Better Start Running (2018) Movie Script

(music plays)
I hope you're having a good
evening, I got some real bad news,
somebody's been hurt very
very badly at the All Shop.
And listen there was a
girl there but she had
absolutely nothing
to do with it,
I just wanna make that
real clear, it was me,
me who pushed him
out of the window.
I'm sorry I have to go because
I'm going on the run now.
Yeah, I'm sorry I gotta
go on the run, OK,
good evening, have a good one.
- [baby crying]
- OK, OK.
It's time for me to
take him back, oh honey.
Hi baby, what a
perfect baby you are.
No I know, because she needs
some dancing and some loving.
No I think it's
time to give her back.
Let me kiss your nose.
- Let me kiss your nose.
- Can ya give her back please?
Please let go, let go please.
Let's get outta here.
If you ever need a
professional babysitter...
- No thanks, we're fine.
- Because I do that.
You got these in a size eight?
You're an eight,
I'm an eight too.
Well you got
these in an eight?
I need something to wear to
the Fireman's Dance tonight.
You're going
cause I'm going too.
[Customer] Honey
everyone's going.
You're wearing these?
If you got 'em in an eight.
- An eight huh?
- Yeah...
What is her deal?
We only have 'em
in a size 13, so.
But it's time for my break
and maybe I'll see you
at the dance.
- [scoffs]
- [calming music]
Oh man, one by one they didn't
revise the schedule again.
- Yeah man.
- Oh yeah right.
I really need you for inventory.
You said if I asked for
something two weeks in advance
I could have it and I asked
for tonight off because...
[pencil sharpener blitzing]
I asked for it off two
weeks ago, that I could...
I really wanna go to the
Fireman's Dance tonight
because there's a special
lady I'm hoping to see.
I did ask for it off
two weeks ago Dale.
You're gonna love
the new associates.
- Neat.
- Yeah.
So I can have tonight off?
No can do bud, OK I need you back
on the floor, out you go, let's go.
Dale you said if I asked
for it two weeks in advance...
I don't remember this,
let's go buddy let's go,
out you go, come on,
come on, out you go man!
[Woman] Attention All Shop
shoppers, we will be closing
in 15 minutes, please bring
all your final purchases
to the checkout.
- And then just the top one.
- Very creative.
Thanks Dale.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
Well what if some
kid wants this one?
[Stephanie] Watch
where you're going Dale.
Yeah wasn't looking,
wasn't looking there.
Oh hi Stephanie, hi.
Words have a way with yourself.
I read lots.
I talk to you in my head
lots, sometimes out loud.
Not in a like a creepy
way or nothing, just,
just wish you were
there kinda way,
wish you knew who
I was kinda way.
I mean, I know you know who
I am, and I know you too...
Because we work together.
That's some pretty uh,
where'd you, where'd you
get that corsage there?
A man's taking me to
the Fireman's Dance.
Man, man is?
I was actually...
Everyone's going honey.
All right.
Hey Stephanie?
Just so you know, anyone messes
with you, I got your back.
But no one is messing with me.
I know no one is right
now I'm just saying
if they were to, then in
that case I would be there,
I would have your
back if they did.
But no one is.
[calming guitar music]
- Leg trap to the right today.
- Thank you Ada.
[guns firing]
So you've finally
found the balls to put
me out of my misery?
Got your supplies, WD-40,
jumper cable, fishing line.
[Man] Well if you must
come tomorrow I need
a flashlight, concertina wire,
and a buckshot.
All right, I'll
get you a light.
- No buckshot.
- No I need a buckshot.
- No buckshot.
- You will bring it.
You got another
one from Canada.
I wish you'd write
Uncle Frank back.
I would like to meet him.
My brother's never
been there for me.
Eat up you wanna
get big and strong.
They gave me a gook for
a nurse can you believe it?
Ada is Filipino.
Maybe she says that
but I know she's a gook.
OK let's get you
dressed for dinner, OK?
- Oh God, OK.
- Come on.
Now you're gonna honor
our deal, I take care of you
and then when the time is
right, you take care of me.
Simple bullet to the head.
I was 10.
Ah they'll give us that grizzle,
it makes us die quicker.
Sneaky, cancer is
getting me quick enough.
At least the commies
were honest about it.
They wanted us dead.
Like your mom did with you, she
just missed her appointment.
You gotta eat, Grandpa.
I can't eat that
shit you have.
I can't eat, I'm in love.
Oh sense
Oh love
Away, alive, away
Oh I know the way,
I could meet you there
Stephanie can you come out
to my office for a quick minute
thank you.
I was gonna take her
to the dance tonight,
but Dale's got me working,
and she's way out of my league.
You should enlist,
show up in uniform.
Crushes them like
a boot on a daisy.
Maybe I'll join the Marines.
Then she'll wanna
be with me forever.
When you go to war you
don't make ties, you cut 'em.
I thought she was
the love of my life.
Is that my grandma.
No your grandma was a hole I
stubbled into late one night.
That's Mary Lynson, that's the
only girl I ever really loved
and I gave her up
for the Marines.
Enlisted with my brother
before some coed sucked
the courage out of him
he ran away to Canada.
Got brainwashed by fellatio,
flower power and folk music.
Probably speaks French
now, joined Al-Qaeda.
What happened to Mary Lynson?
Do you know where she is?
Last I heard she was in some goddamn
place in Montana. Hartsville.
That's home to the world's
largest gun, that's on my map.
If you show me
that goddamn map
again I'll shove it up your ass.
We gotta get you to
Hartsville, Montana.
And leave all this?
We're gonna find Mary Lynson.
No, she'll be old now.
Probably smells of cat piss.
Wouldn't it be
something Grandpa if,
I went to to the dance
tonight and I got my girl
and then one day we went on
a trip to Hartsville, Montana
and we got your girl,
it'd be like that show
that you used to watch,
on TV, about the cheetah.
We could run and run and
run like that cheetah
all the way to
your girl, Grandpa!
That cheetah was
running to kill a gazelle
- not make love to it.
- Yeah!
[Grandpa] You watch too much
TV, you're a pussy like my
brother look at you, look at
you, go on, go off to Canada!
Grow some balls boy, man up!
[calming music]
[Dale] Wow, look at you.
Huh, how are things
going for you out there?
So busy.
Who you chatting with?
Your phone's dead Steph, you
have to charge the thing.
I gotta go catch a
bus because I'm gonna go
to the dance, so.
Oh, I can give you
a ride to the dance,
we can be dates or something.
I'll take the ride but
I can't be your date.
- No?
- Nah.
I see you like the
dress from Sacajawea,
a size too small perhaps.
Well now I was just...
You know what just
keep it, it's on me.
Have a seat, hang out with me.
[sensual music]
I do like this song.
You know I sit up here
sometimes and I watch you,
on the cameras.
I see you doing things,
things I should
probably fire you for.
Then I start thinking things.
Things I don't
wanna be thinking.
Things corporate certainly
doesn't consider core values.
And here I am thinking them.
[Stephanie] Oh I was, I
was just borrowing those.
[Dale] Come here.
I'm OK.
Don't be silly come here, come
on, it's fine.
- Hey, what's up bro?
- Hey.
Do you know where Steph is?
Upstairs talking
to half a sack.
- Okay.
- Good luck.
I can't be with you, Dale.
Why not?
Everyone says you only
got one nut, and what am I
supposed to do with that?
No hey, hey!
Get off!
Stop it!
- [screaming]
- [scuffling]
- [glass shattering]
- [screaming]
He's OK.
He's OK.
We'll just go.
I shouldn't have taken the
dress this is all my fault,
is Dale gonna be a vegetable?
We need to call an ambulance.
No I know, I know, we
will, we will, we will, OK.
I promise, we will OK?
The cops are gonna come
and take me away aren't they?
Because if you would've just
let us be then none of this
would've ever happened, I
just wanna go back in time,
I can't lose my job, I cannot
lose my job because then
the whole town is gonna know
and then no one
is gonna want me.
I hope you're having a good
evening, I got some real bad
news, somebody's been hurt very
very badly at the All Shop.
Yes ma'am.
Well I pushed him out
of the window see.
And listen there was a
girl there but she had
absolutely nothing
to do with it,
I just wanna make that
real clear, it was me,
me who pushed him
out of the window.
I'm sorry I have to go because
I'm going on the run now.
Yeah, I'm sorry I gotta
go on the run, OK,
good evening, have a good one.
What did you just do?
I just made a phone call.
[Stephanie] No you
lied I pushed him out.
You didn't do nothing
wrong Steph, come in,
get in I'll drive you
to the Fireman's Dance.
They're gonna blame me
anyway so I'm going with.
[Harley] No.
- Yes.
- No, Steph!
So where are we
going on the run to?
[calming music]
[gun fires]
[Grandpa] If there'd
be buckshot in there
the end of you.
You finally taking
me to the woods?
Remember what I told
you, two to the chest,
one to the head.
You didn't sign him out!
We're on the run lady.
To a movie!
I don't run for
anything what's going on?
I pushed our boss
out of the window,
and Harley took the rap for it.
You what?
You told me to
grow some balls.
Yeah but not...
Can you help me?
Yeah but not be a patsie!
Is this the one
you're crazy about?
May as well as have done
it for a little treat.
[Stephanie] Enough out of you!
[Harley] We're going
Hartsville, Montana
home of America's largest gun,
and find Mary Lynson.
[Grandpa] I walked
on a top 17-year-old,
what do I want from
a saggy 65 huh?
It'll be just like
Vietnam, Grandpa.
The good old days.
- Oh I'm too...
- [tires screeching]
We're crossing the state line,
now the Feds are coming for
you and they've got black
choppers, incendiary grenades
and affirmative actions,
you up for this son?
I just uh...
How you doing?
[Stephanie] I'm fine.
First thing that you
should probably know...
Uh, I would like very
much for you to be my girl.
Harley I can't be with you.
Why not?
Well it's just
that you're kinda...
Kinda what?
And I'm all about having
babies and I just don't think
that you're daddy material.
Steph I may not
be like those...
So sleepy...
And now we don't look back
Destination's off the map
This is a one way track,
never going back again
No never going back again
My ship is lost at sea
Lighthouse keep
you fast asleep
I found you and
you found me
So we rode ourselves ashore
So many messages.
That's my phone,
why did you do that?
Sorry it's just that I
think they can track us, so.
I have, to my friends,
you had no right to do that.
Stephanie they could track us.
I wanna go to the
Fireman's Dance because I,
I'm missing the Fireman's
Dance, and I just wanna go.
I'm sorry I didn't
mean to upset you.
I don't wanna be...
It's OK we can still
have fun even though we're on
the run, we can see the
world, look, look, look.
We could go see the world's
longest licorice rope,
my foster sister would love
that one, she's a girl.
Dino Land, or the
world's largest possum.
Wow, world's largest
possum, Dinosaur World.
That's gonna be neat, see?
Looks like a
stupid kid's trip.
Ah no this is great,
this is gonna be great.
I never been on a trip before.
That's OK I'll take you.
Could we just please eat at
all the places that I know?
Yes ma'am.
What's this place?
This is the Hork
Factory Monument, home of
the world's largest can of
Hork right there, see that?
Harley what's Hork?
Hork, ham-pork.
Come on Grandpa, you wanna come?
Nah, leave me here,
let me broil to death.
Naked and starving,
starving and naked.
Starving for reality,
starving for madness.
Do you ever feel that way?
I'm always starving.
That's right, all
this monkey-mind BS,
let's go back to our
bodies, right, yeah!
Fitz Paradise.
I'm Steph.
[Police Radio] I got
red floors in the cafe,
better watch your step.
This is our small batch
Oktoberfest Hork drink,
you'll notice hints of
lemongrass and Dr. Pepper.
[Woman] Since 1932 Hork has
been an American food staple
and it's considered a
gourmet treat in South Korea.
As you walk through
the Hork Factory Museum
you will learn about the
countries where Hork is sold
and eaten, so grab your
hats and jump aboard
on the Hork Factory...
I'm really excited to
learn from a real hero,
I followed your career...
How much do you squat?
Not enough, I'm actually
in a lot of pain right now.
No, come on, self-defense.
[Man] He still kidnapped
two people right?
What a cock tease.
[woman] Can I help you find
Do you sell that Kama Sutra
for pigs book?
Yeah. I don't think
we have that.
Do you sell forgiveness?
Or redemption?
Let me check.
[Man] Morning boys!
Whoa, you guys stay
back, stay back.
Whoa whoa whoa whoa
whoa whoa whoa whoa!
Officer down!
- Get in, get in!
- You want a ride?
You about the best
tornado I've ever seen.
Fitz Paradise.
[Fitz] So is there a
plan or just a duration?
[Woman] I see All Shop
is jumping on this whole
diversity wagon, lucky you.
Ma'am Harley Johnson
just ran over a cop.
The officer is in
critical condition.
Hallelujah baby we got
ourselves a cop-killer.
He's not dead.
You gotta think positive here.
You think you'll be all right?
Well it's its own journey,
karma always comes around,
a pig gets killed and is
reborn as a tasty snack.
We're all connected,
worldwide [mumbling].
You know, I like that
you're quiet type.
I mean what is there really
to talk about anyway huh?
Well what goes on in
that mind of yours?
Or are you just living
on the heart level?
Bald eagle huh, what a
symbol for our country,
fly above everybody
else, all alone.
I just like the bird.
Yeah, me too. I love eagles.
We're complicated.
Yeah, he got away huh?
You blame yourself for
your partner don't you?
Well you should hun,
you shit the bed,
now I gotta track down a cop
killer that you let get away.
Wait, Stevie died?
They said he was gonna
be fine, that it...
Gonna need this to
cover up all the blood.
- Hey?
- Yo Husseini?
You all right hun?
You up for this job?
Yes, ma'am.
Don't be fooled by
civilization, you are not safe.
You wear that badge all
this color washes away
and you become a white man.
And we white men,
are the target.
[Grandpa] Get back in
the van, this is a getaway
not a vacation.
Do it all, do
it all the time
Hunting for minerals
in the canyons
To the coast,
to the cobwebs
Over to all of
days what they said
You'll never know time
Will just go by the side
Spinning around me
Pens pens pens, a gift
of the thought caption.
What's this?
40 nights and a fifth day
Shorter than
Mercury without you
Until the time
Sweetened with the
tears of unicorns,
sweetened with the
tears of unicorns.
Thank you.
Wow you sure have a
lot of spending money.
Oh I don't have any money.
You steal?
Did Robin Hood steal bread?
Did Jesus steal
the grace of God?
That's so smart.
But they're all little girls.
No no no, look behind
the curtain Dorothy!
Selling cookies is how corporate
America turns little girls
into capitalize, teaching them
how to capitalize on their
youth in skimpy outfits
to move product.
Behind those multiracial
happy faces there's a big
patriarchal pimp turning
down little girls one by one,
I steal to lift the weight of
these boxes off their backs.
And because, I
like the mint ones.
[Grandpa] You're full of shit.
[Fitz] What is with this map?
My foster family
went on this trip.
Your foster family, no!
You can't drive the
same road twice!
There can only be one Woodstock.
Try and go back and you
get raped in a porta potty.
No I didn't go on
this trip, I was busy.
I think you dodged a bullet.
You can't become a
man in the backseat.
I think they left you behind,
but they gave you something
much more important.
Yeah well they gave me this
map, because it's a souvenir
which is nice.
No you need to lose this
thing, chart your own force!
No, this the way we're
going, all the way to the end.
To find Mary Lynson, long-lost
love of Grandpa's life.
I bit off a man's finger once.
What it taste like?
[Fitz] Anybody got any
magical dreams need catching?
Sure, dreams I know
about dreams, hah.
Mama's driving now!
Oh God.
Wait a minute, you
know how to drive?
I drove lots.
I can do it, I got it,
I got it, I got it.
- [car engine revving]
- See?
I take full
responsibility for this
and I will rectify
the situation.
Hey do you know
who's car that is?
Well do you like 'em?
[police siren wailing]
- They were here.
- How do you know?
It's freakin' sightseeing!
Not worried about us at all,
tra-la-la just taking in
the sights, how about we
join 'em on the next one?
What's the matter
with the cops?
In Nam you'd be
dead meat by now.
[Harley] Grandpa do you
wanna come see this one?
What kind of moron stops
at roadside attraction
when they're on the run?
I just want everyone
to have a good time.
[Grandpa] Jesus.
No one understood Mr.
Bunyan, he was just another
giant reject, just
another tall loser.
Until the day they
needed his help.
And then he was there.
He was always there, just,
wanting to be their friend.
And now they love 'em so
much that they built this.
Were Babe the Blue
Ox and Mr. Bunyan in
a sexual relationship,
because my vote is still
undecided on bestiality.
That's one of those
pieces of the story
you don't hear much about,
but that's interesting.
Stephanie can I talk
to you by ourselves?
Hey Steph, got you
a present, for you.
I'm not a child.
Woman's like a rifle,
you gotta know how they're
put together before
you can strip 'em down,
you should've seen how
I handled Mary Lynson.
[Harley] I got
you a present too.
I get it now.
For a big blue cow,
Babe is kind of a fox.
Hey it comes with superglue.
Oh that I can use.
[laughing] There we go.
[Newscaster] asking for
help locating Harley Johnson,
the fugitive had placed a
bizarre 911 call implicating
himself in the death of All
Shop manager Dale Hankey.
Harley Johnson is the man
responsible for the hit and run
of a police officer
that has left the victim
in critical condition.
A reward of $50,000 is being
offered for any information
on the whereabouts of Harley...
See this is the
papa, because that one,
this is the mama because it's
protecting all the babies.
She wants to have a man and
babies because then you're
not a stupid kid anymore.
There's nothing better
than being a stupid kid.
You're free, you're
untamed, you're unbroken.
You're alive, if
you wanna make life,
you gotta give up on your own.
When you have a baby, they cut
his cord and wrap it around
your neck like a noose,
they blindfold you
with insurance forms and
then as they roll the bodies
out, they stamp the birth
certificate and your
death certificate, boom boom!
One stop shop, every parent
dies during childbirth
and nobody wants
to talk about it.
There's nothing
wrong with babies.
You wanna see a T-rex made
out of oil drums with me?
I don't need to see that.
These places are all the
same, monuments to the worst
that's happened to man.
Cause of all this misery.
What's that?
What'cha looking at, hey
hey hey you get your ass
out of there, that's my blues.
Why aren't you wearing 'em?
Because that's
for special times.
Lived your lives as civilians
and hunker down,
is that the plan?
[Harley] Sure.
[Fitz] Being young as
clothes on a clothesline.
Gimme that I'm
gonna have that.
Now you see a word to your
folks I'll shoot your eyes out
and these dirt roads are no
good for blind boys OK?
[gun fires]
Go on, run along now.
[Harley] Hey do you know anywhere
good to eat 'round here?
They got burgers down
near by the flea market.
It's a dog.
In Nam they eat dogs.
I'm gonna name
HJ Farrara junior.
Hi HJ, hi baby, hi baby.
Ain't those the
people we've seen on TV?
It's time we get disguised.
Where'd you find all that?
Oh it found me.
I have to go powder my ears.
A lady thing.
[phone ringing]
I told you I didn't do that.
Not even...
What is responsibility
to you, I'm responding,
I'm responding to a new life.
Fries, fry, fries, fry fry fry.
Everything OK?
If you wanna pretend
like you're on some
family vacation that's fine,
but I'm not like you daddy,
I don't wanna play house.
I wasn't trying to...
I want my time.
I saw so much of my time.
To buy shit, that I
didn't even want, why?
So I could breed?
And teach my litter
how to buy more shit?
That drives me madhouse.
You wanna know what
my parents named me?
Fitz Paradise.
That's not me, I am not some
cute fuzzy thing in a cage.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
[ominous music]
Cost of a year of
incarceration, $50,000.
Cost of a single bullet,
50 cents you do the math.
But you gotta be smart
about it these days,
everybody's got a camera phone.
Oh we're close, and local
PD is already pulling in.
And yes the place
is actually called
The World's Most
Awesome Flea Market.
- Liking it, Grandpa?
- Yeah.
Well you ate that all huh?
- Hmm.
- That's good.
[Newscaster] Authorities
have released photos
of Harley Johnson in
connection with the dead of
All Shop manager Dale
Hankey, a hit and run of
a police officer, and the
kidnapping of Stephanie Peterson
and Garrison Curtis.
A reward of $75,000
has now been...
Should I go to
Canada, Grandpa?
Perfect, Canada, you, my
brother and the Taliban.
[Newscaster] We are live
Stephanie Peterson's mother
who is pleading for
her safe return.
[Mother] Oh I'll get
[beeping] for saying it
but she's the kind of
girl who just [beeping]
happens to always flaunting
it like she's some kind of
magnet for the pervs,
[beeping] decides he's gonna
take her to the woods
and turn her into
his own private rag doll.
Which of you cheese
eaters blew ass?
[laughs] Well it's
not the...
HJ, bad HJ, no
pooping in the car!
[Garrison] Oh Jesus!
Do you believe in God, Usama?
He believes in you, coat.
- [screaming over each other]
- [anticipatory music]
Oh Jesus!
She's got a gun man.
I got a gun.
- Harley.
- Stay calm, stay calm.
[gun fires]
Whoa, now you're
talking dirty come on.
I'm gonna run you,
I'm gonna run you
I'm gonna run you
right out of this town
I'm gonna run you,
I'm gonna run you
I'm gonna run you
right out of this town
Now I'm telling you
I'm gonna run you,
I'm gonna run you
I said I
I'm gonna run you
right out of this town
I'm gonna run you, I'm gonna
run you, I'm gonna run you
Say goodbye
I'm gonna run you
right out of this town
Better get ready, better
get ready, better get ready
Run boy run, better get
ready, better get ready
Better get ready,
run boy run
There's a storm a-comin'
It's getting hard to see
Don't forget your dad
is soaked in my love
And I'll make you leave
Now I'm telling, better
get ready, better get ready
Better get ready,
run boy run
Guess I found
my spirit animal.
You see, you and I,
we're like these ripples,
we start at the center,
and then we move out,
until we disappear.
Let's have a jumping
contest instead.
They're just monkeying around.
We made it Grandpa,
end of the road.
Grandpa, I got you
some aftershave.
- What?
- Some aftershave.
No I'll smell like a pussy.
No, no, it smells nice.
- Here smell it.
- I don't want any of that.
I keep telling you Grandpa,
you're gonna crush her
like a boot on a daisy.
You look really handsome.
Oh I'll manage!
Oh my girl.
It's me, Garrison Curtis.
[Mary] Good morning.
Probably inappropriate
to show up here after
all these years, unannounced.
But I've always wanted to
see what you looked like now,
and you look just great.
I tried not to think of you,
I don't know why I'm here,
it's my grandson, he uh...
I would like to get
to know you again.
I'm sorry honey, I just,
I just don't remember you.
You don't?
[Mary] Oh the baseball team?
[Mary] A cruise ship dancer?
No the Marines, '63.
San Diego?
- No, Tucson.
- Oh...
I'm sorry honey, I don't...
Well uh, sorry to trouble you.
You have a pleasant
afternoon now.
[Mary] You too.
Hey where are you going,
hey where's he going?
[Harley] Grandpa, Grandpa!
[car horn honking]
I know it's just an air
pistol, but the pressure alone
will crack your
delusional skull.
You want everyone to believe
the world is like you see it,
but the world is not a nice
place, people are not good,
look at you, how many people
have you hurt this week
to get what you want huh,
and you drag me up here
and make me believe
this crap, love?
It's more evil than evil, it
gives you hope and goodness
that just doesn't exist.
That's not true!
I'll tell you the truth.
Your foster family didn't
take you on that family trip
because you weren't family.
You were a paycheck.
And this map they gave
you, I want my souvenir?
- Give it to me!
- Rub your nose in it!
They would've taken
me if there'd been room.
There's always room for a kid.
They didn't want ya!
No one's ever wanted
ya, not your mom...
- Just not me!
- Fuck you!
I'm not being nice
anymore, I'm not doing it!
Oh boo-hoo-hoo, you wanna
be strong, you wanna be hard,
you wanna be a man?
Then you keep your side of
the deal and finish me off,
- come on, come on!
- You wanna die, Grandpa?
- Yeah go on!
- Fine!
I'll do it, I will!
- Go on, yeah!
- Yeah!
Love is a verb,
not a possessive noun.
You're a cliche, kid.
Hitting the road,
to find yourself?
Sticking it to the man?
And all the time you're
charging it to your credit card.
I know what you're running from.
You and I ain't so different.
Life's easier without
the family eh, simpler.
But there's one thing
you can't run from,
and that's yourself, one cage
you can't escape Bunny-boy.
Are you OK?
It'd be fair to say that
this is the ultimate low
of my life, doesn't
get any worse really.
[car engine revving]
[police siren wailing]
You're gonna turn me
in for the reward,
and get lots and lots
of money so you and HJ
don't have to go back home OK?
- Harley.
- Don't go back there.
OK Steph?
That is how it's gonna
be Steph, end of story.
Ask for the reward first.
I'm sorry Grandpa, you can go
back to the vet's home now.
[Garrison] Oh, great.
What do you need?
I was wondering if you could
borrow your phone please.
[Storekeeper] Well
it's not for public use.
It's an emergency.
[Garrison] Hey hey hey!
- Get in we are on the run!
- Go, get in there, go on!
- Yes, get in!
- OK!
Drive it baby!
- Where's the mutt?
- HJ!
I'm sorry boo-boo, come on!
[Garrison] Get in, get in, go!
- Get in, go, go, go!
- I'm going!
- No!
- Get back here!
- This is my truck!
- No no no!
Why'd you do that?
I didn't do it for you.
Grandpa you wanna come
see the world's largest gun?
I gotta have my own road.
Where's that from?
You wanna see my secret scar?
It's OK you can look.
I have problems with my lady,
bits and uhm...
I can never have babies.
So, I'll never be a real woman.
I don't like people to
know about that OK?
Yeah OK.
Mine's from hot coffee,
one of my foster moms,
I got on her nerves.
But that was before
Grandpa came for me.
You saw in your reflection
A fact you need to see
I know that you're
getting older that's
I hope we find forgiveness,
I hope we get it right
Cause we'll all be together
in the fading light
Since we uh,
since we both missed
the Fireman's Dance,
may I?
If all you want is
power, someone to control
There's another
side of that court
You look nice.
I hope we find forgiveness
Harley just so you know...
I'm a bit slow.
People say I'm slow too.
I just think everybody
else is too fast.
Harley I think I love you.
No one's ever said
that to me before.
I'll always love you Steph.
You're real good at dancing.
I don't dance, lots.
OK almost there, one second.
I'm sorry uh, can we
just go real slow?
Sorry, I just...
Uh... I just never made
love before and uhm,
I was saving it for the right
lady, which I know is you,
I just wanna take it real slow?
If that's OK.
OK uhm, I'm ready.
Well aren't they having a
joyful little time together,
not for long.
[Garrison] Yeah the both
of you, as soon as you can.
Thank you.
Hi uhm...
do you want my dog?
I don't want those
two to see the inside of
a courtroom, understand?
You're someone's Mom right?
They'll get off with
time served and be back
screwing each other in
the wrong holes before
the next Special Olympics, hey!
Yeah I heard you.
What are you doing?
[Woman] Empathy is
a common infliction.
Ma'am you need uncuff me.
All I need to do is
stay white and die.
Wait uh, you try
to honk that horn,
I will be shedding a
tear at the funeral of my
fallen partner, got it?
This is crazy you can't
leave me in here, this is not,
you can't leave me in here!
- [door knocking]
- [ominous music]
They're in the shower.
Get yourself across the road.
I'll give it a try.
- [rumbling]
- [screaming]
[Woman] Is that superglue?
Ah ah ah!
I killed so many gooks
in Nam, I have no problem
with one more, even if she does
have blond, beautiful hair.
[door knocking]
[Man] Your
grandfather called me.
[phone ringing]
You should get that.
[Garrison] Go with
him, take Steph,
do everything he says,
go now, get outta here
before reinforcements arrive.
Well what about you Grandpa?
You go on without me.
I'll join you later.
No Grandpa, you're
coming with us OK?
You don't need me,
you've got balls now.
Just do everything my
brother tells you all right.
You know this was
one hell of a trip.
Where's HJ?
I'm sorry I gave
him to the lady.
Because if you probably want
a family, and I can't give
you that, I can't give
you a family and...
Steph, Steph! We are a family.
OK, we already are one.
Are you ready to die
for those worthless twats?
I am so ready.
You are a son of
a bitch aren't you?
I'm a son of a bitch too.
[guns firing]
[funky music]
You're my star,
you're my son
You're my lady,
you're the one
When I called
you rusted...
I was standing
In your line
Hollering your
name and goodnight
Loved you much,
loved you well
Loved you far as I can tell
When I called
you rusted...
I was standing
In your line
Hollering your
name and goodnight
Every time I see you go
There is something
you should know
Every time I say your name
I know I'll
never be the same
[electronic music]
Do it all, do
it all the time
Hunting for minerals
in the canyons
To the coast,
to the cobwebs
Over to all of
days what they said
You'll never know time
Will just go by the side
Spinning around me
40 nights and a fifth day
Shorter than
Mercury without...
Until the time that these... what I said
You'll never know why
We just won't leave that
sign dangling around
You'll never know why
We just won't leave that
sign dangling around
And around
Tuolumne oh
Tuolumne oh