Between Us (2023) Movie Script

Why are you here?
Elodie had another crisis.
She's in the hospital,
I don't know what happened.
I'm leaving.
Meet me there, OK?
Okay go! I'll be there soon.
One year ago...
So cute. What would you do if you were her?
With a black rabbit?
I don't know.
Stop. It's not nice.
So why are you having fun
with a little white rabbit then?
What do you think?
I don't know.
I'm getting a drink.
Would you like a tea or an infusion?
I want a huge black coffee.
Don't be silly.
You know, your heart...
I know, you don't need
to remind me all the time.
You know, tomorrow
I meet our potential flatmates.
We don't have to
find a flatmate.
You changed your mind again.
It's too late...
- Fuck.
- I already have a lot of appointments anyway.
There is no rush.
- What?
- Yeah.
There is no rush?
You know
I can't afford our expenses alone.
My shop,
the rent and your studies.
We've had this talk
a million times, Laeti.
We don't have
to admit anyone in our lives.
So do you want me
to fire Magalie?
- That's it.
- If there is no choice
Why do you take everything
so lightly?
You ask for my opinion.
- It's easy for you.
- No.
Yes. You're free as a bird.
You do whatever you want,
whenever you want.
I'm here,
I'm stuck and I'm in debt.
Is this a reproach?
Just too much stress.
I'm sorry.
I could work.
No, I know you,
you'll lose your way again.
You have to finish your studies.
That's the most important thing.
All right.
Do we choose boy or girl?
We will choose
someone responsible, with a job.
And if they
are discreet, even better.
So a boy.
Of course.
No, we could also find a
discreet girl.
Okay, do you know
any discreet girl?
Imagine the situation,
every morning,
three women waiting for their turn
to invade the bathroom.
It's hard, I know.
I'm going to take a shower,
it won't be long.
I know you,
you're going to be in the bathroom for hours
Imagine having one more person around.
You'll go crazy.
- Laetitia.
- Sorry.
You are late.
Sit down, everything is ready.
I remind everyone
and Laetitia who has just arrived.
You are doing a proportional work,
so you draw your axis line
on which you will put eight heads
for the value of the body.
And from there,
you can position the model.
The time today...
The pose is a bit longer
so you have time
to adjust the shape of the model
and remember to add the shadows.
Pay attention.
You are here to learn
how to observe more than to draw.
I can see if your eyes
are not looking at the model.
There is something physical.
Think about your model too,
fullness and emptiness
are also important, don't be afraid.
Look, there is
a beautiful shadow on the floor.
Position the axis
of the feet as well,
it will give dynamism to your drawing.
Two girls living here? Great.
Cool, I accept.
Wait a moment.
I don't decide on my own.
We'll call you.
Quickly, I have many options.
Can I invite people?
Invite people?
To make ends meet.
I'm joking, it's not what you think.
I'm a beautician.
You scared me.
Don't worry.
20 euros for make-up
and 10 euros for bikini waxing.
For you it's free, obviously.
For both of you.
So? Is that a yes?
Actually I'll be honest,
I'm married and my lover
is in the military,
we see each other every weekend.
You know, meeting
in a hotel is creepy.
In the long run, I think it would tarnish
our relationship.
Do you have any problem
with homosexuality?
I can pay a little more
if that's necessary.
Don't worry, thank you.
I studied psychology in Paris.
I didn't have any friends,
well, just some people I knew.
I realised that
I had never used what I learned.
So I'm trying to get closer
to a friendly world
that could be
a model of cognitive approach,
without being a voyeur.
What an odd reason to find
a flatshare...
Odd? Why?
Look, my girlfriend and I
are in a simple,
sincere and unequivocal
love relationship.
We won't participate
in your experiment.
Keep sleeping, you look tired.
It's crazy.
Nobody is compatible.
I told you it would be difficult,
but when you want something...
You didn't faint at least?
No, but I'm very tired.
I'll see the cardiologist
next month.
I have many things to do.
Time flies.
And you know
I don't like doctors.
Yes, I know.
I couldn't do
all the things that you do for us.
Well, do you want a whisky?
Yes, I do. With ice.
- Are you waiting for someone?
- Yes, the last candidate.
- I'll get the door.
- Okay.
Whisky for everyone.
No, thank you.
I never drink alcohol.
- Never?
- No, never.
Never say never.
I don't smoke either. Never.
Great, it was
my next question.
Are you working or studying?
What do you study?
A master's degree
in philosophy.
I also write.
And what is your job?
I do magic tricks
in a cabaret, Mademoiselle B.
Great! We love cabarets.
We haven't been there in a long time.
Well, I could invite you.
It can be interesting
for our privacy, he works at night,
sleeps in the morning,
in the afternoon he's at college.
And he's not here
on weekends.
Honestly, it's perfect.
Maybe we can adopt him.
Do you want to try?
You must try guys
before you adopt them.
Let's go.
Stop it now, Elodie.
You can't treat me like crap
just because I'm your employee.
I have many problems.
It's not a reason.
It's hard.
My life is hard too
and I don't blame on you.
You don't understand.
Good morning.
- Hi, Roity.
- Hi.
- All right, honey?
- Yes.
Is Laeti in her class?
Close your eyes,
I have a surprise for you.
Can I help you?
All new! All brand new!
Diesel, Levi's...
Do you like them?
- Where did you find them?
- You know I can't tell you.
Sure. But the cops
will come to my shop.
It was only once, it's okay.
Of course, it's okay for you.
Did you think about it?
About what?
Having a baby.
What do you think about it?
It's not a good time.
Of course it's a good time.
You are the perfect age
for a baby.
Listen, there are
many children in the world
who are starving,
abused and sick.
If I ever have a child,
it will be an adopted one.
And only if Laeti agrees.
But that won't happen anytime soon,
trust me.
But there are many women
who live like you
who raise a child
and sometimes more.
And who love each other
because love is beautiful.
All a child needs is love.
Can you speak louder?
- Do you like it?
- No, I don't.
What about insemination?
It's practical
because it's anonymous.
Just in case you don't find
a suitable guy.
And then there is custody,
an important issue.
Can we talk later?
I can take care of the child
while you work.
Goodbye, Mrs. Rmi.
- See you next week.
- Great, thanks.
She is beautiful.
Look, can we talk about this later?
This is not
the time nor the place to discuss such things.
you should have a child now.
Magalie, for the photo session
you can call me whenever you want.
Cool, I'll call you.
Insemination or adoption.
My bag.
See you.
- Bye, Roity.
- Bye.
I'll tell a story,
a love story.
Once upon a time,
a man and a woman met
and became more than friends
But just apparently,
just apparently...
Behave like a man.
Be a man.
Take off my clothes,
it's clear.
Come on.
And you,
take off your clothes.
And as every night,
we can enjoy magic and passion
with the great magician Simon.
Thank you,
ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to Mademoiselle B,
we'll have a great time.
You are charming, milady.
Let me start
by offering you this rose...
which is just an illusion.
But to fix
this injustice to your charm,
let me try to give you
a new gift.
Thank you.
Now I'll tell you a story,
a love story.
Once upon a time,
a man and a woman
and became
more than friends
Your room.
Very nice, I like it.
- Now the bathroom.
- Sure.
The bathroom.
All right.
Nice library.
Carl Gustav Jung.
Are you a psychologist?
Yes, I studied psychology.
The Peter Pan syndrome.
Who is Tinkerbell?
Take a guess.
Are you married?
No, engaged.
Well, are you interested
in the flat or not?
We're fine with you moving in.
I have an answer. Yes.
Do you intend to move in
on the first of the month?
- No, tonight.
- Tonight?
Any problem?
No, but can you bring
all your stuff today?
I have a backpack,
a magic bag and some books.
The rest is at home,
in the countryside.
- The countryside. Great.
- Yes, at my parents' house.
No cats, no dogs
and that's all.
300 for the deposit,
300 for the current month's rent.
Is that right?
No, less.
Today is the 20th.
Here, take it.
That money is yours.
Please, keep it.
An advance for next month.
So for next month, you'll
only give me 200 euros.
- Great.
- Perfect.
Welcome, Simon.
Great, let's go.
You should take a break, Elodie.
The doctor said I can practice sport.
I just have to be careful.
She also said that I shouldn't pursue
the idea of having a child.
I have a heart condition.
But it's not definitive,
we will fight.
Do you think I don't fight?
I just don't complain.
She also said that I have
hormonal disorders
due to my heart treatment.
It's irreversible.
I'd better stop
lying to myself.
I must decide.
No way.
You're still studying,
we'll wait, that's it.
Do we want a child or not?
I can have one.
You or me, it doesn't matter, does it?
We should do it
while we're young.
Insemination is anonymous.
No need to deal with a guy.
Roity would be happy,
you speak exactly like him.
Well, he's right.
Don't you want to adopt?
No, I don't.
I want to feel the baby moving inside me.
Can we change the subject?
I feel like the magician
comes from a different planet.
He cleans the flat with us,
but what else does he do?
Hello, good evening,
yes, no, thank you.
And his food in the fridge?
Just liquids.
Does he eat liquids?
And all those seeds.
So weird.
He refuses all our invitations,
don't you think that's weird?
I don't know. I find him
neither annoying nor invasive.
It's a big advantage.
An advantage?
I prefer a guy
with whom we can share an evening,
a dinner, a restaurant,
I don't know, a good time.
A more sociable guy.
Sociable? He arrives
from work at 4 a.m.
Would you feel
like being sociable?
It's funny,
you always defend him.
He's been living with us
for 3 months and we don't know anything about him.
It may be better this way.
- He scares me.
- What?
- I don't know, I have a weird feeling about him.
- Why?
Why do you always defend him?
- You always point out his flaws, so...
- Here we go again.
Let's go.
What's this?
Harry, this is Elodie.
Elodie, this is Harry.
Harry did a good job
at the cabaret tonight,
he deserved
those spaghetti, he loves them.
Don't be afraid, Harry.
He is named after Harry Houdini,
the creator of modern magic.
- I don't know him.
- Elodie is not bad,
but she's not
part of our family yet.
Our family? Our family?
You should have
told us about your rat.
Come on, give Harry a kiss.
- Gross, kissing a rat.
- Don't be afraid. Come here.
Of course. You think he's
very kind and intelligent, don't you?
- He's so cute.
- What are you doing, Laeti?
Relax, you'll scare him.
Fuck, Laeti, drop that rat.
Did you know about this?
Why didn't you tell me?
If I had, you wouldn't have allowed it here.
He's so cute,
he kisses me all the time.
I left him with my ex,
but her new boyfriend doesn't like rats.
I don't like rats either.
- What do you give him?
- Pumpkin seeds.
You're stupid.
I knew it. Long heart line.
You act before thinking.
What are you doing?
He just read
my hand lines.
Yeah, sure.
I thought we said that the rat
must stay in your bedroom.
- His name is Harry.
- And I didn't finish his portrait.
A portrait?
we are talking about a rat, Laeti.
So what?
You and I need to have
a serious talk.
What was I saying?
Yes, you act
and then you think.
Normal people don't do that.
- What do you mean?
- To act or to think?
Thoughts are harmful
to the movements of the heart, says Paul Valry.
But action is the only way
to reach thought, that's me.
And everything that is reached
is destroyed. Montherlant.
So is it useful
to think before or after action?
Turn off the hoover, please.
You see?
Acting before thinking
is more interesting.
It proves a pure heart,
able to love,
to embrace the world
in its full humanity.
The most important thing
is to love and to feel loved.
Thinking is harmful
to the movements of the heart.
I'm not a fan of philosophy.
People say philosophy
does not act, but I don't agree.
It's alive, it's active.
Yeah, sure.
You're not totally wrong,
I prefer to act than to think.
But for now,
I want to live my life,
make a living,
have a child and raise him.
Didn't Laeti tell you?
We are going to have a cat.
And cats eat rats,
so be careful with yours.
Will you have
a cat or a child?
Your daughter has a problem.
- Her flatmate.
- Simon?
He's a guy.
You know Elodie
doesn't like guys.
- She's jealous.
- Yes.
You sound like you live with her.
I spend the whole day
with her at the shop.
So what?
We know each other, obviously.
Relax yourself,
you're stiff like a board.
Move your body.
Much better. Like this.
Move. Great.
I'm just saying...
We don't care.
- Is for you.
- What's this?
- A gift.
- For me? Why?
What do you think?
It's our third anniversary!
Something to celebrate, don't you think?
Three years
Do you think it's been too long?
Not at all,
time passes very quickly.
Do you remember
when we first met?
I remember your eyes,
our first moment of intimacy,
that shaking look
you had on me,
that kiss burning my skin.
A magical, unique moment.
Was it really the first time
you had feelings for a woman?
Yeah, I've only had
straight relationships,
I didn't think I could like a woman.
It's like a leap
into the void.
You can do everything,
it's like looking at your own body.
And you feel
the same pleasure.
And your parents still don't approve it?
No, but I understand them.
It makes me feel
We have no choice.
- Will you open it?
- Yes, I'm just enjoying the moment.
Thank you, love.
They're very pretty.
- Can you help me?
- Of course.
That's it.
- Do you have a mirror?
- Yes, I do.
I love them,
I'll always wear them.
You may think that today, but one day...
Yes, it's true.
My sexuality is very clear.
I like women, but you...
I'm not so sure.
I always wonder if one day
you might fall in love with a guy.
Shut up.
You can't always question us.
We're stronger than that.
- I'm afraid.
- Why? Because of Simon?
Yes, Simon.
He's a sensitive person,
that's why we connected,
but that's it.
Why are you always
attracted by appearances?
Are you saying that I am superficial?
I didn't say that.
You would like me
to never like anything, or anyone.
It doesn't work like that.
Simon is an artist,
he's sensitive, fragile
and that's why I feel
we're similar.
One doesn't need to be an artist
to be fragile and sensitive.
And why do you always flirt
with him when he's around?
Well, that's enough.
I'm leaving.
- Where are you going?
- Flirting.
Why did you tell Simon
that we want a child?
- Because it's true.
- No need to tell everyone.
Say you want a child with me.
Of course
I want a child with you.
I miss your mother so much.
Our love was wonderful.
You were barely 13 when I met her.
40 years later, she was still beautiful,
but that damn disease...
Always the same.
What? Wait!
I'm leaving.
Elodie, I wanted to show you
the pictures Roity took of me. Look.
- Nice.
- They're cool.
Thanks, Roity.
You're welcome.
Well, see you. Have fun.
Is everything okay
with your flatmate, honey?
Did Magalie the gossipy
tell you?
There are
no secrets between us.
If Simon is a problem,
kick him out and that's it.
It's not him, but Laeti.
She has changed.
I feel like
she's getting away from me.
And I can't do anything about it.
She seems possessed.
I don't understand.
You know what?
You need to take a step back.
Tonight, you come home,
sleep there
and tomorrow it'll be better.
You're right, Roity.
Take me to a nice place like
when you said I was your princess.
Take me to Wonderland...
But you must warn Laeti.
Do you remember?
We came here when I was a little girl.
You're not that much older.
You have to teach me.
Or what?
I won't talk to you.
First, learn
how to handle the coin.
I had never felt such strong sensations
as I did with Laeti.
Our first time was incredible.
When I caressed her sex,
I had no idea how to do it.
It was soft, round, tender.
And when she touched me...
I had never felt
such a caress.
Because they were women's hands,
but mostly because they were hers.
It wasn't your first time
with a woman.
Of course not.
I always knew I was into girls.
When I was a little girl
I was already in love with my teacher.
I remember it.
Do Laeti's parents finally accept your relationship?
No, they never will.
They never want to come to the flat
or even invite us to their home.
It's tough for them,
they're bourgeois.
But I know
you understand and love me.
You are not really a lesbian,
you're still searching
for your true sexuality.
This word means nothing to me.
I love Elodie.
I'm Elosexual.
I had never been attracted to
a woman before.
Do you like guys?
Yes I do, but not that much.
If you find a good penis,
you'll like it just as much.
That's what annoys me with men.
The totemic connection they have with their penis.
Women don't make love
with a totem,
but with feelings.
I have feelings for you.
You know it's impossible.
It seems so natural to me,
why can't you see what's obvious?
Think about it,
you'll realise something.
Leave me alone, Simon.
I want to do something.
Go ahead, enjoy.
I just want
to draw your portrait.
I'm going to get my things.
Don't worry, she is honest.
I tried very hard
to accept her need to be playful.
But if it gets the best of her...
Listen, don't be angry.
You mustn't trust your certainties
but rather your convictions,
because convictions are very valid
on a human level, but not certainties.
They lock you in and prevent you
from discovering others.
You're right, Roity.
The first time she went to the shop,
it was love at first sight.
The first time.
If you want to be sure about her intentions,
ask her to marry you.
Do you think marriage
would change our situation?
No. Just that of your child.
Don't start again.
- Oh yes I do!
- No!
Take off your shirt.
I've had orgasms
as strong with men as with women.
But with women
it's more erotic,
the mirror effect.
You discover more.
With men
it's kind of a power relation.
Do you have
threesomes with a man sometimes?
I knew you would ask that, all men's fantasy.
You would like
to have sex with us, don't you?
But you're deluded.
You don't understand.
We love each other,
it's not just sex.
I don't like your girlfriend.
But with you
and another girl, maybe.
Don't talk to me like that.
I'll tell Elo everything.
You won't say anything.
Do you want to bet?
Yeah, get undressed.
What if Elodie comes home
and sees us like this?
Don't worry,
she's gone for the weekend.
I wouldn't let you do this.
Come on, draw me.
By the way, I'm bisexual.
Did you know that in every man
there is a woman sleeping?
No. A beast sleeping.
Let's do a test.
I'll kiss you.
- Sure.
- No, listen. I'll kiss you.
If the pleasure stays, it means that magic
happens and you like men more.
But if pleasure disappears quickly,
it means you're really a lesbian.
No. Slow down.
Before we go further, I'll teach you
how to touch a woman.
I can't pose anymore.
No, stay still,
as if you were a marble statue.
Desire doesn't disappear.
It's confirmed.
Stop. Stop.
It's not conclusive,
we said a test.
Swear you won't tell Elo.
I swear.
But we must finish the test.
If we do it,
then you'll leave me alone.
It's just a test.
Stop, stop.
We played too much.
- Get dressed.
- I want more.
You're crazy.
- Want to walk me home?
- What?
I thought we decided
to spend the weekend together,
and tomorrow I had planned
a little walk by the sea!
I miss her too much.
If you miss her too much,
I will take you home
on one condition,
one last glass of wine.
Okay, but I shouldn't accept
your blackmail.
Fucking asshole.
Elo, what are you doing here?
You forgot this
in the living room.
Wake up.
Get out! Get out of here!
And you too!
I never want to see you again!
- I told you no alcohol.
- It's my fault, of course.
I thought you locked the door.
Fuck. I thought
the door was locked.
Really? You think I'm stupid.
Open the door, Elo.
Now I know, I know I love you.
We were drunk,
I promise you
it won't happen again.
I didn't even feel pleasure.
I was thinking about you,
I couldn't let go.
Shut up! Shut up!
Open the door, please.
- We were both very drunk.
- That's your excuse?
You don't understand.
I don't care about him,
it was a mistake.
I realise that now.
He does all he can
to make our lives miserable, can't you see?
Open your eyes, Laeti.
He's manipulative and homophobic!
He's just a man.
I was stupid, I made a mistake.
You keep defending him!
He damaged you,
he damaged us,
he damaged our privacy.
Fucking asshole!
I'm stupid too!
I don't know what happened.
I lost control
because of alcohol.
Stop! You suck!
Did your magician drink alcohol?
I thought he never drank alcohol.
- He made an exception.
- As you did.
No. What do you mean?
You have slept with a man.
That's an exception, isn't it?
Do I make exceptions?
I can never touch you again.
Do you understand?
Never again.
Don't say that.
Get out!
Go with him if you want!
I never want
to see you again! Never again!
- Laetitia
- What?
There is an extra person here.
Tell that asshole to go away.
Of course.
Can I take a shower?
When will you be done with the bathroom?
Laetitia didn't come last night.
But you know that,
we're just fixing it fast.
We'll get cleaned up
and we'll let you know, okay?
We won't take too long.
What a party!
Are you okay?
Simon, you obviously
can't go on living here.
I was going to leave soon.
Great. When are you leaving?
Soon, I just
When are you leaving, Simon?
- Well
- Tonight.
Pack your things
and leave tonight.
Well, I'm leaving
to the country, so tomorrow morning.
No, you're leaving tonight!
Is that clear? Leave us alone.
No, tomorrow morning.
Pack your things
and don't forget your rat.
Shut up!
Are you jealous?
She loves me!
Why do you look so grim?
I'm not grim,
my stomach hurts.
Has ou relationship changed?
Look, Laetitia,
it's hard for me to forget.
I need time.
I feel like throwing up.
I say I need time
and you want to throw up?
It's not that.
I've been nauseous for days.
I didn't have
my period this month.
When do you usually have your period?
You know it's always around
the 2nd or the 3rd.
What day is it today?
The 28th.
Don't worry, I understand.
We wanted a child.
Maybe he's already here.
But the father
is not anonymous.
He's not the father,
but the donor.
I don't know what to say.
You're right,
we shouldn't keep the baby.
It's an unwanted child.
However, we wanted a child.
Maybe it's the solution.
Do you think it's a solution?
Actually, maybe you're right.
Who cares about Simon?
He's just a donor,
we wanted this child so much.
Do you still love me?
I still love you.
Say it again.
I still love you
and I'll always do.
Are you still
in the clothing business, Roity?
I see you still have
a great sense of humour, Inspector.
No, I'm done now, I'm retired.
- You know the inspector.
- Sure.
Hello, Elodie.
- I have to go now, see you.
- Bye.
You look amazing today.
Thank you.
Well, are you ready?
Of course.
Laetitia is pregnant.
What? Laetitia?
We decided
to raise the child together.
Who is the father?
We don't care
about the father.
You're right,
the child is more important.
So, am I a grandfather?
- Yes. It's what you wanted.
- It's my dream.
Well, let's celebrate!
- So I am...
- A grandfather.
What's going on?
I have to ask you one thing.
If it's a girl,
promise me
she'll be named after your mother.
I swear.
I remind you
that we use charcoal, it's volatile,
so be careful on how you place
or dispose your hand on your canvas,
it'll avoid
having it all over the place
or messing up your sketch.
You can blur
a little bit there, that works.
Laetitia, what are you doing?
Look at your model.
You don't pay attention.
Call me, we must talk. Simon.
Sit down, please.
Do you live here now?
Yes, it's temporary.
- A cup of coffee?
- No, thanks.
- Did you worry about coming alone?
- No, why?
- Does Elodie know it?
- Yes, she does.
I'm sure she disagrees.
Why am I here, Simon?
I know you're pregnant.
Will you keep the baby?
Yes, I'll keep it.
I also want to keep it.
Elodie and I
will decide, not you.
But I'm the father
and I'll recognise that child,
he'll have my name,
we'll both raise him.
And after all, it's all your fault.
Now, listen.
You'll consider Elodie
as a parenthesis,
a moment of confusion
in your life, okay?
My only moment of confusion
was when you manipulated me.
Yes, we'll pick up your things
together, you'll live with me.
- Stop, Simon.
- We'll be all right.
Shut up!
I shouldn't have come.
Leave me alone.
Don't forget I'm the father
of our child.
You drive me crazy.
Hi Elodie, it's Simon.
Are you home tonight?
I'll give you the keys
after work.
Sit down.
Since you don't drink alcohol,
I made you an exotic fruit cocktail.
So thoughtful of you.
Where is Laeti?
At school,
studying for her exams.
Do you have the keys?
To settle the account.
Thank you, I won't recount it.
There shouldn't be
any problem.
And I don't want us
to get angry.
We'll frequently
see each other.
I'm the father of the child.
No way.
Yes, of course.
I'll go alone, I know the way.
Why are you here?
Elodie had another crisis.
She's in the hospital, Simon came to see her.
I don't know what happened.
I'm going see her.
Meet me there, okay?
Go! I'll be there soon.
- Is she sleeping?
- She just fell asleep.
Did Elodie tell you
I'm pregnant?
I'm the happiest man on Earth.
But she didn't tell you
who the father is.
I don't care.
You don't want to know?
No, I'll take a guess.
Hello, Simon.
- What are you doing here?
- I want you to leave the girls alone.
Fuck. What do you mean?
I'm telling you this
very nicely.
Forget about the girls,
you'll never see them again.
I don't want
to see you with them anymore!
A month later
Great, do it again.
Nice. Yes, wonderful.
Now from the side.
Like this.
Now only Elo looking at me.
- One second.
- We were doing great.
Hi, Simon.
Laetitia, something strong
happened between us.
I think about it all the time.
Don't tell me you didn't like it.
Simon, you have to stop,
you have to leave me alone.
I was drunk, I didn't know
what I was saying or doing.
Laetitia, tell me the truth!
I beg you,
I can't handle it anymore.
Please leave me alone
and forget about all of this.
I feel like my head is going to explode.
Look, I think I should call
my friend, inspector Kerneguez.
Tell me what happened!
What kind of question is that?
I told you I didn't want a flatmate.
Look where it got us!
It's clearly harassment.
It's up to the police to deal with this.
I'm not sure.
Do you still see him?
Girls, deal with it.
It's not my problem.
Your coffee.
What's going on, Elo?
I'm here, calm down.
I can't take it anymore.
Can you explain me what this is?
Elodie, forget about it!
Laeti told me that she prefers
a normal family to raise our child.
I don't know what to say.
What are you doing here, Simon?
Come with me now.
You're crazy if you think I'll go away
and leave Elo just like that...
- You hurt me.
- Cut the bullshit and take your responsibilities.
Do you understand?
Is the cleaning lady sick?
Yeah, she's sick.
Well, I'll cook for you.
Don't be mad at me, but tonight
I prefer to stay alone.
But I'll see you tomorrow.
Thank you for listening to me
and thank you for what
you and your cop friend are doing for me.
But you're wasting your time.
Don't worry, honey,
we'll get him.
You can go home,
but you have to promise me
that you'll rest well.
I promise, I'll go straight to bed.
I'm not leaving you
for a man but for a child.
You remain
my most beautiful love story.
Forgive me,
it's getting too hard for me.
Three months later...
I'll move with Elodie again.
I don't love you anymore, Simon.
I can't live with you.
Can't you see there's no love between us?
What are you saying?
I really tried.
I thought a child
could be the solution
I thought it could
make me love you.
But it doesn't work that way.
Keep talking.
What's this?
I love Elodie, that's all.
You and I can't help it.
Fuck. Stop, Simon.
- Shut up!
- Stop!
Shut the fuck up!
- You're crazy.
- Shut up.
- Let me go!
- Shut up!
You don't love anyone.
You play with me like you played with her.
- Stop!
- You drive me insane!
You're fucking crazy!
You make me sick.
- Hi, Roity.
- Hi, Magalie.
- Elo, we must talk.
- What?
- We must talk now.
- Why?
- Come with me.
- Is it urgent?
- Yes.
- Okay.
- Magalie, can you take care of the shop for a moment?
- Okay.
I went to the police station yesterday
to give them Simon's address,
but he was already there,
in custody.
And Laetitia?
They took her to the hospital.
That asshole beat her.
She had a miscarriage.
I have to see her!
You can't,
we have to wait a few days.
They won't let you in,
visits are forbidden.
Sit down.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Hello, are you the person who called me?
Yes, about Laetitia, how is she?
Look, physically
she's going to be fine,
but since we took her in,
she has stubbornly refused to talk.
It can happen
for such traumatic cases.
- I'll take you to her.
- Thank you.
I'm concerned, do you think
she'll ever talk again?
As of now I cannot be sure,
but you should see her.
It's right there. Then you can
come to my office if you want.
Thank you.
I knew you'd come.