Bewitched (1945) Movie Script

It's very late, Miss Harris.
Perhaps we'd better resume tomorrow.
No, doctor. Please go on. What happened?
I mean.
Where was I?
'In closing this case there are certain
facts that should be made clear'.
In closing this case.
There was apparently nothing
abnormal about the girl.
She was young.
There was no record of insanity
in the history of her family.
On the surface, to all indications ..
Joan Ellis was a thoroughly
normal happy young girl.
But actually ..
[ Narrator: ]
"But actually the clocks were ticking
away the seconds of her life."
"She was young and lovely."
"And there would have been
many years ahead for her."
"But in 59 minutes the
clock would stop."
"For her."
"She would be dead."
"In a world filled with sudden death
the life or death of Joan Ellis .."
"May seem of small importance."
"And yet it is of importance."
"For the world has suddenly become
as small as the house we live in."
"And each person in that house."
"Is one of us."
Alright, Bob.
No more jokes.
Feeling better now?
- Oh yes.
You've got so pale. I didn't know ..
- I'm alright, Bob.
I just danced too much.
They're having such a good time.
What did your mother want to
invite so many people for?
Obviously you've never been a mother.
She is wonderful, Bob.
I love her so much.
Please endure all this.
For me.
Romeo, Romeo.
Wherefore art thou, Juliet?
- Dad?
Guests. Remember?
- In a moment, dad.
I hold with the oriental custom.
The bride should be kept locked
up until her wedding day.
Better hurry, kids.
- We will, sir.
My favorite father-in-law.
- Bob.
Do you hear ..
Hear what?
Someone talking?
Sure. Talking about
what a lucky guy I am.
You really don't hear anything?
Anything strange?
I hear my heart.
When I am with you I feel so safe.
I don't know whether I like that or not.
That's what I want.
To be safe.
And what have you got to be afraid of?
I don't know. I ..
[ Dog howling ]
It's Minnie. She is jealous.
She saw me kissing you.
Minnie. Go home.
Home, I said.
She'll just have to get used to it.
What is the matter?
- Listen.
Well, Ann.
If you and George want to sit and have a
clinical discussion that's fine with me.
I am going back downstairs
where those pretty girls are.
John, this is not a joke.
Joan is not well.
It is a girl's privilege to faint
at her own engagement.
Why, my mother did the same thing.
Doc knows there is
nothing wrong with her.
She came to me a few weeks ago and
told me she was hearing voices.
I promise you there's nobody in here.
- Tom, you fool.
I have .. we thought ..
Excuse us.
It's love, love, love.
But Ann.
What is it? What is the matter?
Yesterday, when I came into her
room she was talking in her sleep.
And it didn't sound like her at all.
Nonsense, my dear.
She is nervous. High-strung.
She always has been. You know that.
Marriage to Bob.
That will calm her down.
It frightens me.
I'll stop in tomorrow and talk to her.
You doctors.
I tell you there's nothing to it.
Come along, dear.
We'd better get back to our guests.
I've never been quite
able to understand Joan.
What do you mean?
I have had the letters MD after
my name for thirty-five years.
And yet.
There are dark corners of the human
mind that we know little about.
Very little.
What is the matter?
Don't you hear .. something else?
I don't understand.
A force. A little force.
Maybe it isn't a force.
Just a sound. As if ..
Something were trying
to get out. As if ..
Now wait.
I know it's crazy but ..
- It's alright.
You are just tired and nervous.
Too much excitement.
Bob, for a long time I've been ..
- Don't talk about it.
Don't think about it.
Come on. We'll go inside.
- No. I am alright.
Just let me stay here another minute.
But you are cold.
- Please, Bob.
Alright then. I'll get your wrap.
Back in a minute.
Who is it?
Who's calling my name?
Where are you?
Where are you? Please, where are you?
You are frightening me.
"You know where I am."
In my head.
In my head.
"Yes. In your head."
"Stop saying that and listen to me."
"That's where I am and that's
where I've been all these years."
The two of us?
- "Yes. Two of us living in you."
"You've known I've been there."
"Oh yes you have. I have been
fighting with you all your life."
"You felt me inside of you but you
haven't dared to admit I was there."
"But now I have found words."
"Now you'll hear them in your own head.
Words that give me what belongs to me."
"Listen you."
"I waited a long time for this.
You've got to let me live."
"Yes. Live."
"Speak words others can hear.
Do what I want for this."
"You will give it up to me.
To me. To me."
"I've been in the dark for so long."
"You must. You will."
"I won't go back in the dark."
"I will live."
"I'll live."
Alright. And this is the last one.
I drink to Bob the groom.
I wish him lots of joy.
- Corny.
May his first be a girl
and the second ..
- Fourth ..
[ Scream! ]
She'll get some rest and she'll be
alright. Her mother will see to that.
Bob, it's too bad your engagement
party had to end like that.
It will be a sunny day for your wedding.
- Thank you.
See you in the morning, John.
Coming, Bob?
My car is outside on the patio.
No. I think I will walk.
Goodnight. Stop worrying.
Frankly, I don't know.
That is not an easy thing for an
old codger like me to admit.
But I just don't know.
Why is she so afraid?
It's after midnight.
Perhaps everything well seem a
little more rational in the morning.
- Goodnight, sir.
Come on, Minnie.
We'll do whatever we can .. tomorrow.
Look. He loves you.
Let's take him home.
I'll have Minnie and you will have him.
Come on. Okay.
Let's go see what a wolf looks like.
I love you, lady.
Do you mind if I tell you in
front of the camels and tigers ..
And rhinoceroses and everybody?
She's killing them. She's killing them.
Finish the pie, Bob.
He gets away. See him run.
- It's getting late.
Now she's caught up with him again.
What a woman.
What do you know? It looks happy.
How can an ant look happy?
Come here and I will show you.
I'm very grateful to you.
- Grateful?
All day you haven't let me think.
- And I'll not let you talk about it.
Bob, let me tell her now.
- No.
You don't understand.
The sun is shining.
I can talk about it now.
I'm alright, Bob.
I am alright.
- Of course you are.
Everyone is just the way the
way they are, aren't they?
No other way? I mean ..
Everyone is one person?
You are asking about human nature? Sure.
Everyone is the way they are.
And I know you are the only one I want.
Darling, I love you so much.
I do not know why.
Mister, are you doing anything?
Well .. yes and no.
Yes and no what, mister?
Anything we can do for you, little girl?
Would you take me to
see the hippopotamus?
I've got a date. Why don't you
ask your mother to take you?
Mama says, if someone
will take me I can go.
So will you please, mister?
Do you mind if I take my
grandmother along?
Is she your grandmother?
Yes. She's very weak but
she can walk if we help her.
Can she come?
You can hold on to my hand.
Come on, granny. Get this stuff together
and we can go to see the hippopotamus.
I like sandwiches.
When the keeper brought
bread he lifted his head ..
And looked down his
nose and said phooey!
Up you go.
But he can't be a tiger. Tigers growl.
I'll find out.
Hey, are you really a tiger?
Maybe he's too young to talk yet.
He doesn't act like a tiger.
He is nice.
Yes. But you never know
what's going on inside.
"You never know what's going on inside."
"Do you, Joan?"
The doctor says she'll sleep all night.
- I don't know.
Stop worrying, dear. You're as bad Bob.
It can't be just nerves.
You need some sleep yourself.
Don't worry, dear.
She is safe in her own bed.
"You little fool. Did you think
you could run away from me?"
"Why don't you let me take over now?"
- No.
Well, hello.
Now don't go away.
- Anything wrong, Miss?
What's going on?
Nothing, officer.
I was just asking her for a light.
Is that right, Miss?
"I'll never talk again."
"I'll make you a bargain."
Tell me.
"Just go away."
- Away?
"Yes, leave this town. Go away.
Anywhere away from here."
With Bob?
"Not with him, Alone.
You've got to go away alone."
"What do you want Bob for?"
"You want a man."
"Do you think you can run away from me?"
[ Thunderclap! ]
"Crazy. Crazy."
"Just go away. Just go away."
"Just go away. Just go away."
"All you have to do is go away.
Why don't you?"
"Away alone. Will you?"
"Will you?"
But why?
I don't understand.
But where has she gone?
Just in case your mama never
told you, this is a cash register.
Which is what made honest
men out of bartenders.
For instance, if you have a
sale for a dollar 75 cents.
You press this.
You push this.
And you push this and
the drawer jumps out.
Then you close the drawer.
Making sure for Mr Herkheimer's
sake you leave the $1.75 inside.
Or he'll starve to death.
Yikes. My feet are killing me.
Your shoes?
- They're Herkheimer's.
After five years in his employment
what have I got? Fallen arches.
Mr Herkheimer.
Good morning, Mr Herkheimer.
This is a pleasure.
How are you feeling Mr Herkheimer?
Look, Joan. It is Mr Herkheimer.
Is she your new assistant?
- Yeah. May I present ..
What's your name?
- Joan Smith.
Where were you formerly employed?
- She just arrived in town.
Who hired you?
- Me.
The minute I saw her at the agency ..
I said to myself this is definitely
the type for Mr Herkheimer.
Have you experience on cigar counters?
- Experience? I've got enough for two.
She will live in the same
rooming house with me.
So we both get to work
on time in the mornings.
Will you attend to me please?
- Excuse me. I must tend to a customer.
Did she show you the cash register?
- Yes, she did.
You are very pretty.
Well, you are in.
- Am I?
Sure. Did you see that expression on
his face, like he was sucking a lemon?
That means he likes you.
Well, I can't figure it out.
- What?
Why a girl like you
takes a job like this.
I don't know.
- What do you mean, you don't know?
Who does your thinking for you?
- Well, I do.
I do my own thinking.
Why should you ask a question like that?
Okay. Would you mind getting
me some more cotton?
They're at the bottom
of the front show case.
I beg your pardon.
Could you wait on me?
Could you wait on me?
- Yes. Of course.
Did you want something?
I seem to have forgotten.
- Cigars?
No. I don't think so.
I cannot think of anything else.
Neither can I.
I can.
You're new here, aren't you?
- Yes.
I've an office in the building over the
street. That's to say I'm an attorney ..
I mean ..
Could you give me a pipe-cleaner please?
Thank you.
I mean, very much.
I thought you might like them.
Yes, I do.
I've two tickets to the concert tonight.
Could you?
I mean, would you?
I can't. I am sorry.
Tonight. Please.
I don't think so.
Say you will. I've waited so long.
There is a boat trip tomorrow. Please.
I don't know.
It was good of Mr Hudson.
- What?
What did you say?
It was good of Mr Hudson.
To discover this river. So convenient
to New York and everything.
You know, I've never seen you laugh.
Why don't you laugh?
We'll be back soon.
May I ask you something else?
Where is your family?
- No. Please.
It's only because I want to know.
- I was ill but I'm well again.
That's all that matters.
I am well again.
I see.
You know, I've wanted to know anyone
as much as I've wanted to know you.
I looked at you and ..
It's a very lonely city, New York.
So many people. Yet they are lonely.
If they're lucky they meet someone.
As I have met you.
I have been lonely too.
Have you?
I miss the people I knew.
My .. mother and ..
Wherever it is ..
Why don't you go home?
Look. I want to be your friend.
You said you were sick. What was wrong?
Alright. No more questions.
I am satisfied just to look at you.
Tell me about you.
- Please.
I am not a very complicated guy.
I just want a chance to live
decently and do my work.
Play a little. See life laughing.
And give the other fellow
the same chance. That's all.
You are good.
Oh no. I am just me.
For better or for worse, just me.
You down there.
The shooting star. Did you see it?
I am Captain O'Malley. Would you
like to come and watch from up here?
Thanks, Captain. We will.
The companionway is right here.
My name is Russell, Captain.
This is Miss Smith.
How do you do?
It's nice of you to join me.
It's wonderful up here.
Aye. There are many worse places in
the world than the bridge of a ship.
Even if it is only on a river.
I suppose you wonder why I spoke
to you so suddenly like that.
Well, the fact of the
matter is, I like to talk.
Any subject from arabs to zebras.
Tell me, young woman.
Have you wished on the moon?
I don't believe in that.
You don't?
Then what do you believe in?
I want to believe in reality.
But on the contrary.
The wish can have tremendous reality.
Two hundred pounds of it.
You are mystified.
Well, permit me to tell you.
My ship was torpedoed in the North Sea.
No, not this ferryboat.
My ship.
It was just about this hour.
A night just like this one.
The moon was just as bright.
I tasted gasoline.
A tremendous noise.
And I was sailing somewhere
up among those clouds.
And when I came to.
I was quite at home.
No ship. No crew.
Just me and the wind and the water.
There I was floating.
The devil alone knows how long.
Dead and alive.
And dead again.
And then suddenly it was another night.
Just like the first one.
And for a few moments. The pain.
Seemed to be gone.
And I wished on the moon for ..
A mug of cold beer.
Cold beer.
Well, we will be in soon.
But Captain. Finish your story.
- Yes?
A few moments after I made that wish.
A flying boat ran out of gas and landed
within 20 feet of where I was floating.
They radioed for help.
An MTB picked me up.
And inside of a few hours I
had that mug in my hand.
But it wasn't cold.
It was warm.
And it wasn't beer.
It was tea.
An English ship.
Aye. I'll be there.
No, no. You two can stay
here until the ship docks.
Aye. It's a wonderful place,
the bridge of a ship.
Half way between the sea and the sky.
Just listen to the wind.
Sometimes you can hear voices.
He said 'voices'.
Of course. The voice of someone
who loves you and wants to say it.
Joan, I have never had much.
Maybe I won't ever.
But if you will marry me I will love
you and want you the rest of my life.
I am alive.
I am alive.
I've wanted you too, Eric.
I've waited.
How I've waited.
Hold me tight and tighter.
No. Don't talk.
[ Ship's horn ]
What happened?
What did I do?
If you'd only explain
why you feel this way.
I don't understand.
Joan, I will see you tomorrow.
I don't know.
Where to, mister?
I don't know.
It's alright.
I had no way to tell you I was here.
I waited for you all day.
I don't know why you went away.
It does not matter now.
Just so I've found you.
Take me home.
I may not be able to pack them neat
but they'll sure be packed definite.
We've thirty minutes before train time.
Say, how about the rent? All paid up?
- No.
Well, we could go down
the back fire escape.
Where is the landlady's cave?
Ground floor?
You have come back?
"Yes, Joan."
You lied.
You lied to me. You said you'd leave me
alone. You came back. You came back.
"Yes. I came back. On the boat."
"I'll live now."
"I've got what I want. His heart."
"Yes. Tonight he kissed me.
Not you. Me."
- No.
"I'll bury you in me as you've
buried me in you all these years."
"Your eyes will be my eyes.
Your lips my lips."
"Your arms, my arms."
"I'll make your body sing and cry."
"I'll make it dance and
burn and crawl in the mud."
I won't let you.
I am going back.
I will tell them about you.
"They won't believe you.
They'll say you're mad."
I don't care anything about you.
"Then I'll destroy us both."
I'll tell them. I'll tell them.
Look, honey. I paid the bill.
Joan, listen to me. Everything is going
to be alright. You have to believe that.
If you don't want to marry
me that will be alright too.
Just come back home to the people who
love you. Your mother and father.
Bob, listen to me.
- No. Tell me on the train.
From now on you will listen to me.
No more running away
from yourself, young lady.
Whatever it is, no more running away.
Bob, listen.
Don't worry. I won't forget anything.
Pass me those things on
the table, will you dear.
"The scissors."
Did you say something?
- No. No I didn't.
"Pick them up.."
"You must. You will."
"Pick .. them .. up."
"Your hand is my hand."
"Go to him."
"Kill him."
You should have seen the detective
who finally tracked you down.
"Kill him."
"Lift your arm."
He must have worn the
same suit for forty years.
Maybe he was even born in it.
The charge is ..
The defense pleads.
Your witness.
The prosecution.
Remove the prisoner.
Remove the prisoner.
My dear Mrs Ellis, believe me.
There is nothing I can do.
But Dr Bergson, if you'd only talk
to her you would believe her.
Mrs Ellis, I believe she is sane.
I've testified she is sane.
How can she be sane?
She won't even defend herself.
Sanity has nothing to do with
defense or the lack of it.
Help us.
There is nothing I can do.
I am a psychiatrist, not a magician.
I can only testify to what
I know and believe.
The fact that she won't
testify on her own behalf.
Is unfortunate.
But it cannot alter my conviction.
That she is responsible
for her own actions.
I am sorry.
But there is nothing I can do.
He told your mother and
father he could do nothing.
Joan, look at me.
It's almost over.
You understand that, don't you?
You have got to help me.
I want you to live.
It's too late.
It's not too late.
This is a jury of men.
Give them slightest reason to doubt
and they'll never convict you.
But if you won't defend yourself.
You will die, Joan.
And I don't want you to die.
Gentlemen of the jury.
This has been a strange trial.
Strange because Joan Ellis ..
On trial for her very life.
Has not said one word
in her own defense.
Although her father and her mother
and I have pleaded with her to do so.
Gentlemen of the jury.
Why has she remained silent?
She would rather die ..
Than tell the facts that would free her.
The prosecuting attorney
has conjured up a ..
A female monster.
A Dracula with blood-stained fangs.
Look at the defendant, gentlemen.
Is this the face of a monster?
Is this the face of a vampire with
premeditated murder in her heart?
Gentlemen of the jury.
This is the face of a girl who might be
your sister or wife or your own child.
This is the face of a girl who ..
If she killed.
Killed with the God-given right
of a woman to defend herself.
How long have they been out, Mac?
Six hours.
- What a job.
I'm supposed to be having
a spaghetti dinner at six.
Why don't they make up their minds?
Ten hours.
Well, that is good for her.
But me?
I got a wife making dinner.
Hi fellows. The jury is coming in.
It's about time.
Come on, sister.
This is it.
They won't convict you. They can't.
"Yes, Joan."
"They won't convict you."
"They can't."
The jury. Look, darling.
They are smiling.
"You will live, Joan. You will
live and I will live with you."
Joan, what's the matter?
Gentlemen of the jury.
Have you reached a verdict?
Yes, Your Honor. We have.
Well, read the verdict.
Joan .. Joan, I think we did it.
"Yes, we did it. We'll both live.
We'll live for Eric."
"I want him."
"First it was Bob.
Now it will be Eric and .."
"When I'm tired of him .."
I won't let you. I won't.
"Both of us, Joan. With Eric."
"And after Eric .."
We the jury, find ..
The defendant.
I did it. I killed him!
I'm guilty. I'm guilty!
What's the matter?
Still shorting.
- Ha.
So what do we do now?
Well, it ain't in the generating
wire so it must be in the chair.
Come on, let's get going.
- What is your hurry?
She won't care.
Funny man.
Come on, Relax Joe.
Can't you see what Ski Ball
paid in the fifth?
She is not going to die.
Sometimes it's better to face facts.
She will talk to me.
Eric. Over these weeks
we've become friends.
Now let me speak to you as your friend.
Accept what is inevitable.
There's nothing she can say
to make any difference.
You know as well as I do.
- Stop it.
Go to her.
How much longer?
Five hours but that
doesn't mean anything.
What you tell me now
is what really matters.
You will tell me, Joan.
I want to die.
I want to die.
When I die, she dies too.
Her evil dies with me.
Who dies?
Joan, talk to me. Tell me.
On the boat that night, what happened?
Joan, help me.
Yes, Me.
I wake up in the morning and I think ..
She will be dead.
I do the things I have to do.
I try to work.
People talk to me.
I don't hear what they say.
All I hear is:
'She'll be dead, she'll be dead'.
Joan, help me.
Tell me what happened.
If you killed him, why did you kill him?
What had he done? What had you done?
And what do you mean
'she will die if you die'?
Joan, love me enough to help
me understand this. Because ..
Well, how can I live ..
If you won't be here and
I am left with nothing?
Not even knowing why you have died.
Here. I prescribe it.
A very amusing thing tonight.
You know I always put my
grandchildren to sleep ..
By telling them my
original bedtime stories.
Well, I've made the villain
of my story so appealing.
The children insist
that he wins the duel.
And kill off the fairy prince.
Which is most confusing.
To say the least.
So she told you nothing?
I think she is .. she's insane.
It's no good, Eric.
- Listen, doctor.
There's no time for me to be clever
or logical or play any tricks.
She told me she wants to die
because someone will die with her.
Yes. With her.
'When I die, she dies'.
She keeps saying that
over and over again.
She talks as if someone else
is living inside of her.
That proves she is crazy. Doesn't it?
Well, doesn't it?
'At a late hour Eric Russell, friend
and lawyer for the condemned girl ..'
'Was trying to obtain
a stay of execution'.
'But according to official sources
close to the government ..'
[ Telephone ]
What did you say?
Are you sure?
Okay. Wait a minute.
Go ahead.
'In an unprecedented action ..'
'It is rumored that the governor, only
two hours before the execution hour ..'
'Released the condemned girl from state
prison and moved her to his residence'.
I don't believe it.
I tell you they did.
Right out of Block 7 into the governor's
own car. And the warden went along.
I still don't believe it.
And it is unbelievable.
This whole infernal situation.
Why a man in my position should be ..
- Governor, you gave your word.
It is not necessary to tell
me what I did or didn't do.
Gentlemen, I suggest
that you both relax.
Well, dear.
I told the reporters that
you were indisposed.
Doctor. Have you a
prescription for indisposition?
If I cured Edward's indisposition.
He'd have no excuse for his ..
Gubernatorial temperament.
Sit down please.
- Thank you.
How are you now?
- I am alright.
But this isn't.
He talked me into this experiment ..
On the basis of having new evidence
of some sort of strange insanity.
Then, when I tell him
to bring the girl here ..
He suddenly announces it's not going
to be a sanity examination at all.
Now he's talking about hypnotism.
And that sort of hocus pocus.
Hypnotism, doctor?
What difference does it make what he
does as long as we get the facts?
Fact? Facts. I know the facts.
She admitted them
herself in an open court.
She murdered a man.
She was tried and convicted.
When she gets here I'll send her back.
The execution will go on as scheduled.
No, no. Sit down, young man.
If this keeps up I'll be needing
your doctor's services myself.
You are in love with her.
That's reason enough
to want her to live.
But I must carry out the law.
And what Dr Bergson implies
is neither law nor good sense.
A woman with another woman
living inside of her.
Did you ever hear such nonsense?
I have here a book from
your own shelves.
Unread, of course.
I am a busy man.
What has that to do with this?
- Have you a knife?
Thank you, Martha.
By the way.
Hypnotism is not hocus pocus.
But the putting to sleep
of the conscious mind ..
So that the subconscious
mind can be reached.
The very subconscious which
brings you your dreams.
And stores away your memories of
everything that ever happened to you.
Yes. Believe me.
Hypnotism is as much a
medical reality as this book.
Since Edward apparently reads
only the election returns.
I am going to tell him
what is in this book.
It is a widely known work on psychology.
It tells about a woman who
a number of years ago ..
Came to a Dr Kelbridge for help.
There was nothing wrong with her.
But she was apparently
suffering from loss of memory.
Now he'll tell us I should
pardon Joan Ellis ..
Because she can't remember whether
she did it with a gun or a knife.
This woman had discovered ..
That without her conscious knowledge.
She was doing many tawdry, embarrassing
things both in public and in private.
That were completely out of
character with her usual nature.
Well, under hypnosis. That is,
putting the conscious mind to sleep.
And letting the subconscious
mind operate to its fullest.
Dr Kelbridge.
Discovered the amazing
fact that there ..
Living inside this woman.
Was another personality.
That is absolute poppycock.
As far as I'm concerned
that is absolute fact.
There were two mind systems
occupying the one brain.
Both of them struggling for superiority
over the body mechanism.
From certain symptoms
brought to my attention.
It may be that Joan Ellis.
Is afflicted with the
same tragic situation.
Tonight, I intend to put
her into a hypnotic sleep.
And determine the truth.
Do you sit there and tell me every time
I have some conflict within myself.
It is because there is someone
else living in my brain?
You mean that every time anyone commits
a criminal act it's not his fault?
He is not to blame?
It's the little fellow
sitting in his head.
I mean nothing of the sort.
Each of us has a constant
struggle within himself.
Choosing between this action and that.
Between good and evil.
Each of us is responsible
before the law.
Before his conscience.
Before God.
For his own actions.
And it's my belief that once in many,
many millions of human births.
A body can have two divergent
personalities living in the same brain.
That is not vaudeville.
And it's not hocus pocus.
It's as much a fact ..
As your own bad temper.
And it is our duty.
Yours as well as mine.
To be absolutely sure before
the sentence is carried out.
The moment that girl arrives here ..
[ Door knocks ]
Warden Clark is here, sir.
Every reasonable instinct tells me
to send the warden back with her.
Give her a chance. Please.
Why do you want to die?
Why do you want to die?
Why do you want to die?
You want us to know.
Why do you want to die?
I want to die.
Listen to me.
Listen to me and answer.
Who will die when you die?
Who will die when you die?
I want to die.
Remember. You said ..
'She will die when you die'.
Who is 'she'?
Who is she?
You want to answer, Joan.
You will answer.
Who will die when you die?
Who will die when you die?
Who will die?
Why do you want to die?
Why? Who is the other person?
Joan. Tell us.
Why do you want to die? Who is ..
Stop it.
Can't you see there is
nothing to find out?
That's worse torture than the execution.
No. You have got to go on.
Or try at least.
Alright, warden. The lights.
I am so sorry.
One can only try.
Thanks, Edward.
Get her back at once.
Yes, sir.
As scheduled.
Go away. All of you.
Not you, honey.
I like you.
You like me.
On the boat. Remember?
Hold me close.
You need me. You do. You do.
You can't hold her. Me, me.
I've waited so long.
Let go of me. Let go of me!
The rest of you get out. Edward,
take your wife and the boy outside.
Please sit down.
There's nothing you can do.
He's been all this time. What is he ..
Come, son. Fill up your glass.
She is asleep.
But who?
She told me her name is Karen.
What happened? How did she ..
She was born in Joan Ellis's body.
Oh, I know how it sounds.
And yet it is true.
I saw it.
You saw it.
Two women in the same ..
I never actually believed ..
If that woman's body had
been electrocuted tonight.
Karen would have died.
But an innocent girl by
the name of Joan Ellis.
Would have been murdered.
But in the name of
all that's rational ..
All my life I have lived with reason.
I have said it before.
Once in many millions of human births.
A body is born with 2 totally different
personalities living in the same brain.
Well, here is scientific
fact come to life.
And we have got to accept it.
Because there it is in the next room.
But now. What now?
I put her asleep again.
But I am going to awaken her.
Yes. Karen and Joan.
I'll waken them both.
I can do it.
They will be there.
You won't be able to see them.
But they will see each
other for the first time.
No, no. Not tonight.
I'll appoint a commission.
But it must be tonight.
Tomorrow may be too late.
You saw the Karen personality.
By tomorrow she may so dominate Joan ..
That Joan will never
again come back to life.
But what can you do?
[ Clock strikes the hour ]
The execution will take
place as scheduled.
I'm speaking to you.
Joan. We know about Karen.
You don't have to be afraid anymore.
We know what torture
she has been to you.
We know that she and not you killed Bob.
And knowing this, we can help you now.
You had no choice in what she had done.
She became your will, your evil.
She is another.
A stranger within you.
Listen to me, Karen.
You can't escape my words.
You were born into that body
through no fault of your own.
But you have no right to it
because you want it only for evil.
So now.
You must give up your life.
Do you hear me?
You must give up your life.
I don't imagine death frightens you.
You're willing to die as long as
you drag Joan down with you.
But you are wrong, Karen.
Men and women live by more than laws.
They earn their right to life.
By their consideration for
the rights of other people.
Joan has that right.
But you?
You will die as evil always dies.
Yes. You will die.
For there's a goodness in Joan
that is greater than your evil.
If Joan will only understand the
strength of that good and use it.
Against you.
Joan. Use your strength.
For us.
Joan. We want to help you.
You want us to help you.
Surely, now you want to live again in
a world that needs your goodness.
Yes, Joan. We want to help you.
But we can do nothing unless you
yourself believe in yourself ..
And in our love and need of you.
And in your own God-given right to drive
that evil off the face of the earth.
There can be no compromise with evil.
It must die.
Listen to me, Karen.
You can't escape my words.
I know Joan understands your evil.
So she is growing stronger.
But you.
You feel weakness spreading in you.
A strange weakness dragging
you down and down.
Down and down.
There is no escape.
No escape, Karen.
No escape.
You grow weaker and weaker.
There is no strength in you anymore.
No strength.
No evil.
Just a great ..
Coming over you.
Deep sleep.
An endless sleep.
Covering you.
And filling you.
Deeper and deeper.
Deeper and deeper.
Joan. Come back.
You are free.
Free for ever.
She will awaken in a moment.
Thank you.
But Karen?
She is dead?
As dead as if the hand of the
state had pulled the switch.
The law has been satisfied.
Not quite as fast as that.
The due process of the
law must be satisfied.
I'll appoint a commission to study the
facts which I must present to them.
It will be alright.
[ Narrator: ]
"In a war-torn world."
"Her happiness may seem
of small importance."
"And yet it is of importance."
"For each person in this world."
"Is one of us."