Better Days (2019) Movie Script

School bullying is a worldwide phenomenon.
It may be happening around us right now.
We hope this film will engage
and unite us against bullying
and extend hope to those who are in need.
Does anyone know the difference
between "was" and "used to be"?
"Was" means it has passed.
In fact, both of them mean
that it has passed.
But the difference is that "used to be"
carries a sense of loss.
Let's go over the sentences again.
One. One, two, one.
-Score 600!
-Score 600!
Anqiao City 2011
Enter the university of your dreams!
Never quit! Never give up! Keep calm!
-Did she jump off the building?
-Is it her?
Stop taking photos!
Phones away! Everyone back
to your classroom.
Is Chen Nian here?
Chen Nian.
They asked for you.
We just need to ask you a few questions.
Did Hu Xiaodie say anything to you
the day she died?
Are you sure?
Take your time.
Think hard.
I heard you're taking
the college entrance exam this year.
You enrolled in a remedial course
to get into a prestigious college, right?
Her old school
wasn't academically up to par.
Did Hu Xiaodie have
any close friends in school?
You don't need friends here.
Do you mean you or her?
Just me.
I don't know about others.
Suicide is a serious matter.
Did she appear
emotionally disturbed to you?
Or did something happen to her?
Chen Nian.
If you know something, tell us.
The school board is highly concerned
about campus safety.
The school and your teachers
will protect you.
Don't be afraid.
Why did you do that?
You said you barely knew her.
It's time for class.
They can't spare more time.
Exams are approaching.
But we need your cooperation
in this investigation.
Hu Xiaodie...
wouldn't have wanted
to be seen like that.
Didn't you hear the bell?
-Good day, sir.
-Good day, sir.
What's wrong?
Who did this?
The exam is almost here.
There is no time for pranks!
Also, try to get along
with your classmates.
But if you do get bullied,
you must tell me.
-Good day, sir.
-Hold on.
-I'll deal with your child later.
I am your teacher.
I care about your grades
as well as your life.
Is your mom home yet?
Okay, go back to class.
The child will have her exam soon.
Someone must be home.
-Zhou Lei!
-I know you are in there!
Stop hiding, open the door!
Zhou Lei!
Open the door!
-Zhou Lei!
-Pay us back!
Are you going to order that?
What? Stewed pork dumplings?
Stop pushing me.
Chen Nian's over there.
Let's go to her.
Hi. We're coming in.
Hey. Your ranking is up again this week.
I'm asking you.
How did you manage to do so well?
Do you want to join our study group?
Why not?
I want to ask you a few English questions.
I don't have time.
No time?
Or does she not want to spend it on you?
Chen Nian is not that petty.
She's a good person.
And she's good to her fellow students.
Isn't that right, Chen Nian?
Look here. Let me take your picture.
Chen Nian!
Hey, are you okay?
Don't worry.
We just want to show our appreciation
for covering Xiaodie's body the other day.
It was very touching.
But when you talked to the police,
I wasn't so touched anymore.
So what did you tell them?
Mom, I told you already.
Don't open the curtains.
The creditors will show up.
Where were you? You came back so late.
Where did you find this?
-I've been looking for it all day.
-Isn't the mask contraband?
Why are you using it?
It won't perform miracles,
but it won't kill you.
What actually happened?
-Let's listen to the interviews.
When the emergency...
Are there a lot?
Not really.
So this is how hair turns grey overnight.
But you keep doing it. It's illegal.
I'm a victim too.
The area I picked isn't bad.
When I get my cut,
you'll get your college tuition.
How are your studies?
My test scores are among the top ten.
I know I'm not a good mother.
Be patient.
Once you graduate from university,
we'll escape this hellhole.
I know I owe you.
Boys, help the girls.
You're still laughing.
You won't be laughing
when you fail your exam.
I'm telling you.
Your placement now won't determine
your future social status.
There will be a lot of challenges.
If you don't want to suffer in the future,
work hard now.
Some of you deserve praise though
for performing well, such as Wei Lai.
Keep it up.
Thank you, sir.
Luo Jun.
I worry I'll be seeing you again
next year.
-Mess him up!
-Come on!
-How dare you beat up my brother?
You wanted me to go to hell?
You go to hell first!
-Where is your bravado?
-Get up!
Aren't you tough?
Someone is getting beaten up by a gang--
Come here!
Hey, she called the police.
Is he your boyfriend?
We're talking to you!
-Speak up!
Then why did you call the police?
Crazy bitch!
Give me your bag!
Fifty yuan?
Give me your phone.
-I said give me your phone!
She's just a girl.
I get it now.
Get him.
This bitch likes him.
She's helping him because he's handsome.
Make her kiss this mad dog!
Kiss him!
Kiss him. Do it.
-Are you deaf?
-I'm letting you kiss him.
-Didn't you hear me?
-Do you have a death wish?
Hurry up and kiss him!
Kiss him!
Do you want him to die?
Are you going to kiss him?
Do it!
She did it!
-She really did it!
-She kissed him!
How dare you mess with my brother.
-They kissed!
-Who the hell are you?
Brother, are you all right?
This is not over!
How much did they take?
-Answer me.
-Fifty yuan.
I don't have change.
Give me your phone.
I thought we're here for change.
You have to buy something first.
This... will cost 200 yuan.
-I'm not scamming you.
Look. It needs major repairs.
The parts alone cost 150 yuan.
Give me 50 back.
Fine. You're so cheap.
Not even service charge.
Fix it yourself.
-You can fix phones?
-I deal with stolen phone parts.
You had it repaired before?
Most of the original parts were replaced.
You didn't watch the repair?
-They probably stole your data too.
-I don't have any important data.
You're a perfect target.
How about this?
If you pay me, I can give you protection.
You can't even protect yourself.
How can you protect me?
Getting beat up is nothing.
I always get even in the end.
Then you go ahead.
I am going to the best university
in the country.
Unlike you.
How are we different?
Haven't you seen it for yourself?
Either you bully others
or you get bullied.
So which one are you?
Is your house on the left or right?
You don't have to escort me.
It's just nearby.
What's your name?
You can't even tell me
even if we've kissed?
Pull down your hood.
-How did you get hurt?
-Is it a crime to be hurt?
-Just answer the question.
-Show me your ID.
-Look at this.
-"Your daughter is still in school."
"It will be ugly if we take it to court."
How shameless!
Chen Nian! Liu from Class Five wants
to buy a facial mask!
Shut up! Enough already!
-Where to?
Shut the door.
Are you fighting with your boyfriend?
Why come here if you have one?
Do you like me?
What's there to like?
I've never even considered it.
Why follow me home then?
I didn't expect you to bring me here.
Is my place too shabby for you?
Don't worry.
-I'm not going to sleep with you.
-Why bring it up then?
I did consider it though.
-Are you going to keep talking about it?
-I'm just making small talk.
Has no one ever taught you manners?
Are you scared now?
I'm just a punk.
Why bother with manners?
Class is over.
You can go and study if you wish.
Put the balls back when you leave.
My mom said,
"Like mother, like daughter.
Like a chip off the old block."
You must be exhausted
from paying your mom's debt.
How can you even play today?
Are you done?
Chen Nian.
-Chen Nian.
-Chen Nian.
Are you all right?
-Are you all right?
-Are you okay?
Be careful
when using the stairs next time.
Keep your wound dry.
Just one more month
and we can go to Beijing.
What if I can't hold out?
Like Hu Xiaodie.
She was weak.
She let those people affect her.
She wasn't the only weak one.
You and I are weak as well.
They've been bullying me all along.
Why didn't any of you do anything?
Hello, Officer Zheng?
That's absurd.
I don't remember.
I'm afraid of ghosts.
Hu Xiaodie was a slut.
Everyone hated her.
What does it have to do with us?
What about Chen Nian?
Didn't you push her down the stairs?
Tell me how you bullied her.
You believe Chen Nian?
I know nothing.
We're good friends with Chen Nian.
We play pranks on one another
all the time.
-Just now...
So what prank did you play
that killed Hu Xiaodie?
Do you have proof?
Would you be here if I didn't?
It was her choice to kill herself.
I have nothing to do with it.
She didn't want to study.
Her mom forced her.
Her grades were terrible.
The teacher said third-tier universities
were her best hope.
Maybe it was all too much for her.
Don't you feel even a tiny bit of remorse?
Who's calling?
Your mom.
Good timing.
Your parents should see you now.
Answer it.
You should've asked for them sooner.
Why ask me so much bullshit?
I didn't do anything.
Even if my mom comes,
I won't give them a penny.
Isn't it good that Hu Xiaodie died?
How else would her mom
get such a big payout?
If she sues,
she might even get a half million!
If Xiaodie hadn't died
and had gone to university and worked,
It would've taken her years
to earn that much money.
There's something I want to tell you.
School bullying cases are tricky.
You can't file charges
without hard evidence.
In the end, the Ministry of Education
always intervenes.
More witnesses will come forward.
Why were you a bully
when you were young?
I did not.
Then you must have been bullied.
I don't smoke.
Empathy only comes with age.
You just tend to forget the wrongdoings.
We weren't nearly as bad as they are now.
It's quite common now.
Not long ago,
a group of secondary school students
beat a classmate to death.
When I took their statements,
none of them thought
that you could beat someone to death.
Just because these cases happen on campus,
it doesn't make the school responsible.
If you try talking to the principal,
he'll pass it onto the teachers.
If you go to the teachers,
they'll pass it onto the parents.
Then the parents will say,
"I work in Shenzhen.
I only see my kid once a year."
Who else is there left?
No matter what, we are the police.
We must try our best to help.
Please give her a chance. I'm begging you.
-I'll kneel!
Xiaomiao, come. Kneel!
-Don't kneel!
-Beg your teacher!
Please get up.
-Beg your teacher.
-Get up.
-Please reinvestigate. Please!
-What are you doing?
Don't get physical!
This is a school. Behave yourself!
-Get back inside.
-Please get up.
-Please help us.
-Get up.
-Who are you? Stop!
-Don't stop me!
-Call security!
-Why can't you learn?
-What are you doing?
-Stop! Don't move!
Why are you hitting her?
Is this how you parent your child?
This is ridiculous!
They've all been suspended.
But they will still take
the college entrance exam.
They're still young.
We want to give them a second chance.
Try to get past this.
Don't let this distract you.
Chen Nian.
You did the right thing.
Trust that you did the right thing.
There will always be shadows on your path.
But when you look up,
you will always see the light.
I'm responsible for this as well.
You will have a new homeroom teacher.
Chen Nian!
Are you disappointed in me?
I'm disappointed too,
but who can I blame?
-We did the best we could--
-But you know the truth, don't you?
When I was 18, I didn't like to sleep.
My teacher said,
"Try the police academy
or a medical school.
Both professions require
working at night."
I did what she said and became a cop.
I learned to appreciate sleep.
You know why?
There are people and things
I would rather not see.
We're not that kind of family.
Her dad and I always teach her
about principles and moral values.
What kind of people to befriend
and how to befriend.
They're essential social skills.
Other kids don't have to consider those.
But she needs to.
She's different.
Things aren't always what they seem.
For instance,
what's the background of the parents?
Why was the child emotionally disturbed?
Shouldn't the school take responsibility?
Moreover, everything needs proof.
If we must get to the bottom of it,
things will turn ugly.
Have you ever seen
the eyes of wild animals
just before they're killed?
My child is still young and naive.
It's hard to say
who's the innocent one here.
They have no expression.
None at all.
It's because they're afraid.
That's why they're expressionless.
You don't need to be afraid anymore.
Concentrate on your exam.
Once the exam is over,
we will become adults.
My mom said the advantage of getting older
is you begin to forget things.
So don't let anything affect you.
You'll forget it all in the end.
But what they don't teach you
is how to be an adult.
Chen Nian, listen to me.
Growing up is like diving.
Don't think, just close your eyes
and jump in.
There will be sand, rocks
and clams in the river.
That's how we all grow up.
Nian, are you home?
Have you eaten?
I ran into some trouble.
Some people had allergic reactions
to the mask.
They make a scene here everyday.
Then come home. Just quit.
I can't make money back home.
Not to mention the creditors.
You're safer at home without me.
You're a child.
They won't do anything to you.
Do you have enough money?
Yes, I do.
Doesn't the mask give you rashes?
I can't let it go to waste.
Don't blame me if anything happens.
I won't.
You want one? Buy it yourself.
Once I make it to Beijing,
everything will be fine.
Let's open a small shop
in front of the university.
I'll grab students off the street.
Let's make money off my classmates.
All right. That's my girl.
I know I can count on you.
Listen, you're amazing.
So am I.
We're reincarnations of the Monkey King.
We're both invincible.
The end is right before us.
Don't screw up now. Okay?
I heard you.
Trust me.
-Keep it up.
I'm hanging up.
Rest up.
I'm really hanging up.
We should all stand up against bullying.
If anyone should need help,
seek your teachers.
The school will take the matter seriously.
The entrance exam is very stressful,
but the students' well-being
is our priority.
The school will strengthen
its counseling service.
Please approach the counselor
if you have any questions.
We must persist!
It's you against the world.
If you can stand your ground,
you will prevail.
We are not afraid, right?
Class dismissed.
What kind of replacement teacher is he?
He's horrible.
Students, you'll be graduating soon!
You'll be entering
the first stage of your life.
Are you happy?
Let's take the picture!
You're graduating! Smile!
-Look into the camera. Three, two, one.
Say cheese!
You dared to call the cops?
Why don't you follow
Hu Xiaodie's footsteps...
and die?
Chen Nian! Are you rushing to your death?
Chen Nian, why are you running?
Chen Nian, where are you going?
Stop running!
You think you can escape?
Stop right there!
That way!
Did you see her?
Go to her house!
She'll go back eventually.
I can't take calls during interrogation.
What's the matter?
Zheng Yi, he's talking. Hurry back.
Chen Nian?
I'm sorry, I misdialed.
Can you protect me?
I don't have money to pay you.
But I must go to Beijing.
Don't move.
Do you feel hot?
What did you say?
Do you feel hot?
Is it hard?
Is the couch hard?
No, it's not.
Didn't you look down on me before?
Give me your notebook.
Give me your notebook.
Bring a pen too.
Write this down.
"Chen Nian owes Bei one time."
I haven't specified what it is.
It could be just a meal.
I didn't say it would be a meal.
It could be something else.
You have to get up early tomorrow.
Don't touch Chen Nian.
Watch him.
Where's the money?
What are you looking at?
You dare to come here without the money?
Pay us for the last job first.
Grade 12 students, raise your right hand
and take the oath!
I vow.
I vow.
I will not fail my parents!
-I will not disappoint my teachers!
-I will not disappoint my teachers!
You still owe me money!
Get lost!
I will smile confidently... I strive for success and glory! I strive for success and glory!
A plus B...
Six of bamboo.
Three of characters.
Five of characters.
Five of characters again.
Can't do it?
Then you're not eating tonight.
What are you memorizing?
An essay.
What for?
Our teacher can predict exam topics.
Don't tell me.
I don't want to know.
Why don't you go to school?
It's useless.
It's not.
It's useful to you.
Not to me.
Bunch of punks.
You dare cause a scene in my joint?
I'll set things right
on behalf of your parents.
Don't you like to fight?
What are you waiting for?
You're too pure.
You won't get it.
Who has been protecting you?
Can he protect me too?
Why is it my turn now?
I did everything they said.
I'll walk you home.
Does it hurt?
I'm used to it.
Since when?
Since I was 13.
My dad left us.
My mom was burdened with me.
She couldn't handle it.
She met a man later.
One morning, when I woke up,
she came home with some meat buns.
I was so happy.
Meat buns were a rare treat.
But as soon as I ate,
she slapped me.
With tears running down her face.
That man dumped her.
Because of me.
Did she get married eventually?
I went back to look for her.
But she had moved.
Chen Nian.
You're the first person
to ask me if it hurts.
You're here.
-Thank you, bye.
Are you being stalked lately?
I'm heading out for a bit.
It's not the first time
I've seen someone following you.
Can university graduates
earn thousands a month?
More than that.
At least tens of thousands.
Can we make that much?
Look at us.
We don't steal things or deal drugs.
How can we ever make that much?
But you're good-looking.
You could sell your body.
Maybe I'm not who you think I am.
What did you say?
I ignored Hu Xiaodie
because she wanted to be my friend.
I actually liked her.
Don't you think
maybe I don't deserve your kindness?
What did you just say?
It's coming.
What are you doing?
Do you want to...
get away from this together?
There must be a way.
One day, we'll walk proudly
in broad daylight for the world to see.
-Everyone, stay put.
-Don't run.
-Don't move!
-What's happening?
-Que up.
-Raise your head! I am talking to you!
-Stand up!
-What are you doing?
-You! And you!
-Stand up.
-You three, come with me. Stand up.
-Officer. We are really good students.
-Get in line!
-Come on!
-One by one, move forward.
-Where to?
-Stand up.
-We got a tip-off.
-Move it.
Someone saw
a suspected rapist here.
-Please cooperate.
How long will this take?
Who knows?
They're looking for a rapist.
A girl is here to identify him.
Then why did you run?
I thought you were the owner of the place.
-What time is it?
-I don't even look like a rapist.
-I'm asking you.
-Have you been raped before?
When will you release us?
It's not your first time.
It'll be done when it's done.
The number you dialed
is temporarily unavailable.
Shut up if you want to live.
Shut up if you want to live!
Get serious.
Shut up if you want to live!
Shut up...
if you want to live!
Get serious!
Sir, can I try again?
Put on the masks we gave you.
Stand up straight!
The number you dialed
is temporarily unavailable.
-Here comes the bitch!
-You're the bitch.
-Slap her.
-Crying won't help. Why bother?
-What's with that look?
-Where are you going?
-You can't go.
Are the books important?
You want to go to university?
In your dreams.
-A close-up shot.
-Miao, come here.
-Hit her.
-Go on.
-Good one!
-That's more like it!
Come on, go ahead!
A close-up shot!
-We're cutting her hair.
-More, keep going!
-Cut it all off.
So now you're not talking?
-Why are you crying?
-What's wrong?
-Why are you crying?
Quit crying!
Do guys like you?
Let's see. You're not even pretty.
How did you get guys to help you?
What a pretentious slut.
You must have a great body.
Do you want to see it?
Let's see what you've got! Strip her!
-Strip her! Take it all off!
-Strip her!
-What are you doing? I've called the cops!
-What a bitch!
We just say the same thing
to the police every time.
That guy must be going to prison.
It's just a bottle.
Let go.
Let go!
Let go!
-Let go!
-Go kill them all then!
Do a test run of the route
to the exam venue.
Estimate your commute.
Arrive at least 15 minutes early.
You hear me?
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
I'll give out the exam permits.
Song Yunlin.
Yi Xingtong.
Yang Kaiyuan.
Check the exam center.
Chen Nian.
Li Zhengting.
Deng Jingyao.
Yin Tianyu.
Do you trust me?
Of course.
Of course I trust my little girl.
I'll be all right.
I'll wait for your good news.
Forever young!
-Beautiful forever!
-All the best!
It's about to take off.
-One, two, three.
-One, two, three.
Good luck!
The national college entrance exam
starts today.
There are 9.23 million candidates
this year,
surpassing last year's total.
Heavy rains have paralyzed traffic
in some parts of the city.
Candidates are advised
to leave home early to avoid delays.
According to the weather forecast,
heavy rains will continue
over the next few days.
All the best.
Check your answers.
Check them three times.
-If you have time...
-Before you go in,
take a deep breath.
Remember to remain calm.
If you have time,
double-check your answers.
Okay? Double-check your name
and permit number.
Dawn is breaking.
Glory is coming!
Do you want to achieve your dreams?
Let us all prevail
and bask in the light of a new dawn!
-Can you do it?
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
-We will achieve glory!
-We will achieve glory!
-All the best!
-All the best!
-One, two, three, all the best!
-One, two, three, all the best!
-All the best!
-All the best!
-All the best!
-All the best!
We will now show you the envelopes
for the question papers and answer sheets.
The seals are intact.
We will now break the seals.
Time is up.
Stop writing immediately.
Stand up.
Invigilators, please collect the papers.
Do you own the vehicle
with the plate AT3258?
Where were you the night of May 31st?
I was at the hospital.
Many people saw me.
You can ask around.
Your car was captured on CCTV
near the crime scene.
The trunk was tested positive
for traces of blood.
Explain that.
My car...
was stolen.
Who would return a car
after murdering someone?
Don't you own a motorbike?
Unless it's someone you know.
What do you need my dad's cab for?
His shift starts early tomorrow.
I want to try driving a cab.
We're buddies, right?
Then listen to me.
Get a full checkup from a doctor.
Test everything.
Don't return home until you're done.
You'll be fine.
Whatever they ask, just tell the truth.
Is she really dead?
Why are you smiling?
I'm not.
Wei Lai hasn't called me since that day.
"That day"?
It has nothing to with me.
They all went mad that day.
If I didn't do as told,
they would have killed me.
Chen Nian killed her.
You're accusing Chen Nian
because you've been bullying her.
Who's the bully here?
Wei Lai feared for her life.
Quit crying!
So now you're not talking?
-Give her a haircut.
-Don't like the haircut?
How is the haircut?
You have no right to cry.
-Quit crying!
-Why are you crying?
I saw the video.
Why didn't you call the police?
I had to focus on the exam.
I've already filed a complaint before.
Can't we...
postpone this until after the exam?
I still have two papers left.
You must come with me.
Chen Nian.
Wei Lai is dead.
You're a prime suspect.
Chen Nian.
You're being interviewed as a suspect.
Tell the truth and they'll be lenient.
Answer me.
I understand.
Did you tell your mom after the incident?
Has she returned?
Did it affect your studies?
They filmed you.
Why didn't you report them?
I told you I wanted to focus on my exam.
They took naked pictures of you.
You were assaulted but didn't report it.
How could you stay focused?
When was the last time you saw Wei Lai?
I haven't seen her since the incident.
-How did she die?
-Just answer the questions, understand?
Where were you the night of May 31st?
At home, studying.
I study at home every day.
Any witness?
It's okay. We can ask your neighbors.
Are you done?
She doesn't have an alibi.
But we don't have any evidence,
just motive.
Let's release her for now.
She has exams tomorrow.
-What do you think, Wang Li?
-Her reactions were odd.
What's the right reaction?
Should she cry and scream?
Don't allow emotions
to cloud your judgment.
What about Fang Yongkang's car?
Did Chen Nian steal it?
She's tiny.
How could she have moved the body?
What's your problem?
She might have an accomplice.
What's wrong with you?
You're being unprofessional.
Calm down, you two.
A girl just filed a report.
She was almost raped in a park.
She saw the attacker's face.
It fits the serial rapist's description.
Wang Li, the girl is not in...
Release Chen Nian.
Keep her under surveillance.
Do you trust me?
Time is up.
Stop writing immediately.
Place your answer sheets
on top of the question papers.
Stand up.
Invigilators, please collect the papers.
Those are cops behind us.
Didn't you say we can't be seen together?
Call for help.
There's no time.
Scream for help now.
I stalked you and harassed you.
I tried to rape Wei Lai
but accidentally killed her.
No. You didn't.
I left evidence. They're looking for me.
I'll turn myself in.
Chen Nian.
Look at me.
Can't you see?
I'm a guy with nothing.
No brains, no money,
no future.
But I love someone.
I want her to have a happy ending.
I won't leave you.
I'm a minor.
I won't get a harsh sentence.
When you graduate from university,
I'll already be out.
I'm not going anywhere.
Only if you succeed...
will I not be a total loser.
You go first.
Find somewhere safe.
Chen Nian.
When you grow up...
We'll meet again, right?
Don't forget.
You still owe me one.
Shut up if you want to live!
Hold him!
Don't move!
Shut up if you want to live!
You said you were pretending
to be the rapist
when you assaulted Zhang Jing
and Chen Nian.
Check the records.
My buddies and I were dragged here
to stand in the lineup.
We were later released.
I'm not the rapist you're looking for.
I don't understand.
You're a good-looking kid.
You could easily get a girlfriend.
Why did you do it?
Take a guess.
Guess right and I'll tell you.
-Guess wrong and I won't.
-Shut up!
I don't have time for bullshit!
No more questions.
You speak.
Give me all the details.
I've already told him everything.
Nothing more.
Listen up.
-Hard evidence carries more weight.
-Then go find the evidence.
I have nothing else to add.
If Li Lifang saw you right now,
how would she feel?
I want to give you a chance
to redeem yourself.
Our people are tracking down your mom.
Do you want to see her?
Don't you want to know how she is?
Would you rather confess
or see your mom like this?
What do you want?
Just get to the point.
Have you seen this girl before?
She's Wei Lai. She was killed and buried.
The lab ran a test and confirmed
that the skin found under her nails
belongs to you.
Liu Beishan, why did you kill Wei Lai?
She'd still be alive
if she did what she was told.
But she kicked and bit me.
It hurt.
So I pushed her.
She died just like that.
The man who called the cops?
I've apologized to him
and deleted the video too.
They all listen to me.
What do you want?
Please don't report me to the police.
How much do you want?
I can give you any amount.
Just tell me.
Tell me.
If you want, you can film me too.
Chen Nian.
Hit me.
Yell at me, slap me.
I can't repeat another year.
My dad hasn't talked to me in a year.
-I don't want to hear it.
You don't have to forgive me.
Just don't file a report.
We all went overboard.
I beg you, Chen Nian, I'm so sorry.
Just name your terms.
I'll agree to anything.
I beg you.
I can't repeat another year.
I don't want to see you ever again.
If you don't want to see me again,
let's not apply to the same university.
What's your first choice?
Mine is Peking University.
And yours?
It's okay if you don't want to tell me.
Let's hope we both do well in the exam.
What a pity.
We could have been friends.
Luo Ting is an idiot.
Xu Miao is two-faced.
But you're decent.
My mom is right.
Make friends with good people
and life will be easier.
I took care of the video,
and you won't report me.
We can both forget about it,
like nothing happened.
It's more important
to live in the present.
Hey, are you sure you don't want money?
I would feel better if you accepted some.
You could clear your mom's debts.
Then you two can stop hiding
and live with some dignity.
I failed.
You said you've never met Liu Beishan.
But your classmate said he saw
Liu Beishan stalking and harassing you.
Do you recall?
I don't remember.
She just needs to put up a weak act
and men would flock to protect her.
Are all men such pigs?
I need CCTV footage of Chen Nian's
daily commute to school.
Zoom in on that guy in grey.
What do you want to do?
Study and take the exam.
Go to a good school.
Become one of the smart ones
and find answers.
If possible,
protect the world.
Can you do it?
I'm going to try.
It's a deal.
You'll protect the world.
I'll protect you.
-Strip her! Take it all off!
-Strip her!
-Strip her!
-Let me do it.
-Strip her!
Tell me if you can't watch anymore.
What do you mean?
This is good stuff.
But the camera is shaky.
I can't see it very well.
Tell me, which one is Wei Lai?
I can't tell.
Why did you skip the middle one?
It's gross.
They're all gross.
You knew that one was Wei Lai.
-Strip her!
-Come on!
I did not.
Why are you showing me this?
Maybe you've seen her corpse,
so you know what she was wearing
when she died.
Just so you know,
-Chen Nian is here.
-What do I care?
She's next door.
My colleague is interrogating her.
Is it my fault that I got bullied?
I'm sorry about
what you had to go through.
But if you had trusted us adults,
we could have had helped you.
Who can help me?
The ones who filmed me?
Or the onlookers?
Or the ones who blame me
for being targeted?
So you took matters into your own hands.
You confronted Wei Lai and took revenge.
Revenge may seem normal to most people.
But those who are forced
to bear with things
just to get through
the college entrance exam
are considered wrong?
If this is how the world works,
would you bring a child into it?
Get me a pack of cigarettes.
You are Chen Nian's friend.
So am I.
You want to help her, so do I.
But kid, you're too naive.
You thought you had the perfect plan,
but we saw through you right away.
Do you take the cops for idiots?
Even if you keep quiet,
Chen Nian is still a prime suspect.
Do you get what I'm saying?
There's only two of us now.
Tell me what happened
and I'll figure out how to help you two.
Drop the act.
Aren't you tired?
Tell your man to come back in.
Fine, I'll be blunt.
You are friends with her.
She was bullied
so you killed Wei Lai together
out of revenge.
You uneducated fool.
Chen Nian came by herself today.
Do you want to know what she said?
We don't need your confession.
Chen Nian broke down.
Chen Nian.
What do you know about the world?
You held out, but she couldn't.
She has confessed everything.
...or about the world of convicts?
Do you know
how they treat rapists in prison?
Everyone will gang up on him.
Even if you want to sacrifice yourself
for someone else,
you should first consider
if they're able to handle it.
Unless this is what you want.
You go to heaven
while someone else rots in hell.
You accuse me
of letting someone else take the fall
and leaving them to rot in hell.
Who do you mean?
You said
even if I want to sacrifice myself,
they might not be able to take it.
Who do you mean?
You said everybody wants to help me.
Who can really help me?
Why do you insist that I'm helping her?
What am I getting out of it?
I'll say it again.
Drop the act.
I didn't make anyone take the fall for me.
I, Liu Beishan, am not an idiot.
Wei Lai's death has nothing to do with me.
I only kissed and molested her.
I don't know her.
I have never met Liu Beishan before.
Have you considered the severity
of the sentence for such crimes?
Zheng Yi!
The suspect cannot meet with the victim!
Zheng Yi!
Both of you have been lying
since the beginning!
Once we submit the report,
you won't ever see her again.
I don't know him.
Why don't we get to know each other now?
Chen Nian!
-Listen to me.
-Calm down.
Can't you just trust me?
-Get up.
-Calm down, Zheng Yi!
Do you really know what you're doing?
-Zheng Yi!
-Listen to me, Chen Nian!
-Calm down.
-Just trust me.
-Chen Nian.
-Zheng Yi.
You were protecting Chen Nian.
Why are you suddenly accusing her
of murdering Wei Lai?
If someone spends decades
in prison for her,
she won't be able to bear it.
No one would take the rap
for murder and rape
just to protect someone.
We wouldn't,
but they're teenagers.
What's wrong?
We shouldn't be seen together.
I don't mind.
It's not that simple.
Keep walking.
I'll be right behind you.
What will you do behind me?
The entrance exam results are out today.
-What's your score?
- First choice universities'
entry score is 548.
-Next is 494.
-It's 632.
How did you do so well?
How is it possible?
All of your efforts paid off.
We made it.
Good people get good karma. God bless.
Nian, I love you.
Mom loves you.
Let's eat!
Keep quiet, I'll go check.
-Hello, ma'am.
I was nearby.
I came by to congratulate you.
You're free now.
How do you feel?
I'm talking about becoming an adult.
How does it feel?
You're not going to talk to me anymore?
I understand.
You're still mad at me for suspecting you.
I was disciplined for what happened.
I'll go then.
I'll see you off when you go to Beijing.
Right, I have good news for you.
A few days ago,
Liu Beishan received a death sentence.
Due to the severity of his crimes
and his previous convictions,
the court reached a quick verdict.
But he's a minor.
He lied to you.
Liu Beishan is an adult.
Even if he is a minor,
he has to bear legal responsibility.
Chen Nian.
Go away!
Go away!
Why can't you leave us alone?
Why is it so hard to let us be?
Just let one of us be free.
Why did you do that? Why?
I'm sorry, I lied.
There's no verdict yet.
He'll be put away for decades,
but you could be out in a few years.
Hate me all you want.
This is for the good of both of you.
Number 178, you have a visitor.
A good student...
and a small-time punk.
Must you drag both of them down?
You've come a long way.
Where are you going?
To sleep. I'm tired.
I feel much more relaxed now.
It's the same feeling I had
when I finished my last paper.
Did your teacher's prediction come true?
What was the topic?
A letter to 20 years after.
Are you afraid?
I used to be.
I'm still a little scared.
And you?
I was a little afraid,
but not anymore.
If you could go back,
would you do it all over again?
Answer me.
There is no "if."
I don't like the "if" in this scenario.
Does anyone know the difference
between "was" and "used to be"?
"Was" means it has passed.
In fact, both of them mean
that it has passed.
But the difference is that "used to be"
carries a sense of loss.
Let's go over the sentences again.
Chen Nian was found guilty
of negligent homicide
and received a light sentence
of four years in prison.
The case aroused great government
and public concern.
It not only introduced heavier penalties
towards juveniles involved in bullying,
but also initiated the implementation
of a campus safety plan.
On October 26, 2012,
"PRC Law on the Protection of Minor"
was introduced...
Bullying could be happening around us.
...effective January 1, 2013.
Schools are at the frontline
of prevention against bullying.
However, school bullying
goes beyond campus walls.
In 2016, the Ministry of Education
and eight other ministries
implemented 11 initiatives
to curb bullying on campus,
including preventions, penalties,
and long-term deployments.
In November 2017,
the Ministry of Education
and ten other ministries initiated
the Anti-bullying
in Primary and Secondary School
Reinforcement Program.
In 2018,
municipal governments
introduced regulations
to prevent school bullying
in accordance
to the State Council's guidance.
When family, society, the law
and every one of us
come together to join forces,
we can protect our younger generations
and the world from bullies.
Subtitle translation by Sandy Ng