Beyond Redemption (2015) Movie Script

Hey. Yeah, I'll be right down.
So, once everyone is finished
placing their bets...
we can get down to business.
The rules are simple, the last
man standing is the winner.
Did your boy get that, Jimmy?
Oh yeah, he's ready. Billy's
gonna fuck that white boy up!
You know what, double my bet.
This dink bitch ain't
gonna last a round!
You ready?
If you ladies are ready,
let's get the show on the road!
Well, in that case,
let's have at it!
Get him, Billy.
Fuck him up!
Hope this guy's better than
the last guy you brought in.
Mauler almost killed him.
That a boy!
Get 'em, Mauler, let's go!
Come on, Billy!
Come on!
Get the fuck up!
Come on!
That a boy! Good!
Come on, Billy!
That s right fuck him up!
That s how you do it!
Come on, stay on top of him!
Let s go, get him!
Yeah! Get him!
Get him!
Break out, break out,
break it out.. yeah!
Watch out, watch out!
Get up, what are you doing!
Get up!
Come on!
What are
you doing! Get the fuck up!
Come on, man!
That's how you do it!
Screw you, Dim Sum!
Pay up, guys! Pay up!
Great fight, yeah!
You killed it, man. You
kicked his ass! Good job.
Pick him up!
My boss, Yuan, will
definitely want to meet you!
He'll have some
opportunities for you.
Really? Do I have to keep
doing this shit?
What! You didn't
enjoy that?
Dude... I made a killing
tonight, I'll cut you in!
If Boss Yuan doesn't want you...
I'll take fighting every
weekend. Okay?
Let's roll.
Hey, what's up?
Hey, Billy, this is it, time to
show the boss what you got!
Heard great things about you...
You got a piece?
You do know how to use
this thing, don't you?
I got this!
Bosco, what is going on?
How are you doing?
What is happening, my main man,
my brother? How are you doing?
So, what brings you down
here so late at night?
Boss wants to see you.
Boss... your boss?
Of course, any... anytime.
Anytime he wants.
How about tomorrow, actually?
3:00 PM work for you? For him?
I mean, yeah, now works,
yeah, sure, why not?
Dai Lo, nice to see
you again. Doing well?
Who's the hot head?
He's got a set on him, huh?
This is the first time that
you've come by for a delivery?
Um... I mean...
Your business is my
business, I built you up.
You used to be nothing!
Of course, of course, whatever
you say, Big Brother.
Hey, you know, I have got a
couple of beers in the office.
Why don't we go crack
open a few, yeah?
Yeah, a few?
Let's go, come on.
This way...
Let's go to my office.
You know, it's too bad, I didn't
know you guys were coming.
I would have cleaned
up the place.
I would have used the cleaning
product shish, shish...
you know, used the
cloth, everything!
Have a seat.
Where's the beer?
Yes, of course, one second.
Say, Wen Lo, how's your mother?
Oh, you know, pretty good...
still working the block,
you know?
It seems we have a problem
with our shit.
Oh? ls that right?
Can you imagine how happy I
was when my client told me...
my product is not pure?
"Not pure?" That has
nothing to do with me!
Whatever Chang sends me
is what I send out!
So if you have a problem
with the product's purity...
he's the one that you need
to deal with.
Talk to him.
Chang, what the fuck
is this shit!
You big, fucking
foig, you lying sonofabitch!
Yuan! Dai Go,
are you still there?
Has there ever
been any problems till now? Ever?
What the fuck are
you talking about, Chang?
You piece of shit!
Whatever you send me
is what goes out!
If there's a problem with
the product's purity...
it's not my problem, it's yours!
My stuff goes to you pure!
You cut it, you gonna eat it!
Tough talk coming from a
motherfucker three hours away!
Yeah and I drove three hours
just to sort this out!
Big Brother, sorry, I am late!
So where were we,
you half-pint drug mule?
Half pint? Half pint?
Who you calling half pint?
You! But enough about your size,
let s talk about the real issue!
Who's doing the cutting?
Like I said, what you give me
is what goes out!
Hey, you just watch what
you're doing, punk ass!
FUCK you!
Hey, Billy, I
got you one! What about you?
FUCK you!
What's up, asshole!
Back the fuck away!
Fucking shoot him!
Back the fuck away right now!
Drop it!
$5 million, $5 million
I'll give you right now.
Cold hard cash upstairs!
Shoot him!
Okay, come on, guys. I won t
kill your boy, how about that?
Oh, no, no, you do not have
to do this... you don't...
I have a family, okay,
I have a family.
I have a baby on the way...
Please don't kill me!
I have a family, okay... I have
a wife, I have a child... no!
You understand?
Billy! You know what to do.
No, no, don't do this... no!
Don't do this!
Billy do it, do it,
pull the trigger.
Good morning, Tiffany.
I'm on your dad's
good-side today...
wanna come shopping with me?
Guess not.
Thank you, sweetie.
Tiffany, I don't want you
to go over to Jack's tonight.
I want you to come
home right after school.
Of course...
but do you have to be gone so
much all the time?
I have to.
I don't like being
here alone with her.
Are we going to
start this again?
Well, you know it's not
going to get any better.
Yes, it will...
just give it some time.
You didn't give it any time
at all.
I mourned your mother
more than anyone else.
Why did you get married
again so soon after?
It's not only the young
who get lonely.
Does my happiness not count?
Of course, it does.
For me... okay?
You take good care of
things while I'm away.
You know where to find me.
Hey, Billy, we're having
a party tonight.
Make sure you're there.
Oy, Billy?
You know, all she does all day
is just shop on my dad's dime.
67%... can you believe the
grade Shaw gave me?
I don't think she's
even ever had a job.
All the damn research
I did for the project.
And all she can
comment on is how...
"the color isn't
inspiring enough!"
I think she's cheating
on my dad.
Hasn't anyone ever told you
you're sweet enough already?
Not since my mother.
I think your Dad
thinks the same way.
Even though he scares me.
He scares you?
Do you see the look
he gives me...
every time he sees
us holding hands?
You're seeing things,
he doesn't care.
He's too wrapped up in
his computer business.
Okay, but honestly, you just
have to ignore the gold-digger.
I mean, the more you
fight with her...
the more you're just
pissing off your Dad.
Same with you and Shaw.
You just gotta ignore
her comments.
Yeah, but my grades
depend on her.
And she has no sense of style.
You wanna come back to my house?
I can't. Daddy wants
me home every night.
But we can Skype.
Stop! Don't talk like
that. You re so bad!
Okay. I have to go. Um...
Please call me as soon as
it comes in. Okay? Bye.
Hi, sweetheart!
Annie, can you get
my bags, please!
Ah Dai.
So, what s the plan?
Soon, we settle an account.
Yeah, collections!
Collateral first.
Who is it this time?
A teenager.
Sounds really like a
home invasion.
No, we're just going to
pop in and say hello!
Bosco! Give it a rest.
Let them know, all right?
I'll call the boys.
I don't know what
his problem is.
I save his fucking ass
and he still hates me.
Do I look like I look
like your mother to you?
No, Boss!
Then stop crying to me...
grow some... be a man.
Bosco. Hey, I'm talking to you!
Got a problem with me?
Yeah, I do.
I'm not the one who wants you
here, don't fuck things up.
Salaam! Mr. Amir.
Alaykum Salaam! I thought
we said no new faces?
Ah... that's my uncle, Mr. Bao.
Mr. Amir.
Pleasure to meet you.
Ooh... ya got taste.
Nice place.
Thank you.
Hey, I know you guys probably
have your own customs...
and your way of doing things,
but I don't want to be rude...
but maybe we could get business
out of the way before dinner.
So, I trust the decryption...
and compiling of information
is going well.
Ah... here's a report
of our current progress.
My friend, I'm very happy
with what I see here.
More than happy to continue
doing business with you.
The funds will be deposited...
upon receipt of our final
Shall we have a toast?
Please, I've been waiting
for this all day.
To new friends.
Have some tea, Uncle?
Can we trust them?
Yes, have I ever failed before?
Do you
remember the Macau incident?
Yes, I do.
Good... the
product we're selling them...
it's no use to us?
Oh... it's useless
to us, but valuable to them.
Do you think we
should get the money from them first?
They have never
double-crossed us before.
I don't want the
Macau scenario to happen again.
We won't lose money, Uncle.
We almost lost
a mountain's worth!
Yes, but we've
made the money back 100 times!
Yes, you know what to do.
You got it, Boss.
Ah Chau, the reporter wannabe?
We took care
of him, no problems!
Dai Go.
Not now.
We have a problem...
it's about Simon.
Is he here?
No, that's what I want
to talk to you about.
We just got word that he's
leaving town.
Right now.
Well, take care of him.
He's a fucking pyscho,
I don't wanna deal with him.
Billy, go pay a visit for me.
Dai Goh!
Billy-jai, I
have an important task for you.
Sure, of course.
That girl we are going to take,
she is very important to me.
I want you in charge, make sure
nothing will happen to her.
No problem, but ah...
won't Bosco have something
to say about that?
Don't worry
about him, I'm in charge here!
Okay, you good?
Hey, Tommy, two more, please.
Thanks, bro!
Who's that?
Just some girl.
What girl?
A girl I met the last night.
How come we never met her?
I told you, I just met
her last night.
You guys drink, I gotta go.
Hey, hey! What's so important,
you can't have a drink...
with your boys first, right?
Stay and have a drink, Billy!
I gotta meet this girl.
This girl got a name?
Ah... Lisa.
Lisa? You met this Lisa?
What's with all the questions?
Billy, hot stud!
I'd like to meet this Lisa
some time.
I'll tell you what.
Why don't you come with me,
and as I'm fucking her...
you can ask her all the
questions you want.
How does that sound?
I'll go.
Hey, it's me. Look, you can't
call me like this.
Well, what is it?
Uh, no, I can't meet you
Um, how about tomorrow?
Fine, 11:00 o'clock.
You know the spot.
I gotta go. Okay, bye.
You know meeting like this
is dangerous.
Well, I needed to talk to you.
You were only supposed to call
me after midnight.
This is important.
Can't we talk after midnight?
What is it?
I'm pregnant.
You're what?
Three months pregnant.
Aren't you going to say
I'm just trying to find
the words.
This is something we've always
talked about.
I know, but this is a
dangerous time.
If they find out about me,
they can use you against me.
Sometimes I think you like
your undercover life...
more than your real life.
That's ridiculous.
I'm going to the ultrasound.
You'd better make it.
Don't kill me, okay?
I have a family, okay?
I have a wife, I have a child.
No, please do not.
Billy... you know what to do.
No... no... no.
No, do not... no, don't do this.
No, you do not have to do this,
please, don't do this okay.
Do it, Billy, do it,
do it, be a man.
Pull the trigger, Billy.
Do, it, Billy, do it.
Two for one.
Good luck charm?
Family heirloom.
So, what do you got for me?
Home invasion.
It's gonna to be soon.
They haven't told us where yet.
So, you don't know
when or where?
That's pretty thin information.
It's a businessman. Asian.
I don't know what he looks like
or what his name is...
but I know they want me to
watch his daughter.
You were only supposed to call
for a meeting...
in case of an emergency
or an impending arrest.
Do you have any idea how
dangerous these meetings are?
Talk to me when you got
something more substantial.
There's more.
Yeah? What's that?
I want out.
This isn't a fucking
country club.
There is no getting out.
This is what you were assigned
and this is what you agreed to.
You're in too deep already
and it took a lot...
of resources to get
you where you are.
I know. But I need to get out.
Melinda's pregnant.
What if they find out about her?
They won't, as long as you
stick to protocol.
I know it's hard to balance your
life with this kind of work...
but Yuan's a dangerous man.
This is our one shot...
and you are not going to fuck
this one up for me.
You care about the innocent?
Yes, sir.
If we pull you out now,
and they go ahead with this...
home invasion, who's gonna
to take your place?
Call me when you got something
I can make a bust with.
This is important.
What is it?
I'm pregnant.
There is no getting out!
Billy, you know what to do!
You taking this
assignment was part of the deal!
You care about the innocent?
Yes, sir.
If we pull you out
now and they go ahead...
with this home invasion, who's
gonna to take your place?
Can I come in?
Yeah, come in.
So, where the hell
have you been?
You know everyone's
super worried about you.
I know. Melinda's pregnant.
Is it yours?
Yeah, it's mine.
I thought you guys
were separated.
We're trying to work things out.
Wow. Congratulations.
So, I came to ask
you for a favor.
That's Dad's jade.
If anything... anything should
happen to me...
I need you to look after
Melinda and the baby?
What? What are you talking
I'm on this undercover case...
and things have gotten
out of control.
What have you gotten into?
I wish I could tell you.
Well, if it's gotten
out of hand...
why don't you just get out?
I can't.
Why not?
Cause this time this whole
case is built around me.
You always gotta be the
superhero, huh!
It's just a job.
Okay, listen, I got caught
assaulting a suspect.
It seems that you have landed
yourself into hot water.
What's going on?
Hey, hey stop!
Stop, stop, stop, get off him.
Hey, stop, I'm gonna
call the cops! Stop!
That sick bastard, raped
a seven-year-old girl...
he deserved every bit of that.
If I see him around, I have no
problem kicking his ass again.
This guy's in a coma,
he may never wake up.
With all due respect, sir,
is there a point to this?
I don't think you realize the
severity of the situation.
But lucky for you, I might
have a way out.
I'm listening.
I want you to go undercover
for me.
I'm in.
So, they gave me a choice.
Either lose my badge and go
to jail for a few years...
or take on this undercover
case and go deep underground.
How deep are you?
As deep as it gets.
Who are these people?
I can't tell you, but if they
find out who I really am...
let's put it this way, these
guys are fucking dangerous!
Well, then get reassigned,
quit the case!
It doesn't work that way. Look,
I didn't come here to ask...
you to solve my problems,
okay, man?
So, enough of this
big brother bullshit.
No one sees you for months
and then you come in here...
in the middle of the night to
tell me that you're in trouble..
And that Melinda's pregnant.
Maybe you should have thought
about that before you knocked up
your ex and then taken an
assignment that was gonna...
endanger your family!
Including me, my family!
I didn't know she was pregnant
when I took on this case, okay?
That's not the...
You know, one day you're
going to have to learn
to think about someone
other than yourself!
One day you're going to have to
learn to grow the fuck up!
Look, if somehow I don't make it
out of this case alive...
just make sure my kid gets that.
Hi, Tiffany.
Shopping again... how original.
I always thought you should
do what you're best at.
That's not something
to be proud of.
Look, Tiffany, I'd like
to apologize to you.
For what?
For making this an
uncomfortable situation.
I know it's been difficult
for you to accept me.
But your Dad and I,
we found each other...
when we needed each
other the most.
I don't want to replace
your Mom.
And I'm not gonna steal
your Dad away from you.
I just want to make him smile
the way he makes me smile.
I'd like us to be friends...
but I know that it's not
going to happen overnight, so...
For me?
Don't think of it as a bribe.
It's a gift from your dad and I.
It's beautiful. Thank you.
We saw it the other day and I
thought it would be perfect...
for the next time your
boyfriend takes you out.
Maybe later this week?
That's not a bad idea.
Go, call Jack...
tell him that he has to take
you out this weekend.
I can't, Daddy says I can't
see him until he gets back.
Well, your daddy
isn't here now, is he?
Hi, Daddy.
Hello, sweetie,
how's everything?
It's going better.
I got the gift that you
and Lucinda got for me.
It was really thoughtful.
You're welcome.
You know, maybe Lucinda's
not all that bad.
Maybe I'm just
coming around to her.
What the hell?
Boss say he was gonna have
people over?
I don't know.
Billy, you stay with me.
You've got company.
Two guys approaching.
Don't kill them.
Yeah, got it.
That's a lot of cars.
Wanna check it out?
What are you guys doing here?
Just checking up. As usual.
Hey, what are all these cars
doing out here?
Those? They belong to some
friends of mine who dropped by.
Actually, we're kind of having
a little dinner party...
so, it's okay, you guys
can leave.
Okay, then, have fun.
Something's not right.
What do you mean?
Lucinda answered the door,
she'd never do that.
That's Annie's job.
Okay, I'll call you right
back, okay?
Love you.
Love you.
Don't move! Gotcha!
Who the fuck are you guys?
Shut the fuck up!
Got her.
Get her out of here.
D, move her out the back,
don't let anyone see you. Go!
Who the fuck invited these guys?
You got something
to say, little man?
Do you know who's house this is?
Of course... but your boss owes
us a little something.
What could my boss
possibly owe you?
2 million.
You threaten his
family for 2 million?
Do you know what he's
going to do to you?
What's a businessman
gonna do to us?
A businessman?
He's a major Dragonhead,
you dumb fucks!
You guys are so fucked.
Did you know about this?
Shut up!
We can handle this.
Tie her up!
My favorite thing
to do with women!
Fuck, let's go, you bitch!
The boys know about Xi.
They know he's a Dragonhead.
Is that a problem?
Good, stick with the plan.
What do you want?
Shut up!
Not a sound.
Nothing happens to her.
Billy's in charge.
Why him?
'Cause Dai-goh said so!
Hey, what are you doing?
Get down!
Stop, let me go, don't touch me!
Shut up! Just shut up!
Sit up.
What the fuck did
you do that for?
To keep her calm, man.
Keeping your hands
cuffed behind your back...
for a long period of time
is uncomfortable.
Trust me, I know.
You're fucking lucky
he's a nice guy!
She's not going anywhere.
What's going on there?
Oh, Xi, I don't know
what to say.
I couldn't stop them!
They took Tiffany!
Who took her?
I don't know.
Take a deep breath.
Now what did they want?
They said they wanted a copy
of some technology...
they said you had.
They said you'd know what
they're talking about.
Are you hurt?
No, but they took Tiffany.
We have to call the cops!
We cannot do that.
Listen, I'm coming back
right now.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
Are Rickson and Tony there?
Put them on.
Sorry, boss, we got jumped...
it was the Ching Tau gang.
Are you sure?
Yeah. I recognized one of their faces.
Listen. Pay them a visit.
Bring back my daughter.
And make sure
they don't do this again.
Do you understand?
Yes, sir.
We have the girl stashed. Billy
and Jimmy are watching her.
Excellent, this is going
to be a big pay day.
You know this could
go south really fast.
You sure you trust Billy?
He saved your life, didn't he?
I didn't need his help.
The boys are back at my place.
I'll see you there.
Thank you for what
you did today.
For what?
For loosening my hands.
You're welcome.
Hey, what's your name anyways?
Tiffany Long. What's yours?
Hey, what the fuck
are you doing?
Don't give her your name!
I just told her my first name.
Don't get too attached to her!
Where is she?
FUCK you!
I've got all day.
Why are they doing this to me?
What do they want?
It's because of your dad.
My dad? What about my dad?
You don't know what your dad is?
He runs a computer company.
Your Dad is a Triad Dragonhead.
A what?
A gangster!
You know, Chinese Mafia?
He can't be. He's the quietest
person in the world.
That's exactly what they're
like... quiet and unassuming.
What kind of logic is that?
Then anyone could be a gangster.
What's your dad's name?
It's Xi Long.
Yeah, this is McKay.
I need surveillance set up...
at the Sleeping Dawgzzz Motel
I'm tellin' you, man, never
go through the drive-thru!
They fuck you at the drive thru!
They forget your mayo again?
They forgot my
goddamn onion rings!
I specifically asked for three
orders of fries...
and a super-sized order
of onion rings!
You think they'd get that right!
Come on, gimme that!
Fucking retards.
What the fuck, man?
Give me that!
This little bitch just
texted somebody!
She what?
Tell me, huh? Speak!
Give me that! Who did you
send this message to?
Who did you send
this message to?
Let's find out, let's find out!
Who is this?
Where's Tiffany?
If you call the cops,
you'll never see her again!
Wait, wait!
Who is it? Who was that?
My boyfriend.
Fuck, her boyfriend?
Calm down.
How old's your boyfriend?
He's 19.
He's a 19-year-old kid.
What's he gonna do?
He's got your phone number!
He could call the fucking cops.
He doesn't even
know where we are.
We could be in any motel.
Fucking little bitch, I dare
you to do that again, huh!
Back off!
Fuck! Don't fucking touch me!
You fucked this up, Billy,
you have to fix it!
What's going on?
Dai-go, I fucked up.
What did you do?
The girl got a message out!
What do you mean she
got a message out?
It was my fault. She grabbed my
phone when I wasn't looking.
What was sent?
She texted her boyfriend that
she was being held at a motel.
Should we move her?
No, by the time they figure
out where she is...
everything will be finished.
You fucked up big time, Billy.
No more mistakes.
Got that?
Yes, Dai-go.
So what did he say!
Are we moving her?
He told us to stay.
Is he fucking kidding!
What if they track her down?
How the hell are
they going to do that?
Calm the fuck down!
Fuck, we shouldn't
be staying here...
we should be moving outta here!
The deal's gonna go down real
soon, we just gotta sit tight.
Uncle Bao, there's a problem...
my daughter has been taken.
They want to
trade her for the product!
Is the deal
still on with the Persians?
We're working on it.
I asked you,
is the deal still on?
Yes, yes! The deal is still on!
I don't want to
know about your family business!
The only thing I want
to hear is... the deal is a success!
Do you hear me... a SUCCESS!
Got it!
Metro Industrial Park.
Yes, sir. That's the same
info we had already.
And Rickson, have someone
follow Lucinda?
Already on it.
Don't worry, honey, everything
will work out just fine.
I know, this deal will
put us on top, baby.
I know you can do it, no one
but you can pull it off.
Just think, we'll have
everything we've ever wanted.
What about Xi?
We'll be thousands of miles
away where Xi can't find us.
You know I used to look
up to men like Xi.
I remember.
Too bad I have to leave
Hong Kong...
before I could make it
to the top.
It was harder leaving you.
They hit the den.
What! When?
Just now.
Xi! Those motherfuckers!
Looks they're on to us.
Tell the boys to expect company.
Find out who's left
and get them together.
Let's get this deal done.
The price of his
daughter just went up.
Got it.
Stop looking at me like that!
I'm going to poke your
fucking eyes out, you bitch!
Don't fucking push me!
Sit down and shut up.
Yeah? What are you going do?
You gonna fucking hit me?
I fucking dare you, hit me!
I thought so!
You're a fucking coward!
Hello, Mr. Amir.
It has come to my attention
that there's another source...
for the same product.
It won't be a problem.
Bullshit! Who is the
other source?
Nobody should have access
to the product, but me!
Mr. Amir, I am dealing
with this.
I am expecting to take
delivery tonight.
I must delay until tomorrow.
I have to return home
for an emergency.
This is not what we agreed to.
I promise, you will
get your product.
What about the other source?
Okay, meet me in Vancouver...
and I'll deliver you
the source tomorrow.
Tori, I'm back.
Give me a status update.
The final
inscription is complete.
Everything's ready.
Good! Meet me at my house
in ten minutes. Yeah.
Yes, sir?
Is everyone ready?
Don't worry, we'll get her back.
Hey, Bosco, yeah, we can
handle that.
Yeah, that was a stupid move.
Okay, we're bringing her now.
Hey, sweetheart, time
to get pretty for Daddy.
Show time.
Let's go.
Come on.
Jimmy, hold up.
Go in there and stay!
Tell Jimmy
to leave his phone on.
Keep the girl out of sight.
We're gonna fucking kill her.
What? Why?
Don't ask me any
questions, just do as your told.
I'll fucking take her.
No, I got her.
Dai-goh wants us to take her
upstairs. Hands off.
What's your problem?
I said I'll take her!
He wants to execute her
in front of her dad.
What a fucking waste. I didn't
even have my fun yet.
Come on!
Take her upstairs,
I'm going for a smoke.
Okay, look, I just want you to
know, I'm not going to hurt you.
Please, if you let me
go, my dad will pay you.
Just calm down.
They're on the way. Stand by.
Copy. We got the place
Get the girl out of there.
We'll move in as soon
as you're clear.
Who were you talking to?
Don't worry about it.
Shit, the gang's here.
Come on, I gotta get
you out of here. Let's go.
What's going on?
Look, I don't have
time to explain.
Just trust me. Do what I say and
you'll see your father again.
Come on.
If anything happens,
don't freak out.
Just get out of the way, okay?
Everyone stand by.
Check your targets.
We still got one of
our own inside.
Copy that.
I was so scared.
Do you think Tiffany's
going be okay?
We'll get her back, don't worry.
The decoding and the
compiling are complete.
Just as a precaution, I added
some safeguards...
and I've embedded a virus
into the files.
Excellent job, Tori, thank you!
You're coming with us.
Come on, let's go.
This place is no good.
Let's go.
Shit! Go... go back inside.
What the fuck?
What the fuck are you doing?
Jimmy, I can explain...
Explain what? You fucking
set her free!
Listen to me... listen to me...
she's innocent and they're
gonna to kill her!
Fuck, man!
Bosco was right, man! You're a
fucking cop, aren't you?
Hey, Bosco!
What the fuck are you doing?
Xi's on his way, where's Jimmy?
He's with the girl.
Come with me.
What the fuck!
I think you have
something of mine.
And I believe you have
some things I want.
She'd better still be
alive and undamaged.
She is... unlike some of my men.
I guess you needed
surprise on your side.
I always wanted to kill
me a cop.
I should have let
Wen Lo kill you.
I'm gonna fuck you up!
You okay?
Where's Jimmy?
Don't worry about him.
Come on.
You bring the package?
If I weren't, you'd hear
about it.
What would a peasant like you
know about anything, huh?
I know that I could keep
my wife at home.
Bring my daughter now.
Wait, wait, stop, stop!
Billy? Xi wants to see
his daughter.
Yeah, sure, one second.
Bring her to me now!
Demanding, aren't we?
Aren't you forgetting the
other half of the deal?
Money's all here!
And the data?
Bring his daughter.
You mentioned my wife.
What do you know of her?
I know all about you two!
Don't worry,
everything will be fine.
Now, all the cards
are on the table.
You can either have the
money or my wife.
But not both!
What's going on?
Don't worry, everything's fine.
Where's Billy and the
girl? Find them!
Let's go...
Come on, come on...
Okay, change of plans...
What? We have to get
outta here!
I know, but we need
to find another way out.
And I can't do that dragging
you around with me.
It's too dangerous.
Stay here and when I find
a way, I'll come back for you.
No, but what if...
Shh! They're not going to look
for you in here...
it's a storage room. Stay.
Hello, my friend.
So sorry I'm late,
a little jet lagged.
Who the hell are you?
So, this is the other source!
This your place?
I can see the potential,
but you can get stuck...
in rentals forever, am I right?
So, how's business?
None of your business!
Why are you so defensive?
Let me ask you something,
who's the other buyer?
You don't need to know!
No, I don't need to know, but
I would really like to know.
Who's the buyer?
Well, I see I'm getting
nowhere with this guy.
We got time for that.
Thing is, in our business...
loyalty is really hard
to come by.
So, when we find it from time to
time, we like to hold onto it...
to nurture the right
business relationship.
Unfortunately, your
activities have threatened...
the business relationship
I have with Mr. Long.
And in our world, that is
a most unfriendly affair.
You threaten my livelihood
by undercutting me...
you incur my wrath.
Your wrath?
I guess you don't want
to see your daughter again.
You look nervous.
Don't be nervous.
These guys, they're not
going to kill you...
they're just going to
help you remember...
who that buyer is that I am
so excited to meet.
Wait for me in the car.
See you later.
Go for it.
Very good!
But not good enough for me!
That didn't go the
way I planned.
Bring me Lucinda!
Tony, go get her.
If there's a scratch on my
daughter, I'll fucking kill you!
Boss wants her inside.
Billy. Where's the girl?
She's with Jimmy and Bosco.
No, Daddy, no, he was
helping me escape!
Tiffany, are you okay?
He's a fucking cop!
Daddy, are you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Shots fired!
All units move in!
I saw him setting her free!
You're a cop?
I trusted you, Billy!
Even when Bosco
warned me against it!
Yeah, you should
have listened to him.
Police, everybody get on the
ground! Down on the ground!
Down on the ground,
on the ground now!
Hands on your head!
Right clear!
I need paramedics to our 20.
I also need a 20 on Bosco,
we're missing one.
Seal all the exits.
Stand down, he's ours.
You kept this all this time?
Well, what's an heirloom good
for, if not to get passed on?
Maybe we should trade this in
for something more practical.
Here you go.