Between Heaven and Earth (2019) Movie Script

We're late
Hello, Salma,
how are you?
- We have to go right now
- Okay
I'm going to shower
and come back
Make yourself at home
Make yourself at home
I'll wait for you in the car
Hello Moataz, tell them
I'm unavailable until tomorrow
I don't know, they might not let me in
anyway, okay
What are you doing?
I'm driving
You can't drive a car
with a yellow license plate
We can switch
when we get to a checkpoint
- No one will stop me in the West Bank
- I'm driving
I'm going to drive!
Get in
You're so stubborn!
Thank you!
Did you have fun at your
friend's house this past month?
Very much
Go ahead and buy one
- Buy one, please
- Come here
Buy one, buy some newspapers
God bless your children
- Why would I need two?
- Then take this, for the sake of your kids
- Just one, just one, come on
- Here you go
Sneaky bastard!
He sold me a dated newspaper
During the evening...
Good evening...
We have a Palestinian woman
from Nazareth with an Israeli ID
The man has a Palestinian ID
with an entry permit
- Are you married?
- Yes
Born in Beirut
Should I let him through?
It doesn't look
like I'm going to pass
Do you insist on going to a court?
I can just say "I divorce thee"
three times, and we're done
But we need two witnesses
Should we ask these two?
- Should I ask them?
- Very funny
Looks like we're through
Of course this would happen
They haven't stopped me
at a checkpoint in 5 years
- So, if it wasn't for you...
- See?
I see
What else did you expect?
- Hello
- Hello
Thank you
What's the reason behind
the divorce?
Irreconcilable differences
What about you?
Do you agree?
Not to waste each other's time
and since you both agree
hand over the needed
documents, please
There are some missing documents
These are the documents
they told us to get
- I want your father's address
- His father passed away
Then, I need his last address
He died in Beirut
What's his full name?
Ghassan Abdo Tamer Hajjar
Was he born in 1932?
I can see here that Ghassan's
last address was in Galilee
I have no idea
- It's a mistake, it's not true
- Definitely
- That's what's shown on the computer
- Definitely
- May I ask a question?
- Go ahead
How is his father's address
related to our divorce?
- Are you his son, Tamir?
- Tamer
- Tamer, yes
- No, Tamir
- It's Tamer, my name's Tamer
- Who's Tamir?
The dates of birth here are different
You must get your father's family register
- to proceed with the divorce
- We told you, the man was killed
The records I have indicate
that Ghassan used to live
with a woman named Hajar Giladi
and the only son
registered under their name is Tamir
and there is no death certificate
on his record
So, we can't get divorced
There's a mistake
regarding the names
To complete the procedure
you have to prove your identity
If she's your mother, then you need
to get divorced in the Jewish court
- Give me the ID, please
- Here
- Have a good day, thanks
- You're welcome
- Go ahead, 68
- May I please just...
- Can I just get his father's last address?
- Of course
- Tamer
- This is nonsense
Tamer, wait
- Who is this Hajar?
- I don't know her
- Tamer?
- What? What do you want, Salma?
I got you the address
- So, you believe him?
- Let's just check it out
We'll go together
- Let me see
- What?
- I'll handle it on my own
- How?
You don't speak Hebrew
You have a Palestinian ID
It's prison if you get caught
- My permit's for three days
- What if you got lost?
- If I get lost, you can't get divorced
- Stop being childish, Tamer
Irreconcilable differences?
Good thing he didn't laugh
in our faces
What did you want me to say?
You're emotionally handicapped?
My father was registered
with another woman
twenty years
before he met my mother?
- He used to live with her
- So, Tamir's my brother?
- Do I have others I don't know about?
- Calm down. Let's just look into it
What if Hajar turned out
to be my mother?
What if I'm Jewish?
Let's get this over with
Maybe they can help us
Let's ask them
- Hello
- Hi
Hajar, the fortuneteller?
Listen, Violet!
They're asking about Hajar
the Iraqi woman
Of course I know her
She used to live here
Is she still alive?
I don't know
I heard she was moved to a nursing home
But you can ask her son
he lives there, down the street
This Hajar is a disaster
and a trouble-maker
She read the fortunes
of half the people of Galilee
Do you know if she lived with
or was married to a Palestinian?
Rumors, they say that
she got secretly married
This could be because
he was a Palestinian
She got secretly married
I don't know
- How can I find the house?
- Look, you go from here...
you go down the stairs,
turn right
- near the church
- Okay
Stay here, I'll go ask him
and come back
Don't bother, he's mute
He hasn't said a word in 40 years
since they killed his son
on Land Day demonstrations
If he could talk
he'd tell you more about Hajar
- Does your wife speak Hebrew?
- Yes
Perfect, because Tamir
only speaks Hebrew
He's unbearable
I can't stand him
Perhaps because he's been homeless
his whole life, I don't know
What I know is that Hajar
found him years later
- He's not nice at all
- Wait a minute
Where did you say
he lived?
- Near the church
- Near the church? Okay
- Have a good day, thank you
- You're welcome
- Hello
- Yes?
Is this the house
of Ghassan Hajjar?
- What?
- I'm looking for Hajar Giladi
Come in, come in, please
I need to talk to your mother
I have documents that she was living
with a Palestinian man
It's a lie
No Arab lived here
She's the only one who can help us
Our divorce papers need finalizing
Court papers claim this is my father-in-law's
last known residence
Is it a mistake?
I told you, it's a lie
Give me a document to prove it
or tell me where your mother is
Maybe the neighbors can help
Keep our neighbors out of this
Or I'll find her
through her comrades
I need a document
proving she wasn't married...
- to Ghassan Hajjar
- Get out of here!
Or I'll call the police
- Did he hurt you, Salma?
- No
- Are you sure?
- I'm sure
Hold on, what did he tell you?
What's this?
Is this Hajar or your grandmother?
What? Can't I take a picture
from your father's house?
This is not my grandmother
and that's not my father's house
It's my fault for trying to help you
Are you upset because
we have a lead? Are you?
- Or is difficult for you to face things up?
- It's not like you left me a choice!
If that's the woman we're talking about
then I think she's an Iraqi Jew
She was even part
of the Communist Party
- How do you know?
- She has the same stuff
and souvenirs as my father
- Your father? Hold on, hold on
- No, no, no, no
- I don't want to get him involved
- I haven't seen him since we got married
No! I said no
I don't want to see him
and of course...
I don't want him to know
we're getting divorced
- He'll know eventually, Salma
- Fine
- It's better if he knows about it from us
- This is the last thing I need
You're right, darling
They'll call us crazy
for getting divorced for no reason
Why don't we stay here, Salma?
Where it's peaceful
You think life in the West Bank
was the problem?
You never liked
the West Bank anyway
It was a business opportunity for you
How can I love a place
where I feel suffocated?
I only lived there
because you wanted to live there
But it's not like
you have other options
- Do you have anywhere else to stay?
- I don't know
We can seek political asylum in...
- Australia
- Australia?
You barely got permission to come here
How will you go to Australia?
Okay, fine
we'll stay here
- Damn this permit
- Seriously, I want to ask you a question
If we lived here
would we have stayed together?
At least there's the sea
Life's no different
for Palestinians here
I don't see soldiers everywhere
watching every move they make
Here you go
We're back to normal now
After three hours
you can either arrest us
or let us go
We have a lawyer with us
Why isn't Tamir Giladi here?
He can't file harassment complaint
when we haven't broken any law
Entering gated private property
is trespassing
Trespassing? We're told
the house belongs to his father
- Is he an Arab?
- Yes, Palestinian
Any Arab who abandoned
his home without a reason
after the creation of Israel in 1948
is forbidden to return
Without a reason?
For the State that gave you
an Arab, this ID card!
What's the name of your father?
- I already told you
- What's his name?
- Farouk Issa
- Muslim?
He asked you a question
Sit down!
Don't you understand?
I perfectly understand
Are you Muslim or Christian?
I don't have to answer questions
regarding my religion
Don't try to intimidate me
I know your laws
Then stay away from Tamir
and his family
And if I don't?
What should I do?"
"Let them off with a warning?"
"Or should they spend the night?"
"At worst, I can send them back
to Gaza"
- Mom!
- Mother-in-law...
What are you doing here, sweetheart?
- What happened? You got me worried
- No, it's nothing
- Is it a misunderstanding?
- Yes
- Seriously? You assaulted someone?
- No, no, no
I'm the one who did, not him
Where's dad?
Let's go home, okay?
We'll eat and talk a little
I swear we missed you
Bring the coffee, let me tell you
something real quick
How long have you been married?
How long have you been married
to my daughter?
- 5 years
- 5 years? Shame on you
You only visit me on holidays
Honestly, mother-in-law
it's my fault
- Because of my permit issues
- Your fault?
Fine, you don't have a permit
but what's her excuse?
She has been very busy
What a shame!
We don't have girls
too busy to visit their families
Come on, get your coffee
and let's drink it in the office, come
Did you have to drink today?
The day the kids are here...
Let's go for a walk?
I'll go change
- Are you surprised, dad?
- No, I'm not, but...
They can't detain us
more than 24 hours without trial
Honestly, they started questioning Salma
They asked her about her religion
and she refused to answer
You could have told them
your religion
Don't you know Salma?
- That's my girl
- Hopefully, she's won't be like you
constantly going in and out of jail
Anyway, bon appetit
Let's eat, or what?
- Salad?
- Thank you
Why does my religion matter?
I don't get it
- We have some amazing Arak
- Rose water
Forget about rose water
- Get him a glass of Arak
- I know what he wants to give you
Some Arak
Get him a glass of Arak
- No, thank you, I don't want to drink
- As you wish, it's your loss
- Tell me, how have you been?
- Not bad
I hope my daughter, Salma
isn't giving you a hard time
Perhaps the situation would be better
if they gave us a grandson
Is this too much to ask for?
Is it too much to ask for a grandson
to see before I die?
You're not dying now, mom
It's up to them
to make such a decision
like when it is the right time
and when they're ready
There's no need for us
to insist, right?
Fine, we'll leave it up to them
Do whatever you want
I agree with you, mother-in-law
You always agree with me, darling
- Good thing you're always with me
- Dad...
Are you still in contact with
any Iraqis from the party?
The men from my party...
You know what? Our Iraqi comrades
and the communists who came here
shared our stands towards dictatorship
colonialism and imperialism...
And Zionism
Stop saying that
for God's sake
Stop talking about such topics
It's nothing but to be honest
I just want to have some intel
about my dad
if anyone knows anything
Your father
may his soul rest in peace
Your father was a legend, Tamer
I can't forget what happened in 1948...
He stood in front of the buses
that were ready to deport people
from their houses
He got the people off and told them
never to get on any of the buses
and said, "I want no one
to leave his home"
I swear, I can never forget that
for the rest of my life
May his soul rest in peace
I wonder if you know an Iraqi, Jewish woman
in the party called Hajar
- Hajar?
- Giladi
I believe there was someone
in the party...
- we had some Jewish comrades
- Here you go, Tamer
- we worked side by side for some time
- Dad, we need a name
A name... a name
There was someone called, Almog
Almog, yeah, Almog
- Almog, yeah
- Do you know if he's still here?
I believe he didn't leave his place
He didn't leave the country
Why would he leave his country
after taking your land and house?
You know
There's something inside on the table
There's an old phonebook
that I saved some contacts in
- Please, bring it to me
- Where is it?
It's on the table, inside
Right there
Right there on the right
Bring it to me
I believe there's a contact there
It has old contacts of mine
"I might have
the contact of that person"
I feel that you're not yourself
What's wrong?
What's bothering you, sweetie?
- Tell me, what's wrong?
- Nothing, mom
- A Jewish Iraqi?
- Yeah, a Jewish Iraqi
Let me check
and try to remember
Thank you, mother-in-law
Bon appetit
You didn't really eat
Hello... hello
Hello, Almog
How have you been?
It has been such a long time
My son-in-law
wants some information
It's better
if he sees you in person
- Take care of him
- Come over here
- Darling, take good care of her
- I will
- Take care of my mom
- Take care of yourself
This is some food for the road
and take care of her as well
- Goodbye, dear
- Goodbye
Be safe
- You too, uncle, bye
- Goodbye
- Bye, and be ware of what you say
- Goodbye
- Take good care of him
- Be good
Drive safe
and take care of each other
I hope it's not going to take you
another five years to visit us again
You shouldn't be driving
- Come on, work
- Here, give it to me
That's why
I don't like visiting them
- Okay, chill
- I need to get it started
- Relax
- What?
Are you pissed
because your father drank a bit?
It's because my dad started drinking
and mom bakes cakes
to avoid confrontation
and because my brother
packed up and left
And you ran to the West Bank
Yes, the wall
the checkpoint and the army
- were way easier for me
- Easier for you?
Yes, indeed!
At least in the West Bank, I can do something
I don't know what my dad is doing
From someone who was
a threat on the government
as he was politically active
Look at him now
away from politics and everything else
Like he doesn't even exist
- Maybe he got tired, Salma
- What do you mean tired?
They couldn't change anything
They shut down
his engineering office
just because he was in the party
Neither socialism, nor equality
not even coexistence
- How could he not see that?
- Come on, Salma. Take it easy
At least you have
a father around, honey
I wish I had a father
My apologies
with all due respect to your father
What does it
have to do with this?
What does it
have to do with it?
I'm telling you
about my problem with dad
Why do you always
make it about you?
Where are we?
- I don't know
- What?
Where are we?
Did you check the road signs?
How would I know? They're all in Hebrew
or the Arabic was wiped off
- Oh, dear Lord
- Wait a second
I told you
you shouldn't be driving
- Where are you going? Wait a second
- You get lost the minute I try to relax
- I didn't mean to
- It's like you do that on purpose
On purpose, I want to get us lost
on purpose? Are you for real, Salma?
Hey, wait a second
Who are you?
And what do you want?
- What do you want at this hour?
- My apologies, but we're lost
- Where are you going?
- Near by Rosh HaNikra
Rosh HaNikra is way too far
- Can you please lower your rifle?
- Why are you nervous?
- We're not here to harm anyone
- We don't want anything
We want nothing but if you can only help
us to find a place to spend the night at
We would really appreciate it
That's all
At this hour...
I can't think of a place
to spend the night at
Wait till the morning
Get in and have a seat
Get in
Thank you
I'm sorry I startled you
What is that?
- Thank you
- These days...
it's hard to know
who might knock on your door
You're here on your own?
I'm all by myself
When someone lives alone
he gets used to quietness
All of my family is here
Right behind the borderline
A stone's throw
How far are we from Syria?
Come on
This is Syria
If we only can
it takes an hour on foot
to get to one of the finest restaurants
in Damascus
but, what a pity!
When the resistance
used to pass by here
they used to go from here
to Al Qunaitra on foot
They thought...
They thought that this borderline
that they forced between us
is going to protect them
and be a reason
to forget who we really are
and our families
"It's only one step away
between my family and I"
Do you think your father
went through this way?
- An hour walk
- Along with Hajar?
Maybe they met
over a cup of mate tea
Why not?
Maybe it was
the last moment of their lives
What would've you done
if you were in his shoes?
If I ever met Hajar?
They lived through
some dangerous times
They wanted that last moment
just to feel that they're alive
The passion, desire
and danger...
used to be overwhelming
Your body temperature rises
and your heart starts racing
Your mouth gets dry
This is what I have
- Here you go
- You shouldn't have bothered yourself
- Thank you
- Thanks
Please start
I need to get some sleep
Make yourself at home
Thank you
Have a good night
- Good night
- Good night
- Thank you so much
- You're welcome
I have been wanting
to ask you some questions
About the five years
you've spent with me...
was it because you love me, or...
for having such a father
and my dreams?
Answer me
You don't know
how I feel about you?
Your father has nothing
to do with what's between us
Catch it, catch it
Get over here
Damn you, stop running around
Next time I catch you
I'm going to plug your feathers
Damn you
Thank you
Thank you so much, goodbye
May God protect you both
Good morning
I believe Abu Issa
bothered you all night long
- Who's Abu Issa?
- Abu Issa
Hello, Abu Issa
- Have you seen Tamer?
- Tamer...
There he is
down the hill
Come on
We better leave
When you make it to the hills
be very careful
There's a story
about a girl from Tyre
She was engaged to a man
way older than her
A rich one
But she never loved him
But she was forced to marry him
On her wedding day
the moment they made it to the borders
in the midst of the celebrations
while she was riding the horse
she jumped off the back of the horse
to the sea
where was swallowed
by the sea waves
Every time we fall in love
a new story begins
of death and rebirth
and that girl
didn't have the chance
My dear
Come visit again
- Hopefully, thank you for your hospitality
- Come visit again
You will be missed, my dear
Hope to see you again
and take care of yourselves
Don't get lost again
- You got us into hot water yesterday
- I did?
You think you're helping me
with Hajar's story
Hajar doesn't concern me
Why can't you for once in your life
act like a normal person?
I'm talking about your situation
My situation?
Who asked for the divorce, Salma?
Who got us here?
Alright, okay
There's no need to find her
How could we finish the papers
and all this dilemma?
- I'll find her myself
- Please, don't
I don't need your help
I don't need it
Who told you
I'm doing this for you?
Oh, dear Lord
Come on, Salma!
Oh, God!
Listen up
Two things, e either go back home
or we keep going forward
- Are you threatening me?
- How is that?
- How am I threatening you?
- Do you want to find her or not?
I don't want to find her
- I don't want to know anything about her
- How stubborn you are!
Try to be in my shoes!
- I'm trying to!
- No, you're not!
You're not trying to, Salma!
It's way easier than being a coward
and just run away
- and you say I'm emotionally handicapped
- I'm a coward?
Yes, and this is your problem
Instead of trying
to solve your problems
- you either run away or give up
- Really?
If you're not afraid
why do you want to get a divorce?
Because you got me tired
You drained me and took everything from me
I've told you right from the beginning
I'm not marriage material
Please, Tamer
We gave it a try and it didn't work out
It's fine
Why didn't you leave me alone
right from the beginning?
I was completely fine without you
Look what you've done
You didn't shut up for a minute
I wasn't the one talking
It was you as usual
- Hello, are you okay?
- Yes, thank you
but, you see
the wheel is broken
and we have to go
Is it possible you drive us
to the next bus station?
- Why don't you call the insurance company?
- It's not insured
- They need a tow truck
- Yes
If you want to use my phone
to call someone, you can
Yes, but I think everybody
is occupied with the Bar Mitzvah
But maybe
we can come with you, yes?
But we're Palestinians, you know
I'm not sure we can pick up Israelis
No problem
We're Jewish, not Zionists
I won't say
Close the door
Come on
Thank you
Are you crazy?
They are Arabs
Don't worry, they only care about money
Money is what matters
and they'll offer us some tea
Hello, hello
Nice meeting you
Come on, step on it
Faster, faster
Beautiful car
It's classic
Thank you
It was my father's
It's our first time here
Our best friend in Paris wanted to do
a Bar mitzvah for their son here, so...
Bar mitzvah is when the boy
is a man
When he comes of age
Are you happy now?
You have Arab friends
Can you just relax?
Why are you mocking me?
So, what does... take you
to this part of the country?
Ghost hunting
Ghost hunting, you say
Stop whistling!
Do you know the story
of the animal Kanamori?
The Japanese whistler
The animal Kanamori?
It is the whistler
of the dead people
and he speaks to dead people
with the whistle
for the dead people
to answer them
- You know the story?
- Why are you telling this story now?
Who are you trying to impress?
You speak English now?
Who am I trying to impress?
Anyway, I don't impress you no more
You don't impress me?
You should start by listening to me
Why didn't you listen to me
and got us a cab?
You never listen to me
when I suggest anything
You never listen to me anymore
Stop, they might understand
what you're saying through your tone
Are we safe here?
You see guys...
We used to be this amazing couple
Look at us now
Look at us now
It's just amazingly pathetic now
No wonder
She's afraid of everything
We would love
to hear you more, guys
but we have
a divorce to get to
and here is the...
Here's the bus station
- Are we safe here?
- Here we go again
Can't you just relax
for five minutes?
Thank you for taking us here
Very nice
Very, very nice
You're welcome
You're welcome
Let's get off here
And good luck with the divorce
My Druze grandma once said
if you focus so much
you can hear
the sigh of the bride
- Did you speak to Almog?
- He's not picking up
We used to come here a lot
You're mistaken
Even while being with me
you were on your own
Do you even know
what makes happy?
And what makes you happy?
I tried...
I thought if we have a child
it might compensate you
What did you do?
You left me alone
when I needed you the most
You isolated yourself
and decided that you don't want
to have children
I was worried about you, Salma
You could've made me breakfast
the next day
or even gave me a hug
or anything
All what I have done was
just to love and be loved a bit more
You got me lost in your life
problems and misery
I kept thinking
how I can make this work
and what you want
until I stopped
knowing what I want
I thought if I could meet you half way
I might be able to make you happy
and my fear of losing your love
might vanish
I reached a point...
the more I give in
the more I lose a part of me as well
one after another
I have nothing left
- Salma, wait a second
- Hello
I don't mean to bother
but I heard you speaking Arabic
Can I ask you
where you are going to?
- Why?
- I have a concert where I have to go
Can you give me a lift?
- Aren't there buses?
- It's Saturday
and transportation isn't available
Where are you going exactly?
- We're going that way, yes
- You're going up that way?
It's hard to get there
Seems that you're not from around here
It'd better come with you
- Alright, why not? Come on
- Really? Thank you
The name Abed Al Salam
wasn't suitable
and I work in the music field
but this time
this concert is going to be for...
some friends of mine
They would be playing
Would you like
to listen to some music?
To be honest
it's a cassette player
Why don't you come over tonight?
We have a concert
You'll enjoy your time
I really wish we could
but we don't have time
- No, we do
- Great
Alright, we can go together then
What kind of music do you play?
Sufi music, something similar
to the North African music
- Are you a Sufi?
- I'm trying to
I'm trying to reach
that love of God
- I hope you do
- Thank you
This is our first concert
after quite a while
They call us heretics
because we sing and dance
People can't understand
that when you adore certain things
it's not about what you adore
- it's about how you do that
- The how
How we adore is a hard question
The thought of how you adore
is the path that you look for
to know how you do that
This is where the pain
and difficulty lies
When you lose the boundaries
the path ahead of you becomes clear
as if the light gets into you eyes
and you become able to see
Your eyes are
what light things around
They didn't know
that the light was already there
- Believe me
- I like what you're saying
It's not just something you know
They used to love
They always had the questions
about what's that feeling inside
and what is that thing they used to feel
The emptiness
There's a saying that goes
"The difficulty lies in my heart
and not in the path I take"
The difficulty is right here
When we start shedding light here
you help the heart start seeing
and help us as well to see
the path starts to be clear
because it's already right there
You should know that need
to have a broken heart
The broken heart...
is what gives the light
It's what makes you feel
Are you sure
we're in the right place?
Stay in the car
We're looking for a man
- Are you Arabs?
- Yes
Are you looking for someone?
- We're looking for...
- What?
- Are you looking for someone?
- Hold on, my friend
Shaul, come here
- Wait a second
- We're looking for...
I'm talking to you
Look at me, look at me
- Look at me, I'm the one talking to you
- We're looking for someone called Almog
- Shaul, get over here
- We're looking for a man called Almog
Look at me
when I talk to you
- Take it easy
- What's your name?
We're looking for Almog, old man
- Do you know where he is?
- You ape, look at me
- You ape...
- Shame on you
I told you not to speak Arabic to me!
Shut up!
Why are you talking, man?
We don't need to find Almog
Let's go
- You ape, look at me
- Get your hand off me
Get your hand off!
- We don't want any troubles
- Shut up
- Enough, enough
- We don't want any troubles
- Enough, enough
- Hold on a minute
Damn you
- Damn you
- Enough, enough
Enough, enough
Shut up, shut up
- Shut up, enough
- Arabs are like that, terrorists
- Shut up, enough
- They should leave
- Enough
- It's okay
You can find Almog there
- Thank you
- Thank you so much
- Get lost...
- Enough, enough
They're really crazy
We never fought
with our brothers, the Arabs
until we came here!
We'll give you a lift
and get to our way
Shall I keep going straight forward?
Yes, keep going along the road
Hello, welcome
- Hello
- Hey
You're most welcome
- Salma
- Hello Salma, daughter of Farouk?
- Yes
- Most welcome
Hello, Tamer
You're most welcome
I'm so happy and overwhelmed to meet
the daughter of my closest comrades
Those were the good days
And how's my friend doing?
- He's doing okay
- Great
First of all
thank you for your time
As my father-in-law just told you
we're looking for Hajar
Hajar came with us from Iraq
We were neighbors
back in Baghdad
but when she made it here
she disappeared after a short time
They told us that she was taken
to a nursing home
Do you know anything
about her since then?
Hajar could be anywhere
Thousands of the Arab Jews
were brought here
from the Arab countries
- Thousands
- I see
- Tamir
- Tamir?
Who's Tamir?
- Isn't Tamir her son?
- Yes, but...
When her son was eight months old
he got so sick
He needed medical treatments
and a hospital
They took him to the hospital
The next day
when she went to visit him...
she was told that he died
But you just said that you met him
He's living at Hajar's place
Hajar was a discrete woman
You could hear
a lot of rumors about her
There was even a rumor
that she was with the intelligence
In the late '50s
the Israeli intelligence formed a unit
that had some of the best
and smartest agents
and who could be better than Hajar
to do that?
A lonely lady
who came to a new country
without her family
and her son was dead
and could speak Arabic fluently
and beautiful
I don't know how I could help you
She knew my father
- Who's your father?
- Ghassan Hajjar
Ghassan Hajjar?
The writer who was murdered in Beirut?
Let me ask some of my comrades
and I'll let you know
It's unbelievable
Hajar was with the intelligence?
How come?
What did your father
have to do with all that?
I feel the same, Salma
I don't know
He found my mom
A shot, please
- Do you know where they are?
- Yes
Relax, don't worry about it
Hey, can you light up my cigarette?
- Thank you
- Welcome
There's something on your shirt
How do you find the party?
- It's good. They're really good
- They're good
Is this the first time
you see them play?
I don't know them
- Where are you from?
- From the West Bank
Most welcome
Are you here on your own?
I'm with a friend
Didn't you say...
that the best way for being relieved
is by dancing?
That depends on how it's done
What do you mean?
I mean when it's done
from the bottom of the heart
it tends to be magical
and relaxing
Show me how
It's so easy
Put your hands on your heart...
and breathe
Close your eyes
and try to see your heart
and turn around it
and just let go
- Good morning, Salma
- Good morning
- Thank you
- Most welcome
The car will be fixed
in around an hour
- We have some time
- It seems there are no buses
Ask them
if they're going the same way
Shall we talk about yesterday?
About what?
- Hello, aunt
- Hey sweetie, how are you?
Are you going to the next turn?
- Do you need a lift?
- If it's possible
- Hop on
- Thank you
- Hello
- Hey
- Come on
- You know what?
You go, I'm going to wait here
then I'll come pick you up
- Okay, okay
- I already paid him
- Hello
- Hey
Hajar Giladi
Mrs. Hajar?
Mrs. Hajar
I'm Ghassan's son
Lucky you...
You have some visitors
I'm sorry
I got in without permission
but my dad used
to know Mrs. Hajar
- Would you like something to drink?
- No, thank you
Sometimes I feel I'm going crazy
and there's no one to talk to
How long have you known
Mrs. Hajar?
Around five years
She doesn't speak?
No, she's been like that for a while
How did you know
that Hajar is here?
Is it a secret?
Darling, I got you
a dish of Mejadra you like
Here you go
Later? Alright
I'll keep it for later
When she first came here
we were not allowed to tell anyone
Even though not a single person
comes to visit, except her son Tamir
Her son, right?
Yes, her son
Who then?
before she...
She told me a story
and I believed her
What was the story?
I can't tell you
I'm just joking
I'm going to tell you
because I'm comfortable with you
When Tamir was first born...
he got sick
and she took him to the hospital
They told her that her son died
but she was sure
he was still alive
She used to see that every time
she reads her fortune in the coffee cup
One day, she was reading
the fortune for an Israeli officer
She refused to tell him anything
unless he told her if her son was alive
She kept insisting
They had a big fight
and I didn't know what they said
but I know he was terrified
by what she saw in his fortune
He told her... He confessed
that when they first came here
they kidnapped him
from the hospital
and gave him away
to Ashkinaz family
Europe Jews, Israel
What I understood was that
that man did her a favor
Shall we go to bed?
Thank you
Where are you going?
- Come and help me
- Okay
You couldn't leave
my mom die in peace
Hey you...
My mom and dad were killed
just so you can be here
She gave them the information
But she's not the one who pulled the trigger
We could have been brothers
but we're not
Your father was one of the Palestinians
who were convicted in absentia
So now you feel better?
Is it a better feeling?
I didn't ask to be the son
of a fortune teller
Take this document
Your father's name is not there
And yes we are above the law
if it's to keep this country safe
What are you
going to do about that?
How are you?
"The assassination of the Palestinian
journalist Ghassan Hajjar in Beirut"
"who was from the city of Iqrit"
"We were on our way
to our houses"
"when you saw the officer
standing over the hill"
"He signaled us"
"They destroyed our houses
like mere papers"
"We filed an appeal
at the supreme court"
"and the court ruled in our favor
to come back to Iqrit after three years"
We still can baptize
and wed
and bury as well
These are the rights
we were able to snatch...
from the government
and the supreme court
Two months prior
to the assassination of Ghassan
we both met in Beirut
When he used to work undercover
for a newspaper
The testimonies
your father used to gather
were what we used
at the supreme court
to object on the destruction
of Iqrit city
and for a plan of a borderline
with no Arabs from Palestine
I've always been
running away from my past
I found nothing
but mere emptiness
I kept taking from you
just to fill my emptiness