Beware, My Lovely (1952) Movie Script

Mrs. Warren, I've finished!
Mrs. Warren!
Mrs. Warren!
Fa la la la la la la la la
Troll the ancient
yuletide carols
Fa la la la la
la la la la
Where's Johnny?
Corky, you're a great help!
Come here, come here.
Corky! Corky,
what are you doing?
You come out
of here! Out! Out!
Bye, Mrs. Gordon!
Thanks for letting me
use your piano.
All right.
Oh, yes, just
a minute, Jackie.
Now, Corky, don't
get in the way.
Off you go. Be careful. Careful.
Bye, teacher, we'll bring
our presents this afternoon.
Bye, children.
Don't get into mischief.
Bye! Bye!
I'll race you
to Elsie's!
Let's see...
The children have been
flitting all over the place.
Place is messy enough as it is.
Good morning, dear.
Good morning,
Everything packed?
I think so.
But I'll
probably get home
And find out I've left behind
me all that's really important.
And I'm going
to miss you.
Oh, let me see.
Hardly know where to begin,
the place is such a muddle.
Might as well
finish this.
I never did like
these rugs anyway.
I think I'll get
some new ones.
Oh, uhh, uhh...
See, pull it
on that side.
Let me help.
Thank you.
There must be
some system to this.
Now, you can stand on
them, and I can sweep them.
And we'd both wind up
on the floor.
No, thanks. Besides, you'll
be late for your train.
Are you watching
the time?
Yes, I have
plenty of time,
And I hate
waiting rooms.
Well, you can't
sit around.
Why do you suppose I waited
for you to go on your vacation
Before I started
cleaning house?
You're the most disorganized
woman I ever knew.
You think you'll ever get
all this back together again?
I hope so. I have
a man coming to help me.
Good. Where'd
you find him?
Came looking
for work yesterday.
Oh, don't
spread it, dear.
What's the sense in
dusting all of them?
Seems to me you make a lot
of extra work for yourself.
Why don't you have each
person who wants to read a book
Dust it himself?
Hello, Mr. Armstrong.
Morning, Ruthie.
Hello, Aunt Helen.
Morning, Ruth.
Well, what hit
this place?
I thought you were
going on your vacation.
She put me to work.
Why are you here
so early?
I'm being punished.
Dad and Mother went
over to the Ellisons for the day.
I'm supposed
to help you.
On a Saturday, too.
Don't tell me you were
out late again last night,
Not after all you went through
with your Mother last week.
I'm not a child.
Look, who's not a child!
Lots of girls my age are
married and have children.
Oh, I wouldn't
say lots.
Had your breakfast?
Yes, thanks.
Good. Then supposing
you get right to work?
Don't I even get a
chance to catch my breath?
No. You can do that
while you dust the shades.
I'm just a slave
Ruth, dear.
Exactly how long did your mother
say I was to punish you today?
Just work me to
the bone, I suppose.
I see.
Well, at the rate we're going, I
don't think we'll get to the bone
till next Fall.
Just cause I was
out late last night.
Parents are so insensitive.
We had such a beautiful
evening planned.
I'll never be
able to face Tom
When he finds out I've been
ordered to stay home tonight,
Just like a child.
It's Tom, now. Oh, dear,
whatever happened to Larry?
I thought he was
the big love of your life.
Larry just
wasn't for me.
Found that out
when I met Tom.
You've been out of touch with
men for so long, Aunt Helen,
You wouldn't
Oh, I don't know.
My poor old memory
isn't that dim.
Oh, wonder if
I've got everything.
Um, Ruth, I really don't think you ought
to stay here and help me anymore today.
You mean
I can go home?
No. Come here.
I want you to deliver these packages to
the school for the party this evening.
Nice lot of them.
See that you
deliver them.
When you've finished,
I want you to drop this box of
old clothes at the church for me.
I guess everybody wants
me to die of exhaustion.
Don't you think that's too much
to ask a woman of her advanced age?
Guess this will fill
up my whole day.
Oh, no. I want you to come
back when you're through.
Perhaps by then I'll have found a
large wash for you to do or something.
That's sweet of you.
Mr. Armstrong.
I hope you have
a nice Christmas.
Thanks, Ruthie.
Oh, peace at last.
'Tis nice, isn't it?
Oh, yes. Now I can finish the
rest of my Christmas packages.
I've, uh...
I have something to
straighten out with you.
Now, this, this should take care of my
room for two more weeks, shouldn't it?
And as I told you,
if Mr. Frank shows up,
You can let him have it
while I'm away.
Then you won't be
alone in the house.
I'll be all right,
But I don't expect
any telephone calls.
You have my forwarding address,
and I'm going to miss that room.
Ned liked
that room, too.
He kept writing about
how much he missed it
while he was in the service.
what time is it?
Oh, plenty of time.
I've nearly an hour.
You're not that early,
and you know it.
Now, hurry along or
you'll really be late.
Oh, all right.
I wish I could send you a box
of snow from where I'm going.
So do I.
Oh, let me help you.
Well, I haven't heard
Corky bark in ages.
Wonder what's
the matter with him.
He decided he's going
to be a watchdog.
Corky, come here!
Stop that!
Corky! Come here!
Stop that!
That's the man
I hired.
Ha ha ha! I believe
he's afraid of Corky.
He couldn't be. Now, hurry or
you're going to miss that train.
Corky, you bad dog!
Up! Come here!
That a-boy. I'm sorry.
I don't know what's come over him.
Glad you're here.
The name is...
Howard Wilton,
That's right. Howard
Wilton. Mr. Armstrong.
I'm glad to meet you. I know you're
going to be a great help to Mrs. Gordon.
I hope to be. I tried
to make friends with him.
Oh, he just doesn't trust
strangers. I'm sorry.
Well, nice meeting you.
Good-bye, Helen.
Good-bye, dear. And drop
me a card, won't you?
I'll do that.
Good-bye, Corky.
See him off to
the gate, Corky. Go on.
Oh, my.
Sorry, I'm late.
Oh, that's all right.
There's so much to do.
Oh, yes, the wreath.
Thank you.
Where does it go?
Uh, right
over the door.
Thank you.
The dog wasn't here
when I came yesterday.
No. He runs off
all the time.
Haven't seen a dog
yet that liked me.
You probably imagine
they don't like you.
That looks nice.
You ever owned one?
Better come inside
and get started now.
Oh, give me your coat, and
I'll hang it here in the closet.
Thank you.
Where shall I
put this?
Oh, I'll take it.
Now, let me see.
Oh, yes, I think I'd like
the floors waxed first.
Floors are
my specialty.
Maybe I don't work as fast as
others, but when I've finished,
You know they've
really been polished.
That's good. Well, I'll
get the waxing things.
You shouldn't carry
that. It's too heavy.
Thank you.
You should have
let me get it.
Oh, I'm used to
carrying it.
Well, you won't
carry it anymore.
Now, uh, oh, yes, why don't you
put the rugs on the front lawn
and then they'll be
out of your way?
All right.
Need any help,
Mrs. Gordon?
No, thanks! I'm just
getting some boxes.
Mrs. Gordon,
if you don't mind,
I'd like to take my coat
somewhere else.
Your coat?
Yes. You see, I didn't know
it was a storage closet.
It might get dirty.
It's my only coat.
Oh, well, I have
a cedar closet upstairs.
You can put it there
if you like.
Soon as I get rid of
these, I'll take it up.
If you'll tell me where the
closet is, I'll take it up.
Oh, it's the first door on the
right at the top of the stairs.
Wouldn't want you running
upstairs on my account.
Operator, 4892, please.
Yes, thank you.
Uh, hello.
This is Mrs. Gordon.
Would you get
Mr. Anderson for me?
Hello, Mr. Anderson? Uh, I've got
quite a Christmas list for you.
Thank you.
Very well, then.
I'll expect him.
Late this afternoon?
Oh, thank you. I appreciate it.
Would you like me to
help you trim the tree?
Oh, no, thank you. I just
wanted to look at them.
I really think we should
get on with the work now.
Mrs. Gordon.
You're not dissatisfied with
the work I'm doing, are you?
Why, no. So far
you're doing very well.
Then you weren't...
Telephoning anybody
about me, were you?
Why, no. Why should I?
Besides, who would I call?
I don't need
any references.
I was just phoning
about some groceries.
You see, I'm very anxious
to make good on this job.
I always try to do my best. I work
very hard, but nobody realizes it.
I get paid, but...
what's the matter?
I'm sorry.
That's all right.
Something's troubling
you, isn't it?
Would you like to
tell me about it?
No, it's nothing.
Oh, now, haven't you
ever been troubled
and talked things over
with one of your friends?
I haven't any friends.
Just because you work for me is
no reason why we can't be friends.
Yes, it is.
Because I'll only be
here for today, Mrs. Gordon.
I'll... clean
your house, do my job,
and be gone and forgotten as far as you're
concerned and looking for the next job,
wherever that is.
Oh, now, that isn't
necessarily true.
Why, you might fit in here
very nicely. I like you.
You need the work, and I
certainly need someone to help me.
You mean, maybe
I could come back?
Yes, we might even have
a regular day every week,
perhaps even two.
Oh, that would be fine.
But it won't
work out that way.
Oh, why not?
This will be just like
all the other jobs.
Most people
only have me once...
or at best twice.
Perhaps they
can't afford it.
Why do they have me
in the first place?
Please forgive me for saying this.
It's really none of my business.
But you know, if you keep
things too long within yourself,
you forget how to share
your troubles with others.
You shut everyone
away from you,
as you're doing now.
Don't you see?
What I'm trying
to say is...
I know what it is
to be lonely, too.
I think I'd better
get on with my work.
Of course. I didn't
mean to offend you.
I know you didn't.
If you need anything, I'll
be upstairs. Just call me.
Aunt Helen!
What- who are you?
Howard Wilton.
What are
you doing here?
Where's my Aunt?
Aunt Helen, I'm back!
What do I have to do now?
Nothing, dear!
Just go home.
You'll only be
in my way.
Thank you.
Well, that's that. I'm
starved. How about you?
Want some
potato chips?
I'm glad Aunt Helen
finally found herself
A nice-looking man
to have around the house.
Did you see
Mr. Armstrong?
Not much, huh?
I said to Aunt Helen
only the other day,
if you're going to have a man
around, at least have a lively one.
After all, just
'cause you're a widow
Doesn't mean you have to turn
yourself into an old maid.
Good heavens, Uncle Ned's
been dead almost two years.
But I guess once you've been married,
you can't ever be an old maid again.
Not exactly. Can you?
I know one thing.
Aunt Helen won't be quite so
lonely anymore with you around.
Not very talkative,
are you?
Gee, when I see nice, shiny floors
like this, I feel like dancing.
Do you like to dance?
Do you know how?
Maybe you'd like
to learn.
No, I wouldn't.
I don't know when I've had less
cooperation in my entire life.
You think I'm funny?
Not particularly.
I don't like
being laughed at.
Well, aren't you
the bundle of nerves.
Listen, you, I don't see many
men around polishing floors.
It's a woman's job.
Who do you think you are?
It seems to me there's better
ways for a man to make a living.
Oh, Howard...Howard.
How long have you been
watching me, Mrs. Gordon?
What are you
talking about?
Would you like me to work
faster? Is that what you want?
Are you well?
Are you well
enough to work?
Yes, of course I am.
Big hero, isn't he?
That's my husband.
He was killed
during the war.
Oh, I see.
Now it all fits.
I'm alive, and he's dead.
It should be the other way
around. Isn't that what you think?
How can you say
such things?
Because it's true, that's why.
You're ill. Let's
put the work away.
Put the work away!
Now you don't want me to
do the job, is that it?
You're just like
the army.
There was a job to be done there,
too, but they wouldn't let me in.
Now you want me to stop
in the middle of this.
I think you've said
You'd better leave. I'll pay
you for the time you've put in.
How dare you?
You're not going to make me
feel weak the way they did.
That room full of men.
I was just as strong...
just as good
as they were.
I failed.
And they offered me
coffee and donuts.
Tried to tell me they were
doing it all for my own good,
that I wasn't well.
While the others
were signing up...
I had to sit there like a
tired old man and sip coffee.
I'm sorry.
That's all right.
I'm tired.
Yes, I know.
I understand.
I really think
you should go home now.
I don't know
where my home is.
You don't know?
Where did
you come from...
when you arrived here
this morning?
I don't know. I... told
you, I forget things.
But you must
have a home.
A room someplace.
Sometimes... when I
start out in the morning,
I say to myself...
remember to come back here tonight,
this is where you live,
but I can't remember.
I can't remember.
Well, don't worry.
Between us, we'll... we'll
straighten out everything.
Will we?
Yes, of course.
We can call the...
There are places
we can call.
No, don't call!
Why not?
They'll ask questions...
questions that I wouldn't
be able to answer.
But don't you
If anyone
questions you,
it would only be in
an effort to help you.
No, don't call.
But, Howard,
you're ill.
It would be
sensible to get-
No! That's what I've
been trying to tell you.
I've had enough of them.
Please, don't get
any doctors around here,
they wouldn't understand. Not
the way you do. You understand.
I can feel it,
I can-
Mrs. Gordon?
Have I done anything
to hurt you?
No, of course
you haven't.
I'm glad.
Because I wouldn't
want to hurt you.
But I might,
you know.
I don't believe that.
You're just not feeling
well, that's all.
You don't know what
it means like I do...
to find myself...
in the middle
of a room...
or the middle
of a busy street...
or in some house
I'm working in.
When a thing like
that happens...
I wonder
where I am...
what I'm doing.
And sometimes I'm...
looking down at someone...
somebody that's
been hurt.
They've been hurt
very badly.
And I wonder
if I've done it...
if what I'm looking at
is real or...
it's only in my mind.
Then I begin to run.
I hide.
But I don't know
what I'm hiding from.
It's bad enough
to hide, but...
not to know what
you're hiding from.
There are days when
I pick up a newspaper
and I see that somebody's been murdered.
And I ask myself...
could I have been there at that time?
Could I have done
this thing?
Where was I
What causes
these blank spaces?
What causes them?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Perhaps- perhaps if
we get a doctor.
I told you,
I've had enough of doctors.
Just tell me one thing-
do you know what started
things going wrong this morning?
No, I don't.
I remember something
about a man being here.
Was there a man here?
What was his name?
Mr. Armstrong.
He rooms here.
Oh, yes. I remember.
He's the one
who started it all.
What do you mean?
I was coming up
the walk...
there was a dog
and he was standing
right here.
He was laughing at me.
He wasn't.
Really, he wasn't.
Oh, yes, he was,
and you know he was.
Howard, you're
imagining things.
No. He had a suitcase in his hand
and his overcoat over his arm.
Where are you going?
To let him in,
of course.
He can't harm you.
Please, Howard.
All right.
Where's the key?
Wherever you put it,
I suppose.
I never lock the doors from
the inside during the daytime.
Give me the key.
I don't have your key.
Yes, you have.
I tell you,
I don't have your key!
Very well.
I'll let him in
the back way.
Where's your roomer now,
Mrs. Gordon?
Is he coming back soon?
Yes, he is
coming back.
Why, he should
be here any minute.
Good. Then I can ask him if he was
laughing at me when I arrived this morning.
I wouldn't wait for him, if I were you.
There might be trouble.
He won't like it when he finds
you've locked me in this house.
What do you mean?
Try the door.
You've probably forgotten you locked it.
You've told me you don't
remember things you do.
Howard, please,
if you went quietly now...
there won't be any
trouble. I promise you.
I'll try the front door.
Hello, operator?
I must have locked that
door, just like you said,
and forgotten about it.
Sorry, I don't know why
I'd do such a thing.
Well, we'll
forget about it...
now that you know
you did it
and that
I wasn't lying.
Most people would have been
angry, and called the police.
Howard, I'd...
rather Mr. Armstrong didn't
find you here when he gets back.
But instead, you were kind and patient.
I wonder...
Mrs. Gordon,
could I stay here?
Until I'm well again?
That's not possible.
For one thing,
I- I haven't room.
You have room
for Mr. Armstrong.
Yes, but you couldn't expect me
to ask him to leave, could you?
But you don't seem
to understand.
I haven't
any other place to go,
and it's so nice here.
I've never in my life met
anyone as kind as you are.
Howard, please go now, before
Mr. Armstrong gets back.
here we are.
If it weren't
for him,
I could stay here,
couldn't I?
Well, uh...
Maybe I could talk
to him-
Yes, perhaps we could make some
arrangements with him for later.
You mean you'd talk to him
about giving up his room?
You'd tell him how much I
needed to be here, couldn't you?
Yes, I'll talk to him,
but on one condition.
I'll do anything.
That you go now.
Then I'll let you know
what he has to say later.
Well, that'll be fine.
But, uh...
how will you get in touch with me?
you'll call me.
I'll give you
my phone number.
Just a minute, I'll get a
pencil and write it down.
But, I might
forget to call you.
You know how it is
with me.
Oh, no, you won't.
Now, you just call me...
and I'll let you know what arrangements
have been made about the room.
Thank you
for everything.
That's all right.
You do think he'll
understand, don't you?
Oh, I'm sure
he will.
Good-bye, Howard.
I can't go
without my coat.
Oh. That's all right.
I'll get it.
Oh, hello.
I'm Harold Franks.
I've come to see
about renting the room.
Is Mrs. Gordon in?
What did you say?
Mrs. Gordon.
You see,
Armstrong wrote me.
He was sure it would be
all right with her
if I took his room
for a couple of weeks
while he's on
his trip back east.
Well do you suppose I
could speak to Mrs. Gordon?
You see,
Armstrong told me
he was sure it would be
all right with her -
The room has been rented.
You don't
If I could just
talk to Mrs. Gordon,
perhaps she might know
of another place, and I-
Sorry, but Mrs. Gordon
isn't here now. Good-bye.
I... I couldn't
find your coat.
Where did you
put it?
Never mind.
I'm not going anywhere.
What do you mean?
You promised to leave if
I spoke to Mr. Armstrong.
You can't
break your promise.
You can't.
Why can't I?
What's come over you?
Why have you changed your mind,
just when you
were being so reasonable?
Just when I thought you were so
different, that I could trust you.
I'm very disappointed.
What have I done?
You've lied!
That's what
you've done.
No, I haven't.
Oh, yes, you have.
You're just full of tricks, aren't you?
So Mr. Armstrong was coming
right back, was he?
W- Well, he was,
I- I thought he was.
Well, when I lie,
you can't count it as lying,
because sometimes
I can't remember.
But you took
advantage of that.
You thought I wouldn't remember
that Mr. Armstrong
had gone on a trip.
Well, I didn't
- Until a man came to the door
while you were upstairs,
wanting to rent his room!
I don't know what
you're talking about.
So you were going to
talk to Mr. Armstrong.
I- I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!
It's too late
to be sorry!
- What did you intend to do?
Call the police
after I'd gone?
Tell them to be looking
out for a stupid cur?
No, honestly!
What do you know
about honesty?
Don't answer that!
Oh, let me,
please let me-
Don't go near it.
And don't try
the window.
What do you
intend to do?
How long are you
going to hold me here?
It's too bad things had
to... turn out this way.
For a while, I thought everything
was going to be all right.
Now you've spoiled
it all.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
Really, I didn't.
From now on,
I promise you-
I know all about
your promises.
don't you realize
I didn't mean it?
Shut up!
Leave me alone.
I want to think
things out.
Not upstairs!
In the kitchen.
Help me! Help!
No! Oh, Howard,
no, no!
Please! Please, look,
I have some money here,
I'll give it to you
if you'll just let me go!
I don't want your money.
You can't buy me off!
Now get into
the living room!
What have you done?
You won't be needing it.
Come on, boys,
we'll be late!
Come on, Jimmy,
hurry up!
Jimmy! Jimmy,
get someone to-
I warned you
not to do that!
No, let me go,
or I'll-
Or what'll you do?
What'll you do?
You'll do nothing! Stay
away from doors and windows!
No! No! No!
No! No!
Don't shout.
That's because
you weren't in school.
Hurry up.
Teacher told us not to be late.
There's no one home.
She must be.
She said she was.
She's always home.
Did you hear that?
Must be somebody
in there.
Go on, ring it again.
Hey, I hear someone-
Be quiet if you don't want
those kids to get hurt.
Now you listen to me.
I'm gonna let those kids in
because they might go for help,
but you better be quiet.
For their sake
as well as yours.
You wouldn't harm them.
They're only children. Please-
Shut up and do
as I tell you!
Don't go anywhere near
them! Please don't!
I hear her coming.
Gee, Mrs. Gordon, hurry up!
We've got presents!
Someone's coming.
We've got other places
to go. Come on, kids!
She said she'd be here.
Say, it's not
Mrs. Gordon.
It's a man!
Where's Mrs. Gordon?
She's ill.
Mrs. Gordon?
Mrs. Gordon?
Give me the presents.
I'll see that she gets them.
Mrs. Gordon,
where are you?
No, I'm gonna put mine under the tree!
Come on!
look at that tree!
Boy, it sure is
a nice tree!
Our tree isn't
even up yet.
I made my present
all by myself- bookends.
Ooh, look at the pretty Christmas
tree- she even decorated it with snow.
I got her
a writing set.
Hey, look at this.
What the heck is that?
Why, it's
a music box, silly.
Mrs. Gordon!
Mrs. Gordon, can't you come
down and see what we brought you?
Can't you come down
and see us for a minute?
Mrs. Gordon is ill.
Please don't bother her.
Say, mister,
what's your name?
But I want to talk
to Mrs. Gordon!
Hey, are you
a friend of Mrs. Gordon's?
Better go now, I have to finish my work.
The lights work!
Hope she's ok
for the party tonight.
Say, are you coming
to the party, too?
Everybody's coming.
Here you are- tickets.
50 cents each.
How many?
Sure is gonna be a
swell party. Better come.
What's the matter? Don't you want
to help buy a new piano for the gym?
I sold 10 already.
If we sell lots,
we get a prize.
Thanks, mister.
Here you are.
Gee, thanks. See you
at the party tonight.
Better be on time.
Be sure and tell her
we were here, won't you?
Jimmy! Jimmy!
Come on,
the ice cream man!
I want chocolate.
Wait a minute, mister!
I want
Gee, who's gonna buy me
one? I haven't got any money.
I want
I won't do
anything wrong anymore.
I promise you.
I won't do
anything wrong.
I want to show you
what I've done.
I've straightened out
the room.
See, I rearranged the furniture
so that everything balances.
You better
sit down here.
I even trimmed the tree.
You like it?
I, uh, pulled this
mirror out.
Kind of a winter pond.
You have nice hands.
We haven't eaten all day. Don't you
think we ought to have some food?
Yes, of course.
What's your
first name?
Helen- that's
a beautiful name.
I've been in so many
towns, so many places.
I can't ever remember
anyone caring about me.
There must be someone
who's close to you...
someone who at this
very moment is wondering...
where you are...
if you're in trouble.
I don't think
I ever loved anyone.
And I know that no one ever loved me.
Your face is nice,
I've never known
anyone like you.
Please, Howard...
H- Howard... I...
I know I've-
I've lied to you today.
I haven't been fair.
But from now on, I really
will do things differently.
I- I've been wrong
in everything I've done so far.
It's all been my fault...
but things really will
be different...
because we understand
each other now, don't we?
There'll be
no more trouble.
No more trouble.
That's all
I've ever wanted.
Mr. Armstrong's room
is yours. You can have it.
But I- I would like to see
if it's tidy for you.
You see, some of the drapes
may be a little faded.
The rug-
One of the rugs
is worn.
You might even want some of
the furniture moved around.
So I'll just go up
and take a look.
I'll be right down.
Howard, there's no
need for you to come up.
I told you,
I won't be long.
I'm very good
at fixing up rooms.
I've never been able
to afford much rent,
so I've had to do the best
with what I had.
I'm sorry.
It's a nice room.
I like it.
I like big closets.
Easier to keep
things in order.
This is nice, too.
This coat...
it's an army coat.
It was my husband's.
I... I forgot
to store it away.
I can wear
a soldier's coat, too.
Just like your husband.
Remember, we were going
to fix up the room for you.
Just like your husband.
Here, let me help you
take the coat off.
No, Howard, no.
Please, no.
I think I'll
change things around.
Sometimes at night,
I can't sleep,
and I like to look out.
I'll move the bed
over by the window.
Things'll be different
for me now.
I'll have a new life here.
Because you'll help me to forget
the things that are bothering me.
I'm very grateful.
this isn't just
a trick, is it?
You're not just saying
all these things?
Because if I thought you didn't
mean them, I couldn't stand it.
There's someone
We'd better let him in.
Mrs. Gordon?
Mrs. Gordon?
Mrs. Gordon?
It's Doug,
the grocery boy.
let him in.
Door's locked.
You'll get rid of him
quick, won't you?
Hello, Doug.
What happened to your
window, Mrs. Gordon?
There's glass
all over the porch.
Yes, I know.
It was an accident.
that's too bad.
Hi there.
Doug, this is
Howard Wilson.
Glad to meet you.
He's... he's working
here today.
Gee, that's swell.
Wish I had a job
indoors today.
It's getting
chilly out.
Mrs. Lacey gave me a hot cup
of chocolate this morning.
I'm sorry.
That- that's
all right.
Where's Corky,
Mrs. Gordon?
Oh, he... he ran off
this morning.
Shouldn't I go look for him?
No, thank you.
My Timmy's a smart dog, Mrs. Gordon.
He never strays
from our place.
You've never seen him, have you? No.
He's a big dog.
And tricks?
Not a thing that dog can't do
when he puts his mind to it.
Just yesterday-
Yes, yes,
I know.
Say, are you all right, Mrs. Gordon?
Why, yes.
Well, you don't
look it.
If it's Corky that's worrying you,
I'll be glad to take a look for you.
No, thank you.
I just have a sort of
a headache, that's all.
Yeah? Ever hear of holding
your breath for a headache?
No, I haven't.
Some kids at school
were telling me-
Doug, I'm perfectly
all right.
Mom takes aspirins
for hers.
If you haven't
got any-
- I'm busy today, I haven't time to talk.
You don't have to check,
I'm sure it's all there.
But I've got to,
Mrs. Gordon.
Mr. Anderson says
always to be sure.
If it's not all here,
it means another trip.
Very well. I'll give you a check, then.
A check?
How much is it?
Doug, don't argue.
How much is it?
All right.
Say, she giving you
trouble today, too?
Yeah. She's always
so nice.
I like her better than
any of my customers.
She's busy.
Yeah? Then why is she taking
time out to write a check?
She always pays at the end of the month.
I guess she's not gonna
trade with us anymore.
Sure wish to know if
I did something wrong.
Here's your money.
Mrs. Gordon's gonna give me a check.
Never mind.
But I haven't
got change.
Keep the change.
Gee, thanks.
Will you tell
Mrs. Gordon
That I'm sorry she's
not feeling well
And if there's
anything I can do-
Go along now,
we're very busy.
Sure. Well-
Leave me alone.
Leave me alone!
You're insane.
Get away from me,
you're insane!
Get away from me!
Get away from me!
Get away! Get away!
No, no!
Mrs. Gordon?
I've finished now.
Hope the floors
look all right.
I found this money in the
kitchen while I was cleaning up.
Was it meant for me?
Thank you.
I think I'll go home now.
I'm very tired.
This door is locked.
You have the key.
Why should I have-
I have two keys.
That's the one.
Unlock it.
Just unlock it.
Hello. I'm Stevens
from the phone company.
That phone of yours has
been reported out all day.
Sorry I couldn't get here any
sooner, but we've really been swamped.
Is your phone out of order, Mrs. Gordon?
Why... no.
No. There must
be some mistake.
Well, that's funny...
we've had
several reports.
Maybe I better go
and check with Joe in the car.
Oh, just
a minute.
I wonder, could you do me a favor?
This man's been working here
all day.
He's not
very well-
I mean,
he's very tired.
I was wondering, could you
drop him at the car line?
Well, I'd be glad to.
Thank you very much.
But I can't wait long.
Joe and I have another call to
make way on the other side of town.
No, right away.
Howard, why don't you go
out and sit in the car?
Now that Mr. Stevens is here,
I do want him to check the phone
to see that
all is in order.
You will do that
for me, won't you?
Sure thing.
Mr. Stevens will be right out, Howard.
All right, Mrs. Gordon.
Please come in.
Quickly, I don't want him to hear us.
Of course there's something wrong with the phone
- he ripped the wires.
He's insane.
He tried to kill me.
Are you serious?
Yes, of course I am.
He's locked me
in this house all day.
Why, I even had to smash one of the
kitchen windows to try and get out.
Oh, please,
you've got to believe me.
Look, come with me,
and I'll prove it to you.
You will go the police, won't you?
All right, I guess Joe
and I can take care of it.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
Mrs. Gordon!
Mrs. Gordon!
He's gone,
Mrs. Gordon,
You'd better lock yourself inside.
Oh, no.
He can't have gone far.
You've got to find him,
you've got to!
All right,
but how about you?
I'll be all right.
Just find him.
Mrs. Gordon?
I'm sorry to be so
long in getting my coat.
It was in your bedroom
closet with a sheet over it.
Oh, and I... I, uh...
found some tickets.
Tickets to a party.
I must have picked them up by mistake.
They must be yours.
Well... good-bye.
It's Mr. Stevens.
Nice of him to come back.