Beyond Evil (1980) Movie Script

It's Luana!
Jimmy, get the doctor!
Get back.
You'll be all right.
The paper there.
Shh, there, Luana.
Help her.
I've got her.
TWA Flight
Three from Los Angeles
now arriving, Gate Seven.
TWA Flight Three from Los
Angeles now arriving, Gate Seven.
Oh, my man.
Good to see you.
God, you look wonderful.
Hello, pal.
Hey, good to see ya.
How was the trip?
- Long, long.
- Very long.
She slept all the way.
Well, that's Barbara, you know.
What happened to all the Guccis?
What Guccis?
That's it, except for one more,
we've got all the
bags at this point.
I can't believe it.
No furs, no Louis Vuitton?
What's come over you guys?
I'm a changed woman, Del.
Well, I'm glad to
hear it, for his sake.
Well, what's that
supposed to mean?
Don't start with me.
You got a new husband
now, aggravate him.
Hey, where's this
terrific apartment
that you got for us?
Oh, wait 'til you see it.
It's fantastic,
you're gonna love it.
Trust me.
Excuse me.
One more bag.
Is this the only bag left?
I got, I got it.
I'll take that little blue one.
That's everything, right?
Just give me the
little blue one.
Wait 'til you see
it, it's fantastic.
We don't have far to walk.
Here it is.
That's yours?
Eh, more or less.
- Not bad.
- Not bad, not bad.
How do you like our weather?
It's like this all the time.
Is it gonna be
hot forever though?
It's not hard to take.
Yeah, no, no.
It's just perfect.
Honey, I forgot my bag.
I'll go get it.
No, that's okay, I
know exactly where it is.
Right beside there.
Do you need help?
No, I'm fine, it's okay.
I'll be right back.
Put this over here?
I believe this is yours.
How did you know?
You left it behind.
I was watching you, permit me.
Dr. Albanos?
At your service.
I'm Barbara Andrews.
How do you do?
I hope you like
our small island.
I'd love to show you around.
Perhaps we could get
together sometime.
Thank you.
You did the right thing.
I tell you, Del,
she's the best thing
to ever happen to me.
That's nothing.
I meant coming to the island.
You're gonna become a
very rich man, my friend.
Well, that suits me just fine.
I thought you said you changed.
Well, I can see you haven't.
Come on, come on, hey.
Let's be nice, let's be nice.
Relax, she was just kidding.
What happened to
your sense of humor?
Being put down is not
funny to me anymore, Del.
I'm sorry.
I said I'm sorry.
You don't know how
lucky you guys are.
There's only one Class
A hotel on the island.
Will you take care
of those bags please?
What's this?
Well, your apartment needed
a whole bunch of repairs.
I figured you
lovebirds wouldn't mind
spending a couple days
in the bridal suite.
You go in and register,
I'll take care of the luggage.
You did get us an
apartment, didn't you, Del?
I mean, Barbara's
got her heart set
on having her own place.
Did I?
I got you guys the most
fantastic place on the island.
Well, then why don't we move in?
Don't be a nudge.
When it's ready, you'll
be the first to know.
Meanwhile, enjoy,
and just relax.
The hotel's on me.
All these bags go up
to the bridal suite.
You didn't have to
go fancy on us, Del.
I mean, you know why I'm here.
This one's for Barbara.
I want it to be just right.
You don't mind, do you?
Hey, how about we all
go out to dinner tonight?
I'll pick you up later.
Oh, I'm exhausted.
I'll take a rain check though.
Tell Barbara I'll be by for her.
Get some rest.
I'll see you tomorrow.
All right.
Hey, Mike.
The hotel has no
more storage space.
Well, we'll manage.
Of course we'll manage.
We always manage to
accommodate Del Giorgio.
I just thought that
as over, that's all.
Honey, hey, let's be fair.
I mean, this can't be
easy on him either, so.
I mean, I really
think he's trying.
No, this I do not call trying.
Well, the bridal suite's
not the worst place
in the world.
Larry, it isn't that!
He has known for months
that we were coming.
He said that the
apartment was ready,
that we could move in
as soon as we got here.
Well, he lied, again!
Sorry I'm late.
Another martini, dry.
Did the loan go through?
Yes, Frank.
Frank, your father was
one of my closest friends.
I never met a kinder, more
generous man in my life.
That's why he died for it.
I'm trying to talk
to you as a friend.
From a banking point of view,
this loan doesn't
make any sense at all.
Double escrows are good
business for everyone,
especially banks.
You realize, this
gives Del Giorgio
authority to write checks
on the construction account.
I'm not happy with that either.
There isn't any other
way to meet the deadline.
I'll just have to
watch him more closely.
But once they're up,
everything reverses to me.
It's all there, next to
the last clause, second page.
If anything goes
wrong, one major delay,
I won't be able to lift
a hand to help you.
I want you to know.
Nothing will go wrong.
Is the house deal through yet?
What's all that about?
You need that house
like a hole in the head.
It's a little good will.
One second.
Dr. Albanos is the
man I told you about.
Oh, how do you do?
Pleased to meet ya.
Nope you and the other doctors
are happy with
what's going on here.
Couldn't be happier,
you must be 3 Made man.
No, just basic engineering.
You were putting too
much on too little.
You see those
filings over there?
The support structures
weren't made...
Hey, don't overload
the man with details.
Are we gonna hit 16
stories on schedule or not?
Piece of cake.
What did I tell you?
We owe a great
deal to you, Larry.
We'll be sure to
take care of you.
Thank you.
I have to leave.
Nice meeting you.
I'd love to have you
and your wife join me
at the club some evening.
Let's all do it.
Why not?
Thank you.
Nice meeting you.
How's Babs?
Eh, she'll get over it.
Come on, Del.
How about it, where's this
great apartment of ours?
Relax, we're working on it.
Well, you're working on
making Barbara miserable,
and it's not just the
apartment, you know.
You two go back a ways.
If you don't have a
place, just let me know,
I'll find one myself.
Will you please get off my back?
You just keep your
mind on the job,
and leave everything
else for me, okay?
When, Del?
It won't be long now, I promise.
Men love 'em, what
can I tell ya?
He's got 'em all conned.
Hope he's as good with you
as he is on the job.
Well, he's dynamite in bed,
if that's what you mean.
Oh, waiter.
Another cream de menthe
for the lady please.
Well, good evening.
This is my wife, Barbara.
Dr. Albanos.
Hi, we met at the airport.
I've been looking forward
to this, Mrs. Andrews.
It is a small island.
I'm sorry I'm late.
The traffic was crazy, I had
to wait for the magistrate.
I know, I know, did
you get it or didn't you?
You don't mind us talking
a little business, do you?
- No.
- No.
It's about your apartment.
Is it ready?
As a matter of fact, it isn't.
It won't ever be ready.
The truth is, there
isn't any apartment,
there never was one.
Do you want to
explain that, Del?
Here, take it.
It's the ownership
papers to your new house.
I paid the down, the
monthly is up to you.
Why do you do this to us?
Because I love ya, both of you.
Let me see that,
because I want to see
what this is gonna set us back.
That's nothing.
What'd you guys do?
Put a gun to somebody's head,
or did you buy us a dump?
It's no dump, I promise you.
Should we let them
see it for themselves?
Oh, when, Del?
What do you say?
Let's go.
Want to see it?
Yes, yes, yes!
Let's go.
The house hasn't been lived in
for over 100 years.
Well, that
gate's seen better days.
Do you know what a job it was
to get this place
ready for you guys?
And with all your nagging here.
I've been working
on it for months.
I've never
seen anything like it!
Well, wait
'til you see the inside.
Just wait right there.
Del, it's beautiful!
Was it worth waiting for?
Why, it's a hell of
a house to keep up.
What about getting help?
Well, frankly,
that is a problem.
There is a village not far,
but the natives
aren't very reliable.
What he means is, the place
is supposed to be haunted.
Can you believe it?
A million dollar
mansion selling for song
all because of a few ghosts.
Hey, we can get
them to pay rent.
There you go, poignant.
I think we ought to make
an adjustment on the price.
That's not possible.
Relax, we're just joking.
Who was Alma Martin?
How about a drink?
No, no thanks.
Sit down, make
yourself comfortable.
Alma Martin was the first
mistress of this house.
In fact, the way I got it,
she was the only mistress
Casa Fortune ever had.
0333 who?
Casa Fortuna.
That was the name
given to the house
by Esteban Martin.
He ruled this entire island.
It means "house
of good fortune".
How lovely.
Yes, isn't it?
Lovely, my ass.
They ended up
killing each other.
Del tends to
be on the dramatic side.
I think it's getting
late, we should get back.
Ah, ah, now wait a minute.
If there are ghosts
haunting my house,
I want to know who they are.
Alba Martin was the daughter
of a very wealthy
Portuguese ship owner.
He arranged the marriage.
She never even saw Esteban
until the wedding day.
Huh, huh?
In a single moment, Alma's
whole world collapsed.
By then, it was too late.
Why didn't she just leave?
If Esteban wanted you
to stay, you stayed.
She must've hated him.
And apparently he
wasn't too happy either.
Esteban never really
wanted to marry Alma.
He only did it to tie up
the trade routes to Europe,
which her family controlled.
Well, that's so unfair.
Wait, there's more.
All this time, Alma
was figuring out a way
to free herself.
You're killing me!
I asked for a bride,
they sent me a witch!
I was betrothed to Casa Fortuna.
I will be true to my vows
long after the devil takes you
She started to
dabble in all kinds
of crazy, weird things,
like black magic.
And just like that,
she gets good at it.
Alma could do
anything she willed,
by simply focusing her energies.
Some say she made a pact
with the Devil himself.
Even Esteban feels her power,
and it scares the
hell out of him.
It was driving him nuts.
He figured it was
just a matter of time
before she got to him,
one way or another.
He really didn't have
much of a choice.
He knew he would have to
get rid of her, but how?
Alma would never let
him get near enough,
unless he changed completely.
Powerful as she was,
Alma was an easy
target for Esteban.
All she really wanted
was to love and be loved.
That was her weakness,
and he knew it.
Once she regained her
confidence, he attacked.
I offer you this
glass of repentance.
Drink, my bride.
And let us begin anew.
I'm rid of you, Sorceress!
Why don't you die?
He had used her love.
The one thing she treasured
more than life itself.
Alma called on her
pact with the Devil.
That is one hell of a story.
I definitely think we should ask
for an adjustment on the price.
I told you, it's all a legend.
It's true!
Well, what do you know?
Everyone on the island knows.
Alma Martin lives!
I'm sorry.
I think you ought
to take her home.
What's the matter with you?
She's plastered.
Dumb bitch.
I brought some of your
things from the hotel.
Unless of course...
Unless what?
You sure you gonna
pray to ghosts?
Are you kidding,
at these prices?
I hope she'll be all right.
She suffered a headache,
but she'll be all right.
See you later.
Good night.
I'll have the hotel send
your stuff by tomorrow, okay?
See you at the site, Larry.
By the way, we sent out
a company jeep for you.
Is there anything
you didn't think of?
Where the hell are we?
There's only one road,
just take it all the way.
Del, I don't know
how to thank you.
It's just so beautiful.
Ah, great.
You weren't upset by the
Alma Martin story, were you?
As a matter of fact,
I kinda liked it.
I knew you would.
I hope you know
what you married.
I'm enjoying finding out.
Good night.
All right!
We're gonna be so happy here.
What was that?
That's a hell of a thing.
Well, even Frank says
the help around here
wasn't very good.
Thank you.
I'm okay, I'm okay.
Well, what happened?
I don't know, that damn step.
I don't know.
Maybe I fell on my
head or something.
Look, that thing has got to go,
do you hear?
Honey, why don't you go ahead
and go into work, I can
handle things from here.
Yeah, I think I
will, it's a lot safer.
Okay, and I promise
you when you come home,
that thing will be gone.
You all right?
Yeah I'm fine, why?
Nothing, I'll see
you later, okay?
I'm protecting my interests.
You had no right to
cast those vouchers.
Now I'm on the hook
for the whole thing.
That was not our agreement.
What are you worrying about?
When you sell off those condos,
you'll triple your money.
And what do I do
in the meantime?
Hey, Larry.
Like you said,
you're on the hook.
Am I interrupting something?
No, Frank was just leaving.
Yes, of course.
But I'll be back later.
Don't hurry.
What is it between you two?
I thought you were friends.
Frank Albanos is
nobody's friend.
He's a greedy son of 3 mm,
and every so often I
have to get on him.
Come on, let's get out of here,
I feel a headache coming on.
What's this?
No electricity.
What a bummer.
Isn't it beautiful though?
Yes, it's quite nice.
I have another
surprise for you too.
Oh, my.
Well, what do you think?
Dinner clothes?
Dinner clothes.
Look at this.
To you.
Aren't you hungry?
Aren't you?
No gas or electricity.
Have to stop by the power place
on my way to work.
What's the matter, babe?
I didn't sleep very well.
Well, why didn't you wake me?
No honey, don't, please.
I don't feel like being
touched right now.
What's wrong, Barbara?
What's the matter?
I don't know.
I just feel like the real
me took off somewhere
and left a yuck in its place.
You understand, don't you?
Just do me a favor,
get the real you back
as soon as possible,
because I like it better.
I will.
I'll see you later.
I'll have a fabulous
dinner for you tonight,
with a very special dessert.
What are you guys doing?
Who ordered this?
Who ordered this?
Mr. Albanos?
Must've been one hell of a storm
to knock those castings
out of stone and concrete.
It wasn't the storm at all.
My name is Solomon,
my daughter Leia.
We live just over the ridge.
Larry Andrews.
Well, so what was it?
You're new to the island.
Yeah, pretty much,
how about yourself?
Oh, we've lived here
quite a long time.
What do you do?
I haven't seen many
plantations out this way.
I'm a healer.
What does that mean,
are you a doctor?
Something like that.
He heals the body,
and the spirit.
I get it, you're a faith healer.
Yeah, I've heard about you guys.
Is it that you have no faith?
Or you don't
believe faith heals?
Well, that's a long story,
but with all due
respect, Dr. Solomon,
I have very little regard
for any kind of hocus pocus.
You should come to
one of our healings,
if you change your mind.
Well, thank you very much
for the invitation,
but I'm pretty busy.
Nice meeting you.
Should reinforce these
with metal, metal.
What happened?
I out myself.
It's pretty bad, I think.
All right.
I want you to complete the test
exactly as I told you.
I'll see you in my office.
- Dr.
- Filo, Dr. Filo,
Emergency board, Dr. Filo.
No stitches?
No, it's really just a scratch.
She was bleeding
all over the place.
Did you examine the wound?
Yeah, I saw blood.
I mean, she almost passed out.
Blood always makes
things look a lot worse
than they really are.
I've taken a series of
tests though, just in case.
In case of what?
In case there is something
physically wrong with your wife.
What do you mean?
Barbara's emotional condition.
Hasn't she confided
anything in you?
Specifically wrong
emotional condition,
what are you talking about?
She had an accident.
If you're right,
the tests I've taken
will bear you out, but
I think you're wrong.
What do you think is
wrong with Barbara, Doctor?
Look at it from her side, Larry,
and you'll see for yourself.
How do you think Barbara feels?
Really feels, down deep.
Watching Del Giorgio use
you as he's used her,
as he uses everyone!
Well, whose problem
are you talking about?
Yours or Barbara's?
And mine.
And yours.
How are ya?
I'm fine?
You sure?
Sit down.
Come in.
Let's go.
Come in, come in, just come in.
I've given her a mild sedative.
I was just telling Larry
that by tomorrow morning
we'll have the tests back.
In the meantime, I want
you to get plenty of rest,
and take two tablets
with each meal
and two at bedtime.
Why are you laughing?
I'm sorry, Frank, it
just sounds so funny.
You must forgive me, I
don't have much faith
in doctors or hospitals.
Honey, I'm gonna
wait outside, okay?
All right.
All right, I'll be right out.
I'll take that.
Larry, I'm glad you came out.
There's a lot going on here
that you don't know about.
Del Giorgio...
Del Giorgio's my friend.
So whatever went
on between you two,
I mean, it's your business.
That's where you're wrong.
Would you like me to
tell you what's going on?
No, all I'd like you
to tell me, Doctor,
is what's wrong with my wife.
With all due respect,
that's all I want to know.
Would you mind
telling me exactly
what happened this morning?
I wish I could.
I just sort of blanked out.
Anyway, whatever it was,
it couldn't of been that bad,
'cause I feel wonderful now.
Wait for me, I've got
a phone call to make.
She's okay.
I don't know, but
apparently it wasn't
as bad as I thought.
She's gonna be all right, so...
Yeah, I'm fine,
I'll see you soon.
I can't understand how you
can take off like that.
I mean, didn't you realize
that I'd be worried sick?
I suddenly felt like
I was suffocating,
and I had to get out of there.
All right, we'll
find out tomorrow
what this is all about.
Your tests, they'll be
ready tomorrow morning.
Oh, Larry, you're
not really going back
to that hospital, are you?
I certainly am.
I mean, I want to know
what's wrong with you.
Larry, please don't go.
Really, I'm fine, I'm
perfectly healthy.
Perfectly healthy people don't
duck out on their husbands,
unless you're trying
to tell me something.
Well, are you?
Am I what?
Trying to tell me something.
I love you.
And I love you.
And I want to forever.
That's why I want
to know what's wrong
so that I could do
something about it.
I'm sorry, do you
want some wine?
Drink, my bride.
No, no!
What's wrong?
What's wrong, honey?
Oh, Larry.
I feel so tired.
I just want to go to sleep.
I hope I didn't frighten you.
Where did you come from?
The door was open.
Am I disturbing you?
Not really.
Quite a house, isn't it?
This place has
always fascinated me.
I thought you said
the door was open.
Did I?
I must've closed it
without thinking.
I wonder if we might talk.
There's so many things I can
tell you about the house,
and perhaps other things?
That's very sweet
of you, Dr. Albanos.
But I'm afraid you've caught me
at a very bad time.
Why so formal?
I'd like if you'd call me Frank.
I thought maybe we
might become closer.
That's a great idea.
Why don't you give
us a call sometime?
I wouldn't go over
there if I were you.
That's the crypt.
Grizzly place.
Mr. Andrews.
Mr. Andrews.
Looks like you got a visitor.
Somebody on the side?
Mr. Andrews, I'm Leia.
My father and I met
you the other day.
Yes, I remember.
What are you doing here?
I've got to talk to you,
it's about your wife.
Why, what happened?
She's in great danger,
she needs healing.
Is that why you've come here?
But I've told
you and your father
that I don't go for
that hocus pocus,
don't you remember?
Mr. Andrews, you know
your wife needs help.
Why close the door on
something you don't understand?
My father can help her.
Look, I know you mean well,
but you're wasting your time.
No, Mr. Andrews.
You're wasting time.
You can't find them?
Would it be listed
under any other name?
What do you mean
you can't find them?
Would it be listed
under any other name?
No, Andrews is the name.
Barbara Andrews.
There is no pathology file
for a Barbara Andrews,
which means that even
if tests were taken...
Tests were taken!
Dr. Albanos took a whole
pot full of tests yesterday.
I told you, Dr. Albanos
doesn't answer his phone,
what more can we do?
Can't you reach him?
Isn't there some sort
of emergency system
of reaching him?
There's no need to
raise your voice, Mr....
I'm the husband of the
woman we're talking about.
I'm sorry you're
upset, Mr. Andrews,
but there is no pathology file
for a Barbara Andrews.
Now there are two other
hospitals on the island,
perhaps you've made a mistaken?
Well, what kind
of a circus is this?
I was here yesterday.
I saw a nurse carry my
wife's tests down that hall
in this hospital.
So they must be here somewhere.
Find them, or get somebody
who can find them,
or I'll tear the
God damn place apart
and I'll find them.
Hey now, calm down.
Mr. Andrews, there is no file.
Oh my God, does anybody ever get
out of this shithole alive?
All right, that's it, come on.
They say I'm going to die.
Who said?
The doctors, all of them.
They did.
They said I was going to die.
You will not die.
But you must believe in me.
Hey, Doc.
Get ready to add stuff, Doc.
Excuse me, Doc.
I don't even know what to say,
but that operation was the most
fantastic thing I've ever seen.
You missed the whole point.
It wasn't the operation
that saved that woman,
it was the healing.
See, the medical professional
is full of operators,
it's healers they like.
Tell me about your wife.
She's all right, she's...
I'm scared, Doctor.
Barbara's going
through something,
I mean something weird.
And I'm doing my
best to help her,
but I can't get through,
I don't know what to do anymore.
Bring her to me.
You mean here?
No, no, no, it would never work.
I mean, she has to be
bleeding half to death
before I can get her to
go to a regular hospital.
I was wondering, maybe you could
stop by the house some night,
you know, just sort of casually.
There's nothing casual
about your wife's condition.
Well, how do you know?
You haven't even seen her yet.
As long as your wife
remains in that house,
she's in terrible danger.
I should've known.
You believe in that
whole legend too, hm?
Alma Martin is
much more powerful
than you can imagine.
As long as your wife
remains within her reach,
she's in danger of
contamination, possession.
For over 100 years,
Alma's spirit
has terrorized the island.
To keep her power alive,
she needs the sacrifice
of innocent victims.
Some she simply kills.
For others, the
fate is far worse.
All right.
What if I could
turn my mind back
a couple of centuries,
and if, let's just say if,
I could believe
what you're saying.
What would you have me do?
Leave that place now,
before it's too late.
What the hell is that?
It's supposed
to be on for 20 minutes.
What are you trying to do,
scare the wits out of me?
It's a thermal mask, it
keeps the moisture in.
You're home early.
What's the matter?
No, I'd like to talk.
What about?
Well, sit down.
What about?
Let's get rid of this place.
It's too big, it's
too hard to keep clean,
and it's too far from the city,
and you're too isolated.
Larry, I'm not complaining.
Yeah, but think
of all the things
that have been
happening, I mean,
and last night you
passed out on me.
Come on, honey.
All in all yesterday was
a pretty hysterical day,
don't you agree?
But Dr. Albanos said
that you've been looking
unusually tired.
Dr. Albanos?
Well, what does he know?
Now come on, you're
the one who's upset.
What's it about?
Yeah, I'm worried sick over you.
I mean, something's
happening, I don't know.
You're changing,
don't you realize it?
Well, I changed my hairstyle.
But honey, we don't have
to get rid of the house
for me to change my hair.
If there's anything else
you want me to change,
just tell me.
Oh please honey, I don't
want to get rid of our home.
Please, I really don't want to.
Barbara, you're
making me feel silly.
Well, you're being silly.
You're making yourself
crazy for nothing.
Look, all I want is for
things to be right between us,
for us to be happy.
That's all I want.
Come on, let's make a pact.
That we'll stop worrying
so much about one another.
Come on honey, we're
in a new place,
got a brand new home.
Let's start relaxing
and enjoying it.
Feel better?
I'll have another
bottle of this.
What are you doing?
Hold it, hold it!
Put it down.
Let's get this done over
here, let's finish this.
We have a little stress problem
like we did last Wednesday.
Right here, the false...
I thought you fixed that?
Well, we were looking at it,
but we still haven't
figured out what to do.
I don't have a say.
Look, let me look it over
and I'll get back to
you this afternoon.
Look out, Larry!
Give a hand!
Come here, pull it off.
Easy, easy.
Poor bastard.
It could've been worse.
That could been you out there.
Come on, Larry,
what's bugging you?
Is it Barbara?
What's her problem?
I wish I knew.
Sometimes Barbara and
I are prefect together,
and other times, she's
a total stranger.
Sometimes I think she's sick,
and then all of a
sudden she makes
a complete about face and
she acts perfectly normal.
I don't know where
the hell we are,
or what's going on.
I think you're spoiling her.
You're doing all of
this to yourself.
Maybe I'm helping you.
Well, look at us.
We're a couple of idiots.
We got a fantastic
thing going here.
All we have to do is finish
these condos on schedule,
and we can write our own ticket.
It's a chance of a
lifetime for both of us.
And what's the one
thing that can send it
all down the toilet?
A woman.
Del, if you're starting
to talk about Barbara,
No, no.
Hold it, you listen, Larry.
I thought I was
doing the right thing
getting you that old mansion.
I figured what's the hell,
let's indulge Barbara.
That's the whole
problem right there.
You can't give a broad too much.
Because if you do, she'll ask
for more, and more, and more,
until finally she does you in.
Listen to me, Larry.
If there's one thing
I know, it's women.
Yeah, well maybe you do, Del,
but you don't know shit
about Barbara or me.
Okay, all right, if that's
the way you feel, it's fine.
Could you do me a favor?
Okay, I can't reach Barbara,
those damn power lines
must be down again,
so could you send somebody out
to tell her that I'm all right?
If she hears that
there's an accident,
she's gonna be worried about me.
That's no problem.
As a matter of fact,
I was planning on
going out that way myself.
I'll do it.
You look wonderful.
Oh, why thank you.
What did you do to your hair?
Oh, you like it?
Yeah, it's terrific.
I nearly didn't recognize you.
Say, is everything all right?
Is Larry okay?
Um, I don't know,
that's what I came
to talk to you about.
Come on, buy me a drink.
Mm, you remembered.
What do you suppose it is?
It's you, Babs.
You're making him crazy.
Did Larry say that?
No, I'm saying it.
Let's talk straight.
Larry was your way of
getting back at me,
I've always known that.
But as long as he was happy,
it was okay with me.
But now it's getting
to him, and his work.
That bothers me.
Look, whatever happened between
you and me is gone,
but I don't want my best
friend ending up in concrete.
I came here to ask for a favor.
I want you to back off.
Let's get something straight.
I love Larry more
than I have ever
loved anyone in my life.
And what is this crap about
"Give my buddy a break."
You never cared about
anyone in your life
but Del Giorgio.
And what would happen to
your precious little project
if Larry...
Barbara, what's wrong?
Are you all right?
I think I'll have a drink.
Have you heard
anything I've said?
Well, what are you
gonna do about it?
And no more for me.
Del, Del, Del move your hand.
I swear, I can't figure you out.
One minute you're
putting me down,
the next you're apple cider.
What is it with you?
It's the new me, Del.
Well, it's a damn sight better
than the old one,
I could tell you.
Now what are you doing?
Ease up, I'll never
get back to work.
Well, what would be
so terrible about that?
Oh, I better be on my way,
or we're both gonna regret it.
There won't be
anything to regret.
All the same, I'm gonna
finish this drink and go,
otherwise you're
gonna drown me here.
You don't change.
Come on Babs, this is crazy.
Wait a minute.
Slow down, will you, Babs?
I'm just a fool.
Look, Barb, you, me,
this whole thing,
why don't we forget it all, eh?
What do you say?
Aw, Larry.
What happened?
You're so late.
Oh, I had the most
terrible premonition
that you were in danger.
Go to sleep, we'll talk
about it in the morning.
What happened?
Didn't Del tell you?
He didn't?
No, what happened?
There was an
accident at the site.
One of the men was killed.
Oh no.
How did it happen?
It was a freak thing.
A crane came out of nowhere.
That's exactly the way I saw it,
in my mind.
In your mind?
Are you sure Del
didn't tell you?
I haven't talked
to Del in weeks,
why do you say that?
Because I asked him to call you
so that you wouldn't
be worried, that's all.
I'm sorry.
Please be patient with me.
I need you to love
me, no matter what.
Did you call the office?
Ah, ah.
Well, any word from Del?
He's gone.
What'd you say?
I said "Ah, ah".
No, after that.
The lines were down, and
I couldn't get through.
I heard you, you said something.
No, I didn't.
Where the hell is he?
Barbara, no!
What are you doing here?
Doing here?
Don't you remember?
What happened?
I remember being very tired.
And I must've dozed off.
How long have you had this?
Well, I first noticed it after
we were at the hospital.
Well, why haven't
you had it taken care of?
It'll go away.
What about Del?
Ah, he wasn't at
work today, why?
I can't stop thinking
about him, Larry.
I'm afraid something
awful has happened to him,
you've got to find him, Larry.
Del can take care of himself,
I'm concerned about you.
Now I want somebody to
take a look at this.
You know how I
feel about doctors.
I don't want to discuss it!
The swelling confirms it.
Confirms what?
I mean, look, be
patient with me Doctor,
but the supernatural
stuff is new to me.
What exactly is going on?
It's really very simple.
The spirit of Alma Martin
is trying to possess
your wife's physical presence.
Her body is reacting normally
trying to fight the infection.
But why her finger?
I don't know, but it must
have some significance,
because that is the point
of strongest resistance.
All right, what should I do?
Bring Barbara here at once.
I'll try to perform a healing,
while she's still strong
enough to receive.
Is that all you can offer?
Go at once!
If only there was some
way to neutralize Alma,
just for a while,
we might be able
to do something.
It hurts so much.
Help me.
Get out!
You came here to destroy me!
Larry, I hate it here.
Barbara, just let him
look at your finger.
My finger is fine!
The swelling has all gone down.
Look, if you're
really that concerned,
I will go to the hospital
when we get back, okay?
No, let's try this.
Please, Barbara?
Let's try this?
Are you all right?
Shall we go in?
This is barbaric!
I'm leaving!
Oh, you feel like ice?
Go back to bed,
you'll catch a cold.
You must not be
concerned about me.
Honey, what can I do?
Leave me.
Are you gonna be all right?
I'm sorry, Mr. Andrews,
but we needed positive
What happened?
I can't really say yet.
A couple of kids
from the village
saw him drive out
this way yesterday
and then an hour or two ago,
one of the men found
him just as you saw him,
down in that ravine.
His expression, it's...
You live in Case
Fortuna, I believe.
Just over the hill.
Yes, I know.
And you and Mr. Giorgio
were very close.
He was like family.
Well, that probably explains
what he was doing at
your house yesterday.
He wasn't at my house yesterday.
Are you absolutely
certain of that?
Yeah, I asked my
wife specifically.
I see.
Well, I thank you for your time,
I'm truly sorry
about Mr. Giorgio,
please accept my condolences.
May I come by and
see you some time
and talk to Mrs. Andrews?
Yeah, sure.
Mr. Andrews?
Mr. Andrews, I'm Raymond
Broido of the Metro Bank.
Where is everyone?
Well, Giorgio is dead.
No, how awful.
When, what happened?
An accident.
I'm so sorry.
Mr. Andrews, we must talk.
No, some other time.
You don't understand,
you're next in line
with Mr. Giorgio gone and
Dr. Albanos God knows where,
you're the only one who can
sign the bank's vouchers.
I only hope we haven't
waited too long already.
Help me!
If you love me, help me.
I can't fight anymore.
I want my wife back.
I don't care what it takes.
Thank God you're back.
We must hurry, we
haven't much time.
Her grip must be
destroyed totally.
But What will I do?
Her grip is the only access
she has to our world.
What happens to Barbara?
That depends.
On what?
On a power greater than ours.
Hold this.
Give me some light.
Let's go.
Quickly now, quickly!
Get down.
It can't be.
Come to me, Larry.
Come to me.
Larry, no!
What can I do?
Tell me, what can I do?
There is nothing you can do.
She must die, so
that I may live.
We destroyed you.
You destroyed my prison.
I am free now.
I have a new home.
Help me.
I'm dying.
Go back where you came from!
I have brought myself back.
My suffering is over.
Are you tampering with the...
Of course.
Wedding band.
Are you all right?
Oh my gosh.
It's all right.
It's all over.