Between Waves (2018) Movie Script

[opening theme music]
What the...
In my ear?
[cheerful music]
Sticks and stones,
And broken bones
Everywhere you look
Is home
You're never gonna be
Everywhere you look is home
Bang bang
Nobody can touch you
Bang bang
Bang bang
This is so cool.
I am your biggest fan.
I mean, really!
-How do you come up with--
-Thank you.
I loved A-one A-South.
But this book!
I sold my house.
Divorced my wife.
Now, I'm living on
the beach in a trailer.
This is a total honor sir.
I feel like I know you,
you know like,
you were talking to me.
From the very first word,
on the very first page,
I was captivated.
You write with such
description and,
color and,
texture I,
I felt like I was there.
No way!
Happy birthday son!
Look at this man.
You're going vehicular, right?
Happy Mustang day to you.
No stop.
Happy Mustang day to you.
You're still and asshole.
An you're a dickhead too.
Happy mustang day to you
Happy mustang day to you
You sniffle my butt farts.
And you bite my scrotum too.
What is your problem!
Gosh Mr. Gray, I'm so sorry.
-I'm fine.
-What happened?
It's just a little bit
of water, it's fine.
He was singing
happy birthday to his balls.
I was not singing.
It's your birthday Mr. Gray?
His scrotum to be exact.
[Mr Grey] Yes, No!
I was not!
Hey everyone,
It's Mr. Gray's birthday today.
Please don't do that.
And something about butt farts.
Will you shut the hell up!
Not you people, I meant,
her, she was.
Mr. Gray!
Mr. Gray!
Mr. Gray!
I've been swimming
Out in the pool
And I've been dancing
All on my own
And I've been trising
In case I stole I cow
And I got it all
But who would have known
Yeah who would've known
Yeah who would've known
That's Sherry.
She's ripped.
Takes three, four years work.
-What, you know her?
-yeah, she goes to [inaudible]
What, is it just me or is she
moving in slow motion?
The star
Running from where you are
Here's your chance, Romeo.
Hey cowboy, what's up?
How about I stick around girl.
Hi, I'm Rick.
I'm Sherry.
How's your car running?
Yeah, she's a 66--
Sixty six Ford Mustang.
It's got a two, 98 VA,
auto light, four barrel car,
four on the floor
with a custom exhaust.
I gotta go.
See you guys later.
[upbeat music]
Happy birthday, darling.
How's my favorite client?
How the hell you think!
How's the book coming?
My worst weeks.
Honestly, I think I'm done.
What do you mean done?
Never tell your
agent you're done.
You'll be fine.
Soon 50, 60.
Will you stop!
You gotta a babe for shit sake.
Money, fame, use!
Christ honey, try being me!
I gotta go bra-less,
to pull the wrinkles
out of my face.
Do you remember your first car?
Excuse me?
Your first car,
when you were a kid.
Why the hell are you
asking about some car?
Forget it. Forget I asked.
I know,
what you're going through.
Mid-life bullshit,
blah blah blah.
Went through the
same thing myself, honey
What did you do?
Bought a Ferrari and started
fucking the gardener.
This conversations over.
Wait, listen.
I'm gonna text you
the number of my therapist.
A therapist!
He's amazing.
Believe me, I saw him when
I had the same problem.
I don't know.
He has other celebrity clients,
he's very discrete.
You need to get writing again.
Call him.
You may not want to get
laid on your birthday,
but I do.
Love you sweetie.
[casual music]
[cellphone buzzing]
[dad] Happy birthday son,
it's dad.
You there?
Sorry I didn't call you earlier,
you're probably out on the town.
I love you.
Give me a call when you can, OK!
Bye now.
[cellphone ringing]
-[son] Hey dad, it--
-Got ya!
A wave a day keeps
the doctor at bay.
Leave a message.
[son] Hey dad,
It's me.
I got your message.
It's all good here.
I love you,
I guess I'll try you later.
Thanks, bye.
[happy music]
Months will go
Like sand to stone
Maybe I'll grow up
[dad] Food's on.
Come and eat guys.
Come and get it.
Pull it back
Pull myself a freak
Shake my head
And change the way I'll be
[dad] Rick!
[dad] Ricky!
Hey Rick!
Everything alright?
Turn the water
off will you Steve.
[happy music]
You'll be the one
that you believe in
Like the turning
of the season
What the hell are
you doing here?
Getting your home is
like herding cats.
Come here, boy!
How are you?
Look at you!
Hey, you OK?
Yeah, I'm OK,
I gotta ask you something.
Hello to you too, son.
I'm sorry, but this is
very important.
Does it mean that I don't have
to fly up to Malibu this year?
Dad, please.
Alright, wow!
What is so important that you
couldn't ask me over the phone?
Where's the car?
Car! What car?
My car?
You lost your car?
Who's car are you looking for?
I'm looking for my car.
Well, did you look
in the driveway?
Why would I look in my driveway?
That's where I always
leave my car.
But it's never in my driveway,
what the hell you talking about?
What the hell are
you talking about!
I'm talking about
the Mustang, dad.
You bought it for
me when I was a kid.
Metallic red.
Mustang. I left it here when
I went to college. Remember.
Sure, yeah.
She was your first.
I remember.
Ok, great!
Then why do you look like
there's a bullet up your ass.
Because I can't believe
you came all the way here,
to ask me about a car
you owned over 20 years ago.
I mean don't you have
something better to do, like,
writing a book?
I'm trying to write a book.
About an idiot who lost his car?
It's about an idiot,
a guy,
looking for something.
OK, OK. Something missing.
You see, he's lost and--
Fiction? Or non-fiction?
Do you know where the car is?
Juice box?
I gave the car to Dale.
Now, lower your voice.
You gave my car to somebody!
I gave it to Dale.
You had no use for it up at NYU.
You said so yourself.
-Dale was your best friend--
-Where does he live?
-How about we hop on the bike--
-Where does he live, dad?
That is the 2nd and last time,
you raise your voice
at me young man.
It's important to me dad.
Where does he live?
Same place he's always lived.
Where the hell you going?
To get my car.
Rick, you can't just show
up after all these years,
demanding your car back.
I'll offer him cash.
He's still living in that dump,
I'm sure he can use it.
Besides, we flatter celebrity
by talking to them.
Oh OK Mr. Clooney,
go ahead and take my car.
But you better watch
that LA attitude!
It'll get you in trouble.
[casual music]
Excuse me.
Oh, I'm sorry.
-I'm looking for--
Well I'd be!
The Rick Gray.
You come all this way
just to see old Dale?
How's life amongst the stars?
When's that next
book coming out?
-Well, actually I'm here to--
-Hold up, hold up!
Let's do this over a beer.
If I could just ask a question.
oh wait.
Is it these?
Is there a problem with these?
Well, no.
Look man.
It's a long story alright.
But I am still
the same old Dale.
So come on!
-I got you buddy!
Look! I'm only in town
for a few days man,
so if I can just ask a question,
I'll be on my way.
On your way?
Oh shit.
Sure, Rick. Anything for
my best buddy. Shoot.
-Do you have the car?
-Say again?
-The car, do you still have her?
-What car?
-My car.
-You lost your car?
Then who's car you looking for?
Your car.
My car's in the driveway.
Not that piece of shit, damn it!
My car.
Let me get this straight.
You say you're looking for a car
that is yours but is mine.
That you didn't lose
and I don't have.
You feeling alright there buddy?
Look, I just want
my damn car man.
I didn't take your damn car.
I didn't say that you took it.
How would I know where it is
unless you thought I took it.
I get it.
How much.
For what?
The Mustang!
I'll pay you whatever you want.
That what this is all about.
The Stang.
Come all this way,
whip out your damn wallet,
insult the hell out of me.
Man oh man did you
turn into a douche kanut.
A what?
You heard!
And I ain't got your
old shit box car.
Then tell me where it is.
I will give you enough cash to
get your out of this prefab,
put you in a real house.
Hey, how'd it--
What is that?
It's a bloody nose!
No shit Shakespeare.
How'd it happen?
That piece of river scum hit me!
What the hell's wrong
with these people!
Stupid, red neck town!
Hey, easy.
Backward, classless,
Now you know why
I never come home!
Yeah, well.
You made a fortune writing
about this stupid town.
Listen! I know you kind of been,
having a rough time lately.
And how would you know that?
You wanna tell me
what's going on?
You wouldn't understand.
Of course I'd understand.
I'm your father.
It's just.
life, has become.
I don't know,
Maybe it's a mid-life crisis.
It's just some nonsense
doctors made up just to sell,
Eckerd drugs and to justify
men cheating on their wives!
I want the car, dad.
Think it will give me
back something I've lost.
Listen, Ricky.
Why don't you get some sleep.
go down to the beach, lye in
the sun, get your bearings.
Then we'll go find that old car.
She waited this long,
she can wait a little longer.
Go to your room, I got
a little surprise for you.
Maybe you're right
I like surprises.
Your old board,
cleaned up ready to go.
Thanks Pap.
I think I'll take
her out tomorrow.
See how I do.
That's the spirit.
Just remember,
stay away from the pack.
I can handle the pack
I'm from LA remember.
Ok, well.
Get some sleep alright.
[upbeat music]
I love to see me
The happy face
There are days
That I feel
Oh so small
There are days
When I feel tall
Up and down
and around and around
It feels good
I'm in some trouble
When I have me some pain
I got more
And I got less
I'm just searching for
Hey you.
Hey what's your problem dude?
Excuse me.
That was quit the
unsociable thing to do.
In the grand scheme
of things bro,
good manners are the key.
The universe will solve it.
This is true.
So in answer to
your query, what.
The "what" in question,
was my wave.
Relax dude.
It didn't exactly have
your name on it.
Leave now!
Do you have any idea who I am?
Oh yeah!
You're the dude who's
about to get pounded.
You're kidding me.
You burn outs gonna
get local on me?
I'm from here man,
I put this backward
town on the map.
So do another bong
hit and chill the--
[girls] Hey!
Hey, stop it!
What are you guys doing?
This squid cut Felix off.
That's what this is about?
Because somebody
cut somebody off?
Are you kidding me!
I cut a guy names Felix off!
Rick Gray?
Is that you?
You guys know each other?
[Sheri] Yeah.
So he's from here?
He used to be.
Forgive the aggression.
Welcome home man.
And go placidly amidst
the noise and haste.
You have a right to be here.
The universe is
unfolding as it should.
But work on your
shitty manners, dude.
No truer words.
So what are you doing here?
You miss me?
I'm just kidding.
you'd think I'm nuts.
Try me.
I came home to find my old car.
Find your Mustang?
It's pretty good you remembered.
Yeah it's,
a writers thing.
Well, good luck with that.
I followed your career.
Three time world champ.
It's not bad.
I read all your books.
They're great.
we should get together?
I can't,
cos I have to get to my shop.
Sebastian inlet surf and sport.
Best surf shop on
the East Coast.
Well maybe I could stop by.
Alright, I gotta go.
Will you tell Sonny I said hi.
I'll do that.
[casual music]
I ran into Sheri.
How'd that go?
weird, dunno.
Last time she saw you,
you were leaving this
town like your ass was on fire.
Yeah, well I didn't want
to end up like some loser,
working in construction.
I work construction.
Paid for this house.
This boat, a few other things.
I didn't mean...
I'm just.
I know.
I know, no harm son.
Listen! Why don't you get down
here and give your daddy a hand.
Will you.
Grab that three quarter.
[Rick] This one?
[Sonny] Get your hand
on that. Hold that.
Watch your fingers.
Like old times, hey.
Hold it, I got it.
What the hell?
Sounds like a
water buffalo rapping a cat.
[Dale] Hey!
Anybody home!
-Back here.
[Rick] What are you doing?
You be nice.
-[Dale] Hey Sonny.
-[Sonny] Hey, Dale.
[Dale] How's it hanging.
[Sonny] Good.
[Sonny] Hop on down,
can I get you a beer?
[Dale] Oh, hell yeah.
Hey, Rick.
How is it?
There you go.
There's Sonny, always prepared.
To old friends.
Knock it off.
He punched me, dad.
-He insulted me, Sonny.
-That's cos you didn't tell me.
That's cos you were
being a butt monkey!
Hey, I ain't seen or
heard from you in years,
and all of a sudden you
show up yelling about that car.
How's that supposed to feel?
It's not just a car.
I know that.
I spend the best damn years
of my life in that car!
That's great.
-So tell me where she is then?
-Damn it, Rick!
Sonny, it's cool.
Look, Rick. I'm sorry but,
I don't know.
After you went off to be famous,
Sheri and Wood, they split too.
I was all alone.
And then this happened.
I couldn't work at
first cos of the pain,
and I needed some wheels.
So Sonny offered her up.
I thought it would
be the same but,
it wasn't.
It was depressing.
So I got rid of her.
I'm sorry but how's I'm suppose
to know you'd come back,
looking for her.
You couldn't have.
I get it.
Hey, Rick.
I could help you burn.
How about it?
I don't think that's--
It's a great idea.
Four eyes are better than two.
Sure would be great to
ride her again, wouldn't it be!
Sure, why not.
Hey, listen. Why don't you
guys go out and have some fun.
That's a good idea,
I know jut the spot.
I mean, I don't have
anything better to do.
Wanna go dad?
I got a little Kubernita Mosfina
coming over for dinner.
She and I could use the space.
-If you get my drift!
-Oh damn!
Sonny! Good for you!
A lady?
At your age?
Son, I got enough led in my,
pencil to write war and peace.
And give it a happy ending.
Hot damn, Sonny.
You crack me up.
Do you mean re-write?
[Sonny] I heard that!
What's war and peace?
[upbeat music]
What's a big famous artist,
doing back home looking
for your old Stang anyway?
It's a writer thing.
Money isn't everything.
Tell that to a dude
that ain't got none.
Hey Dale, how you doing?
How you doing darling?
The usual?
Two please.
I don't mean to pry but,
Oh, hey man it's cool.
Here's the deal.
I got what's called,
pseudo angiomatous
hyperplasia of the breasts.
It's a condition where
tumors develop.
[Rick] Man I'm sorry.
No worries man, they're benign.
Can you have them removed?
Well doc says it's dangerous,
It's best to just leave them be.
Besides man,
it is expensive.
-Here you go boys.
-I got this.
Thanks Rick.
Hey, Brenda. I want you to meet
my best friend here.
This here is Rick Gray!
[speaking Spanish]
The, Rick Gray!
I gotta tell my boss,
he's gonna freak.
Damn! That shit is cool.
What's that like?
That kind of thing.
Not as much fun as you think.
Oh please.
Man, you live the life!
You know I could have
been famous myself.
Did she say you're Rick Gray?
Rick and I are best friends.
Wow, I've read all
your books Mr. Gray.
Spanish House.
That's nice meeting you both.
I heard that you,
were from here, is that true?
Oh yeah.
He's from here,
we grew up together.
He and I are best friends.
My name is Dale.
Are you actually
working on a novel?
I'm just having
a drink with a friend.
Hey, can I get an autograph.
Yeah, as soon as I've
finished my beer--
I got a pen.
Hey man are you deaf!
Didn't you hear him?
He's having a drink
with his best friend.
Cool it!
[Dale] Rick,
that shit ain't cool.
Saxlapper don't listen too well.
-What you call me?
-You heard!
[Rick] Cool it, please!
What did you say your name was?
-Will you knock it off.
[Rick] Here you go Richard.
Sorry for my friend here and,
please excuse us.
No problem.
Damn it, Dale.
That's how law suits start.
Oh come on man.
He was being an asshole.
It comes with the territory,
I'm used to it.
I don't need any help
Got it!
Yeah! Whatever you say, Rick.
[Rick] I gotta take a leak.
Well man, when you
gotta go, you gotta go.
Is Rick Gray right there.
The Rick Gray.
We're best friends.
I'm kind of in his first book.
You see, my name's Dale,
that's about it.
That thing's
supposed to be hard?
If you don't mind!
Pardon if I don't
shake your hand.
[Rick] Son of a bitch!
Mine was pretty tough.
Surprise! I told you Cowboy!
Come on man,
wash your hands. Let's go.
Smell's like Dale's
place in here.
So! What are you
doing in my bar, brother?
Your bar!
I thought this place
was long gone.
[Cowboy] It was.
Then your book came out
and made this place famous.
Tourists come in here
to party where you did.
Sit where you sat.
All that shit.
even try,
the barracuda challenge.
sign the wall.
[All] The wall!
Do you still have the wall?
The owner before me
covered it with ply wood.
So I tore it off
and here it was.
I got pictures of
when we signed.
Put yours,
over the bar.
[all laugh]
[Cowboy] Your drunk ass.
Nice right!
is to,
the old days.
The old days!
Why you home, Rick?
Oh, he's looking for his car.
Damn it, Dale. Somebody steal
the story of your car?
-I took it!
-You stole his car!
No, no fool.
Sonny had her, gave her to--
I came home to find the Mustang.
Which I left and dad had,
and gave to Dale.
You came home,
just to find the Stang!
And I'm gonna help him find it.
Don't ask me why.
I don't give shit, why.
I wanna help too.
Hell, yes!
The three of us
back in action again.
Oh man, how about
it Rick, come on.
Alright fine. Just keep
your voices down.
We start tomorrow.
I know just the place.
Brenda, another round.
Let's celebrate.
Come on. Yeah!
I can't though guys.
I gotta get home.
What you talking about Rick.
You just got here.
I gotta hang with dad a bit.
I wanna do some writing.
You go ahead and stay
for a little while longer.
I'll see you guys tomorrow.
What's up with him.
That, is a writer thing.
He probably got an idea,
motivated by the
searching of his past.
Brought on by,
location and proximity
of close friends.
He had alcohol in the mix
and the writer just,
takes off.
Shut up!
And the writer takes off,
that's some bullshit.
[Dale] That's how
it works, I'm telling you.
[casual music]
Took away
My light
I don't feel
The light
Where did you go
I'm feeling around but
I'm moving to slow
The pain in my heart
Is like
Did you go
Have you ever had
a party with Nick Malty?
[Dale] Once.
What about Matthew McConaughey,
is he a real surfer,
or is he a poser.
[Rick] I don't know, Dale.
It must have been a 66 Mustang.
We always say we wasn't sure.
We should have a look.
[Cowboy] Relax, buddy.
It's good y'all.
Mr. Duffy.
Man am I beat!
It's a condition friend.
I wish my ole lady
had that condition.
She's latter than
an Irish man's ass.
You're that Rick Gray, right?
Yeah, my friend
called about that 66,
-The, Rick Gray.
All up in my junk yard.
I just love your stuff man.
I just love it.
It comes with the territory,
you get used to it.
This mother fucker's
a God damn master piece man.
It's powerful, and it spoke.
And it's staggering
and it's narrative.
With insertions!
And greater Blum,
you capture the
tragic and sublime,
ceaseless wanderlust
of the ex-patriot.
You a damn genius bitch!
Thank you.
There's not enough
black characters.
Excuse me.
[sales man] You heard me.
Your books don't
have enough color.
Easy my brother.
I ain't your brother,
you John Wayne
looking mother fucker.
Everyone's a critic.
[sales man] What did
you say to me man?
Ah no, when you said...
Are you calling me stupid?
What! No!
Why would I ever say that!
[sales man] On my property!
I'm so tired of you,
you pink ass,
blue eyed bastards.
Always disrespecting!
[all shout]
I ain't your friend, cracker!
He's sorry.
-I'm sorry.
-I'm sorry.
We mean no disrespect.
Thank you for your time,
we'll be on our way.
[sales man] No!
No you won't.
Nah, no you won't.
Not until you swear,
to put some more chocolate,
on these vanilla ass
pages of yours.
If you don't wear it,
I'll blow your Goddamn heads
off till kingdom come!
Screw him, Rick.
Old getto trash here,
ain't got the guts to pull
What the fuck!
Getto trash! Getto trash!
Getto trash!
What's your problem!
Get down!
[Cowboy giggling]
[sales man] Sorry gentleman.
Cowboy put me up to it.
[Cowboy laughing]
[Rick] What is wrong with you!
You should have
seen y'all faces.
My apologies Mr. Gray.
I really do enjoy your books.
Would you mind
singing a copy for me.
[Rick] Yeah.
[Rick] Damn it, Cowboy!
You're an asshole.
What is wrong with you!
Got you, Rick.
Just like the old days.
Just show me the damn Mustang.
So, follow me gentleman,
I'll show you what I got.
[Sonny] Hey son. How'd it go?
It went.
We found a few Mustangs.
Wrong year and make but.
What's all this?
I went digging,
and found some old
paperwork on your car.
Found other things.
[Rick] Cool.
There's the VIN number.
Thanks dad.
Hope you find what
you're looking for, Rick.
[Sonny] Yeah.
After mom died.
You didn't seem to
mind being alone.
You did alright.
Yeah, I did,
as you put it.
But I was never alone, Rick.
I had you.
Listen to me, son.
Never let your past
ruin your future.
Why don't you go
pay a visit to your mom.
It's been too long.
[casual music]
You took away
My light
I don't feel
The light
Where did you go
I'm feeling around
But I'm moving to slow
The pain in my heart
Is like, wow
Did you go
There's a whole
In my sun
You were my
Number one
Did you go
I got this!
I am Rick Gray. I am Rick Gray.
What could go wrong.
[Dana] Oh my God!
[Sheri] Dana!
Hi, it's me.
I can pay for these.
[Dana] Mom!
You know this grommet?
I thought.
Wow, you two look.
-So much--
-Ok Dana.
Get in the back and
finish stocking,
I've got this.
Oh my god!
She's beautiful.
How old is she?
She's 17.
Seventeen, really.
Let me help you clean up.
I got it! It's fine.
If you don't need anything in
the shop you can just go.
Jesus! I said I was sorry.
What are you sorry about?
For messing up your shop.
You said it.
Right, now you can go.
Why are you being so cold?
What did you think,
you could just come
back after all these years.
Just, everything would
be happy chocolate.
No, I did not think,
happy chocolate.
That's a great line.
Ok Rick, this is not
one of your novels.
This is real life.
-What do you want?
-I just...
I thought I would,
come by and be,
friendly, and you know,
explain why I left
the way I did.
Yeah, well maybe you should've
done that when it mattered.
I was just a kid, Sheri.
So was I!
I was 19 and you
know what! Pain is pain.
It hurts!
And it changes you.
I had my reasons.
It was a long time ago,
it's fine, I'm sorry.
Can you just go,
cos I have a really
big mess to clean up now.
You know that I never
stopped thinking about you.
[Sheri] Could you go.
If it still matters.
I'm sorry.
[casual music]
[Rick] Where is it?
[Cowboy] It should be up here
on the left. After this Rick,
there ain't no other
place we can go.
Unless we go State side.
[Rick] Here it is.
[Dale] That's her ain't it!
[Rick] Shit!
I think that's her.
She did her job.
-Hell she even brought us--
[Rick] Don't,
[Dale] There's a bumper
sticker back here.
It's all faded though,
I can't make it out.
[Rick] Shit!
That's it.
Son of a bitch!
[Cowboy] I dunno what
you were thinking, Rick.
After all these years.
[Rick] Not this.
Just look.
Look at this.
This is how we end up.
Come on, Rick.
Don't be like that.
[Cowboy] Now calm down now.
Sonny gave you the
serial numbers right?
Let's have a look and be sure.
You do it.
I can't.
Serial number, serial number.
Damn it!
[Cowboy] God damn it!
We tried!
We really tried!
I'm sorry, Rick.
You don't get me, Rick!
Just like when we were kids.
You always get to me.
And another thing.
It ain't her.
[Rick] What!
Are you serious.
-You for real?
-Yeah, have a look.
[Rick] It's not her?
It's not her!
[Cowboy] All right, all right.
That's enough.
Oh you big dumb bastard!
Come on let's go!
I need a drink after
all this Opera shit!
[Dale] You buying right.
I still think we can fix her up.
[casual music]
[Cowboy] First female
to sign the wall.
Sheri, right there.
[Rick] Oh yeah, I know.
[Cowboy] You OK, buddy?
[Rick] Sure, I'm fine.
What do we do now?
[Dale] Hey man,
we keep on looking.
[Cowboy] Yeah.
[Brenda] It's for your boss.
It's about the car.
Yeah, it is.
What's that.
Tomorrow it is.
Said he bought
a Stang in '91 matching,
the description
that's in the papers.
[Dale] Alright!
[Rick] What description
in the papers?
[Dale] Oh man look.
We are famous.
[Rick] Shit!
Dale I don't want
this kind of attention.
You should have asked.
[Dale] Oh man,
It's all over town anyway.
I don't give a shit
if it's all over town.
It's a private thing.
Don't you get that!
[Cowboy] Hey!
Take it easy, Rick.
What if she's hurt?
[Dale] Hey man, you know what.
I did let her go
around that time.
It could be the one.
And the guy read about
it in the paper so,
cut Dale here some slack.
[Dale] Man I'm sorry, Rick.
I just thought--
[Rick] No, It's alright. I's OK.
I'm sorry.
It's been a long week.
[Cowboy] And now,
[Cowboy] So, you are
hanging with us tonight.
You understand.
-Put it in!
-Hell yeah, come on, Rick!
Love it!
Who's drinking!
[casual music]
This is great!
Maybe we should call, Sheri?
[Rick] Dale said
you joined the Marines.
Dale talks too much.
What was that like?
I made it through OK.
For the rest of my days,
I plan on having a good time.
[Dale] Amen to that!
Speaking of good times.
I grow it myself.
For Jack and Diane here.
What, your bungles got glycome?
No, it relaxes
the muscles, butt funk.
L.A. boy.
Give you the honors.
What you looking
around for? It's my spot.
Smoke up! Let's go.
Come on, man.
[Dale] Light it up.
[Cowboy] Come on,
suck in, suck in. Let's go.
Come on L.A. boy.
[Rick] Take it, take it.
[Cowboy] Come on, come on.
Another round, another round.
Feels like someone's
rubbing the inside of my face.
I got a good idea.
Is a special moment.
And should be celebrated.
[Cowboy] Magical mushrooms!
Hell no.
Is that for your chest too?
No, no, no!
are for fun!
I can't get the bag open.
[Cowboy] Too high to open a bag.
Pass them along brother.
My man.
Come on, come on.
[Rick] God!
[all] Cheers!
[Cowboy] See you later.
See you on the
other side, my friend.
[cyber music]
Why are we here?
Question of the ages.
Don't go there man.
Just embrace the awesomeness.
No, you assholes.
Why we here?
In this field?
[all laugh]
[bull] What are you
all doing out here?
It ain't no thing.
We just looking to do a little,
cow tipping if
that's OK with you.
[bull] That shits
a long way from OK.
Well lighten up dog,
it's all good.
Oh shit!
You all can see what I can see?
Hallucinogenically speaking,
is that possible?
Oh shit!
[all yell]
No! Safety in numbers.
[Rick] Dale, what are you doing!
No, Dale don't!
He's right!
He's a dead man.
Run Dale! Run!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
Go! Yes, yes, yes!
Oh Shit!
Wait! What are you crazy!
When it gets close,
real close,
we split!
You go right, I go left.
Circle around him.
and head for that tree.
Hold, Now!
What the fuck.
[Dale] Come on buddy, come on.
Best night's sleep
I've had in years.
Bulls got gentleman.
Come on, let's go
get something to eat.
Down by the docks
Just a man on a rock
Here him swear
Long as I sing to the duck
And make up my mind
[Rick] He's naked.
You're naked.
[Cowboy] Damn!
I love it!
It's hotter than hell out.
[Dale] Come on dude,
put something on.
Hey, it's my property boy.
And I'll do as I do.
Shit me sideways son,
you got party hats.
It's a condition.
What you all want with me?
You called about the car right?
[old man] Oh yeah.
So you're the big shot rider
who was looking for his car.
I know where that vehicle.
I bought it back in '99,
I had her for a while.
[Rick] Had?
Do you know where she is now?
[old man] No.
But I can tell you
who I sold it to.
[Rick] Awesome.
Say does 50 bucks sound good?
[old man] Hundred sounds better.
Wait a second.
Did she have a bumper sticker?
Matter a fact it did.
Boy bands suck, I believe.
And I couldn't agree more.
[Rick] Great!
Name the location.
Thurman Baldene,
he's over at County.
He got 30 years to life,
for armed robbery
and animal cruelty.
My lord what he
did to that poor goat.
Thank you.
Alright, let's go guys.
Farewell old timer.
For what sonny boy.
I'm coming back with some
duct tape and a shovel
I happen to love that big
shot ride, you understand.
That's cos you don't have one.
What's all the damn fuss?
Rider and his angry
lover are dry humping,
a hermaphrodite.
What is wrong with people.
[Thurman] My ass.
[warden] Language Thurman.
-Ouch, my head!
-And manners.
[warden] This here's
Mr. Rick Gray.
My most favorite
writer in the whole world.
I don't give a
flying fart who he is.
Easy ma'am.
You alright, Thurman?
Yeah, that's me and
whatever it is, I didn't do it!
Been in here the whole time and
it's about that god damn goat!
Son of a bitch, bastard!
What's your mouth,
shit hole!
Damn son, you are one of the
ugliest trannies I ever did see.
It's a condition, dude!
It sure is.
Mr. Thurman.
What you all want with me?
I'm looking for a car, you see.
Well go to a car lot, ass munch!
[Rick] Ma'am take it easy.
It's a car I believe you owed
right before you got busted.
That sold.
The last car was,
hell, you're looking
for the Mustang!
That's right.
Bought it by Hillbook suck.
Excuse me?
[warden] Oh no you didn't!
Do you know where the car is?
What's in it for me?
Sure, cash is good.
But better yet I'd like
to get on down to Hoobie Toos.
Don't get to see
much of that in here.
You don't wanna dance
you gotta pay the pad.
Come on Dale.
You gotta take one for the team.
It's your call. I'd never ask.
But this is for you, Rick.
An everybody out!
Especially you!
I'd thank you, I owe you one!
Come on, cowboy. Come on.
[Cowboy] Well?
What happened?
I feel dirty.
-What did he say?
I'm selling myself for nothing.
No name? Nothing?
Are you sure?
I'm sorry Rick.
[Rick] Man I'm done man. I quit!
I never gonna find it.
Is everything a joke to you?
You damn right it is.
Come on, Rick.
I just took a strip tease
and even I'm laughing.
That's great.
This is all a big
party for you guys.
It's a bullshit way to relive
your youth at my expense.
[Cowboy] Now hold on a second.
[Dale] Yeah! Who's trying
to relive their youth?
To hell with this.
I'm outta here man.
I left to get away from
this backward bullshit.
I can't wait to get out of
this dump and back to L.A.
[Dale] Dump!
At least here they
stab you in the chest.
[Rick] Hey! Shut up Dale, OK!
[Dale] Wow,
easy there money bags.
Cos I ain't one of your
ass kissing friends.
So why don't you shut up!
-Hey, hey! Both of you shut up.
-No man!
I just got eye banged by Gollum
the goat rapper over there,
and this spoiled
little dilettante,
is bitching and whining!
He's got the whole world
at his feel and he's bitching.
I'm trying to do my job!
Oh, is that what it is, Rick!
Yeah! That's what it is.
What do you do for a living?
Sell weed to school children!
I don't sell no weed to kids!
Hey everybody calm down.
Without those tits no-one would
even know you were there!
[Rick] Not this time.
A set of goggles
come with that belt!
[Cowboy] Nice thinking Dale.
[Cowboy] Alright ladies,
that's enough!
I have never seen
anything like that.
You OK? let me help you up.
[Rick] Take me home!
[Cowboy] Dude, you alright?
Just a little winded.
Take it easy, breath.
Just thought I'd write this
Before I was on my way
To say
That in the morning
When you leave and I
Hear the door
I already miss you
Do you wanna talk about it?
Sincerely yours
I need a couple more
days and them I'm gone.
I'm sorry to leave
you alone again.
I'm good.
My concern is for you.
I got plenty of
friends in L.A. dad.
[Sonny] Alright.
[Sonny] Hey!
Get your skinny ass out of bed.
There's somebody
here to see you.
Let's go!
To the beach.
We're going surfing.
[Sonny] Just go to
the damn beach!
Listen to your father.
Come on! Get dressed.
Thank you, Sonny.
[Sonny] You're welcome, Sheri.
[Sheri] I love the feel on the,
and the taste
of salt on my skin.
[Rick] I love the feel
of embarrassment.
Cos I got my ass
kicked in public.
Why are you doing this?
[Sheri] Doing what?
I'm just surfing with
an old friend who's,
been hanging out with
everybody except for me.
You didn't seem
all that interested.
Sorry. I know I acted like
a child the other day.
You hurt me, Rick.
the guys tell me
you're giving up.
It's a dumb idea.
Yeah, it's just a car.
No, it's not just a car Sheri.
Rick, come on. Talk to me.
A 40 year old guy,
who's searching
for his first car.
There's more than
just a book here.
What's going on.
I thought that,
if I could find that
old car again,
see her again,
drive her again, then I would,
give me back something I lost.
What did you lose?
Remember the butterfly's
in your stomach.
From the last day of school.
Butterfly's before
our first kiss.
Falling in love.
I'm all out.
I dunno what happened
to make you lose that.
Life doesn't just come along.
You gotta live it.
I carved my name on those waves,
I teach others to do the same.
I've been doing it along time.
Every wave is like my first.
[Sheri] I don't think that,
Life stops being exciting.
You stopped being excited by it.
I think though.
Don't think,
What are you waiting for
Don't you know
Time won't wait
I still believe
In make believe
Don't let this sail
Find a place in the water
A place in the sand
It's too bad
And we got lost in the waves
Tell me where you've been
I've been driving round
Rewind time
I want to see how it ends
If we could go
back to the way it was
Before we are the
One to take your hand
I still believe
In make believe
Don't let this stay
Thanks for this, really.
Welcome home, Kahona.
Hey why don't we--
Oh I gotta go, I got to
get back to the shop.
Dana has a date.
I'll pick you up at seven.
Fine. Leave me all alone.
Wait, seven!
What's at seven?
We have a date too.
-We do?
I'm staying a couple more days.
Wait, wait, wait!
The same couple more days?
Or more couple more days?
I've been driving round
Playing in American band
I found a place in the water
A place in the sand
Brings you back
And we got lost in the waves
Feel like I don't
even know you
Tell me where you been
I've been driving round
Playing in American bands
[Rick] Thank you.
What are we doing here?
[Sheri] What time is it?
You can drink,
I forgot about this.
That was amazing.
You're amazing.
Wanna know something.
I've got butterfly's
So do I.
Have ignition.
[Rick] This place is packed.
Yeah, there's waves tomorrow.
Pros are in town.
[all] Hey!
Look who's here.
That's where that writer got to.
[Rick] Hey Cowboy.
-Hey man, I just wanted to say--
-No need.
That was the most entertaining
fight I've seen since,
since Tyson bit off
Holyfield's ear.
[Rick] Where's Dale?
He's out on the deck
getting some air.
Cha Cha's acting up.
[Sheri] When he exerts himself,
his muscles get
constricted in his chest,
and it's hard for him to breath
That's why he
doesn't surf anymore.
He could have gone pro too,
he had the moves.
He tried. Almost drowned.
Damn near killed himself.
Hell, maybe he was
even trying too.
He never said anything.
He never does.
Well, I gotta go.
I got two boys attempting
the wall tonight.
[all] The wall!
So he got that good?
Yeah, he was about
to go on tour.
Now I feel like an asshole.
Then fix it.
I gotta go to the ladies room.
[Rick] Excuse me ma'am.
I am not a ma'am.
Hey Rick.
How you feeling buddy?
I just took a hit of my
special blend so,
I'm coasting.
There's gonna be big
waves out tomorrow.
Everyone will be out.
That's what I hear.
I'm gonna hit it myself.
Oh hell.
Wish I could paddle
out there with you.
It'll be cool.
I'm sorry.
For what I said.
And for kicking you.
I didn't mean that shit either.
I guess I'm just a little
bit jealous, you know.
Of what?
Oh come on man.
You went off to
become all famous.
I stayed back and
became the town joke.
[Rick] Dale,
you've taken adversity,
and you've handled
it with grace.
And humor.
You're no joke buddy.
You've got balls.
Boobs and a mullet.
You're one brave son of a bitch.
I have embraced the madness.
And I was in the papers.
That's right.
You're famous now.
I'd like to take care of
Jake and Diana for you.
If you'd let me.
Oh wow, that's awe-full
generous of you Rick.
Hell they've been
with me for so long I,
I wouldn't know what
to do without them.
You sure?
I am.
They are a part of the
awesomeness that is Dale Hall.
Ok then.
[Sheri] There you are.
Should I be jealous.
[Dale] Oh no, darling.
You've always had
the better wrack.
Come on! Parties inside.
[upbeat music]
And we all dance
The night away
Down down shaky shaky
Shaky shaky all around
I'm gonna rock and roll
and scream and shout
I got no mojo
But I can rock 'n roll
Like a hurricane
[all cheer]
And we all dance
the night away
[romantic music]
And the dream
Of endless nights
With you
Lay down
And be in this
world with you
Like sediments
moving to the light
Don't say anything
Can you read my mind
Can you read my mind
You know back then.
I would have asked
you to come with me, but.
I was afraid.
What were you afraid of?
The unknown.
Taking you away from
everything you love the most.
Well when you left you,
you took away
everything I love the most.
I would have gone
anywhere with you.
Just to see you.
Listen to your beautiful words.
Watch you sleep.
[Dana] Mom why's
the door locked?
Hey Dana I,
just decided to sleep in.
[Dana] Hi Mr. Gray!
Sorry I was such
a dick the other day.
Dana, nobodies in here with me.
[Dana] Yeah, whatever.
Get out of bed, I wanna
go to the beach. There's waves.
[Rick] Thank you dear.
[Dana] Welcome.
[Sheri] Oh my god!
[Dana] Oh my god! Really!
Please, come on.
Take it back inside.
I'm trying to relax.
[Rick] Today was amazing!
I got some awesome material.
I'm ready!
[Sheri] What are you ready for?
To go home.
And I want you and
Dana to come with me.
[Dana] Malibu!
No way!
I don't know what to say.
[Dana] Say yes, mom.
Dana it's not that easy.
We have a shop.
Manage it from Malibu.
And a home.
Fine, we'll have two homes.
One for when we visit.
Rick, home is not a place
where you just visit.
I have friends here.
My career.
You're a professional beach bum,
you could do
that from California.
Oh crap!
Wait! Excuse me.
[Sheri] What did you just say!
I was kidding.
Don't tell me to relax.
How can you just spring
this on me right now,
in front of my daughter.
What about all those
things you said to me about,
my words and watching me sleep.
Everything that
I want, is right here.
And I was hoping by now
you would want that too.
I've got it.
Now I have to go
home and write it.
So all,
of this, is just,
to write a story!
No, but it's what I do.
I'm excited again. I thought
that you'd be happy for me.
Your friends,
and your family!
And you and I,
are not just characters,
in one of your stories.
You're still on the outside,
looking in.
[Rick] That is not true.
Why don't you try
living what you love,
instead of just
writing about it.
Come on, Dana.
[Sheri] Goodbye Sonny.
[Dana] You know what,
screw Malibu.
Well, that was quick.
What's your point?
Writers can write from anywhere.
[emotional music]
You sure this is what you want?
I love you dad.
I'm sorry for the drama.
I'll see you in a couple months.
Not unless you come back here.
That place wears me out.
[Rick] Alright.
Have it your way.
[Sonny] You don't need a ride?
I got a cab waiting.
And all I have faith my son
You can rest here in my arms
You are more
Know your place
You were not
Made of mistakes
No one could
Ever replace you
Who you are
[cellphone buzzing]
[Sonny] Do you always
answer the phone like that!
Sorry dad,
I'm just busy, what's up?
[Sonny] Dale's in the hospital.
Why, what happened?
[Sonny] He went off surfing and,
damn near drowned.
Scans say his chest is a mess.
If they leave it be
he can't catch air.
If they try and remove,
well they,
they just don't know.
Give me the numbers.
Whatever he needs.
Whatever it costs.
I'll make the calls
That's very kind of you Rick,
but I think you really
need to come home.
What! Home.
I am home.
[Sonny] It's bad Rick,
he may not--
[Sonny] Damn it Rick,
he's scared.
I can't!
I have to work.
[Sonny] You have to work.
[Sonny] Fine.
I'll let you get
back to your work.
[Rick] Don't do that dad.
Not to me please.
As you go
Know you
Are not alone
My strength alone
Will hold you
As you go
Know you are not alone
My strength alone
Will hold you
Some way
Look to your brother
They're just mistakes
[stranger] Dude!
You cool?
You compos mentis man?
-Rough night?
[stranger] I've sure
had my share.
[Rick] Yeah, yeah.
Must have been
[stranger] Cool.
-She's a beautiful lady man.
[Rick] Who?
[stranger] The car,
she's awesome.
This made life hard on her.
All vanity and no soul
I guess if you can afford to
have a nice car like this baby,
you can afford to
take her for granted.
What! You.
You don't know shit about me,
I don't take
anything for granted.
Easy brother.
All I'm saying is,
if you got nice things in life,
be happy.
Hell, I know.
Gotta go.
Be well, brother.
You really like this car?
No dude.
I love that car.
[Rick] Take it.
It's yours.
Paperwork's in the glove.
I'll make the calls.
Not funny man!
I'm not joking man.
[stranger] Oh yeah. Come on.
[Rick] Last chance.
You serious.
I don't want to take
anything for granted anymore.
Do you think you can
give me a ride home?
I don't know man.
I don't usually pick
up hitch hikers.
[stranger] Yeah, get in.
[Rick] Dad!
You home
In the Atlantic Beach,
memorial service for,
Dale Hall.
Three in the afternoon.
Gather round,
gather round.
Thank you for coming.
Hear me, all my children,
As the world turns.
And we search for tomorrow.
We too shall one day,
find ourselves,
at the edge of night.
Be not afraid.
For there,
in those dark shadows,
we will find and follow the,
guiding light.
Which will transcend
us to another world.
We are the young
and the restless.
like sand through an hour glass,
these are the days of our lives.
Apart of us is now gone.
And so,
we commend what is left,
of the physical universe.
To the ebb and
flow of the tides.
The cleansing sea,
from which all life came.
For if it's,
got to be clean.
It's got to be,
be the tide.
[Cowboy] Preach brother, preach!
Well said!
[Sonny] Jesus Christ.
[Rick] Dad! Cowboy!
What happened?
Nobody called me!
Nobody told me anything.
He was my best friend.
He was my brother.
Now he's gone.
[Dale] Rick!
You showed!
I can hear his voice.
[Sonny] Dear lord!
This is classic!
[Dale] The Rick Gray!
At my funeral!
You're alive!
You're alive!
Who's in the urn?
I thought I'd give
them a good send off.
Hell, they've been
with me for so long!
Easy brother.
They're still
a little sensitive.
-Are you OK?
-Hell yeah!
Minus my nipples, but that's OK.
I can't thank you enough, Rick.
You're welcome.
Sheri where's,
where's Sheri?
She thought this was fucked up!
[Sonny] You know
where to look for her,
there's waves.
I'll be back.
[Dale] Hey, are you gonna
be at the reception?
We have cake!
[upbeat music]
Running around
Watching me up there
[Rick] Sheri!
Gotta hold onto
[Rick] Sheri
You asked the questions
You know a plan
[boy] Dude, it's been done!
-Shut up squid!
-Just saying.
Oh my god!
This is so romantic.
You gotta go.
You stay put.
Oh come on!
I call bullshit!
Running around
Watching life pass you by
You're not afraid of
Gotta hold onto
What do you want?
[Rick] You were right
about everything.
this place,
I'm a damn douche nozzle!
What I realize now,
this trip.
I don't wanna be
outside you looking in,
I wanna be inside you.
That's not what I mean.
You had me at douche ass.
Hold on for forever
So I know just where you are
Right here next to me
It's right where
You should be
Just hold on for forever
So I know just where you are
And they'll ask us
Now that we're together
God it's been so long
And how do you
Put up with him
It seems so wrong
But they don't
know you like I do
It's the only thing I love
[Cowboy] Man what
a heavenly life.
[Cowboy] Come on let's go.
I want some popcorn.
You coming?
[Rick] Yeah, give me a sec.
[upbeat music]
Fame had its chance
Now I'm gonna do it my way
I'm here so don't
break me down
Cos I still got
a little to say
Don't listen to
the other side
Cos they're only
gonna make you pay
I'll make it easy
for a little while
Then you do it your own way
Yeah you do it your own way
Take my body take my soul
Leave me with nothing at all
Hold me still
and don't let go
Till I feel certain
this is home
Look at us now
I remember the first day
I won't break you down
You were never
really gonna change
Don't listen to
the other side
Cos they're only
gonna make you pay
I'll make it easy
for a little while
Then you do it your own way
Yeah you do it your own way
Take my body take my soul
Leave me with nothing at all
Hold me still
And don't let go
Till I feel closer to home