Betrayal (2013) Movie Script

Someone recently
tried to harm my family,
and for someone to try
such a thing,
can only be the work
of a common thug.
A low life.
There's something to be said
for ambition.
But even ambition has to have
its boundaries.
Help me understand
something, Vaz.
Why is this problem of yours,
our problem?
My family is the most important
thing to me.
And I will protect them at all cost.
Vaz, we get that.
But to suggest...
that one of us is involved?
It's a bit disrespectful.
And frankly speaking,
this whole charade is
a bit tiresome.
Well, let me just
come out with it.
If I step on your toe,
I was really aiming
for your heart.
But if you step on my toe,
I will cut your
fucking heart out.
You know,
it's really not your night tonight.
Shut up,
and deal the cards.
Whatever Boris wants,
Boris gets.
Something's come up.
I've got to go.
Finish the fucking game.
I said I've got to go.
- Wait a minute.
You win the game,
you can have all of this.
But, if I beat you,
I will take your little lady
out over there and
I will show her
what a real man is like.
Boris, what
the fuck are you doing?!
What the fuck are you doing?!
Yeah, what the fuck, Boris?
We're just fucking around, man.
Calm down, man. Shut the fuck up!
Get him off! Fuck.
We're just fucking around, man.
Calm down.
Keep the money.
Don't let me see
your face here again.
Fuck you!
Vazgen's kid is here again.
Table in the back.
He doesn't know what he's
getting himself into.
It looks like a lot of trouble.
She does.
Get up, you fucking whore.
Hey, let her go, man.
- Sit down before I hurt you.
Boris, stop it!
- She's my wife, you idiot.
I don't give a fuck!
So, you're a tough guy?
- I'm a tough guy, yeah.
I see, tough guy. Let's go.
- Let's go.
Let's go, tough guy!
Let's go.
- Let's go.
Let's go.
- Stop it.
Get your hands off me!
Here's we go, Miguel.
What the fuck you doing, Boris?
Don't you know where you're at?
This is personal.
It has nothing to do with you.
Get him out of here. This shit
ain't gonna go down in my club.
Don't let him back in.
Michael, get back inside, now!
What the fuck are you doing?
You know who this is?
Your father will have my head if
I let anything happen to you.
Hey! Hey!
What did you do?
- Natasha.
Michael, you need
to get out of here now.
Get him out of here. Now!
Let's go!
- Get him out of here!
Hey, babe, thanks.
So, your lawyer's here with
some papers for you to sign.
I'll be there in a minute.
I told you I had
a family thing today.
You're not suppose
to just show up unannounced.
I wouldn't be here
if it wasn't important.
These arrived today.
What is it?
Oh, I think you'll
want to see it.
What's with the theatrics?
Just tell me already.
Our friend can't seem
to control his problem.
These were taken
at one of our clubs.
The more photos in,
the less clothing.
You get the picture.
Yeah, I get it.
All right, I'll talk to Artur
and make the footage disappear.
You just make sure
to tell the senator
to be at my house for dinner
next Friday night, okay?
Very well.
I almost forgot.
The building commission approved
the plans for the casino.
All you gotta do is sign here
and start building in a month.
I told you, all they needed
was just a little push.
You're not home much these days.
Just going out
and doing my thing.
I'm not ready to be a grandpa
just yet, you understand?
Oh, will you stop.
Michael knows that already.
I'm just saying.
Yes, he knows.
Come here, I gotta talk to you.
Everyone's here except Artur.
I'll give him a call later.
Hey, Vaz.
Hey, where are you?
We got everybody over here.
It's a family thing.
What are you talking about?
Come on, Vaz, you know me.
You been at my side
for 20 years.
You know, the kids and noise
and all that.
I've lost one brother
in this lifetime.
And I'm not gonna lose another,
you understand that?
I do.
I- I got some things
to take care of.
But next time, no excuses.
No problem.
Come on, this is it then.
Happy birthday.
Light the candles!
- Okay.
Thank you.
- Nick, come wish Christina a happy birthday.
Are you ever gonna tell me
how you got these scars?
You talk too much.
Go get me a drink.
You know, you gotta get going.
I'm not done.
Just... relax and let me
take care of you.
I said you need to go.
Money is on the table
by the door.
You can keep it.
It was worth my time.
Pick up the God damn phone!
You can practice,
and that's all great,
but watching the pros
and watching them mess up,
that's where it's at.
That's the golden egg.
I wanted to, um...
I wanna thank you.
Not only for the support of my
campaign but also for the...
I mean if anybody found out...
- No.
Say it a little louder. So
your wife inside can hear us.
You're a friend,
but this shit has to stop now.
Sooner or later, I'm not gonna
be able to protect you,
you understand that?
Let's go inside.
A toast.
In this world, it's very rare
when you find the right person
to share your life with.
And to good friends.
- Yes.
To Jimmy and Rebecca.
Here, here.
- Cheers.
Go nuts.
Are we expecting anybody?
It's Michael.
What's going on?
- Something I have to take care of.
Right now? In the middle
of dinner with guests?
Yeah, it's urgent,
it can't wait.
Is everything okay?
- Yes.
Vazgen, you're worrying me.
There's nothing
to worry about, okay?
Will you just please talk to me?
You're scaring me.
Look, I know you're not
telling me the truth.
Have I ever lied to you?
No, you've never lied to me.
But, I know you don't
share everything with me.
Look, I don't ask
or pry about your business,
and I know you don't tell me
things for my own protection.
I love you.
And I can't lose you.
You're not gonna lose me.
I promise you.
So far, everything
is going just like we planned.
Put me Vincent on the line.
Yes, sir. Boris is gone.
You know what to do, eh?
How long do I have to wait?
Well, it's just
word of them now.
Vazgen is going to pay for...
for all he's done.
You have my word on it.
My word.
Let's go.
You're taking a big risk
coming here.
I just hope you thought this
through till the end.
'Cause if something
goes wrong...
it's a big pile
before both of us.
Alexander has-has been stealing
from you for years.
Vazgen, he got too much power
in this city lately.
So, just simple logic
could stand for new...
I agree.
That's the reason why
I wanted your guy
to do this.
'Cause, you know, as you said,
he can't be traced back to us.
Don't worry about Vincent.
He'll take care of business.
And then you can
take care of him,
nice and clean.
I will do my part.
That's no problem.
Just one thing. I hope...
y- you are gonna keep your word
all the way 'til the end.
Don't I always?
I think this change'll be good
for both of us.
Michael inside?
Where's that Miguel kid?
Watch him while I
talk to Michael.
You know, there's gonna be
a decision made tonight.
Something I was hoping
would never have to be made.
But here we are.
You can spend your entire life
building something,
protecting it,
and in one moment...
Dad, look, I-
I didn't ask you to speak.
I have protected you
all your life.
I have given you everything
you ever wanted.
Michael, I kept you
away from all of this.
Do you have any idea
what you've started tonight?
Do you?
Now, I wanna know every single
thing that happened tonight.
Every word of it.
What is it, Yuri?
I have to see Alex. It's
really important, trust me.
You know he doesn't like
to be bothered.
This is your time, Yuri.
We will control the city.
I've been trying to call you.
Really? Eh, probably service.
It's okay, though.
It's okay, calm down.
Calm down. Everything is cool, okay?
I'm here now.
I had no idea she was married
or who this guy was.
He just showed up at the club and
started slapping her around.
So, what did you do?
I did what you taught me to do.
Protected her.
Dad, I had no other choice.
Michael, how could you not know?
Are you blind?
She had her own place.
How was I suppose to know?
This guy was Russian mob. Do you have any
fucking idea what they're gonna expect?
He pulled a gun on me.
He pulled a gun on me, Dad.
Where did you meet her anyway?
At a club, you know, West Side.
We were there for a few hours
having drinks and...
That's where I met her.
Miguel had seemed like
he had been there before.
This guy, Vincent,
who runs the place,
treated me like a VIP.
So, what did she tell you about herself?
What was her story?
She said she was
in this abusive relationship,
and she wanted out.
She seemed very happy
with me, Dad.
I love her.
Be very sure of who you love.
Very sure.
I want you to talk to him
and find out if he knows where
the girl is and bring her here.
Okay, he's pretty shaken up.
Does he have anything
to do with this?
I don't know yet, not sure.
And, uh, make sure there's a couple
guys outside my house, okay?
Already taken care of, Vaz.
And if Alexander
or any of his guys call,
buy us time.
That's what we need right now.
Hey, Miguel.
How's it going?
Pretty shitty.
So, what happened tonight?
I- I don't know, man.
I mean, this dude came
out of nowhere, you know?
Have you seen him before?
- No.
I'm still trying to figure out
what the hell happened.
I'll tell you what,
why don't we go for a drive.
Get some fresh air.
- Yeah.
To where?
I wanna go sightseeing.
Get the fuck up.
I did exactly as you told me.
I got close to him,
I found out about his father's business.
That was our deal.
And um, you did great.
You didn't tell me anyone
was gonna get hurt, Vincent.
Yeah, well that happens
sometimes, Natasha.
I mean what can you do? Huh?
I want my money.
I wanna leave now.
I got your money.
- I'm scared.
Okay? It's in the car.
$250.000 as promised,
just relax.
- I can go anywhere?
Anywhere you want.
All right? The boys are
outside in the car.
They'll take you straight
to the airport. Done.
Vincent, please.
Don't hurt Michael.
I was just so scared.
And I couldn't get a hold of
you, and then, you just show up.
It's okay! Get in.
He's a friend.
- Hurry!
Come on, go!
Hang on!
Go, go, go!
Shut up! Both of you!
Go, go!
- Shit!
Floor it!
- Turn!
Floor it, you piece of shit!
Right there in the...
Turn, turn, you piece of shit!
Oh, shit!
Get in the car! Get in the car!
Go, go, go, go.
What the fuck was that?
Oh, he shot me! Come on!
I suck at this game.
I'll be right back. I'm gonna
go get something to drink.
Grab me some Pepsi, will you?
Make it two.
Hey, Mom, where's Christina?
She should be on her way back.
She's not answering her phone.
Then how come you don't track her
down on her cellphone's GPS?
David, honey, I don't
even know what that is.
Come here, I'll show you.
How many times have I told you
not to slam the front door?
Sorry, Mom.
You're not gonna believe
what an amazing night I had.
Hey, where's Dad?
You're busted.
Tell me about
your amazing night.
Mom, he is so cute.
Christina, listen.
I know you like this boy,
but we don't know him.
Who is he?
He's a really nice guy.
We need to know who he is. We
need to know who his parents are.
His parents?
- Yes.
Seriously, Mom?
- Yes.
You guys are so old-fashioned.
We have traditions.
Okay, Mom.
What's to know, huh?
Weren't you my age
when you met Dad? Yes.
But, before I went out
with your father,
he had to meet my family first.
Get my dad's approval.
Look, you know how much
I love you and Daddy,
but I really like this guy.
And... I finally want
you and Dad to meet him.
But, he's intimidated by Dad.
Christina, look.
If he has nothing to hide, there's
nothing to be intimidated by.
Come on, Mom.
You know how Dad can be.
It's only because he loves you.
you better be right
about this boy,
because your dad
is a hard man to convince.
I know.
Well... I was hoping you would
help me out with that.
Okay. Okay!
I'm sorry for your loss.
Boris was a pretty good friend
of mine.
Where is Alexander?
I want to speak with him.
Yeah, he's...
He's resting right now.
Who... who did this?
It was the son
of a very powerful man,
named Vazgen.
I don't know.
Boris was my only son.
I know what he was,
but he was still my son.
I understand.
Kolya, look in my eyes.
They gonna pay for this.
I promise.
You understand?
I promise.
- Yeah?
Make sure Nikolai Ivanovich
get home safe.
So, you think we can
trust Vincent to finish this?
I've got Tony's word on it.
I don't trust
that fuckin' gumbah.
What is to trust?
We got rid of Alexander.
Vincent does the rest.
He get too powerful, he may
want to move against us later.
If he ever wants to fuck us,
I will cut his head off,
This is a new way
of doing business, my way.
Have you reached out
to Vazgen's people?
You know, you're right.
Let me call Artur.
I'm gonna call him right now.
You know that I love you
but I can't protect you
if you don't tell me the truth.
Artur's on his way back
with Natasha.
Because I have to get
the whole story.
What, you don't believe me?
I believe you, son,
but I have to know
what we're up against.
You know, these people,
they can be the most
reasonable men,
but they can also be the most
vicious animals you've ever met.
We have to play our cards right.
What happened?
What happened to you?
Tell me, tell me what happened.
Oh, Michael...
It was Vincent...
Baby, tell me.
Vincent what?
Baby, wake up.
Wake up.
Somebody help!
Baby, wake up! Natasha!
This guy, Vincent,
was at the girl's place.
Something's going on
we don't know about.
Where's the Miguel kid?
Vincent's guys shot him,
didn't make it.
What the hell happened
out there?
They were already there
before we got there.
We were ambushed.
What the fuck is going on here?
Take Michael home. I want him locked
down, nothing happens to him.
Also, Yuri called.
He wants to meet.
Like I said before,
you buy us time,
then I will talk
to Alexander personally.
Yeah, Dad?
- You're going home with Artur.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm staying with her.
Get in the fucking car,
right now.
Come on, let's go.
Yuri, we had trouble.
Vazgen's guys showed up,
the girl got away.
Michael, is everything okay?
Take him to the kitchen
and watch him.
Everything is fine.
Don't you dare give me that.
Where's Vazgen?
- Listen.
Everything is under control.
Vazgen is taking care of things.
Vazgen's taking care of things?
Vazgen's always taking care
of things, isn't he?
Keeping me in the dark, leaving
me here to worry about my family,
not knowing what's going on! I do
not know what's going on! Diana.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Don't let anything happen
to them.
He's gonna stay with you.
Gotta go.
Old friend.
Sorry we have to meet like this.
What can we do?
You know, it just
came to my mind.
We should be running things
around here.
You said you wanted to talk.
I guess you already know.
Vazgen's son killed Boris,
and I need to know how
we can resolve things.
Is it you or Alexander
that wants to know?
We want to know.
The way I heard,
is that Boris pulled a gun,
and Michael defended himself.
Then we have
two different stories.
how you want it to resolve?
Now see...
we expect something substantial,
and, uh...
we won't look other way.
I understand,
but you know,
Vazgen is not gonna
give up his son.
Of course.
I expected this answer.
But, I want to repeat myself,
something very generous
has to be offered.
I'll talk to Vazgen,
see what he says.
So, when you think
we will know the answer?
You know I can't hold Alexander
back for too long, you know.
Nice place, Yuri.
She was married?
I didn't know.
Things just got out of hand,
you know?
You cannot tell Mom,
she'll flip.
She'll have a heart attack!
Do you love her?
I used to...
take her to, uh, Point Mino,
just talk for hours.
Now, I don't even know
if I'll ever see her again.
I'm sure Dad will try to figure
something out. It's gonna be okay.
I gotta take this.
My son been in
here before with this girl?
Yeah, a couple of times.
So, why didn't you reach out to
Artur before it got to this point?
I thought it was
just some fling.
And tonight?
It looked serious.
- Did you know she was Boris' wife?
No, I had no idea.
Then how did he come
to find 'em here?
I figured he got tipped off.
Couldn't say.
You know, Carlos,
I value loyalty above
everything else, right?
If I find out you
have a hand in this,
even Ricardo's not gonna
be able to save you.
You know a guy named Vincent?
Runs some club on the West Side?
Where do I find him?
What's he gotta do with this?
I guess that's your business.
Who's he connected to?
He's a freelancer.
You know, contracts,
ransoms, anything dirty.
You sure he's independent?
I heard that, back in the day, he
was connected on the East Coast.
But now?
Not sure.
Don't forget what I told you.
Yeah, it's me.
Meet me at Main and Ocean Park
on the West Side.
We're gonna pay Vincent a visit.
What the fuck you doing?
All right, all right!
Ahh, what the fuck you doing?!
I don't know who you are,
but I've heard your name
a lot tonight.
Now, if you lie to me,
my friend here is gonna hurt you.
I do.
You introduced a Russian girl
to my son, why?
I don't know, I mean, I
introduce people all the time.
W- What's his name?
Okay! Okay, okay, I introduced them
- Answer!
I introduced 'em!
What's the big deal?
You had no idea
who's wife she was?
I- I run a club, man. I just introduce
people. That's kinda what I do.
Are you really that stupid?
Who you working for?
Nobody, man.
I don't even know
what you're talking about.
Answer the question, or I'm gonna
crack your fucking head open!
Who wanted her dead?
Who? I...
I- I don't know, man...
I don't know.
Who're you protecting, you piece of shit?
- God damn it, man!
Who are you protecting?!
- I'm cooperating here, man! My fucking head...
Fuck, man...
Alexander ordered the hit.
50 G's... 50 G's for the girl,
and a hundred...
And a hundred for what?
For your son, man.
Don't! Don't! Don't!
You were gonna kill my son?!
- No!
No, no, no, no!
I was gonna do the girl,
man, that's it!
I was just gonna do the girl, I
swear to God! I know who you are!
I would never go against you.
I would never go against you,
man, no way!
It was just gonna be
a quick 50 G's, man.
That's it...
You scared me,
I thought it was Mom.
She's probably coming,
so better get your butt to bed.
Wait, what are you doing?
It's that girl, huh?
David, don't say anything.
My lips are sealed.
That's why I love you.
Jesus! What's with you guys?
Get out of my room!
Listen, if anything happens, or if Mom
and Dad ask you where Michael went,
you have to tell them he's at the Point.
What Point?
Point Mino,
where Dad takes you, you idiot.
I can't. I just promised Michael
I wouldn't say anything.
It doesn't matter! Michael's in trouble,
and Dad might need to find him.
Just do what I say, okay?
I'm gonna follow him,
just in case.
Dude, your family's weird.
That's it, man.
That's it. That's all it was.
It was just a quick 50 G's.
- Okay.
That's it, man...
You know, just...
- We gotta go.
Listen to me,
I'm gonna say this once.
You leave tonight,
and you don't come back.
- Okay.
'Cause if you do,
my face will be the last thing
you'll see.
I'm gonna leave you something
to remember me by.
No, don't!
Oh, God!
No, what are you doing?!
Oh, my God!
Oh... my God.
Let's go.
Like it, tough guy?
So, Vazgen pays me a visit.
You see?
What about you, tough guy, huh?
You see? You see?!
So, he knows, Yuri.
He knows! I mean, he hasn't
figured out the whole thing yet,
but it's just a matter of time.
So, what did you tell him?
Exactly as we had agreed.
Did he talk to the girl yet?
- He did not.
- I'd probably be dead right now.
Like I said,
it's just a matter of time.
Then... Then make sure
he doesn't.
I want her dead.
I'll take care of it.
- Okay, take care of it.
I'll take care of it personally, but it's
gonna cost you more, you understand?
Just get this done.
Who the fuck is this guy
right here, Yuri?
Hey, listen.
Don't worry about
who this guy is.
You have a job to do,
take care of the girl.
And this time, no fuck ups,
you understand?
The minute you're done,
you call me.
That's all you have to do.
And now, go, just go.
Soon, you're gonna have your
revenge, just like I promised.
What the
hell is wrong with you?
Will you just stop
wasting time here?
Just please,
go out and find them!
David, what are you doing up?
Get back to bed.
You're looking for Michael,
aren't you, Dad?
Don't worry about it son, everything's
okay, just get back to bed.
Michael went to Point Mino, and
Christina followed him there.
Let's go!
Oh, God, you're okay.
I'm so sorry, Michael.
I love you so much.
So sorry to get you
involved in this.
Hey, this is not
your fault, okay?
It's not your fault. There's
nothing you could've done.
There's nothing
you could've done.
That bastard had it coming
to him anyway.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry... No, you're right.
He deserved it.
That's why I did it, Michael.
I had to do it.
I don't understand.
Do what? He said he
would help me to...
get away from all of this.
Promised me money.
Money for what? Who?
He said I could go away and start
a new life and never look back.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God.
So you were playing me
the whole fucking time, huh?!
You never loved me.
That's not true.
That's not true!
I do love you, Michael.
Just don't say nothing, okay?
Don't say anything right now.
Michael, at first, it was a
lie, yes, I have to admit it.
That was my only way
to get away from Boris.
Then I fell in love
with you, okay?
Think about it.
Why would I be here?
Why would I be here,
if I didn't care?
I would just pick up and go.
I risked everything to be here.
I would never do anything
to hurt you.
I love you.
Natasha! Natasha!
Oh, my God.
What happened, you little shit?!
This is for your father!
It's okay, son.
- Dad, Vincent shot her.
I know. Where's your sister?
What are you talking about?
Michael, she followed you here!
I have no idea!
- Find her!
None of this
makes any sense, Vaz.
Is Alexander playing us?
Alex has nothing
to do with this.
But someone's trying real hard
to make us believe that.
How can you be sure?
I've known the guy for 30 years.
But he can be pretty ruthless.
Alex may be a lot of things,
but he's loyal.
Why can't we get a hold of him?
That, I can't answer.
'Cause it's not like Alex.
We find out who this Vincent was
connected to, we get our answer.
Piece of shit.
That's all he is,
just an enforcer.
Then how the fuck did he come
to be in all of this, huh?
You know, back home,
this would never happen.
Armenians, Russians,
we all live by a code.
To be a Vor V Zakone
meant honor and respect.
What we did outside,
we kept it outside.
We never brought it home
to our families.
It's me that they want.
Don't you see? They know that I
will do anything for my family.
Can't just sit here,
gotta do something, Vaz.
There's nothing for us to do.
It's their play now.
You do not tie her here, and she
will fly away in blink of an eye.
Come on.
That's much better.
I hate to see girls texting,
you know?
Make sure Vazgen stays alive.
- Yeah, I'll do my best.
Who are you?
Hey, David,
what are you doing up still?
You what?
All right, son, thanks.
Get back to bed.
- Sorry, Mom, he hung up.
David's sending Christina's GPS
to my phone.
Let's go.
- Lets finish this.
Let's go!
I need you to get back and stay with
Diana and the boys.
There's already
a couple of guys there.
Just do it, okay?
- I'm not going anywhere.
Vaz, do you know you might not
even make it out here?
- Listen.
You're the only one
that I trust with my family.
I'll be fine.
I have them with me.
Let's go bring her home.
You look exactly like her,
but you never knew her.
You'll be okay.
Hey, Artur.
Tell me you don't
like this shit,
always getting stepped on.
Come on, say something!
I know you don't like it.
You know, I didn't like it,
but I did something about it.
He's no more.
Now, it is our time!
Misha, save your bullshit.
- Aw, no?
No chance of us
working together in the future?
Where's the girl?
- Relaxing!
Let her go, and we'll talk.
You mean, have a big glass
of vodka and celebrate?
Ohh, the sound of defeat.
You know, Artur,
nothing personal,
just business.
I'm really going to enjoy this.
Drop it, now!
Where's my daughter?
Don't move.
Drop your gun.
I said drop your gun!
That's good.
Alex is gonna cut off
your fucking head for this!
Ah, you don't know.
Alex is gone.
He's gone, long time ago.
Where's my daughter,
you piece of shit?
I'm piece of shit?
I'm piece of shit?
She's fine. You gonna see her.
She's with old friend of yours.
You're making
a big mistake, Yuri.
You haven't thought this
through, have you?
I'm making a big mistake?
Your old-fashioned way of doing
business is over, that's it.
Where was it? Respect, patience,
No, that's over.
It's time for new leadership,
my way.
You better kill me now, 'cause I promise
you, you won't have another chance.
I think I will, you know.
Yeah, that was my
favorite shoes.
Get up.
Get up, now!
- You okay, baby?
See, she's okay.
I'll get you out of this.
Easy, Yuri,
we still have to talk to him.
Who are you?
I'm an old friend.
You don't remember
your old friend?
What do you want with my family?
Let my daughter go,
and we can settle this like men.
You know nothing about me.
I know everything about you.
Then you know who I am,
and what I will do to you.
Let her go, or I will kill you.
Kill me? I'm already dead.
Your fight is with me. She
has nothing to do with this.
And what about
your sister, Nara?
Did she have anything
to do with this?
Now, do you remember me?
Who are you?
It's me Vazgen.
Arshak, why do you
wanna double-cross these guys?
You're my brother.
This is not the life
I want for her.
She's not for you.
And this whole thing
needs to stop, now!
30 years ago,
you killed me.
I came back from the dead.
I was at the dacha with her.
She wants to finally
tell you about us.
How many times did I tell you
not double-cross Ruslan?
How many times?!
They told me you were dead.
I told the villagers
to say that.
And when I wake up,
I find out you left for America,
and she was dead.
Because of you, she's dead!
- It's okay, baby, it's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay.
I lived all my life with it!
Now, it's time to finish it.
Because of you,
Ruslan's blood is on my hands,
because of you!
Arshak, please.
Let my daughter go.
Let her go.
- Enough!
Go help, Artur.
- Okay.
Go help him, okay?
- Okay.
Close that door behind you.
So, you wanna be the boss, huh?
I am still the boss.
Stay down, scum.
Alexander was a Vore.
You're nothing.
Fuck you, fucker. Alexander,
you are fucking dinosaurs.
No, Yuri.
This ends tonight.
It's my time.
Arshak, if you were alive,
why didn't you try to find me?
Because I believed you tried
to kill me, brother.
But why her?
I would have given
my life for her...
and for you.
Then kill me.
Let's finish it.
Let us all be sure
of what we're saying here.
After all, none of us
want any violence.
bad business.
You're right, Joey,
but either we change the way we do
things, or I change my approach.
I'm a man of reason.
But I'm also a man of my word.
let's realize
we're here for a common cause.
Well, it's my understanding that
Alexander was behind everything.
Nothing is ever as simple
as you might think.
We have all done business
with you in the past
and know you well.
I still don't see what
this has got to do with us?
This affects us all, Joey.
Today, my children were used to
harm me and my business interests.
Tomorrow, that could happen
to any of you.
So, Vaz, what do you suggest
we do about it?
Whatever differences
that we may have,
we leave the families out of it.
I don't know about that, Vaz.
If they get out of line, then
they should be held responsible,
just like any of us would be.
Why should they get a pass?
No one's talking
about a pass, Tony.
What I'm saying is,
is if you have an issue
with anything any
of my family members have done,
then you'll come to me
and deal with me directly.
So, we settle our differences in a
more civilized way. Is that right?
Oh, Vaz.
You know, you hold
a lot of power in this city,
so things are easier
for you to resolve
than-than it would be
for me, him, him.
We might have to resort to,
what I would call,
drastic measures.
Easy or not,
families should be off limits.
I agree with Vaz.
What about when we're dealing
with some of these dirtbags
who don't respect our ways.
Sometimes we have to
become like them,
in order to set an example.
There's always a solution.
Maybe if we had
your connections, Vaz,
then we could afford
to think like you.
I'm open to sharing
my resources,
if you're all open
to sharing yours in return.
After all,
this benefits us all.
if one of us breaks his word,
or doesn't honor his deal,
then the rest of us share
in punishing that person
and taking over their
business interests.
Now we know who
the real snake is.
I'll be happy to cut
his head off for you.
Everything in it's own time.
Remember, if you're patient,
you always win.
I want you to get your life
back on track.
Excuse me, sir.
- Can you help me?
What is it you need?
I've lost everything.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Help him out.
I want you to put
all this behind you.
You're gonna finish school,
you're gonna get your life
back on track.
This is not the life I wanted
for you, you understand?
I understand, Dad.
'Kay? You're a smart kid...
Is that your son?
Yes, he is.
This was my son.
He was killed...
Your son killed my Boris.
For that... I take yours.
Michael, no...
"The Mighty High"]