Better Days (2023) Movie Script

[upbeat rock music plays]
[door bell ringing]
No, we need to start earlier.
It was his birthday,
so I let him sleep in.
[gentle piano music plays]
[birds chirping]
Maybe I should explain
the whole angel thing,
because I hated costumes.
The only reason
I wore it that morning
was-- was for him.
You see, we-- we, uh,
we met at a Halloween party
in Toronto when I was 22.
Uh, I had a friend who invited
me to this party and
she had a double costume.
So I went as an angel and there
I was hiding in the corner.
I hate parties.
It was a very noisy party.
And, uh, this giant
pink bunny came over,
actually hopped over.
It was love at first sight.
Me and my
bunny together forever.
[gentle piano music plays]
[singy songy] Happy birthday.
You get cake for breakfast.
I'm also
wearing the angel costume
if you want a little
action with a celestial being.

[exhaling deeply]
I've always been
the Beats Me School of Religion.
What happens when we die?
Beats me, I guess
find out when it happens.
But he seems so alone in there.
Just suit and shoes.
What if he needed to
bribe someone to get in?
[church organ music plays]
[whispering] Sorry, honey.
Show time.
Thank you.
Thank you so much for coming.
The funeral was lovely.
A perfect tribute to how
much his life really mattered.
Shut up!
Shut up!
Shut up!
If all you can do is
go on about, "Oh, my God.
It's been ages.
Amy, Tom. Oh, how are you?
I'm going on a trip.
Really? How fabulous.
Love your hair. Love your hair."
Shut the fuck up!
My husband is dead.
Get the fuck outta here.
I didn't say that.
I only thought it.
There you are, Kate.
wondering where you went.
Oh, yeah.
I hate funeral receptions too.
And you don't even drink.
Might wanna start.
It is damn hard, huh?
Well, at least
he went in his sleep.
You don't wanna know
how my cat Pickle suffered.
You know, between you and me,
I could use a day like today.
I mean,
everyone's saying Jenna
was the kindest,
most unselfish woman I ever met.
And you know
the worst thing about
sleeping with a married man?
Everyone gets to come
to these things with someone,
but I'm always by myself.
I'm-- funerals,
weddings, dinner parties.
Like goddamn
Noah's Ark out there.
Maybe you'll
find out for yourself.
Oh, at least you'll
have me to keep your company.
Yeah. You got-- I'm gonna be
checking up on you all the time.
I thought it was really nice.
Yeah. Yeah.
I know today was hard,
but there'll be
better days ahead, huh?
We'll help you with anything.
Packing his clothes.
Those Halloween costumes, sis.
-Every year you'd be like...
"We are the grownups Eric!"
I guess you'll
be selling the house, huh?
Uh, well, I love this house.
Why would she move?
Well, she doesn't
need all this space now.
-This is our home.
-[scoffing] Yeah.
You're gonna take care of
the yard, Leah?
This is insane.
Just because dad isn't here
doesn't mean
everything has to change.
Mom you'll be
much happier in a condo, okay?
-there's no snow to shovel--
-Oh, my God.
Don't tell her what to do.
Like, she's staying right here.
What you talking about?
You're gonna-- you're gonna--
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Come on, guys. Come on.
It's been a long day. I'm fine.
I'm fine. Okay?
Go on. Go home.
-Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm good.
Okay. Will you call
if you need anything?
-Yeah. Yeah.
-We'll see you really soon.
-Yeah. Love you.
-Love you.
Love you too.
You'll be alright.
[door opening, closing]
[birds chirping]
[exhaling deeply]
[crickets chirping]
[sly music]
[moaning in disgust]

[gulping loudly]
[phone ringing]
[exhaling deeply]
Please stop leaving messages.
Uh, Kate?
Uh, I-- I did leave messages,
A-- about 20 of them.
We were wondering-- I mean,
I know it's a really hard time
for you,
but we thought you were going
to come back two weeks
ago and then last week and...
[nervous chuckle]
it's-- it's Monday again.
So we were thinking
we might have to hire
lecturer for your classes.
I-- I mean,
on a more permanent basis.
Is that what you want us to do?
Oh, uh, well,
it's your choice.
Okay. Well, bye I guess.
And-- and you take care.
The one good thing
about death...
is life insurance.
It's-- it's
hard not to think, woohoo.
What a-- what a load of cash.
I mean, it was the biggest
lump sum I'd ever had.
And thanks
to mortgage insurance,
the house was entirely paid for.
I didn't know it was
enough for me to last forever.
But... maybe.
Depending on when you die.
So possibly forever.
'Cause you can die
at any point, right?
[pensive violin music plays]


If you speak, it would
officially be a miracle.
And I know there
aren't a lot of those,
but I could really--
I could really use a miracle.
I miss you, honey.
How about you, God?
Can you hear me?
[music stops]
I didn't think so.
[door creaks open]
Hello, stranger.
I thought I locked the door.
I called and called
and you didn't call back
so I just told myself,
"Why don't you just pop by?"
I mean,
I thought we'd be hanging
out all the time now
you're on your lone some, right?
Things are same old
same old with Ralph
so I got plenty of time.
Oh, what you got there?
Something yummy?
It's a lot of booze for
someone who doesn't drink.
You having a party
I didn't get invited to?
Uh, no. Actually
there's a vodka shortage,
you know, potato blight, famine.
The Irish are really worried.
Oh, bet you're still finding
it hard without Eric, hey?
I want you to know that we all
miss him as much as you do.
You-- you miss my
husband as much as I do?
What a stupid thing to say.
I miss him every
second and I wanna die.
And at the same time I think,
oh God, I'm gonna die.
We're all gonna die.
You are gonna die!
We're all gonna die.
But we just pretend, oh no,
everything's just fine,
don't we?
Don't we? Because, I mean,
if there was a beast,
a giant beast, right?
From another planet that was
coming down here to kill us all,
we'd be running around
screaming, or fucking, or...
killing our enemies, right?
But because it's
going to be a car accident,
or cancer or COVID, we just
pretend everything is just fine!
You are gonna die!
[whispering] You're gonna die.
Yeah. It's-- it's nice
for you to come, Jenna,
but I'm, uh,
kinda busy right now.
Well, surely the cure
for grief is not small talk.
-You are?
-Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Well, I guess I'll just
s-- see myself out.
[door closes]
So how you doing, mom?
I'm fine.
Would anyone like more wine?
Uh, yeah, please.
Thank you.
And another
cup of tea for you, Kate?
No, no.
I have enough tea.
Thank you. Thank you.
Chandni cooked dinner and,
uh, she made extra
-for you to take home.
-[Chandni] To save you cooking.
You didn't have to do that.
I-- I'm sorry that we couldn't
get together sooner.
It's been, what?
-Exactly. [chuckling]
Oh, speaking of work.
How's it feel
to be back teaching?
It's-- it's
not too much for you?
No, no, no, no.
It's not too much.
That's great.
That's really great.
It's good to keep busy.
It keeps your mind off things.
How's Jenna?
You two must
be hanging out a lot more now.
I know she can be a little...
-Woo! But she's fun.
-She is.
Yeah, we saw each other
the other day.
I'm so glad.
Well, Mom, I just wanna say,
you know,
I-- I know you still got
your career and all for a while,
but because you and
Dad were so close,
we just-- we're still worried.
Because you know how with
some couples when one of them...
then the other
one also sort of--
When my boss's wife died,
he started drinking...
a lot.
But we're so glad
that you're keeping it together.
Being strong.
-Dad would be really proud.
-[Leah] Mm-hmm.
Would he?
If I had died, would I have
wanted him to get over me?
Who wants to be forgettable?
And what-- what is
the appropriate amount of grief?
Is it like
a multi-variable equation?
Number of years together?
Degree of happiness, shock?
[light scoff]
I'll admit I was not at my best.
I just needed
some time to adjust.
A few weeks.
You know having this
break has been really great.
[slurring] I-I don't
miss teaching at all.
I mean,
when was the last time in
my life when I could
do whatever I wanted, right?
Like drink vodka
in the middle of the afternoon.
[chuckling] You want some?
[door bell ringing]
Uh, no, no. Don't you go.
I can get this. Here we go.
[man] Hey. Uh, no problem.
They're heavy.
Thank you.
Just put 'em-- Yeah.
Thank you.
Uh, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait.
[coins clattering]
Opposable thumbs.
What would we do without them?
And you, uh, would rule
the world, Miss Ellicott.
Well, I mean,
without opposable thumbs
humans would've never
conquered the other species.
No guns for a start.
So I guess
bears would be in charge.
I bet the planet would
be a much better place.
Can't get much worse.
Um, I'll bring
you some honey next time.
-Did I-- did I order honey?
-'Cause of the...
Oh. [growling, laughing]
He was so sweet.
Acted like I was a real bear.
Did you miss me?
Hey, did you miss me?
Hey, you missed me.
I know you did.
I know you did.
I know you did.
Ah, hmm.
Isn't that what we all want?
Is to love someone so much
that we'd go mad without them?
[crying] Talk to me, please!
Talk to me!
Maybe I needed some
new friends.
Real friends.
As in not imaginary.
You can see
why Miss Ellicott is
my favorite customer.
I love these.
I can't believe you have them.
Yeah, we just saved our favorite
costumes over the years.
Thank you for letting us
try them on.
My pleasure.
Okay, so we all believe
in dogs and roosters,
but who believes in angels?
-I do.
-I don't know.
And if there are angels,
are they here around us?
We just don't see them?
People who are
dead but lingering.
That's ghosts.
I don't believe in ghosts.
You don't?
Definitely not.
But the angels maybe.
So we become angels when we die,
but we're not here on earth.
We're up in
heaven hanging out with
our dead friends and families.
Bouncing up
and down in the clouds.
-Sounds nice.
-Yeah. [chuckling]
Do we still have food in heaven?
-I don't know.
-Nobody knows.
Geez. I wouldn't
want to give up tacos.
Human beings can't know
what happens after we die.
Because if it's nice,
then whenever we have a bad day,
we'd just kill ourselves
to get up there sooner.
But there's
always a better day ahead.
You just gotta wait for it.
[chuckling] Your age.
But what happens when all
you have ahead of you is getting
useless and then your brain
shrivels up and you have to wear
diapers and then you have to
be tied to a chair so you don't
run away from that horrible
nursing home they put you into.
Maybe years before
you actually get to die.
Okay. So what happens to
your loved ones while
they're waiting for you?
Maybe they met somebody nice.
Forgot about you,
and then you show up
and they go, "Get lost.
I'm dating Elizabeth Taylor."
And then you have to spend
eternity all alone.
Who's Elizabeth Taylor?
-[door bell ringing]
-[Kate] Shit!
-Hide me, hide me.
-Oh, I can do it.
[effort grunts]
Oh. No, no. It's okay.
It's not gonna work.
It's okay.
What a lovely surprise, Jenna.
Well, I just thought
it'd come by and say hi.
I have, uh, guests right now,
as you can see.
I-- I-- I know eating
alone sometimes it doesn't seem
worth the trouble so
I brought you a casserole.
Oh wow.
Thank you.
Yeah, I would,
uh, I would invite you,
-Yeah, no, it's okay.
Sure. I-- I-- I understand.
Okay. Just keep in touch.
-Yeah. Yeah.
A casserole?
I can't believe people
are bringing you free food.
-That is awesome.
Aww. And it smells good.
I shall heat it up.
-[cheering, laughing]
-Oh, yes!
They were sweet.
And to them
I wasn't the "Widow."
[chuckling] So cool.
You are so cool, man.
-I love it.
Looks good on you.
What is this?
Uh, I think
it's a chipmunk or skunk.
-I don't-- yeah.
Should have worn that to prom.
-Oh, there's a bridal gown.
-Oh, no, no, no.
That's not a co-- costume.
Well, maybe it is.
This is
your actual wedding gown?
We didn't wanna ask,
but where is your husband?
Oh, he left me.
Well, he did.
You're so lucky
he left his costumes behind.
[laughing] Yeah.
I don't think he needed
them where he was going.
Where was that?
Don't worry you'll get over him.
Men come, they go.
-But we survive.
-Up top.
-All right.
[both laughing]
You can know you're pathetic
but still not wanna have
people feel sorry for you.
-[door knocking]
-[Leah] Mom?
[man] Use your key.
What are you doing?
[Leah] Just give me a second.
[door opens]
Night night.
-There you are.
-Jenna called me.
Yeah. Mom, who are these
kids you let in?
And they're wearing
those wacky costumes of dads?
I thought you threw
those out ages ago.
Oh no.
Not, not yet. No.
Okay. Well, mom, you can't just
let strangers into the house.
People often
target women your age.
All right? Widows.
They take advantage.
-They were just--
-Have-- have you been drinking?
-You never drink.
You have always said you don't
like feeling all woozy.
I don't get it.
You were just doing so well.
-She was doing so well.
Well, I guess we haven't
visited in quite a while.
-Well, I'm swamped at work.
-I-- Oh, you're swamped.
Like, give me a fucking break.
No, it was just
a little sip to help me sleep.
It hit me hard 'cause
I'm not a drinker
and they were
just little children.
Little children.
-What do we do here?
-I don't know.
-Pretty small.
-Maybe you should take
her to your place for the night.
Well, I've got people
coming for dinner, so I can't.
Take her to yours.
I got a date.
My apartment's so small.
You gotta-- There's
no way you have a date.
Why does that matter?
What she--
Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello?
I won't see them again,
the little children. I promise.
Cross my heart
Something at least that--
Yeah, I mean,
I guess it's true.
She's not a drinker.
So one glass of wine
would really hit her.
Yeah. Yeah. You got it.
Yeah, for sure.
It's amazing.
I mean,
it was Jenna who called, so.
Oh, Jenna talking about,
you know, drink or--
Just some little kids having
fun with the costumes.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
-Okay. So we're okay?
It's a bit funny.
But do you, uh,
might wanna just
take it easy
with the alcohol, Mom.
Keep it to one glass of wine.
Um, if she's all right,
I really gotta get going here.
Yeah. Honestly, me too.
Chandni is pissed about
always doing the cooking, so.
But you're really okay?
I'm fine. I'm fine.
You know, you're not too lonely?
I'm fine.
I'm fine. I'm fine.
Just remember, you know,
don't see those kids again.
Oh, pfft. You got it.
You bet.
My mom would never wear
something like this in public.
Mine too. I mean, she's
been dead for ages, but still.
My mom has so many rules.
I'm sick of everyone
telling me what to do.
Yes. I'll clean my
room tomorrow.
I'll take out the garbage later.
I know I haven't returned
your damn casserole dish.
You'll never get into
a good school with those grates.
You wanna be a delivery
boy for the rest of your life?
File those tax returns on time.
Don't drop
out of another school.
No one will hire
you with a tattoo on your face.
I will decide
who you can be friends with
and what you can drink.
You're gonna regret
this when you're older.
You're gonna
regret everything anyway.
You're gonna regret not
loving people enough and not
hugging them all night
long and not telling them
how wonderful they were
every minute of every day.
And then...
[exhaling deeply]
I should just
hold onto them tight and
have a whole bunch more sex.
Lots and lots and lots of sex.
Because once it's gone,
you miss it.
So when you can,
you should just fuck
and fuck and fuck and fuck!
I mean, it's true.
It's just-- it's-- it's true.
And it's all regret, right?
That's life.
And there's nothing
you can do about it.
I-- I gotta go. Bye.
Uh, see you soon?
Uh, I got-- I have
some things I need to do
so you guys just hang out
without me for a while, okay?
Don't you
need your costumes back?
You can keep 'em.
[melancholy piano music plays]
[pills rattling]
[door bell ringing]
You'll not
believe the day I'm having.
Well, that nightie's
a bit Handmaid's Tale,
don't you think?
I'm sorry,
it was one of those costumes.
Do you sleep in it?
Anyway, I have news.
Marigold died.
-Your goldfish?
-No, Ralph's wife.
Maggie told me.
Do you know Maggie?
No, you know Maggie.
She knows.
Alma knows. Marigold's sister.
-They think it was a stroke.
What do I do?
About what?
Do I call?
Sorry, you're going to bed.
I-- I could use a drink.
I mean,
he told me never to call,
but that was because Marigold
might be there, which obviously.
You were getting me a drink.
What do I say when I call him?
What do I-- do I say sorry?
It doesn't seem right.
Why hasn't he called?
It happened this morning.
Her face just
fell flat in her ex.
I have cookies.
Wow. Oh, they look wonderful.
-He should call me, right?
I forgot to have a last meal.
What do you think is
the hardest thing to give up?
Are we talking about dieting?
Look at you.
Well, Marigold compared to her.
I'm one of those
sister super models with the bony
bits and the cheekbones
and the singer boyfriends.
Oh, God, the woman's dead.
I shouldn't criticize.
Chocolate, chocolate,
chocolate, chocolate.
Chocolate's fine. I-- I
just really prefer alcohol.
Do you have any?
Oh, of course I have alcohol.
Oh, right!
You got that stash
because of the potato famine.
[chuckling] I can still move.
[exhaling loudly]
What are we looking for?
A glass.
I can't hear you. What?
I have this
whooshing sound in my ear.
It's like a [whooshing]
No, actually it's slower.
It's like [whooshing]
A glass.
You're getting me a glass.
Yes. Ah. [chuckling]
Here they are.
Wow. Hello glasses.
Yeah, I could text him,
but texting someone to say,
"Hey, I hear your wife is dead."
I mean, that just
doesn't seem right.
Is it getting dark in here?
Oh, I feel so sleepy.
I better, uh, lie down.
Oh, I know it's late,
but just please
don't let me drink alone.
It always makes me
feel like a bad girl
-and not in a good way.
-I will join you.
A drink,
it might help things along.
Oh, my arm...
[chuckling] feels kind
of heavy in a pleasant way.
Oh. Oh, okay.
[chuckling] Looks like you've
already had a few drinks.
No. No. Well, maybe
it depends on the timeframe.
Why don't we just
take this to the couch?
Checking all the funeral homes.
Do you think I'll be
invited to the funeral?
I should be.
That way I get to meet his kids.
I mean, you know, gradually.
Like, "This
is an employee I invited
to your mom's funeral."
But then,
"This is a friend that brings
because I'm a widower."
And then,
"This is your new mom."
I'm gonna be rich.
I-- this is
the first time, I swear,
-I've never thought about it.
But-- rich. Me.
[both laughing]
I mean,
I suppose I should quit, right?
I mean, the new Mrs. Ralph
can't be office manager of one
of his dental clinics.
I mean, I should probably
stay at home.
Oh, what a home!
I mean, I've never been inside,
but I've driven past
quite a few times.
I'm gonna live in
a house with pillars.
You know,
maybe we should move, right?
I mean, there'll be
lots of memories there.
I'm gonna check
the real estate listings.
Maybe there's
something with a pool.
It's the best thing
that's ever happened to me.
Oh, I shouldn't
say that out loud.
Don't judge me.
you really have been drinking.
You know what?
I'm gonna catch up with you.
If ever there's a night to
get shit faced, oh, this is it.
Do you believe in
the resurrection of the body?
You think Marigold's
coming back from the dead?
No. I mean,
when the dead rise up.
You have gotta stop
watching those zombie movies.
I mean, judgment day.
Better not be a judgment day.
I mean,
adultery is a sin, right?
Or did that replacement
Pope change that?
He's so sweet.
Well, God forgives us.
Yeah? Does he?
Like for everything?
I once gave Ralph a blowjob
in his car next to the baseball
field where his kid
was playing Little League.
It's gonna take a lot of alcohol
to catch up to where you are.
Oh. Oh.
[exhaling deeply]
Oh, I think I'm gonna leave.
I think I'm gonna leave.
Oh, where are you going?
I thought he was gonna...
meet me halfway.
Take my hand.
And we walk towards
the bright light together.
looks like I'm on--
I'm on my own.
Oh, I think I am going to...
What? [chuckling]
-[loud thud]
[door opening, closing]
Take it easy, Kate.
Don't expect
too much of yourself.
We're so lucky that I was
there to save her life.
It's such a shame that she broke
her nose when she fell.
I got blood on my angel costume.
We're gonna have to
have a talk about that, Kate.
But for now, let's just
get you settled at home. Okay?
Your good friend here's
gonna help take care of you.
Yeah, I'll do
anything to take care of her.
Hey, you see, Kate?
When you start
your gratitude journal,
you be sure you put
friendship at the top.
Right next to vodka.
Did you say
right next to God?
Sure. Yeah.
Why don't
you go and get changed?
And I'm gonna go over
a few things here with Jenna.
-Not that you don't have
agency over your own life.
You do.
I'm just gonna go have
a look around the environment.
There's food in the fridge,
dishes are done.
Looks like she's been
taking care of herself.
Well, she did say
it was an accident.
Oh, you know,
even if it wasn't,
I'm sure it was
just one bad night.
We can all have blues.
Do you have her pills?
Make sure she gets one
in the morning and one at night.
They help smooth
things out a little bit.
You know,
take out the highs and lows.
-They do?
Best thing is that
for the next three,
four days she gets rest.
You keep her away from anything
that might increase stress.
You give me a call
if our girl needs anything.
Will do.
[chuckling] Bye.
[door opening, closing]
[sly music plays]
-[door opening]
-You are still here.
We don't have much time.
I beg to differ.
-Put this on.
We have to hurry.
I have to change too.
I-- We'll stop by
my place on the way.
On the way where?
Marigold's funeral.
Or the reception.
It's probably too late
for the funeral, dammit!
Oh, you look pale.
No, I cannot go to a funeral.
What? Wh--why?
The last funeral I went
to was my husband's.
Oh, no, that's all the more
reason for you to go.
I man, it's just--
it's like riding a bike.
You gotta
climb back on your horse.
-No, no, no.
-Come on.
He died months ago.
You can't
never go to another funeral.
Oh, I need you.
Oh, Jenna. Jenna. Jenna.
[indistinct chatter]
[door bell ringing]
[Jenna] Hi.
Are you, Cam?
It's so nice
to finally meet you.
I'm Jenna. I work in one
of your dad's dental clinics.
I brought donuts.
With sprinkles.
How do I look?
I-- I think you look
the way you're trying to look.
Good. I hope he's not
too surprised to see me.
What? You were invited here,
weren't you?
No. But I have
every right to be here.
-I'm his girlfriend.
-God! No! We have to go.
-What? Why?
-Let's go.
Okay. Right in here. Okay.
Oh, I'll just wait out here let
you two have your alone time.
What are you doing here?
I hadn't heard from you,
so I was worried.
My children are here.
They're gonna have
to meet me at some point.
Was that Cam at the door?
He's so much
taller than I expected.
My in-laws are here.
Y-y-you don't have to
introduce me as your girlfriend.
I just thought
you might want me.
I-- I think this
might be a mistake, Jenna.
If you were secretly
sleeping with someone else,
wouldn't you wanna be
at your husband's funeral
to be there
in your time of need?
-I'll take her home.
-No, no, no, no, no, no.
People will see you.
Well, uh, why can't
we just say that-- I don't know.
That, you know,
she's one of your employees
who wanted to offer condolences.
Look what she's wearing.
You told me you like this dress.
There's not enough
alcohol in the world
to get me through this.
Do you have alcohol?
I sure could use a drink.
You're acting like
you're ashamed of me.
Uh, not to
get overly involved here,
but I think you two
could use some assistance.
I think what Jenna
wants you to know, Ralph,
is that she's been
a little concerned about
you and wanted to give
you her condolences and donuts.
And-- and I think what Ralph
is trying to express, Jenna,
-is that--
-I really don't think that
I need advice from
somebody that looks like
-they just got in a bar fight.
Oh, no.
No, I'm not--
not a bar fight kinda gal.
No, no, no, no.
I just tried to kill myself.
A new rule in life,
fall backwards.
I saved her life.
And now you're acting
like I'm not good enough
to meet your kids?
You look like a whore.
Oh, my God.
This-- this-- this
is God punishing me.
I highly doubt
that God has anything to do
with what's happening
here today or anywhere.
Meaning, if there is
an interventionist God,
then he has one pretty cruel,
wacky sense of humor.
This is-- this-- this is God.
This is God
punishing me for cheating
on the most
wo-- wonderful mother and wife.
I'm the one that should
have died, not my poor Marigold.
Every night
that she would sleep alone
while I was out
sneaking around with--
I gave you six years. Six years.
What did I get in return?
Oh, really?
Let's start with that--
that-- that bracelet,
the necklace.
Marigold was lonely once a week.
I had to spend every
goddamn Christmas by myself.
Every New Year's Eve.
I don't know how many countless
nights you didn't even call.
You knew I was married.
You knew I had kids.
You said you loved me.
You asked me
to wait until you were free.
Now you're free
and you're calling me a whore?
You know, there were times when
you'd make me feel like one.
Like when you would
show up at work, at work,
and bring me
into the supply closet
because you wanted
to have your dick sucked.
And everybody knew
what was happening.
Those was dentists with
their goddamn drilling jokes.
Oh, please, you wanted it
just as much as I did.
Because I thought you loved me.
Because I thought
that you were gonna marry me.
It's not like
you're good in bed.
Hey, hey, hey.
We don't wanna say anything
we're gonna regret later.
It might be too late
to raise that point.
I put my dick in your mouth
so I wouldn't have to listen
to your nonstop yammering.
You're not fit to step a foot
in my wife's home, you bitch.
Um, I think--
I think we'll just--
No, no, no, you're gonna
stay right here
until the coast is clear.
Hey, you still
work for me, right?
You know how hard
it would be for you
to get another job at your age?
Stay right here.
Yeah, uh, sorry,
this toilet isn't working.
You're gonna have to
try one of the other ones.
And I'm just going to
put a note on the door
so no one knows to go in here.
I think I have to pee.
Maybe I just feel like it
because I'm sitting here.
You go ahead.
[crickets chirping]
[door opens]
Kids are in bed.
[water splashes]
[toilet flushes]
No, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait. You need to go home.
No, the mental health woman said
to make sure that you are okay.
I'm okay.
How do I know that
you're not gonna kill yourself?
I won't. I give you
my word. I wanna be alone.
I don't wanna be alone.
But don't talk to me.
[upbeat jazz playing]
[sobbing intensifies]
I can't believe
we both lost the men we love.
[birds chirping]
What can I say?
Good morning.
What do I have to live for now?
Nope. I got nothing.
Can I-- can I keep some of
those no highs, no lows pills?
You can have 'em all.
Thank you.
I already took a few.
Kinda suspected that.
You really think
I'll be okay without Ralph?
Of course you'll be okay
without Ralph.
You're gonna be-- you're gonna
be fine without your husband.
You will.
[door bell ringing]
-[Nisha gasps]
-Your nose.
What happened?
You seemed so upset
the other night.
We started to worry.
So we came by yesterday
to make sure you were okay.
The neighbor said
you went to the hospital.
We should've
never left you alone.
Oh, I want a hug too.
Oh, if it weren't for me,
she'd be dead.
Is that true?
Well, yeah.
I-- I guess it is. Yeah.
It's the first life
I ever saved.
No, there was that kangaroo.
Long story.
So when I was 15, I had
this part-time job at a zoo.
I did see that suicide
was not a solution.
If Jenna hadn't shown up,
my kids would've been
at my funeral
saying-- actually saying
really nice things
about me instead of--
Have you lost
your ever loving mind?
No. She has--
she has lost her mind.
It was an accident.
I took an extra pill
or two to help me sleep.
Why should we believe you?
Yeah, Jenna told us everything.
You-- you-- you quit your job.
It was a leave of absence.
Oh. And you're still hanging out
with those weird kids?
Like, who knows
what's gonna happen next?
So Jason and I have decided--
Wait, wait.
We haven't decided, decided.
Jason, I live with Chandni,
you are on your own.
So it make sense--
Doesn't mean
I don't have a life. I mean--
We need to do something.
So Jason will
be moving in with you.
Just-- just until you're
back to being your old self.
Because this, it's not like you.
They seemed so sure
of who the real Kate was.
Was that because of my age?
Is there-- is there
a point when it's assumed
we will no longer change?
Is that it?
Oh my God.
Spending weeks on end
with a babysitter
was a bit of an adjustment.
What the-- [laughing]
Why would you do that?
Why would you do that?
Oh, hey, I, uh, I put some
laundry in the laundry room.
When's dinner? I'm starving.
I'll just put the laundry in
and get dinner going.
That's great. Thanks.
Come on. Come on.
[whispering lyrics]
[suspicious music plays]
You guys are nuts, man.
I can't believe
you got grounded.
That's the worst.
And he expects me to do
the laundry and make the meals.
Wanna smoke some weed?
That cheers me up.
All right. Got a light?
-Ooh, I do.
Hey, lady, it's legal.
This is Canada.
I think maybe it's because we're
not supposed to smoke indoors.
Let's go.
[upbeat jazz plays]
Every day is the same.
I agree with that 100%.
I get up at 11,
play video games,
have breakfast.
My mom yells at me
when she gets home.
I eat dinner,
hang out with you guys.
Next day, same thing
all over again.
[laughing] I love it.
Maybe I should play video games.
-Oh, yeah.
When I was with my girlfriend,
some days were different.
Mm, a girlfriend?
She broke his heart.
I am not romantic at all.
I don't think I'll ever be
in love with anyone.
Mm, easier said than done,
my little one.
You-- you love someone
and then you have children,
and then you buy a house
so the children have rooms.
And then you get
a job you hate
just to pay for the children
and the house.
And then
you spend your life
meeting the demands of
the capitalist overlords.
I say fuck romance.
And fuck the neoliberal machine.
Who streets? Our streets!
[all] Who streets? Our streets!
Who streets? Our streets!
Who streets? Our streets!
Who streets? Our streets!
Who streets? Our streets!
[cheering, laughing]
And when you love someone,
you have to be
who they want you to be.
Or they leave you like Dylan's
girlfriend and your husband.
It's-- Yeah.
Now you're-- you're on your own.
Not Mrs. Whatever.
You must feel different.
Yeah. It's--
Well, what if
your husband gets sick of Spain?
What if he walks
in the door tomorrow?
You think you'd still love him?
But-- but do you think
that he would love
the person
you are now or not?
Hard to say.
I don't wanna have to be a
certain way to hold on to love.
How many people in
the world do you think
don't have someone to love them?
Probably the majority.
That's like... [scoffs]
...billions of people.
Yeah, that's true.
And-- and when
you think you have it,
you might lose it any moment.
Pfff! Gone.
Yeah. You've said it, sister.
But if nobody
ever loves us reliably--
Reliably. [laughing]
I mean...
There has to be
something we can do, right?
Something more than
shoplifting or smoking dope
that makes us feel...
Okay. Okay.
Sometimes I go running
in the woods and I scream.
-No, that's it.
Like I go into the woods...
[laughing] ...and
I scream as loud as I can.
I like that. Okay.
I've got one.
When I was a little kid,
I used to just dance anywhere.
-Twirl around.
When I got old, I stopped.
Sometimes I miss it.
Well, I used
to shit on the sidewalk.
Think we'll go
with Nisha's idea.
[upbeat rock music plays]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I saw the world
end on television
If you could see me now
I saw the whole room
like it was spinning
I saw it all
turned inside out
It's a beautiful life
And I won't deny it
Now if
the sun would shine
I would give up tryin'
Miracles and cages
Nobody noticed
when the sky turned grey
[indistinct]'s so contagious

Baby, let's make it through
If we're ever
gonna seize the day
Oh, my God.
Thank God you're alive.
I totally forgot
I tried to kill myself
just a few weeks earlier.
[sighs] But then again I had
smoked quite a bit of weed.
We almost called the police.
What's so funny about that?
I don't know.
I'm gonna crash.
[scoffs] You're just gonna
go out for hours
and then go to bed?
Uh, yeah.
Well, excuse me, you haven't
even done the laundry yet, so.
Okay. You should be doing
your own goddamn laundry, Jason.
I'm just making a point here
about general failure
to function.
Mom, I don't even
know what to say to you.
Do you have anything
you wanna say to us?
Uh, don't worry,
I didn't get knocked up.
She's flying.
She's high as hell, look at her.
This plan didn't work.
What now?
Chandni had one idea,
but it's a long shot.
[whimsical music plays]
Okay, come on.
-Hey, I got her here.
-That's what she's wearing?
-She didn't wanna come.
Uh, she.
Hello? I'm here.
Okay, for the record,
I think this is a crappy idea.
Well, we had to do something
because she got married so young
and she's never
been alone before.
-[chuckling] What?
-It hasn't even been a year.
-Why does she--
-Three words. Joyce Carol Oates.
Okay, Mom,
I'm gonna see you at home.
Leah's gonna drive you back.
-You're leaving?
-Are you kidding me?
I'm thrilled to have
the night off. Good luck.
Good luck?
Why did he just say good luck?
Well, uh,
Chandni and I actually,
we have a little
surprise for you, Mom.
I don't like surprises.
Everyone likes surprises.
No, I don't like surprises.
Nobody likes surprises. What--
Okay, why did--
why did Jason leave?
-Is this an intervention?
Is this an intervention?
Because I'm 100% compos mentis.
-No, no, no that's not--
-[Chandni] Kate. Kate.
Remember I-- I--
I think I must have mentioned
the owner of
the bookstore I work at, Henry.
this is Leah's mother, Kate.
How could you?
Chandni said he's really nice
and his wife died last year.
So you two
have something in common.
What? Dead spouses?
-Look we just--
-Whoopee, whoopee.
[Leah] You married
Dad when you were 22.
You've always had a man around
to keep you company
-and change light bulbs.
-Well, a-- a man.
A man. A man.
A specific man. Your father.
And I'm capable of
changing a fucking light bulb.
Mom, you do not use the F word.
Well, yeah? Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
Okay. Well, he is in there
so what do you want me to do?
Send him home? He's not--
[overlapping argument]
I don't want--
I don't want your help.
I told you to ask her first.
You know, I thought
this would be our best shot.
Let's just eat.
Get this over with.
Uh, Kate's been going through
a bit of a difficult time.
-I broke my nose.
Took an overdose. When I passed
out, I landed face first.
But she's doing so much better.
She's really turned a corner.
We can't lie to him.
He's my boss.
Chandni says you teach English
literature at the university.
I stopped going.
I believe they replaced me.
Any hobbies?
I hang out with some kids
at a restaurant near my house.
We like to dress up
in Halloween costumes.
I collect stamps.
I have never taken an overdose,
fallen over
and broken my nose yet.
But who knows
what tomorrow may bring.
meant as a joke
to break the ice.
Guess I failed.
But no, that was--
that was so cute.
Who knows what tomorrow
I cannot imagine how
difficult it must be
to lose one's life partner.
If I ever lost Chandni--
Some days
that wouldn't seem as bad.
I mean, I miss Dad
so much, but...
for my mom and for you and--
and your late wife.
-Her name was?
[Leah] Right.
But life is
for the living, is it not?
And at some point we must
turn to others who are alive
and so we can have
the things that we miss.
Like companionship.
Leah, just give it up.
This is a train wreck.
Do you wanna have sex?
I beg your pardon?
I'm sorry.
Are you hard of hearing?
Do you want to have sex?
No, no, no.
Not here, at my-- my place.
Right now?
People keep telling me
to live in the present, so.
Thank you so much for dinner.
I mainly did it
to shock my daughter.
But I did miss being touched.
I can hang your coat.
Nice place.
Oh, it's comfy.
Not much of a decorator.
You have just the two kids,
uh, Leah and, uh, your son?
-I just have the one.
-I don't care.
I had a shower this morning.
So did I.
I don't shower every day now.
Me neither.
Do you want me to shave my legs?
I-- I'm not shaving
anything else.
I didn't shave mine.
Do you mind
using the guest room?
I-- it might be a bit messy
because my son's
been staying there.
No problem.
You want a drink first?
Don't need it.
If you want one.
No, no. I-- I stopped.
It was, you know,
causing a bit too much...
Yeah, I know that phase.
The room's upstairs.
Lead the way.
Any-- any second thoughts?
B-- Because I--
I really didn't mean to--
I always have second thoughts.
I try not to let them stop me.
Maybe a kiss first?
Oh, I, uh... [chuckles]
I hadn't thought about that.
I was focusing on--
Might be nice.
Uh, I suppose
I should get going.
Do you mind if I get
a glass of water first?
Oh, there's--
there's tea if you'd like.
No. Water's fine.
I'll-- I'll get it.
[faucet runs, turns off]
My first was a neighbor.
She bombarded me
with casseroles.
Eventually wore me down.
The next was a-- a supplier.
I was drunk, very drunk.
We ended up in a hotel room.
You are the third.
I wanted it to be horrible.
[exhaling deeply]
I really
wanted it to be horrible.
I know.
And then?
[chuckling] Sex is sex.
Tell me about him.
Oh, yeah. [laughing]
He was, uh, yeah, a character.
Loved, loved, loved,
loved, loved, loved Halloween.
He kept all his costumes.
Kept the ones
he got for me too,
even though I hated them.
Sometimes I'd come home
and he'd be sitting watching TV
in a bunny costume
just-- just-- just for fun.
He had lots of opinions.
He was always
telling the kids what to do,
even though
they never listened to him.
Uh, he never got mad even
when they do the exact opposite.
He was always late.
Always, always late.
I mean, you know,
he could get quite annoying.
We didn't have
the perfect marriage.
Don't you hate
those people who do?
Oh, yeah. Yeah.
"Never had a single
fight since first time we met."
God, they're not human.
But whatever... [sighs]
...whatever happened,
I never doubted
that I loved him
and that-- that he loved me.
[voice breaking]
And now I don't-- I don't--
I don't know how--
how to live-- live without him.
Oh, I just--
Why don't you
tell me about Alice?
She was a keeper.
Tiny thing
with an enormous temper.
I was a little afraid
of her, to be honest.
She loved music.
She loved going to concerts,
especially pop stars, you know.
She went to a Miley Cyrus
concert once, came back saying
she was the oldest person
there by decades.
-But she didn't care.
She loved it.
I listen to Bach, so.
She sounds like
a wonderful person.
She was.
[door opening, closing]
Still up, Mom? It's late.
I-- I guess I'll go to bed.
Okay. Night, sweetheart.
Yeah. Good night.
You might wanna
change your sheets.
[whispering] What the fuck!
Come on! Shit!
[both laughing]
That was fun,
seeing his reaction.
But I-- I-- I had to put
a stop to their meddling.
So I asked to speak to
both my children the next day
to tell them to stay out
of my personal life.
-We're so excited about Henry!
He told Chandni
how much he likes you.
I know it's super-fast, but--
-Yeah. Indeed.
-Jason was so funny.
He-- he was like,
"They did it in my bed."
It's true.
And on the first date.
Well, she propositioned him.
Yeah. I couldn't help but think
is this some creepy guy
taking advantage
of a lonely widow?
They just clicked.
I mean, it happens, right?
Her and Dad always said
they just clicked
at that costume party
they met at.
Anyway, I-- I know
that we don't know for sure
how things will turn out yet,
but I think you were right.
Why wait? You know,
especially at your age.
who was that crazy lady
with the vodka
and costumes
and those strange kids?
'Cause I still don't
really know who they were.
And the whole overdose.
That was like terrifying.
But now you know someone
who-- Henry.
And he's like,
so suitable in your life, Mom.
I feel like...
we're getting you back,
you know?
'Cause we lost Dad
and we can't lose you too.
She was so happy,
so relieved.
But all's well that ends well.
Can I just have another hug?
We're really sorry
if it seemed like
we were telling you what to do.
Might've gone too far there.
Jason is gonna go
back to his place and,
um, we'll give
you two kids some privacy.
But if there's any, um, dips
or dives, Mom, just call us.
You know, we know we weren't
supportive enough, but...
this time, we'll rush over
right away no matter what
we're doing because all we want
is for you to be happy again.
Like you were with Dad.
And we're sure,
sure that-- that, um,
that Dad would be happy too,
because he would just want
the same thing that we want.
And that's for you
to be yourself again.
Oh. Okay, kiddo. [laughing]
When was I happiest in my life?
Did I know it at the time?
[sighs] I don't care
if it's goddamn Halloween.
I look like
an idiot in this thing.
Eric, this is so stupid!
They all laugh at us!
I am not going to put it on!
One of these days
I'm gonna throw out
these goddamn costumes.
If I didn't know
what the best times were
when they were happening,
how could I be so sure now?
[crickets chirping]
[soft piano music plays]
For you.
this was happiness too
or something that could
lead to happiness.
So I went back to teaching,
Henry and I
kept seeing each other.
And after
a suitable length of time...
[birds chirping]
It is time for you
to leave for the church.
Wow. My goodness.
You look so gorgeous.
[laughing] Thank you.
Oh, I can't believe you're
getting married before me.
Can you believe it?
I almost invited Ralph
as my plus one.
-Jen, oh, really?
-We've been talking.
I mean, he shows up
at work so I see him.
And he apologized
for that night.
I mean, Cam's left home and he's
all alone in that huge house.
He has a house. He has money.
He treated you very badly.
Look at you
in your cute little veil.
Oh, nobody wants to be alone.
Is that so bad?
We can't waste our lives waiting
for happiness to show up.
[Leah] Mom, we're gonna be late.
Let's go. Woo!
This is so exciting!
["Bridal Chorus" plays]
This is so cool.
Never thought we'd be
walking you down the aisle
on your wedding day.
It's showtime.
You ready?
No. No. I can't do this.
Mom, no, no. It's okay.
It's-- everyone gets nervous
on their wedding day, right?
Even when I married Chandni,
remember, I-I was like,
-"What am I doing?"
-I-- Is this about dad?
Because he wouldn't
want you to be alone.
Do you see your father here?
Who knows what he'd want?
It's what I want.
Henry loves you.
Henry doesn't know me.
He's afraid of being alone.
And so am I.
I-- I know the truth is
not what children wanna hear
from their mother.
I was happy
with your father, yes.
I was happy. I was reasonable.
I was well-behaved.
I didn't upset anyone.
I didn't need to.
I had the life I wanted.
And I-- I tried.
I tried, I tried very hard
to get back to that
I let in too much madness.
I kinda love
the madness, you know.
I love howling and screaming,
dancing like a fool.
I look in the mirror and
I thought, who is that person?
Who's she gonna be?
I don't know. I don't know.
I need to take chances
and figure out who I wanna be.
Whatever it is.
Wherever it takes me.
Oh, sweethearts. I know. I know.
Losing your dad
was hard for you.
And I love you so very much.
But you have your lives.
I need to have mine.
[soft piano music plays]
No, no.
That is not the meaning of life.
The meaning of life is-- is--
-Hello, friend.
I like
the other bride costume more.
-Oh yeah?
-No, this is nice.
Love the little veil.
Oh, yeah. [chuckles]
Oh, those costumes
you let us keep,
we still put them on sometimes.
Though I, uh,
I-- I ripped the dog's ass.
Oh, yeah.
Hey, we should get that fixed.
-Oh, yeah.
-No, don't worry.
How are you?
I'm okay.
How are you guys?
Oh, I got a job. A real one.
I designed posters and stuff.
Well, not posters yet,
flyers, but, uh, I have plans.
And I get to work at home,
my own hours.
-Sounds great.
And I'm gonna stay
with my sister in Toronto.
-Look for something there.
School or a job, I don't know.
Yeah, it'll be exciting.
It'll be exciting.
-Maybe start a revolution.
-Okay. Sounds good.
And I got a promotion,
no deliveries anymore. Woohoo!
Woo! [laughing]
That's great.
I'm so happy for you all.
Really, that's great.
Actually, uh,
I should get going.
My shift starts soon.
Yeah. I got a deadline
on a bowling alley flyer.
I should go too.
My mom's renting out my room,
so I gotta put all my stuff
in boxes.
Hey, go on.
[laughing] It's fine. Go on.
Get outta here. It's fine.
It's good. You got stuff to do.
Hey, um, thanks for dropping by,
checking up on us.
-Yeah. Yeah.
-No problem.
-See ya.
Maybe not,
I might never come back here.
Uh, how about
something to remember us by?
No, wait.
Ooh. [laughing] Okay.
See ya. Bye, guys.
[door creaks open]
[exhales deeply]
Do you wanna have sex?
Oh. Hmm.
Who streets? Our streets!
[upbeat rock music plays]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I saw the world
end on television
If you could see me now
I saw the whole room
like it was spinning
I saw it all
turn inside out
It's a beautiful life
Is anyone there?
I would give up tryin'
[indistinct]'s so contagious

Baby, let's make it
If we're ever
gonna seize the day
Another day meets
another villain
I guess
it's just as well
With what it's takin'
to make a killin'
I feel
like I am inside out
It's a beautiful life
And I won't deny it
Now if the sun
would shine
I would give up tryin'
Miracles and cages
Nobody noticed
when the sky turned grey
[indistinct]'s so contagious

Baby, let's make it
If we're ever
gonna seize the day
Another day meets
another villain
I guess
it's just as well
With what it's takin'
to make a killin'
I feel
like I am inside out
It's a beautiful life
And I won't deny it
Now if the sun
would shine
I would give up tryin'
Miracles and cages
Nobody noticed
when the sky turned grey
[indistinct]'s so contagious

Baby, let's make it
If we're ever
gonna seize the day
It's a beautiful life
And I won't deny it
Now if the sun
would shine
I would give up tryin'
Miracles and cages
Nobody noticed
when the sky turned grey
[indistinct]'s so contagious

Baby, let's make it
If we're ever
gonna seize the day