Beyond the Night (2018) Movie Script

[ominous music plays]
[glass breaks]
[wheelchair clattering]
[medical machinery beeping]
[medical machinery beeping]
[door clacking]
[Amanda crying]
[Amanda crying]
[breathing tube hissing]
[medical machinery beeping]
[Ray sighing]
- Maise,
I'm here.
[Ray crying]
- Raymond?
We waited as long as we could.
[atmospheric electronic music]
[birds chirping]
[men screaming]
[guns firing]
- Lawrence, let's
let your daddy sleep.
- Oh, how are the things?
The coroner arranged for
transport, can meet us up there.
- I'm taking her.
- Okay, alright, well,
we'll meet ya up there.
[atmospheric orchestral music]
- How's the mountain air, buddy?
I always talked about
bringing you up here,
but Mama didn't think
it was worth shit.
[atmospheric orchestral music]
[dramatic orchestral music]
[dog tags jangling]
- [Announcer On TV] They
own the defense, offense,
everything, it's unbelievable...
[atmospheric electronic music]
[coroner tapping on bottle]
- I'll give you time.
- [Announcer On TV]
What a play to the left.
[seatbelt clacking]
- Daddy?
- It's alright, buddy,
it's just Pastor Hirsch.
- Raymond.
Good to see you, Raymond.
Glad I caught ya.
Hello, there.
How ya doin', buddy?
- Daddy?
- Hey,
stop it.
[knocking on window]
- I'm sorry.
- No, no, no, no, no
it's just gonna
take him some time.
I don't want you to
worry about anything.
She's in good hands, Raymond.
We got her the plots that are
right next to your parents.
I know you're going through
a troubled time right now,
but I want you to
know that I'm here.
So is the Lord.
If you ever wanna talk to
me, my door's always open.
[knocking on window]
It's a drive, bringing
here back here, Raymond.
- Hey, look, that's enough.
Just sit still.
Thanks, Marty.
- Yeah, sure.
- I gotta get going.
- Okay.
[doorbell ringing]
- Ew, gross, Mommy.
- Hey, Lawrence, come on.
Look at me.
With people like that,
they're gonna spend their whole
lives trying to be original.
You, you're lucky
enough to be born one.
Just get yourself some chips.
- Just don't look
at him, baby girl.
[atmospheric electronic music]
[window shattering]
[woman and child screaming]
- Mommy!
- Oh, my God.
[tire iron clanking]
[door clacking]
[Ray chuckling]
[van engine whirring]
[dog tags jangling]
- [Lawrence] Where are we?
- [Ray] This is Nana
and Papa's house.
It's where I grew up.
[footsteps thudding]
[switch clicking]
[atmospheric orchestral music]
- Ray.
I'm so sorry.
I don't understand,
what the fuck happened?
- Truck just came
out of nowhere.
Just the middle of the day.
A regular day.
I got me the first flight back.
- Oh, my God.
- Officer Marrow.
[Caroline laughing]
- Hey.
Hi, Lawrence.
That's right, I'm
Officer Marrow.
- This is your Aunt Caroline.
Say hi.
- You're nice.
[Caroline laughing]
- Nice to finally meet you.
Ooh, he's precocious.
- I just...
I don't know what
the fuck I'm doin'.
- You know what, you're here.
Why don't we just start simple,
and go grab some
take-out from Coney,
and we'll teach him
how to play rummy.
How does that sound?
Well, I'll come by first
thing in the morning.
You're here now, right?
You better get used
to seeing my face.
Are you gonna stay here
or with Amanda and Burg?
- No, we're gonna stay here.
- Alright.
Alright, then.
[Lawrence mimicking
a plane whirring]
- It's time to go to sleep now.
- [Lawrence] Are we gonna
put Mommy in the ground?
[atmospheric electronic music]
- That's enough now, Lawrence.
Time to go to sleep.
You're tired.
- No, I'm not.
- Yes, you are.
Now I'm gonna be sleeping
right here next to you.
Go to sleep.
[atmospheric electronic music]
[Caroline sighing]
- Have I ever let you down?
[atmospheric country music]
- If we do this,
you gotta deliver,
'cause if you don't,
Denver's gonna wipe
us off the map.
[ominous electronic music]
- Hello, Shelly.
Two well and a cup.
- [Shelly] Mm-hmm.
[switchblade clicking]
[man gasping]
- Fuck Colorado.
We make one call, first truck's
on the road in five minutes.
- Don't make me the
bad guy, Bernie.
- [Bernie] And that's a yes?
- [Man] Yeah.
[atmospheric country music]
[hand sanitizer squirting]
- [Caroline] Who's your friend?
- Oh, we met on social media.
[Caroline scoffing]
- Can I help you with
something, Bernie?
- I heard Ray's back in town.
- That's right.
- [Bernie] And I
heard Maise Connely
met her maker in the
form of an F-150.
- I figured somebody who knows
how hard it is to lose somebody
would be a little
bit more empathetic.
- You don't talk about her.
[atmospheric electronic music]
[Lawrence humming]
- How you doin', bud?
[atmospheric electronic music]
- I look pretty, Daddy.
- Jesus Christ,
what are you doing?
You don't do that.
[makeup clattering]
- Why am I a boy
this time, Daddy?
- Because your mom and
I asked for you, bud.
I don't wanna yell at you.
I'm here, okay?
Do you here me, bud?
Let's get you dressed.
- Is Mama gonna be at the party?
- [sighing] Yeah.
[atmospheric acoustic guitar]
Summer without
the candlelight
To blush up your
baby and gone
And I ain't got
no sugar baby now
No, I ain't got
no sugar baby now
Giving up every cent I made
And I wander in the shade
And I ain't got
no sugar baby now
No, I ain't got
no sugar baby now
Done all I can do
To make peace with you
I sung it to you
on the next payday
Oh, I sung it to you
on the next payday
And it's you, I
cry you, honey
And it's you who'll
sing this song
And it's who I can
cradle when I'm gone
Ooh, it's who I can
cradle when I'm gone
[rain pattering]
- When the dust
returns into the ground
from which it came,
and the spirit returns to God.
Maise was a daughter
of this community
and a wife and a mother.
And we all remember
- Daddy?
- what we love about Maise,
and take that love
with us everyday.
- [Lawrence] Dad?
- We should all remember to keep
what we love about Maise
close to our hearts.
- Daddy?
- And in that way,
- Look, that's enough.
- her spirit lives
- I'm sorry.
- Through us.
- What are doing? No.
No, Daddy, no.
- Stop it, I don't
even know what you,
you're out of line.
Come here.
- No, no, no.
No, Daddy.
- Stop it.
- [Lawrence] No, Daddy, stop it.
- Lawrence, just shut the, stop.
- No.
- Stop moving, stop it.
- Get away from me.
- Hey, that's enough.
- Yeah, we're fine, thanks.
- Stop.
- Get up.
- [Marty] That Maise has
gone to a better place.
And the Lord welcomes her.
[rain pattering]
And she is also here with us.
[mourners chattering]
- [Caroline] You can't expect
him to be all sunshine.
- I can barely hold him down.
- You know, pediatrics
over in Sunbury,
they have some...
Let me go talk to 'em.
- He's not seeing
a fuckin' shrink.
- All's I'm saying is
that if he needs help...
- Ray, what do you
want us to do here?
- I don't fuckin' know.
- [Burg] Well, let's see how
he's doing when he wakes up.
- [sighing] Just one
more thing for the people
to talk about in this town.
- I just thought he'd have a
chance at something normal.
But I guess it don't matter.
'Cause this shit
is just as random
as an IED on a 10 year old.
- Don't bring that Eckhart
Tolle shit back here
after everything
you saw over there.
You don't get to tell
me it doesn't matter.
It does matter.
You matter.
Lawrence matters.
And I'm sorry about
what happened to Maise,
and I'm sorry that you
had to come back here
with your family
but you need us.
And we need you,
Lawrence needs you.
So you can cry and
you can be sad,
but you damn well
better be strong.
She's still with you.
She's with you in him.
[chimes jangling]
- There now.
That's good.
You're gonna be just fine.
- Are you then one
makin' all that racket
at the service, huh?
- [chuckling]
Lawrence, this is--
- Nana.
- Norma, this is Norma
Coleman, Lawrence.
- [Lawrence] July's nana.
- What?
- [Amanda] Lawrence?
- July Rain's nana.
[atmospheric electronic music]
- You son of a bitch.
- Norma?
Now just hold on.
- [Ray] What's goin' on?
- Tell your father what
you just said, Lawrence.
- It's okay, buddy.
What did you say?
- July Rain.
- Ah, here, I'll take him.
Come on, bud.
- What?
- Have you been talking
to him about anything?
- I told you that
he's been saying shit
since we got up here.
It's not normal, I know it.
- You know, Maybe Maise
was telling you things
that were goin' on up here
while you were deployed?
- [sighing] Maise
fucking hated it up here.
That's the whole reason we left.
- July Rain Coleman is
Bernie Coleman's daughter.
Remember you and Maise left
town when she was a toddler?
- Ah, yeah, okay.
Well, maybe she
was at the funeral?
- Mm, that's not possible.
July's case is a cold case.
She's been missing.
She was 15.
No one would dare talk about it.
Lawrence saying it to
Norma, it's beyond rude,
it's downright dangerous.
- Well, somebody said somethin'.
- Look, you know
how things are here.
Answers don't always
have to be true
as long as they're believable.
So you talk to him or
you don't talk to him,
but you gotta come
up with somethin'.
[dirt bikes roaring]
- Alright now, stop playing
with your food, buddy.
Do you wanna talk to me about
what you said to Miss Coleman?
Did your mama maybe
say some things to you
about up here while I was gone?
About July Rain?
- July Rain?
- Yeah, that's right, July Rain.
Little girl from around here.
Do you remember talking
about her to Miss Coleman?
Did somebody say
her name to you?
Maybe somebody said
it at the house?
Alright Lawrence, look,
it's really important, okay?
You really hurt some people's
feelings when you said that,
and these aren't
the type of people
that we wanna be hurtin'.
I really need you to try and
remember where you heard it.
- I didn't hear it, Daddy.
- Lawrence...
Alright, you're done.
- I'm not done.
- Yeah, you are.
Look, I don't know
who taught you to lie,
but you don't do
that shit with me.
Get this.
[dirt bike roaring]
[truck engine whirring]
- So, where's your
boy, Ray Marrow?
- Bernie.
- [Bernie] Figured you'd
have been gone by now?
- Yeah, you're good right there.
- My condolences about Maise.
- I appreciate that.
- Some people might
say you bad luck.
But I guess that reaper, he
follows all of us, don't he?
Norma says your
boy's quite a talker.
- Yep.
You know how kids can be.
- Yes, I do.
At least I did.
- Spit it out, Bernie.
- When my baby girl
first went missing,
whole town was
bells and whistles
out lookin' for her for weeks.
For weeks.
You know, these people up here,
they, they got their
faith until they don't.
They went from scouring
the end's of the Earth
to just droppin' it.
And no one even dared so much
as mention her name
again after that.
Until today.
- Well, somebody did.
And that's where he heard it.
- He didn't say nothin' else?
- Look, Bernie, I am
sorry about your daughter,
but we're talking about
a little boy here.
- Yeah.
Well, you have a safe
trip back to the city.
[dramatic orchestral music]
[Lawrence humming]
- Do you like it here?
- I remember it.
- [Ray] You remember what?
- Playing in the woods.
- [Ray] Yeah, you mean earlier?
- I used to play in the woods.
[atmospheric electronic music]
- I think you're tired, bud.
Let's get you outta here.
[brush scraping]
[atmospheric orchestral music]
- I pulled up into the
parking lot at Coney's
the other night, it was a
beautiful night, twilight.
Sun had just set.
And saw this remarkable vision.
Really, you could see
everybody's face inside
at the booths,
and they all looked like
they were perfectly at peace,
and strangely they were
lit from underneath.
- Stop what you're
doing right now.
- It was like a beatific vision.
[door clacking]
So I walked up the steps
and I walked inside
and saw everybody was
on their cellphone.
[group laughing]
Everybody was connected to what?
We live in such a
difficult time to,
it's, I call it the
disease of separateness.
Which is why it's so wonderful
that we're here today,
and every Sunday to
bear witness together,
to have fellowship
in Jesus' name.
And what we fight
on a daily basis,
what we struggle
is the separateness
because when you
separate, you are alone,
and when you are alone,
you are removing yourself
from your fellow man.
Your brothers, your sisters.
And it's easy to fall.
- Sunbury.
- That's right.
Hey, listen, bud.
Do you remember what you
said during Mama's party?
Easy buddy.
- St. Luther's.
- How did you know the name
of that church, Lawrence?
- I was there.
- And when was this, Lawrence?
- At July's communion.
- [Girl] Two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three,
four, five, six...
- When were you
with July, Lawrence?
- Before.
- Before when, bud?
- Five, six, seven, eight.
[upbeat pop music]
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, again.
[Lawrence humming pop song]
[girls chattering]
[atmospheric electronic music]
- Hey.
- [Girl] Five,
six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
One, two three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
[dramatic electronic music]
- Ask him something.
- Lawrence, hey, honey.
You like it up here, huh?
Do you see that lady over
there behind the counter?
What do you think her name is?
- Shelly.
- Everybody knows Shelly.
- He knew St. Luther's.
He said that he was there
for July's communion.
- So what are you thinking here,
you think he's clairvoyant?
Maybe the accident
did something?
- Lawrence, look at me, buddy.
How many fingers do you
think I have behind my back?
- Three, Daddy.
[Caroline chuckling]
- Lawrence,
maybe you can talk to
me about July Rain?
Do you remember
what she looks like?
Is her hair, is her
hair like my hair?
What if we showed him a picture?
- I don't know.
- Well, you called
me down here, Ray.
What do you want from me?
Look, I don't know what this is.
I got her file at the precinct.
If you wanna know if maybe
he just heard something
about her at the service
or if there's something
else going on.
Let's just stop guessing here.
- Ooh, yeah.
[church bell ringing]
- I picked her up for stealing
from the Wawa over
on Norton Street.
She was 15 years old.
About six months before
she'd gone missing.
- Wanna play a game, Lawrence?
You see all these girls?
You think you know
which one is July Rain?
[atmospheric electronic music]
- You sure, Lawrence?
- Jesus Christ.
Did your Grandma show
you this photo before?
Look at me.
Did Mommy show you this photo?
- No, Daddy.
- Don't lie to me.
- Ray, let's take a break.
I don't know if this is
related to the accident,
but I know the idea of someone
trying to get into Lawrence's
head isn't what you want,
but he's gonna need
to talk to somebody.
We got this woman
out of Harrisburg.
She's come out for child
trauma cases before.
A real nice lady, a
little bit liberal
with some of her techniques,
but to tell you the truth,
if I get on the
phone with someone
from Sunbury or Lewisburg,
I doubt they'd even
come over here.
You knew what Maise
would have done.
He's still your son, Ray.
[hard rock music]
[atmospheric electronic music]
[phone ringing]
- What's goin' on?
- To tell you the
truth, I don't know.
My nephew is showing
signs of trauma.
Hard to explain
right now, Chief.
- What's that got to do
with the Coleman case?
- Not sure.
That's why I figured
I'd leave you be
until I got something
more concrete.
- [Gordon] The
Coleman case is cold.
- Yeah, I know, Chief.
- Alright, well,
get out of there.
Come on, now.
And put your goddamn
belt back on.
[atmospheric electronic music]
[upbeat pop music]
He said, I want you back
She said, you
can't have that
He said, I want you back
She said, she's
never coming home
Never coming home to you
[Bernie humming pop song]
Never coming home to you
Never coming home to you
[dramatic electronic music]
[Bernie sighing]
Your love is a hurricane
Come on up and set me right
And you got me going under
With a heart
racing like thunder
- And so my job,
really, at this point,
is just to merely hope
that some part of the gospel
gets through your brains and
your phones to your hearts.
And for that, I will
be truly grateful.
See you next week.
God bless.
Raymond, welcome.
- Marty.
- Sit.
The Dark Knight has
arrived, Raymond,
and he calls himself
the internet.
You know, oftentimes
it's when there are no answers
that we struggle with
our faith the most.
- I'm not a very
religious man, Marty.
- [sighing] We're all
born with faith, Raymond.
Even you.
Before your parents
were called on.
You may not remember but I do.
- Well, I'm not
here for me, Marty.
I'm here for my son.
Do you think that a man's demons
can be passed down to his son?
- We've all done
things, Raymond.
- I don't think
that's true, Marty.
I think that some
men have done things
so that others don't have to.
Have you ever seen
anybody die, Marty?
Right there in front of you?
I've done things,
and I think that I've
cursed my son because of it.
- Phew.
Would you let me pray for you?
- Yeah.
[dramatic orchestral music]
- Heavenly Father,
hear our prayer.
Guide us to peace.
- Ray, this is Sherry.
- Hi, Ray.
I understand that you
just lost your wife.
My deepest condolences.
Death can be quite
confusing for the living.
This the little child of
light you two made together?
- Yeah.
- Hmm.
Hey, what's your name?
I'm Doctor Sherry.
- This is Lawrence.
- Hey, Lawrence, how
are you doing today?
- Good.
- Hmm, just doing some
light reading? [chuckling]
So, Caroline, on the phone
you said that he's been saying
some pretty wild things?
- Ever since we road up
here to bury my wife.
He's known the names
of people and places.
He's never been up here before.
- Hmm, and the girl
that you mentioned...
- July Rain Coleman.
- Huh, well, that's
a name, isn't it?
Okay, well, why don't
I sit down with him,
see if I can figure
out what's going on.
I don't know how long
this is gonna take,
but you're welcome to
wait right outside.
[microwave ringing]
- That woman makes
me more nervous
than a crack head
with a shotgun.
[chattering on police radio]
How are Burg and
Amanda holdin' up?
- Best they can.
- You know, Burg
served in the Gulf.
I ain't sayin' he's
much for conversation,
but he knows what
it's like out there.
Everybody's got
their limits, Ray.
Talkin' to someone
might serve you well.
- You have yourself a
beautiful boy there, Raymond.
- What are we lookin' at?
- Well, first you
have to understand
that when a child is involved
in a tragic accident,
they may suffer from
what some might call
post-traumatic stress disorder.
Right, you may know something
about that being
in the military.
- [sighing] So what?
You think the accident did this?
- I think the accident
may have woken something.
- [Caroline] And what are
we talkin' about here?
- [sighing] Come.
Lawrence, look what I have.
Now, Lawrence.
I wanna talk about
July Rain again, okay?
Like we just did.
Your daddy wants to know
what we talked about, okay?
- It's okay, bud.
- So, where did you
hear the name July Rain?
Yeah, in your head?
And did you know her?
[atmospheric electronic music]
When did you know her?
- Before.
- Before when, buddy?
- Before me.
- Huh, I mean, I have never
encountered this before,
but I've heard stories
about it many times.
In some cultures, children born
with distinctive birthmarks
like Lawrence's, they are
watched very carefully
as they develop.
They believe that these
children have a special gift.
That they can
remember information
from before they were born.
- What are we talkin' about?
Are we talkin' about
psychic ability?
- Ah...
- She thinks he's having
memories from a past life.
I was stationed in
the Middle East.
There are a number of
religious groups there
that I think you're
referring to, Doctor.
They believe in reincarnation.
Sherry here thinks that Lawrence
is remembering July because--
- He was July.
[Caroline laughing]
- Okay, what are you two
effing with me or something?
- No, it's not a joke, Caroline.
And Ray, I'm happy
that you're familiar
with some of these practices,
but these events
have been documented
throughout the world.
They're not specific
to one place.
- I hate to break it to you,
but this isn't some kind
of spiritual awakening.
God knows you'd
have a bestseller
on the shelves in a month.
But you're reachin' here.
And this, this ain't
helpin' my son.
- Ray?
- I'm sorry, Carol,
but Jesus Christ.
[van engine whirring]
[upbeat rock music]
[ball banging]
[pins clacking]
- Give us a scotch.
- There's plenty of empty tables
you'd be more comfortable at.
- What is it that
you do, exactly,
Dr. Sheryln Bomont?
- And what business
is it of yours?
- Well, ordinarily I
just make it my business.
But see you with
this kind of landed
right in the middle
of my wheelhouse,
you know what I mean?
[pins clacking]
- I treat people.
- Yes, that much I know.
Of more interest to me
is what you talked to
Ray Marrow's boy about?
- Now, while I'd love to breach
the doctor, patient
code of ethics for you
and your band of
degenerates over there,
I think I'll refrain
[pins clacking]
for the sake of my career.
- I don't always get to
practice non-violence.
I always ask myself is that
because I'm a violent person,
or because of the bullshit
I get from people?
You see, I've been lied
to all my life, Doctor.
And even when my baby
girl went missing,
there was no person in this town
who had a goddamn
word to say about it.
All I'm askin'
is for a little truth.
Is that too much to ask, Doctor?
[ball banging]
- One, two.
- No.
- [chuckling] Better not
get hurt on that thing.
You know, I never blamed
you when you left.
I was proud that Mom
was proud of you,
even to the end.
She knew.
I was fightin', it
was in our cards.
You in the war and
me in the force.
- I knew that you'd be
alright once you joined up.
- Yeah.
I don't know why things
always happen for us
the way they do, Ray.
God knows I wish that
we had it different
but we don't.
[atmospheric electronic music]
And for whatever reason,
hell, this could give
us a little glimpse.
I mean, what if this is true?
I think we deserve it.
I think we deserve a little
glimpse into the other side.
And I think as much of shitty
person as Bernie Coleman is,
I think he deserves it, too.
[truck engine whirring]
- Lawrence, get over here.
[ominous electronic music]
- You lied to me, Raymond.
- Bernie, listen to me.
There's a lot of unanswered
questions right now,
but I want you to think first.
You gotta--
- I gotta what?
This bitch telling me my
daughter's inside of him?
He knows what happened to her.
- Put the guns down.
- Fucking kill everybody here.
I wanna talk to him.
- Put the guns down,
and I'll let you come
over here and talk to him.
- Put 'em down.
[dramatic orchestral music]
Baby girl?
- He ain't your
daughter, Bernie.
- Are you in there, baby girl?
How does this work, how...
- That's not July, Bernie.
Look at him.
- What is he possessed
or somethin'?
- Lawrence, this
is Bernie Coleman.
- It's July's daddy.
- Are you in there, baby girl?
- [Ray] Bernie?
- What, what's happening?
Talk to me.
Is she gone?
What happened to you?
I gotta know, please?
July, I'm so sorry I
wasn't there for you.
- Alright, look, I need
you to let go of him now.
- [Bernie] You're not
takin' my baby girl.
- Ray.
- You do it, you
think I give a shit?
- You let him go,
and I swear to you,
I will stay in town until we
get to the bottom of this.
But if you don't, I will
put a bullet in you,
and you're never gonna
get any of your answers.
- [sighing] God.
[dramatic electronic music]
- Hey, you okay?
[dramatic orchestral music]
[Caroline sighing]
- She sounded iffy on the phone.
Bernie probably scared her
straight back to Harrisburg.
- [Sherry] Good morning.
- Good morning, Dr. Bomont.
- Hello, Lawrence.
- I am so sorry about Bernie.
- Oh, No.
I should apologize.
He just didn't leave
me much of an option.
Ray, I wanna thank you
for choosing to do this.
I think that you'll find
that this helps you as much
as it helps Lawrence, here.
- How do we do this?
- We just walk
inside the memory.
Remember that old board game?
Maybe you played it
when you were a child?
If Lawrence sees something,
a street or a shop or a building
that he can match to some
image he has in his head,
and he can build those
images into a pattern.
Into thoughts, and
hopefully, into memories.
- Come on, buddy.
We're gonna play a game, okay?
Winner gets his very
own stack of pancakes.
[atmospheric electronic music]
- Parzano's.
[atmospheric electronic music]
[dramatic electronic music]
[buffer clattering]
[Sherry and woman chattering]
- It was hers.
It was July's.
[Ray sighing]
- [Lawrence] Did
I do good, Daddy?
Did I earn the pancakes?
- Yeah, bud.
You won.
You did really good.
- Chief, I don't expect
you to understand.
- Shut up.
Look, I realize in the
whole scheme of things,
your family has been dealt
a hard hand with death.
Be honest, that's why I thought
you'd be good at this job.
It's best to know death
is gonna be knockin' on your
door at every traffic stop.
But your brother
comin' back here
with his troubled
kid startin'--
- That's my nephew.
- I said, shut up.
Did you ever think
for one minute
how this would effect this town?
That's the trouble
with America today.
No one lets a dead dog lie.
A man lost his daughter.
And you want me to
ask him to relive that
'cause some kid is
playing hide and go seek?
- You've known me longer
than my own daddy, Gordon.
In that time, I
feel like I've tried
to be an asset to
this department,
and I've kept the
oath that I swore to,
but this, this is--
- Here's what's gonna happen.
I'm gonna forget we ever
had this conversation.
Your brother's gonna
pack his van up
and go back to the big city,
and you are gonna
return to being
a model officer
in this community.
Now if you don't mind,
Shelly's chili dogs
are calling my name.
[church bell ringing]
[group chatting]
- So have a good day.
Thanks, Warren.
Thanks, ladies.
- Ray?
Do us both a favor
and get your son
back to Philadelphia, will ya?
You get him some help.
Leave the people
of this town alone.
- [Ray] I don't like
this anymore than you do,
but something is going
on here, Sheriff.
If you ain't gonna fix it,
then you should sue me
[car engine revving]
because I'm not going--
- Lawrence?
[tires screeching]
- Lawrence?
[dramatic electronic music]
- He did it, Daddy.
It was him.
He hurt July.
- What are you doing?
You don't do that.
- No, daddy, no.
- Just, shut up.
- Praise to Christ.
- It's okay.
- He hurt, July.
- Until next Sunday.
- Goddamn it.
- He hurt July.
- [Ray] Lawrence, stop.
[dramatic electronic music]
- Get over to the Coleman ranch.
You better hope Norma doesn't
flap her gums to Bernie.
What'd you think
was gonna happen
with your little
stunt here, huh?
I swear to God, anything
happens to my brother,
I'm holding you responsible.
- [Sherry] I'll come with you.
[dramatic electronic music]
- [Norma] Ain't no goddamn way
you got a warrant
that fast, Caroline.
- I didn't see you there, Norma.
Just wanna word with your boy.
[dog growling and barking]
- I heard your nephew.
- [Caroline] We all heard him.
- Boy's got the devil in him.
- Well, it's hard to say.
It's a bit confusing
right now, isn't it?
It would really help if I
could speak with Bernie.
Is he inside?
- I told him the
boy must have caught
some demon in the car
when his mama died.
Pastor Hirsch, a killer?
- You know, I've
always been fair
with you and your family, Norma.
Even through the investigation,
I treated that case like July
was one of my own, didn't I?
Bernie, come on out.
[dog barking and growling]
- I always liked you, Caroline.
[dramatic electronic music]
Your mama was a
good friend of mine.
[dog barking]
But what your brother spawned,
Bernie's coming for answers.
And with the Lord on his side,
he'll right the wrongs
done to this family.
You can believe that.
- I swear to God, Norma,
I ain't askin' this time.
Don't fuck with me.
[dramatic electronic music]
[walkie talkie beeping]
Chief, Chief, come in.
I'm on my way to his
house in South Harrisburg.
Put off on--
- Goddammit.
Has she contacted you?
He's gonna want answers, Marty.
- Jesus Christ.
It's the word of
a five year old.
- Now you know how
people around here are.
If a raccoon came
out of the woods
and started talking about
Bernie Coleman's daughter,
then animal control would
be cleaning up raccoons
for the next year and a half.
- After all this time.
- Only thing you gotta do
is just keep your mouth shut
on this right now.
Let me deal with the
Coleman's and the Marrow boy.
But listen,
if we come down to it,
if we get to a breaking point,
I want you to think about
offering up what you know.
- Oh, they ain't gonna believe
I just put her on a bus.
- Huh, well,
I'll take being a lousy lawman
and you being a son of a bitch
over lettin' 'em
hang you for this.
We're talkin' 'bout the
goddamn Coleman's here, Marty.
Now I want you to come back
to the precinct with me.
The only way I know
you'll be safe.
- I go hiding at the precinct,
I may as well put a
guilty sign on my chest.
- Now you have to
trust me on this one.
[dramatic electronic music]
Caroline, come in.
- [Caroline] Chief?
Chief, I'm pulling up now.
Looks like some kind of barn.
- [Gordon] I'm on my way.
- [Caroline] Can you
get to the precinct?
I wouldn't ask if I
had somebody else.
Best case scenario,
we bring Bernie in,
and you get to listen to
one of Marty's sermons.
[dramatic electronic music]
- Do me a favor, just stay here.
[gun clacking]
You let me deal
with Bernie Coleman.
[dramatic electronic music]
- Come on, bud.
Let's get you sorted.
Grandma's got your
favorite pancakes
in the car all ready for ya.
- I need you to talk to him.
Find out what you can.
- Well, come on,
if you're coming.
[Ray sighing]
[dramatic electronic music]
[bushes rustling]
[shooting and men
screaming on TV]
[bushes rustling]
[shooting and men
screaming on TV]
- Shit, shit.
Chief, there's no one
here, we gotta get back.
[dramatic electronic music]
[dog tags jangling]
[door clacking]
- Pastor.
- You have a gun?
[gun clanking]
You alone?
- Now open the goddamn door.
[door buzzing]
- So, I wanna talk about
where you've seen the
pastor before, Lawrence.
[ominous electronic music]
- In the woods.
- In what woods, Lawrence?
[siren wailing]
[Marty sighing]
- I've served this
community for 30 years.
- I know you have.
And I know that you're
not a violent man, Marty.
- Bernie Coleman is not the
type to listen to reason.
[gun clacking on desk]
Do you believe your boy?
- I don't know what
I believe anymore.
[ominous electronic music]
I need you to get
someplace safe and hide.
[dramatic electronic music]
[gun clacking]
You don't wanna do this.
- This is not gonna end well
if you make me come
in there, Raymond.
- Let him go.
- He's good where he is.
- [Ray] Goddamn it, Bernie.
- I want 'em in the same room,
and I wanna hear him say it.
- You ask him right here.
- Not like this.
I said I want the truth.
I ain't gonna get it here.
Put the gun down.
- You know, Gordy's gonna be
pullin' up any second now.
- You think his brother's
gonna give me a fair say?
You're on the clock
here, Raymond.
[gun firing]
[glass shattering]
[dramatic orchestral music]
[gun whacking against head]
[Marty groaning]
- Enough.
[Marty groaning]
If I take you to
him, they stay here.
- I just want answers.
- This is it, Bernie.
No guns.
- Including yours.
[Marty groaning]
- [Ray] We take my van.
[guns clacking on sidewalk]
- [Marty] Jesus,
please don't do this.
Oh, God.
Please don't do this.
[Marty groaning]
[dramatic electronic music]
[dramatic synthesizer music]
- Are you sure you
don't wanna play, baby?
- [Lawrence] Daddy.
- Oh, he'll be back
for ya soon, bud.
I want you to get
him in the back.
- Lawrence.
[dramatic electronic music]
- Ray?
Ray, this has gone way too far.
- He's unarmed.
[Marty groaning]
- Raymond?
- [Ray] It's okay.
- [Lawrence] Daddy?
- What y'all are doing,
this isn't right.
- Look, look here,
baby girl, July.
Come, come, come, come
a little closer.
- He's not possessed,
you half-wit.
- Shut up!
- This is insane.
- That's enough.
How do we do this?
- I wanna hear it
fro, fro, from him,
and I wanna, I wanna
hear what he saw.
- Please, be quiet.
Lawrence, do you
recognize this man?
- What did you do?
- Ray, please?
- Lawrence, look at me.
Did he hurt July?
- This is a child's imagination.
- You shut your fucking mouth.
- It's alright, bud.
What is it?
- He hit her.
- You think for one moment
that this man's
gonna let me live?
That you're willing
to carry that?
- Lawrence, did he kill July?
- [Bernie] You motherfucker!
- No!
[window shattering]
- Bernie!
[fist thudding against back]
- Bernie, don't.
- [Ray] No, Bernie.
[gun whacking against nose]
[Burg groaning]
- [Amanda] No!
[dramatic electronic music]
- Okay.
[window shattering]
[siren wailing]
- Ray?
[dramatic electronic music]
[bushes rustling]
[Ray groaning]
- Ray?
- Lawrence?
- Lawrence?
[Lawrence humming pop song]
- Lawrence?
[gun whacking against face]
[Ray gasping]
[Ray gasping]
[Lawrence humming pop song]
[Ray coughing]
[Lawrence humming pop song]
I'm never coming home to you
Never coming home to you
Never coming home to you
Coming home to you
Never coming home
You ain't gonna touch her, Ray.
- It's okay, Bernie.
- [Bernie] Ray, don't
take another goddamn step.
- It's not your fault.
- Ray.
- She loved you.
[dramatic electronic music]
[fist thudding against head]
[Bernie groaning]
Hey, hey.
Are you okay, bud?
- Down there, Daddy.
Down there.
[ominous electronic music]
- [Bernie] [gasping] Not here.
[dramatic electronic music]
[Bernie gasping]
[leaves rustling]
[Bernie gasping]
[Bernie crying]
[Bernie sobbing]
[sirens wailing]
- I need to see
your hands, Pastor.
[dramatic electronic music]
- Do you trust the
words of a child?
For they are the keepers
of the divine light.
- Marty?
Jesus Christ.
Stand down, Caroline.
- She had no business being
in this town.
I told her.
[knocking on door]
She was better.
She should see the world.
- [Gordon] Marty,
don't say another word.
- I loved her.
- Marty, listen,
- I loved her.
- The ambulance is
on the way, Marty.
- I loved her.
[Caroline gasping]
I tried.
I put her on that bus,
- Mart...
Shut the fuck up, Marty.
Caroline, holster your weapon.
- You knew.
- Deputy Marrow,
put your gun down.
He did the right thing by
puttin' her on that bus
and gettin' her the
hell out of this town.
- Jesus Christ, Gordon.
- But she showed up in
the middle of the night.
Are you kidding?
She convinced the bus
driver to drop her off.
It was pouring rain.
- Marty...
- I'm sorry, Gordy.
She was gonna tell her father.
She just wouldn't listen.
- Don't...
- Gordy, I tried.
- You don't know
what you're sayin'.
[July gasping]
[head whacking against rock]
[dramatic electronic music]
[July screaming]
[Marty groaning]
[July groaning]
[rock whacking against head]
[July yelping]
I'm sorry.
- You're hurt.
- I'm sorry, Gordy.
- You need medical
attention, Marty,
- It's okay, Deputy.
- Marty, Marty, come here.
- It's okay.
- Just come here.
- No!
[gun firing]
- [Gordon] Oh, my God!
Oh, Marty, goddammit.
[Gordon crying]
[Bernie sobbing]
- Come here.
[Ray sighing]
[branches rustling]
[dramatic orchestral music]
[dramatic orchestral music]
[dramatic orchestral music]
[dramatic orchestral music]
How we doin', bud?
- [Child] Look
Mommy, did you it?
[dramatic orchestral music]
- We can still go.
- No, I'm fine, Daddy.
- Alright.
[dramatic orchestral music]
[atmospheric electronic music]
[dramatic orchestral music]
[atmospheric orchestral music]
[dramatic orchestral music]
[upbeat pop music]
I never saw you coming
Ignoring all the warnings
Lightning strike,
now I'm tangled up
No peace comes
in the morning
Your love is a hurricane
Come on up and set me right
And you got me going under
With a heart
racing like thunder
He said, I want you back
She said, you
can't have that
He said, I want you back
She said, I'm never
coming home to you
Never coming home to you
Never coming home to you
Never coming home to you
Now our skies are turning
And all the winds
are stirring
Our love is stuck
Now it's so messed up
How the both of
us are hurting
Your love is a hurricane
Come on up and set me right
And you got me going under
With a heart
racing like thunder
He said, I want you back
She said, you
can't have that
He said, I want you back
She said, I'm never
coming home to you
Never coming home to you
Never coming home to you
Never coming home to you
Don't leave, don't
leave, don't leave, don't
Don't leave, don't
leave, don't leave, don't
Don't leave, don't
leave, don't leave, don't
Don't leave, don't
leave, don't leave, don't
Don't leave, don't
leave, don't leave, don't