Beyond the Gates of Hell (2022) Movie Script

- Paul.
Paul, where are you?
Paul, this isn't funny.
Paul, where are you?
How long a drive is it?
- It's only about 20 minutes
once you get on the freeway.
Well, the way you drive maybe 30.
- Wow.
Well, I can't wait.
- Neither.
I'm excited.
- Wow, honey.
Oh my gosh, look at this place.
It's just what we've been looking for.
- Yeah, I mean, couple DIY projects,
a little bit of elbow grease, definitely.
- Come on, I'll show you around.
And this is the master bedroom.
- Oh, can't wait to break that in later.
- And the kitchen is here.
Which one of you does the cooking?
- Oh, I usually do.
He's often working late at night.
- Well, you should have no trouble
finding your way around in there.
Guest bedroom.
- Oh, it's perfect for
Heather, our daughter.
- Yeah.
- And the basement door
is at the end of the hall.
- Basement? - Huh?
- I didn't know there was a basement.
- We heard basements were
really uncommon in this area.
- Uncommon, yes.
But these old places were built
before the city ordinance
was passed in '74.
So there's still a few around.
And finally, this is the study.
Oh, honey, this is a great place
for you to write your next
great American screenplay.
- You're a writer?
- I mean, I work as a
DP at the studio in town,
but I've written a couple things.
- Don't be so modest.
His last project won two awards
and was picked up by a major network.
- You know, you two really
seem like a nice couple,
which is why I need to be
honest with you about something.
I sort of had an ulterior
motive for coming here today.
- Okay, I'm intrigued.
- I was sort of hoping I could
convince you guys to sell.
- I'm sorry, sell?
- Did the agency tell you
about the history of this place?
- History?
What, what history?
- I, they told us about a couple accidents
that happened a really long time ago.
- Accidents?
What kind of accidents?
- We're required by law to disclose
this type of information up front.
Back in '81, a couple,
much like the two of you lived here.
The husband was a very talented artist,
who also worked in the film business.
However, a few of the town's folk believed
that he was a devil worshiper.
And after a heated
exchange at the local bar
they followed him here and killed him.
Burning him alive in the basement.
- They killed him here?
- Then one year ago, today, a young girl
from the city was found
stabbed to death in the basement.
The authorities blamed her
boyfriend, who was never found.
But if you ask any of
the old timers in the area
they will swear that this house is built
above the very gates of hell.
- Oh, my God.
- Babe, that stuff's way in the past.
I mean how else do you think
we're able to afford this place?
- Which is why the
agency is willing to offer you
a hundred thousand above the sale price.
If you were willing to sell
there's several other great properties
in the area that you
could afford with that.
- Yeah, I'm confused about that.
Why would the agency
put a house up for sale,
sell us the house, and then
try and buy the house back?
- Well, okay, not the agency.
I will give you the hundred thousand.
- What?
- It should be demolished
along with all the other
old rat traps in the area.
Then we could build brand new condominiums.
- Oh, I see.
Well, thank you for the offer.
We plan to stay though.
- Ian, she's offering a hundred K.
I don't think I wanna live
somewhere where people died.
- Babe, all these old houses
have some kind of a history.
Don't believe in that
supernatural bullshit.
Look, we were barely approved
for the loan for this place.
We got lucky.
Just trust me, let's just take the house.
We're gonna be just fine.
Keys, please.
- Suit yourselves, but
don't say, I didn't warn you.
If you should change your minds,
you know where to reach me.
- Absolutely, got it.
- Wait, what about all those headstones
at the edge of the property?
- Oh, those are the original
landowners and their family.
They insisted on being buried on the land.
And this was back before
they had zoning in these parts
so the tombstones are
kind of grandfathered in.
- Wow, thank you so much.
You've been such a fantastic help.
Let me show you outside.
- Spooky.
Why didn't you tell me about the murders?
- Because I know you and
I knew you would freak out
just like you're freaking out right now.
Look at you.
- I'm freaking out
because you didn't tell
me about the murders!
I, I, I didn't know that we were moving
into the Manson house.
- Oh, calm down.
Like we can afford the Manson house.
It's perfectly safe here.
That stuff happened
long, long ago, you know.
- Whatever, Ian, I'm,
I'm not happy about it.
- Okay, well, maybe we can change that.
What if we took a hot shower,
and then broke the mastered bedroom,
and stopped talking about murders?
- Well, you're gonna have
to make it a cold shower
because I'm starving
and there's no food here.
I'm going to the market up the street.
- Well, if there's no food
here, grab me something too.
- Enjoy your shower.
- I will.
This is not working out.
We should have taken money.
Who are you?
What are you doing in my house?
- I'm Jennifer the housekeeper.
- Okay, uh, Sheryl didn't say
anything about a housekeeper.
- Okay, I come with a house.
I cook, I clean, whatever's your pleasure.
- I, excuse me?
- Oh, I hope this is the house.
Not now.
You home?
It's Heather.
Mom, you there?
It's me, Heather.
Hey, Mom.
Can you hear me?
- So weird because I
didn't hear any footsteps,
just right there.
And then she said, "She
came with the house."
- She came with the house?
- I don't know, it was very strange.
It is a really big house.
She has experience cleaning it.
I mean, we definitely need
the help, so I'm not complaining.
- But who pays her?
- That's a really good question.
I have no idea.
Maybe it's like an HOA.
Maybe it's the agency.
I don't know.
Either way calling the plumber
first thing in the morning.
We're getting our water turned on.
- Yeah.
You know, I feel like
we should have a priest
come and bless the house.
- Jesus. - Well, with all the murders
and deaths around, you know,
it's just, it makes me feel so uneasy.
- Jesus Christ, Katrina.
Look, if it makes you feel better
and we can afford it, knock yourself out.
Let's get some sleep, huh?
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Ian, Ian, I think I heard
something downstairs.
Ugh, who owns that stupid dog?
Good morning, followers.
It's Godly Gloria here
on another glorious Sunday
morning on K God Radio.
We got a slew of spiritual
hits coming up this hour.
Sure to get you singing in tongues.
But first this quick
message from our sponsors.
- Praise the Lord.
Such a beautiful day today.
Thank you Lord for
everything that you give us,
for all that you do.
We just, we just thank you.
Uh, can I help you?
- Are you the new owner of this land?
Yes, I am.
- I'm Henrietta.
I live just, just up the road a ways.
I wonder, would you,
would you mind terribly
if I came in and just sat for a while?
It's so hot outside
the heat is gonna gimme a spell.
Yeah, sure.
Come on in.
- Ah, yes, indeed.
I see you haven't done
much with the place yet.
- I'd offer you something to drink
but the plumber hasn't been here.
We don't have any water.
No matter I
won't be here but a short while.
Now I come with a message.
- A message?
What, what kind of message?
- From beyond the gates of hell,
this place is cursed.
It's sits on top of one of
the seven gateways of hell.
There was a young man, a
warlock and his beautiful bride
and they were brutally
murdered here not long ago.
And now his soul damns
this place for all eternity.
- Did you say that there
were seven gateways?
- Yes.
Portals to hell.
Each one sealed with a
building on top just like this.
Sometimes, sometimes there are leaks.
And those spirits,
those spirits, they come,
they come sneaking in through those cracks.
And you know when
enough of them come inside,
well, they can open the
gateway all by themselves.
- Don't you think this all
sounds a bit ridiculous?
- Yes, I warned the others.
The others that were here
in this place before you
and they laughed too.
They didn't listen.
And it was such a
pity what happened to them.
Now, missy, you need hear my words.
I saw the devil himself
with my own goddamn eyes
and he made goddamn sure
that was the last that
my eyes ever did see.
- Wait, are you blind?
I thought you said you noticed
we hadn't done anything with the place.
I have to take that.
Oh God, the reception here is just awful.
Uh, you know.
- Happy Sunday.
You've reached Old Mills
Church, Father Tom speaking.
Well, of course I'd be
more than happy to do that.
What's the address?
Okay, wonderful.
I could be out there later today.
Well, you have a blessed day.
- Witches, goblins, warlocks,
you can't be serious, right?
- The fact still remains that
he was murdered in our house,
and the wife just disappeared.
You don't find
that all a little bit freaky?
- No, because I'm not superstitious.
His wife probably left
him for someone else.
Maybe the housekeeper.
And didn't we hear stories?
He didn't get along with locals.
Remember hearing about the fights
and the confrontations with the locals?
- I called a priest this morning.
He should be by later
today to bless the house.
- After he does this blessing of the house,
do you think we can move
on from all the black magic
and just get on with our lives?
- I'll do my best.
- That's a start.
Except that, I did call
the plumber this morning.
They can't make it until tomorrow though,
so we need to pick up some
bottled water on the way home
just so we have something
to make it through tonight.
- This dream home is
becoming a bit of a nightmare.
- I'll drink to that.
- Freaky looking thing.
- We wanna give thanks to this home.
Now you sanctify this home
that we may set it apart for your glory.
May this house become of glory
in your temple of your
praise, in your name.
Your name will be prayed!
There's a demonic presence.
We need a,
God and the Holy Spirit.
Most glorious Prince of the Heavenly Armies
Saint Michael the
Archangel to fight our battle
against powers and the rulers against him.
- Oh my God, you scared me.
- Sorry, madam.
- Uh, has anybody been
by the house earlier?
I'm expecting my daughter
and I can't get ahold of her.
- No, ma'am.
Except for that so-called man of God.
- Okay, um, well the
plumber hasn't been by yet
so if you need any bottled
water, you're welcome to it.
- This is for you Lord Satan.
- Somebody's gotta end this curse.
It's time to change history.
Hey, it's Heather.
You know what to do.
- What's going on?
What's that?
- It's Heather's phone.
I, I found Heather's phone.
I, I found it in the basement.
Bitch, Jennifer lied to me.
I know Heather was here.
I know she was.
- If she was here, where is she?
- I don't know, I don't know.
But I, I know this is her phone.
What, what young woman would be caught dead
without her phone on her?
- Maybe there's an explanation for this.
You know, like the time
I tried to use power drill.
She probably cut herself
and she went to go get some Band-Aids,
but we don't have any,
so she left and forgot her phone.
- Don't be so goddamn naive!
You never believe me!
There is something messed
up going on in this house
and I want to leave.
- You know what?
Fine, we'll leave!
You win.
I am so sick at fighting
about this with you.
This house is weird,
so we'll go to the agency
first thing in the morning.
Okay, first thing in the morning.
But right now I need to get some sleep.
I had meetings all day, no shower, okay?
So I don't need all the extra stress.
My God.
Uh, oh, my God.
- You know, I found an old
doll in the road earlier today.
- That's a doll?
- Yeah, it was just this old antique doll
just lying in the middle of nowhere.
- Huh?
That's weird and creepy.
Do you think some kid like
threw it out the car window?
- Yeah, I mean, what child would play
with such an old antique thing?
What was that?
- Uh, just stay calm.
Probably just the house settling.
- Look, I'm, I'm sorry.
She, she never showed
for work this morning.
If I hear from her, can
I give you a call or?
- What's with that dog
barking all night long?
I thought we were the only
house for like three miles.
- A dog?
- Whatever, I'm not waiting around.
We are getting out of
this hell hole tonight.
- Katrina, wait for me.
- Hello.
Anybody home?
I'm here to fix your pipes.
- Look, I just wanna grab
a few things from home,
and then we'll go to the hotel tonight,
and we hit up the agency in morning, okay?
- Oh, plumber's here.
I forgot.
- What he's here?
- Yes, there's he's van.
- All right, let's go.
- Someone there?
- Hey, anybody in here?
Oh, my God!
Shit, oh, my God!
- Oh, oh, my God, what do we do?
- Oh, this, shit.
- Oh my God, Ian, they're
blocking the driveway.
They're blocking our car.
- I know, I know.
Come on, come on, come on.
- Wait, where are you going?
- The basement, we'll
be safe in the basement.
Come on!
No, we gotta get out of here!
We can't get out!
Dammit, come on.
Oh, my God.
They're at the windows!
- I can't get a signal.
Dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit.