Beyond the Light Barrier (2023) Movie Script

[eerie music]
[heart beating]
[wind blowing]
[rain, thunder]
[wolf howling]
[dog barking]
[flying saucer whirring]
[Elizabeth] I was seven years old,
and the sun had just set beyond,
over the Drakensberg.
And this enormous craft came across...
quite horizontally, across the sky.
And it was as big as a football,
and it was quite beautiful,
and it shone with a blue-white light.
I felt that this was something...
the beginning of a tremendous destiny
that I was to go into,
and I could feel this as a child,
I sensed it.
I had this intuition.
And I felt a bond,
a communication that was so strong
that I simply followed this bond.
[little girl giggles]
There are people up here.
[radio static]
[radio announcer] We interrupt our sports
commentary. Shortly after 11 this morning,
an unidentified flying object
hovered over Johannesburg,
with many witnesses not sure
what they were looking...
[John] GB McKenzie
is from Howick in Natal.
Son of Elizabeth Klarer's sister,
Barbara Woollatt.
A shy, sweet timber farmer
and nature lover.
Salt-of-the-earth type.
[GB] Elizabeth was before her time
because her story is something we
as South Africans can really be proud of.
I always remember her as being so serene
and gracious and a real lady.
I miss Elizabeth very much.
[John] Stella cared for Elizabeth Klarer
during her final days
at the Highway Hospice.
And Stella paid close attention to every
word Elizabeth said from her deathbed.
And the alien sex part made her ears
prick up every single time.
[Stella] My remembrance of Elizabeth
was her sitting up in bed.
I think she dyed her hair,
and it was swept up at the back.
She sat in her bed
with all her papers round about her.
This big blue ring and the photo
of Akon at the back of her bed.
That's why I remember her.
"Come in, dear, and I'll talk to you."
She loved talking. She loved to talk.
She loved to talk about her journey
up into space.
She told me all about the interior
of the spaceship,
and it was red velvet
and she had sex in the spaceship.
And, oh, she told me the whole story.
I could never ever catch her out.
She always stuck to what she believed in,
and never wavered off
what she thought was the truth.
[ominous vibrations]
David, Elizabeth's son,
is my first cousin.
Um, he spent most Christmas holidays
with us on the farm.
So, he's a few years younger than myself.
As far as Elizabeth's experiences go,
I myself have never seen a UFO,
unfortunately. I've never had a sighting,
but that doesn't mean to say
that I don't believe her story
because, you know, she's attended
conferences in Germany and America.
She's addressed conferences
all over the world.
[David] Yes, she was very intelligent.
I sometimes wish I had her intelligence.
But she was widely read,
she read a lot of books.
[John] Meet Elizabeth Klarer's earth son,
David Klarer.
One of two earth children with Elizabeth's
second husband, Paul Emile Klarer.
David, now retired,
was a senior risk analyst back in the day.
He was close with his mom.
Not so much with Akon.
He's never met his space brother,
and is witness to a close encounter
of a third kind himself,
which does not include Akon or his people.
[David] My mother was an amazing woman.
She was
full of love, gentleness. Peaceful.
She was very concerned
about the environment.
She was concerned about people.
She had green fingers.
Her plants always did well. [chuckles]
[John]Marina McKenzie is married to GB McKenzie.
Such a sweetheart and a retired nurse.
[Marina] It would seem that Elizabeth,
from the time she was a small girl,
was always a little bit different
and more in touch with life out there.
And... naturally, he'd choose somebody
like that. He wouldn't have chosen me.
The first time I met her
was watching GB playing hockey.
And I'd met this aunt
who, I was told, you know,
had had this episode
in her life with Akon.
And so, there was a bit of interest anyway
because it was such an unusual
and interesting story.
She was extra special and warm,
terribly warm and affectionate,
and people just warmed towards her.
She had that power, that sort of aura,
I suppose you could call it.
And I think she attracted men
from far and wide.
[chuckles] Dare we say it?
Really far and wide.
She must've been very brave
to go off into an alien craft...
and face the unknown.
GB has a cousin, yes.
I have a cousin-in-law.
He tells... He very proudly tells people
that he has a cousin in space.
Potentially, I have a full cousin...
in outer space called Ayling.
[ominous music]
[John] This is Sue Armstrong.
Once upon a time, a farmer next
to Elizabeth's infamous Flying Saucer Hill
in the Mooi River area.
There, she was an avid horse rider,
believer, and feisty die-hard romantic.
She has since retired and moved on,
but her eyes will always twinkle
when she thinks
of what could've been made on that hill.
[Sue] I see Flying Saucer Hill
every day of my life.
Graham and I have been married for 42
years, and we've lived here all that time.
And in fact, I married the boy next door
because my father owned the farm
next door to Danesford.
And so, from the time I was a small child,
we heard about Flying Saucer Hill
and all the stories
about Akon and Elizabeth meeting.
I believe because of my association
with Elizabeth.
And she did have an incredible magnetism.
She had the most incredible eyes.
She was not totally of this earth.
[Elizabeth] This is a picture
I took of Flying Saucer Hill
with my Brownie Box camera.
It had a shaft of light coming right down
over the dip in the top,
where Akon's starship landed.
And I can actually see his face
in that shaft of light.
[John] Hayley and Greg Muirhead
actually own the farm
which hosts the Flying Saucer Hill.
But as busy farmers, they tend to focus
more on their cattle and running a farm
than the alleged lights
and hill-frolicking,
as described by Elizabeth.
Even though Hayley, like Sue,
seems to be more open
to the thought of extraterrestrial
communion as such.
[Greg] A lot of that's in the eye
of the beholder.
- I think... Yes, we'll leave it there.
- [Haley chuckles]
There are lots of holes in the story,
but just take the pearls from that
and see what you get.
And if I saw Akon today, Arkon,
I'd tell him, "Take me to your leader."
You know? "Take me out of here."
"We... Stop the world,
we want to get off!" You know?
- [chuckles]
- It all gets a bit much at times.
So, yes. And there's... there's magic
in a bit of the unknown, the cosmic.
It just brings a little bit of awe,
a little bit of interest
to an otherwise very...
Excel, email kind of life.
You know? There's nothing wrong
with that, a bit of color.
Good luck with this one, Akon, good luck.
- Only skinny women are easy to kidnap...
- [chuckles]
Not... not ones who enjoy food too much.
[Greg] I mean it is, it's a lovely site.
So when you're up there,
why wouldn't you feel something, you know?
Why wouldn't you feel the beauty
and what's around you?
But... you know, it's still...
it's still just a marvel anyway.
And we find the whole story
rather intriguing...
but to say I've seen activity,
unfortunately, that isn't the case.
[ominous vibrations]
[ominous music]
I went to the mountaintop.
And there, as I topped
the northern ridge of the dip,
I saw the starship landed in the dip,
and she was landed flat on the ground.
And standing beside her was a tall man.
I never hesitated. I ran straight to him
and I held out both my hands to him,
and he took them saying,
"You're not afraid this time."
I couldn't say anything,
I just shook my head.
I was out of breath, I was so excited.
And then everything happened at once.
He just picked me up like a feather
and stepped onto the hull of his ship...
and in through the open doors.
[Helene] We went up the mountain one day,
just for another talk,
and she explained that this
was the mountain where she met Akon.
And Elizabeth started shaking,
and she was very excited.
She said,
"This is where Akon landed the spaceship."
And then I looked down, and it was
the eeriest experience of my life
because in the hollow, it wasn't just
a hollow, it was shaped... like this.
And that area in that shape...
was covered with strange plants.
I felt totally ice cold,
because this, to me, was a strange
occurrence, and I'm sure that at her age,
she wouldn't have sat down
planting those plants.
And she looked at that,
and she said to me,
"He promised me,
that he would leave a mark for me,
and this is the mark
he left on the mountain."
[John] Helene Rabie was a sought-after
journalist during the '70s and '80s.
She often used to compare notes
about the Klarer case.
Akon, he had the most wonderful face.
He had a high forehead,
high cheekbones, aquiline features,
and these really incredible grey eyes
that were very compelling
and full of love.
And his hair... was golden,
but quite white at the temples.
And he must... He... he is...
In fact, I know, I knew afterwards...
that he was at least 6 ft 4.
She had a... I don't know whether it
was a degree, but she was a meteorologist
and she studied in Britain.
And I often saw communications from...
very high officials
in the government to her.
[ominous music]
[John] Petrovna Metelerkamp was a go-to
magazine journalist in the '80s.
She reported in depth and with delight
on Elizabeth Klarer's
extraterrestrial rendezvous.
[Petrovna] In 1983, I was a journalist,
and I was in the privileged position
that I could choose my subjects
for my articles.
It was for a family magazine,
the biggest magazine in South Africa,
called Huisgenoot.
I used to choose alternative topics.
And when I read a review
about the book that had appeared,
written by Elizabeth Klarer,
I made an appointment to see her
and spent a day with her
because I thought, "This is up my street."
This kind of
One can also wonder why would Akon choose
Elizabeth Klarer of all people on Earth.
Why would he choose her to take with him
to his planet and to give him a son?
One of the reasons
that she mentioned was...
that she was a descendant
of the Venus tribe on Earth,
the original Venus people.
And he wanted to import fresh blood
into his race
for the strengthening of their bloodline.
[Kitty] It does have a very romantic
aspect to it...
when Elizabeth told you that this man
was her soulmate.
Akon was her soulmate,
and she had dreams of him
long before she met him.
[Elizabeth] I knew his name through
telepathic communication...
and he'd watched me as a child.
"Do you know anything about aliens?
Um, have you ever read
Elizabeth Klarer's book?
Have you ever met her?
Have you done any research?"
I said, "You go out there and do 30,
40 years of research like I have done
and then come back
and tell me that they don't exist."
[ominous music]
[John] Kitty Smith,
long-standing friend of Elizabeth
and founder of South Africa's
first and longest-running UFO club.
[Credo] I looked... more and more...
at Klarer...
and I speak as a person
who is an artist of some kind.
And I speak as a person...
who's traveled and who has...
has met people of different nations.
This woman's ears...
are not right.
Elizabeth Klarer always loved to...
to dress her hair in such a way
that her ears were given as little
prominence as possible. They were hidden.
[John] UbabaVusamazulu,
"Awaken the Heavens", Credo Mutwa.
He was a Zulu sangoma,
a traditional healer,
and the last High Sanusi
from South Africa.
He also had a very special bond
with Elizabeth Klarer.
The story goes that during the height
of apartheid in South Africa,
they would get arrested by the Apartheid
Police for visiting with each other.
[Credo] I will be as brief as possible.
The common story that is being bandied
about by Elizabeth Klarer
is that she was an Earth woman
who was impregnated
by a man from the stars.
I'm sorry, that is only half the truth.
I say in Zulu, "Hayi khona, akunjalo,"
"No, it is not so."
This woman...
was a creature from the stars.
She also had proof...
according to her,
of her visit to this other galaxy.
No, it's not a different galaxy.
It's our galaxy, it's a different planet.
She showed me a thick...
almost like a book,
which was sent to her
by the American Department of Defense,
I think it was their Airforce branch,
which she had to fill in.
Every little finest detail
of her experience.
And it was 42 pages, A4.
So, it was in extreme detail,
and I wondered
why were they so interested.
Then I knew they were doing research
and they were trying to find out
about such happenings.
She must've had her first intimations
or contact with flying saucers
because she took these photographs.
Not particularly good, but I think it
was with an ordinary camera.
- [camera shutter clicks]
- And those were the first ones that I know
- that were photographed in 1956.
- [flying saucer whirring]
And I've had people say, "Well,
those look like ordinary baking pots
that were thrown up into the air,"
or some stupid remark.
[John] Astronomers have since discovered
an earth-like planet
in the Alpha Centauri constellation.
There could be as many as 40 billion
Earth-sized planets
orbiting in the habitable zones
of sun-like stars and red dwarf stars
within the Milky Way galaxy.
Ooh, we're definitely not alone.
There it is, Alpha Centauri, our nearest
neighbor, and 44-million years by taxi.
About 500 times further away
is the star Proxima Centauri.
The nearest star to us,
which hosts the planet Meton,
according to Elizabeth Klarer,
from where Akon,
the extraterrestrial visitor, is from.
[John]Dr. Enrico Olivier is an astronomer.
Research areas include
the late stages of stellar evolution,
non-linear modeling of stellar vibrations,
and brown dwarfs.
All of the things that I've seen...
that are strange to me in the night skies,
I could've always explained it
afterwards or something,
either natural or something man-made
that was happening up in the night sky.
We found that when we traveled
around the area where she lived,
that the Zulu people often see
the flying saucers.
- Mm.
- And they consider them to be gods.
And when they see them, they fall down on
their knees and close their eyes and pray.
They don't look up again
till they're sure that they're gone.
My sister phoned me one day and said,
"The Zulus are seeing
what they call in their language,
'The Wagon in the Sky.'"
And... their folklore, of course...
This also comes into their folklore,
and the correct Zulu name
for the flying saucer
is "The Lightning Bird".
[John]Beyond the Light Barrier, page 14...
"Ikhanya elikhanya emnyameni."
"A light that enlightened the darkness."
A Zulu praise.
My sister again phoned me and said,
"You'd better come down
because the Lightning Bird
again is in the sky
- and the Zulus are very excited."
- [serene music]
I don't think
there's any other case on record
of a woman giving birth
to a child from an alien.
Pure undiluted love.
I mean, there must've been a passion
that we can't even imagine.
And what she gave up,
and the way she transported herself.
I mean, that has got to be one of the
greatest love stories we'll never know.
[gentle music]
- [camera shutter clicks]
- [Paul] That's not a good love story.
That's not a good love story at all.
He comes, impregnates her,
brings her back,
takes the baby and never sees her again.
That's not a good love story.
[John]Now, Paul Brogan has been many things.
An engineer, stockbroker,
company executive, environmentalist,
community leader, skeptic, and writer.
Things he's not? A UFO-hugger.
A good love story is my wife and I.
We get married and we stay together
for the rest of our natural lives.
That's a love story.
And that happens every day.
Why are we not glorifying that?
This is not a love story to be glorified
or to be admired or to be copied.
Not at all. Not in my opinion
He said, "Now we're going
to the high plateau at Cathkin,"
because there was an air force plane,
one of these Harvard planes,
an old air force plane,
droning around the sky all the time.
And he said, "Let's get away from that."
And we went up.
And he took me up
to the high plateau at Cathkin.
We have guests who come here
to stay with us especially...
to go and visit the UFO landing site...
where Akon or Arkon, I don't even know
how to pronounce his name,
seduced his little earthling
and swept her up into his arms
or tentacles or whatever,
and took her off to Alpha Centauri.
And they've met her,
and they believe her story.
Unfortunately, I haven't met her.
And being a skeptic,
being someone who doesn't easily...
believe in the irrational...
I have to... [sighs]
I have to treat her story
with... with... with some... reserve.
[gentle music]
[John] Paul Brogan's home
is the highest inhabited property
in the Central Drakensberg,
the last friendly hearth before one
ascends into the vast mountain wilderness,
and half-a-day's hike from the fastness,
the alleged spaceship landing spot
of Cathkin Peak itself.
Behind me is Cathkin Peak.
It's roughly 3000m up.
On the top is a flat portion of land,
about the size of a soccer field...
and up there, allegedly...
a spaceman called Akon...
flew his "earthling" girlfriend,
Elizabeth Klarer...
to the top...
and they made mad, passionate love...
and she conceived a child up there,
a boy, apparently.
And where the spaceship landed...
there is a bare patch of ground,
where nothing grows.
I don't know whether the spaceship caused
that, but I suspect there are perfectly...
plausible, geological reasons
for nothing growing there.
The plausible reason would be that water
has leached through this soil,
leached out all the nutrients,
so there's just sand left,
and that... Then there's nothing left
to nourish grass and trees, and so on.
[ominous music]
[John] And yet, here we find ourselves
with a photo
taken long before spaceships allegedly
landed on Cathkin Peak plateau,
where one can clearly see lush vegetation
and plant life covering the area
before a UFO crossed their plant paths.
This is Akon... who was my mother's love.
Also ostensibly the father of Ayling,
my mother's other son, who I've never met.
It seems I have a half-brother
out there in space.
And... But I do have doubts
about this story.
I have my doubts
that my mother's story is true,
in terms of her meeting with Akon
and going up into space
and having a child, all that. Um...
I find it very frustrating
that there's no out-and-out proof for me.
I would've really liked to have known
which way this whole story goes.
Was it true? Was it not true? [chuckles]
But certain things have occurred, um...
certain writings in her book,
certain events.
And a major one for me
was one where she says that I was involved
up in the Drakensberg
and a craft landed in front of us.
We were up there on horseback
and this craft landed in front of us
and Akon got out. And I don't recall that.
[Elizabeth] So I rode off, and...
With a groom and a packhorse,
and, of course, David with me as well.
And that's when I met him again.
Now, surely, something like that at my...
even young age of, let's say,
eight or nine years old,
I'd have remembered something like that
because other parts of that trip
I do remember.
The idea of Akon having erased
the memory out of my mind in some way
has crossed my mind...
But then I ask myself, "Why would he have
done it? What was the purpose?"
Especially as she says in her book, she
needs to get this story out to the world.
Surely, I would've been a witness.
I would've supported her and...
backed her up
on that story totally, wholeheartedly,
if I'd seen that craft landing
and if I'd met Akon as well.
Now this one is of the same starship...
moving up into the higher atmosphere.
And owing to the moisture content
in the atmosphere,
there is cloud condensed around her again.
This cameraman, he was so surprised.
And I explained to him
that if he'd taken it a second later,
he would've got the whole figure
of Akon standing there beside me
in a hologram.
[John] Pity there are no photos of Akon.
All we have is a painting,
where he looks very much
like a male version of Elizabeth.
He won't be photographed.
He doesn't want to be arrested
and put into laboratories,
pins stuck in him, and needles,
to find out what makes him tick
as an alien.
He avoids that, of course.
And it also enables him to meet Elizabeth
regularly in those years.
[John] And a bust of our alien in question
made by sculpture Bob Forbes.
[Bob] I just had the feeling
that if I called on Akon himself,
that he might possibly be able to help me.
And that's exactly what I did.
I called on him, and within three hours,
I'd actually completed
this sculpture in clay,
which normally takes three weeks.
We called Elizabeth to have a look at it.
I didn't know whether it was him or not.
And when she saw the sculpture,
she was obviously very, very excited.
Very, very happy. And it was quite obvious
that it was in fact him.
Then the most amazing thing,
about a week later,
my son was sitting in the front room
of the house looking out to the horizon,
and he saw a whole series of lights
bobbing up and down
where they shouldn't have been.
And he called us all.
In fact, the whole family,
we all went rushing out.
And we saw these lights.
Thirteen of them on the horizon,
bobbing up and down and very, very bright.
And then one by one, they popped off.
And we phoned Elizabeth and she said,
in fact, that was Akon's squadron,
and that he'd come
just as a token of appreciation.
[Credo] But wait...
We're talking about the unusual.
We're talking about the strange.
And South Africa is full of these things.
I'm naturally a skeptic.
Um, I've never seen a UFO.
I know people, including my wife,
who believe they've seen lights flying
around here in the mountains at night.
Um, and it's normally at night,
and the skeptic in me says,
"And it's normally
after a glass of wine or two."
And... if the lights are red and green,
then those are the natural lights for...
for... man-made aircrafts.
But sometimes these lights
move very quickly.
I've seen lights
flying up my valley here at night,
but they were fireflies. You know?
But, you know, you can be easily deceived
when you see things you don't expect.
[John] Oh, dear.
Well, you win some, you lose some.
With Captain Chester Chandler,
we're winning again, for the UFOs.
Chester is a retired
South African Airways captain.
He flew himself for 52 years.
He was also head-hunted
for the infamous Project Blue Book.
Of the 12618 collected UFO reports,
it was concluded that most were
misidentifications of natural phenomena,
or just conventional aircraft.
But a small percentage of the UFO reports
were classified as unexplained.
Captain Chandler's report is one of them.
[Chester]This event occurred on 1 July 1972.
At that time, I was a Boeing 727
captain with South African Airways.
And I was doing the last flight that
evening into Durban from Johannesburg.
And we were in the descent,
approaching to land at Durban.
Still about 20 minutes out,
you know, from the airfield.
I could see the lights, the clear sky,
there wasn't any... any... any cloud
around or anything.
I just saw a light. And I thought,
"Well, that's strange."
I thought, "This is no optical illusion,
Chandler. Look, there's something here."
So I said, "Graham, have a look out the
right-hand side. What do you see there?"
And he said, "Hey, there's a light
here." So, I called Durban control tower.
"Look, have you got
any other aircraft around?"
They came back and said
they've got nothing.
So we observed this light,
and 10, 20 seconds later
it just accelerated with enormous speed
and disappeared towards the southwest.
After the sighting, Elizabeth Klarer
phoned me and discussed it with me.
But I've no other... I didn't have any
other correspondence with her,
or any other conversations with her.
It was just one of those things.
Most probably she heard of me
and then phoned me just to convey
her thoughts on the subject as well.
That was my only communication with her.
[John] Captain Chester Chandler is not
the only one who can vouch for the UFOs.
Surprisingly, so can David.
It's just not... Akon-specific.
I have seen UFOs.
They were round,
so they could've been flying saucers.
But they were UFOs. I couldn't identify
them properly. It was at night.
They were about the size of the...
full moon or a little bit less.
And they'd suddenly appear in the dark sky
and then stop dead and then shoot away.
They were a luminous green.
Maybe the UFO I saw might've been
an Earth-made one. It might've not.
It might've been from outer space.
Who knows?
To me it was a UFO.
[John] Officer Piet Kitching became one
of the first-ever documented cops
to have fired shots at a UFO
on a farm in Fort Beaufort in 1972.
A man of many combat talents,
which include, but were not limited to,
military, Intelligence Agency,
and police force training.
He wasn't going to miss.
Not even if it's a UFO.
[Piet] The phone rang...
and I was there, I picked it up,
and it was Bennie Smith.
And Bennie Smith told me they saw
some object moving over the sheep kraals
and it was changing different
colors all the time.
We were actually a paramilitary force,
trained and everything.
And when I saw the object,
I think my training was still in me.
Therefore, I didn't hesitate
to take a shot.
Because I know I will shoot it down,
as I was quite a good shot in my day.
He saw this object.
It was hovering just above the ground.
And when he got closer...
But he said, as we were shouting,
it reacted to the voices.
And when he got close to it,
it turned up straight, like an egg.
It was gray. You know,
a submarine coming out of the water,
then you get that gray, it looks wet.
And by the second or third shot,
on its left-hand side,
there was a very bright light,
like flashes, that came out.
And it started making a whining sound
and then just disappeared.
He didn't see it go through the vegetation
at all, it just disappeared.
But the reason why I shoot...
You know, I've been asked
that question many, many times.
I've been thinking of it over the days.
I can't tell you, I don't know.
I don't know.
I only know, if I'd shot it down,
and it was something from Mars, Pluto,
or Neptune, or one of those,
then... I would've been a hero. [chuckles]
[shot fires]
[John] Breyside Farm's history dates as
far back as the Frontier War of the 1850s.
Bennie Smith, who phoned Piet,
was the first-generation Smith
to farm these lands,
with Craig to follow,
and his brother's son, Gary, after him.
[Craig]All I know is my dad phoned the police
because that's what you did in those days,
you'd phone the police.
I think even for a divorce.
[Gary] I still believe that it was built
by the... the Russians, or...
so my grandfather suggested to me,
and I believe something along that line.
I don't believe that it was aliens
or anything from...
yes... out of this... out of this world,
or not from of this planet.
Just my opinion.
Well, I just said what I saw.
Uh, the question is that
if they were spies from Russia,
"What are they doing on Breyside?"
You don't send Sputniks and things
like that to investigate that.
This, for me,
was definitely something different.
The thing that doesn't explain
how the reservoir blew up,
- whether it be a week or two weeks later.
- Mm.
That... That doesn't explain anything to me.
I mean, that's the only part
that I don't really understand about...
how that happened.
[Piet] If you look at the reservoir,
it's not one that just broke.
- [ominous music]
- There were still...
That stones were lying 20m,
25m away from that.
It must've been something
that exploded into it.
Otherwise, it would just be a hole
and the water would leak out.
That particular night
when this reservoir exploded,
an object flying, making a whining sound,
moved slowly in the direction
of Bennie Smith's house.
From Bennie Smith, I recall that he said
that it went over his house.
His wife heard it, and himself,
and immediately thereafter,
there was an explosion.
And this is the result.
[Gary] People came from all around
the world to come and try and see...
My grandfather told me that the vehicles
were lined up from the tar road,
which is about 5km from here.
[ominous whirring]
[whirring ends abruptly]
In the trees over there.
[reporter] There's been a UFO alert
across Southern Africa.
[interviewer] This is a continuation
of a possible UFO story.
[reporter]A large, brightly colored object
was seen traveling very fast above
Zimbabwe, Zambia, and South Africa.
I thought it was an alien,
and he had big eyes.
[reporter] Several planes saw it.
The experts are baffled.
[Tim]Ruwa. Ariel School. 19 September '94.
12:12 local time.
Could you tell me what you saw on Friday?
Well, it looked like it was glinting
in the trees.
Like, it looked like round about like a...
like a disc. Like a round...
- [Tim] Sure it wasn't a Harrier Jump Jet?
- No.
[Tim] Or something
the Zimbabwe Airforce have?
It was, like, in a disc.
[Tim] What did you see?
I just... saw a glow over my chicken run.
A very orange glow.
- It was a helicopter or what?
- No, no, it was just a big, round ball.
We suddenly looked up and we saw this...
thing coming over the top of the hill.
As it sort of... came abreast of us,
it suddenly, uh,
changed from this glow to, let's say,
two big red, orange balls.
It's your door.
What equipment have you brought with you?
Well, Gunter is a highly technical chap,
and he's made his own Geiger counter,
his own metal detector.
We're going to check it out and see
if there's any radioactivity there.
[Tim] Cynthia, what are your impressions
after this morning's little expedition?
Well, I certainly believe the children.
I've come across a similar type of thing
in Broad Haven in Wales in 1979,
and the British didn't believe it,
although I went down three times.
And it was very similar
to the whole incident here.
[ominous vibrations]
[vibrations end abruptly]
Perhaps one should
take the story more seriously...
than if it had been told
by somebody less educated,
or... or less inclined to rational thought.
[John] Dr. James Hurtak,
founder and president
of The Academy for Future Science.
He holds two PhDs, and is a consultant
to the Institute of New Energy.
Credo, I'm showing you a picture...
of something that looks
like a Dayze Mvondina.
This being was taken out of a spacecraft
that crashed near White Sands, New Mexico.
I'd like your comments on the face...
what has characteristics
similar to those that you described.
With a large head, no ears...
eyes that wrap around
the sides of the face...
and a mouth cavity that goes back
only a few inches.
This face has been reconstructed by
investigators with the American Airforce,
and may well represent
one of the four bodies
that was removed by Airforce commandos.
As one of the investigators,
I've brought with me also another sample
from South America,
showing the...
computerized analysis that was made
by a jet propulsion lab in Los Angeles...
of a metallic vehicle
that landed near Lima, Peru in 1974.
If you look very carefully,
you can actually see the windows.
The vehicle was seen
to use some type of...
magnetic parallel phase activity
for its propulsion.
Again, it represents the possibility that
there are brothers and sisters in space...
who are slowly
bringing us into our senses,
that we're not alone in the universe.
I'd just visited the Atucha
nuclear facilities in Argentina,
where there are massive
extraterrestrial sightings,
suggesting a warning taking place.
Many former nuclear experts admit...
all the way back to 1952,
all the way through the '70s and '80s,
that nuclear installations from Maine
to Montana in the United States
were visited by extraterrestrial ships
that had the power to turn off
the missile launching systems.
To me, this is a very significant
message because it says in effect...
with the dropping
of the first atomic bomb,
we had lost scientific control
of our planetary future,
according to some extraterrestrials.
And that perhaps we must be aware
that we have a greater responsibility
than nurturing planetary weapons systems
that will move us into destruction.
[suspenseful music]
[Elizabeth] And there are sightings
all the time. It never stops, you know,
because Akon's civilization are now very
concerned about what's going on here,
with all the wars
and the aggression and the hate
and everlasting... overpopulation.
And something
will have to be done about that.
[distant explosions]
[bomb exploding]
[Credo] Elizabeth Klarer
said that she had received messages...
from the star people, Akon,
that the Earth must change its ways and...
stop abusing the environment.
People must stop doing certain things...
which are destructive to the Earth
and not necessary for the well-being
of human beings.
I don't refuse the possibility
of the existence
of other civilizations
on the other planets.
But everything...
As for me, I know, I'm sure
that everything is possible in our life.
I... I just can't refuse
anything so, like...
[John] Max is a Ukrainian guide
in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone,
home to the world's
worst nuclear accident.
Chernobyl won't be safe
for human habitation
for at least another 20000 or so years.
[Geiger counter clicking]
[John] Yet, the flora and fauna
thrive, despite being radioactive.
Despite the Cesium-137
that's packed in their muscles...
and the Strontium-90
that lives in their bones.
Reminds me of how nature
always finds a way,
and it's the humans who will not.
[Max] Everything is possible,
as the existence of wildlife
inside of the exclusion zone...
Our scientists, they told that
the exclusion zone will stay dead, and...
I... I can see just opposite variant.
- [birds cawing]
- [slow rhythmic clapping]
[woman singing Ukrainian folk song]
[voices join in]
[singing continues]
- [song ends]
- [wind howling]
Nature, only nature.
Perfect example that nature
is stronger than humans. Yeah.
[John] Denis Delestrac
is a law and journalism graduate
that became an award-winning
documentary filmmaker.
He made a film, The Weaponizing of Space,
about the nuclear threat that surrounds us
in more ways than one.
[Denis] Of course we worry with our...
our closest environment,
which is what we see around us.
But... I think people should start
to integrate space
in their sphere of awareness
because we're all surrounded by space.
And outer space is not that far,
it's only 100km over our heads,
and there's a lot going on
in space as far as, you know,
satellites, technology and user space.
It's already filled with space debris.
And according to NASA, in 50 years,
if we keep on this track,
it's going to be crowded with debris.
So we really have to start integrating
space in our environmental awareness.
The ozone layer,
there in the stratosphere,
is there to protect us
from the sun's lethal rays,
and we are causing trouble up there.
Well, I think, at some point,
we're all worried about the future,
you know, because um...
as you get informed, you see that...
we are in danger when...
We have built enough, um...
resources and weapons now
to destroy ourselves, basically. That's...
You know, there are now 9000 nuclear
weapons that are on hair-trigger alert.
That means they can be launched
in a matter of minutes.
[John] Prof. Willem van Riet
used to be the chairman
of the Transboundary
Conservation Foundation,
specializing in conservation, land-use
planning, as well as GIS development.
[Willem] The world is more or less
four-and-a-half billion years old.
And our little living skin is only a few
thousand years old, maybe 50000.
What we have done in this period
that we have been on the globe
has been quite traumatic.
Because our impact is basically
on the living part of ecosystems.
And in the last 50 years,
our impact has been much more
than it's ever been in the past.
So I think it's quite traumatic.
[ominous music]
We are, on a sort of virus-like scale,
affecting the rest of life
on Earth dramatically.
[waves lapping]
[John] Retired Dr. Hennie Smith
studied in the field of Science
at the University of Pretoria.
He majored in Physics, and was involved
in ground-breaking research
which took him all over the world.
[Hennie]The fossil fuel that we are using...
Millennia of energy captured
under the ground.
But we're using it up now, and put all
this carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
It is really the horriblest thing.
All the pollution that's going up
into the stratosphere...
all the oil pollution
of burning oil wells...
is getting worse and worse.
And the west winds in the northern
hemisphere are taking it around the globe,
high up in the stratosphere.
And this will eventually block...
the light and radiation from the sun,
which will give us an ice age.
[wind whistling]
[Elizabeth] Akon's civilization,
they monitor our brains, our minds.
They know what we're thinking
and what we're doing.
And we're a very barbarous race.
And he's not only thinking of humankind...
he's thinking
of all the flora and fauna...
all the beautiful trees, the animals...
[ominous music]
[bird calling]
- [water splashing]
- [gulls calling]
They're constructive people.
They take care of things.
They don't like to see death
and destruction. They're not used to it.
It's interesting that she
also experienced the ecological...
way of going about their
more advanced society,
Akon, on his planet.
[clears throat] And that led her
to also propagate more wise ecological...
technologies here.
They have. It's a way of living
and thinking and eating.
Well, their diet consists of...
fruits and vegetables.
And this... food is grown in a liquid.
Scientifically grown. And...
as you go to pick a fruit... or a salad...
it simply regenerates itself straightaway.
So there's no loss,
there's nothing to worry about.
It's the most incredible way of... of...
getting one's entire protein and vitamins.
Instead of getting your protein
secondhand, as you do by...
destroying and consuming
a herbivorous animal,
they get it firsthand through this...
vegetation that they grow.
We are in trouble. [chuckles]
Well, I've not read much about her...
so, I think meeting other people in other
parts of the globe sounds a bit...
like hogwash to me. [chuckles]
But the message that we are
self-destructing is for sure true.
Who listens to messages? No one.
They don't listen...
in their parliaments where they tell lies.
They don't listen in their great
offices anywhere.
This is all they know.
Speeding along in cars...
while the world dies.
They've overcome,
in their advanced medical research,
they've been able to overcome
the aging process,
and they don't go through
this awful experience
that so many people
have to face in older life.
And, in fact...
there's no need for death.
They don't die, no.
Life is eternal for them.
[John] Piroska Clements
was Elizabeth Klarer's closest confidant,
travel companion, and ultimate believer.
[Piroska] Elizabeth's passing
left an unfillable void.
How many times she said,
"Good planets are hard to come by."
So obviously...
maybe Akon's not so keen
of embracing humanity,
but she wouldn't withhold
information to help them,
to make the place better, more livable,
us being more loving, forgiving,
being the spiritual what they are.
And he definitely would give this help.
And if we conform to this behavior,
he even have an open door to his place.
And he does say that in Elizabeth's book.
So, he's not loathe to help humanity,
he loathes what we're doing.
Akon gave her a ring...
as a pledge of his love. And it was his
ring, and as such, Elizabeth treasured it.
So, you can imagine how I felt when she
said that she's going to leave it to me.
It was an honor what I could not
actually fathom at the time.
And even now, when I look at it,
I can't believe that it's on my finger.
[Elizabeth] Akon gave me this ring.
The crystal in it...
helps with our communication,
even if we're light-years apart.
And the crystal is harder than a diamond.
[John] Audrey is Piroska's daughter,
who inherited the ring.
[Audrey] When my mom passed away,
I received the bust and the ring.
And somehow I always feel I have this
connection with my mother and Elizabeth.
[John] Word from many Elizabeth devotees
are that its gems and rocks were analyzed
and that its components were not
to be found to be from this planet.
Not even a little.
People have asked this question, like,
"Please, if we could offer you money
to take the ring
to have it taken to a geologist
to have it analyzed.
Would I be open to that?"
My answer to that question is, "No."
My mom asked me
to please keep this ring safe,
while... if she's no longer here.
And that is what I'm doing.
[John] David has a few more issues
around some of these matters
of a third kind, too.
[David] I've heard that some people have
made reference to my possibly
betraying my mother in...
talking about my doubts...
but for me, there's no two ways about it.
Honesty and integrity is paramount.
That's the whole reason
why I'm voicing my doubts.
It's nothing to do with betrayal, as such.
It's because I have to be true to myself.
And I have to... I have to say it.
Because that's the honest thing to do,
so that other people
can make up their own minds.
I made up my mind. I've got my doubts.
Then Akon said...
"Now we're taking you to the mothership."
And he explained
that the mothership is an enormous...
craft, like a miniature planet.
And also...
- this is a vintage ship.
- [ominous vibrations]
He said, "We don't go into the mothership,
we simply attach ourselves
through magnetism...
to a door into the mothership,
and then the door of the starship opens
and we simply walk through
into the mothership."
And, of course,
the mothership is very beautiful inside.
And, the first enormous room I saw...
there were plants and flowers and trees
actually growing in there.
And instead of having carpeting
or anything like that,
there was the most beautiful...
blue grass covering the whole floor,
about that long...
and... it had the most
beautiful fragrance.
And... there was even a stream
and there was a waterfall.
I was 50 years old when I gave birth.
It was a natural birth.
From Earth standards,
I wasn't a young woman... [chuckles]
...but I was in my prime really.
Akon attended to the birth of his son
by simply using his
wonderful healing hands,
and massaging me.
And he put me on this beautiful divan
that was covered in rose-red silks,
and the lovely coolness
and softness of that silk.
I was quite naked, naturally.
Then this beautiful boy,
he was really a golden boy, was born.
He never even cried.
He just took a deep breath... [inhales]
taking in that beautiful oxygen air
into his lungs,
and this was all he needed.
If she'd had a child in outer space...
how she would have felt about that.
I tend to think that that would've been
catastrophic for her, not to see him.
[birds chirping]
If she did have somebody,
a child on another planet,
and she only saw him for that short
period of time, as she said in her book.
She said that she had telepathic
communication with him...
um, and that would've been enough for her,
as per her book.
But I find that very difficult to believe
that. Because the way she was,
she must've struggled
with being separated from her child...
for months and years,
and never seeing him.
To me, that is a... problem.
I find that difficult to accept,
knowing her nature.
They're millions of years
ahead of us in all ways,
and this... Even to the fact
that they are a natural...
beautiful people...
who live in complete,
harmonic interaction with all nature.
So, their whole way of life,
of loving, of breeding,
is perfectly natural.
[John] Books. Interstellar travel.
Alien babies. Allegedly alleged.
A third book that Elizabeth
never got to finish.
It dealt with the actual
technology on Meton
and how that could be incorporated
here on Earth.
We have since found
the unfinished manuscript.
As these things go, aptly titled,
The Gravity File.
[Jonathan] We're very privileged
to have as our guest this evening,
the author of the book, Beyond
the Light Barrier, Elizabeth Klarer.
Mrs. Klarer,
does your present visit to Natal
mean that you're going to travel
to the Drakensberg to meet Akon again?
[Elizabeth] Yes, definitely.
[Jonathan] Is he going to take you,
perhaps, to his home,
or will this just be a visit
in the Drakensberg?
[Elizabeth] Just a visit.
Because I have another book to complete.
I have a lot of work to do. I have to
complete the new book at his direction.
[Jonathan] This new book of yours,
The Gravity File,
what's that going to be about?
We're talking of The Gravity File,
the second book of Elizabeth Klarer,
where she went further,
and tried to write down what she learned
from life in the universe,
science underlying the universe.
But she was not the best scientist,
and scientifically trained.
So she tried her best with the information
she got, to write down.
And the information she wrote
is important for us
to read behind the lines,
and not to trip
over single words or terms.
There's something bigger going on.
And she gleaned it,
and she tried to capture it
in the second book, The Gravity File.
There's no profound scientific discloser.
He took me out of the starship.
He wore a gravity belt,
buckled it around his waist,
switched it on,
and, of course, it sets up
an antigravity field around him,
so that he doesn't have to tread
on the ground.
He simply carried me,
and he just sailed over the top.
[TV interviewer]One of the most interesting outcomes
with Elizabeth's contact with Akon,
has been his explanation of the light
power system used in his spaceship.
Elizabeth revealed these details in her
book, Beyond the Light Barrier.
He could disappear instantly
by simply intensifying the field
differentials around his ship
because his ship is powered
by light in different frequencies.
Which are electromagnetism,
electricity, gravity.
We call it electrogravitics
propulsion or power system.
[TV interviewer] And this subsequently
led to her having lengthy discussions
with the Russian, German,
and US space administrations,
who were surprised at her intimate
knowledge of the starship's power system.
At the International Congress
of UFOs in Wiesbaden in 1975,
her speech on the secrets of light
was given a standing ovation
by scientists of 22 nations.
I'm convinced that her first book,
the visit with Akon, to Alpha Centauri...
I'm convinced that that is true.
And it changed her life forever.
And she tried to then study more,
tried to understand more
about what's happening in the universe.
But not being a top physicist,
she couldn't get everything right.
So, I won't hold it against her.
The second major doubt I have
occurred not so long ago,
probably about five or six years ago,
when I'd found her first manuscript.
It was written, or completed, in 1958.
And it was quite a revelation for me
to see the differences
between that first manuscript
and the second one.
The second one being on which her current
book, Beyond the Light Barrier is based.
So the first manuscript
was quite an eye-opener
because it differs in many areas.
There's a general theme of things
are still there, a sort of overall story,
but... it had a different title.
It was called
the Autobiography of a Venusian.
The setting wasn't on Meton,
it was... it was on Venus.
Each chapter was prefaced
by verses from the Bible.
Um, the... The second manuscript,
those were all taken out.
Um, there was no child involved in the
first one. The second one had the child.
[John] Ms. Jeanie Patterson
is not only a bookworm,
but a sought-after researcher
and shopkeeper of Kwagga Books,
where they sell high-quality
collectible rare books
and provide accredited
valuations of rare items
and clearly, subject matters.
[Jeanie] Elizabeth Klarer
has been accused of plagiarism
by various people in the field.
And I set out to try and find proof.
I'm not an academic, I'm not a scientist,
but I want to know how things worked.
So, 50 years ago, or longer, when she
experienced this, we laughed at it.
And now I'm going, "But, hold on."
So, I'm reading this story and finding
more and more aspects of it that...
bypassed me all those years ago.
This is the book that...
had a lot of underlining
and writing in... by Elizabeth.
To me, it was just marking areas...
that were of interest to her for her book.
I couldn't find the exact words,
or strings of words,
or paragraphs in her book,
Beyond the Light Barrier.
It's just highlighting scientific words
that is in use everywhere.
So, if people are going
to accuse her of plagiarism,
then they have to accuse everybody else
who's written books on this field.
[ominous music]
[ominous vibration]
[music continues]
[John]Paul is a prolific writer and performer.
He was a member of The Space Theater,
a non-racial theater company,
with myself in the '70s.
Many decades later,
he's busy writing yet another play,
to do with our very own Elizabeth Klarer
called Rosetta's Secret.
[Paul] I started reading...
Beyond the Light Barrier,
and also reading about her.
And I can't tell you the number of times I
shouted out loud in my quiet little study,
I went, "Wah! Wah! What?!"
A pilot, a painter,
played the piano, rode horses.
"Renaissance woman"
is too small a word. I said,
"Do people realize what this person
was way back in the '50s and stuff?"
It's almost beyond belief,
but she did those things.
I think that's what kept me going
because I had what I call
my 35-year appointment with Klarer.
So, how do you get your message across?
How do you...
Because you know,
subtle things don't get messages across.
The things that get messages across
are noise and shouting.
[shouts, rough voice] Listen to my story!
[normal voice] It's like a rat race.
It's like, everything's like, "Whaaaa!"
Not the quietness.
But the quietness is a thing that works.
If you can find a way
of living in the stillness...
you can find an answer to anything.
People say,
"Where do your stories come from?
Where do your plays come from?"
They come from the stillness.
Like the stillness,
it's like connecting with that.
And Klarer connected with the stillness.
And in the stillness came... came Akon.
People might not believe Klarer's story,
but, I think perhaps, what she did was,
she lied her truth.
She... she... wanted to get her story
to many, many people,
and the only way she could do that
was by lying...
the truth.
[ominous music]
[ominous vibration]
It is a Utopia, it really exists.
I think we can say...
that all the best storytellers are clever,
imaginative, educated, capable people.
Elizabeth Klarer included,
but also other charlatans.
I can think of a few,
in the religious sense.
In the cultist sense.
To her credit, she didn't try
to start any kind of cult.
She didn't try to convert people.
She just simply tried to make
the world a better place.
I can give her credit for that.
That's a... It's noble. Yes.
And she did it in a time
when... when females...
weren't quite as... as free to do
what they wanted to do, as they are today.
So, yeah, hats off to her for that.
But she's still a storyteller.
[ominous vibration]
[vibration ends abruptly]
- [birds chirping]
- If we look at the bottom line
that comes after all of the debate...
Those who believe, those who disbelieve,
Elizabeth still stands out
as a shining voice
of female courage and conviction,
who was able to sustain
a debate of great significance.
I say that what I've said before,
that he is...
a high guard of this part of...
and that it is his duty
to protect all of us
from the forces of destruction
and the forces of the negative.
I say that Madam Klarer
should relay this message
to her lover, Akon, with all haste.
[Elizabeth] The mission I have to do
is to write and to lecture,
and to tell people about all of this.
That we are not the only inhabited
planet in the galaxy.
That there are thousands
of other planets with human life.
We're not unique.
This is a very wonderful truth,
and I'm here to reveal the truth.
- [ominous vibration]
- [zap]
[John]The original version of the hardcover book
of Beyond the Light Barrier,first published in 1979,
includes some paragraphs
that has been conveniently removed,
unbeknownst to the new readers
of the soft-copy version out there,
published in 2008 onwards.
[music continues]
Page 105 and onwards.
The hard copy. 1979.
"Vast hordes of black people
swarming over the surface of Earth
have now reached a cycle in the evolution
where they clamor
for self-rule and domination,
where the law of might-is-right
still prevails.
These races will continue
to breed and swarm,
as is the natural way, virile and strong,
pushing back other races to the very
frontiers of their own homelands.
Such widely different ways of living,
of hygiene, and above all, of thinking,
among different civilizations on Earth,
cannot be mixed at this stage of evolution
without moral degeneration and bloodshed.
Neither the fishes of the seas,
nor the beasts of the land mix and mate
with different species,
but mankind of planet Earth mixes
and fornicates with all human species,
thereby laying the foundations
of progressive degeneration
throughout the human species on Earth,
as more and more advanced races
are absorbed into the common stream."
[inhales deeply, sighs]
I say, "Thank God that I'm
reading it while I'm 79.
I have a bit of an experience
about what life means.
I've gone round the block
a couple of times,
but it would have been, if I was younger,
the most difficult book to read.
Some of the things that are just
mentioned in the book make my blood boil
and brings back my hatred, in an intense
way, for white supremacists
and their unbelievable hatred
for other human beings.
She echoes the conversations
in the living room,
which is the most dangerous thing
when you're trying to find
to create a peaceful society.
Even us as black people,
we say things in front of our children
about white people.
We should be very careful...
because the children learn
by seeing and repeating.
When I started this journey
with this book, I thought,
"There's another loony
from Durban... [chuckles]
...telling stories about the space and
all aliens and interacting with worlds."
[dramatic music]
[John] When I knew that she
had communication with Esage,
one of the highest respected
African sangomas, an African High Priest,
who was the custodian
of our language, of our culture,
of African religion and mythology,
Credo Mutwa,
I had to take a little bit
of a pause and say,
"Why would Credo Mutwa believe her?"
So I had to give it a little bit of, well,
the benefit of the doubt.
"Let me look into this.
Let me find out what was it that brought
these two people together."
[music continues]
The things she talked about
when she was in Meton,
where she heard about what will happen
if we neglect the Earth...
if we abuse the Earth,
if we continue not understanding
climate change, global warming.
I mean, we as Africans,
we believe that we have ancestors.
We have... [speaks isiXhosa]
Which is the creator
that is responsible for all the nature,
including the dust and the ants,
and that we have the ancestors
that mediate our lives and relationships
with our God, Qamatha...
that brings us great blessings.
But, I can't see them. I can't...
I've never known where they are.
Reading this book made me think,
"Maybe they're not far
from Meton. [chuckles]
Maybe they are close there."
But the thing that really sometimes
makes me feel sad,
that I feel that what Elizabeth Klarer
represented in that paragraph...
of the hard copy published in 1979,
about what she thought
about me as a black person...
She's not alone,
and I'm afraid it still exist.
We need to find a language
that's unifying.
We need to find the language
that promotes reconciliation.
We need to find a new English
that talks about social cohesion,
that talks about forgiveness.
[projector slides clicking]
Am I offended by what she says?
Damn right, I am!
Do I hate her for it?
I don't have space in my heart to hate,
I've got so many important things to do.
[ominous vibration]
[Kurt Waldheim] As the Secretary General
of the United Nations,
an organization of 147 member-states
who represents almost all of the human
inhabitants of the planet Earth
I send greetings on behalf
of the people of our planet.
We step out of our solar system...
We know full well
that our planet and all its inhabitants
are but a small part of this immense
universe that surrounds us
and it is with humility and hope
that we take this step.
[sounds from the
Voyager Golden Records playing]