Beyond the Clouds (2017) Movie Script

Hey Bro!
What's up?
What are you saying?
How you doing, Sunny?
How's work?
Tip top.
Time you bought a bigger shop.
Give me the money,
I'll buy one now.
Stop being a miser! Enjoy today.
Nothing lasts.
Thought I might buy an airplane.
One problem. Where do I park it?
Park it in my lane. For free!
Okay. See you later.
Leave me alone, Aunty.
Who are you calling "Aunty?"
Who asked you in? I'll call you.
You give me 300? Cheapskate!
500, or no deal.
Ok. I'll pay 500.
Follow me.
Kiddo, play outside.
Open your mouth. Come here.
The truth, brother. Fresh goods!
Open your mouth!
Open your mouth.
Open up.
Shut it.
Open your mouth.
She has two rotting teeth.
Brother, why does rotting teeth
bother you?
Open up. Wider.
You want a discount
because of her teeth?
How many times did I tell you
don't come here?
It's my place of work.
I made two deliveries for you.
No sign of my money.
The others pay on time.
Your money is safe.
Go! You'll get your money soon.
In a day or two.
First money, then work.
You've got guts!
I'll keep you in mind.
I'll be waiting.
Yes, sir.
- Listen, Sunny.
- Sir?
Amir and his boys are flying high.
Clip their wings.
Ok, sir.
Amir. Come on up!
Hurry UP-
How are you, brother?
I've got a new sample for Tushaar.
Rahul will freak out.
Careful how you out the deal.
You could make a lot of money.
I'll handle it.
Police! Police!
Let me go, sir!
Let me go.
Check upstairs
Let go!
Let go!
Stop, you bastard!
Stop him! Stop him!
Amir! What happened?
Tara, the police are after me.
Hide it. I'll take it
from you later.
Must you do this?
Where are you going?
Tell me what happened.
The police! Let go.
- Let go!
- Come.
Hide here.
Have you seen the guy
in black shirt.
How did it happen?
It's nothing. Give me the packet.
Where's my packet?
The police was about.
What? You should've kept
it with you. Stop the auto!
Amir, listen to me.
Have you gone crazy?
Keep driving, brother!
- Let go!
- Amir, listen to me.
I hid it carefully.
Risky to get it now.
I promise you, I'll bring it
to you tomorrow.
- It's safe?
- It's safe. All right?
It's a nice place.
What's wrong? Come.
How did you get this house?
I saved up.
You gave me some money. I borrowed
a little from my boss.
Is it hurting?
- How long have you lived here?
- Since I left that drunkard.
How much did you borrow
from your boss?
Not much.
He'll cut it from my salary.
You promised you wouldn't touch
You remember my promise.
Then you will also remember
why you abandoned me?
What have you given me
besides trouble?
I won't trouble you anymore.
What's your problem?
All you do is walk away
when I try talking to you.
Move aside.
No time for this nonsense.
I'm worried about you.
That's why I'm saying this.
Worried? Where were you
when I needed you?
When you threw me out of the house?
When did I do that, Amir?
Threw you out!
When your wretched husband hit me,
where were you?
I begged you not to go.
I tried to bring you home.
You wanted me back so
he could kill me?
Your husband only knew how
to drink and how to beat me.
You always sided with him.
I can't forget.
- Now you're worried.
- You only care about yourself.
Know what he'd do to me?
He would skin me.
You're my brother, what did you do
for me?
When I left him and came to you,
remember what you said?
You said: "It has nothing
to do with me."
I had no one but you.
Do you know how often I slept
on the streets?
Where were you then?
Where, Amir?
Whenever I see the moon,
I think of Ma.
I wish she was alive.
I had some work.
I just got here.
I'm going to get it now.
- Yeah?
- I've got to talk to you.
- I must get to work.
- Come back when you're done.
I had better go.
Return my packet to me.
Why did you go to him?
What's it to you?
Give me the packet.
Don't ever see him again.
Understand? Don't go there.
You belong to me.
Only to me.
You are mine.
You belong to me. Only mine.
Let go.
What's going on?
Akshi was hit on the head.
- The police have taken her away.
- She hit Akshi with a stone.
He's in hospital. He may die.
Police station. Quick.
- Where?
- They took my sister. Tara.
You can't see her. Go!
I must see her. She's innocent.
They arrested her from the
public laundry.
I don't know anything.
She landed a man in hospital.
Pray he survives. Go!
Let me talk to her for a minute.
Go on, out!
Emergency Room?
- I'm looking...
- Ask over there.
Was a patient called Akshi
admitted here?
His head was hurt.
Do you know where he is?
- His name?
- Akshi.
He's in the operating theatre.
- Will it take long?
- Don't know.
Go in and see him. Go quietly.
Sit inside. Come on, hurry!
Tara! One minute.
Where are they taking you?
Where are you going?
One minute.
Sir, I'll bring your cycle back.
Hey! Where are you taking it?
Let her go. She's innocent.
Akshi is to blame.
Please let her go.
- Tara! What happened?
- Go away!
Madam, let me talk to her
for two minutes.
I beg you, just two minutes.
Tara, what happened?
Say something.
Where are you taking her?
- To jail. Where else?
- Let her go, please.
She has done nothing.
She's innocent. Let her go.
Till the victim makes
a statement...
...she has to stay in custody.
She's innocent.
She has done nothing wrong.
Arrest him. He's the culprit.
What are you doing? I beg you.
Let her go.
What happened, Tara?
Open this up.
Tara! Madam, stop!
Get out. Come on out.
- Her name?
- Tara Neshan.
Take her inside. Check her.
- Her name?
- Tara Neshan.
Take it off!
Note it down. She's wearing a ring.
Take the blanket.
Sir...everything is ready.
Nothing to worry about.
Yes, sir. Absolutely.
Thank you, sir.
What's your name?
Your name!
Tara Neshan.
Attempted murder.
You'll stay here till a decision
is made on your case.
If that man dies,
you'll be staying here for ever.
Life imprisonment. Get it?
Take her to cell number 5.
Bring her quickly.
Pick her up.
Watch out. Let's go.
Are you sure Sunny tipped off
the cops?
Thanks to Rahul.
Bloody rat! I won't spare him.
Amir, not now. The cops and Rahul
are after you.
Be smart now. Lie low.
I'm keeping safe and lying low.
No one knows where I'm hiding.
I won't even tell you.
Ok, don't tell me.
Take this.
Got it with great difficulty.
Thanks, my friend.
Keep the cash.
No. You need it more than I do.
Your father's unwell. I'll be fine.
Bro, you've done so much for me.
Keep it.
Take care. OK'?
See you soon.
Hey, stop!
What are you doing? Are you crazy?
Get lost!
Madam, where's the ICU patient?
Don't know. My shift just started.
What do you mean, you don't know?
Where's my patient, Akshi?
Don't make a scene!
He's in the general ward.
- Are you his friend?
- Yes.
Where were you?
Fill up the form. Name, address,
phone number.
Buy these medicines right away.
How is he?
He can't talk for now.
- Why can't he talk?
- Give him time.
Fill up the form.
- How much?
- 620 rupees.
Ma'am, the medicines for Akshi.
Remember me?
The laundry? The police?
You saved me. Remember?
I brought your medicines. The nurse
has them.
I'm repaying your favour.
See this?
I'll gouge out your dirty eyes.
Having fun?
Don't stop! Keep dancing.
I came to eat with a friend.
Thought I'd get something for you.
Go on. Eat!
My lovely Tara.
Where are you?
Open the door!
Why don't you open up?
Remember we were to meet tonight?
Did I pay less last time?
I'm longing for you, Tara.
I'm leaving.
You'll regret it.
You won't get anyone better
than me. I'm going.
What have you got there?
Write your name down.
What is this?
- It belongs to Chotu.
- Chotu?
Who is Chotu?
His mother is in for life.
She's very ill. They've taken
her to hospital.
IfAkshi dies, I'll have to stay
here for the rest of my life.
- No, Tara. Akshi is fine.
- I don't want to stay here.
Akshi had an operation.
He's all right, Tara.
It wasn't my fault.
I don't want to die here.
Nothing will happen to Akshi.
He'll be fine.
He'll talk.
He must admit he's guilty.
You'll be out soon.
I don't want to stay here.
Nothing will happen to him.
He'll get better.
- Amir, I am so scared.
- Nothing will happen to you.
You won't be here for long.
I promise you'll be out soon.
What if he dies?
He won't. I see him everyday
at the hospital.
He'll be fine.
See you.
Take care of yourself.
Move your toe!
Can you hear me?
Press it down.
- Are you with him?
- Yes.
He's much better.
His movements are improving,
his blood circulation too.
- When will he start talking?
- Very soon.
He is much better.
Heard the doctor?
If you try, you'll talk
in no time.
Come on. Try!
Come on, try harder.
Come on, try harder.
Try harder.
Come on. Try.
See how easily I could kill you?
My sister's freedom is tied
to your life.
Till you confess your crime...
...I won't let you live or die.
Speak up, bastard!
Or else I won't spare you.
Hey, mister!
Do you have any others?
A red one?
- Right there.
- How much?
Tara Neshan!
You have a parcel.
Go and get it.
"For Chotu, from Amir."
Your thumb impression. Here.
Come here.
It's for you.
Just finishing its tongue.
Wanna see?
Speak up!
Isn't it great?
Let me show you.
Like it? It's a cobra. No one
survives it's bite.
See this.
I'll draw it on your backside
next time.
Stay overnight. He has a lab
test tomorrow.
Give him two spoonfuls
every three hours.
- He's breathing better now.
- Okay. Take off his mask.
Get him a new drip.
Drink up. I'll sleep for a while.
Bastard! Having fun!
I'm taking your pillow.
Don't think you need it.
Easy. Lie back down.
Thank you.
What a mess you've made.
My life was screwed anyway.
You made it even worse.
I lost my parents in a car accident
when I was a kid.
My sister Tara raised me.
She was unluckier than me.
Her husband was a bastard.
He only knew how to beat us up.
I was 13 when I left his home.
I wanted to be a big shot like Rahul.
But Rahul had a dirty mind.
Just like you.
Both dogs.
Only difference, he was a rich dog
and you're a poor dog.
He is a pedigree and
you are a stray.
A few more deals and I would've
hit the jackpot.
But you ruined everything, you dog.
Now Tara is rotting in jail.
You better start talking soon!
Tara is my heart and my life.
What do you know about love?
You dirty dog.
Who are you?
What happened to my son? Tell me.
- Are you his family?
- Why can't he speak?
South Indian?
I don't understand.
Do you speak English?
A little.
Are they your family?
Do they know the evil things
you've done?
I'm Akshi's friend.
I'm looking after him.
Please go.
Did you give him
the medicine last night?
Now go. The doctor
is on his way.
Don't come. Go away.
Someone's here to see you.
Open the door!
No one is in. Try tomorrow.
Please check once more.
No one's here. Try tomorrow.
But this is the address.
Come tomorrow. They're out.
What brings you here?
- Who gave you my address?
- The nurse.
Akshi's prescription.
The nurse asked us to bring the
medicines tomorrow.
Father's medicines.
She said to bring them
early in the morning.
Sorry to trouble you.
Please take the money.
It's ok. No problem.
Mother is back.
How are you?
Who gave you this?
What happened?
They said they'd be no decision
till he gets better.
I have to stay here
till he's all right.
- How is he now?
- Improving.
I'll arrange bail.
Bail? Where will you find the money?
I'll manage.
I won't let you stay here.
You'll sell drugs?
I don't want you to stand bail.
What if you get arrested?
- Don't worry. Nothing will happen.
- What else could happen?
Your drugs landed me in here.
I'll get you out on bail.
I know what to do.
I'll cut Akshi to pieces.
I'll get you out of here.
Have some faith in me.
I am sorry to trouble you again.
The hospital wants more medicines.
Help us.
Take the money. Don't refuse us.
For God's sake.
Take the money. Don't say no.
We'll visit Pa tomorrow.
Don't cry, eat.
Asha, don't be scared.
Don't be scared, Asha.
The rain will stop soon.
Tanisha, come closer.
Come, come.
Take. My sister's clothes.
She's out of Mumbai.
I'll sleep in that room.
You sleep here.
Dry yourself or else
you'll catch a cold.
Good morning.
I overslept.
We'll go after breakfast.
We'll go after breakfast.
I made breakfast for us.
Tea? Have some.
A little more.
Come back home tonight.
Stay till Akshi gets well.
Thank you very much.
Asha, let's go.
What is it?
My friend Chotu.
Chow'? Show me.
I knew you'd come back.
I said you had guts.
What do you want?
She's pretty!
Where did you find her?
She won't create a scene?
No, she's an orphan.
That's all?
That's too little for a girl.
You'll have to pay more.
An advance.
Bring the girl and collect the rest.
How much more?
Big mouth!
And what you owe me?
Finish the job. I'll pay.
Don't want trouble.
Yes, boss.
Keep an eye on this bastard.
He's a troublemaker.
What do you want?
- How much?
Chotu loves you so much.
I love him a lot, too.
Tell me what you're in for?
I killed my husband.
The bastard got drunk every night
and beat me.
He even brought whores home.
Easy. Don't think about it.
That's Why I killed him.
He's been here since
he was 3 months old.
Ave Jhumpa!
What's wrong?
Granny fell ill yesterday.
- How come?
- Don't know.
- Where is Asha?
- With father.
Granny isn't well.
I'll take Tanisha and Asha home.
Stay here till Akshi
gets better.
I have a new job tomorrow.
I won't come home for a few days.
We'll go to the pharmacy.
I'll show you how to buy medicines.
I'll pay for them.
- Tanisha.
- Yes?
Tell Granny I won't go to work.
I'll stay here and buy the medicines.
Granny says not to lose
your new job.
I'll figure out how to buy
the medicines.
I can.
Hello! Where are you now?
I've been calling for ages.
I didn't hear the ring.
Near the jetty.
Where is the girl? Is she with you?
She's with me.
Follow me.
You better hide.
Come, please.
Tanisha, it's 0k.
Why aren't you there yet?
Where are you?
You're dangerous.
I can't work with you anymore.
What about the money you took?
Those I took to clear my dues.
Not a good move.
You want all your money?
And I'll collect the rest of the money
from you.
Hey. Come here.
Look here.
I've been calling for hours.
I was sleeping.
There's a new deal. They want to
meet us today.
Lots of money to be made.
Can we trust them? You know them?
Don't worry. Just hurry over.
OK! See you at the station
in half an hour.
- Come on!
- Give me your hand.
You're late.
Get away!
What's wrong? You look worried.
It's nothing. I'm just thinking.
- How's your father?
- Ok.
We'll make big money.
We'll work with them for a bit.
Our lives will be set.
Move to a better home.
Take your father with you.
Forget that now.
This is risky. Aren't you scared?
You're with me. Nothing to fear.
- You know these people, don't you?
- Yes.
- They won't betray us?
- They can be trusted.
What is it?
We'll be rich, you scared monkey!
- Show some guts, my friend.
- Come inside.
- All 0k?
- All well.
Where is he?
Rahul has sent you a message.
Don't hurt him.
Stop! Don't hit him.
Let him go. He'll die. Stop!
Are you crazy?
Stop, bastard!
Let go. My money!
Is it hurting a lot?
Don't worry, it will be all right.
Is it hurting?
Oh God!
You'll be fine.
Be patient, my son.
Go on, eat.
Come on, you must eat.
How are you feeling now?
Don't be scared. He is asleep.
What happened? Go and see.
What happened Asha?
Why are you crying?
Don't touch it, Chotu,
It's dirty. Drop it.
Chotu, don't come near me.
Take it far away.
No, Chotu.
Okay, it's done.
Come here.
What's wrong?
Take a deep breath!
Is anyone there?
Is anyone there? Open the door!
She's dying. Open up!
Is anyone there?
Open the door.
She's dying.
What happened?
Talk to me. What is it?
She's dead.
- She's dead.
- Who's dead?
Chow's mother.
Are you all right'?
I don't want to die.
I don't want to die in here.
Don't want to die
in here, Amir.
I don't want to die here.
Don't want to die in jail.
Why are you saying this?
- Don't want to die here.
- Tara, nothing will happen to you.
Let go of her. Tara, you will
be all right.
Let her go!
Don't want to die here.
Leave her.
Let go off her.
What's going on?
Who let the pigeons out?
She's a little girl.
She didn't do it on purpose.
Forgive her.
Sorry. Asha is a small child.
Forgive her.
She was just playing.
Amir, why are you so angry?
Has something happened to Akshi?
Why are you angry?
Did something happen to Papa?
Nothing has happened to him.
Your father is well.
He is more than fine.
But you know who is not well?
You, me and my sister.
Your father is an animal.
Know what he did to my sister?
He raped her.
He ruined my life.
Your life, my sister's life.
He's ruined everything.
I hate your father. I hate everyone.
I hate you.
My sister is in jail
because of your father.
I hate you all.
Get out of here!
I will rip your wings off.
Get out!
I'll rip you apart.
I, Akshi, take full responsibility
for the incident...
...and the harm caused by it.
Where is your friend?
He's gone to see his mother.
Chotu, you must eat.
Or else your Ma will get upset.
She's watching us from the sky.
Why did she leave me? Why did she
go to the sky?
God took her there.
She isn't sick anymore.
She's much better now.
God gave her a beautiful home.
- Where is her house in the sky?
- On the moon.
The moon? What is moon?
When there's darkness at night
the moon lights up like a big bulb.
Your mother's house is on the moon.
- Will you take me to see it?
- Yes.
- When?
Tell everyone your ring was lost.
I'll come tomorrow after midnight.
Be ready.
Why are you still here? Go.
Where's granny?
With Papa. She said to wait here.
Take care of Asha.
Where is Akshi?
Why are you shouting?
He died half an hour ago.
I'm sorry.
The death certificate. Sign.
Collect his things from the morgue.
Asha! Come with me.
Whos clip is this?
Do you want to may ho?
- Yes.
Bad weather.
The sky is overcast.
I can't see a thing.
Let's go back.
Let's stay for a while.
Impossible. You're my responsibility.
He hasn't eaten for two days.
You know, he has no one.
Let him see the moon tonight.
We'll wait till the clouds
move away from the moon.
A short while.
Not for long.
Ok. Stay here.
I'll return in a few hours.
Thank you.
Come along.
It's windy. A storm is coming.
The wind is very strong.
We'll sit here till the storm passes.
It's very stormy.
Let's sit here.
Sit here. Come.
We'll wait till the storm passes.
Look there. What is it?
A snake?
What is it?
Bring your butterfly here.
Very nice. It's lovely.