Better Life, A (2011) Movie Script

Yo, yo, what's up? Today, like every day,
we're gonna be showing you
the dopest cribs in the world.
Check it out.
I'm tired. Go to bed.
Come on. Go to bed.
All right, man. I'm leavin'.
Wake up!
Ap, I need some money.
Again? Why?
I need to buy some stuff for school.
Since when do you go to school?
Every day.
How many days have you missed this year?
I don't know, 18, 19.
I don't want you to miss school no more.
School's important.
It's everything.
S, Professor?
S, Professor.
You wanna end up like me?
Hey, so can I have the money or what?
You want money? Come work.
You used to come with me on Saturdays.
Well, I had to stop 'cause of soccer.
You haven't played football in years.
Well, that's because
that league sucked, man.
If you need money in this world, Luis,
necesitas trabajar.
You need to work.
Get yourself an education.
You know what? I'm gonna jack an old lady
in the street, all right? I don't care.
That's not funny.
Don't even say that.
You better go to school now.
Listen, buddy.
You ain't just buyin' a truck, or a business.
What you're buyin' is the American Dream.
I ain't buyin' your truck.
Fine. If you don't buy her,
someone else will.
And if I sell her to someone else,
then you're out of a job.
Back on that corner
where I found you six years ago.
Beggin' for work with all the other
desperate wetbacks.
Duckin' La Migra. Not knowing
where your next dollar's gonna come.
But you buy ol' girl from me,
you keep my tools...
You keep all my customers...
...You'll be your own boss.
Look at me.
I came here with nothing, but I'm
going home to my very own farm.
I don't want to go home.
Please tell him to be careful.
Don't worry, Mrs. Donnely.
He does this all the time.
He's a professional.
Shouldn't you be using one of those
cherry-picker things?
A cherry picker?
If I had a cherry picker,
I'd have to charge more.
Are you insured?
Mrs. Donnely,
I'm fully insured and bonded. I promise you.
This is the way we do it in Mexico.
It's safe. Believe me.
If it's so safe,
why don't you climb up here, fatty?
What about you? How much you got?
You believe that? That fool's locochn.
I'm gonna hurt that boy.
Man, what's his name?
I don't know. Ramon or somethin'.
Who he down with?
I don't care who he with.
Hey, what's up?
What's up?
What's up?
Facu just got taxed
by that big kid over there.
For real?
I heard Ramon had some yesca.
So I went over to him,
confirmed what was what,
and then I gave him the bolas.
No, he gave him my bolas.
And when I asked him for the yesca,
he just told me to step off.
And you let him get away with that shit?
Hell, no. I wasn't with this fool.
Yo, Ruthie, what was I gonna do?
Cancel that fool with the judas right there?
You can't let these bitches take an inch
or they'll take a mile.
Come on.
Yo, my man, you know who I am?
No. But I want to.
I'm gonna have you killed. That's who I am.
Why you wanna kill me for, mija?
Oh, you ain't believe me?
Ask anybody who my uncles are.
I'm gonna have you killed.
What's up then?
You took my man's money?
No, I told him I'd hook him up later
when the guards weren't lookin'.
Lyin' bitch! You didn't say that.
I said to hang back till after lunch
until we went inside.
So, what's up? You want that shit or not?
- No.
- Just give him back his money.
All right.
It was nice doin' business with you.
So, what's your real name, anyway, mija?
Hey, what?
Hey, hey, stop!
Didn't do nothing! I didn't do anything!
It's a pig farm, but we're also selling
sandwiches, drinks...
...Electronics, the whole deal.
We're delivering packages.
To who? We're all here.
What is it? The money?
...I wish more than anything
I could buy your truck.
Then do it!
I can't do it.
Remember that lawyer
who took all my money?
He said he'd get me my papers.
No papers, no driver's license.
What if the cops stop me
for a broken tail light?
You know what'll happen.
They'll send me back.
And then what'll happen to Luis?
Think about what happens
if you don't buy the truck.
What happens if the Migra gets you
and you're not makin' money?
They don't care about separatin'
parents from their kids.
Since 9l11 things aren't the same.
It's not
a little drive through Juarez anymore.
It's three days in the desert.
My cousin Ernesto?
They never found his body.
What happens if you stay in
that same neighborhood?
Sendin' Luisito to that same school,
with those same low-lifes.
You wanna get your papers?
You wanna be legal?
Buy the truck, carnal.
...In a few months, you'll have
enough money to hire a real killer lawyer.
You know...
...When you leave,
I'm just gonna find another job.
I'll stay quiet...
...Keep my head down...
...And try to stay invisible.
Let's go back to work.
Why'd you hit the kid?
I don't know, man.
It's not that big of a deal.
Kids are getting down every day
in my school a lot worse than this.
You honestly expect me to believe
this wasn't some kind of gang beef?
You can believe
whatever you wanna believe.
Take your shirt off.
Take your shirt off.
I need to get pictures of your tattoos.
Yo, man, I ain't in a gang.
Come on. Indulge me.
Man, why you gotta make every Chicano kid
out here...
Hey, kid, just take your shirt off.
What did I say?
Okay, tough guy.
Who do you want us to contact at home
about this?
- Your mom?
- I ain't got no mom.
What about your father?
You can't reach him.
Why not?
He's workin'.
See you tomorrow.
No, compadre. Tomorrow we don't work.
I'm gonna see who'll give me
the best price for my truck.
Sure. I understand.
Twelve thousand. That's a lot of money.
I can barely afford to put gas in the car.
I'd be able to pay you back in a year.
Maybe sooner.
Sorry, I know you just got back from work.
Who are you talking to?
Your uncle.
Look, I just got home.
Humberto already left for work.
I'll ask him about it tonight.
But don't get your hopes up.
You know what he's like.
I know.
He's the cheapest man
on the face of this earth.
Don't worry. I'll figure something out.
God, I really wish I could help you.
Tell Luis I send him a hug.
And to behave.
Yeah, all right.
Who was that you were talkin' to?
Your ta, Anita.
What's she want?
She wants you to behave.
She can't tell me that herself?
Come on, wake up.
I'm not going in today.
Why? You sick?
- No, I got suspended.
- What?
I got suspended.
I don't know, man. Some bullshit.
Don't worry about it.
Come on, man. Let me go to sleep.
I don't want you to leave this house today.
- Luis?
- What?
Did you understand?
Yeah, I got you, man.
Go mow some lawns.
I don't want you going outside. Not a step.
You better not.
How many people?
How many people? How many? How many?
I need two. Two only.
So, I'm gonna catch up with them
pretty soon. Hopefully...
Man, why your girl
gotta handle our business yesterday?
She made us look like a couple of bitches.
She made you look like a bitch.
I was beatin' that boy's ass.
You was just tap dancing on him
like America's Got Talent or some shit.
All's I know is your haina gets more respect
than you.
Even the cops know not to mess with her.
They know we ain't nothin'.
Speak for yourself, fool.
Yeah? What's so special about you, fool?
You ain't no gangster.
All you gonna do is mow lawns
like your pops.
Hell, no.
Then what? Bus tables at Denny's?
Park cars in one of them little red vests?
All right.
If I make this right now,
it's all gonna work out for me.
I'm gonna be rich.
I'm gonna have
a big ol' mansion in Beverly Hills.
And you're gonna mow my lawn, bitch.
All right.
But if you miss,
then you're gonna end up killed out here
in these streets.
It ain't funny.
I ain't jokin'.
What's up, youngsters?
You bein' good to my cousin Ruthie?
Yeah, you know it.
What up, 'Celo?
Nothin', man. Just putting in work.
You know how we do.
No doubt.
What you doin' out of school?
That's all they know how to do.
Lock us out or lock us up.
Watch out.
You know what they used to do with us?
Put on a video and leave the room.
Yeah. That's what they do to us, too.
It's just they got DVDs now.
So I decided, "Screw it,
I'm getting into the hood."
Hey, 'Celo.
What if I'm ready?
For what, Lil' Aztec All-Star?
To get jumped into the barrio.
Roll with y'all.
Fuck it.
Nah. You don't wanna do that, homie.
End up shot, or in the pinta.
I don't know. Try me next week.
Hey, what's happenin', bro?
What are you doin' here?
It'd be better to talk inside.
Luis, get up. Your aunt's here.
Hola, Luis.
So what? What's up?
You come to check on me?
See if I'm behaving?
I came to see your father.
You want something to drink, flaca?
But I can't stay long or they'll dock my pay.
Can you give us a moment?
What's goin' on?
Humberto said yes?
- I didn't ask him.
- You didn't ask him?
He would have said no.
Where did you get the money?
Since Linda was born, we've saved some
money every month from his check...
...So if one of us is sick, or gets laid off...
...We'd have money for whatever happened.
The account is in my name.
He never reads the statements.
I can't, I'm sorry.
Yes, you can.
- If something happens...
- It won't.
But you don't understand.
If I get in an accident, or arrested,
or anything...
I understand everything.
Buy the truck.
And if you do well, like you say...
...Everything's gonna change.
That's why we came here, right?
I've gotta get to work.
Take care.
What's goin' on?
All students, the bell has rung.
You need to leave the campus
in an orderly fashion.
I need you to stay in your lines.
Oh, God.
Who's that?
Wait a minute. Hold up.
What are you doing here?
I just wanted to come by
and see you at school.
Pretty nice, huh?
What's this?
It's a present.
For what?
Just take a look at it.
I don't understand.
That's your team, right?
Yeah, I guess.
- So, what do you think?
- Blasco's truck?
Yeah, it's all right. Seen it before.
It's not Blasco's truck anymore.
It's ours.
Good for you, ap.
No, mijo.
Good for us.
Good for us.
Get in. I'll give you a ride home.
No, man. I gotta go with this girl.
You guys gonna study?
Yeah. Somethin' like that.
Hey, ap?
You gonna let me drive this bad boy
when I'm 16?
- For real?
- Yeah, yeah.
If you get your license.
You ain't got a license!
Don't say that too loud, okay?
See you later.
Come on. Keep it moving.
I can't live, I can't go on
knowing that I, I, I, I
I let you get away
All this time I should have known
I should have seen it
To get off the ground
And now you're slipping through my fingers
All because you never knew
That I was falling for ya
Falling for you
Yeah! That was great, nene.
- Yeah.
- That was incredible.
Thank you.
- Hey. I gotta be out.
- Okay.
Luis, you sure you don't wanna take
some of this with you?
No, gracias.
- Okay, baby. It was nice seein' you again.
- Yeah.
You out, son?
- Yeah, I gotta bounce.
- All right, Luis. Be easy.
Come through tomorrow, though.
Gotta talk about your future.
Yeah, all right.
All right, kid. Peace.
- Okay. Get home safe.
- All right.
What time is it?
I don't know. Like, 12:00?
Where were you?
I told you. I was at that girl's house.
I ate dinner there.
Listen, mijo.
I'm gonna make somethin'
out of this business.
I'll make it grow into somethin' big.
So we could move out of here
and get you in a better school.
And I'm not gonna work Sundays no more.
We can do things, spend time together.
If you want, you know?
I'm really tired, ap.
I'm just gonna go to bed.
Sure, mijo. Yeah, go to sleep.
Sorry, I only need one.
- What's your name?
- Santiago.
Carlos. My pleasure.
You're going to climb that?
You're crazy.
Piece of cake.
It's a beautiful view.
Give me the saw, will you?
Stop! Please! Help!
What are you doing out here, man?
What happened? Did you get in a fight?
Are you drunk?
Took it.
Where are your tools?
They stole it.
They stole the tools?
- The truck.
- They jacked the truck?
Pap, what happened?
The truck, they took it.
Who stole the truck?
I gotta find him. I gotta find him.
- Pap, you calm down.
- Gotta find him. Gotta find him.
I have to find the truck!
If I don't get it back, I'm just...
Are you gonna be okay?
Pap, wait. Here. Take this.
I made you some breakfast.
No, I don't have time.
I gotta find the guy who stole the truck.
- That's my only chance.
- Okay, I'm comin' with you.
No, Luis, this is my problem...
No, this is our problem.
Just go to school. Please.
Man, I'm not going in today.
Don't tell me you got suspended again.
Nah, man.
It's Saturday.
Okay, let's go.
Look at these pendejos out here
hoin' themselves.
You think they want to do this?
Nah, but...
That was me out there!
That's gonna be me out there.
Yeah. Well, it's also the bitch
that stole your truck.
Just wait here.
Okay. This is Jesus. He says he knows him.
He'll show us where Santiago lives for $50.
- Sure he will.
- Eh?
He can't work if he takes us, right?
Tell him to give us the address.
He doesn't know the address.
He only knows how to get there.
He lives in South Central.
Great. That's Crip-land.
Gangs, Pap. We're goin' to Crip-land
to find a Salvatrucha.
Hey, hold up. What up?
Come on over here.
Hey, what's up? What up?
What's up with y'all?
Long way from Boyle Heights.
Hey, where's this fool takin' us?
Is it far?
Yeah. Well, tell homie
if he's lyin', he's dyin'.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I'm sure.
Yeah, but in which one?
I don't know, I'm sorry.
Excuse me, sir. We're looking for a friend.
We're gonna have to go door to door.
No, no, hold on.
You say he took your phone, right?
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, this is it.
Santiago? Wake up.
Nah, man. If he's here, he's here.
What's going on?
Where's Santiago?
Who are you?
I'm sorry Miss. We're looking for a friend.
It's urgent.
What's this guy called?
Santiago. Do you know where he is?
Do you know a Santiago?
Do you know where Santiago is?
Are you sure? You don't know where he is?
Tell these fools if they don't fess up,
we're callin' la migra.
Young man.
I know Santiago.
Why are you looking for him?
I owe him money...
Sir, he stole my truck.
He was here yesterday.
I bought this phone from him for 40 dollars.
Is it yours?
Ap, no!
The boy is right.
Thank you very much.
Do you know where I can find him?
He took his clothes and said he was moving.
Where to?
He said he found a place closer to his work.
Where does he work?
Some restaurant.
As a dishwasher. Night shifts.
During the day,
I think he does construction.
Ap, is this him?
Yeah, yeah. That's him.
Do you mind if I keep the photo,
to find the place?
Thank you sir, thank you very much.
I'm sorry.
Man, don't pay this fool, man.
He didn't take us to Santiago.
That was not the deal.
You shouldn't pay him.
And what?
Spit in his face? Fight him?
We had a deal.
He kept his word, I keep mine.
- No. Give him half!
- Stop talking like an ass!
- Come on.
- Man, he played us, man.
What's that?
- What time is it?
- 4:30.
- Is anyone there?
- No.
Let's go in the back.
Guess we gotta wait for this bitch to show.
What's that over there?
That's where they have the charreadas.
- What?
- The rodeo.
I took you there with your Aunt Anita,
when you were five.
- I don't remember.
- Really? You loved it.
Come on.
Where these people think they're at?
Some Halloween party or something?
This is where I'm coming from.
This is your people. They're you.
- They ain't me.
- Really?
I'll get you a hat and some boots
and we'll see.
Oh, now you look at her, when she turn, eh?
I hate this kind of music.
What kind do you like?
Anything but this.
What's that fool been trying to say?
He's talking about...
About how jumping horses is dangerous
and it's brave.
That's dope.
Is that sherry? It's good.
What are we gonna do at the nightclub?
We're just gonna take the truck back.
I have a spare key.
I'm gonna open the door.
Climb in. Start the engine.
And then we'll drive back home.
What if it's not there?
It has to be there.
You remember this?
- What?
- This song?
- No. No.
- You don't remember it?
Your mother used to sing it
to you when you were a baby.
I don't wanna talk about her.
Yeah, okay.
Let's not talk about her.
Forget her.
I was talking about you.
You used to love that song when you were...
When I wasn't a pain in the ass?
When you were little.
Why did you have me?
Why do all these poor people have kids?
What's the point?
Don't say that, mijo.
Don't say that.
Hey! Ap, come here!
Is this it?
I don't know.
- No. This can't be it.
- Are you sure?
Yeah. My windshield had a crack.
Maybe he fixed it.
- So fast? No.
- Check the keys. Check the keys.
It doesn't work.
Hold up. Let me see.
I just told you, it doesn't work!
Everything's different. The flatbed!
It doesn't have the rack!
Even the color is different!
What are you gonna do?
I'll talk to the bouncer.
They ain't gonna let you in
dressed like that.
Where's the truck?
No! No, no, no. Stop! Stop!
- Please.
- Look at this! Look at this.
You sent the money home, you bastard.
Did you sell the truck?
Did you sell it? Answer me!
No! Luis, enough!
You wanna be nice to this bitch?
What about all that shit you said about
movin' to a better neighborhood?
To a better house? To a better school?
How the hell are we gonna do it now?
No! Calm down! Don't touch him anymore!
What's wrong with you?
You hit me, but you don't hit him?
- I'm sorry. Calm down.
- Calm down?
- Yeah. Yeah, Luis!
- Let go of me!
- Let go of me!
- Luis!
- Mr. Galindo?
- Is Luis here?
I want to talk to him.
Yeah, he's here.
You wanna come in?
No. I'll just wait outside.
All right. Let me go get him.
What's up?
I tried calling you,
but your phone was turned off.
You scared me last night.
I didn't want you to get in trouble.
You ain't gotta worry about me.
But I do worry.
I worry about you all the time.
- Santiago told me where he sold the truck.
- Yeah?
A black market.
I'm gonna try to get it back.
You wanna come?
Okay, then.
I'll see you at home.
Man, you is one ruthless gangsta.
You a crazy kid.
If I had a pops, I'd never do him like that.
You cold. Freezing cold.
Hey, yo, I decided
we should jump in this weekend.
'Celo's down for it.
But we should do like mi carnal did.
When I saw him in lockup, he just said,
"Keep your head down."
Yeah, man.
You just go in the streets with the homies.
And when they make their circle
you put your hands up around your head
and don't let go.
And when they start swingin'...
You feel me?
As long as you cover your face, you cool.
Where you goin', kid?
Yeah, someone's still working.
Okay. I'm gonna go find a place
to climb this fence over.
I want you to stay here, okay?
Just watch for the guard.
If he leaves the booth, shout,
and get out of here.
Okay, I'll climb back over.
Hey, just do as I say. Okay?
I'll be okay.
Be careful, mijo.
You, too.
The truck! The truck!
Hang on.
It'll be alright.
You okay?
The windshield's gone.
Yeah! The tools are here!
Start it! Start it! Start it! Start it!
They're coming! Go! Go! Go!
Get out of here.
Get down!
That was nuts, man! That was nuts!
You're an ol' G, ap.
Man, I've never seen
somethin' like that in my life! Never!
Man, that was the craziest shit
I've ever seen, ever!
That was just incredible.
That was just the most incredible thing
I've ever seen!
- Hey, Luis!
- What?
Thanks for coming with me.
Thanks for coming with me.
Sure, ap.
You're welcome, Dad.
Drive. Ap, drive.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Drive. Drive. Drive.
Go, go, go, go.
Are they on us?
Truck, pull over, please.
Ap, drive.
What are you doing? Go!
Please, go!
Ap, go!
What are you...
Stop it. Luis!
- Please.
- Luis.
No, mijo.
May I have your driver's license
and registration, please?
Your license?
Welcome to Agua Dulce. Pay attention.
I'm not going to repeat myself.
You're going to remove all of your clothes.
Everything. Socks, underwear, shoes.
All jewelry, watches, necklaces, rings, etc.
There's no fighting allowed in this prison.
If you are involved in a conflict of any kind...
...You will be criminally charged just
as you would be on the street.
We need to know right now
if you have HIV-AIDS...
...Tuberculosis, hepatitis or any other
communicable diseases
or medical conditions.
A word to the gang members.
Gangs are not allowed here.
If you are caught congregating,
...Holding meetings, organizing, recruiting,
practicing any kind of intimidation...
...Throwing signs, defacing property,
you will be swiftly sent to isolation.
You will be processed into
the Department of Homeland Security's
immigrant database.
Your information will be made available
to all Federal Law Enforcement Agencies...
...As well as International Agencies
and Governments.
You're going to receive a $5 calling card...
...Issued by the Immigrant Hope Charity
group of Greater Los Angeles.
And finally...
...You're going to be released
into general population.
Thank you for your attention.
Before they took him away,
Pap said it was cool for you
to sell the truck.
Get your money back.
Blasco's daughter's gonna pick it up.
So you're cool.
That's what you think?
That I'm cool with that?
You want to know something
about that man?
When I got here,
for six years he gave me a place
and took care of me and fed me,
and protected me.
Yeah, and then you got the hell out,
didn't you?
You married some pendejo for your papers.
You got out and left him, and left me.
So don't be tellin' me you know him.
I knew him!
He's all I got.
That's not true. I'm here for you.
But I have rules in my house.
And you have to behave.
If I see the slightest sign
that you're involved in any stuff,
drugs or gang stuff, you're out.
Linda's only 12 years old.
Do you understand?
Yeah, I understand.
Luis. Luis!
Mr. Galindo.
Do you want me to speak Spanish?
- I understand English.
- Okay. I work for an NGO
that represents undocumented aliens.
I need you to know
that I'm not with the government.
The government doesn't provide
representation to illegal aliens.
I'm not Immigration,
I have nothing to do with the ICE.
- Yeah. I can't pay a lawyer.
- Right.
I'm free.
I'm just here to help advise you
about your choices.
I don't cost anything.
Okay. You have a decision to make,
whether or not you plan
to contest removal from this country.
If you tell the deportation officer
that you wish to fight,
he will set a date in the future
for your removal hearing.
If you tell him
you don't want to contest removal,
then the judge will order
your immediate deportation.
Is there a good reason you should
be concerned about returning to Mexico?
- A political situation?
- I have a 14-year-old son here.
I'm his only parent.
And where is he now?
With my sister.
- Will she take care of him for you?
- Yeah.
Okay. The judge is not gonna offer you bail.
Regardless of your sole provider status.
So, if you decide to fight deportation,
you'll have to stay in this detention center
until your removal hearing.
For how long?
You can figure on at least three months,
probably more like six,
before you can argue your case in court.
Be honest, what are my chances?
Not exactly zero,
but only 3% of all removal hearings
result in the alien being granted asylum.
Thousands of people are deported each year
with children younger than yours.
Even aliens who pay taxes
with clean records.
Give it some thought.
You have until tomorrow
to make up your final decision.
Mr. Galindo, I need to warn you
that even though it would be
quicker and cheaper
to have a coyote bring you back here,
there would be legal consequences.
Do you understand me?
I want you to understand me.
I need that, homie.
Take it.
Crazy old bastard.
Hello, mijo.
Luis, are you there?
I just called your Aunt Anita
and she told me you are not with her.
Are you at home?
If you are there, pick up, please.
I really need to talk to you.
I need to know that you're okay.
I'm really worried about you.
Listen, mijo.
I'm going away.
I can't help it.
I don't know when they're sending me away.
But you have to come soon.
It might be the last...
It might be...
They say I can have one bag with me.
Mijo, come soon, please.
Just call Anita and come soon, all right?
Okay, bye.
Yo, Luis. Open up, gangsta.
Where this fool at? Tell him to get out here!
Stop orderin' me! You ain't my girlie, yo!
- You wish!
- Hell, no!
Come on, biatch! Open up this door!
Go ahead.
Excuse me, please.
We are here to see my brother,
Carlos Galindo.
- Slow down. What's the name?
- Carlos Galindo.
- How do you spell that?
- G-A-L-l-N-D-O.
He's been processed
for deportation already.
- No, that is not possible.
- He's gone already.
I'm sorry. Next.
Please, sir, can you check the list again?
It says he's been processed already.
- Next.
- Wait. I know he's here.
Make it quick.
Thank you.
Anita brought you?
You're gonna have to stay with her.
You asked me...
You asked me why I had you.
You know, back in the village,
you just did what any man would do.
You found a novia, got married,
and then you headed north.
And that's what I did,
'cause I didn't know any different.
So we came here.
And then,
we had you.
Because your mother and I loved each other
very much.
But then, people change.
And things were different here.
Your mother changed.
She wanted more than I could give her.
So, she went away.
And I was left alone with you.
I didn't know how I was going to manage
with a small boy,
with no money and no regular job.
I had a lot of anger inside me.
But the thing...
The one thing
that helped me get over all that
Was you.
To be able to take care of you,
and watch you grow.
Because I love you.
You are the most important thing
in this world to me, mijo.
I wanted you to be able
to be anything you wanted to be.
That would make me feel worthy.
If you became somebody.
That's why I had you.
For me.
For me.
For a reason to live.
I'm sorry about this.
I wish you didn't have to see me like this.
I'm sorry about failing you.
No. You never failed me.
- I was never there.
- You were always there.
You were always there. Always.
Pap, you remember that song at the rodeo?
The song?
It was you, wasn't it?
You used to sing it to me when I was little.
I asked the shoemaker
to make me some shoes
With a round little beak
like ducks have
Damned shoemaker
He cheated me
He made me the shoes
but not the little beak
Sorry. It's time to go.
Luis, you gotta promise me
you're gonna stay with Anita, okay?
And you're gonna give the new school
a chance, all right?
Promise me that? Okay?
Okay, I'm going, man. Okay.
Okay, but you promise me!
You promise me you're coming home!
You promise me you're coming back!
- Ap, you promise me, okay?
- Yes, mijo.
You promise me you're coming back!
- You can't leave me here!
- Yeah.
Promise me you're coming home!
Promise me...
Four Months Later
To the other side.
Let's go home.