Betty's Bad Luck In Love (2024) Movie Script

Ooh, it's kind of crazy
I've been thinkin', baby
Gotta get you
out of my mind...
I know.
you say you want me
Now your memories haunt me
Why don't you just
give me a sign?
I thought I had
someone that...
Go for it.
I don't know.
Lyla just broke up with him.
He's sad,
he's lonely.
You have a shot!
[words catch]
[giggles awkwardly]
What if I don't know
what to say?
I don't know anything
about basketball.
Who cares?
Just tell him he's great,
say stuff he wants to hear.
If I go out with him now,
odds are not good
for a long-term future.
Maybe I should wait
a couple years.
Why? What are you
talking about?
-He's right there, Betty!
-Do you know
how many people marry
their first boyfriends?
like, one in a bazillion!
So you and Bobby will be
that one-in-a-bazillion couple.
What about Eleni?
She told me she likes him.
Eleni Vrakos?
Her mom runs
a fortune-teller shop.
Bobby's never gonna
go for a girl
who's always
dressed for a funeral.
Here's your chance!
Yo. A little help?
I... um...
[mouths words]
Hey, Bobby?
I was just wondering...
maybe we could get together
and do homework sometime?
That is to say, I've--
I've got Oreos in my lunch.
Yeah, sure.
I like Oreos.
I thought I had
someone that
I could really care for
Someone who won't waste
my time...
My favorite part's
the cream filling.
Eight out of ten people
like the filling better.
I like the chocolate.
Oh. Well, that just means
we complement each other.
Do you want another one?
[girl] Betty?
[Betty] Eleni?
[Bobby] Oh, hey...
[darkly] How could you?
It's not--
it's not what it looks like.
I thought you were my friend.
You knew I liked Bobby.
I put a hex on you,
A hex?
I curse you,
Betty Baldwin!
From here until the end,
disaster will befall you!
-But I--
every single one
of your future boyfriends.
[gasps theatrically]
[wind gusts]
What the heck?
[Bryan] We're here.
There you go.
-[horn blares]
Whoa! Are you okay?
It's the third time
this week.
Okay. That was my fault.
Your fault?
What do you mean?
I'm so sorry, Bryan.
I can't do this anymore.
It's for your own good.
I'm so sorry!
Betty! Betty!
[background music plays]
Hi, Mya.
-Sorry I'm late.
Oh, it's okay.
I got you a white Bordeaux.
Where's Bryan?
I don't want to talk about it.
Where are we
with the wedding plans?
We have decided "no"
to the baby's breath.
They pack a horrible punch
for anyone with hay fever.
Instead, we are opting
for a special blush
of red and white peonies.
They'll go great with
the groomsmen's boutonnieres.
That's what I thought!
Oh, so, guest list--
I have you down with Bryan,
Scratch Bryan.
You broke up with someone right
as they were getting close...
I'll find someone,
don't worry.
You just had someone.
But you don't have to bring
somebody to the wedding.
Yes, I do!
Or it's going to be uneven.
Everybody's already paired off.
I want this
to be perfect for you.
Remember when
I brought Kyle Rhodes
to my cousin's wedding?
He fell into the DJ speaker
and couldn't hear right
for a month.
That was an accident--
we all agreed, coincidence.
These "coincidences"
have been happening
since we were kids.
I'm just tired of this curse.
Come here.
Give me your hands.
There was a time
where I thought
I wouldn't find my person,
but I didn't give up.
You are not "cursed", Betty.
You're just having
a bit of bad luck.
You deserve to be happy.
It has been 20 years
of "bad luck".
Maybe I should just accept it.
I've got a good life.
I've got great friends,
a fantastic career...
I still think
you need to get out there.
Take a calculated risk.
Maybe in the form of...
that guy?
Or that guy!
Stop! No, stop.
[Mya laughs]
There's so many cute guys
here tonight.
[Stuart Stadler, CEO]
Good morning, everyone.
First order of business--
I've asked Betty to do
a preliminary risk calculation
of Retroveld
Construction Materials.
Thanks, Mr. Stadler.
For those of you
who don't know--
Retroveld is a fast-rising
construction company
specializing in installing
construction material.
They focus on modernizing
historic buildings
and skyscrapers.
Had a look through their books.
As you can see,
they've got a strong cash flow
and manageable overhead.
Any major risk factors?
The analysis is still ongoing,
but nothing has come up
that would push the risk
over our threshold.
However... [click]
...Retroveld has had
what some might call
a "meteoric" rise.
Now, whether that's good timing
in the construction sector,
or something else,
I can't say yet,
but, as of right now,
the cost-benefit
of an acquisition
shows they're our strongest
prospect this quarter.
This is great to hear, Betty.
Usually, your reports
are more doom-and-gloom.
Well, my analysis
still isn't finished,
but it seems,
with Retroveld,
the business
is fundamentally sound.
Excellent work.
We'll discuss the financials,
make sure everything is ready
to trigger an offer,
pending Betty's final report.
Well done, Betty.
Thank you.
Stupendous report, Betty.
Thanks, Nelson.
Your accounting team
really helped with their review.
I always say to everyone--
risk management
and actuarial science,
if you want to learn
from the best,
talk to Betty Baldwin.
She'll have you covered
from head to toe.
That is very kind of you
to say.
I should go.
Uh, perhaps you would enjoy
some Chinese later?
We could share stories
or exchange notes,
as we've done profitably
in the past here in the office.
That is a lovely offer,
Nelson, but, um--
I would also enjoy hearing
your thoughts
on Michael's latest
third-party data presentation.
Have you read his reports?
I find them quite compelling.
So do I, um, but I...
You really should get out
every now and then.
I read that dining out
can decrease your risk
of heart disease by 20%.
-[alarm rings]
-I never eat at home anymore.
Shoot, um, Mr. Stadler wanted
my latest accounting numbers,
and if I leave now, I will
only be five minutes early.
-See you later, Betty.
[chuckles awkwardly]
[keys clacking]
[phone rings]
Hi, Mom.
Hi, honey.
How's it going?
Uh, fine.
I'm just trying to get
this risk report finished.
I was talking
to my neighbor, Bernice, today,
and she has a son--
Do we have to do this
every time you call, Mom?
A mother can't look out
for her daughter?
Your brother's having
so much fun with little Charlie,
and he and Polly
are expecting again.
Yeah, she's due
in a month, Mom!
my neighbor, Bernice--
her son is almost your age.
Give or take a couple years...
or a decade.
Okay, well, please tell Bernice
that your daughter,
and her son,
who's "almost" her age,
are not gonna work out.
That's a bit negative, Betty.
I prefer the term "realist".
I love you, Betty.
I am just trying
to help here.
I know.
I love you, too, Mom.
[alarm chimes]
[gasping in terror]
Oh, no! Oh, no. Oh, no.
Oh, my gosh. Oh, no.
No, no. Oh, no.
Come on!
Oh... my gosh!
What the heck--
what is happening?
W... Are we kidding?
Who's the genius
that decided to move in
on a Friday morning?
Um... I'd like to think
that I'm pretty smart,
but, well--
you said it.
[mutters indistinctly]
Oh, and, technically,
it's not--
Just, please,
I gotta get to work.
Hey, if you're late,
I can give you a lift--
lash up the huskies.
You have dogs?
[sighs playfully]
I knew I forgot something.
[chuckles drolly]
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Are you okay?
I'm fine. Just fine.
Thank you. Goodbye.
Nice meeting you.
[cart rumbling]
Working on a Saturday?
I said,
you working on a Saturday?
Don't you ever take a break?
[clueing in] No.
I just...
forgot something.
Well, have a great weekend.
Per-r-rfect. Thanks, guys.
I got it from here.
Oh, hey, you're back.
Listen, I'm sorry about before.
I, uh, hope
I didn't make you late.
Oh, turns out I'm the only one
that thought it was a good idea
to work on a Saturday.
So, are you finished,
are there anymore dog sleds
plowing through the halls?
No, that was--
that was the only one.
Your new neighbor-- 5B.
Betty. 4B.
You're like...
directly below me!
What are the odds?
Yeah, I can't wait
to hear that.
Oh, yeah. Yeah, you will.
Every day, on the hour.
Like clockwork!
Well, you know what,
I can't wait
to turn down
my obnoxious dance music
just to hear it.
Oh, now, you're a dancer, too?
I do my tap routine
every night--
eight to ten.
Well, I have a class
on the other side of town,
so, nice to meet you.
[instructor] Let's stretch
our front splits...
I am telling you--
he keeps trying to help
with the wedding planning.
Well, is it so bad if he wants
to help a little bit?
He wants his cousin, Marisol,
to sing at the ceremony!
Well, she can't be that bad.
She sounds like an alley cat!
-It's not funny.
Okay, let's get
into our bicycle twists.
Have you decided who
you're gonna bring yet?
Not yet.
[deep breath]
But there's at least
10 million men
in the tri-state area
to work with.
There's gotta be at least one
that doesn't care
that I'm cursed.
Betty, you are strong
and smart and self-sufficient,
there's at least one guy
who is out there for you.
Yeah, I shouldn't be
so negative.
I'll find someone
for the wedding, don't worry.
[elevator rumbling]
[pushes button]
Hey. Betty from 4B, right?
Alex from 5B.
Were you waiting long
for the elevator?
That's okay, I needed to finish
my copy of War and Peace anyway.
With a camera like that,
you must be a mechanic.
[chuckles] So close.
Uh, field photography.
You'll love the fact
that I-I travel--
a lot.
Really? Where?
Afghanistan, Korea,
Azerbaijan, Sudan...
-[alarm pinging]
-Whoa! What happened?
everything's okay.
Everything's okay.
We're gonna be all right.
It's just a temporary thing.
It's okay. Sit down.
-Hey. Hey, hey.
-[Betty panicking]
We'll-- We'll get--
We'll get through this.
Okay? We'll get through it.
So, um, what did you mean
when you said, uh, "not again"?
I just...
I find myself
in situations like this
What do you do for work?
I am a risk analyst
and actuary.
Okay, so then your whole career
is about bad luck?
Yeah, calculating it.
There is a one-in-10-million
of being injured
in an elevator accident,
-for instance.
-[cables groaning]
-[Betty whimpers]
-I'd take those odds.
One in 10 million?
That's nothing.
So that means you, uh, you...
know what the chances are
of walking out your door
and getting hit by a...
winning lottery ticket?
You're not
taking this seriously.
Okay, okay.
Hey, hey, hey. Hey.
Have you ever heard
of Pranayama?
No, I'm fine, I'm fine!
Hey. It's just breathing.
Okay, well, I guess
a little meditation
never hurt anybody.
Yeah. Okay.
So... first step.
Back straight.
Your hands to your sides,
just so.
And then you take
a long, slow...
[inhaling deeply]
...deep breath.
[loud rumbling]
[screams] Ah! Oh!
You have no idea how bad
your odds are in here with me!
I'm sorry. Sorry.
It's okay. It's all right.
You know, um...
once, when I was on assignment,
I-I got lost
in the desert
near Marrakesh
with just my camel
and the clothes on my back,
and like today,
I did not panic.
How did you not panic?
Well, I knew that I could
just eat my camel
if I was in a pinch.
[chuckles weakly]
Oh, you're... you're joking.
It's okay.
We're getting through this,
We're getting through this.
It's all right.
We'll be in the lobby
in no time.
So, a risk analyst.
You're a pro at this.
You're already better.
Risk analyst means
that you--
you know, you've taken
a few risks,
at some point in your life.
Yeah, I've traveled
a little.
Um... Japan.
Safest place in the world.
We're moving!
We're moving.
We're moving.
celebration drinks?
Yeah, you know,
my way of apologizing
for making you late twice.
I've had enough excitement
for today.
Thank you.
-All right.
Maybe tonight?
Uh, maybe some other time,
thank you.
Sure. Some other time.
This smells incredible.
Well, benefits
of being engaged to a chef.
How's business?
It's slowed a bit.
I think Pedro's Taco Truck
has greased some wheels.
No, Pedro's tacos
aren't even in the same league.
We're fine.
How about you, Betty?
Ah, work is busy.
I met this man yesterday.
He moved in upstairs
with a dog sled
and a giant gong.
[gasps] Why is this the first
I'm hearing of this?
Because I just rode down
in the elevator with him
and got stuck immediately.
Well, is he cute?
He is, actually.
Is he nice?
Yes, he is also very nice.
Maybe this is life's way
of getting you "stuck"
with a new guy.
No. No.
You don't understand.
He's a photojournalist.
He works in war zones,
he gets lost in deserts.
He's got a-a Ph.D. in peril.
Wow, a handsome,
world-traveling adventurer?
Sounds like perfection to me.
[Raul] Ahem!
If only he was a chef.
-I don't know.
He asked me for a drink, but--
[gasps] Betty!
You have to go!
If you don't go,
I am going to set you up
with the divorced math teacher
at my school.
You wouldn't do that
to your friend.
-I would.
-And you'd be
depriving those kids
of their teacher
after something terrible
inevitably happens to him.
But look
at what you're missing.
Okay... fine!
This is just...
at the very least,
maybe he'll come with me
to your wedding.
[resolving self] Okay.
Was I meditating too loud or...
Does your offer still stand?
For a drink?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I thought
I was getting stood up.
Sorry I'm late,
I was... waffling.
Not because of you.
Everything okay?
I'm just a...
very cautious person.
I would never
have thought that.
You're teasing.
Uh, what would you like
to drink?
Oh, um... what are you having?
I will have...
a bajigur.
I will have one, too.
What did I just order?
Uh, it's a hot
coconut milk drink
with a little sugar
and ginger.
It's originally
from Indonesia,
but I first had it
during a summer in Lhasa.
Lhasa? As in Tibet?
It's an amazing place.
The people are so giving
and open, it's...
[deep breath]
It's beautiful.
You ever been?
No, no.
I'm more of a gallery
and museums kind of gal,
but I did climb to the top
of a Shinto shrine in Kyoto
when I was teaching there.
You were a teacher in Japan?
I taught English
during a gap year.
You pick up
a little Japanese?
S... Sukoshi?
It's, it's really, um,
an amazing place.
How many countries
have you been to?
Ooh. Uh...
Seventy... five.
I, uh, fell in love
with the idea
of traveling for work
when I discovered photography
in college.
Wait, so, what made you want
to move back from Japan?
Uh, it wasn't an easy choice.
One of the teachers and I
started seeing each other and--
You wanted to move back...
he didn't?
Not exactly.
But I discovered
risk analysis work around then
and it-it just seemed like
the right time to come back home
and go to school.
Thank you.
What are we drinking to?
fresh starts.
Fresh starts.
[laughs] What's wrong?
You're making it very hard
for me to not like you.
I'm sorry.
Aren't you scared?
Going into places with violence
and political upheaval?
Well, people shouldn't let fear
define their lives.
I don't worry
about what "could be"
or let it control me.
The future
is what we make it.
Watch it! Okay.
I knew a guy that fell
into one of those.
Ew! Ha.
H-He was okay, he just...
I'm not sure he ever walked down
the street the same.
Hey. I don't suppose
you're around tomorrow?
I was planning a little hike.
Nothing too dangerous
or near shark-infested waters.
You know what,
that's a lovely offer, but--
Tomorrow morning.
Okay! It is a date.
-[bike bell dings]
-Whoa! Okay. Watch it!
Please don't get flattened.
Red light.
That happen
to a friend of yours, too?
It wasn't pretty.
Steam-Steam-- Steamroller?
No. That was a joke.
[relieved chuckle]
Okay. You're funny.
[phone begins ringing]
Hi, Mom.
Hi, Betty.
Remember my friend Anita
from West Palm Beach?
Well, she has
a brother-in-law...
Okay, I-- I just went
on a date, Mom.
You're joking.
Why didn't you tell me?
Because I didn't want
to get your hopes up.
Is he a good man?
He is, but that's not it...
don't let that "curse" thing get
in the way again.
Well, he travels.
He's... risky.
He likes adventure.
You can't not date a man
just because
something might happen to him.
Don't throw the boyfriend
out with the bath water!
[scoffs] Okay, it's not
how the saying goes.
You know what I mean.
[groans] Aw... no.
You were serious
about that whole
trip-to-the-park thing?
Something to help wake you up.
Oh, thank you.
Oh! That's not coffee!
Yeah, wheatgrass,
add that too.
Tastes more like wet grass.
Come on. If we hurry,
we can beat the earlybirds.
Meet you downstairs,
five minutes.
Gonna be a hike...
to... remember...
Drink to the last drop.
Oh, darn it.
It's breathtaking...
isn't it?
[river rushing]
Uh, yeah...
I can see it from here.
[laughs] Really?
What can you see?
A dangerous fall with
hard rocks and rushing water.
Whoa! Please!
Please get down off there.
That-- That makes me
really nervous.
I see... much
to be grateful for.
And, uh, yeah, uh...
a hint of grass
and the aroma of dogwoods...
Sounds like
you're describing a wine.
I'm just--
I'm just appreciative.
That's it.
Now, they say that being out
in nature like this
is just a good rebalancing
for your circadian rhythms.
Does it have to be
this early in the morning?
No, I was just trying to see
if you were a morning person.
it is safe to say I am not.
-But otherwise...
how am I doing?
I'm just joking.
You're doing good.
It is pretty up here.
Very pretty.
So, what do you do...
to get outside?
I won a few amateur tournaments.
A while ago.
You should come
to one of my rugby games.
I'm sorry, it sounded
like you said "rugby".
I'm in a league.
Every Saturday morning.
I know, I know
what you're thinking--
"who even plays rugby?"
It's the next big thing.
You'll love it.
[forced chuckle]
[school bell ringing]
[school kids shouting]
I'm in trouble.
I mean, big trouble.
Me too.
Wait, you too?
What happened to you?
My peonies got canceled.
Yeah! Something about
"broken supply chain"
and "out of season"?
No. I love the peonies idea.
And I know it's just peonies,
it just feels like
everything's a disaster.
Because you want it
to be perfect,
but there are so many
beautiful floral choices.
In fact, I have an idea...
I know
I'm just being silly.
What's going on with you,
why are you in trouble?
Me? Oh, um...
because Alex,
the man
I went out for drinks with--
who is...
perfectly perfect--
plays rugby.
Oh, I'm waiting
for the "trouble".
Rugby, Mya!
"no helmet!"
You're right, yes,
that is troubling.
It's a very niche sport.
I'm serious.
What am I gonna do?
I don't know, maybe you could
ask him on a date?
What I wanna know
is what am I gonna do.
Um, you are going
to order...
white roses.
They're just as pretty
and they're in season.
Oh, I'm gonna look so bad.
[game commentator]
The referee's blows the whistle
and the game is on!
Hi, Betty.
...putting the pressure on...
Um... hi, Nelson.
Brought you a donut.
Um, I'm actually okay
on the sugar front.
I read your risk report
for Retroveld.
Pure poetry.
Thanks, Nelson.
I'm hoping
the executives upstairs
feel the same way.
The way you've incorporated
that third-party data...
is brilliant.
Thank you.
thank you,
I needed a break.
The energy in this stadium
is electric!
Oh! Um... that's
just background research.
The average concussion rates
in rugby are off the charts.
It's one of
the most dangerous sports...
That's what I'm afraid of.
[takes a daunted breath,
See you later, Betty.
[chuckles politely]
[exhales deeply]
What a great surprise.
A little wake-me-up.
[sniffs] Oh...
That's really good coffee!
Mm, uh, it tastes
like you took dirt
and added hot water.
I kindly agree to disagree,
but now we're even
for the wheatgrass thing.
Um, come on,
I'll take you to brunch
and you can order
all the grass juice you want.
I can't.
What do you mean?
I have a scrimmage.
It's Saturday.
Oh. Is that today?
Yeah, today.
dinner later?
I have work.
Maybe you could call in a sub?
Or tell 'em you're sick!
Ah, yeah, it's a--
it's a really small league
and I'm gone too often
as it is.
And, uh... should come and watch.
Oh, no. No, I don't think
I should come anywhere close.
Okay, well,
the invite still stands,
just in case
you change your mind, so...
It sounds very exciting...
and safe.
Maybe some other time.
Yeah, some other time.
Thank you.
[door creaks shut]
[sighs] Come on.
Darn it!
My afternoon
suddenly cleared up.
Okay. Great!
[whistle tweets]
[men grunting]
[grunting continues]
Okay. Oh, my gosh!
-[intense grunting]
-[bodies colliding]
Okay! Get--
Don't worry, don't worry.
Only two guys have been
carted off this season.
Uh, not me.
Oh, no, no, I was able
to limp off of my own accord,
but I did have a sprain--
hi, I'm Jack.
I'm here with Alex.
Oh, nice. Alex.
Yeah, this is, like,
the least-crazy thing
that Alex does.
The "least"?
Wait, ref, do something!
Why isn't he doing anything?
[all grunting and straining]
Is he gonna do something?
[players all straining]
Ref! Okay,
you're not doing your job.
[whistle blasts]
Foul! Fault! Stop the play!
Red flag.
Blue flag? Yellow!
Just-Just stop...
just stop.
What're you--
what are you doing?
[chuckles meekly]
...okay, well...
Okay, I'm sorry
I ruined your game,
But it really looked like
you were gonna get hurt.
It's okay.
It can look like
a circus out there.
Rugby collisions have
up to 12 Gs of force
per impact--
that's the same
as a car wreck.
Would you just throw yourself
in front of a car
every Saturday,
for fun?
[chuckles] All right.
Definitely no more
rugby matches for you.
Yeah, probably not.
I hope it won't sound
too forward,
I've been thinking about you.
That's very sweet.
I admit, I have had
the occasional thought
about you, as well.
Sounds like
dangerous territory.
I can stop the play
anytime I want.
[blows whistle]
Oh, Mr. Stadler?
Here's the report on
Retroveld's internal procedures.
-Give it to me straight.
-[phone chimes]
Um... their books are solid.
Suppliers are reputable,
employees are content.
Nothing suggests the surge
in business is uncouth.
It would be my evaluation
the acquisition is risk-averse
enough to proceed.
-[phone chimes]
-That is excellent news.
Um... I'm sorry.
Would you mind
if we discuss the details
after you've read it through?
No problem.
What happened?
Raul's storage fridge
He lost a whole month's
worth of food.
Oh, no!
That's horrible.
Are you okay?
Yeah, just spent
all of last night
trying to salvage
what I could, so...
What are you gonna do?
Not much we can do.
I'm gonna buy
all new ingredients.
With the money that we put away
for the catering
and the DJ
and the photographer...
Oh, no.
I don't know
what's happening, Betty.
First, the flowers,
and now this, and...
[weary sigh]
I'll pay for it.
W-- What?
No, Betty, we couldn't ask you
to do something like that.
You're not asking,
I'm-- I'm offering.
It's not the same thing at all.
Are you serious?
Uh, we'll pay you back.
W-We can do it in installments--
Absolutely not.
My best friend...
and her amazing fianc...
are getting married,
and it is going to be
the most beautiful wedding
anyone has ever seen...
...and that's payment enough.
Thank you.
I love you.
And I love you.
I'll take care of it.
Don't worry.
[deep shaky breath]
[laughs through tears] Just...
it's a lot.
Thank you.
[sniffles] Um... oh!
I almost forgot about rugby guy.
-What's happening?
Um, I stole a ref's whistle
and stopped a play,
saved Alex's life,
but, uh, apparently,
all for nothing.
He's fine.
So far.
But I really like him.
What happens when he realizes
I'm actually cursed?
I think
you worry too much.
I know what I have to do.
Was I napping too loud?
I am glad you're home.
I need to talk to you.
Uh, did--
did you want to come in?
There's-There's actually
someone I'd like you to meet.
All right.
Come on in.
Amy, this is Betty.
And Betty,
this is my sister, Amy.
You must be
the downstairs neighbor.
Betty's been keeping track
of my tap routine.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, it's okay.
I, uh, find it kind of charming.
Oh, someone finds
your dance moves charming?
Come join us for tea?
Alex mentioned
you're married, Amy?
Amy and her husband
are professors.
Gary teaches
French literature--
Hugo and Flaubert.
guess who is the leading
Cormac McCarthy scholar
in the country?
I could feign modesty,
Wow, I had no idea
he was a subject
you could study.
Wait, I know a quote.
"You never know
what worse luck
your bad luck
has saved you from."
she's a McCarthy fan!
[snickers] No.
That's literally all I know,
but it's a-a quote
that always stuck with me.
If you don't ask this girl
to marry you, and pronto,
I may disown you.
No, don't even joke.
He's always been
an old-fashioned kind of a guy,
but I love him anyway.
Love you, too.
I've got to get going.
Betty, it was so nice
to meet you.
Bye, sis.
-She's really great.
Thank you for having me.
It was lovely to meet Amy.
See you around.
Um, listen.
I know
it can get a little sticky,
living this close,
so, I'd love to take you out
on a real date.
[chuckles] Is that so?
Yeah, you know,
to an actual restaurant,
with real silverware.
Uh, I'm gonna go
on assignment for a few days,
then camping with Jack.
I'll be back next weekend.
-We can--
You're flying off,
to who knows where,
and then you're coming back
and you're going camping?
With lions and bears
and wolves?
No! No lions.
Maybe a big bobcat or two.
Oh! Okay, I can't--
I can't do this.
This is why
I came up to see you.
What are you...
What are you talking about?
I'm sorry.
I-I-I don't think
I can go out with you.
I thought you... liked me?
I do.
I-I like you too much.
That's the problem!
Okay, uh...
heh, I'm confused.
Uh, I like you, you like me--
what's not to like?
Just trust me,
it's for your own good.
Let's just leave it at that.
Are you sure?
No. I don't know.
[quickly] Okay, 'cause I know
that I'm gonna miss you
and I think
you're gonna miss me--
Not if I can help it!
Well, don't...
help it.
[ambient music plays]
You should've seen
how sweet he was
with his sister.
She's like this totally cool
Millennial version
of Annie Hall,
with this little bowler hat.
And I'm so conflicted!
You met a nice guy!
Just let yourself be happy.
But he's going camping.
why is this a dilemma?
Because what if
he gets attacked
by a rabid raccoon?
[gasps] Remember what happened
to Paul Dubwick?
That's it!
[cries out]
I can't take it anymore!
[overlapping] Shh!
I'm sorry.
Youcan't do this anymore?
Oh, I have been listening
to your crazy stories
for the past 20 years!
Are you okay?
[tearfully] No!
Yes. I don't know!
Raul's mom made me invite
15 more people to the wedding.
But you're already
at maximum capacity.
That's what I said!
[instructor] Let's switch.
And then she said
that I absolutely
had to invite them
because they're friends
of the family, or whatever.
But this is your wedding.
You get to decide who comes.
Can't Raul say something?
He was going to,
but between this
and the food truck thing,
he doesn't know
how to bring it up
without upsetting her.
And obviously,
I don't want to cause problems,
but I don't know--
it's just one thing
after another
with this wedding.
[Betty] Okay, well,
we'll take care of it
after class.
-I'll help you, I promise.
-Good work, ladies.
Let's get into
some donkey kicks.
what are you gonna do
about Alex?
Well, what can I do?
Call Eleni
and ask her
to take the hex away?
I really think
you need to get over this.
Wait a minute.
There might be
something to that.
Wait. What do you mean?
What if I could find Eleni?
I mean,
I have no idea where she is.
And it's been 20 years--
...but I could
do some research.
I was thinking more like
"forget the curse," but...
you know, baby steps.
So there are
almost 20 possibilities
in the tri-state area alone?
Who knew "Eleni Vrakos"
would be such a popular name?
Hey, Betty!
How's the, uh,
final operational analysis
going for Retroveld?
Hold on a second, Mya.
[stammers] Great, thanks.
Thanks for checking
the accounting analysis.
No problem at all.
In fact...
I was wondering
if you could look over
my analysis
of the Davrow Hotels merger?
...over lunch?
[no audio]
Um, just give me
a few minutes.
My friend is working on
something I need help with.
"Help" is my middle name!
Well, not literally...
it's, uh, "Felix".
"Nelson Felix".
Nelson is gonna cross-reference
census records
for the past 30 years
with birth and marriage
He says he can
get this list down
to a more reasonable number.
[Mya] Wow.
But there's only one problem.
Which is?
How do you feel about camping?
Thank you for doing this.
I know you have a lot
on your mind,
but this is...
why you're my best friend.
Well, this excursion
is a welcome distraction
from-- [shaky breath] know, wedding planning.
[gasps] What?
-[car motor starts]
Oh, no, you said he was cute,
you did not say
he was a male model!
-[Mya laughs]
Okay, follow, follow,
follow him,
but quietly and slowly.
[Mya] Relax!
-It's okay, it's okay.
Just, uh...
Wait, Betty...
I don't think
she wants to go out with me.
Oh, yeah, was it the "I don't
want to go out with you anymore"
that gave it away?
Yeah, but then she also said
that she really liked me, so...
Yeah. Do you remember
that beautiful woman in Santiago
that accidentally spilled
a pia colada on me?
Yeah. Imelda.
married her.
Exactly! Yeah.
I apologized
for getting in her way,
even though it wasn't my fault,
we got to talking.
Just go with the flow.
Don't push it
if she's saying she's not ready.
I swear,
they were at that party.
Yeah, I'm not really thinking
right now.
Like, I cannot--
Just watch your step.
This is adding insult
to injury, really.
Did you bring toilet paper?
What? Oh...
This is so much stuff.
-Okay, there they are!
-Are we there yet?
Yes, shh!
There they are.
-[branches snapping]
Oh, get back.
We close
to someone else's camp?
I don't know,
but if I smell s'mores
or hear campfire songs,
I am outta here.
Don't you think we've taken
this a little bit too far?
I mean, look. Look.
It's not like
they're in the tundra.
This is like my mom's backyard.
That's what you think,
but somebody could wind up eaten
at any moment.
Oh... it's okay.
I'm dating him.
[chuckles weakly]
how serious
are we talking here, buddy?
I mean, is it serious?
Or are we talking
just "serious"?
Definitely... serious.
there's just somethin'...
soulful about her.
She's funny,
yet thoughtful.
And we have seen her
in action--
ready to, uh, save you
from the hazards
of the rugby pitch.
will she put up with you
when she gets to know you?
I mean,
that's the real question.
Yeah, thanks, pal.
Hey. You're a great guy.
Great guy! You know?
You're just not,
you're not always...
I have a career.
I totally understand.
Just it's definitely gotten
in the way a time or two.
Yeah, maybe you're right.
Just think about it.
[insects buzzing]
Why are there so many bugs?
It's because we're in
the great outdoors.
Think of all the ticks!
Do you know how many people
contract Lyme disease
every year?
It's more than you think.
They're standing near the water!
But it's pretty shallow...
and there's no current.
So do you think
we can put an end to this?
It's just when you think
everything is okay...
that disaster strikes.
[owl hooting]
It's getting cold.
No kidding.
Why don't you let me
start a fire?
70% of wildfires
are caused by campers.
[loud rumbling]
What was that?
What just growled?
Is there an animal?
That was my stomach.
[snack packet rustles]
Oh... oh!
-[owl hooting]
-[packet rustling]
[owl hooting]
[branch snaps]
Something's outside.
[owl hoots]
Sorry, I'm just stressed.
I didn't mean to wake you.
[yawns] It's okay.
I wasn't sleeping.
I was just thinking
and wedding dresses...
...and the guest list.
This kind of reminds me
of that sleepover we had.
We never went camping.
No. In your backyard.
Oh! Oh, right.
[laughing quietly]
That was
your very first sleepover.
I was so scared...
...but you made me feel
right at home.
That was my mom.
No way.
You had me, uh,
name all of the stuffed animals
I brought
so I could sleep.
[laughs at the memory]
Oh. Wait...
[both giggling]
And... "Beary".
Sweet "Beary".
[branch snaps]
What was that?
[animal chitters]
[women screaming]
[horn blasting]
Is that a...
[gasps] Ah! Bear horn!
-[horn blasting]
-[shrieking in panic]
[horn blasting continues]
This way!
What are you... doing here?
Are you okay?
There's something out there!
Yeah, I think you just scared
the daylights out of a raccoon.
And us.
Why are you here?
I was--
I was worried about you.
[words catch, sighs]
[Alex's voicemail]
Hey! This is Alex.
Leave me a message.
I heard the deal
for Retroveld closed.
Uh, by the way...
I was able to go through
those databases for you,
and, well...
Oh my gosh.
Nelson, you didn't!
I couldn't
narrow it down entirely,
but close.
Four people?
I wish
I could be more precise,
but your Eleni
is definitely in there.
Nelson, thank you!
Thank you so much.
I probably could've
handled it better,
but I was just shocked
to see her there.
There must be an explanation.
For following me
into the woods?
I... [sighs]
I miscalculated.
She said she was worried
about me, but...
I'm sorry.
I know you really liked her.
I do.
are you ready to fix your fate?
What if she's still mad at me?
No. No.
No more procrastinating.
-[line ringing]
[woman] Hello?
Is this Eleni Vrakos?
Who is this?
Um... this is kind of weird,
but did you go
to Jersey City Middle School?
Sorry... where?
-It's okay, next.
[line ringing]
[woman on voicemail]
Hi. You've reached 555-0112.
My name is Betty,
[line ringing]
Hello. It's Eleni speaking.
is this Eleni Vrakos
from Jersey City Middle School?
No. Sorry.
I grew up in Weehawken.
My married name is Vrakos.
This last one doesn't even
have a phone number, so...
Well, I guess you and me
are gonna go knock on her door.
You'll come with me?
You kidding?
Of course!
You and me,
we're ride-or-die.
[both giggling]
Oh. [chuckles]
I like your hat.
Oh, thanks!
It's very "Annie Hall".
[Amy chuckles]
You don't happen to have
a brother named Alex, do you?
[Betty] Come on,
why aren't you calling me back?
Oh! Thank goodness.
I could not sleep,
let's just go find her.
I think my marriage
may be doomed!
[door creaks shut]
What happened?
Raul thinks I'm over-reacting.
Okay, well, what?
Just-Just take a deep breath.
We'll-- We'll figure this out.
"Scheduling conflicts."
The reception venue
was double-booked.
What did Raul say?
Well, that's the thing.
He doesn't think
it's a big deal.
Well, it is!
I know!
But it's not insurmountable.
Let me call them.
I bet
we can work something out.
[knocking at door]
Uh, hold on.
-Hey. Is she here?
I'm sorry
for running out like that.
Hey, it's okay.
I understand.
All right? It's a big day
for the both of us.
Why is nothing going right?
Do you think it's a sign?
It's not a sign.
There's not an obstacle
big enough in the world
that could keep me from you.
So we're just having
awful, awful luck?
Hey, luck has nothing
to do with it.
Then why is everything
going wrong?
There will be times in life
that we can't
control everything.
I promise...
that we will find
a solution for this.
That's what marriage is, right?
[deep, shaky breath]
We'll do it.
We will do it together.
-I love you.
-I love you.
We had a day today, huh?
I just love you guys.
Love you, too.
So, have you heard from Alex?
No. Uh...
I don't think he will want
to ever see me again.
Maybe you just need
to explain it to him.
Explain what?
How all the men in my life
will have horrible things
happen to them
if they get too close?
"The curse"?
How would you explain that?
I'd understand.
Me too.
But you don't even
believe me now.
[Betty chuckles sadly]
It's for the best.
At least now, I d--
I don't have to worry
about him getting hurt.
You know...
...we still have one more
"Eleni Vrakos" on the list.
[Mya] Finally, you can
give Eleni Vrakos
a piece of your mind.
I'm not sure
that's the best approach.
I just need her
to take the curse away.
I'll do whatever it takes.
Beg... plead...
Wait. Are-- Are you sure
this is the address
that Nelson gave you?
Yeah. I checked it twice.
But, obviously,
no one lives here,
so, that's it--
my life's forever jinxed.
Not quite.
I have a back-up plan.
Let's go.
It's gonna be fun.
[apprehensively] Oh...
Madame Vadoma wants to know--
what is it you seek today?
Uh, where do I start?
My friend
has been dealing
with a curse
for the past 20 years.
Do you happen to know
someone named Eleni Vrakos?
-You do?
But... not in this lifetime,
I'm afraid.
Oh. Too bad!
You mentioned a curse.
Curses create terrible turmoil.
It has been getting
in the way of her love life
and we need it removed.
May I see your palm?
Uh, this is one of the worst
love lines I've ever seen.
It is?
Well, there's
many broken lines.
It's very bad.
But there's room for hope.
-There is?
-What can she do?
Madame Vadoma
has a counterspell,
and it can take the hex off
even the most powerful curse.
[deep breath]
But it's very potent.
Well... whatever it takes.
Plus tax.
It's not bad.
-It's very affordable.
-Yeah, it's fine.
I mean... maybe?
But... how can I be sure?
We need to get you a date.
[sighing] Yeah.
But it needs to be
somebody cautious.
Somebody... sensible and safe,
just in case.
Okay. Who?
Oh, thank you.
Mm, so good.
I wish
I'd tried this place sooner.
This is the most underrated
Chinese restaurant in the city,
and, at 21.98 for both meals,
it's a great bargain.
Nothing beats a great meal
and a bargain.
We can use this
not only a social meal,
but a business expense.
Oh. Yeah. On our taxes.
You know...
from the first moment I saw you,
we were on the same page.
I was working
the Biocom project and--
Do you know what...
let's not talk shop?
I want to know about you.
What do you like to do
outside of work?
Like Sudoku?
What are your interests?
Like, do you listen to music?
Or go to the movies?
Like, I love
French literature--
Sartre, Zola.
I know what you're asking.
I, for one,
am passionate
about recycling.
Do you compost?
[door creaks]
[phone rings]
Hey, Mom.
Hello, darling.
So, another friend of mine
has a nephew
You know what,
I just got back from a date.
Oh, darling,
that's fantastic!
What's he like?
What does he do?
How does he dress?
I was gonna to say that, uh...
I don't think
it's going anywhere.
Well, that's too bad.
Okay, but what about
the fella upstairs?
Alex? Oh...
Yeah, I don't think
that's gonna work.
I feel doomed, Mom.
it's never gonna work out
with anyone, ever.
Well, what was wrong
with the date you just had?
It was terribly, awfully dull--
it was exactly
what I was looking for.
I'm not sure I understand.
Nothing happened.
It was just--
it was just... boring.
You're not calling to set me up
with another guy, are you?
I mean--
my friend's nephew is...
[Beverly sighs]
Never mind.
I think
you should do it on your own
from now on.
I have faith in you, Betty.
Thanks, Mom.
That's one of the sweetest
things you've said to me.
I love you.
I love you, too.
[knocking at door]
Oh, hold on, somebody's here.
Mom, I gotta call you back.
Um, I-I wanted to come down,
about the, um, camping trip...
I am mortified.
My sister
ran into your friend...
She did?
...And she explained
a few things.
[darkly] She did?
About a curse.
Betty, I-I wish
you just told me.
Well, I realize
how ridiculous it sounds,
but I've never had a boyfriend
that didn't run into
some serious bad luck.
Well, I--
I don't believe in curses,
but I appreciate
what you've been through.
Well, thank you.
If I haven't completely
ruined everything,
maybe we can...
try again sometime?
Um... would you like to try
something really dangerous?
When I was in Tanzania,
I got this special dish--
-[sucks air]
-Ah! Ah!
From, uh, this ancient bibi
on her deathbed...
uh, and she got it
from her grandmother,
and now I'm sharing it with you.
So her last dying wish
was to give you this recipe?
Well, maybe not her--
her last wish.
Bottom line,
I, uh wasn't about
to let this little bit
of culture and tradition
die on my watch.
It looks delicious.
-[spoons clatter]
No, no, no, no.
Yeah, looks can be deceiving.
Um, I can't read
some of her handwriting, so--
...I keep trying
to get it right, sorry.
It's okay. You know what?
I had a really late lunch
and I'm not that hungry.
Yeah, I should've tried
to wow you
with a dish that I actually
know the ingredients to.
That's okay,
because there's something
very endearing
about a man who has
absolutely no ability
to cook whatsoever.
I'm not gonna eat that.
Pizza time.
[clattering and rattling]
[printing trays rattle]
Sorry to interrupt.
Oh... hello.
I wanted to say,
I had a very nice time
with you, but--
Oh, Betty, I am gonna
stop you there.
I need to be honest with you.
I don't think...
this is gonna work.
You don't?
I-I'll admit,
I had a small crush on you
for a while,
but sometimes the fantasy
can outshine the reality.
And truth is,
I need someone who...
brings a little more
to the table,
who can keep up
with the lively discourse.
[Stadler] I need everyone
in the conference room.
I'm sorry if I led you on.
Hope we can still be friends.
-Of course.
-[Stadler] Conference room, now.
30 minutes ago,
a fire started
inside the Allistor building.
The building still contained
and flammable materials.
They think a construction crew
may still be trapped inside.
Is this a--
a Retroveld project?
We are now the proud new owners
of a $50-million
Retroveld business
which is about to lose
the majority
of its market value.
I'm standing across
from the historic
downtown Allistor Building,
where authorities tell us
a fire that engulfed
the 7th & 6th floors
has now been extinguished.
The historic building
was currently in the process
of an extensive renovation
meant to protect from
this very kind of tragic event.
And so far,
Retroveld Industries
has declined to comment.
our sources tell us,
there are no casualties
at this point,
but this very dangerous
situation is still unfolding.
What are you doing here?
On assignment from Newsfeed.
What are you doing here?
My business is connected
to this construction firm.
You shouldn't be back here.
This is blocked off.
This is what I do.
Don't worry.
Hey! Get out of there.
Okay. You're not being safe.
Hey, Betty, I thought--
I thought you were
done with all the curse stuff.
Well, I am,
but this is a real hazard.
[man] Help!
Hey, did you--
did you just hear that?
[man] Help!
Uh, hey, excuse me?
Hey, excuse me.
Sir, you're just gonna
have to wait.
We've got a lot going on.
If you could just step back.
Please, let's just get
out of here, please, come on.
Go get help.
-Right away. Okay?
-What are you doing? What're--
-Go get help!
[crying out] Alex!
Hey! Just hang in there!
Don't worry!
[man] Please, please!
I-I'm stuck.
There's a gas leak!
Are you in charge?
Sorry. There's someone
trapped inside the building!
We're working on it, Ma'am.
No, listen!
My boyfriend is around the back.
We heard someone calling out.
He's gone to find him.
He's done what?
-You stay put!
He's not foolish enough
to go inside, is he?
Ma'am, I need you
to back up, please!
Hey! Are you smelling gas?
We've shut off
the main valve.
I think you still got a leak!
Get back!
Everybody, get back now!
[male firefighter] Get back!
What if he's still in there?
[explosion roars]
[debris clattering]
[sound slows and distorts]
[Betty sobs]
Hey! I need some help over here!
I need some medical assistance.
[emergency officer]
Get me medical assistance
behind the building!
[man coughing]
Why did you do that?
I told you not to do that!
Things have a way
of working out!
You just gotta have faith.
Do you have any idea
how fortunate you are?
I-I had to do something.
The guy was in serious trouble.
I should just end this
right here.
Hey, Betty, please, just...
I'm sorry that I--
[sighs] I'm sorry
that I made you scared, but...
Please don't...
...don't push me away.
[sobbing softly] I just...
His producer at Newsfeed
wants to do a piece
on how he saved a man's life.
He said no.
He doesn't want to be
a part of the story.
So not only is he gorgeous,
he's also a selfless hero
who saves people
from buildings.
It seems so.
[Mya chuckles]
If I wasn't marrying
the love of my life,
I'd be so jealous.
The point is...
he's okay.
He's better than okay.
He's... unscathed.
He's... healthy.
He's safe.
Nothing happened to him.
Do you think
you're ready to let it go?
I think the curse
is officially broken.
[exhales in relief]
[Stadler] Betty? Great news.
All the construction team
has been accounted for.
Everyone is safe.
[sighs] Thank goodness.
But the-- the building
still has to be demolished.
Mr. Stadler, I...
I want to apologize.
You're not responsible.
No, I should've had
a contingency.
I should've seen the possibility
of this happening.
I know that we work the numbers
and consider all the angles--
You can't plan for everything.
There's always
some calculated risk.
It's all right.
[chuckles lightly]
[phone ringing]
So, I was thinking...
can I ask you out for dinner
yet again?
I can think of nothing
I'd rather do...
but this time, I'm cooking.
I'm really
looking forward to it.
I'm gonna-- I'm gonna put on
my Gene Kelly dancing shoes.
And you should know...
I'm a Fred Astaire gal.
Yeah, okay, fair enough.
It is a date.
I got
Lucky for a lifetime
The day that
I found you
Thought love
was just a fairytale
For fools
Since I fell for you
Sentimental's cool
Come on
Open up the curtain
It's our big debut
And it really doesn't matter
What's the spiel
Nothing's gonna change
the way I feel
I'm lucky for a lifetime
All because
- Of you
[Doctor] Thankfully,
there are no signs of internal
swelling or bleeding
on your MRI.
But, with a severe concussion
like this,
you're going to need
to get lots of rest
and monitor yourself.
I'm feeling pretty good.
When the pain meds wear off,
you may feel otherwise.
[Amy] Can he go home now?
I'd like to keep him here
overnight, for observation.
might wanna take it easy
for a while.
Maybe hold off on
dancing down stairs from now on.
I can't...
[chokes up] I'm sorry.
-[elevator dings]
Honey, I'm sorry.
Alex-- uh...
Is he all right?
Yeah. Uh...
...this was a bad idea
from the start.
I'm still jinxed!
Everyone I love gets hurt.
That's not true.
Hey, Betty. Look at me.
I need to stay away.
one, uh...
[phone begins ringing]
Hi. Is this Betty Baldwin?
This is Eleni...
from Jersey City Middle School.
You left a message for me
a few days ago?
Yeah, I'm sorry it took me
a while to call back.
I was out of town.
But it was so wild
to hear from you!
You're theEleni Vrakos?
You remember me?
Yeah, of course,
I remember you!
Talk about a blast
from the past.
[Eleni laughs]
[gasps in silence]
[Eleni] I can't believe
it's been two decades.
Look at you both!
You look the same.
I... laser.
But you--
no, you look--
you look great!
Not that you didn't
look good before!
No, it's true.
Yeah, middle school
was a difficult time.
I'm pretty sure
I was the very definition
of "teen angst".
I'm sorry.
I... I feel like I must've
had a hand in that.
[stunned] You?
No, you were always so nice.
But the curse...
[awkward chuckle]
Every since the curse,
her love life
has been a disaster.
"The curse"?
Yesterday, my boyfriend
had a very bad accident.
Oh, no! I'm so sorry.
So, I'm here,
begging you
to find it in your heart
to help me,
for his sake.
I'm sorry, Betty...
I-I don't know what you mean.
just-- just take the curse away.
I'm drawing a blank.
[chuckles awkwardly]
Bobby Grimwood...
You cursed my love life!
I cursed you?
About someone named "Bobby"?
[Eleni laughs]
[she stops laughing]
Oh... maybe I remember.
Oh, but that was just
some silly thing I made up.
I mean, what do I know
about curses? [laughs]
Well, y-your parents owned
a palm-reading store
and your mom was a mystic!
[laughing] Oh, gosh, no!
My mom worked in a bank!
I just thought that story
would make me sound interesting.
[Eleni chuckles]
It was all just...
It was just...
bad luck?
[Eleni] I'm... so sorry.
I'm so mad at you.
You promised...
you wouldn't get hurt.
I'm okay.
Is this about the curse?
My whole life, I...
had this fear of
the people I love getting hurt.
But I think it was just a fear
that I would get hurt.
But I've got to stop blaming
some imaginary curse.
It's something I thought
I had to live with, but...'s not real.
But I understand
if this has all been
just too much with me.
Hey, hey, hey.
Please don't ever blame yourself
or some silly curse.
I won't.
I'll just blame
your Gene Kelly dancing shoes.
The white roses are perfect.
Oh, my gosh.
You are glowing!
You don't even know how jealous
I am right now.
Thank you,
but I could not ask for
a more beautiful Maid of Honor.
Ugh! I feel like
a big, round balloon.
How are you feeling?
You know...
I thought
I would be nervous,
but right now...
all I feel is happy.
It's right.
-I really found him, Mya.
My good luck charm.
I always hoped for this day.
I wasn't sure that we would
make it here, but--
-...I hoped.
I love you.
-Thank you.
Mwah! Mwah!
Okay, okay, okay.
-Oh, what?
Honey, no. No, get outta here.
We're having a moment.
I'm sorry, my love,
but they're asking
if you're ready.
Go. Go.
What do ya say, Bets?
Are you ready to get married?
[Betty] Alex...
from the first moment
we met...
I knew you were a genius.
You never gave up on me.
You pried open
a part of my heart
that I kept protected
and hidden.
You helped me discover
the possibility
of happiness
and love.
And I will be forever grateful
that you danced
into the apartment above mine.
I adore you.
[tearing up] I take you
to be my husband
and my best friend...
in sickness and in health,
from now until the end.
Betty, when I first
laid eyes on you...
[takes a breath]
...I knew
that I was in real danger--
...the most dangerous
kind of danger
because my heart was at risk.
But that risk
led me to...
[deep breath]
...the most tremendous reward,
because, Betty,
finding you...
it's been the greatest fortune
of my entire life,
and you've helped me find
my true home.
So I most certainly do...
take you.
May we have the rings?
[Officiant] Then,
with the power vested in me,
I now pronounce you...
Alex and Betty,
husband and wife.
[guests cheering]
[applause continues]
For the rest of our lives
Love is a journey
We'll steady the course
Fight for each other
No matter the score
Through heartache
We'll carry
the love that we swore
If you just take my hand
Oh, won't you just
take my hand?
For the rest of our lives
For the rest of our lives
I know I said
I don't believe in
all the bad luck stuff,
but I'm not sure
this is the best idea.
You're not getting
superstitious on me?
Isn't it enough
that you're coming with me
to photograph
the Amazon basin?
You do know this is dangerous.
You know
I don't like that word.
And you know the odds
of you getting hurt out there?
[deep breath] But...
you're just gonna
have to trust me.
we have each other now...
what more luck do we need?