll come back and get it for you.
What's with you, idiot?
I'll be back tomorrow.
Maybe even tonight...
Hold on... Pull over...
Why are you going to Bethlehem?
I have a date with your mom.
I'm taking her for sushi
- in the refugee camp...
- What?! Get out of the car!
Enough, Daniel.
Ibrahim al-asri isn't coming,
I can't stay here.
People are looking at me!
Nobody's looking at you.
Sit down and wait.
No, I'm going.
People will recognize me.
I'm not kidding,
I'll cancel all your...
You know what?
Wait a second.
I'll replace you.
I need a favor.
Go to the marketplace.
I cant. I'm at home,
I have guests.
Don't lie.
Get your ass over there.
Stand at the corner
of Shohada street,
next to the blue barrel.
Wait there. Tell me when
Ibrahim al-asri enters the market.
- I don't know what he looks like.
- Yes you do!
He's on the news every day.
Think he'll come?
He'll come.
He has to...
He just passed me.
Is he alone?
Yes, alone.
What's he wearing?
Black jacket, gray pants.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I was expecting your brother.
I just made it.
Pour it.
Haven't had good coffee in a while.
Where do I know you from?
We went to school together.
Really? What's your name?
Hamis Zabarka.
- Oh right, your brother has a barbershop.
- Right.
He's your age. Tamer.
Tamer, right.
Your brother owes me money.
Tell him I haven't forgotten.
We're running north on
Bethlehem's market road.
Fuck. Give me a map.
Who are you?
What do you want?
Is there another way out?
'Spear', this is 'Cheetah'.
Change of plans,
Ibrahim escaped into a residence.
I'm there in three minutes.
Be advised,
you have no combat support.
Be out in ten minutes!
He's here in this house.
No escape in the back?
No. There's a wall there.
He's here.
This is the house.
Break in!
There's a family in here.
Take them outside.
- Leave us alone...
- Let's go!
'Spear', this is 'Cheetah',
permission to engage.
'Cheetah', this is 'Spear',
We've been spotted. Locals
are starting to gather.
Name: Jirias Huri.
- Checking.
- Where is he?
- There's nobody here.
You think you can lie to me?!
I don't know anything, I swear.
Is there an exit to the roof? How
many floors? How many rooms?
- Next room.
- Next room.
- Door on the right.
- Door on the right.
Opening to the right...
Going in!
He is hit!
Call the medic.
Where is he hiding?!
You're destroying our house!
Shut up!
He's hiding up there,
we don't know where.
And the riot outside,
we cant contain it for long.
Take him over there.
I need more soldiers outside!
Where is he hiding?
What's in that room?
Destroying my house, assholes.
Talking to me is how
you can save your house.
Or I'll bring a bulldozer,
destroy the house on top of him.
Look at me.
For the last time,
what's in that room?
Leave him alone! must get out now!
We're gonna get to him.
Give us a few more minutes.
I've been chasing that
motherfucker for a year.
We trapped him in a room,
give us a minute!
Levi says that...
I asked for info about this family.
Where is it?!
The wife's mother is from Nazareth,
she's getting cancer treatment
in Israel...
Come with me.
Come with me, now.
To the right!
Somewhere on the right!
Where is he?
The room has an attic.
It's on the other side of the stairs.
- Get the hammer.
- Cover me!
It's here, here!
Cover down there.
Pin him up there!
He's here.
We're being shot at.
We must get out now!
Get in, let's go.
Went in and out.
You're okay.
- Officer down!
- Where's the paramedic?
He's been hit hard in the face.
Give me the bandage.
- I got hit in the face.
- No you didn't.
I got hit in the face.
Take out his earpiece.
It's not you, it's someone else.
He cant breathe.
I see. I don't understand why.
Collapsed lung!
Officer still not responding!
Obstacle cleared. Everyone back in!
Did the Israeli army operate
in Bethlehem today?
- They closed the East part.
- No, the old city.
Give me your phone.
My battery is dead.
Hello, Badawi?
- Is your brother with you?
- No, isn't he with you?
No. He's not answering his phone...
The reporter is on the line.
Hello, Badawi?
- Hello.
- What's up, brother?
Any press release from
the Israeli army?
I heard something,
wait a second...
From the news desk: Army killed
al-Aqsa Brigades leader of Bethlehem.
What is it?
Do you want to comment
on the assassination?
Write that the Jews will
regret this murder.
We will turn Tel Aviv
into one big graveyard!
- Praise Allah...!
- No God but Allah...!
The door to Al-Aqsa
is made of iron!
Only a martyr can open it!
Say Allah! Say Allah!
You're a holy martyr!
Praise Allah!
If only they'd killed me instead,
all of us, instead of you...
He was our only source of pride.
Thanks to him we held
our heads high.
Now I've lost everything.
Your son is a bridegroom.
To Heaven, God willing.
- We'll avenge his blood.
- Allah is great!
Say Allah! Say Allah!
You're a holy martyr!
Stop filming!
Prayer of al-Fatiha.
In merciful Allah's name,
we, the Icc ad-Din
al-Qassam Brigades,
military wing of Hamas,
bless our hero and his family,
for Allah chose him.
Our brother Ibrahim,
was a great leader
in the resistance.
The Jews will regret killing him.
Jihad till victory or martyrdom!
Ibrahim in Hamas?!
My son was in the Al-Aqsa
Brigades, not Hamas.
Wait until his friends
see him too.
For God's sake!
Where to?
Where are you taking him?
- Put the martyr down.
- Calm down.
Put him down!
Where to?
Stop, I said!
Put him down or I'm
gonna start shooting!
He was working with us.
Put the martyr down!
Stop! Put him down.
Get out, all of you.
Don't shoot. Don't shoot!
Get the fuk out!
Bring him here.
Make way.
You guys are heroes.
Well done.
Bad luck...
You should spread them out,
not pile them up.
A Jew is teaching me
to play backgammon?
"He who loosens his belt,
will fall asleep."
You said it.
- How come you speak Arabic so well?
- Play...
My family has a marble factory.
Before the uprising,
I used to go to Bethlehem often.
- Really?
- Yes.
I'm sure I've seen you
I told you where.
What do you do?
What does your family do?
I'm a clerk, we're all clerks,
each in a different field.
My friend's brother is
the head of the department here.
If you need anything,
let me know.
You said you wanted...
Now I remember
where I've seen you.
Never mind.
My neighbor in Bethlehem
worked for you, for many years.
When Palestinian militants found out
they came to his house,
took his eyes out,
burnt him with melted plastic,
cut off his arms and legs,
and hanged him.
He has four daughters.
Who will marry them now?
Did you start off playing
backgammon with him too?
Candy... candy...!
There's no candy downstairs,
he's driving us crazy.
Maybe in the other ward.?
No need to go there, mom.
What's that?
Levi keeps bringing up
the wounded officer.
Maya heard him say that
because of my...
That everything that happened
is my fault.
That if 'Esau' led us to his brother
like he wanted,
- It would've been a clean airstrike.
- The nerve!
You're injured.
You finally assassinated a guy
you pursued for over a year.
How dare he?
He's convinced I had sent
'Esau' to Hebron.
So now he's calling you a liar too?
When youre back, go to Shefler.
It's not your fault the officer
is in critical condition.
Are you in pain?
Let me see.
what do you think
about women's rights?
Women's rights?
Very important...
The Belgians sent us some money
to open an office
for the advancement
of Palestinian women.
Give me the names of
some of your guys,
I'll put them on the payroll.
Tyson, we need a cease fire
with the Israelis.
Badawi knows that the Israelis won't
include him in any amnesty deal.
But your situation is different.
There's talk about a
cease fire with the Jews,
and some of the guys agree.
Tyson wants to talk to you,
come meet him at the lookout.
I'm coming.
Who was that?
I'm sure Tyson already talked
to everyone in the group.
There are some who'd
follow him. He's strong,
we should figure out
how to deal with him.
Hey, Badawi.
You already saw the new
Israeli positions?
The elevator's broken.
So what? You can't walk up?
You're too old?
Let's go up.
Come on, old man.
We'll see who's old.
Come sit outside.
Get some air.
I cant. Later...
More family is coming.
Sit with us.
I don't want to.
Where are you going?
Stay with me.
- Raci, 'Esau' is on the line.
- Put him through.
Sanfur, buddy, how are you?
Sanfur, listen to me.
What happened
has nothing to do with you.
Your brother and the army had
a long history. He knew the risks.
You had nothing to do with
what happened.
I really want to see you.
Nothing has changed between us.
Nothing can change
our relationship.
You're a liar.
You always lied to me!
Don't ever call me again!
Raci, 'Step Father'
is looking for you.
Put him through.
The feeling in the
Palestinian Authority is that
Badawi is out of control.
Abu usa decided to arrest him.
Who told you?
How do you know?
Think of Badawi...
his situation, now, after
the assassination.
He was in Ibrahim's shadow
all his life.
He feels the Palestinian Authority
doesn't give a shit about him.
And he is of Bedouin origin.
Feels second rate to start with.
He has to pull off a big attack,
to show everyone.
Badawi is a ticking time bomb.
If Abu usa manages to arrest him,
we can assassinate him there.
Have Maya put it in writing.
Levi, I...
I want to apologize for my conduct
at the meeting with Shefler.
For that?
- It wasn't right.
- And what about Hebron?
This again?
Let me explain something, Razi.
There's nothing I hate
more than dishonesty.
Just listen.
If you sent him,
even if you just 'nudged' him...
Tell me now.
It's your last chance.
Look at me.
Did you send him to Hebron,
yes or no?
- Hi, guys.
- Hello.
- How's it going, Badawi?
- Hey, Sanfur.
Don't I exist?
What's up, Nasser?
- Hamis? - What? - Get me a pack
of cigarettes. - No problem.
How's your father?
What about your wall?
The Palestinian Authority fix it?
Not yet. They did nothing.
You wanna say something? Say it!
I'm not going anywhere.
Don't wanna talk? Go to hell.
Speak up, Sanfur.
Badawi, I want to work with you.
I want to avenge Ibrahim.
You're a big boy now, Sanfur.
But leave it to us.
These things aren't for you.
What do you mean "not for me"?
I mean... you shouldn't say that.
I worked with Ibrahim.
I got him money from Hamas.
You're the one who got
him the money?
Yeah, it was me.
Why you and not us?
How should I know?
When he told me to go, I did.
How many times?
I don't remember.
For a few months.
But not on the day he was killed?!
No, that day I was in Hebron.
He never told me in advance
when he'd need me.
- Why did you go?
- I went to visit my aunt.
Who exactly is this "aunt"?
My aunt Intisar.
Exactly on that day...?
I was injured,
and I didn't want
my father to see it.
I got eight stitches.
What's that?
I bet the guys I could
take a bullet in a bulletproof vest.
But the vest tore
and I got hurt.
It was probably a toy gun.
"Toy gun"...?
Was a fuking Kalashnikov.
You stood there and let someone
shoot you with a Kalashnikov?
You're nuts, Sanfur.
Let's see Nasser stand
in front of a Kalashnikov.
Nasser will stand on your head.
Tell me,
who do you know in Hamas?
Your brother was a great leader.
It was an honor to work with him.
But Badawi...
not everyone here likes him.
Badawi apologizes for
what happened in the hospital.
And he promises
that if you finance him,
he'll put together a large
attack inside Jerusalem.
Come on, let's see your muscles.
That's it... hit... hit me...
Kick his ass.
I'll fuck you up!
Stop it. Enough!
That's the last time!
Just kidding around. Relax.
Don't provoke him.
Say youre sorry.
- I said, say youre sorry.
- Okay, okay... Sorry.
All right then.
Don't do it again.
Did you talk to the Hamas guys?
Theyre still angry at you, but
they agreed to transfer you money.
Didn't say when, or how much.
Want me to talk to them again?
No, forget it.
I'll deal with them.
Why aren't we interrogating Sanfur?
He was supposed to take the
money instead of Ibrahim, right?
Shut your trap.
I've known that kid
since he was a baby.
He pissed you off a little
so you start talking shit?
- Stop.
- Don't move!
Don't do anything youll regret later.
Let us through!
Don't move!
My men will burn
Bethlehem for this.
Four of them are already
on my payroll.
You think we need Bedouins,
from God-knows-where,
to tell us what's good
for Palestine?
Your father just learned
to wear shoes yesterday, Badawi...!
You call yourselves Palestinians?
The Jews kill Ibrahim
and you stab us in the back?
- Sit down!
- Sit the fuk down!
When I find out who you are,
I'll come to your home
and slit your throat!
Taufik aaya?
Listen assholes,
this is Taufik aaya!
He was my buddy in high school!
I know him very well,
right, Taufik?
Now he works for the Palestinian
Authority. Has stripes and a gun...
In school he was so fat,
he walked like a duck.
I know his family, too.
His sister is even married to
the baker from anger Square.
My whole family
buys bread there.
I'll make sure they say hi
to your sister.
I saw the brother of
the martyr Ibrahim al-asri,
here in the mosque.
Who is his brother?
I don't know his name.
What did he do there?
I don't know.
You saw him yourself?
Yes. With my own eyes.
Thanks, pal.
You work from here now?
281 saw 'Esau' in the mosque.
He probably went to see
his brother's contacts.
It's actually a good thing...
I know exactly what
he's going through.
He's probably trying
to approach Badawi, too.
What is it?
Badawi escaped from an attempted
arrest by the Palestinian Authority.
Unclear... they tried to arrest him
and he somehow got away.
Badawi is gonna do something big,
and I have nothing on him.
We gotta find a way
to bring 'Esau' back in,
have him get close to Badawi.
You know that
if you bring 'Esau' back,
Levi could interrogate him...
So what?
So nothing...
What exactly are you trying to say?!
I'm not saying anything, Razi.
Don't touch it.
This isn't for kids.
Look at you, Sanfur,
all grown up.
How's your dad doing?
Still not well.
Send him my regards.
Want some coffee?
No, thanks.
Abu unir, how about some
money for the resistance?
Man, the closures are killing us...
How are you today, Dad?
Do you need anything?
That dog Abu usa...
didn't he promise to fix the wall?
- The Israelis want to demolish the house.
- What?
We got a notice.
When Ibrahim was alive,
they wouldn't dare,
but now, after they killed him,
they want to
demolish the house too.
I won't let them.
Trust me.
They won't demolish the house.
I'll take care of everything soon.
Take care of what?
What can you take care of exactly?
What about the job at Abu Kaes?
- I told you...
- You told me nothing!
- How is that relevant?
- Don't say you told me.
I haven't been there for a month.
You know that.
Of course I know.
I know everything.
I talk to Abu Kaes every day.
I was waiting for you to tell me,
but youre too busy,
hanging around with Badawi
and his gang.
Stay away from them.
Theyll use you.
I'm not an idiot!
Leave him alone.
He'll go back to Abu Kaes.
You always spoiled him.
These things aren't for you!
What's not for me?!
He's having a hard time...
Mom, stay out of this!
And now, he's doing nothing.
- He never finishes anything he starts!
- Wait, come back.
Your stupid tricks won't work.
Buddy, where are you?
Wanna destroy the house?
Go ahead.
Did you get a notice?
Don't pretend you don't know.
You think I'm an idiot?
You're always lying to me.
You think I'm stupid?!
What is it?
Is it your father?
Tell them not to
destroy the house.
Come and meet me.
- We haven't seen each other for a while.
- Tell them!
OK. I'll tell them.
Sanfur, I want to see you.
Come and meet me.
Which phone are you using?
I thought he broke contact.
- So he's back.
- Yeah.
So that's good, isn't it?
What's with the face?
Levi will try to claim that...
He'll try to get him to say
that I...
that I sent him to Hebron.
But you didn't send him.
He can make the case...
What do you mean
"make the case"?
You can always... you know.
Badawi, you said
that we cant wait too long.
Why haven't we avenged Ibrahim yet?
Put the gun down, Sanfur.
- What is it?
- Put it down! - You shut up!
Put it down.
Where did you treat your injury?
What does it matter?
I went to all the hospitals
in Bethlehem,
- and nobody saw you.
- What? - Nobody stitched eight stitches.
That's impossible,
I went to the Hospital in Bethlehem.
He must've asked
the wrong person.
What was his name?
I don't remember.
Let's go and find out.
You're a stinking liar.
Stop it!
Listen, we have to
check every detail.
- Have him show us his phone.
- I said shut up! - Enough!
Show him your cell phone.
What's my phone got to
do with anything?
Think I have a problem
showing you my phone?
My brother was murdered, and
all you care about is my phone?
- Get him!
- Get away from me!
After him!
Get down!
Get in here!
We'll hang you in
the public square.
And youll beg us to,
after what we do to you.
What am I gonna tell your father?
You'll break his heart.
What did they do to you?
What are these lies?
- You were a collaborator?!
- No, I swear. Badawi is lying.
Everything you told me
is nonsense.
What's your proof?
Sanfur confessed, ask him.
He's a liar.
Tell him, you moron!
Tell him youve been
working for Abu Kaes.
Why are you lying?!
Don't believe him.
Even as a little kid, he
stole from the neighbors.
He always lies.
I never stole anything!
Tell him it's not true! Tell him!
Abu Ibrahim,
believe me it's true.
Even if it is true,
it's a family matter.
You stay out of it!
If it's true, we will kill him,
not you. Understand?
Abu Ibrahim, listen to me.
Sanfur had nothing to do
with the assassination of Ibrahim,
absolutely nothing.
We checked out every angle.
That Israeli agent tricked him.
Tell him what happened
two years ago.
Remember when
the Israelis arrested you?
When they put you in jail,
Tell him what happened.
The agent forced me to meet him.
What do you mean, forced you?
He said if I didn't meet him,
he'd let you rot in jail.
I did it all for you!
That agent trapped him
when he was fifteen,
when he was just a kid.
He befriended him,
became very close to him.
That's what they're good at.
Why don't you butt out?
Stay out of it!
Because Sanfur deserves
one more chance.
We'll send him
to meet that Israeli agent.
He'll meet him, and kill him.
Because it's his only chance.
I don't agree.
Sanfur is no collaborator.
Come with me.
Abu Ibrahim,
Sanfur needs another chance.
He needs another chance!
So that maybe...
maybe we can right this wrong.
Sanfur won't kill him.
He'll escape with him into Israel,
and we'll look like fools.
He'll do it.
We're in the shit. Understand?
That bastard is a collaborator,
- and you don't have the balls to kill him.
- Shut up!
We haven't avenged Ibrahim yet.
We were looking for something big.
What could be bigger than
killing an Israeli agent?
That agent is like his father.
How can he kill him? How?!
I don't buy any of this.
It's either him or us.
What do you mean "us"?!
I'm not the only one
who thinks so.
Ignore his security.
Go right up to him and shoot.
Die like a martyr!
Your family will
never forgive you anyway.
You're finished in Bethlehem.
At least die like a martyr!
And if you even think of
escaping to Israel with him,
I'll put up posters of you
all over Bethlehem saying:
"The collaborator
who killed his brother."
- But I didn't...
- Shut up!
But if you kill him,
it'll make up for
everything youve done.
Recognize this gun?
It was Ibrahim's gun.
And with this gun youll kill
that dog who killed your brother.
The one on the left...
...that's the biggest one...
"An elephant - even if it flies..."
They say,
"a goat... even if it flies..."
Why do people say that
in Arabic?
There's a story behind it, right?
It's like this: Two men
saw something on the top of a hill.
The first one said: It's a bird.
The second said: No. It's a goat.
They argued,
bird, goat, bird, goat...
Until the first one threw a stone at it,
and it flew away.
So the second one said:
That's a goat, even if it flies!
A goat, even if it flies.
My friends' husbands
hit on chicks...
How are you, buddy?
I need your help.
What is it?
I hit Jamal and broke his arm.
He's in the hospital now.
People from his family came and
beat me. Now they want to kill me.
Where are you?
Meet me at the place by Har Homa.
Come on foot.
It's Friday...!
I can use this. It takes hours
to arrange for security on a Friday.
I'll go there now, alone, and say
I was afraid he wouldn't wait.
You're gonna meet him alone?
I can fix everything this way.
Stay a bit longer with the kids.
I'll pick you up at the entrance.
Your wife called. She said youre
meeting 'Esau' alone?
Whyd she call you?!
She was worried.
- You're not going alone, I'm calling it in.
- Don't you dare!
I'll be careful,
I'll make sure he's alone.
No! You're not going alone!
I'm not kidding here.
Don't get involved!
You haven't seen him
for a long time.
I'll set up a meeting.
It'll take two hours tops.
Stay out of this!
Raci, stop the car because
I'm calling it in!
Listen, buddy,
I'm stuck in traffic.
I'll be a little late.
Wait for me, alright?
You've been on my mind lately.
I have so much to tell you.
- Forget it. Another day.
- No, no... I'm halfway there.
Please... let's leave it
for another day.
I said no!
The traffic is moving.
Come meet me now.
Do as I say.
Go back and wait for me.
I'm on my way, buddy.
I'll be right there.
And I'm not in a hurry today.
I have lots of time just for you.
Get in, buddy.
What's the matter?
What is this?
Tell me what happened.
I told you,
Jamal's family got me.
Can you take me to Israel?
Only if it becomes necessary.
But we'll fix this thing with
Jamal's family. Don't worry.
What is it?
Badawi is pressuring me
to get him money.
He won't leave me alone.
- Really?
- He thinks I can get him money from Hamas.
I cant stay there anymore.
Take me to Israel.
But you're strong.
Badawi cant mess with you...
On the contrary, stay with him.
I'll take care of everything.
It's even a good thing.
some guys I work with
want to talk to you about...
Sanfur, where are you going?
Get back here, Sanfur!
Get over here!
You send me back to Badawi?
He sends me to you
and you send me back to him?!
You want to send me
back to Badawi?!
No, Sanfur! No!
Directed by Yuval Adler
Written by Yuval Adler, Ali Waked
Produced by Talia Kleinhendler
Producers: Osnat Handelsman-Keren,
Diana Elbaum, Sebastien Delloe
Steve Hudson, Sonja Ewers
Executive Producer
Ephraim Gildor
Director of Photography
Yaron Scharf
Editor Ron Omer
Production designer Yoav Sinai
Music Ishai Adar
Sound Reordist Dirk Bombe
Sound Designer Franois Dumont
Mixer Philippe Bauduhin
Makeup Orl Ronen
Wardrobe Li Alembik
Liron Zohar, Naama Zaltzman
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Hamoudie Boqaie
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Shadi ar'i
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Karem Shakour,
Ibrahim Skala, Afif Shaliut
Irad Rubenstein, Adel Abu Raya
Ramec Badir, Dudu Niv
Abir Zaibek Hadad
Haled eir aruat Guy Elbaz