Between Waves (2020) Movie Script

[dramatic music]
[waves crashing]
[water runs]
[water splashes]
[Jamie gasps]
[Jamie coughs]
[wistful music]
[waves crashing]
[catchy music]
Marc, can you work that
light in two inches?
Like this?
I need to shift that
reflection on the bottle.
That's much better.
Looking great!
As always.
[shutter snaps]
[shutter snaps]
Mom, no!
No, Mom!
Please wake up!
[tires screech]
Uh, just give me
that look again.
[drowned out music]
[water splashes]
Daddy, come, please!
[tires screech]
[Marc] Jamie, you cool?
Uh, I'm fine.
Let's take a break.
Lynea needs some touch ups.
I don't think I need any.
Be right back.
[Jamie exhales]
[Isaac] You've
reached Isaac Okeki.
Sorry our times didn't align.
[Voicemail] This
mailbox is full.
[dramatic music]
- [man yells]
- [car honks]
[unnerving music]
I can finish up.
Shit, Marc, I've dumped
everything on you the last week.
[Lynea] Are you okay?
Yeah, I just gotta slow
down on the benzos.
If you're gonna stop, you
should and ween off slowly.
I got, like, crazy hallucinations
last time I stopped.
It fucks with you.
Yeah, I'm cool.
[Lynea] No word yet?
I'm not sure what else to do,
I posted the whole neighborhood.
I called everyone
on his contact list,
and believe me, that was
not great for the ego.
[Lynea] Ex girlfriends?
His mother.
By the way, you
were great today.
Thank you, baby.
You know, the cops
called the other day.
They wanted to know when the
last time I saw Isaac was.
I told them it was when he
came here to surprise you
for your 5 year anniversary.
[Marc chuckles]
I got it.
Hey, brother, how's it going?
[Man] Here you go.
Thanks, man.
I got a feelin'.
[Lynea] We got it?
International liquor campaign.
We gotta celebrate!
Let's get the gang
back together.
Normally I'd say
yeah, but, I just-
Yeah, yeah, no, sure.
I still got tickets to
see Bike Thiefs tonight.
Oh my God, we need to go.
[intense rock music]
The comic timing of
your shortcomings
They really hit the mark
And I liked the
wide-eyed loose lips
Evaluation of your
hangup's hangups
Now, I've got
two dogs on Xanax
And my partner's
a bit of a drinker
I withhold sex when he
doesn't do the dishes
He withholds sex when he
sleeps with other women
I know
And I know
Get me out of this
social sinkhole
Look me in the eye like
I've got a good shelf life
Accommodate fears
because you're a nice guy
Get me out of this
social sinkhole
Just last week my
sister went out
And she bought a new Dyson
About goddamned time
I got some excitement
And maybe it's time I
got back on, back on
Back on antidepressants
Soon enough
I'm happy to help him out
And I'm happy to
give him some rope
Who the hell has a
destination wedding anyway
Anyway, I know
And I know
[waves crashing]
[drowned out rock music]
[intense rock music]
[Jamie pukes]
Your pills suck.
I'm sorry.
Do you need a hand?
No, I just want to go
home and sleep this off.
[Jamie coughs]
[melancholic music]
[Roberts] Hello?
Detective Roberts?
Jamie, you don't
need to keep calling.
When I hear something,
I'll let you know.
Give me something
more to do then.
Posters aren't working.
He could be...
I don't even want
to think about it.
Just know that this case
is a top priority for our unit.
And if you can recall anything
else from that night...
I'm trying.
I've told you all
I can remember.
Just please call me, as
soon as you know anything.
[Roberts] Yeah, bye.
[somber music]
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
What the hell?
I was so worried.
I can't explain
now, I have to go.
You shouldn't of followed me.
Explain what?
It works.
My research.
- What?
- Water is the conduit.
It's permeable.
I found a way to crossover.
Listen, hey, we can
go over to your place.
It's just up the hill,
I can make you tea,
you can tell me all about it.
No, I can't risk being
absorbed into this dimension.
Isaac, I want to believe you!
I'm doing this to
bring us together.
Take the trip that we planned.
I'll intercept you there.
[Isaac] It's all
mapped out for you.
[water splashes]
Isaac, no!
Not the water!
Don't make me go
into the water again!
Help me, somebody help!
Somebody help me!
Detective Roberts.
It's Jamie, I just saw him.
He's in the ravine by
his house, he needs help!
You've got to hurry!
Get help!
Somebody, help!
[dramatic music]
[keypad beeps]
[unnerving music]
We've come a long way
since Hiroshi and Wyland's
groundbreaking discovery in 2012
that particles can be in
two places at the same time.
From our recent discoveries,
Dr. Garrison and I have
glimpsed an exciting future,
where accessing these parallel
universes is a possibility.
A future where our
quantum realities
will be part of our daily lives.
[audience claps]
I'm sorry, who are you?
Discovery Magazine.
You're next month's cover story.
Jen will do the interview.
Dr. Okeki, Dr. Garrison.
Congratulations on your paper,
it's caused quite the stir.
Is it okay if I ask you
a few questions now?
Uh, would it be okay
if you spoke with
my colleague, Dr.
Garrison first?
Um, I...
Would you excuse me, please?
Are you available?
You get right to the
point, don't you?
No, sorry.
I mean, we're looking
for a photographer
for the 20th of this month.
I'm just filling in
for a friend today.
I don't normally
do science events.
Oh, it's for my band.
Oh, yeah?
What's your name?
Yeah, no.
The name of your band.
Oh, right.
Didn't you play at The
Horseshoe last year?
I thought you looked familiar.
Yeah, well, we normally
have more people come out.
No, it was nice to
get a seat for once.
Isaac, there are people.
And that reporter,
they all want to talk.
I'm sorry to interrupt,
but this is important.
Looks like I gotta go.
[lighthearted music]
Hey, um...
What are you doing after this?
[lighthearted music]
[Jamie laughs]
Yeah, next week I've got
live tiger cubs in my studio.
Oh my God.
Have you ever heard
of Tiger Energy Bar?
Yeah, I lived on
them in grad school.
Oh, they're horrible!
[Isaac laughs]
Well, they pay my bills.
[Isaac chuckles]
Here, let me help.
No, I got it.
You bike with all that?
Yeah, I really only
ever take my car
if I have a big shoot
out at the studio.
Oh, yeah?
You know, I was thinking a
lot about your speech tonight.
You were talking about the
possibility of infinite universes
existing parallel to each other.
Created each time
you make a choice.
Come on.
You really think we have
control over our choices?
So, somewhere in a
alternate universe
there's a Jamie who chose
not to be a photographer,
and therefore never meets you?
But if your choices
were to re-align,
then your parallel
universes might converge.
But wouldn't we be
two different people?
Well, your mind would edit
out the inconsistencies.
You would re-imagine
people or specific events
to reconcile what doesn't fit.
So, what's the end game?
Oh, I figured I'd
get your number
and see if we
could go out again.
No, I meant with your research!
And do you really think
one day we'll be able
to crossover to
parallel universes?
Well, you're already doing it
each time you make a decision.
But what I'm interested in
is the conscious tracking
and control of it.
Well, this is me.
Do you want to come up and
play me some of your tunes?
[Isaac] I really would,
but I got some work to do.
So late at night?
It's for a private funder,
and these guys don't
like to be kept waiting.
Listen, can we meet again soon?
Somewhere there's
a timeline where
we hooked up right
now, isn't there?
I had a really nice night.
Me too.
[dramatic music]
[cell phone buzzes]
[keypad beeps]
Why did they bring me here?
I should be out there helping!
Did you get my message?
It was all broken up,
I couldn't make it out.
But I just saw him!
I should be out there
helping you guys.
I just saw him, you
guys should be out there
looking for him.
We found him.
Isaac's dead.
[tense music]
[Roberts] We found Isaac's
body washed up on shore.
You just found him-
He was discovered this morning.
Pathologist's report place
his time of death a week ago.
Consistent with the time that
you reported him missing.
A week ago? No.
It's evident by the
condition of his remains.
It's not him.
It can't be.
I need to see him, right?
To identify the body?
His family already has.
The dental records
are also a match.
So the missing person case
has become a homicide
which is why we've
brought you in.
We're starting to
interview suspects.
But I already told you,
he left the house
on his bike, I-
Stop, stop, before
you go any further.
I need to tell you that
anything you're telling me here
will be admitted into evidence.
Do you wish to call a lawyer?
[tense music]
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
[Jamie] Oh, don't
worry, I'm alive.
Just go.
Fuck you, okay?
I've been calling
you for two days.
How about a little courtesy,
let me know you're okay!
Don't just let yourself
into my apartment
whenever you want!
The spare keys are for
emergencies, you got it?
This is an emergency, okay?
Look at you!
You need help.
I am perfectly fine.
Now get out of
here, let me shower.
[shower runs]
[dramatic music]
You didn't have to do that.
Hey, no worries.
Things are gonna get better.
They have to, right?
Fuck them for making
me miss the funeral!
Look, the case is
closed now, right?
The cops ruled
out any foul play.
Last time I was at his place,
I saw a map of the
trip we were planning.
I forgot to cancel the tickets.
We were gonna go tomorrow.
I know, I'm sorry,
I'll call and see
if I can get a refund.
It doesn't matter, it's like,
I'm sitting here and I'm not.
I don't even know
how to explain it.
No need to explain.
Come here.
[dramatic music]
[Marc] I'm sorry.
Forget it.
Leave my keys, okay?
Call me if you need anything.
[somber music]
[Voicemail] First
unheard message.
[Woman] Hi, I'm calling from
the women's choice clinic
confirming your appointment
on March 30th at five...
[dramatic music]
[Isaac] This has
to be the best mug.
It's chipped.
It's vintage.
Plus they gave me a discount
on this cool pocket knife.
There's a mermaid on it.
What does a physicist need
a pocket knife for anyway?
Slicing atoms?
[Isaac laughs]
That's splitting atoms.
Get your references
straight, Irving.
It'll be great for our trip.
[Jamie] Our trip?
The one Renata's
making us cancel?
She had concerns, but I
worked them out with her.
Oh, she'll find another excuse.
We're going.
[Jamie] Eh, we'll see.
I wanted to surprise you.
But look.
I've already booked our place.
Are you fucking serious?
Right on a mountain cliff
overlooking the ocean.
It's beautiful.
And the beach is
right down there.
I'm not into frying
on the beach.
I thought we could
explore the islands,
and I'd like to
take some photos.
You don't have to
be afraid of water.
Hey, I'll be there with you.
I might just do some
things on my own.
I've never seen you
pass up a challenge.
Henry will join me.
I've got it all mapped out.
[dramatic music]
[phone rings]
[Marc] Jamie?
I changed my mind.
Oh, wow!
Can you come back?
Are you sure?
If you're not too far yet.
I'm gonna take the trip.
I need to take it.
By yourself?
Do you think you could swing by
and grab my keys and water
my plants while I'm gone?
Jamie, I mean, I
just got on the bus.
Oh, no worries.
I'll leave them
in the usual spot.
What about the studio?
Why don't you do the head shots,
and I'll reschedule the rest.
[Marc] Really?
Yeah, you'll be great.
You think?
You've got a great eye.
You should trust it.
[intense music]
[glass shatters]
[somber music]
[Jamie wails]
Fuck, where's the map?
[tense music]
[dramatic music]
[waves crashing]
[mysterious music]
Well, let's do the vodka
meeting over Skype then.
Seriously, Jamie?
The biggest meeting
of your career.
What the fuck?
Please, just give me some
space to breathe here.
[Marc] Are you okay?
I just mean-
I'm fine.
Let's reschedule the
meeting 'til next week.
Next week, sounds good.
I'll do the touch ups,
I'm working on them now.
Just take care of
yourself, okay?
I gotta go!
[dramatic music]
[man speaks in foreign language]
Oh, can I help you?
Sorry, I thought you
were somebody else.
That's okay.
I think it's typical
when you travel,
you look for the familiar.
I guess so.
I'm not from around
here either, I...
Well, not originally,
just for now I stay here.
I have a small bar down
the street by the beach
if you want to
come and visit us.
We have a singer tonight
from the mainland.
Madeleine Bar, just down there.
I'm not sure I can.
Thank you.
Okay, bye.
[dramatic music]
I got it.
Driving manual's a cinch.
I told you I'd pick it up fast.
You're a pro.
You'll be great in Europe.
Wait, tell me
you're talking about
our trip to the Azores, right?
I don't understand why you
won't at least consider it.
You can set up a
photography studio-
And start over in Geneva?
I can't pass up an
opportunity like this, Jamie.
I just can't.
People wait their whole
lives for a chance like this.
I get it.
And I'm so happy for you.
Do you understand the
importance of my work?
The implications of it?
We could try out the
long distance thing.
Yeah, I just don't know how.
We have a hard enough
time crossing the city
to see each other.
An ocean?
Just think how
much fun we'll have
every time we re-unite.
[dramatic music]
[Jamie screams]
No, come back!
[intense music]
[waves crashing]
[Jamie screams]
[cell phone buzzes]
[Jamie] Hi, Renata?
I can barely hear you.
Where are you?
I'm by the ocean.
[Renata] What?
I'm in the Azores, San Miguel?
Oh, you went.
I had to, Renata.
I have some questions about
the research you're doing.
I found a notebook of Isaac's,
it was hidden in
a picture frame.
It said alternative
multiverse theory.
Stop talking, please.
Not on the phone.
[phone beeps]
[mysterious music]
[wistful vocal music]
I'm glad you decided to come.
I didn't feel like being
by myself right now.
What a beautiful voice.
Yes, it's called fado.
Traditionally from the mainland.
And the song is about saudade.
I don't know how you
say it in English,
it's like homesick, or
like the pain you feel
for the love you miss.
I know someone who
would've really loved this.
[Miguel] So, you
should tell them
to come and visit the island.
He was supposed to, but...
He left you?
Oh, stupid man.
It's worse.
I lost my daughter to
the waves four years ago.
I'm sorry.
I got this bar to
be close to her.
My wife said I lost
my head, and she left,
she went back to the mainland.
But this is the
only thing I can do.
I stay here.
I wait for her.
Wait for the waves to
return her back to me.
Did you ever see her afterwards?
Yes, I still do sometimes.
By the water.
[wistful vocal music]
Excuse me.
[somber R&B music]
Didn't know how high
I climbed, till I fell
Ran away so far that
I can't see the tides
Drifting so slow,
that I cannot decide
Time keeps moving
I keep standing
Trying to understand it
While it passes me
While it passes me
Time keeps moving
I keep standing
Trying to understand it
While it passes me
While it passes me
[unnerving music]
[people clapping]
[somber music]
[printer prints]
[cell phone buzzes]
I'm so sorry.
[Woman] That's all right,
you're only 15 minutes late.
Are you close by?
No, actually...
I'm overseas for work,
and I totally forgot to
reschedule my appointment.
[Woman] Okay, I can
reschedule you now.
Oh, I don't know.
I'm not sure?
When's my cutoff?
[Woman] Well,
you're at 14 weeks.
We have an opening Friday.
I don't know.
[Woman] Would you rather
book an appointment
with a counselor?
I'll call you back.
[Jamie screams]
[waves crashing]
[call rings]
Hey, Marc.
You haven't been
answering your phone.
I rescheduled the meeting.
Yeah, cell reception
isn't great here.
You never made your selects
for the perfume shoot
either, so I just picked.
I'm sure you did a fine job.
It doesn't really matter anyway.
Everything matters.
You know who taught me that?
Hold on a sec, be right back.
Hey, what's that on
the wall behind you?
Oh, it's nothing.
I'm just trying to
figure some stuff out.
Jamie, this is way messed up.
Are you on something?
No, I'm just coming
off of your crap.
Yeah, I told you to
ween off slowly, okay?
That shit hits hard, like
hallucinations and shit.
Look, why don't you get a
flight back in the morning?
I got something to
take the edge off.
Uh, I can't right now.
[Marc] You sure?
I'll let you know.
Are you trying to
tell me something?
Isaac, did you
rearrange the papers?
Stop messing with my head!
Tell me how to get to you!
[Jamie screams]
I trust you.
Tell me what to do.
[calming ambient music]
[Jamie pukes]
[lighthearted music]
Let me tell you a story
about these two lakes.
Once, there was a
princess and a farmer boy,
and they loved each
other very much.
But the princess's father
wouldn't let them be together.
So, on a misty day,
just like this one,
they walked into
the fog together
and were never seen again.
[Girl] Why?
[Mom] Well, maybe their love
just wasn't meant
for this world.
[dramatic music]
[cell phone buzzes]
[Renata] Your breath
sounds erratic,
what's happening?
I'm fine!
[Renata] I'm sorry I
was so brisk earlier.
My flight arrives in
San Miguel later today.
[Renata] I'll send you
a text confirmation
of the reservation.
You're late.
And you?
You came all this way.
I was concerned.
About your wellbeing.
What do you want?
See, Isaac's
unexpected departure
has put me in a bind
with our angel investor.
I had...
[waiter speaks in
foreign language]
I'm quite sure they've
tapped my phones, my email.
Isaac was working on something
that was critical
to our project.
[Jamie] So you thought
the notebook was-
I'm rather surprised
you found it.
I did a fairly thorough
sweep of his office.
Did his family let you in?
You've got to know, you weren't
their ideal daughter-in-law.
You don't even have
a graduate degree,
for goodness sake.
I didn't come here
to be insulted.
If I could just see the
book, and I'll be on my way.
You know, I have some
questions about your-
If I could have a look-
No, you answer my
questions first!
If you were to cross
to a parallel plane,
would you see other
versions of yourself?
The theory is if
subatomic particles
can exist in two planes
at the same time,
then perhaps so can we.
If you were crossing from
one dimension to another,
how would you know
which one was yours?
I suppose you could
leave a marker.
[Jamie] A marker?
A distinguishing
mark, like an X.
Since when are you so
interested in our research?
You only ever distracted
Isaac from it-
Trust me, he was
not complaining.
I've answered your questions,
now I'd like some answers.
You know what's
really bothering me?
Is why did he hide it?
The notebook.
You think he hid it for you?
Look, I'm not suggesting
you weren't capable
of understanding the work.
Jamie, I came here to help.
To help yourself, right?
Don't pretend otherwise.
[intense music]
Don't trust...
[Jamie gasps]
Don't trust who?
[Jamie gasps]
[cell phone rings]
Roberts here.
[Jamie] It's Jamie Irving,
returning your call.
I appreciate you
calling me back.
Do I have a choice?
[Roberts] There's been
a break in at Isaac's.
[Jamie] Are you gonna arrest me?
Oh, no, I just have
a few questions.
I don't think his
death was an accident.
[mysterious music]
[Roberts] Shh.
For Christ's sake,
it's 4:30 a.m.
For Christs sake,
it's like 4:30 a.m.,
I thought this was an emergency.
It's like 4:30 a.m.,
I thought this was an emergency.
Sorry, I didn't
realize the time.
Everything is just
so screwed up.
I thought the
investigation was closed.
It was, until someone messed
up his place pretty bad.
Do you know anything
about his investors?
I know that he and Renata
disagreed about one of them,
I don't know why.
She's finally asleep.
Is it hard?
[Roberts] What?
Having a baby?
It's the hardest thing
I've ever done in my life.
[mysterious music]
I gotta go.
[dramatic music]
[intense music]
[tires screech]
[man speaks in foreign language]
[cows moo]
How's it going back there?
Oh, fine.
Wish I hadn't
almost hit that girl
getting off the street car.
[Jamie] You're the one
that wanted a bike lesson.
[Isaac] Yeah, but couldn't
it wait 'til spring?
You're the one that
wanted a bike lesson.
Yeah, but couldn't
it wait 'til spring?
[tires screech]
[Jamie] Let's do this, wimp!
[intense music]
[calming music]
May I?
Jamie, I know we've had
our differences, and I...
I think we can
assist each other.
I truly do.
Can we just talk?
Just a minute.
Thank you.
Oh, my.
I'm just trying to
understand things.
I was wondering...
Maybe he's reaching out to me.
You think Isaac just hopped
over some parallel plane?
I don't know.
Could he?
You're serious?
Interesting framing.
Jamie and Renata?
No way, they can't
stand each other.
Then why are they in the
Azores together so soon
after Isaac's death?
Jamie got tickets
months back with Isaac.
She needed to get
away for a while.
Just so we're clear here,
if I decide to bust your
ass today for dealing-
Look, I'm not a dealer, okay?
It's just a side thing
for a few friends
to help keep my clients happy.
With your priors?
Tsk, tsk, tsk.
Lucky for you,
if you play nice,
and answer my questions,
I could overlook that.
When was the last time you ate?
I haven't been hungry.
And how many hours are you
sleeping each night on average?
Why do you care?
Isaac was my good friend.
Obviously, there's something
going on here with you.
I can work with this.
What's that?
It's a map Isaac
made for us, for me.
[Renata] And you think
it'll lead to him?
Every time I visit one of
these marked locations,
I get glimpses.
Alternate versions
of myself and Isaac
as we exist in other planes,
and now it feels like
things are really shifting.
Shifting, huh?
I've been doing some research.
You mean Googling?
Renata, I saw a glimpse of
myself with Isaac and a child.
It was our daughter.
I saw a reality where we
all took this trip together.
And she was so beautiful,
her face, her sweet eyes.
That's what's making this
choice even more difficult.
What choice?
Jamie moved to Canada
after her mom, you know...
I know she stayed with
her aunt for a while,
but she got out of there
as soon as she could.
And she and Isaac were
together for how long?
Off and on five years?
[Roberts] You didn't like him.
I didn't say that.
It must've stung when she
discarded you for Isaac
and was planning
to leave with him.
Jamie's a free spirit.
[cell phone rings]
I have to take this.
[Renata] Here you go.
Looks great, Renata.
Thank you.
[Renata] What's this
at Porto Formoso Beach?
That's the last destination.
Isaac whispered it to me
when I was on the rocks,
I just couldn't
hear it all clearly.
You really believe
you're accessing
a privileged perspective?
I know it sounds
totally fucked, but...
You're hypothesizing
that Isaac visiting you
has opened up your perception
beyond your limited senses,
and now you're
basically detecting
what the rest of
us are blind to?
And if it's true?
[Renata] You're
asking if this is
enlightenment or madness?
Well, you're the scientist.
I don't know.
The possibility exists that
they're one in the same.
All I have are your words.
[tense music]
How high is her fever?
You can't pick her up?
Yes, I'm on my way.
Thank you for the coffee.
I'll be in touch.
I'd appreciate you
being straight with me.
I need to know.
I'll do my best.
I've never seen
anyone more obsessed
with finding an escape
from his own fate.
Is there a way I can help?
If I may, perhaps
I can accompany you
to your next destination
and document the event.
Okay, sure.
I think that would be fine.
Just promise me one thing.
If things don't work out here,
you'll talk to a
different kind of doctor.
I know a very good one at home.
Now, eat.
[cell phone buzzes]
Sorry, it's my assistant.
Detective Roberts was just here.
She knows you're in the Azores,
she says Renata's there too.
Uh huh.
Renata's involved
with some investors
linked to the Carlisle Group.
I looked them up.
We're talking U.S.
Department of Defense here.
Did she tell you that?
Not exactly, I had
to look at her notes
while she was distracted.
[Jamie] I see.
Jamie, are you okay?
You sound funny.
I'll call you later, Marc.
[Miguel] Hi.
Two toste mista's to go, please.
So, you found a new friend
to spend your time
on the island?
I'm just looking for an old one.
Do you want them warmed up?
No, thanks.
Uh, a bottle of wine, please.
Thank you.
Enjoy your picnic.
- Ciao.
- Ciao.
[dramatic music]
[lighthearted music]
You say my love
for you is not real
But you don't know
how real you feel
[Jamie] Shit.
All I want to do
Is to spend some
time with you
So I can hold you
Hold you
Your sister said
that I'm no good
Bon dia.
Porto Formoso Beach?
Porto Formoso...
[man speaks in foreign language]
Okay, obrigada.
So I can hold you
Hold you
Friends fail every day
I want to hear you say
Your love for me today
Fuck, where's the beach?
[dramatic music]
I'm so sorry, about everything!
I'm so lost without you.
Spend some time with you
So I can hold you
Hold you
All I want to do
Is to spend some
time with you
So I can hold you
[Jamie] Oh, finally!
Hold you
[waves crashing]
Cheers to us.
God, the drive up
here was a bitch.
I'm so tired of
sitting in traffic.
Why didn't you ride?
I just feel so tired
all the time lately.
You're not having any?
I'm starving.
Oh, well, dinner is served.
Well, you said you'd
make something special.
Well, I got your favorite sushi.
Special number three.
Forget it.
I'll just make myself a tea
or sandwich or something.
You sure?
You know, they got
wonderful teas in Geneva.
Jamie, I'm sorry.
I got caught up with
my work upstairs,
and I burnt the lasagna
during it, look.
Another casualty of your
scientific research.
What's gotten into you?
I'm pregnant.
But I thought you couldn't.
Are you sure it's not a mistake?
Well, I can tell
you wish it was.
Don't worry, I'll
take care of it.
No, but I mean isn't it
physically impossible?
Isn't that what the doctor said?
Well, I guess science
can be wrong sometimes,
that's hard for you
to believe, isn't it?
I'm sorry, I know that I'm
saying the wrong things.
It just comes as such a shock.
A baby.
No baby.
[Isaac] What?
I'm not keeping it.
Wait, what?
You can't even leave
your research long enough
to keep a frozen
lasagna from burning.
You're moving to Geneva.
It can't happen.
Jamie, listen.
And you got sashimi?
I hate sashimi!
Where are you going?
Right into the office.
I gotta meet Renata.
Great, so you were gonna
leave after dinner anyway?
[dramatic music]
You're gonna ride all
the way out there?
[waves crashing]
Isaac, can you hear me?
I know you wanted me
to keep this baby,
but I'm not so sure.
I can't even keep my
own shit together.
What the hell am I doing here?
Oh my God, Isaac?
Please don't leave this time.
[Isaac] This is temporary.
You have to decide if
you want to crossover.
I do.
I'll send you the
exact coordinates.
The planes are
consistently shifting,
so you'll only have a
small window to cross.
I'll be waiting for you.
But why can't you just
stay here with me?
Nobody knows you.
I'm nothing here.
But in my timeline, my
research, this discovery?
It's huge.
Bringing you on to my plane
would give me a Nobel Prize,
and so much more.
But if I crossed over,
isn't there another Jamie?
This hasn't been easy, you know.
Finding you, so similar,
but making such different
choices at the end?
That night that we fought,
you rode your bike over to
my place instead of driving.
You rode and I drove after you.
In my timeline,
it was you that...
Well, just imagine
how they'll all react
when I bring you
back from the dead.
Oh, you think you're God.
I'm just making
good on our promise.
[Jamie] But how do you know?
'Cause I made it to you.
I've observed so many timelines,
and you're the closest
to her, and I'm to him.
I am him.
Your Isaac.
And I've dedicated my
life to finding you.
Even after they pulled
the plug on my work,
I went underground to
continue my research.
The work in your notebook?
That was the start.
But I gave that to Renata.
It might buy her some time.
She was frightened
of the implications,
she wanted to put a
moratorium on our research.
[Jamie] I don't
know who to trust.
There's no X.
You have to decide for yourself.
I don't have much time left.
But what if I can't do this?
Why in the middle of the ocean?
How did you know?
You whispered it to me.
I mean, I've seen a
whole bunch of stuff,
of you, and me, we're-
Your mind has become aware,
and it stopped editing
out inconsistencies.
You're remembering and
experiencing other timelines
as they converge with this one,
other choices you've made.
But right now you have
to focus on this one.
The jump has to be made at
precisely the right place
at precisely the right time.
A place where this timeline
can converge onto others.
Which others?
The ones...
Where you take your
life in the ocean.
Otherwise it might cause a rift.
By myself in the ocean?
You'll have to rent a boat,
so that you're prepared.
But what if I can't do this?
You'll come to the water.
You always do.
You'll know what to do.
[Renata] Stop!
Jamie, don't!
What are you doing here?
I couldn't ignore
the possibility
that Isaac might've
figured it out.
I had to come here.
I documented the whole thing.
Then you saw him!
I wish I had.
There's no Isaac there.
[Jamie] But what if I was in
two places at the same time?
Why don't you believe me?
I'm a scientist.
I needed verification.
[Jamie] Then why try
to stop the research?
Because we couldn't be sure
what these investors
might do with it.
There were hints that
their application
might be problematic.
More than problematic,
actually, catastrophic.
Isaac wouldn't hurt anybody!
Not intentionally, no.
But he wanted it all.
He wanted everything,
fast and furious, his way.
You're wrong.
You're exhausted.
You haven't eaten in
days, chasing a ghost.
I mean, the stress is
playing tricks on your mind.
Don't help me.
Just leave me the fuck alone!
[dramatic music]
[cell phone buzzes]
Detective Roberts, what's up?
Well, your
fingerprints came back
on the boxes in Isaac's office,
and his family had
already changed the locks.
I'm not sure that
stealing an old sweatshirt
and a marked up map
qualifies as an
indictable offense.
Both you and Renata are
together on the same island?
Don't tell me that's
just coincidence.
It's okay, Detective.
Your number one suspect won't
be a problem for much longer.
What are you saying?
[Jamie] You'll be able to
close the case very soon.
Jamie, are you thinking
of doing something?
Please, that's not the answer.
I'm done here, don't worry.
Look, Jamie, I saw
your medical records.
I know about your mother,
about your condition.
I should go.
Jamie, it's the best
thing I've ever done!
[Jamie] What?
Being a parent.
When you asked me before,
and I told you it was hard,
that's true.
But it's also the best thing
that ever happened in my life.
Yes, absolutely.
I'm sorry I pushed you too hard.
You can tell me.
I want to help.
Tell you what?
[Roberts] There's fresh damage
on the front left
side of your car.
If it was an accident,
you wouldn't be at fault.
Are you there?
[dramatic music]
[tires screech]
Momma, I can't breathe.
I'm drowning.
I have this heavy
rock on my chest.
I'm scared that I'm losing him.
Us Irving women,
we were not cut out for
motherhood, were we?
[dramatic music]
[waves crashing]
Over here?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[dramatic music]
[tires screech]
[car crashes]
Help me, somebody help!
Somebody help me!
[water splashes]
[dramatic music]
[calming music]
[intense music]
[tires screech]
[car crashes]
[water splashes]
[unnerving music]
[waves crashing]
[dramatic music]
[Jamie weeps]
Isaac's gone!
He's gone!
I couldn't give up my
life to meet with him,
I couldn't do it!
He's not coming back.
I thought it was Madeleine.
I thought you were Madeleine,
I thought you were her.
I saw the waves, and I thought
you were her, oh my god.
It was supposed to be her.
Miguel, I don't think
she's coming back.
It's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
[siren wails]
[calming music]
You know I don't have much time.
Well, I figured you'd
rather do this in person
and not over the phone.
You probably noticed
a page was missing.
I want you to have it.
[Renata] The diagram
for building the device.
When you build it, find him,
and let him know
I know it was him
that caused the accident.
He always does.
I was driving the car,
but he stepped out.
You have to stop him.
I can't bring his baby
into the world otherwise.
[calming music]
Where are you going?
There's one more
place I need to visit.
From his map?
From mine.
[calming music]
[waterfall runs]
[Jamie exhales]
[dramatic music]
[waves crashing]
[dramatic string music]