Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F (2024) Movie Script

Hey, what's up, Detroit?
It's your boy, the Bushman,
and it's another balmy day here in the D.
Winter weather advisory in effect.
So unless you're headed
to the Red Wings game,
stay the hell off my roads.
Now back to the music on WJLB.
The heat is on
On the street
Inside your head
On every beat
And the beat's so loud
Deep inside
All right, there! I see you!
Just to stay alive
'Cause the heat is on
What's up?
Are you warm in there, Foley?
Caught up in the action
I've been lookin' out for you
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Tell me, can you feel it
Tell me, can you feel it
Tell me, can you feel it
The heat is on
The heat is on
The heat is on
You know
I can lock you up for that, right?
Fuck you, Foley!
The heat is... on
Detroit hockey fans
are you ready?
Got the money?
Hey, um, Axel, uh...
I don't want to
come off like some kiss-ass.
You know what I mean?
But I did want to say,
you're kind of the reason
I got into police work in the first place.
- Is that right?
- Yeah.
Well, that's very flattering.
Yeah, I mean,
so when you reached out for the tickets,
I got to say, man,
I was pretty pumped, you know?
Told my wife,
"It's Axel Foley!" You know?
And then, come down here,
pick your brain, you know?
Honestly, I assumed
you didn't even like hockey. So this is...
Wait, why would you assume that?
That I didn't like hockey?
How could you just assume that?
- Oh, because...
- Because... Is it because...
No, don't do that.
- I did not... I did not assume...
- Well, you...
You had made an assumption
based on this that I did not like hockey.
No, it's just that
you never talk about hockey, man.
- That's all I...
- Well, hockey happens to be in my blood.
It is?
My great-grandfather
was actually a hockey player
in the Negro Leagues in Winnipeg.
The Winnipeg Black Guys.
Wait a second, there was a Negro...
I mean...
Oh, my God.
There was
an all-Black person hockey league?
Wait, so you gonna tell me
that you supposed to be a hockey fan
but you didn't realize there used to be
a Negro League in hockey?
Shit. Axel, I am so sorry.
I feel awful.
Look, I can do better. I will do better.
You're fucking with me! Fuck!
"I can... I can do better.
I will be better. I will be...
I don't have to stay this way.
I can be a better white man."
- That's me?
- That was you.
- Yeah, but if I do you, then I am...
- Then it's wildly offensive.
But listen,
here's your chance for you to do better.
This place is about to be robbed
and you discovered by who.
Through your relentless,
in-game detective work.
Hold on, somebody's robbing the arena?
This place is about to be robbed.
Look through these. Look right over there.
- Can you see Junior Bollinger?
- Uh-huh.
He's been working
with the 7 Mile crew
that killed that jeweler down in Berkley.
Wait, shit, man...
Didn't LT take you off that crew?
Yeah. He did.
And if he knew I was still following June
he'd probably shitcan my ass.
That's why luckily,
we came to the game,
and you discovered Junior was there,
and you decided that we should
take him down. See how this works?
- That's why you wanted the tickets.
- That's why I wanted the tickets.
- You didn't wanna hang out with me...
- All right, well...
It's very nice hanging with you,
but we got stuff to do.
Let's go get you that promotion.
Oh, God.
- Hey, Junior!
- Shit!
Ah, ah-ah-ah-ah!
- Damn.
- Call it in.
Fuck is he robbing, Axel?
I don't know. Junior, what you robbing?
Man, fuck you, Foley.
I went straight.
Actually, that's good. That's very good.
- Hey, you got Junior here?
- Uh, yeah.
- All right. Hold him.
- Where are you going?
You assholes
are never getting out of here.
Shut the fuck up
and keep your ass on the ground.
Hey, where's my gear?
Coach wanna put me in the third period.
Who the fuck are you?
Who the fuck am I? Who the fuck are you?
You must not have got the memo, nigga.
You didn't hear about the Winnipeg trade?
I'm the new man up in this bitch.
Get your ass on the fucking floor, man.
Hey, motherfucker.
Let me tell you something.
I am a five-time recipient
of the Stanley Cup,
and I don't appreciate no motherfucker
putting no guns in my face.
I just want my goalie pads.
Get my goalie pads!
You think this is a fucking game?
This ain't no fucking joke.
Easy, easy.
This might come as a surprise,
but I didn't win
the Stanley Cup five times.
Shoot this motherfucker.
Grab the stuff.
Freeze! Freeze mother...
Come on!
To the bikes.
- Foley!
- Come on!
Come on!
God, you know, most guys your age
are starting to slow down,
you know, taking desk jobs.
Trying to relax a little bit.
This is how I relax.
Are you not relaxed right now?
God! Not relaxed!
We have to switch to Plan B.
This was Plan A?
Hey! Hey!
I don't give a fuck
I don't give a fuck
By the power vested in me
by the great state of Michigan,
I hereby commandeer this vehicle.
Man, fuck you!
That's not a real thing.
It absolutely is a real thing.
I don't give a fuck
I don't give a fuck
You know what? You're right.
It absolutely is a real thing.
It's a real thing.
That's the realest thing.
I'm chasing bad guys
with Axel Foley. Hell yeah!
Hey, call it in Mike.
Honey, guess what?
You're not gonna believe
what I'm doing right now.
Yeah, no, me and Axel.
- We stopped a robbery and there's a...
- Hey! The station!
The station. Gotta... Gotta go.
To the bridge! Come on!
Yes, this is Detective Mike Woody
and I am with my partner...
...and we are in pursuit.
And we are in a city snowplow.
L-15, verify.
You're in a snowplow?
Yeah, we in a goddamn snowplow!
What's the fucking problem?
We need all available units
on Lake Shore and Fifth.
Let me guess... Foley.
Did you say, "Foley"?
Watch out! Watch out!
- God! Shit!
- Give me that.
Woody, let me talk
to the Motor City shit magnet.
He wants to talk to you.
Yeah, I don't know
what you're talking about, boss.
I mean, this one's on me.
Yeah, I was just, you know,
I just saw something suspicious.
- Now!
- And then... Yeah, okey-dokey.
Hey, Jeffrey! Man, I was just
trying to watch my beloved Red Wings
and then Detective Mike Woody,
this guy... the Wood Man?
He's a hell of a detective.
He thinks that
these guys just might be connected
to the murders
down at Southside Jewelers down on Sixth.
Oh, he does, does he?
No offense, but Detective Woody
hasn't solved
a goddamn crime in five years!
- He's finally come into his own, Jeffrey.
- There! There! There!
What the hell was that?
Axel, if you damage any city property...
I'll try my best, Jeffrey.
But you know Woody.
He's not gonna
let these guys get away again.
Yeah. Uh...
All right, good night.
No matter what you think you've pulled
You'll find it's not enough
No matter who you think you know
You won't get through
It's a given, LA law
Someone's faster on the draw
No matter where you hide
I'm comin' after you
Okay, getting a little
outside my comfort zone, Axel.
Maybe we don't hit so many cars, okay?
It's time to solidify
that promotion, Mike.
It's Foley!
Goddamn Foley.
You can shake me for a while
Stop hitting cars!
There's a lot of
blind spots in a snowplow.
No matter what you do
I'm going to take you down
I changed my mind.
I don't want a promotion!
It's too late!
No, I'm not the Wood Man!
You are the Wood Man
- and you're getting promoted.
- No!
- You're breaking your cherry!
- No, I wanna keep my cherry.
It's too late to turn back.
- Not gonna fit! Not gonna fit!
- Shakedown
Breakdown, takedown
Everybody wants into the crowded light
- Shit!
- Breakdown, takedown
You're busted
Let down your guard, honey
Just about the time
You figured it's alright
Breakdown, breakdown
You're busted
Thanks for the tickets, Michael.
I had a wonderful time.
You're welcome.
Don't move! Don't fucking move!
The hell is wrong with y'all?
Oh, shit. Look at this shit.
What are we gonna tell the Chief?
We? This is your case, Mike.
Shit, I was just
trying to watch some hockey.
That's not funny, man.
- There he is.
- Classic Foley.
Hey, look! It's our new starting goalie.
You're proud of yourself?
Because you look proud.
You look very proud.
Are you proud of me?
Forty-five minutes!
The police commissioner
just screamed at me
for 45 minutes straight.
No, berated.
That's what he did. He berated me.
Pal, I hate to tell you, but I think
your days on the street may be over.
I don't think so
because I like working the streets.
Okay, yeah. But then, you know what?
They don't want swashbucklers
out there anymore.
- They want social workers.
- I'm terribly social.
Hey, it's not funny. Axel, I swear to God.
You can't keep doing this shit.
Used to be, you just get yelled at.
But now, they'll take away your shield.
And you'll get it back
just like you always do.
- That's why I love you, Jeffrey.
- Yeah, well.
Not anymore.
I just turned in my papers.
- What?
- Yeah.
It's time. It's time.
- No, no. Listen.
- Yep.
Let's go down to the commissioner
and tell him that you're getting old,
and that you made a mistake. It happens.
I'm... I'm serious, Axel. You know what?
My remaining years,
however many there are, I just...
I'd like to spend them
with my family, you know?
- Spend a little time with my grandkids.
- You don't even like your grandkids.
I love my grandkids.
Didn't you, just the other day,
tell me that your grandchild...
One of them,
I have a little bit of an issue with.
We are working through it.
- You called him a sociopath.
- I...
Your grandchild that you love so much
that you want to spend some time with.
I was a little upset.
We have some issues,
we're working through...
When was the last time you spoke to Jane?
Well, Jane is busy.
And stubborn.
She comes by it honestly.
Yes, and you are not retiring.
I am gonna miss this.
Hey, wait a minute.
This isn't just some arbitrary day
that you picked to retire.
You're falling on your sword
to cover my ass.
Listen, the police commissioner
wanted blood
and... and what am I gonna... you know?
Oh, you don't think I got nothing else?
Hey, let me tell you something, Jeffrey.
I don't know
whether or not you realize it,
but this city still has a lot of problems.
They need us.
No, no. You need the city.
That's what it is.
But you know what, Axel?
End of the day, all this? It's just a job.
Talk to your daughter.
Yeah, yeah.
Turn around, please.
You sure you in the right place?
I hope so.
Sam Enriquez?
Jane Saunders. I'm a lawyer.
A friend of mine said
you might have been set up.
Yeah, well,
I can't afford Beverly Hills.
Me neither. Shit's expensive.
If I take you on, it's pro bono.
And why should I trust you?
You have a daughter, right?
You want to miss
the next twenty years of her life?
Let me help you.
Let's start with how you
wound up next to a dead cop.
Check my record. I'm not in the game.
Murder weapon in your lap,
trunk full of cocaine.
You're in the game, Sam.
Somebody talked me into muling one time.
Your uncle Chalino?
Okay, you're in the passenger seat
with Lieutenant Copeland.
What happened?
We're headed to the drop.
Copeland, undercover cop,
whatever. He's driving.
And then?
He spots a black SUV tailing us.
Tries to call somebody,
but his phone wouldn't work.
And he straight up fucking panicked.
Said they were jamming his phone.
- He knew they were coming for him.
- Yeah.
Then a black SUV pulls up alongside us,
points a gun at the window.
And the masked man shoots Copeland?
Okay. And then?
I grab the wheel.
I steer us into their SUV,
but I lost control and I hit a pole.
Next thing I know,
I wake up with the gun in my lap
next to his dead body.
Mr. Enriquez,
we're here on your motion
for the substitution of counsel.
Would you like
to follow through with the motion?
I would. Yes.
Then the motion is granted.
Now, unless there's anything else...
There is one more thing, Your Honor.
Go ahead.
The defense will be submitting a motion
to subpoena
Lieutenant Copeland's financial records
as we believe he was involved in
potential criminal activity including...
Your Honor, The People were
under the impression we were here
to discuss a motion
for substitution of counsel,
not to entertain
the Defense's half-baked theory...
And of course we will be happy
to disclose all relevant documents
to the prosecution.
I would hope so, Counsel.
Both of Copeland's accounts
are at Citibank.
Okay, start the subpoena on those two,
and pull his taxes
for the last five years.
...have to speak to Legal.
What are you... Hey!
What the...?
Help me! Somebody help me!
What are you doing? Stop! Please!
Drop the Enriquez case, Counselor.
Would you be able to identify them?
I told you they were all in masks.
- Janey...
- Hi.
- I thought you quit.
- I didn't quit. I chose to leave.
Oh, that's the story
you're telling people?
What happened?
You've been to Six Flags?
The Tower of Power?
Same day I accuse a cop of being
in the game.
Janey, I know I got you into this.
But you gotta drop this case.
- No.
- Just walk away.
I don't want to have to tell your dad
you got killed.
- So don't.
- Janey...
I mean it, Billy. I need your word.
You know what? You think you
and your dad are nothing alike?
- Please.
- You're exactly the same.
Okay, just stop.
It's time to go
get you checked up.
I'm not going to the hospital. I'm fine.
- See that? Right there.
- Thank you.
- That's Axel.
- All right. I'm gonna clear.
Who the pussy clart you think you is
calling this place this time of night?
Axel, cut the shit.
Axel. Me no know Axel.
You dial the wrong number.
What blood clart number
you trying to reach? Who is this?
It's about Jane.
Well, why didn't you
just start with that?
She's okay,
but there's this kid, uh, Enriquez.
He caught a case, a murder rap,
and I asked Jane
if she knew anyone at her firm
who might be willing to represent him.
Let me guess. She volunteered.
I'm sorry. I couldn't stop her.
She made me swear not to call you,
but she's in way over her head.
Axel, some asshole's trying
to scare her off the case.
She's not hurt though, right?
No, she's fine.
But these guys are serious.
All right.
I'm on the next plane out there.
And Billy. Thanks for calling, man.
I'm sorry I got her into this, Axel.
You're my brother.
You and Janey are like family to me.
Hey, what's with
all the barking and shit? Where you at?
I'm at an impound yard.
I just got the evidence I need
to blow this wide open.
Listen, just don't kick in no doors
till I get out there, all right?
I got one more stop to make tonight.
Then I'll pick you up
at the airport tomorrow morning.
I got to go.
Hey, I appreciate it man.
Hey, listen, in about a week when you get
sick of that psycho grandchild of yours,
give me a call
and we'll get you unretired.
It's not gonna happen, Axel.
Listen, you need to talk to her.
You need to talk to her and fix it.
I know you think you got all the time
in the world, Axel, but you don't.
I probably got more time
than you though, right?
Okay, come on. Get out of here.
You're gonna miss your plane.
Seriously, Jeffrey. You need some sun.
- All right.
- You look terrible.
Hey, miss. Hey, doesn't he look
about ten, 15 years older than me?
We're the same age. The same age!
- Okay. Get out of here!
- Move it!
- You look terrible.
- I understand.
Watch your ass out there, okay?
You're not 22 anymore.
Don't worry about me.
I'm gonna be fine.
They love me in Beverly Hills.
Hey, Billy, where you at?
You were supposed to pick me up.
Goddamn airport was out of rental cars,
but I managed to get a sweet deal
on a Detroit classic.
I'm headed to your office. Call me.
What you know about livin' on the top?
Penthouse suites
Lookin' down on the opps
Took him for a test drive
Left him on the lot
Time is money
So I spent it on a watch, hold on
Hot in the city
Hot in the city tonight
Yeah, yeah
'Cause girls is players too
I'm a chain 'round an A-bomb
I'm a ribbon in the heat now
What you know about livin' on the top?
Penthouse suites
Lookin' down on the opps
Took him for a test drive
Left him on the lot
Time is money
So I spent it on a watch, hold on
Lil' bitties showin'
Through the white tee
You can see the thong
Bussin' out my tight jeans
Rocks on my fingers
Like he wanna wife me
Got another shorty?
She ain't nothin' like me, yeah
Hot in the city
Hot in the city tonight
Yeah, yeah
'Cause girls is players too
Keep it player, baby
What the hell is taking so goddamn long?
What are you staring at?
What is this, a union job?
Well, we don't get OSHA breaks here.
Move, bitch.
- Who sent you up here?
- Who the hell do you think?
- Beck?
- No, LeBron James.
Yes, Beck!
Look he's been riding my ass
about this shit,
so I'm gonna ride y'all's ass.
Y'all know how the motherfucker gets.
Definitely do.
Fucking bullshit.
Check this out.
First Blood.
What the hell? This is you.
Uh, nah, man. That's not me.
That's that actor Wesley Snipes.
Everybody say I look just like him.
I don't look nothing like Wesley.
That Wesley's
a handsome motherfucker, ain't he?
Yo, yo. What the fuck is taking so long?
Who the fuck is this guy?
Shit! God!
Move, man! Move!
Meter Lady. Hey, Meter Lady. No, no.
I have an emergency.
Can you move your buggy please?
Lady? Yeah, okay.
Well, why don't
you just wait on the sidewalk, Man.
There he is. Get him.
What the hell you think you're doing?
If you don't get out of my car...
- Oh, you gonna learn today.
- I'm a police officer...
I got a 415 in progress.
Male, possibly psychotic.
Stop it! You ain't
even gotta use that much!
Yo, what the hell you think you doing?
What the hell you think you doing?
I said pull over, now!
Stop with the pepper spray.
I'm sorry, Meter Lady.
I don't wanna take it anymore
I'll just stay here
Locked behind the door
Oh, shit!
Just no time to stop and get away
- Move!
- And it's hard to say
What the fuck?
Bitch, move.
- And it's hard to find
- Keep up!
Any strength to draw the line
- What the hell?
- Hey!
Ooh, ooh
What a slippery bastard.
And it's hard to say
Just how some things never change
And it's hard to find
- Son of a bitch...
- Any strength to draw the line
Oh, I'm just burnin'
Doin' the neutron dance
Doin' the neutron dance
- Whoa, whoa!
- Doin' the neutron dance
- Hey!
- What the hell?
I'm so happy
It's in my hands
Fuck you, man.
I'm just burnin'
Doin' the neutron dance
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
- Clear the way!
- Out of the way!
- Let me see your hands.
- Put your hands in the air!
Now you show up.
Where was you when I was getting shot at?
I said hands!
I'm a Detroit police officer.
Name is Axel Foley.
- My badge is in my pocket.
- Don't reach for it.
I been a cop for 30 years.
I've been Black a whole lot longer.
Trust me. I know better.
You know, this is very embarrassing.
Yeah. Well, you should have
thought of that
before your little joy ride back there.
Seriously. This is your squad car?
You know part of me'd
rather get locked up for resisting arrest
than get put in this little
Fisher-Price-looking motherfucker
y'all rolling around in.
Y'all are the LEGO cops.
How you doing back there?
Could move the chair up,
but honestly, I don't want to.
Detective Foley.
Detective Bobby Abbott.
Can you get me Taggart, please?
Chief Taggart? Pretty sure he's busy.
Well, can you tell him
that it's Axel Foley?
Okay. And how do you know the chief?
Well, this isn't my first time
in Beverly Hills.
I saw that.
Did you ever read your own file?
This is, uh... a lot.
Disturbing the peace,
various shootouts, evading the police.
This is from '84,
then there's one from '87...
And then '94. Not your finest hour.
Taggart. Anybody here
got eyes on Taggart?
I wanna talk to Taggart.
Hey, you! Could you get me Taggart?
Trent? Uh, do not do that.
Don't be a bitch, Trent. Get me Taggart.
Why were you in Billy Rosewood's office?
You know Rosewood's trying
to fuck up my case.
Are you trying to help him?
LAPD Air Support.
So, you went from being a big-time pilot
to patrolling outdoor shopping malls.
So what happened?
What, you fall from grace
or you just couldn't hack it?
Mr. Foley, I appreciate
you've been doing this a long time.
But the world has changed a bit.
You can't just sit
across the desk from another male
and say something to threaten my manhood
and think I'm just
going to get so flustered with insecurity
I forget what we were talking about.
Bet that's worked
a lot for you in the past,
but it's not gonna work with me.
So, let me ask you one more time.
Why were you in Rosewood's office?
Hey, bro, you can get me Taggart,
or you can charge me.
Oh, I'm definitely charging you.
Two counts of reckless endangerment.
Two counts?
You okay? What are you doing?
Was a misspent youth.
And I'd like to call my lawyer.
Billy, I'm getting really worried. Okay?
Call me back.
This is Jane Saunders.
Jane. Hey, this is your father.
And before you hang up, I'm here
at the Beverly Hills Police Department.
I've been arrested and...
I got disconnected.
Can I get another one?
All right, Jane. Listen.
I'm in town, I got arrested,
and I need to talk to you about...
Okay. Listen, very carefully.
You sure y'all paying y'all's bills
because this phone don't work.
I need another one.
Well, don't look at me like...
Y'all the one whose phone ain't shit.
- Maybe you didn't hear me. I...
- Hey!
Rosewood called me last night.
You get me out of here
and I'll tell you everything I know.
What did Billy say?
It is extremely good to see you.
And I can't get over how...
I'm here concerning my client,
Samuel Enriquez.
You said Rosewood called you.
What did he say?
Look, I know there are
a lot of things we need to talk about.
I'm out here because
I didn't think you were safe.
This is what you want to do? Here?
Now? This is how you want to do it?
After not speaking to me for years?
Taggart does want to see you
for some unknown reason.
- Jane.
- Hi.
Don't tell me you two know each other.
Bobby, this is my dad.
Have you two had intercourse?
Hey, uh, Bobby.
Uh, can you give us a minute?
After I talk to Taggart,
I will tell you everything that I know.
Chief John Taggart.
You son of a bitch.
How dare you pull this crap on me, huh?
Damn! I missed you, brother.
Man, what the fuck
are you still doing here?
- Why haven't you retired?
- Well, I did you know, but, uh,
Maureen and I
got back together and trust me,
home is the last place I want to be.
Oh, sorry. Cade Grant. Axel Foley.
Grant used to be one of us.
Now he runs the interdepartmental
narcotics task force.
I've been hearing
Axel Foley stories since the academy.
Used to be you'd get a couple of toddies
into old Taggart here,
he would go on for hours.
What brings you back to 90210?
Well, I got a call
from my old friend Billy.
Ah, Billy.
This case has him all twisted up.
Now he's got Janey involved,
following his cockamamie
conspiracy theories.
I mean, he's always
had a nose for that kind of thing.
Axel. Your daughter's
defending a goddamn cop killer.
I'm sorry. Jane Saunders is your daughter?
Yeah. She is. A cop killer?
She took on a kid named Enriquez.
Killed an undercover named Copeland.
Wow. I... This is the first time
I'm hearing this shit.
Your daughter claims Copeland was dirty.
Well, how well do you know Copeland?
Well, he came up through the BHPD so, uh...
enough to know it's horseshit.
Yeah, Copeland was one of mine, Foley.
I can say
without hesitation that he's clean.
He was a smart cop too. Family man.
Shit, the guy coaches Little League.
He was the real deal.
Well, I'm sorry.
The job asks a lot, doesn't it?
Well, I'll leave you guys to it.
Yeah, man.
- Hi.
- Hey.
How have you been?
You look good.
Thanks. You too.
Come on. I'll walk you out.
You seeing anybody?
Uh, I don't know that I want
to get into that with you.
Okay. Fair enough.
Look, I'm sorry. I... sort of disappeared.
Don't worry about it.
So, that's your dad?
He's not my dad.
I mean, he's... he's my dad.
He hasn't been a dad.
Got it.
Well, it kind of makes sense, I guess.
Which part?
Him being a cop. Putting away criminals.
You doing what you do.
Are you attempting to read me again?
I would never attempt such a thing.
- Should I lay on your couch, Dr. Abbott?
- Oh, my God...
I mean, I had these really
wild dreams last night.
Should we lean in?
You know, me and my dad,
we didn't have the best thing either.
I'm sorry. We never...
- We never got there.
- Yeah.
- I just know family can be complicated.
- Yeah, it sucks.
- Hey Jane, wait...
- This was a mistake.
Hey, look, Rosewood was
down at the impound the other night.
Can you think of a reason why?
Right now I can't think
of a reason I'm even talking to you.
Look, some guys
was ripping his office apart,
and that guy I just met,
the Honorable Captain Grant,
he's the first
police captain that I ever seen
in two thousand dollar Gucci shoes.
Something is up.
Now, why might Rosewood
have been down at the impound?
- Copeland's car is in there.
- Really?
Now, when's the last time
you talked to him?
It was after...
You know what? I'm not doing this.
I got you out. You're welcome.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute now.
It was after what, Jane?
Hey, look, Rosewood could be in trouble.
What he was looking for down there might
be able to exonerate your client, right?
Okay, well just take me
down to the impound
and tomorrow I will get on the plane
and fly back to Detroit.
- Then we can go back to being...
- Estranged.
What's that, French?
I'mma drive.
Okay, you drive then.
Yeah! Mary J.
Remember how much
you used to love that track?
Let's get it crunk up
All is somethin' somethin'
In this dancery
Mary J.'s in the...
Hey, look, I know
there's some things we need to talk...
Hey, here are the rules.
No personal stuff. Okay?
Okay, I get it. I get it.
It's just that, you know,
I had to move you out of Detroit.
It wasn't safe.
The 12th Street Mafia
vowed to execute my family.
So, I got my family safe.
Because the 12th Street Mafia
are some scary motherfuckers.
Did the 12th Street Mafia tell you
to get a divorce and stay in Detroit?
No, that was your mother.
She's ten times worse
than the 12th Street Mafia.
So, your client
is accused of killing a cop?
- He didn't do it.
- Well, how can you be so sure?
Because he's just a kid who got
talked into muling cocaine for his uncle.
Who's the uncle?
Some big dealer
on the east side named Chalino.
So you're claiming Copeland is dirty.
Just don't make no sense.
If Copeland worked
for Chalino running dope,
why would Chalino kill him?
Can you put the case file down, please?
- Hey, you still have your gun?
- No.
- You don't go to the range anymore?
- No.
And I've also forgotten
how to escape a trunk,
get out of handcuffs,
do a front and follow
and all the other crazy cop
bullshit you tried to cram into my brain.
Hey, look, Jane, a few years back,
I had some therapy.
You went to therapy?
Now, why is that so shocking
that I went to therapy?
Well, actually, no,
I didn't go to therapy.
But I read some shit online.
Hey, look,
the point that I'm trying to make
is that when I do something
like try to teach you
how to get out of handcuffs,
that's the same as another parent
when they take their kids to the ball game
or give their kids a Slinky, you know?
Sometimes a parent'll do something
because they don't know
how to express stuff with words.
So they do things. See what I'm saying?
And so what is he saying
when he stops trying?
See what I'm saying?
Help you?
I certainly hope so.
I'm Axel Foley, producer of the new
Liam Neeson revenge thriller, Impound.
We're actually in the market
for a new technical advisor.
We're hoping you're our guy.
Tech advisor, huh?
Yeah. I'm not really interested
in anything behind the camera.
- Pass.
- I totally understand.
Hey, wait a minute.
Are you an actor?
I feel like I've seen you in something.
I knew it. I knew it I'd seen...
What have I seen you in?
Probably Jupiter Ascending.
I played Sargorn Number Four...
Yes! Sargorn Number Four!
Of course. You were fantastic!
- Wow! Thank you. Thank you so much.
- Amazing stuff. Such good work.
Well, you know,
I got a lot of help from Channing.
- Did you now?
- Tatum.
So, what's the story about?
- Okay, so it's about this...
- No, no! You were in it.
You're the star. Let's hear you tell it.
- Oh, you want me to tell. Oh, you want...
- Yeah.
It's all... It was, uh...
It's... It's Jupiter.
It's Jupiter, and it's, um...
That's it. Oh, you kidding me?
The way it ascended? That shit...
That's my favorite scene.
I love that part.
Hey, wouldn't he make
a perfect Father Kilgore?
- Yeah.
- You are Father Kilgore.
Father Kilgore's actually
the hero of the piece.
- I can't believe this is happening.
- This is so fucking exciting.
I'm so excited.
The movie starts off with Liam Neeson
breaking into a police impound yard.
Wait a minute. Whoa.
We just had a break-in last night.
Did you really?
- Swear to God.
- Just last night?
- It's on this camera. Watch.
- I don't believe it.
Check this out.
Look, see? So weird.
It's like he knew you were coming.
- This happened last night?
- Last night.
- Just last fucking night.
- And you just happened to...
What's that word? Kismet?
This is kismet. This is a kismet...
- I think we're in alignment.
- The stars aligned, exactly.
This is some kismet shit for your ass.
So, they broke in last night.
Hey, I was wondering, you think
you could maybe bring the dogs in
so we can go out and have a look?
For research.
Okay. Sure.
We're gonna do some research, Father.
This is just like Detroit Impound.
Except for everything.
That's Copeland's car.
This hit another vehicle.
See the paint transfer?
Sam said the attackers
were in a black SUV.
See? That checks out.
Wait a minute.
Somebody installed a surveillance camera.
A cheap one too.
SD card is missing.
This must be what Rosewood was after.
This doesn't add up.
There's nothing in the police report
about a camera in the car.
So this means...
It means there's video footage
of Copeland's murder on that SD card.
That's what they
were looking for in Billy's office.
You know, you've got a really
good knack for putting things together.
- You think maybe it might be in the blood?
- Don't... Don't do that.
- Don't do what?
- Bond. Don't try to...
- No bonding?
- No.
All right. No bonding.
- We are being followed.
- How do you know?
Well, what would you do if you were them
and you didn't find
what you were looking for?
Me? I would tail us
and hope that we led them to it.
Hey, you got one of those
little lady mirrors?
No. Why?
We got a fan club.
Let's go.
Hey, pull up over there.
Let's see who's following us.
Get me a little closer there.
- Hi.
- Hi, Miss Saunders.
I have a Mr. George Romslo returning.
Thank you, Brad.
Tell him I'll call him back.
- You got it.
- Okay, bye.
In there.
It's them.
Those two guys from Rosewood's office.
Where the fuck are they?
They should be right in front of us.
So, hey, was it difficult making this, uh...
Was what difficult?
- The name change.
- Oh.
I noticed you
changed your name to Saunders.
- Mm-hm.
- Was that an easy transition?
You gotta fill a lot of papers out
to be Saunders.
Yeah, you have to be pretty determined.
Saunders, Saunders, Saunders.
Is it as cool as Foley though?
Foley make me smile when I say it.
"Look, it's Foley."
- No?
- Is there more?
Foley just sounds strong.
It's punchier
and it has a crispier thing to it.
Foley. Jane Foley.
Jane Saunders.
"Excuse me, how do you spell your name?"
Well, okay.
- What is this place?
- The Eastern.
Hey, they're not going to let you up.
It's a private social club.
Good evening.
May I have your member number, sir?
Yes. My member number is
LAFD Fire Marshal. 17484.
And this is a surprise inspection.
How's that fit you, Fancy Dan?
What did you say your name was?
Because Chief Sullivan was here recently.
If you keep up that attitude,
I'll shut this whole place down right now.
You know what?
Could I see your badge again?
No, actually you can't.
Because I don't know you,
and a lot of badges
have been getting snatched in this area.
Now I'm not going to take my badge out...
Okay, I'm going to go ahead and
call Chief Sullivan.
You can go ahead and call Sullivan.
I don't think he'd answer though.
Given he just retired, by which I mean
he was fired for being drunk on the job.
Oh, I had no idea.
He urinated on the wall.
We've done our best
to keep it out of the press.
Dorothy Hrbek, special liaison
to the mayor's office. How are you?
- Well.
- Good.
Can you tell me
the maximum capacity upstairs?
Eighty-five persons?
- Eighty-five people? Very good.
- Very good.
So, if we were to go upstairs right now
there wouldn't be more than 85 people?
Wouldn't be no 86 would not be up there?
- No, ma'am.
- Then you have nothing to worry about.
If I were you, I'd let us go up there,
take a headcount,
check out the fire extinguishers
and we'll be on our merry way.
On our merry way.
I don't have a problem with that.
Thank you, Fancy Dan.
I hope it's 85.
The special liaison
to the mayor's office. Very nice.
- You were flailing.
- No, I was setting shit up.
It was hard to watch.
Really? Cause that's not
what I saw on your face.
I felt like you were transfixed
by what I was doing.
Watching Daddy at work.
Hey, guys.
I owe you all an apology.
Because that was not Wesley Snipes
in the picture, that was me.
And sorry about that too.
I didn't know it was gonna
swell up like that.
You should've iced it.
Okay. Give us a minute. Will you, guys?
Sorry about that, Foley.
Miss Saunders. Good to see you.
So, those were your guys, how about that?
Hey, can I get you guys anything?
Anything at all? Drink?
George makes a pretty wicked mojito.
No, thank you.
Hey, what were they doing at Rosewood's?
Billy Rosewood removed...
stole a crucial piece of evidence
that I need to continue
my investigation into your case.
They're not cops.
How does that work, Captain?
Well, used to be you could get around
a warrant with a little creative writing,
but in the current climate,
we have to be so careful about
everything we say, everything we do.
It helps to have somebody
outside the official chain of command.
Shit, you know what
I'm talking about, right, Axel?
In this instance, I guess it sounds
like they went slightly overboard.
Yeah, you could say they went slightly
overboard since they tried to kill me.
From what Taggart tells me,
you're no altar boy yourself.
But you do get the pressure
that I'm under here, right?
Mayor's office is all over me.
I need to recover that evidence
to exonerate Copeland
and I will do whatever it takes
to get it back.
His family deserves as much.
Or Enriquez. Right, Captain?
His family deserves as much, too.
You know, I like seeing this.
The two of you together.
Working as a team.
Father and daughter. Wow.
It's just so impressive
how you've been able to maintain
such a vibrant relationship,
even though she protects
the same people that you've
spent your life trying to put away.
I'm just amazed it doesn't get to you.
I mean, criminals sure,
but we're talking about cop killers here.
How does that sit with you, huh?
We put our lives on the line every day.
It's a war out there. We deserve more.
Like that Rolex you got on.
Gold Daytona. Isn't she a beauty?
Yeah. You put it best when you said
that this job asks a lot from us.
Never really gives anything back.
Not like that, anyway.
Must be a Beverly Hills thing.
All I know is, I earned it
and I'm going to enjoy it.
Hey, thanks for stopping by.
As far as I'm concerned,
it's been an absolute pleasure.
Thousand dollar shoes,
Rolex watch. Come on, now.
I seen crooked cops before,
but this guy is fucking next level.
What do you think?
- You want my opinion?
- Yeah, I do.
One, Grant knows
what happened to Copeland.
Two, Grant knows we know,
which means he doesn't care.
- So either, A, he's stupid...
- Which he's not.
...or B, he's powerful.
Which means he's dangerous.
You see how that works?
You see great minds working together?
- Foley and Foley?
- Saunders.
Exactly. Foley and Saunders.
You think Grant's right, though,
don't you?
- About what?
- About me.
I saw the way you were
looking at me while he was talking.
Well, Jane, you did
choose to represent criminals.
So I chose to become
a defense attorney to piss you off?
No, I didn't say that,
but let's not sit here and pretend
it's not the cherry on top of the cake.
Nothing I've done is because of you.
Why? Because you weren't there.
Hey, look, we both messed this thing up.
All right? Let's just call it even.
I believe that's your rental.
- Yeah, but we're not done here.
- We're done here.
Go back to Detroit.
We'll talk in another five years.
And just so you know,
if you had went to therapy,
the parent is always the parent.
The child is always the child.
We didn't mess this up.
You messed this up. Goodbye.
You've reached
Rosewood Investigations.
Please leave a message.
Hey, Billy, where you at? Call me.
May I help you, sir?
Uh, yes. I'm Nigel Applebottom
with Bon Apptit.
- Mmm.
- And I was wondering...
You know, to hell with this.
I'm just too tired.
Do you have any rooms available?
You're in luck.
I've got a beautiful resort view room.
- Oh, great. I'll take that.
- Wonderful.
The rate is 940 dollars a night plus tax.
I love Beverly Hills.
Your 10:30 is here to see you.
Main conference.
Partners want you on this.
Oil execs. Spill off the coast of Alaska.
Possible settlement.
- Client requested you personally for this.
- Let me call you back. Okay.
Let me call you back. Okay.
- Name?
- Red Michaels.
Red Michaels...
Mr. Michaels.
Please call me Red.
What? What are you doing?
You said you were leaving town.
Red Michaels never runs from a fight.
I need you to get him out of here.
Call security if you have to.
- I'll be in my office.
- Hey. Jane.
Take a look at this.
I took that out of Rosewood's diary.
That mean anything to you?
I was there earlier today.
They had a lot of security
even for Beverly Hills.
And guess who else was there?
The guys from last night.
Yes. These guys are dangerous, Jane.
Okay, if you don't want me
to be with you, fine.
But you gotta at least have a detail.
Let me get you a gun.
I've got to talk to Sam.
He's not telling me something.
- Why don't you let me talk to him?
- Not a chance.
- Why not?
- Because you're not a lawyer.
But I look like a lawyer.
You look like you sell iPhone cases
to teenagers at the mall.
Look, Jane, this is what I do.
This is my life, okay?
One street kid to another,
I can get him to talk.
Okay, and then you go to the airport.
I want you out of the city. I want you
out of my business. I want you gone.
I also want you out of this suit.
What is this? Where did you get that?
I got this suit in Hollywood.
This suit is fly.
They wanted $50 for this suit.
I got it for $39.99.
It's yikes.
For $39.99,
this suit is off the chain, Jane.
Hey, that rhymed.
Now, wait a minute, I can't take
the thyroid pill with the liver pill?
Is that right?
Yeah, well, Jesus Christ, Maureen.
Relax. I haven't even taken them yet.
And what could go wrong, anyway?
My liver's already clinically dead.
Listen, I gotta go.
- That the Copeland file?
- Yes it is.
It looks open.
And at this point, it should be
Blockbuster Video fucking closed.
I just came from the impound.
Did you know that
there was a surveillance camera
installed on Copeland's car?
Doesn't surprise me.
Part of an undercover operation.
Right. But no one on the task force
was going to let me know about it,
seeing as it's my case?
Your extremely high-profile homicide
turned out to be a self solver.
So if I were you,
I would count my blessings
and stop trying to be
so fucking interesting. Got it?
I'm really sorry, sir.
But can you just look at it?
- It's not Department issue.
- Correct.
Where's the SD card?
Exactly. Your old partner
broke into the impound
and then just yesterday, Axel Foley
shows up there, and he's poking around.
So it seems to me, sir, that things
are getting a little more interesting
all by themselves.
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
You've reached
Rosewood investigations.
Please leave a message.
Keep trying to come up with a reason
why he'd stay off the grid for so long.
- Rosewood doesn't scare easily.
- Yeah, that's what has me worried.
We got company again.
It's your boy Bobby back there tailing us.
Not my boy.
Yeah, he is your boy.
I saw you two look at each other
back at the station.
So just to be clear, you guys used to be
in a relationship and you're not anymore?
Okay, and just to be clear on this,
you are still single.
- In fact, I'm a celibate.
- Oh, I didn't need to know that.
There are some things
I need to say to you
that haven't been said
that I think I should say.
- Oh, gosh, is this a speech?
- No, it's not a speech.
I'm talking from the heart.
You're my only child, right?
And I've only been a father
as long as you've been a daughter.
I'm making this up as we go along.
We both are.
When you was five, I was a dad five years.
When you was ten,
to when you were 20, and now you're...
- No, go on. Give it a shot.
- Well, I know how old you are.
One hundred bucks says, you do not know
- how old your only daughter is.
- Excuse me. Is that what you think?
Come on, let's try it.
On the count of three. One...
The Bronco. On the right.
Take it out.
No, no!
David 14! Shots fired!
I need backup at Wilshire and Doheny!
No, no, no!
When I start shooting, stay low and run.
You two okay?
Yeah. You all right?
- I'm fine.
- You okay?
Your birthday is March 24th
and you're 32 years old.
Hey, nice shot back there.
Thanks. Appreciate it.
If you hadn't have done it,
I was about to do it myself.
You have a hard time admitting
when you need help, huh?
Are you doing your
concerned therapist thing for me?
I'm just saying,
maybe that has something to do
with your strained relationship with Jane.
Hey, you don't know anything about
my relationship with Jane, all right?
So, what about
your relationship with Jane?
We don't have one.
She broke it off with me.
And I'm not afraid to say that.
She ended it, but you want to know why?
- I got a lot of ideas.
- She said she couldn't date a cop.
Who were these guys?
Cartel kill crew out of Adelanto.
Bunch of them got arrested
here back in October.
Let me guess, Rosewood made the arrests.
Yeah. Case went nowhere.
Charges dropped for lack of evidence.
Because the supervisor
on the case was Grant.
- How do you know that?
- Foley! Get your ass in here.
Excuse me.
Suddenly, these... these gangsters
came at us with assault weapons.
I couldn't believe it! In Beverly Hills!
And Manolo saved the day.
- He barked...
- Taggart, I know you're pissed
but I think you might want
to take a look at this.
You know what I think?
I think three days ago,
I was feeling pretty goddamn good.
Hell, I was only waking up three
or four times a night to take a piss.
And today,
my blood pressure's up 40 points.
Well, your skin looks fantastic.
Whatever you're doing is working.
Oh, shit.
- Billy worked months on this case.
- Yeah, the same guys.
They should have been locked up,
but they walked.
Well, we tested the dope. It was powder.
Billy accused Grant
of swapping out the real shit.
Swore up and down Grant was dirty.
I told him, "Hey, it doesn't add up."
But you know Billy. He wouldn't let it go.
Ended up pissing a lot of people off.
Well, it comes with the job
if you're doing it right.
Well, he ended up
turning in his badge over it.
Blamed me for not having his back.
But look, I know Grant.
He's good police.
I trained him, for Christ's sake.
He was my boot, when I was still
pushing a black and white.
And Billy was your partner for 30 years.
And he's in fucking trouble now, Taggart.
Hey, come on, man.
Hey, wait a minute.
Are you part of this shit, man?
How could you even ask me that?
After four decades of friendship?
- What do you want from me, Axel?
- I want you to start being a cop again.
Get out of my fucking office now.
Go back to fucking Detroit
where you belong!
God damn it! Come here! What is this shit?
You're turning Beverly Hills
into goddamn Ciudad Juarez.
It was an ambush.
What was I supposed to do?
You're suspended. Without pay.
Pending an investigation
on your handling of the Copeland homicide.
Turn in your badge and your gun. Now!
I guess you don't want
to solve this one, huh, Chief?
You just want to manage it.
Son of a bitch.
- What did he say?
- We're on our own.
And you seriously
don't want to give it up?
After what just happened?
I know that was scary.
But from my experience, Jane,
that means we're getting close.
Close to what?
I'm a lawyer, not a cop.
I don't do shootouts.
Nobody else is gonna help your client,
and nobody else is going to find Rosewood.
We're it.
Well that's almost true,
except it's my case.
I happen to have
some free time on my hands now.
- Suspended?
- Yeah.
- Let me guess. It's your first time?
- Yes, it is.
Well, congratulations. I do some
of my best work when I'm suspended.
Yeah, I'm really thrilled to be here.
Now, what else haven't you told me?
Thank you.
How you feeling?
Um... I'm okay.
Today was a lot. I'm just checking on you.
Hey! Where's all the sugar in this place?
I'll get it for you.
All right. So, I pulled a favor
and found out the house
was bought last August, all cash.
You know where
the sugar drawer is and everything, huh?
Very comfortable here.
Maybe a little too comfortable.
Who bought the house?
A trust called Ocean Equities, LLC.
They bought and sold a bunch of high-end
houses over the last five years.
Their bank account's
at the Century City branch,
Financiero Culiacn.
Culiacn. Well, that's definitely
the cartel laundering their drug money.
What does this have to do
with Copeland's murder?
That is unclear.
No, it's not. Rosewood knew
something was up with that house.
The house next door is for sale.
I noticed that when I was casing it.
We get in there
and maybe I could sneak over.
That sounds legal.
All right.
So, the house is available to show.
Appointment only.
I think I know somebody
that can get us in.
My milkshake brings
All the boys to the yard
And they're like
It's better than yours
Damn right, it's better than yours
I can teach you
But I have to charge
Hey, Serge!
Hey! Hey good to...
Okay, all right. All right, okay.
Look, this is Jane. Remember Jane?
This... This cannot be Jane.
That's Jane.
She's so gorgeous!
Do you even remember me?
You're impossible to forget, Serge.
- And this is Bobby.
- Detective Abbott.
Oh, eh... it's what?
Detective Abbott.
A... A habit? Habity?
- Abbott.
- Abbott.
Ah, Abbot. Abbot. Abbot?
Abbott. Detective Abbott.
Ab. Butt.
Serge. Ah...
- What?
- Ahh... mmmm.
- Mm?
- Mmm...
I feel...
I feel the... the chemistry.
- You feel what?
- The chemistry between the two...
- The chemist-tray?
- The negative and the magnetism?
Ah! Uh, the chemistry!
- How long have you been together?
- Oh, no. We're not together.
I'm on an undercover mission
with Ach-well Foley and I'm so happy.
Ach-well, those two
look so cute together. So hot.
They're like
two little tee-tee muhng-kees.
Like two little what?
Tee-tee muhng-kees.
- Titty monkeys?
- They mate for life.
Them monkeys don't sound right.
Maybe you should come up with
some other shit than titty monkeys.
You can't be calling Black folks monkeys.
Even with that accent,
you'll get fucked up.
Serge. Oh, my God! You look fantastic!
Shut up! You do!
- You shut up!
- Shut up!
- Shut up!
- Shut up!
Y'all both need to shut up.
And who's this?
These are my clients
that I told you about.
The absolutely astounding couple.
Thank you so much for fitting us in.
I'm Jacqueline
and this is my husband, Chad.
And this is the very, very rich
and successful father-in-law.
Oh, well, hello, Daddy.
Oh, so what are you in the market for?
Oh, just trying to find the perfect place
for my girl and her little man.
Tsk! Aw...
And I don't want
to talk out of school, but...
maybe Jackie you want to tell her.
- Tell her what?
- That you're pregnant.
- I'm gonna be a grandfather!
- Grandpappy Ach-well!
Oh, "Grandpapa."
- Pappy is more playful.
- But Papa's better.
Well, children are such a gift.
Yeah. Unless they're not.
My own kid's a bit of a loser.
I mean he's four,
but you can already tell.
- Oh.
- Yeah, you can tell.
Glasses, the whole thing. Yeah.
Isn't it so chic?
My God, these columns are bitchy.
Okay, so we have eight bedrooms,
ten bathrooms, a pool, a spa, a sauna...
- Wait, how many bathrooms did you say?
- Ten.
- Get the fuck out of here.
- No, I cannot! It's important.
Because when you have parties
then you have place to have sex.
- Love parties.
- When were you last at a party like that?
- Last night.
- Get the fuck out of here.
No, I cannot.
Because I am tired, I need sauna.
We should all do a sauna together.
Wouldn't that be cute?
Why don't you take these two lovebirds
and show them the sauna and make it hot.
And I have to go call my banker.
Meet up with us.
You guys are adorable.
I honestly kind of hate it.
No, I'm happy for you.
I love love and happiness. All that shit.
This house rules, right?
- Yeah.
- It's... It's a dream.
- Do you guys like bathrooms?
- We use them.
Totally. Same.
I'm single.
- Oh.
- No.
Yeah. I mean, I've been dating someone,
but I found out he'd been
secretly taking pictures of my feet
and selling them on the Internet.
- What?
- So, we're figuring it out. Yeah.
Ooh, check out this walk-in.
Do you think the people who used
to live here actually liked this house?
Yeah, I think they were like,
"Let's keep it interesting.
Let's do a little taupe
and a little more taupe
and a little baroque and a little taupe.
And if you don't like it,
see yourself out my Caucasian door."
Oh, my God! You do accents.
I'm so sorry. My wife is just passionate
about interior design.
Oh, my goodness. "Wife."
I keep forgetting. Come here.
- Okay.
- You guys.
All done.
So, Ashley.
So, Axel.
Oh, wait. Oh, my God.
Axel? Ashley?
Together, we'd be, "Actually."
Are you gonna buy the house?
Yeah, this house
isn't going to work for us.
No, we're not gonna buy the house.
It's actually horrible.
Let's get going.
- Got some other things to look at.
- Yeah.
- Thank you so much.
- Ugh, I don't like it either.
- I do like the ceiling.
- It's such a gross house.
I hate it so much. No, it's fine. Yeah.
Yeah, what's up?
We got a problem.
Foley was just at the house.
Jesus Christ!
I told you about this guy.
Should we call our Sinaloan friends?
No, we don't need any more bodies.
We need that goddamned SD card.
I'll handle it myself.
One of the black Navigators
was hidden under a tarp.
This paint transfer
comes from impact with Copeland's car.
And I found this.
I've seen these.
The military uses these
to disrupt cell signals
so they can't trigger IEDs.
Or call for help.
- Your guy was telling the truth.
- So, it's over.
We're finished.
It's finished for you, not for me.
I still gotta go back to Taggart.
Go back to Taggart with what?
Some sketchy real estate deals
and a couple of paint chips?
Look, by now Grant knows
that we was at the mansion
and that the car's been moved already.
You wanna nail Grant,
we gotta find that SD card.
And the only one
that knows where that is, is Billy.
Grant wasn't my target.
I'm not chasing a killer.
I was chasing reasonable doubt
in Sam's case, which I have.
Well, what about Sam's uncle?
What's that guy's name? Chalino?
Chalino, yeah. He might talk to us
because Grant is trying
to pin a murder on his nephew.
Do you guys even
hear yourselves right now?
I'll be suspended.
You have no jurisdiction. No backup.
It's time to use the law.
Bullshit. We gotta try
to talk to this Chalino,
and we gotta try to find Rosewood.
We gotta do something.
I'm so stupid.
This wasn't about me.
This wasn't about my case.
This was about you.
Hey, I came to town
because I was worried about your ass.
You came for the action.
This is what you always do.
You ride into town
and you try to play big hero.
Classic Axel Foley.
Look, I wanted
to be a bigger part of your life.
I did and I tried.
- How did you try?
- You pushed me away.
And you always gave up.
You didn't fight. I am your daughter.
The only thing
you've ever fought for is your job.
Look, obviously,
I've never been a father before. But...
So it means whatever you're
about to say is irrelevant.
I can tell you that when my dad
moved me and my family to Beverly Hills
from Chicago when I was a kid,
I was so pissed at him.
- You grew up in Beverly Hills?
- Technically. Yes.
- What?
- Okay. Now it's all coming into focus.
Beverly Hills Bobby.
Look, I don't know why
your daughter seems to hate you so much,
but I can tell you why I hated my dad.
It's because he was selfish.
Moved us out here.
We didn't even want to come.
And then he leaves my mom within the year.
And he couldn't even see
the toll it took on us until recently,
just a couple years ago. He called me up,
asked if he could come over.
He looked me right in the eye
and he apologized.
Meant a lot.
I don't owe nobody no apology, all right?
Jane is the one
that shut me out of her life.
Not the other way around.
Talked to a buddy
that works down here.
He said Chalino's whole operation
is based out of this place.
So, these guys are gonna be armed.
You nervous?
Sure. I mean, I'm fine.
But I think it's healthy
to be a little bit nervous
walking into a bar full of guns.
You're not nervous at all?
Bobby, I'm from Detroit.
For me, this is like
going to Buffalo Wild Wings.
Oh, ella vendr
Mira bien, te comer
Oh, ella vendr
She's a maneater
This is nothing like Buffalo Wild Wings.
Mira, mira
Oooh, oh, ella vendr
- What can I get you?
- Two beers?
Oh, ella vendr
Mira bien
You see him in here?
Oh, ella vendr
She's a maneater
That's Chalino?
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Well, he's a performer.
Well, you know what every performer needs?
To feel appreciated.
- No.
- Yeah.
- No, no. No, no. Don't! Don't!
- Bravo!
Chalino! Chalino! Oh, my God!
That is the best version
of whatever that was I ever heard.
You got a voice like an angel, man.
You need to
share your voice with the world.
Hey, you really want to fuck with me, man?
Talking this bullshit? What the fuck...
We're here because we know
your nephew, Sam, is being set up.
He's about to go away for life
for a murder he didn't commit.
Right? So, we come with an offer.
We can help get your nephew off.
Perfect, Papi. I'll fucking take it.
Now turn around and march your ass out.
Okay, but you need
to help us put away Grant.
Did you hear that?
You see what I'm talking about?
These guys are cops, okay?
Can you believe these fucking guys
coming in here
acting like we're fucking homies?
Give me one fucking good reason
why I should trust you.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
My daughter represents your nephew.
They tried to take her out too.
- Beverly Hills lawyer is your daughter?
- Yeah. They nearly killed her.
That's why I want Grant. I want him out.
We get Grant, and Sam goes free.
Everybody wins.
Today's your lucky day.
Come here. I wanna talk to you.
Okay! Time to get up!
This is my fucking spot.
So, how does this work with Grant?
Grant. Grant is the top dog, Papi.
Top dog, okay?
He got dirty cops working with him,
protecting the cartel's interests. Shh.
Drugs. The cartel's interests
are drugs. You're a drug runner.
I'm more than that, okay? Don't limit me.
I'm layered and I'm complex.
All right relax,
we see that you're layered.
- Like a beautiful onion.
- Mm. With glitter.
You're a great singer.
Hey, why did Grant kill Copeland?
He was gonna go clean.
Plus, I heard he was talking
to some white boy PI.
What happened to that guy?
Oh. The PI?
They caught him sniffing around
the east basin of the port.
Where they bring in the drugs.
And... come here, come here...
That's all I'm gonna say.
- We gotta get to the port.
- Yeah, if I were you I would hurry,
because the last shipment's
going out tonight
because there's a lot of heat.
Thanks for the information.
You got it. But whoa, whoa, whoa...
One more thing.
Fuck me over,
I'm gonna have my homies roll up on you.
Especially you.
You don't want that.
Good luck.
Now, you remember the other day
you was talking about
being honest about how you feel?
I want you to be honest with me right now.
When he had that gun to your head,
did you shit on yourself?
'Cause I heard a sound.
A squirt-ish noise,
followed by an odd expression
and I looked at...
Hands! Hands!
Let me see your hands!
- Hey, what the fuck?
- Hands on the car! Now!
All right. All right!
What is this?
Officer Abbott, this is not good.
It's a set up.
It's a fucking set up. You...
No, no, no, no. Listen...
I'm disappointed in you, Axel.
We're supposed to be fighting
the War on Drugs, not participating.
You've seen too many movies, Grant.
That shit will never fly in court.
But you don't need it to, do you?
You can just keep us
locked up here in County,
and you pay a couple of your deputies
to dump us off
at the pier and end of story, right?
You know, you and I?
We're way more alike than you may realize.
We both...
we'll do whatever it takes
to set things right.
Hey, I want to ask you something.
Do you ever listen to the stuff
that comes out of your mouth?
Because that is some high level
Class A deluxe bullshit you're talking.
Hey, you ever been
shot in the line of duty?
Yes, I have been shot.
Ah. Let me show you something.
Asshole almost broke my fibula.
I thought I was never gonna walk again.
And you know what I got for that?
A pat on the back and a ribbon.
A fucking ribbon.
What you think
the cartel is going to give you?
A fucking 401K and a timeshare in Boca?
I can't even afford
to live in the city that I got shot in.
How is that for justice?
I didn't get no ribbon when I got shot.
What kind of ribbon was it?
I almost admire you, Axel.
Still out here
on these streets, running and gunning,
and after everything
that the job cost you.
How's Jane, by the way?
Chief? Renee Minnick, sir.
My partner and I
work weekend watch patrol.
Well, congratulations.
We're very proud of you.
Johnny, what the heck?
Come and help me clean this mess up.
Not now, Maureen! For Christ's sake!
Can't you see I'm working out?
Sir, is everything okay?
Yeah, it's fine.
Just don't ever get married, all right?
- What do you want?
- Well, in case you weren't aware,
Captain Grant just arrested Foley and
Detective Abbott on cocaine possession.
Grant busted Foley?
You gotta be out of your mind.
Christ's sake.
The fuck?
You watch too many movies.
Detective Abbott.
What the fuck?
I told you. Misspent youth.
Wait, what are we doing?
Shh! Come on.
This way.
They're in M-20.
- You're just gonna wait for the elevator?
- Shit, they're gone!
Lock it down!
- Call for backup!
- Shit.
- Hey!
- What?
What the fuck?
What? Where are you going?
Just follow me.
- Wait. Wait. Wait, wait, wait.
- Come on!
No. Why would we go to the roof?
This makes no sense.
Because this is on the roof.
No. No, we cannot do this.
I can't do this. This is a bad idea.
I think you're being a touch negative,
because men are trying to kill us, Bobby,
and you're a helicopter pilot.
And I'm pretty sure
that's a fucking helicopter.
Shall we?
What the fuck, "Ahh"?
Get your ass in the helicopter.
We had it locked down in seconds.
There's no way they got outside.
- So, they're still in the building?
- Yes, sir.
- What are you doing? We gotta move now.
- Okay. Yep.
Faster! Shit, this ain't Spirit Airlines.
Let's go! Let's go!
This shit is supposed to be
like riding a bike!
You're supposed to get right in there
and know how to do this shit.
You was trained. You can do this.
Get going, man. We got to go!
Please, just shut the fuck up.
I'm trying to concentrate.
Gimme this.
All units, be advised.
They're on the goddamn roof.
It's taking off. Go, go, go! Go!
Fuck, man! I thought
you was supposed to be an elite pilot.
I was a pilot. But as you pointed out,
I'm not a pilot anymore.
Watch it.
- Man, you look nervous.
- I am nervous.
Well, why are you so damn nervous?
I crashed a fucking helicopter, okay?
Got in my head. I haven't flown since.
- That's why I left LAPD.
- What? Wait...
Set it down!
- Hey! Shit!
- Shit!
Oh, shit.
You fucking crashed a helicopter
and I'm just finding out that just now?
I'm sorry, I didn't realize the plan
was gonna be to steal a chopper
off the rooftop
of a fucking police station!
I didn't realize that you were
so fucked up at flying helicopters.
Otherwise, I would have
came up with a different idea.
I told you it was a bad idea!
- Shit!
- What?
They're under the radar ceiling.
We need to track them from the ground.
Heading westbound.
- What the fuck?
- Will you just shut the fuck up right now?
- Oh, Jesus!
- Shut up!
What the fuck are these guys doing?
Pull over! I mean, land!
It's Grant!
- Oh, shit!
- He's shooting at us!
- I'm about to pass out right now.
- No. No, you ain't!
Hey! Hey!
- Oh, God!
- Hey!
- Man, what the hell?
- Fly this fucking helicopter, right now!
- Get that gun out of my face!
- I will shoot you in your face
- if you don't fly this helicopter.
- Fuck!
I will shoot you then I'mma shoot myself
because I ain't dying
in no helicopter crash.
Hey, what the fuck? Hey!
All units, be advised.
They're heading towards BHPD.
I'm gonna put this thing down.
- Here?
- Yeah.
Jesus Christ!
Foley! You gotta be shitting me!
You stole a fucking helicopter?
Grant back there!
Shit, he hit us!
All right, hang on!
- I don't have my rotor!
- What?
- He shot my rotor off!
- You have another one?
- Shit!
- Shit! Fuck!
- Can you be quiet please?
- Oh, shit!
- I'm just gonna come down hard right now.
- What?
A hard landing!
- Shit!
- Please do not talk right now.
No, that was good.
That was... that was way better
than I would have did.
Not much better though.
But way worse than
a real pilot would have did.
Come on, we gotta go.
Hey! Excuse me,
what the hell's going on?
This is private property.
We, uh... We got a little problem back here.
Uh, somebody's still trapped
in the helicopter.
Yeah, I'd love to help you guys.
Seriously, I would.
But listen, you put me
in a pretty tight place here.
Legally speaking. So...
To hell with all that, man!
A person is dying back there.
You gotta do something, now!
Shit! Okay. All right.
Look, I gotta call my attorney
And my... my caddie will do it.
Hey, Davis! Come here. Come on.
- Davis, save us! Help us, Davis.
- Come on.
There's an old lady in there,
stuck in the helicopter, in the back.
Be a hero.
Hold your breath. Hold your breath.
Get a lady out. Get a lady out.
Hey! Hey! Come on! What are you doing?
Yeah, we gotta get the hell out of here.
Hang back. I'm gonna get us a car.
Grand theft, why not?
Hey, brother! I'm gonna be real with you.
We're detectives and we need
to borrow a car real quick
cause we're in the middle
of a case and it's an emergency.
- Let me see some ID.
- Well, actually I don't have no ID.
It's a long story, they trying to frame us
but come on, help a brother out.
Look, I feel you.
I do, brother. I really do.
- So you'll lend me a car?
- Fuck no!
I've been working here
ten years, brother, okay?
What you want me to do? Huh?
You want me to just
give you a free car 'cause we're brothers?
Yeah, brother to brother. A brother's
in trouble. A brother's in distress.
Yeah, but no. So, I lose my job.
What we... But we cool though right?
- That's all good?
- Yes, we're brothers! Come on.
I got three kids and a Labradoodle.
He need hip surgery. That's $43,000.
I need to pay for that
with this goddamn job.
Oh, come on, brother.
This is an emergency, brother.
"I'm your brother."
What? Are we at a cookout, nigga? What?
- You a good man.
- I know I'm a good man.
You care about your family and your dog.
But we in trouble right now.
- Brother, come help a brother out.
- Yeah.
Mrs. Weinstein, how you doing?
Leave it right there. I'll be right over.
- That's how you gonna do it.
- That's called a code switch.
- Oh, you one of them code switch niggas?
- Hello, good to see you!
Is this what you meant by hanging back?
Well, okay, Detective Abbott.
Hey, Uncle John.
Can you chat?
Grant arrested them?
Yeah, then they escaped.
I got an APB out on the two of them,
but I don't know
who Grant's got in his pocket.
- Mm.
- Billy was right about him all along.
I should have listened to him.
Your dad hasn't checked in
with you, has he?
I said some things
I shouldn't have said. It wasn't good.
Stop. He can't always express it,
but he cares about you more than anything.
It's Axel. Leave a message.
Hi, I really need to talk to you.
I said some things.
Just call me back, I promise I'll answer.
You know, your boy Chalino could've
been more specific about the location.
- You think he was lying?
- I don't know. We got to keep looking.
Hey, what's all this stuff?
That's the truck that came
out of the cartel mansion.
Those guys do not look like union workers.
They most certainly do not.
Hey, that's Rosewood's car right there.
That blue one with the...
That little top shit on it. Come on.
All right. Come here.
Yeah, come here.
I'll tell you where the SD card is.
I hid the SD card...
in a little place called...
"Go fuck yourselves."
- What took you so long?
- Sightseeing. I love LA this time of year.
Something about
the smog and the smoke
from the forest fires is magical.
Don't make me laugh.
- Detective Bobby Abbott.
- Hey. Billy Rosewood.
Yeah, I know. We gotta move quick.
They're almost done loading
the rest of the dope onto the last truck.
You can never have too much firepower.
Billy Rosewood. I missed you, buddy.
Where the hell did you hide that SD card?
In my Rambo knife. In my office.
We gotta tell Jane.
Hello, Axel.
- Grant?
- Yep.
Hey, where is she?
Jane? Oh, Jane. Jane's fine.
You know, she's not making it easy on me.
Hey, why don't you do me
a big fat chubby, chubby favor,
and bring me that SD card and that truck
before I do something that I might regret.
Where is she?
We're at the Sunset Point
Warehouse on Alameda.
You have one hour.
Tell the cartel not to kill them
till I get that SD card,
and shut this place down.
Hey. Get your guys
to break everything down.
He's got Jane.
I know you said no gifts.
Oh, that is so sweet.
Oh. Depends.
That means a lot.
Thank you everybody. Hello?
Hey, Jeffrey.
Foley, please tell me
you didn't get arrested again.
- Twice, but I broke out.
- You're fucking with me, right?
I need you to track Jane's phone.
I need to confirm where she is.
- Okay. You're not fucking with me.
- Jeffrey. She's in trouble.
Okay, 738 Beverly Crest.
That motherfucker's lying.
She's at that mansion.
Her phone is still on.
It hasn't moved in a while.
Okay, call me if it does.
Yeah. Yeah. Axel...
You stay safe.
Yeah. Okay.
"Stay safe."
He wants me to stay safe.
- Y'all safe? Everybody safe?
- I'm good.
There's no seat belt in the middle.
Fuck a seatbelt! We're on the edge!
We're gonna need some backup.
Uh, we're fugitives
driving a truck full of cocaine.
I don't think
it's a good idea to call for backup.
Tell 'em move around move around
When the king come around
What are you doing?
Oh, here we go
Tell 'em all... oh, oh, oh
Whoa! What the hell are you doing?
I'm getting us some backup.
God, I missed you, Axel.
Oh, oh, oh
Lamborghini, boulevard
Life a race, all my niggas screaming
"On your marks"
They thought we was finished
But we at the start
They thought we was finished...
Never been on this
end of a pursuit before.
It's an acquired taste.
Move around when the king come around
Has he taken you to a strip club yet?
No, I never took him... He's not...
I'm not taking him to the strip club.
Why not?
Tell them make room
Tell 'em make a way
He's had intercourse with my child.
This is awkward.
Tell them play it safe
'Cause we don't play at all
Tell them boys they better move
Tell them don't die tryin' to catch us
Could go a million miles
Wouldn't catch up
Move, tell them just move
- Tell them just move, move
- Whoa! Watch it!
Taggart's gonna shit.
I guess there goes our back up.
- How much time are we looking at?
- Ten minutes.
What's the plan, Captain?
Get the SD card, kill my father?
Everything goes away?
Oh, that's very clever.
Must be the Foley in you.
You know what my biggest
issue was with my father?
His maniacal focus. Drove me insane.
He was relentless. Ironically,
that's your biggest issue right now.
Good luck, asshole.
Oh, I don't need luck, baby cakes.
See, I control the narrative.
Enriquez, Copeland, Rosewood, Foley.
There's only one loose end.
And that's you.
Now, when people hear that your dad
was killed by the cartel
that's gonna be so easy to believe,
because they're gonna say,
"Hey, Axel Foley, shit.
I can't believe he lasted this long."
But his squeaky-clean
daughter, Jane Saunders?
What do you think happened?
Maybe she was speeding down Mulholland
racing to get to the police station
to find out what happened to Pops,
and she took a turn
just a little too fast,
and went sailing right off a cliff
with no tow truck cable
to catch her this time. Huh?
Good luck.
Keep an eye on her.
Go, go! I'll cover you!
Drop your weapons!
Goddamn, Foley. Here we go again.
- He's out of bullets!
- Shit.
Come on, you cocksucker!
Jesus Christ, Billy! You look like shit!
Well they've been
torturing me for two days.
- What's your excuse?
- Here!
- What am I supposed to do with that?
- Shoot bad guys!
We don't have to do it right now,
but at some point I'd like an apology.
Jesus Christ, Billy.
I just saved your life,
and I'm about to die for you.
It would just be nice to hear the words.
You know what? Fuck these guys.
Let's just mow 'em down
on the count of three.
Two problems with that plan, Billy.
One, you're a fucking lunatic.
And two, I don't think I can get up.
Drop your weapons!
Jesus Christ! Some things never change.
Silva! Get over here!
Where is she?
Axel Foley, you are
a true son of a bitch, aren't you?
And I mean that
as the highest of compliments.
what are we doing here man, huh?
Just a couple of lonely old cops, right?
What are we gonna do?
Kill each other? What's the point in that?
Put your gun down.
You know, I lost my family.
Wife divorced me.
Kids won't even speak to me. And for what?
Ain't nobody
trying to hear that shit you talking.
You're not a cop. You're a criminal!
Oh, no, no, no.
You're gonna be okay.
I should have
had your back before, Billy.
No shit.
Come here.
No. Okay. Enough, enough.
You're so tense.
It's my back.
Oh, shit. Axel.
Miss, please.
You're gonna have to meet us
at the hospital. Okay?
He's gonna be all right.
You have a choice for lunch.
Either meatloaf and fritters or...
Oh. Actually, that's it.
Fritters, is it like
a corn fritter or something?
It just says "fritters."
It's only been a few days
and while we're
seeing signs of improvement,
he's gonna be in here for a while.
- Can I see him?
- Second floor.
Thank you so much.
Hi, what would you like today?
Can I get a medium-well burger
and some fries and a vanilla shake?
Got it. Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hm.
Thought I'd find you here.
- Oh...
- Mmm...
- You want something to eat?
- I'm good.
How are you?
Outstanding. I don't feel
nothing dripping or anything.
So I'm okay.
What'd I miss?
Captain Grant and five others, DOA.
Uh, three perps are
in the hospital, under watch.
And your client?
The judge got the SD card.
District Attorney dropped all charges.
You're welcome.
You sure you're okay?
- You know we gotta go back.
- Yeah, I'm fine. I'm good.
Look, let me say something to you.
You were right.
When you said
that a parent's always a parent
and a child's always a child.
That's real shit. And...
I really messed that up.
And I'm sorry.
you know when you said you've...
you've been a father
as long as I've been a daughter?
I've never thought about it like that.
And yes, the parent
does bear the responsibility,
but I'm an adult now, too.
Well, do I get another shot at it?
Here's the deal. First, get well.
Two, when you do call me, we'll talk.
And I don't know. Maybe you stay longer.
You always say
they love you in Beverly Hills.
Okay, that's a deal.
I am very, very proud of you, Jane.
I really am.
Let's get you back, Dad.
Okay, cool. "Dad."
I like it. I love it. I love it! Yeah!
- Will you help me up off the stool here?
- Yes.
Lot easier to sit down
than it is to get up. Just...
There we go.
"Dad." You know, "Dad"
is just a syllable away from "Daddy."
Oh, look at you. Here you go.
Yeah, that's almost...
Look, get your pocketbook.
"Pocketbook." I suddenly see my future.
- What?
- You just turned into an 83-year-old.
Well, I was recently shot,
that's why I'm walking like...
Don't get it twisted.
You know, you didn't have to
get shot for us to hang out, right?
No, but it helped, though.
You can admit that, right?
You know, if I didn't get shot
we wouldn't be walking
across the street together right now.
Just promise not to leave again.
Sarge, can I ask you something personal?
How often do you and Maureen make love?
Billy, what the fuck?
It's good for the marriage.
Get out. Get out
of the car right now. Get out.
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Jesus!
- Oh!
You two are
the worst fucking surveillance team
that ever lived.
- Ever lived.
- Holy shit.
It's only been a week. You're supposed
to be resting in the goddamn hospital.
Yeah, I know,
and y'all supposed to be out here watching
to make sure
I don't get the hell out of here, right?
- Jane put y'all up to this, didn't she?
- We're worried about you.
Don't be worried about me. I'm fine.
I just had to get from up there
for a second.
Look, up there is nothing but
a bunch of old sick people.
Everybody's hacking and coughing
and moaning and groaning and shit.
You would fit in perfect up here, Taggart.
- Leave me out of this, all right?
- Look, man. I just want to go get a steak.
- I'm starving.
- No.
What do you mean, "No?"
I just been eating this hospital food...
- Axel. No. No way.
- ...for a week and I need some real food.
What? I'm not trying to start no shit.
I just want a steak.
Let's go. Come on, man. Look, you know me.
You understand me.
You know, I need this, man.
Don't do it, Billy.
Sarge. We both know I'm gonna do it.
Oh, fuck it. Let's get a porterhouse.
- Now we're talking.
- Not getting any younger, you know?
- Come on, let's do this.
- Not one word to Jane.
- And that's an order.
- No.
- Hell no. No.
- Not one word to Jane.
This is gonna be fantastic. Trust me.
Swerve that SRT
You know I whip it
Lamborghini, boulevard
Life a race, all my niggas screaming
"On your marks"
They thought we was finished
But we at the start
Oh, here we go
Tell em move around, move around
When the king come around here
Oh, here we go
Tell em move... oh, oh, oh
Tell them boys they better move
Tell them make room
Tell them make a way
Tell them make a hole
Tell them boys they better hide
Tell them lay low
Tell them play it safe
'Cause we don't play at all
Tell them boys you better move
And tell them don't die
Tryin' to catch us
Could go a million miles
Wouldn't catch up
Move, tell em just move
Tell em just move, move
I'm living a life
And I don't wanna die
They tryna get even
I'm beating the odds
They playin' it safe
I'm playin it smart
I swear to God hand on my heart
I'm finna shit on these boys
Back in that, back in that race
Swerving that wheel with my right hand
I speed on your block like it's I-10
Don't tell me I can't nigga, I can
No if and on my end
I'm Hudson, I'm Lightning
"Them boys faster than you"
Nigga, who?
Tell them boys they better move
Tell them make room
Tell them make a way
Tell them make a hole
Tell them boys they better hide
Tell them lay low
Tell them play it safe
'Cause we don't play at all
Tell them boys you better move
And tell them don't die
Tryin' to catch us
Could go a million miles
Wouldn't catch up
Move, tell em just move
Tell em just move, move
There's a boy inside me
And one day he's gonna go
Somewhere that nobody's
Ever, ever been before
Oh, here we go
Tell them move around move around
When the king come around here
Oh, here we go
Tell them move around move around
When the king come around here
Move, tell them make room
Tell them make a way
Tell them make a hole
Tell them boys they better hide
Tell them lay low
Tell them play it safe
'Cause we don't play at all
Tell them boys you better move
And tell them don't die
Tryin' to catch us
Could go a million miles
Wouldn't catch up
Move, tell em just move
Tell em just move, move