Beyond Re-Animator (2003) Movie Script

You're not scared, are you?
Why should I be scared?
We're next to a cemetery.
If anything were to happen,
no-one would hear a thing.
What could possibly happen?
Remember the guy they caught,
the one who was killing kids?
Yeah. And what?
Wanna know the worst?
What's that?
Chocolate milk?
He ate them.
Carried parts around in a cooler.
Making that up!
Am not!
My sister knows a newspaper guy.
He told her.
When they caught him,
know what was in the cooler?
Their fingers?
Oh, gross!
It's a sheep's eye.
From the butcher shop.
When you die, the last thing you
see is on your retina
like a photograph.
Grandma says souls
live in the eyes.
The "soul" is an invention
of witch doctors.
There's someone out there!
There's no-one here.
There was. I heard him!
Howie, is that you?
Howie, no more games,
you hear me?
You forgot to close it.
No. You were the last one.
Why you guys sneaking around?
We weren't sneaking!
You were.
Like a pair of rats.
Let me go.
In the house!
Wake up Emily.
Come back.
Let me go!
- Stay in there.
- Let me go!
What did you do to that "thing"?
You have no right!
Thirteen years later.
What you got there?
That some kind of animal?
Why, Moncho?
Are you hungry?
Is that a rat?
Your powers of observation
are dubious at best.
You wanted me?
New work assignment?
Oh, and it's "Sergeant" Moncho.
What did you do to Ratty?
Mother of God,
I ain't seen him, I swear.
I'm sick. Leave me alone.
Where is Ratty?
What's wrong, Cabrera?
Lose you stinky little pal?
Ask West if he's seen him.
West likes animals.
What do you mean?
Think about it,
Line up!
Let's move!
West, you seen my Ratty?
Is he missing?
You better tell me, Einstein!
Any identifiable characteristics?
Who took him is
gonna get markings.
You the new doctor?
That's right.
That way to the Clinic?
Warden wants to see you.
In films, this is the Death House.
You wouldn't call it that.
What do you call it?
The Death House.
- Prisoners here are?
- Condemned to death.
Don't talk until
he talks to you first.
...are sex criminals.
As a woman,
that should repulse you.
It's very disturbing,
as a person.
But as a reporter it's
an interesting statistic.
Good answer, Laura.
- Can I call you Laura?
- Certainly.
So, you don't believe
in rehabilitation.
Don't be naive, Laura.
I believe in what works.
Two thousand volts
of raw power from
a stand alone generator.
This works.
When a man sits in it
and I make every
new prisoner sit in it
they submit to my power.
You're just saying that.
- Doctor Phillips?
- Yes, sir. Howard Phillips.
It's a pleasure, Warden Brando.
You graduated in the top
five per cent of your class.
You could have your pick ofjobs.
Why here?
Institutional medicine interests me...
Well. Yeah.
Hi. I'm Laura Olney.
I'm with Arkham Record.
Anything you say to me
will be quoted out of context.
Well in that case,
let me just say hi.
We have a fully equipped
medical facility.
I'm sure you do,
but these are mine.
Do all doctors have such a
relationship with their tools?
You requested to have
a particular inmate
working in the infirmary.
We're understaffed and he
has a medical background.
Keep an eye on him.
He thinks he's smarter than
everyone else, but he's not.
His attitude could infect others.
An idea can be like a disease.
If you discover a minor anomaly,
do you ignore it?
No, Doctor. No. You cut it.
Some growths are benign.
Not inside these walls.
There's a situation!
Out of the way!
It's the doctor!
Forgive me Father,
for I have sinned.
Hear my confession.
Just calm down.
The blood, the flesh,
the beating heart.
I had to eat it.
I had to eat it.
Don't send me to Hell.
Get the drop cloth.
Keep his back perfectly straight.
Keep your hands off me!
On three, okay?
One, two, three, lift!
This way, doctor.
Out of the way!
Get the case.
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine. Thanks.
I'm fine.
Where do we go?
What happened?
Heart attack.
Are you the new doctor?
Get him on the table!
Nurse, set up the IV.
Hurry up!
Yes doctor.
Get me amiodarone.
- What?
- Amiodarone
We have none.
You have none?
It didn't come.
What have you got?
Try Sotalol.
It is similar.
Go get it!
Come on Nurse!
I can't!
Could you help her, please?
Nurse, take these guys out of the way.
Everybody out!
And stay out there!
Stay with them!
You're wasting time.
Come on!
He was dead before he got here.
He was my patient.
For five minutes.
You're the new doctor?
What is the meaning of this?
Doctor Herbert West.
I know all about you.
I know what you did.
They tried to cover it up.
Your experiments...
Don't believe what you hear.
I didn't hear it.
I saw.
That night they arrested you.
I was that kid.
I want to work with you.
Thirteen years...
There's bound to be
some deterioration.
The reactive base
may have destabilized
but maybe not.
What are you doing?
Seeing if it still works.
Someone could come in.
We're treating a patient.
The top of the spinal cord!
Of course
. Hold his head.
Hold it.
How long will it take?
I don't think it's going to take.
We can increase the dosage.
No, no. It's not going to work.
It might on something else.
Thanks for bringing me
back my Reagent
such as it is.
Oh well...
Wait a minute.
Think about it. Come on.
We can make more.
In here?
This place doesn't have basic
first aid, as you just found out.
But this is my clinic now.
What do you need?
It still works!
You're not dying.
How do you feel?
You hear me?
Stay away!
Can you hear me?
We must sedate him!
Get the Thorazine!
50 cc.
No! No!
Forgive me, please.
Forgive me!
Dr. Phillips.
What the fuck's going?
He went crazy, sir.
Severe cardiac arrhythmia.
A reaction to medication.
What medication?
We administered 10 cc
of Sotalol but it
provoked an unexpected effect.
You call this
"an unexpected effect"?
The patient suffered
arterial fibrillation.
His heart was beating too fast.
Allergic reaction is not unusual.
West, you've just added twelve
months to your sentence.
It's swollen.
Doctor Phillips, one of
my men is hurt.
I'll see to him.
Sergeant, that is
an immediate Lock-Down!
Yes, Sir!
The rest of your visit will be
outside of the security areas.
the lockdown includes you.
Doctor Phillips asked me for
a list of the supplies we need.
Right. I need that list.
Clean him up and
get him to the Hole!
Come on.
Get up.
West, get to your cell!
My last partner turned
State's evidence on me.
I expect better of you.
And watch out for her.
She's trouble.
Hi there.
Hi. Just organizing my notes.
You were right about my ankle.
I should stay off it.
Hard to push in the clutch.
How about I drive you home?
Are you sure?
I'm putting you to trouble.
On a day like this,
it's no trouble.
Had yourself a big day, Moses.
Beat the hell out of 4 grown men
while having a heart attack.
How did you do that?
They gave you some medication.
What was it?
- I know why I'm here.
- Yes?
I'm dead, and this is Hell.
I'll show you what Hell is.
You and me
have got to talk, man!
Sorry about the tofu...
I should know.
This pizza's great.
I've had a great time.
The way you handled that
interview impressed me.
I did such a great job
I was thrown out.
State Penitentiary Progressive
Educational is so stupid.
Come on, don't give up.
Anything's possible.
See the possibilities
and seize the moment.
Go for it.
- "Go for it"?
- Yeah.
Okay, I'll "go for it".
What are you really
doing here?
"Institutional medicine".
Tell me about your
secret "I.M." research.
Of course.
I am investigating the effects of
institutionalization on life and death.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
Why do your residency
in the "joint"?
Really. Why, Howard?
As a kid, I saw my sister die.
I'm so sorry.
I never want to
feel helpless again.
I tried to resuscitate her.
I wanted to bring her back.
Who was helping you today?
Doctor Herbert West.
He's a prisoner but, he worked
at a university hospital.
He researched death as a disease.
One of his reanimation
experiments lost control.
The man went crazy... violent.
Like the man today?
And escaped
from the Morgue.
The morgue?
He broke into our house.
That expression
reminds me of Emily.
Your sister?
You're going?
- It's been a long day.
- Yeah.
Looks like your ankle is better.
Seize the moment?
Go for it.
You got everything.
Moses isn't doing so good.
We need lab. Space,
somewhere private.
He doesn't seem human.
I think this will do.
He's a monster.
He was the freshest
specimen we could find.
It's a problem.
It is a problem!
I want to help people, not
create mindless freaks!
Having second thoughts?
All medical research
requires risks.
If you don't see,
you shouldn't be here.
Soon I'll find a force to bring
order to that chaotic organism.
Away to restore
rational behaviour?
I can now accelerate the
testing phase of my current work.
With your help.
This work requires commitment
and full confidentiality.
You must tell no one.
- I'll walk?
- Lipstick on your collar.
Doctor Phillips, I'm going
to be leaving now.
What's that for?
Doctor Phillips.
Do you need anything?
Are you there?
I was afraid you weren't coming.
I was working late.
On what?
Nothing. Just clinic stuff.
What are you doing,
investigating me?
- No.
- Yeah.
I was wondering how
the man was doing.
He's fine.
Doesn't seem human anymore.
We shouldn't have...
You shouldn't have, what?
What's the matter?
The story I'm on.
I figured out some stuff,
but it's just speculation.
- You need hard facts.
- Yeah.
But to get them I'll
have to take some risks.
What do I do?
Play it safe, or "go for it"?
You've got to "go for it".
You got to take some chances.
That's what you're doing,
isn't it?
What's your new story about?
Can't tell you yet.
Every girl needs a few secrets.
It hurts so much.
I can't even spit, Doc.
I don't see anything.
Once they gave me
little red pills,
Vicodin, made me feel better.
Little red pills. Little red
- Take two at bedtime.
- How about now?
Can I have more?
- Today's the day, cabrn.
- Today's the day.
I'll see you in the yard.
- You're a dead man.
- Adead man.
Today's the day.
It worked.
Reschedule the afternoon.
But doctor...
Now. To test it.
On who?
My story isn't working,
it's too impersonal.
Something's missing.
And it's you. You're the key.
The key?
To what?
To understanding how
this prison works.
Everything is an extension
of your philosophy.
I'd like another look around.
Afterwards I'll need you for
an in-depth interview.
I'd be happy to do the interview
- if...
- If?
If we do it over dinner tonight.
You get to know
the man behind the office.
After my tour?
Consider Miss Olney
my personal guest.
Yes, sir.
And give her the tour, again.
Why did you come back?
To finish a profile on you.
You are a fascinating man.
You're just saying that.
Tonight then.
Did you know
the human body loses
3 to 4 grms. Of weight
at the moment of death?
I heard about that.
A rodent loses much less,
but the ratio is the same.
The cerebral cortex is the site
of an extraordinary
neuro-electric phenomenon.
Hold him.
Hold him
Ratty is not going
to be very happy.
This phenomenon,
NPE, Nano-Plasmic Energy,
is not just in the brain.
It moves throughout the nervous system,
and is present in every cell of the body.
Hold him a little.
Classic post-reanimation.
Confused, violent.
Like all my other
subjects to date.
This brought him back
from the dead.
But this will give him true life.
What is that?
The Nanoplasm,
from a living donor rat.
Donor rat?
Now hold him.
Completely still.
This is the catalyst.
This is the force that tells
the cells how to grow.
It works!
Doctor Phillips, how are you?
Why are you here?
Just, "going for it".
- That the way to the "hole"?
- Certainly is.
I would really like
to talk to him.
Not a chance.
My Editor gives
expenses for stories.
How much are we talking here?
The cell door has to be locked.
I'll be back in ten minutes.
What if I need you?
Do I call?
Not a sound.
No one can know you're in there.
He can't hurt you
in that straight jacket.
Look who's coming.
She's going to see Moses.
Why else would she do there?
All right, give him to me.
Any last words pendejo?
What happened?
I gave him his pet back.
Are you gonna let him go?
Give Daddy a kiss.
What's wrong, Ratty?
Hi. I'm Laura Olney,
I'm a journalist.
I want to talk about what
happened the other day.
Do you remember what
Dr. West did to you?
Did you die from
that heart attack?
Can I check your pulse?
Mother of God, forgive me.
What happened to you?
- Hungry!
- Sergeant Moncho!
Thank God you're here.
You must think I'm an idiot.
No I don't. Really.
You're a very intelligent man.
- I don't like people lying to me.
- I wasn't lying.
Give me that!
He attacked me.
He's dead.
You're right.
What are you doing?
I murdered him.
That's what they'll say.
You know the cretins out there.
It was self-defence.
You had no choice.
I'll swear to it.
Get down. You're going
to have to convince me.
Lower. Bark.
- What?
- You heard me! Bark!
Am I the most fascinating
man you've met?
And you'd do anything for me?
Yes, sir.
Show me.
You bribed a guard, came in and
freed a dangerous prisoner. He
got excited...
- I wanna get Moses up here.
- Why?
To put this in him.
You've got more?
No. This is Ratty's NPE.
I gave Ratty the nanoplasm
of a different rodent.
- Aren't they different?
- Not at all.
Nanoplasm is a completely
neutral energy.
It's the same in rats,
dogs, human beings.
- You want to put this in Moses?
- Yes.
Going from rat to rat is okay,
but from species to
species is not right.
Not right?
All this is the result of years
and years of painstaking
research under
incomprehensible conditions.
How dare you say
my work is wrong?
- You can't transfer the soul...
- The soul?
This is science,
not superstition.
- This is a human being...
- Was human.
And will be again, with this.
Dr. Phillips?
1, 2, 3, up.
Dr. Phillips.
There's been an incident.
Moses killed her in the Hole.
He's dead, too.
The Warden needs
Death Certificates.
Get rid of the nurse.
Nurse, help the officers.
- But...
- Get out!
- What if she ends up like Moses?
- She's not getting fresher.
Come on.
- Top of the spinal cord, right?
- Right.
Don't want her getting
too excited.
Hurry up.
What's her name?
- Remember?
- Leave her!
This is not a good idea.
What is she doing?
We can't leave her like this!
Let's get her to the lab.
Stop here.
Where did he go?
He's got to be here, somewhere!
Look everywhere.
Poor little thing.
Come on, go get your food.
Let go, you freak.
What's going on?
Give it back!
- You little...
- No!
And why not?
It's cross species.
Then she'll stay like this!
You can't experimenting on her.
Now look, Rat NPE...
Dr. Phillips!
Get her down.
Where is the body?
What is going on in here?
Mr West and I... we...
You've set up a Lab.
You're doing illegal research.
You'll lose your job for this,
and your medical license.
This is what you gave Moses.
You are never going to see the
outside of these walls again.
No. No.
You're dead.
Hold it there!
Come back here.
Back in your cell!
It's party time!
What are you doing?
Wait. Just a second.
Two thousand volts
of electric current will
concentrate the nanoplasm to
the brain, so we can pull it off.
You'll electrocute him.
That's the idea.
Only through, electrocution
can you
drive the nanoplasm to
the hypothalamus where
we can extract it at
the moment of death.
You wanna put his
nanoplasm into Laura?
Rodent to rodent, no problem.
But human to human?
Do you want Laura
to stay like that?
Sit him up.
Head down on his chest.
Hold his head still!
Hold his head still!
He's not dying!
He's not dying!
That's enough!
Stop it!
He has to die.
Go to the infirmary.
Let's go!
Give daddy a kiss!
Howard? Where am I?
You're okay now.
Something happened to me.
You could say that.
Why are you looking at me?
Warden Brando strangled you.
You were dead.
Doctor Phillips and
I brought you back.
What're you talking about?
Brought me back?
- I feel so...
- What?
How do you feel?
That's interesting.
What's happening?
I see what's going on here.
You are using me as a guinea pig.
You let him do it!
Stay away.
Both of you.
Howard. Howard, please.
Please help me.
Where are you Einstein?
Hiding is not gonna do you...
Listen, Ratty's acting
really weird.
You fucked him up,
or gave me the wrong rat!
- Get your hands off!
- Guards!
There ain't no fucking guards.
This place is a riot.
- Look here.
- Leave her alone!
What'd you say?
Stay away. She's sick.
I got medicine,
make her feel better.
West took my ratty.
I'll take his little pussycat.
What's happening Howard?
You like it rough, huh?
Over here.
Come on!
- Where is she?
- Who?
Laura. The journalist.
They were chasing her.
- There was no woman.
- She's there.
Seal it off!
Laura! Laura!
This way's dead!
Don't you play hide
and seek with me.
Daddy has a big present for you.
Cesar, find her.
Welcome back Warden.
Before I leave, one last
experiment, and you're pertect.
Those three years in
Solitary were very instructive.
I did my best work in there...
and this is the result.
Rodent to human.
Neutral energy,
or behavioral imprinting?
Let's find out.
West, you cretin.
You'll fry for this.
Do you hear that?
There's a riot going on.
The animals are running the zoo.
They'll make their way down here
quite soon.
I'd like to see the results,
but I can't.
There's a new early
release programme
and I qualify.
I'll be sure and leave the door
wide open so they find you.
Take these will you?
And these.
Come on, come on.
- It's the Warden.
- He's not Warden anymore.
You don't dare...
I am always the Warden.
I need a doctor.
Sergeant, you let that man go.
Sergeant Moncho!
Straighten up!
On your feet, Sergeant!
Stand up! That's an order!
How can I get you
to follow orders?
The good stuff!
Are these men
giving you a problem?
I didn't do that.
Well maybe I did.
Or maybe they killed themselves.
They couldn't stand living
with their crimes.
They couldn't stand looking
in the mirror one more day.
Me, I like what
I see in the mirror.
The Death House was built
for one purpose.
The problem with execution
is it happens too fast.
One moment of pain,
and you're dead.
You're off the hook.
Today's criminals aren't
scared any more.
He looks scared to me.
Just acting.
They're all actors here.
Execution is the kindest thing
we could do for them.
But what if the agony of Death
didn't end in an instant
but instead, was prolonged
Move out!
Quick! Quick!
Mother of God. Forgive me.
Mother of God.
Forgive me for I have sinned.
It's all right.
I forgive you. It's all right.
Lose something?
She changed.
You were wrong.
She changed!
It was a theory.
Oh God, I hate you!
You and your sick experiments!
What was I thinking?
Laura was right.
You killed my sister.
An unfortunate incident.
Emily's no incident!
Nothing we can do
about your sister.
But we can still save
your girlfriend.
Her name is Laura!
- Try the Death House?
- What?
Did you look in the Death House?
If the Warden found her,
he took her there.
The Warden? But, he's dead.
God damn you!
Religion has got nothing
to do with this.
In position!
Come out with your hands up.
Help me!
Hand over your head!
Hands over your head!
I see the light!
I'm saved!
Thank you God!
I'm saved!
Hold your fire!
Thank you God.
I'm hungry!
It's great what
you did back there.
I like you.
I like you very much.
On your knees.
Would you prefer punishment?
That's a good girl.
Give daddy a kiss.
Go stand guard!
What was that?
You bitch!
That's Laura.
Come on!
Your ass is mine!
It's, it's in me...
it's taking over.
You have to get it out!
I can't.
Don't let it go on,
you have to kill it.
Kill me?
I was a piece of ass for you.
No, never.
This is mine.
You've been holding out on me!
You can't keep this.
This is awesome.
This green shit rocks, man.
Give it to me.
Sorry. I can't.
Prison rules.
You can't share needles.
It's not safe.
Now, fuck off.
I need some privacy here.
I wouldn't if I were you.
Fortunately, right now cabrn,
you are not, me.
Hey man!
Got any more?
Just another hit.
You had enough.
How about some Vicodin?
The little red pills. Vicodin.
Howard, please!
Warden Brando, is that you?
Where is it?
- What?
- You know what.
Where's my work?
That's quite enough of you.
This experiment is over.
Please Howard.
Please stop me.
You will be punished for this.
You're being punished.
Kill me, Howard.
Go for it, Howie.
I'm the Warden!
Guilty as charged.
Halt! In position now!
Move, move, move!
I had to kill her...
to get it out.
To save her.
But I want her back.
It'll be all right, Emily.
I'll take care of you.
Hold it right there!
You okay?
She's alright.
I gave her life.
This man is critical.
I need to get him to hospital!
- Who are you?
- Doctor Phillips.
I run the infirmary.
Who are you?
Who's responsible if hedies?
Okay, go! Go!
Dubious... dubious.
Hey! Take him.
I saved her.
Tell him.
Tell him I saved you!