Beyond the Black Rainbow (2010) Movie Script

Hello, my name
is Dr. Mercurio Arboria,
and I am the founder
of the Arboria Institute.
It has long been my dream
to find the perfect way
for people to achieve simply...
inner peace.
These seem to be things
that strangely elude us all,
but it doesn't have
to be that way.
We at Arboria have found a path
to achieve them.
Here at the Institute,
we are in the forefront worldwide
in neuro-psychology
and new therapeutic technologies.
Dr. Barry Nyle,
our head of research,
and our dedicated team
of herbalists, naturopaths, and healers
have found a way
to make that dream a reality.
Through our unique blend
of benign pharmacology,
sensory therapy,
and energy sculpting,
we can guide you
gently along the path
to a new, better, happier you,
all in the comfortable surroundings
of our state-of-the-art facility
and our award-winning gardens.
We invite you to join us...
and find out for your...
Warm her up.
Special 1-1-8-3.
Hello, Elena.
How are you today?
How are you feeling?
Have you had...
any headaches?
You can tell me.
Your readings are relatively stable.
Very good.
That's very, very good.
You know, this is always
the highlight of my day.
I didn't hear you come in.
Been sleeping long?
I wasn't sleeping.
I was... meditating.
Oh, you were meditating, yeah.
Is everything okay?
Everything's fine.
If you're hungry,
there's some brown rice
and steamed asparagus
in the refrigerator.
That sounds really good.
No, I'm not hungry...
thank you.
It's been a long day.
just going to hit the hay early.
Good night, Barry.
Good night, Rosemary.
Night Mode.
Rest peacefully and reflect.
I am so sorry
that you were never able
to meet your mother.
She was a very beautiful woman.
She was a very desirable woman.
Would you...
would you like to
have a photo of her?
Would you like that?
Because you may just find one
in your room.
You know,
you are looking more
and more
like your mother every day.
You look tired today.
It's easy to become disillusioned
when you
don't know who you are...
or what you are.
I know who I am.
That's what gives me
my confidence...
and my power.
And I know who you are, too, Elena.
I can guide you
towards that achievement...
to find your inner strength
and your inner power.
We all have other forms...
and your inner self...
needs another to complete it.
can help you do that.
You just...
Have to let me...
to see...
Oh, Elena. Elena, Elena, Elena.
Elena, you know you can't.
You're a very sick girl, Elena.
You're not well.
is in chaos, Elena.
These are...
times of great uncertainty
and terrible danger.
And you are not ready.
You're just not well.
Don't worry, Elena,
you'll see him again one day.
I promise.
Piece of shit.
We do have a system in place.
Yes, a comprehensive list
has been compiled.
I see.
That's fine.
why don't you answer
the fucking phone?
Yes, Dr. Nyle?
It's come to my...
attention, Margo...
Yes, Dr. Nyle?
It's come to my attention that...
Elena may be hiding...
an illicit object
from us.
Oh, really?
Keep your eyes peeled.
- Yes, Dr. Nyle, I certainly will.
- Good.
- Very good.
- Dr. Nyle?
How do you think she would have
come into possession of the object?
I don't know, Margo.
I don't know.
But I'm looking into it.
Day Mode.
Every sunrise brings a new tomorrow.
Good morning.
Hope you're hungry.
Looks better than usual today.
What have you got there,
a special picture?
Let me see.
Oh, come on, I'm just curious.
That wasn't so hard, now, was it?
Who is this?
Is it your mother?
Where is she?
Did she die?
Enjoy your dinner.
Please stop.
Are you awake?
Dr. Arboria.
Barry, is that you, my friend?
Yes, Dr. Arboria, it's me.
Come closer so I can see you.
It's wonderful to see you again.
You're looking well, my friend.
Thank you, Dr. Arboria.
So are you.
Oh, Barry,
no need to flatter an old man.
I know I've...
seen better days.
the trappings
of the mortal world are...
but a distraction,
wouldn't you say?
Of course, Dr. Arboria.
What really matters...
the part of ourselves
we must nurture the most...
is here.
I couldn't agree more.
Would you mind...
assisting me?
Of course, Dr. Arboria.
Aren't these videos of the nature...
beautiful, Barry?
They make me
remember a simpler time.
Yes, Dr. Arboria.
Me too.
You are about to embark
on a great journey.
Are you ready, my friend?
I am ready.
Good luck.
Thank you.
Bring home the mother lode, Barry.
Your mother's reabsorption
into the cycle of life
won't be for nothing,
my darling Elena.
You will be the dawning of a new era
for the human race
and the human soul.
Let the new age
of enlightenment begin.
No, Barry.
I don't like to see the...
on my arm.
Of course.
How is my darling Elena?
Well, Dr. Arboria.
She's very well.
That's wonderful.
Thank you.
Are you ready?
Yes, yes.
That's wonderful, Barry.
That's so...
Isn't it...
It is.
The dormant volcano...
Haleakala Crater.
Mark Twain described sunrise here
as "the sublimest spectacle
I have ever witnessed."
To the west of Maui lies Molokai.
Except for a few
beautiful resort hotels,
the modern world
has touched Molokai less
than any of the other
vacation islands.
Aloha means welcome.
It also means love...
and all too soon...
...rocket launchers,
while the Soviets have produced
more than 13,000,
a staggering 14-to-1 ratio.
They didn't stop
when their forces exceeded
all requirements of a legitimate
defensive capability,
and they haven't stopped now.
But today
they're building weapons
as sophisticated
and modern as our own.
As the Soviets have increased
their military power,
they've been emboldened
to extend that power.
They're spreading
their military influence
in ways that can directly
challenge our vital interests
and those of our allies.
The following aerial photographs,
most of them secret until now,
illustrate this point in a crucial area
very close to home...
The Devil's Teardrop.
Barry, you startled me.
I thought you were an intruder.
What are you doing?
you're not wearing
your appliances.
I don't want to
wear them anymore.
It's just you haven't
let me see you...
without them in a long time.
Where did you get that outfit?
Has something happened?
Sometimes I... I forget...
how hard it is for you.
I'm sorry.
I... I should have
been there for you more.
Are you okay?
I... I'm not...
I'm... I'm not...
I'm not okay.
I went to another world, Rosemary.
I see what others cannot see.
I looked into the eye of the god.
It looked right back through me.
It looked through everything.
it was so, so, so beautiful.
Like a black rainbow...
and it chose me.
It chose
to reveal itself to me.
You're nothing.
You're less than nothing.
Just... spit in the wind.
Let go of me.
I'm not going to let you go.
I'm going to set you free.
You are doing so good.
Julie comes walking up, and...
like, I can tell just by looking at her
she totally, fuckin',
- she totally wants to pork me.
- Oh, you're so full of shit.
What would she want
with that two-inch little blood bat?
Fuck, my left ball hurts a little.
I gotta take a leak.
Thanks for telling me.
Get bent, you fat fuck!
What the fuck?
Where is she?
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't...
I don't know.
I don't know.
You fucked her.
No, I...
No, I didn't.
No, I didn't fuck...
You fucked her.
No, I didn't! I didn't.
- You fucked her.
- No...
- You fucked her.
- No, no!
Shut up!
You look so beautiful
when you sleep.
Sweet, sweet Elena.
Well, I found you.
It's okay.
Come to me, okay?
Elena, come on.
Come here. Come on.
Elena, come to me. Elena?
Come to me. Come.
Come to me.
Come to me!
Do you read?
Do you read?