Beyond the Hills (2012) Movie Script

Beyond the hills
Stay there!
Come on, calm down.
Alina, let me go.
People are looking.
Did you write this?
It looks like your writing.
No. Father put it up last year.
I've not told anyone yet.
Don't start talking before I explain.
Why didn't you tell them?
Father was busy,
I didn't get a chance to talk to him.
An electric candle.
but we don't have electricity here.
I'll keep it anyway. It's pretty.
Is this all your stuff?
I gave the rest away.
Do you have suitcases?
I've got some big sacks there.
Want to lie down a bit?
Let's go and wash, then.
- Can I help?
- No.
It's been my duty since I came.
- What has?
- Getting water.
We're very organised here.
In the morning,
Papa tells each of us what to do,
and Mama helps us, if needed.
You call the priest 'Papa'?
When there are people around
we also call him 'Father'.
That was done by a painter
Papa brought for the Church.
It was more like a test.
We couldn't find enough money.
That's all he painted in the end.
Too bad.
May we be blessed.
God bless.
- Mama, this is Alina.
- Welcome.
Sister Elisabeta.
Sister Pahomia.
- Sister Antonia.
- Sister lustina.
Voichita, take this and go see
Father in the church.
Will you stay with the girls?
Go on, nobody's going to bite her.
Bless me, Father.
Get some clay and stick it round
the edges. Smoke is escaping.
Finish by tomorrow evening,
Mr Dima's coming.
- Understand?
- Yes.
What is it?
I wanted to ask you something.
So ask.
It's about Alina,
who lives in Germany now.
My friend from the orphanage.
Hasn't she arrived?
Yes. She's in the kitchen,
with Mama and the girls.
But she's...
How can I put this...
It's really tough for her
there in Germany,
she's all alone with her thoughts.
She's so lonely.
She doesn't even have a shoulder to cry on.
Is she a believer?
Well, she goes to church
every now and then, but...
Does she go to confession?
I don't think so.
She's been in Germany for years.
So how does she expect to find peace
if she doesn't go to confession or mass?
What she wants is
not to be alone any more.
At the orphanage, we were together
all the time. She's all alone now
and it's really tough for her.
You can be surrounded
by all the people in the world,
but if you don't have God
in your soul...
I told her, Papa, but...
she says I should go to her.
Otherwise she's afraid
of what might happen.
She asked you to go?
Just until she gets over these thoughts
and quiets down a bit.
I thought you'd chosen
your path in life.
I have.
I was telling you what she wants.
I'd come back
as soon as she got better.
The way of Jesus is not like this.
You can't be His servant
just from time to time.
Continuity is essential
in our spiritual realm.
You can't stop for a break
when you feel like it.
You understand?
Yes, Papa.
You see, the man who leaves is not
the same when he returns.
Yes, Papa.
Mr Valerica found a painter
for the Church.
- How much?
- 100 million.
We can't afford it now.
Should I ask Mr Dima?
- Ask him what?
- About the painter.
Don't bother Mr Dima with this.
The construction is one thing,
but to pay for the painting, too...
He'll send someone
to lay cement tomorrow.
If he finds a spare car
and if it's not too cold.
If it's cold, we'd better wait
till it gets warmer.
We need it by Easter.
Of course.
If only God would send us
good weather! Lord!
It's getting warmer.
Oh, and the gas cylinder is empty.
Change it when you take the food
for the children.
We'll need money, Father.
Isn't there anything left?
No. I bought towels and chains
for the dog. He keeps breaking them.
You'd better get padlocks
to fix it.
I got padlocks, too.
Did those folks pay us for the borsh?
Mr Valerica said
now they want eggs, too.
How many will we take
to the orphanage?
Pretty much all of them.
Tell them we'll give them eggs
after Easter.
It's for Easter they need.
- We have to give to the children.
- Of course.
Ask him.
And the gas cylinder?
Ask for it on credit.
If not, we'll cook over a fire.
We don't even have much wood.
We'll take wood from the forest.
Papa, could Alina come
to town with us?
She needs some documents.
Is there room in the car?
Yes, we can put the food
in the trunk.
Are you changing your ID?
No. They're papers
for working in Germany.
In Germany?
Well, I've never left the country,
but I don't regret it.
I'd go visit
the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.
But not the West.
I'll tell you why:
the West has lost the true faith.
There's nothing sacred left.
Everything's allowed.
Men marry men,
women marry women,
drugs everywhere.
Even the Church isn't
what it used to be.
I'm all for tolerance,
but within reason.
Do they have churches
where you live?
- Yes. But not our kind.
- Pardon?
They're not Orthodox.
For a true believer even entering
a non-orthodox church is a sin.
But the poor people
no longer think about this.
They go wherever they can,
to earn money, for their kids.
Meanwhile, children grow up
without mothers or fathers,
and we wonder why
such terrible things happen.
Well, of course, there's nobody
to guide these children,
to take them to church,
to teach them good from evil.
So you couldn't go to confession...
You'd better come and confess, then.
It's Lent soon,
so it's the right thing to do.
Come tomorrow morning.
When sins are forgiven, man finds peace.
You'll see.
That's true.
Let's pray now.
You've got a fever.
You probably sat
in a draught on the train.
I'd need a rub-down.
- I don't have any rubbing alcohol.
- I do.
It's better on your bed.
- We're not sleeping together?
- No.
Why not?
It's against monastery rules.
It's not right.
Lent is coming, you have to be careful.
That Antonia...
Why was she staring at you?
- Was she staring?
- Yes. As if... you know.
She wasn't really...
Are you two close friends?
I don't have close friends here.
We help each other, that's all.
Why did he ask me to confess?
It's good for you. It'll calm you.
God is good and forgives you
but you have to confess your sins first,
so you can move on.
You have to tell everything
at confession.
You told everything?
You don't give details,
just which sins you committed.
- How old is Father?
- Papa?
About 30 or so.
Don't call him 'Papa'.
They say Father saw an angel,
and that's why he became a monk.
Where did he see it?
He was working in a power plant
and an angel appeared.
What did it look like?
I don't know.
He doesn't speak about such things with us.
It's been really hard
without you, Voichita.
That's enough for now, I'm tired.
Put this on, don't catch cold.
I'll pray.
Well, pray, then.
Wait a minute.
- Papa?
- Yes?
I've come with Alina.
One minute.
He's coming.
Why is it forbidden to wear trousers
to confession?
It's not forbidden,
it's just not proper.
Do I kiss his hand?
Don't worry.
He will tell you what to do.
What is he doing in there?
They say Father has an icon in the altar
that works miracles.
If you pray to it,
will it fulfil all wishes?
Tell him everything, OK?
How was it?
What's wrong?
You've got a fever.
Come on, lie down a minute.
Are you ready? It's late!
Right away!
Stay here and rest.
I'll go alone.
And my diploma?
I'll take care of it. You go rest!
- Are you coming?
- Yes.
Tell Vali
they've brought the food.
- How is it going?
- OK.
Hello, Mother.
How are you, Camelia?
Come and take the food.
Mother, did you speak to Father?
Father would be happy to take you,
but we don't have room.
If Sister Pahomia leaves,
then maybe.
I have to leave the orphanage
next month.
Why don't you ask the director
to keep you on?
I'm too old for this place already.
She can't help me.
When we finish the new cells
we'll have room.
When will that be?
It depends on the money we get.
But so far...
Does Sister Pahomia
want to leave, Mama?
She says not, but she's always
talking to her husband,
so I think she'll go home.
Didn't he beat her?
She said so
but he's her husband after all.
If she goes, can I come?
I think so.
There's enough work there.
Work is fine.
But I can't give any money.
Father wouldn't ask you for money.
He knows you're from the orphanage.
How is Valentin?
He'll leave hospital tomorrow.
I brought him a cake.
Can you give it to him?
Of course.
I'll stay.
I have to get Alina's papers.
Fine. God bless.
- God bless!
- God bless you, Camelia!
Careful of the mud.
Has Alina arrived?
Is her brother here?
No. He got a job washing cars.
Did you speak to the headmistress
like I asked?
No. Her husband is sick in hospital.
Do you miss this place?
Are you coming in?
No, I'm busy.
- Bye, then!
- Bye!
Where do you want to travel?
- To Germany.
- For what purpose?
To visit a friend.
For how long?
I'm not sure yet.
Did you take Mr Neamtu's file?
You know you must return
after three months?
I'll stay less.
- Any income?
- What?
Do you have money for the border?
I think so.
My friend is sorting that.
It's Luciana's birthday!
Don't forget!
Isn't she a Libra?
It's her 'Name Day'.
She's also called Valentina.
How will you provide for yourself
in Germany?
I'll work.
Doing what?
I'm not sure yet.
Waitress on a boat, maybe.
- On a boat?
- Yes.
Legally employed?
I think so.
Hand me that file
with the photos.
- Which Luciana do you mean?
- From accounts...
Ah, from accounts!
I was thinking of Mrs Nistor.
No, not Mrs Nistor.
You know she's getting divorced?
Her husband fell in love
with another woman. Just 25.
They say the girl used witchcraft.
Mrs Nistor is trying now
to break the spell and curse this girl.
God forbid!
Mind that your wife doesn't find
a young lad and leaves you.
She wouldn't leave.
She put me on a diet.
Well, see!
Didn't Mrs Nistor's husband
have a two-way anus?
You know how love is...
Do you know a German called Pfaff?
- Yes.
- Where from?
From the orphanage,
I grew up at the lulia Hasdeu orphanage.
What did he do there?
He brought aid from abroad.
Did he ever ask you
to work in Germany?
Did he take photos?
What kind of photos?
All kinds...
I see.
Want to file a complaint?
None of you'd file a complaint but
when it happens you come crying to us.
Goddamn computer...
Throw it away!
It cost 14 million.
What's your occupation now?
I'm a nun
at the New Hill Monastery.
- A nun?
- Yes.
- So why go to Germany?
- To help my friend.
I thought nuns just prayed all day long.
We do other things, too.
Sign there.
Don't believe everything
you're told.
There's all kinds of people.
What's up?
Feeling better?
What's this, Alina?
Your luggage.
Why are you packing for me?
You know I can't stand
people going through my stuff.
Do it yourself, then!
Why are you undressed?
You're sick.
Any cotton wool?
Up there.
Alina, you went to confession
like that?
It's a terrible sin, you know.
Did you get my diploma?
No. She wouldn't give it to me.
- I really need it.
- On Monday.
Our tickets are for Monday.
We'll change them.
And the bus tickets to Germany?
Voichita, we need to be there
on Thursday,
or we'll miss the boat.
Alina, I spoke to Father.
If I leave, he won't take me back.
- What?
- That's what he said.
- So what?
- What do you mean?
We said we'd be together from now on.
Why come back?
Yes, but I didn't say
we'd go on a boat.
Where else can we go?
Alina, I chose a different path,
I can't walk out and cut myself off.
What other path?
The path that means
I'll never be alone.
Alone? You'll be with me.
Without God in your soul, whoever
you're with, you'll still be on your own.
Voichita, what are you saying?
You're all I have.
I don't need anyone else.
It shouldn't be like that.
Alina, people come and go.
Only God is always with you.
You think it wasn't hard for me
when you left?
It was tough. Really tough.
But God helped me
and I found comfort here, a home
with Mama and Papa.
Voichita, you said I'm your family.
And now I need your help.
I'm going crazy alone out there.
Just like I helped you in the orphanage.
And didn't I help you, Alina?
Voichita, do you still love me?
I love you, but not like before.
How, then?
I don't know.
It's different.
How do you mean, 'different'?
Because I'm different now, Alina.
- I've got someone else in my soul now.
- Who?
Who is in your soul, besides me?
What's happened to you?
People change, Alina.
The man who leaves isn't the same
when he returns.
Voichita, do you love this Father?
- How can you ask that?
- Do you fuck him?
Is that it?
How did he mess you up so badly?
I pity you, Alina,
that you can't understand.
I don't know how to help you.
It's you that needs help.
It's you.
Unpack my things, please.
Come on, boy!
We offer this communion
to your servant,
the body and blood of the Lord
our God, Jesus Christ...
for the forgiveness of our sins
and eternal life.
What is it, Alina?
Is there anything funny
in what we do?
- Do you want communion?
- No.
I'm dirty.
It's her time of the month, Father.
Then please wait outside.
- You're kicking me out of church?
- Alina!
God is for everyone, not just for you!
Alina, if you're troubled,
get out and quiet down.
I'll come soon and talk to you.
Close the door.
What's wrong with her?
She's troubled, Papa,
but it will pass.
Did she tell me everything
at confession?
I don't know, Papa.
talk to her,
see what's wrong.
It's due to her confession.
She's trying to jump down the well!
She banged her head on the well
then leaned over it.
step away from the well!
My God, what's wrong with her?
- Alina...
- Leave me alone!
Alina, come back from the well.
Let's talk. Maybe you forgot something
during confession.
Did you?
Tell us, Alina!
If you do, you'll feel better,
you'll see.
God protect us!
Come on, calm down.
- Let go of me!
- Stop, Alina!
Keep hold of her!
Calm down! We'll go!
It's OK.
Calm down!
God forbid!
What's wrong with her?
I don't know, Father.
Let's take her to the cells!
Have you calmed down?
Get her some shoes.
Are you OK, sister?
My glasses?
You think she's been hiding
a greater sin?
- Did you mention self-abuse?
- My God!
I'll kill you!
Get the rope from the bells!
We should get her to hospital!
Run and tell Mr Valerica
to call an ambulance.
Please send an ambulance.
We've a sick girl.
She's suffocating,
and she's very agitated.
25 years old.
Ringhis Alina.
Smighelski Voichita.
The girl who's sick is called Ringhis.
Yes, like that.
The New Hill Monastery.
Yes, that's the address.
How can we bring her in?
We're a monastery.
Tie her up!
They said to pray for her,
there's no ambulance.
Antonia, you try and convince them.
Madam, I was a nurse.
This girl needs to go to hospital.
I can't possibly give her
an injection here!
She's having convulsions,
a kind of epileptic fit.
Yes, she's also bleeding.
My Lord, what happened, Father?
We must get her to hospital!
They don't have
an ambulance now.
Let's take her ourselves,
you can die waiting for them!
Let's go, then! Help me lift her!
We're going to hospital!
Calm down, Alina!
Calm down!
Tell the doctor
to come down a minute.
Sandra! Call the doctor.
- Good evening.
- What is it?
They're with a sick girl
and were sent back from psychiatry.
- Where is she?
- In the car.
- Bring her in.
- They say she's violent.
Bring a trolley.
Come on.
- Good evening.
- What happened?
We've brought a girl
who's extremely agitated.
- Where is she?
- They're bringing her now.
Calm down.
- Who tied her up like this?
- Father did.
She wanted to throw herself
in the well.
Why did you gag her?
She was biting, spitting, swearing.
How old is she?
24. She'll be 25 this March.
The poor thing!
Careful, Doctor, she hit us all!
What's wrong with her?
We don't know. It came on suddenly.
One minute she's crying,
then she's laughing.
Make room in the ward.
Tell Sandra to get a haloperidol
and a diazepam shot ready.
God protect her!
Calm down, Alina!
Come on, it's OK.
Behave, now!
God, she's got such power!
Can we untie her now?
Wait for it to take effect.
She's 15.
She jumped from a window
because she didn't have her period.
May God help her.
- Gina, where's my mobile?
- It's charging.
Come and fill in the forms.
Yes, Doctor.
Can we have her details?
You go.
Can't you see what's wrong with her?
Better you keep her
and pray for her.
At the orphanage,
they took you to church?
Once they took us on a trip
to a monastery.
Apart from that, it was up to us
if we went on Sundays.
And did she go?
Now and then, but not often.
Who knows what hidden sins
she's paying for now.
She's less of a sinner than girls
who spend all day in church.
You said the boys made you
do stuff.
But not Alina.
She'd beat them up,
nobody could get her.
That's why she learned karate.
Did she beat you up?
She protected me.
- What did she want in exchange?
- Nothing.
We were friends, that's all.
Something must be wrong with her.
Back home I had a neighbour
who woke up one night
to find her husband staring at her,
but his eyes had changed.
Usually hazel,
they were now black.
And he spoke with a changed voice.
She asked him,
"What's up with you?"
He didn't reply.
Next day, he didn't remember a thing.
They were building a block of flats
over an old cemetery.
God forbid!
What was she doing in Germany?
She did housework,
she worked in a bar...
I hope she didn't join some cult.
What kind of bar?
I don't know.
Just a bar. She worked as a waitress.
Didn't she find you a job
over there?
You want to get rid of me?
My cousin wants to join a monastery,
but in Bucharest they asked for money,
and she can't pay.
Ask Sister Pahomia.
Ask me what?
You're getting back with your husband?
No! Who told you that?
He's always thinking I'll go back
but I don't want another child.
If God decided to take my boy,
then what can I do?
At least here,
I'm closer to him.
Poor thing.
God bless.
From Mrs Dima.
go with lustina
and set the table.
Get chairs from Mr Valerica,
if you need them.
Where are the new towels?
In the bathroom.
Wrap the bread in them.
And put clean towels in the bathroom.
After mass,
can I visit Alina in hospital?
Tie the dog up,
he broke his chain again.
Voichita, stop bringing dogs in,
will you?
Prepare these.
As for the hospital,
wait until Father arrives.
Mama, they're alive!
This is how fish are best.
After you.
Ah, headmistress!
How nice to see you!
Hi, Voichita, how are you?
I'm fine...
You went to get Alina's diploma?
Yes, she's in hospital now.
What's wrong with her?
We don't know.
I'll see her today.
Want me to drive you there?
I'll ask Mother if I can go.
- How's her brother?
- He found a job.
Irina's had a baby!
Ah! Boy or girl?
A boy.
Congratulations! What's his name?
so it works both here and there.
She's in Brisbane, waiting for me
to come and help.
When do you leave?
I should have left,
but I must look after my husband now.
What's wrong with him?
He's very sick.
The doctors said to prepare
for the worst.
Don't despair. God is great and miracles
are possible if you have faith.
My husband has throat cancer,
and it's metastatic.
It doesn't matter.
My sister-in-law had cancer,
and she came to Father to pray for her,
now she's safe and sound.
Each case is different.
Father has a great gift,
speak to him, maybe he can help.
Father will be here soon.
He's at the bishopric.
He sent word he'd be late,
It's OK, we're not in a hurry.
It's hard. Since he gave up his salary,
they're not fond of him over there,
they're watching his every move.
Do you think the Bishop
won't consecrate the church,
just because it's not painted?
That's life. We have to carry on,
as God desires.
sit down until Father arrives.
Don't worry,
I'll come back another day.
As you wish...
Can I go into town with the headmistress?
She'll drive me.
OK, go.
God bless you.
God bless.
How are you?
Put a coat on.
You want to die?
It's no big deal.
Do you have any money?
Your sister is in hospital.
We should get her some food.
Go get some money.
They won't give me any.
Want to see her?
Will they let you leave?
I think so.
Go and ask.
Ask them for some money.
Hey, tell the boss I'm going out.
Call the nurse. Say she woke up.
See, if you pray...
How do you feel?
Do you want some water?
Anything hurt?
Don't you ever leave me alone again!
I won't.
What did you say to wake her?
I don't know.
How are you?
You got us all worried.
What's your name?
Let her speak.
- Alina.
- What?
- Alina.
- Alina what?
Where are you from, Alina?
From Razboieni.
That's why you're such a fighter...
- Hungry?
- No.
- Thirsty?
- No.
Does anything hurt?
And what do you do at the monastery?
- I came to get her.
- Louder!
- She came to see me.
- Yeah?
We were roommates at the orphanage.
And where do you live now?
With a foster family...
Let her answer.
My official address
is with a family in Sintesti.
But now I live in Germany.
In Germany?
And what did you do in Germany?
I worked.
And you missed home.
No. It's her I missed.
So you're going back to Germany?
We're going to go and work on a boat.
On a boat? Fantastic!
But tell me, Alina,
why did you attack the nurses?
Or don't you remember?
Go back to your own beds.
Let me speak to the girl.
Tell me, Alina,
do you sometimes hear voices?
Or have the impression
that someone is following you?
Sometimes, yeah,
maybe I hear a voice.
Since when?
For a while.
And do you hear it now?
Now, no.
And what did that voice tell you?
It told me what to do.
So you heard it before you came
to the monastery.
She used to hear her dad's voice.
And where is your father?
He hanged himself when she was 6.
Can you untie me now?
Be patient. We'll untie you a bit later.
I need to go to the toilet.
remove her straps.
I'm not.
You know what power she has?
Did you hear what I asked?
Prepare a haloperidol
and remove the straps.
Doctor, can we stop giving her
And see how she behaves?
Great! You're telling me
how to do my job!
Behave yourself, OK?
Come on, eat.
Thank you.
I spoke to Mr Valerica.
He could stay there and work for him.
Put a blanket for him
in the new cells tonight.
Then tomorrow we shall see.
Yes, Mama.
Thank you.
Come on, Father is waiting.
What did the doctor say?
He said she'll be OK,
but that she needs peace and quiet.
Did he say
what was wrong with her?
He said that you or Mama
should speak to him.
Go and talk to him, Mother.
Yes, Father.
But he said that God knows
how these diseases work.
He says he knows you.
When you played sports...
Papa, when they let her out of hospital,
can we keep her until she's better?
She has nowhere else to go.
There's no room even for us,
let alone taking in others.
I'll take care of her, Papa,
if you let her stay.
Where will she sleep?
With me.
What about medication and food?
She's got some money
with the family she used to stay with.
This isn't a hotel, or an asylum...
This is a place for those with Christ
in their hearts.
If you don't have Him,
or worse, have somebody else,
you'd better not come
and disturb the others.
Do you understand?
Papa, but if we let her stay,
she might find God
and everything will sort itself out.
And if not?
I want to help her
but I don't want a scandal
in the monastery.
People watch us closely.
I'm the only person
she has to take care of her.
Just until she's a little better,
OK. But you're responsible for her.
If she causes trouble, you leave, too.
- Mark my words.
- Yes, Papa.
You can go.
What time is it?
It's 11:00.
What day is today?
I brought you some oranges.
Mother Elena says, "Get well soon".
I called her on your mobile.
- How's my brother?
- OK.
Father let him stay.
He'll send him to a monastery.
- Did they call me from Germany?
- Nobody called you.
- You spoke to the doctor?
- Yeah.
When do they let me out?
Mama went to see him.
What's wrong with me?
He said you need rest.
They gave me some pills.
You also need peace and quiet
so you don't get worse.
There's no peace and quiet here.
Alina, I spoke to Father.
You can stay with us
so I can take care of you.
But you need to behave,
or they'll kick us out.
And can I sleep with you?
If you behave.
But first of all,
you need to let God into your heart,
if you want to get better.
How do I let Him in?
He won't come if He's not welcome.
If you need Him, fine, if not,
He won't bother you
until one day when you realise
how much you need Him.
So what should I do?
You should pray,
recognise your sins,
avoid committing them.
And then will you love me again?
But I love you, Alina.
What matters is that God will love you.
Then you'll see how much better
you feel.
I'd just rather you loved me.
I love you, too,
but that can't compare
to the love of God.
Wait a minute.
Will you take her home, Mother?
Is she healed, Doctor?
No, but she won't get any better here.
What's wrong with her, Doctor?
Difficult to say.
But on top of her illness
she has a lung infection.
We don't know from where.
Have you seen her behaviour?
We were terrified of her.
She's on medication now.
So she's within the...
normal parameters.
But she needs a lot of rest to recover,
and must be kept under observation.
Is it something serious?
Serious, well...
These goddamn illnesses don't kill you
but they don't let you live.
Shouldn't she stay, then?
Mother, I'd keep her here
but they're renovating the new wing,
and you can see how crowded we are.
In her condition,
to make her share a bed
would only make things worse.
She'll rest better in the monastery,
you know.
I think it'd be quieter there.
I don't know...
She'll get the same treatment
as in here.
You know best.
Will Father take her in?
If he has to, he will.
I think it'd be better for her.
Patients here are sick,
some even die now and then.
She needs to be kept away
from stress now.
As you say, Doctor.
OK, then that's settled.
I'll prescribe
two medicines.
You can get them from the pharmacy.
One is expensive, the other is cheap.
You'll sort it out.
Zyprexa and...
The pharmacy is on
Steven the Great Boulevard.
Your name, please.
- My real name on my ID?
- For the records.
Sign that you agree to take her.
Give her one Zyprexa per day
and Levomepromazine three times a day.
And get her to read the Scriptures,
it'll help.
I start saying the alphabet: A.
Pe... Pendant. "Nt",
you lose!
What's a pheasant?
I said "pendant", not pheasant!
God bless!
They've let you go already?
Can you boil some water, please?
The doctor said
it's best for her to rest here.
Very well, then.
Sit down until I prepare your bath.
Father's been busy,
he hasn't blessed your cell yet.
Where is Father?
In the church.
Wait for me here, OK?
She said she wants to confess.
She says she wants
to find peace and calm.
If she confesses,
I'll have to make her do penance.
I told her, Papa.
She's very weak at the moment.
Yes, Papa, but maybe it will help her.
What did the doctor say?
He sent you this.
Pray for his family.
Wait a minute.
Read her the list of sins.
Explain them to her.
Mark down each one she's committed.
When you've finished,
come to confession.
Thank you.
I shall bless your cell
to banish all evil.
Thank you, Papa.
Having this list of sins,
we can discover the ones
we've committed,
being unaware that we were sinning.
How many are there?
Write them down.
During confession,
you might not remember all the sins,
it's like the Devil takes your mind
and you forget.
- Shall we begin?
- Go ahead.
The simplest way is to take
a pen and paper,
and mark down the sins
you have committed.
Before you came here,
did you go to confession?
If you can't say everything,
it's better not to confess.
If you omit sins
the ones you confess won't be forgiven
and the punishment doubles.
She'll manage.
Come on, read.
I lost faith in God's help and pity.
If you doubted God exists
and He can help you.
If you don't understand,
don't be ashamed to ask.
It's shameful to commit a sin,
not to acknowledge it.
May I?
I thought God won't forgive me
and being sinful
I would be sent to Hell.
Write the number. It's easier.
Like that: 2.
Let her do it her way.
OK. Say the number of each sin, OK?
3. I believed that my salvation
is something for God to decide.
If you haven't thought about salvation
it's also a sin.
I believed God forgot me
and wouldn't help me.
5. I believed there is much evil
in the world, and God does nothing.
So why doesn't He do anything?
So you thought about it.
Mark it down.
Don't keep stopping, read!
You read. I'll write them on this
and rub it out later.
You've got an eraser?
I doubted the existence of God,
Heaven, Hell, angels, demons,
because I had never seen them.
7. I doubted the Holy Scriptures.
I do not believe in the miracles
in the Scriptures.
I insulted, trod upon
or cast aside holy books.
9. I cannot bear to speak of God.
I had dark moments
when I could not hear words of faith.
10. I blasphemed against God,
the saints, the Holy Virgin, etc.
11. I have had too great faith
in the pity of God,
believing that God will forgive me,
12. I have had thoughts of suicide.
13. I have smoked or taken drugs.
Smoking and drugs are suicide.
14. I swore and doubted holy things:
the church, icons,
votive candles, frankincense, etc.
15. I'm easily upset, I lost my temper
with those close to me.
16. I hated and yelled at others,
I argued and sought argument
with others.
17. I took revenge
instead of seeking forgiveness.
18. I spoke ill
of those close to me.
19. I cannot stand those
who do me injustice.
20. I have blasphemed
and insulted the saints.
21. I have hit people with my fists,
spat at others.
Will you sing for me?
Sleep, little one, go to sleep
So peaceful are the birds and sheep
Quiet the meadow and the trees
Even the buzzing of the bees
The silvery moonbeams all so bright
Down through the window give light
O'er you the moonbeams will creep
Sleep my little one, go to sleep
Good night, darling, good night
- Did he give you permission?
- Yes.
- And penance?
- 1,000 prostrations and fasting.
You must bow before the Virgin Mary
33 times, then make a mark.
Here's the pen and paper.
Carry on until you finish.
If you get tired, stop and rest.
- Yes.
- Good.
Where is Father?
In my cell.
Come quick!
Sister Antonia has fainted!
Bring some water!
- What's wrong?
- Sister Antonia is sick.
Father, Antonia was chopping wood
and she found a black cross
in that pine log.
Down there.
And the hens haven't laid a single egg!
Calm down! It's OK.
Carry on with your tasks,
and enough of this rubbish
about signs.
What do we do with the log?
Burn it, what else!
- What time is it?
- 2:00.
- Is it snowing?
- A little.
You want me to stay?
As you like.
From here...
My Lord, my Lord,
why have You forsaken me?
Far am I from my redemption,
brought further by my mistakes.
My Lord, I call You in the day-time
but You turn not your gaze towards me.
You, reside among the glory of Israel.
In You our fathers put their faith.
And in their faith You forgave them.
To You they called out
in You they trusted.
And in You they found no shame.
And I...
What happened?
Why aren't you sleeping?
What are you doing here?
I have to read the Scriptures.
Now, at night?
Yes, it's required.
And you're reading together?
Leave me alone.
I thought you were sleeping.
Don't leave me like that again!
It's time to sleep.
- Are you coming?
- I have to read.
I'm not going on my own.
Alina, I'll be right here.
- You want to stay while we read?
- Yes.
OK, stay here.
Put this on.
Sister, fix the stove,
smoke is still escaping.
All right, sister.
The Devil's in her!
We must tell Father!
Calm down!
What did she say?
Awful things!
And in a changed voice.
I'll speak to her!
Don't say anything to Father!
My Lord!
Take Alina and go to see Father.
- Where is he?
- In his cell.
Come in!
Sit down.
Alina, how can I put this.
In a monastery,
one must free oneself
of all worldly things.
In order to think only of God
and to live in His Holy Grace,
one must forget about
Money is the eye of the Devil, they say.
One must renounce one's love
for people, too, to focus only on God.
And why?
So that there's nothing leading one back
to life and temptations.
The Devil is very cunning.
He makes you desire things
so that you might become his slave.
You think you're satisfying yourself,
but you're satisfying him.
If you ever wish to take this path,
we will accept you with open arms.
But you must renounce
all that you have in the world.
Money and possessions
must be brought here.
As you've seen,
we're like a family.
Each person brings what they can.
But I don't believe you're ready
to take this step.
So go and think about it,
rest yourself,
and when you've made a decision,
come here and tell me.
What have I done, Father?
It's not about what you've done.
Monastery life is for those
who choose this path.
You seem undecided about your path
and you trouble the others.
Do you understand?
Mr Valerica's waiting for you.
When you've packed,
you can set off.
Wait for me outside.
You're coming with me, right?
You may go with her.
Papa, but where can she go?
Didn't she have a foster family?
She left there years ago.
They only keep her things.
I don't know. Go and see.
Papa, with God's help,
she'll get better if she stays here.
You can't force God onto someone
who is repulsed by him,
you see?
- But, Papa...
- Sister, I warned you.
Let her decide
and we'll follow the will of God.
Go now.
Bless me.
- Have some.
- No, thank you.
Please, they're for Lent!
Thank you.
And you?
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Help yourself.
- Thanks.
I'll have one, too.
They're so tasty.
So what did the doctors say?
That she needs to rest.
So we thought she should stay here
till she gets better.
And later we'll decide.
Going to Germany wasn't a good idea.
Too much work...
But did she listen?
Among all those foreigners...
Who knows who she ended up meeting.
Bad influence for sure!
It's hard to take kids
from the orphanage.
But we wanted to help.
They're just kids.
When Alina came and saw she had
her own room, how happy she was!
She had a shower every day,
until my husband said,
"Take it easy with the water,
that stuff costs money!"
But she's hardworking,
we can't complain!
Look, Mama Elena,
it's from Alina.
It's electric.
Thanks. She shouldn't have.
Where is her room?
Over there, down the hall.
I'll go and see her.
Go on.
That way, straight ahead.
You'll find it.
Is this your room?
It's nice.
It's fine, we have our own bathroom.
Alina, I need to leave now,
Mr Valerica is in a rush.
You're leaving with them?
Well, yes, Alina.
And what about me?
It's better you stay here for a while
to think over and relax.
Shouldn't you think over a few things?
But I'll come to see you.
I'll ask Father to let me
come stay with you Saturday
and Sunday, too, if you want. OK?
We can talk and think it over.
But I have to go now.
Behave yourself, OK?
I'll be back very soon, OK?
I won't even say goodbye,
I'll see you soon.
Come on, be good!
We didn't agree
but she insisted on going to Germany.
So we let her go.
Her brother took her place
but he's a bit of a dreamer.
You can't rely on him.
Father will send him to a monastery.
OK, we won't wait for him
any longer.
Mama, shall we go now?
- Won't you stay for dinner?
- We have to get back.
As you wish.
Stay here with her for a while.
Stay here?
Father Nusu should return soon
from fishing.
Stay and eat!
We have to go,
Father is expecting us.
We'd better get going.
Whose are those clothes
in my wardrobe?
We brought a girl to help us.
You took another kid in my place?
For work, sweetie!
And you gave her my room?
You said you'd stay in Germany.
And where are my things?
In the outside kitchen.
And my clothes?
They were getting dusty.
So we put them nice and safe
in some bin bags.
Take them when you need them.
You should give them away for alms.
What do you mean?
I must give everything away.
Money is the eye of the Devil.
What are you saying, girl?
Alina, don't be so hasty.
Relax, and when you're better,
Father will be waiting for you.
No, I've decided.
Give me my money, too,
they need it to consecrate the church.
God forbid, Alina!
Alina, stay here for a while.
But, Mama, she decided to come
and join us.
Hurry up,
we need to get back before dark!
We have to wait for Nusu for the money.
The kitchen's unlocked?
The key's in its place.
Wait, I'll come help.
Alina, what's got into you?
You don't know
how many sins I have,
Father had to give me 1,000 prostrations.
My Lord, but what sins could you have?
Give away
all the colourful clothes.
- And the black ones?
- Can we take them, Mama?
Alina, Father told you something...
He said I can come
if I give everything away, right?
Give them all away!
It's not just about giving away.
You can use the money
to consecrate the Church.
Give this away, too.
Or sell it if you like.
- Sure?
- Yes. It's from Pfaff.
You remember him, don't you?
Papa Nusu has arrived!
Go surprise him!
My God, what's wrong with her?
We don't know.
She has confessed.
She has taken communion.
Talk to your husband.
Maybe he can convince her
to stay here and rest.
There's not really room for her
here any more.
Hurry up, Papa, we have to go!
Did Alina tell you?
- What?
- She wants to stay at the monastery.
And she wants the money.
My money, that I saved.
Forget about the rest.
You gave it to me for safe-keeping
and now you give it as alms?
What about that land you wanted to buy?
I don't need it any more.
Didn't you want to build a house?
It's OK, Mama Elena.
The Church will spend it better.
Excuse me, but this isn't right.
We haven't asked her anything.
She does whatever she decides.
What about your brother, Alina?
You can't love anyone more than God,
if you want Him to love you back.
Give this to some kid.
Alina, do you hear yourself?
In a family,
everyone has to contribute, right?
While I stayed here,
didn't I pay rent?
Hardly anything...
It's a pity to lose your job in Germany.
I've already lost it.
Monastery life is not for you!
You're too hot-tempered
and moody.
You love hot water...
Give us the money!
It's getting late.
Go and bring her money.
Well, then, take her, Mother.
If this is what she wants.
I'll take her.
But it's Father who'll decide.
Hurry up, Papa Nusu!
There. 500 euros.
What? 500?
800 is in the savings account.
We lent 2,000 to Godfather
for his operation.
We sent 500
when you were in hospital.
- For medicine, Alina.
- For medicine?
We had to pay for your medicine.
And also for the doctors and the petrol.
Hold on.
You gave them my money?
I gave it to your brother.
He came with that man the other day
asking for money for you.
500 euros?
He asked for more
but I only gave them 500.
I don't know the ins and outs
but it was all spent on her.
You take it, Mother.
Here are some apples.
And a photo. To remind you of us.
- That's her?
- Yes.
- Do you like my room?
- Sorry?
Make sure they don't cheat you.
OK, bye, then!
they're back.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Bless you, Father!
- Bless you!
Bless you!
I sent you there with a purpose.
It wasn't possible, Father.
She gave everything away to come here.
God has a plan for her
and He's testing you, Father.
Are you coming to bed?
Voichita, let's leave this place.
And go where?
Anywhere, away from here.
Why did you come back
if you're behaving like this?
Will you stay in this cave
your whole life?
This is my home now, Alina.
What are you afraid of?
Are you afraid of living?
Look, Alina,
Father once told us a parable.
A man travelled the world for years
to find life's meaning,
and another man looked out of
his front door and found peace and God.
Enough with this God of yours!
It's as though
Father were talking, not you.
Alina, if you want to stay here,
you need to renounce
this anger and fury.
God does not like anger.
Can't you speak
like a normal person any more?
How do you mean, Alina?
Swearing and shouting?
- What did you say to Antonia?
- Nothing.
It'd be good for you
if you were able to believe.
Voichita, I do believe.
While I was alone, I prayed to God
every day to bring you back to me,
but He doesn't want to.
God gives us what we need,
not what we want.
But I need you!
Let's go to bed.
Alina, this evening
I want to be on my own and pray.
Go away, then, and leave me alone!
I'll pray to your Lord God
to send you good thoughts.
Me, too.
He's out of the country?
I see.
Tell him when he gets back
that I'd like to talk to him.
Whenever he has time.
Thank you.
God bless.
What did the Bishop say?
He won't come to consecrate the church
until it's painted.
Father, people come to church for you,
not for the paintings.
The church has remained
unconsecrated for so long...
Don't provoke God's anger.
The church is on the hill
and it's busier than in the village.
That is true.
I want it to be busy.
And it will be.
People will see what faith in God
can achieve,
and the Bishop will see.
May God help you, Father!
Stay with us for dinner!
I have things to do, Mother.
Bon appetit, and God bless!
God bless you.
Where is Alina?
She's praying in the church.
Praying? But it's dinner time.
She said she's keeping
an "absolute fast".
She's been praying since last night.
Who gave her permission?
We fast when it's our turn,
not when we choose! Tell her!
She's gone behind the altar!
And she's not herself!
What are you doing, Alina?
Did you go behind the altar?
- Alina, that's a great sin.
- Why?
Don't you understand?
It's a great sin.
Do you realise what you've done?
I only asked God to fulfil my wish.
He won't, if you go behind the altar!
Is there an icon
that grants wishes, Father?
- Who told you that?
- I did, Father.
She said there's an icon
that works miracles back there.
Alina, whoever has faith
doesn't need icons to believe!
But I need it badly, Father.
Even so, you can't go back there,
whatever the reason.
Father, but the icon is there, right?
Of course. But that's no
reason to go behind the altar!
You'll move into a new cell
from today!
- Will you show it to me?
- What?
Would you show me the icon?
Go and begin your penance!
You're confined to your cell
until you finish!
There's nothing in there!
Get out!
You're not allowed here, understand!
There's nothing in the altar,
is there?
Why do you lie to them?
You like to keep her here, right?
- Nobody keeps me here!
- Shut up!
You don't fool me!
Why did you take my money?
You've nothing to say now?
You think I'm stupid like these crows?
Show me if there's anything to show!
There's nothing there!
What's this, Papa?
You want to fool me with this?
God bless!
Sister, go with the lady
until we've finished here!
Wait outside!
We will finish straight away.
Other people are coming, Father!
Ask them to wait.
But why, Father? Let them come!
Take your hands off me!
You want to fuck me, Father?
Answer that!
Get out of the church.
Get out!
Let the people in.
She screamed that she'd kill us
and kicked us out!
She said she won't move to the new cell.
And she said Father must go
and talk to her!
I told her he's busy.
And she swore at us.
Mother, she's coming!
Shut the door,
don't let anyone see.
She's coming here, Mama!
Go get Sister Hristina
to calm her down!
She started to ring the bell!
She wants to speak to you!
Step outside, Sister!
Papa, don't lock her in!
That's enough!
Get ready to leave!
Go to the church.
Mama, where can we go?
We don't have anywhere to go!
I understand,
but she cannot stay here any longer.
But, Mama!
To throw her onto the street?
speak to Father.
He cares for you a great deal.
Ask him to perform the service.
What kind of service?
A service to cast out the evil spirits.
With God's help she may beat
the evil one.
If she turns to the right way,
Father will let her stay.
But like this, it is no longer possible.
If Father reads for her
she'll get better?
It's down to God's will.
But if Father dares to try,
I think he'll succeed.
He has a great gift.
You ask him.
we have to help this girl,
nobody else will.
Do you know what you're asking?
Papa, I have faith that God
will help her.
Me, I don't know what else to do.
You can't stay here any more.
my life has no sense anywhere else.
Can't we take her somewhere else?
Where, Papa?
Back to that family...
They already took another girl
in her place.
Doesn't she have any relatives?
Her mom is alive,
but she left her in the orphanage,
and didn't want to know her.
They won't keep her at the hospital.
The orphanage?
You can't go back
once you've left.
We can't kick her out
on the street.
Of course not,
but we can't keep her like this either.
People come here to prepare for Easter
and we have the enemy in our church.
help her read the service
so she can escape this evil.
This can't be done by a single priest.
I know, Father.
Father, don't send us away!
We don't have anybody else to help us.
We need the consent of her family,
this is a big decision.
She doesn't have any family...
- She has her brother.
- Oh, Father...
Go and get him!
Father wants to see you.
Good evening, Father.
God bless you.
Ionut, this is about your sister.
She's very disturbed,
and we can't keep her here.
We either leave her in a hospital
or we read her a service
to cast out the evil,
with God's help.
You must decide for her,
since you don't have parents
to decide for you.
do you understand what Father
is asking?
Decide what we're to do
with your sister!
There's no point, Father.
Let him answer!
shall we read to her
and deliver her from evil?
Let Father read to her!
It may bring her peace.
We'll pray tonight for God
to give us good thoughts
and tomorrow
we'll decide what to do.
Yes, Father. May God help us!
May God help us!
All your orders are right and true.
I have been unjustly cast aside,
so help me God!
And close to death was I.
But to your orders I stayed true.
Come quickly,
she's smashing everything in the cell!
God forbid!
Go and get Father!
Sister Antonia's gone to get him.
She tried to get out
and set fire to the cell!
Get the other keys!
Give it to me!
Mother, tell everybody!
We must start an absolute fast!
We have to read to her
if we want to deliver her from evil!
Bring her into the church!
People will come soon.
- Will she stay still?
- Tie her up, if not!
- Is she calm?
- Shall we take her to the service?
Do we take her tied up like that?
Will you behave?
If not, we can't untie you.
Father and lonut decided
to perform the service
to deliver you from the evil one
and to achieve peace.
Will you go to the service on your own?
If not, we'll have to keep you tied up!
Come on, help me untie her!
Give her some water,
it's on the table.
OK. Lift her up. Careful.
Careful the rope doesn't cut her.
Have you calmed down?
Oh Lord, Alina!
Don't bother God again, OK?
I'll kill you!
- Is anyone coming?
- No.
What are you doing?
Mama told me.
Bring a basin!
- Do you have any nails?
- Yes.
Bend them over!
- I'm done.
- Let's go!
Bring her, people will come
for the service soon!
My Lord...
Come on, hold her!
- Careful! Slowly.
- Calm down! Lord!
Lay her down!
Put her down a little!
- She won't stay!
- She has to, so we can read!
Put her here.
Come on!
Tie her up with this.
The other way!
This one's too short!
Take this!
Tie her legs, too.
Give me another!
- How should I tie her?
- Not like that.
How, then?
We need another strut.
Like this!
Hurry up there!
Here! Is this OK?
- This is good.
- Hurry up!
Take it under!
Hold her!
Get a hammer and fix it there!
- It's no good, we can't hammer.
- Lift her a little!
Calm down, Alina!
Down slowly.
Tie her!
These are no good,
they won't hold!
- Try it with string!
- The string will cut her!
Where did you put the chains?
- They're in the dog kennel.
- Bring them!
Bring the locks, too!
Come on, hurry up!
Give them here!
Tie her wrists well, so she doesn't
get cut when she turns.
My Lord!
Calm down!
Give me one!
Are you sick, Mother?
I'm OK! Let's finish here!
Stay calm, Alina!
We're doing all this for you!
Calm down!
Father is going to read for you soon.
Mother, people are coming now!
Oh, my Lord!
My God!
Oh Lord!
Open the window
so she can hear the service!
Go out and tidy up, quickly!
- Let's bring her a blanket!
- It's warm in here.
You should lie down a bit.
You stay quietly here,
we'll take you to church soon.
Behave yourself
and listen to the service.
Look, she's calmed down.
Lord, have pity on her!
Come on, let's go!
God, make this oil a remedy
against all things diabolic,
the joy of souls, eternal happiness.
Put something under her arms!
For You are the only one
who may forgive us,
now and forever and ever. Amen.
The poor thing,
how the evil one torments her.
When I say, remove the gag.
Lord, you gave us your cross
as a weapon against the Devil.
He will fear and begin to quake
at its power.
Holy Father,
doctor of the soul and of the body,
who sent us His only Son,
Your Son, our Lord God Jesus Christ,
to cure all ills,
heal this servant of yours.
Take it from her mouth.
Let me go!
Mother, I think she's wet herself!
Don't worry, we'll wash her.
We have to keep her tied?
We'll untie her when she's calmed down,
at least a little.
She could get sick!
Don't worry, she'll be fine.
She didn't eat yesterday.
We can't give her anything now.
It will just give power to the evil one
and we need to weaken him.
How long will it take
before she's healed?
Only God knows!
For some it's quicker,
for others it takes longer.
I can't bear to see her
tied up like that.
We're not the ones harming her.
We're fighting the enemy
that torments her!
He screams and shouts,
trying to scare us.
Don't get so worked up!
You take away all our strength
to do this.
We're doing this for you.
And for her,
not for us!
Go and heat the water!
Oh, Lord, my dear Alina.
Poor thing,
she knows we're trying to help her.
Of course she knows.
When she's in her right mind,
she realises.
When the evil one works
through her, she's lost.
He makes her do evil.
Now we'll change you
and you'll be clean.
You can't stand
before God in this state.
You know you must fight, too!
Father will read,
but if you don't fight, it's pointless.
That's right.
Calm down, Alina!
You've done well so far...
Do you want to upset us?
Calm down, Alina!
Go to the church now to pray!
Sister! Go now!
That's enough, Alina!
It is the evil one
who screams through her mouth.
Where does he go
when he leaves a person?
Nobody knows.
He goes where he finds weakness,
that's where he makes his nest.
Hurry up and read, Father, it's late.
Calm down, Alina!
God of Gods, King of Kings,
take this curse,
made in your holy name,
and use it against this counsellor
of wrongdoing.
I curse you, source of all evil
and calumny,
the progenitor of malevolence!
Be banished from this servant of God,
Be afraid...
be gone, depart, be banished, you Devil,
unclean and despicable...
Poor her. She must be paying
for some sin she committed.
I feel so sorry for her.
Where's Alina?
We took her to the chapel
while we clean up here.
Isn't it cold there?
It's warmer than here, I lit a fire.
Wait a moment!
What is it?
Mother and Father
have started to suspect things.
What things?
You started to have doubts
and they're worried for you.
Why would they be worried?
I don't know.
Think about it.
Sister, wait a moment!
I've been talking
to Mother Varvara.
We decided it's best
if you don't come while we read.
Why, Father?
You're not prepared enough, it seems.
The enemy is well armed now,
and he's tempting especially
those who seem weaker.
Stay by the gate and let us know
when people start to arrive.
Go now!
- God bless you.
- God bless you, Sister.
Is there some land for sale
round here?
Further up.
Thank you! Goodbye!
Leave me alone!
Leave, Alina!
- Come quickly, Alina's fine!
- What is it?
She's come around!
How come "fine"?
She's calm, she recognises us,
she asked for you!
Get some water.
Go tell Father, I'll get Mother!
Where is she?
Into the church!
She does not want water.
- How is she?
- She's calm.
Praise the Lord!
Are you OK, Alina?
Shall we go?
She asked for Voichita.
- She'll be fine.
- Praise the Lord!
God be blessed!
- Oh no!
- Lay her down here!
She's feeling a little sick.
- She's not breathing well!
- Open her shirt!
Listen to her chest!
Let's call an ambulance!
- Who spoke to her?
- Pahomia.
She said she was calling for Voichita.
Give me that icon!
Pass the water!
Oh, my God!
She's breathing, Father.
- Is she diabetic?
- No, Father.
She could have
low calcium levels.
Go to Mr Valerica!
Call an ambulance!
Wash her, she can't go like that.
Don't worry, she'll be OK.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Where is she?
- In the church.
She fainted before the morning service.
Make way, please!
She's so young...
When did she faint?
This morning.
What are these from?
She was distressed and hurt herself.
And her lips?
She didn't drink enough water.
She was fasting.
Who was the last person to speak to her?
Pahomia spoke to her this morning.
She was thirsty so we brought her tea.
Quiet, please!
It's about 3, Doctor.
Give her something!
Maybe some calcium?
We will.
There'll be trouble if we take her.
Please, do something!
What can we do now?
Please, let's take her
to hospital.
- Yes!
- Quickly!
Turn the van around!
Help me take her.
Careful with her head.
Prepare the adrenaline!
Let me through!
Give us her ID card!
Make room, please!
Get aside!
Down the hall!
- What have you given her?
- Adrenalin.
- How much?
- Five vials.
Why so much?
Her vital signs were weak!
Can't you see she's dead?
She's young, Doctor!
Maybe you can do something.
Bring the dead back to life or what?
I hoped she'd made it.
You hoped! Ask if you don't know!
Now the hospital will have to explain.
- I said so.
- Wait outside!
Her teeth are clenched!
Open her mouth if you can!
- She's been dead for...
- She was speaking this morning.
Yes? Come here, you.
What did you do to this girl?
- Nothing.
- Then why is she dead?
God! She was alive
when the ambulance took her.
See what you've done?
I wanted to give her a chance but...
She spoke to us today.
Cut it out, lady!
Why did you give her injections
if she wasn't alive?
Now, you killed her!
What happened to her hands?
She had these fits, she was agitated.
- Why not take her to hospital?
- We did.
The doctor said
we should take care of her.
And you did...
You think we wanted to harm her?
So why is she dead?
People don't just die at her age.
- She was tied up...
- What?
She was harming herself, Doctor!
So you tied her up?
They tied her up at the hospital, too!
She was very violent.
And you were gentle...
You'll go to prison for this!
This is a crime you've committed.
We only wanted to help her.
I can see that.
And I'll tell everyone:
the police, the press...
God help anyone
who falls into your hands.
Excuse me
but the same goes for doctors.
Get back in there!
Go and fill in these report forms!
Write this:
I found the patient deceased
with rigor mortis set in,
with lesions at her arms and legs.
- You wrote it?
- Yes.
Cracked lips,
immobilised maxillary...
Don't go praying for me, you hear?
I'd rather go to Hell,
than have you pray for me!
Shall I sign it?
I'm terrible!
No, Matei is OK.
He's scheduled for 16:15.
I'll call you when I arrive.
Don't bring him anything,
the house is full of toys.
We've a case of violent death here.
They brought her from the monastery.
Give me her ID!
Ringhis Alina.
She's from Sintesti,
Buzau county.
25 years old.
She's long dead.
Two nuns brought her.
Shall I keep them here?
OK, good. Bye.
May God rest her soul!
They want everybody to be present.
Is everybody present?
So you held the service in the chapel?
No, in the church.
Come and show me exactly.
So, she was there and I read.
What did you read?
The Saint Basil prayers
and some others, too.
And she sat quietly and listened?
The nuns stayed with her.
- You held her arms?
- Not her arms...
She was laid out on some planks.
How? Show me.
Oh, God!
Like that,
only she was on a stretcher.
What stretcher?
We brought her on a stretcher.
Bring it so I can see it.
Go fetch it.
Did you hold her during the service?
She was tied down.
You tied her, Father?
We were scared she'd hurt herself.
What was wrong with her, Father?
I don't know, she was very disturbed.
- She saw Satan.
- She heard voices.
And she had such power.
So slim and so powerful.
She did karate at the orphanage.
How do you know?
We were classmates, from first grade.
She came to visit her.
That's how the trouble began.
My God, Father, you tied her to this?
Don't damage this, it's evidence.
What did you tie her with?
With towels with chains on top.
You tied her to a cross with chains?
What cross?
It looks like a cross to me, Father.
A cross is sacred.
She was harming herself,
we had to tie her.
She tried to throw herself in the well.
She said she'd kill us.
So she wouldn't scream,
we gagged her.
Just for when we read to her.
And after you read?
She was taken to the chapel.
- She stayed there of her own accord?
- No, she stayed tied up.
How long did you keep her tied?
First time we read to her on Thursday...
- Did you give her water?
- Holy water, mostly.
And food?
We offered her
some tea and bread, yesterday.
Why does the cross smell so bad?
We washed her,
but only as best as we could.
it looks bad.
False imprisonment resulting in death.
You could get 20 years.
My God! What for?
For praying for her?
you can't tie people up like that.
She nearly set herself on fire.
We had to.
They tied her at the hospital, too!
This isn't a hospital...
We care for people, too, you know.
Nobody is saying it was intentional
but we need to acknowledge our mistakes.
Our mistakes, yes.
What do you mean, Father?
The girl is dead.
People don't die from prayers,
or from being tied up.
So why did the girl die, then?
That's for you to find out,
but you seem to know the answer.
What am I to find out
if you tied her up?
When you force a child to take medicine,
to cure him, are you guilty?
It's a different story with a child.
She was just like a child!
But she wasn't your child.
We were the only ones
to take care of her.
Didn't she have relatives?
She has a brother.
We talked to him before reading to her.
You are aware
that she might have been sick?
- Why didn't you take her to hospital?
- We did.
And they got rid of her quickly.
You thought you can cure her.
Not the disease!
That's a doctor's job.
I tried to cure the cause
of the illness.
Not every illness concerns
flesh and bones, you know.
And yesterday morning
she was calm at last.
You can't imagine
how she was before.
Father, I'm asking you,
is somebody to blame
for this girl's death?
Only God knows.
Only He doesn't make mistakes.
The rest of us do make mistakes.
And perhaps I'm to blame, too,
for believing too much
in my own abilities.
Oh, Lord...
Talking won't help us find the truth.
You'll tell the Prosecutor everything,
and if you can convince him, fine.
I've done my bit.
Let's go, then!
We need some more witnesses
to come with us.
Give Mr Valerica
what we set aside for the orphanage.
Yes, Mother.
So, who else was present?
The ones who tied her up should come.
- That's enough for now.
- Yes. We'll see later.
- Should we take anything?
- There's no need.
Can I also come?
If you want to.
You'll need your ID cards.
Sister, go and get them!
Do not be afraid!
God knows that we didn't mean
anyone harm, Father.
You seem frightened.
I'm not frightened, Father.
If God is with you,
there's nothing to be afraid of.
- Shall we go?
- Let's go!
Mind if I smoke?
No, go ahead.
We'll have to wait for the Prosecutor.
You light another immediately...
I thought you'd take longer.
The Prosecutor went to a crime scene.
A boy stabbed his mother
and put the photos on the internet.
- God have mercy! When?
- This morning.
His cousin called the station
an hour ago.
What a state the world is in.
Yes, sir!
We're downstairs.
It needs a wash, it's all dirty.
OK, I'll do that. Goodbye.
Oh my!
Will this winter never end, officer?
It'll pass, Vasile, it'll pass.
The asphalt will be ruined by then!
It's the way it goes...
Yes, but still...