Beyond the Poseidon Adventure (1979) Movie Script

- I hope those lines hold.
- Hold on. Hold on, Wilbur.
Hold on to the wheel.
I'm sick.
- Shut that window, Wilbur.
- All right, I'm trying.
I'll help you, Wilbur.
Mike, look out.
Bloody hell.
Get her below, or I'll kill her.
- Hey, I was...
- I'm telling you!
Get her... Get her out of here!
- Get below!
- I'm going.
I don't understand you.
I'm going down now.
Get below.
Oh, God, not that.
What a hell of a way
to spend New Year's Eve.
How did you even
find someone like that?
Mike, I told you,
I didn't find her, she found me.
She saved my ass
the other night in a bar.
Two guys were trying to roll me,
and she comes up...
...and hits one over the head
with a bottle...
...and the other one, she just kicked
in that spot where it hurts most.
You should've seen her.
You should've been there.
It's okay, it's okay.
I caught her act last night.
Well, it could've been worse.
Remember that spider monkey
I brought aboard last year?
The only difference so far
is the real monkey didn't apologize.
- Here.
- Good morning.
Good morning.
Hey, look, I'm really sorry
about last night.
Usually I'm totally terrific on boats.
- What's this supposed to be?
- Coffee.
Try again.
Listen, ace, it's not exactly
the Waldorf down there.
Mine's okay, Mike.
At least it's hot.
Try again.
If I'd known I was gonna be
sailing with Captain Bligh...
...I'd have stayed put
up in my chateau in the Riviera.
Chateau? Is that what
the other girls called it?
Hey, wait a minute.
Now, that's untrue and totally unfair.
- And absolutely, totally...
- I'm sorry, hon.
I really am sorry.
Yeah. I can see you are.
That's okay.
She's a good kid, Mike.
Really, she is.
She's just trying to get to Africa.
I know, I know.
But it'd be so much nicer if somehow
all of this was someone's fault.
Come on now. When we get back
to Marseille, you're going to the bank.
You'll extend the mortgage on the boat,
that's what you'll do.
Mike, losing your cargo in a storm
like that, the bank will understand.
Oh, sure.
In times of real trouble... thing a man can depend on
is the sympathy of a bank.
Come on, now.
Hey, take a look up there.
Chopper, right?
French coast guard.
For them to be out this far,
some ship must be in big trouble.
What am I thinking, Wilbur?
- Tell me.
- Salvage.
- You're thinking salvage.
- Salvage, hell.
Some poor devil is stranded out there.
Get a fix on that chopper's course and
we'll follow it back where it came from.
I knew it.
I knew my luck couldn't be that bad.
Nothing was gonna get worse,
because nothing could've.
- Sorry.
- Jesus.
Look what I found.
- Happy New Year.
- I'll drink to that.
Oh, my gosh.
- All those people.
- Yeah, it's a lousy business...
...when someone's gotta die
before you can make a buck.
But, you know...
...all that salvage is gonna belong
to somebody. Why not us?
I hate to be this big party pooper,
but aren't we slightly overmatched?
This thing's gonna get a double hernia
trying to haul that thing back into shore.
We don't have to.
Not if the French coast guard
found a way in.
You're looking at
a four-star passenger liner...
...carrying hundreds of wealthy people
on a European cruise.
The only kind of salvage I want out of
there is the kind I can carry on my back.
And end up with what?
A bagful of credit cards and gold fillings?
A quick trip down
to the purser's office.
That's where the money
and the jewels are.
Maybe even some gold.
In and out and I'll be on my way back.
That was an explosion inside the hull.
Maybe it's trying to tell you something.
- Mike.
- I gotta get in there before it goes down.
I don't know, she could go down
any moment now.
The Andrea Doria stayed up
for more than 10 hours.
Well, I stayed up for a week once.
So what?
We're wasting time.
Now, listen,
I'm going in there by myself.
They're about to take my ship
away from me...
...but I've got this chance,
and I'm sure as hell gonna take it.
There could be a fortune in there.
And if there is, it's mine.
...make ready the skiff.
- Get the monkey to help you.
- Monkey?
I didn't know you guys had
a monkey aboard.
Gee, I didn't see one...
- Ahoy, Jenny, ahoy.
- We've got company.
I'm Dr. Stefan Svevo, and this is
the medical rescue ship Irene.
That must be the Poseidon.
We heard her S.O.S. Last night.
Sheer off. I have the salvage rights here.
Captain Michael Turner.
A capsized ship is like a giant air bubble,
captain, and there may be survivors.
My paramedics and I could be
instrumental in guiding them off.
- Give them medical attention, if needed.
- The survivors have been taken out.
But you can look
and take out any you find.
But only survivors.
I will take out anything else that I find.
Is that understood?
Well, that was my original
proposition to you, captain.
Then we'll start getting our gear
together, and I suggest you do the same.
Well, we are prepared
to go aboard right now...
...but, don't worry, captain, we'll wait.
Sorry, not a chance.
Way I see it,
you don't have a choice.
How's that?
As I said, I'm in a desperate need
to get to North Africa.
You leave me here and sail off without
me, that's exactly what I'm gonna do.
Wilbur, we're gonna tie her up
and throw her in the tug.
If you don't come back, I'll die up here.
- That is a definite possibility.
- Oh, come off it, Turner.
I know you're a tough guy,
but you're not a son of a bitch... matter how bad you want me
to think you are, are you?
Sit down.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
I hope you're a religious man, captain.
I've taken the liberty of saying
a small prayer for us.
All of us?
Well, it's my feeling that
from this time on...
...our fates are necessarily intertwined.
Good, then you won't be offended...
...if I remind you
of that fact from time to time.
The French coast guard
must have cut a hole in the ship.
Skipper, I'm telling you,
it's a floating time bomb.
Hazards of the trade. Let's go.
Hold it.
We've gotta find a way down.
Like over there, maybe.
- Where?
- There.
Take a look, Wilbur.
This will do.
Yeah, this'll do it. Come on.
Here, this way.
It's the escape hatch
for the engine-room crew.
Coming, monkey?
Why not?
Where are we?
- Looks like a mess.
- It's the gym.
Just hold on and help him.
- What happened?
- The ventilators collapsed.
- You got him?
- I got him.
Come on.
Come on, you can make it.
- How is he?
- He'll be all right.
- Is everyone else all right?
- I'm fine.
Okay, we're locked in.
No way of getting out there now.
Sure there is. There must be
another entrance into that engine...
What's so funny, doctor?
Let us in on it.
I'm sure we could all use
a good laugh right about now.
I find it ironic, that's all, captain...
...that I've suddenly become one of the
very people I came down here to rescue.
Doctor, that little prayer you said
for all of us up there...
...what sort of religion
would that happen to be?
Greek Orthodox.
Greek Orthodox. No kidding?
I'm a Greek Orthodox too...
Wilbur, switch the steam off.
Over here.
- Are you the rescue team?
- We used to be.
Last night was the worst
New Year's party I've ever been to.
I mean, everything turns upside down.
What a party. What a night.
Look, I lost my daughter.
- You gotta help me find my daughter.
- Calm down, mister. Just calm down.
I'm Captain Mike Turner...
...and I have the salvage rights
to this wreck.
Now, who are you people?
I'm Gina Rowe, the ship's nurse.
It all happened so quickly.
We never knew what happened.
- Any other survivors?
- There couldn't be.
We can't be sure of that, Suzanne.
Mr. Mazzetti,
Suzanne and myself...
...we were following
some other passengers...
...and we got separated from them...
...and we stumbled
into the steam room.
It looked like a safe place, at the time.
- It was until that pipe broke.
- Look, forget the pipe.
Help me find my daughter,
I'll give you everything I got.
Understand? Everything.
Let's just get it out of here, okay?
Which way, captain?
We were hoping
you'd give us the answer.
Oh, my God.
The rest of your crew, they're
on their way down here right now?
Those two over there are my crew.
All of it.
- Just the three of you?
- That's right.
What, did you come by canoe?
You, what are you doing down here?
I'm Dr. Stefan Svevo, Mr. Mazzetti...
...and I've been asking myself
that same question.
Oh, my God.
My daughter, she hated this trip.
She wanted to stay home
for Christmas.
I said, "Honey, I want you to see
where I fought the war in Italy. Anzio."
Anzio? I've been to Anzio.
Anzio's the pits.
- You sound just like my daughter.
- Easy, Mazzetti.
How well do you know this ship, Gina?
Hardly at all. It's my first voyage.
Well, there must be a deck plan
around here somewhere.
There's always one in every section.
Look, I used the gym a couple of times.
Seems like there's a deck plan
in the lobby over there.
The ladies stay here.
The rest of you,
help me find a deck plan.
Through here.
- I guess I was wrong.
- There it is.
We're here.
Here it is. Here it is.
We found it.
- You found a way out?
- No.
But we found the purser's office.
You're a very single-minded man,
- And some would say callously so.
- Watch out.
The way I see it, doctor,
is that we're all trapped here anyway... I see no reason not to try
and get what I originally came for.
Look, forget the purser's office.
I gotta find my kid.
- Look, I'm sorry, I didn't know.
- Neither did I.
Okay, so I was stupid.
But somebody's gotta do something.
We just can't sit around.
Look, she's alive, I know it.
I can feel it.
Fine. Then you tell us where she is,
and we'll all go look for her.
- I don't know.
- Then shut up and calm down.
We have as good a chance
of finding your daughter or way out... heading for the purser's office
as anywhere.
And that is through there.
Now let's go.
After you, skipper. Come on.
Keep on moving, that's my philosophy.
I really don't see
that there's any alternative.
We're putting our faith in you, captain.
What, you're putting your faith in him?
An hour ago, he's sunbathing
up there on the poop deck.
Now he's down
in this underwater coffin...
...trapped with the rest of us,
that's how smart he is.
You haven't come forward yet.
You look like a reasonable man.
What do you say we throw in together?
We'll find my daughter
and get the hell out of here.
May I see the deck plan, please?
Well, I'm afraid my knowledge
of ships and underwater conditions...
...falls far short of Captain Turner's.
But I am flattered, Mr. Mazzetti,
that you'd feel safer being with me.
But at the moment, at least, I'd feel
much safer being with the captain.
And, captain, I'm at your service.
Well, I don't seem
to have a choice anymore, do I?
By the way, Mazzetti,
what rank were you in the war?
If it's any of your business,
master sergeant.
Good. Then you'll be used
to taking orders from captains.
Move it out, sarge.
Here it is, the purser's office.
Take this...
...and hold those wires back.
Do you ladies think
you could jump this?
Well, it can't be more
than 6 or 7 feet across.
When I was the captain
of my college track team...
...often times, you know,
we'd dig this pit...
- Well, it can't be much of a jump, can it?
- Speak for yourself.
When I was in the Girl Scouts, I once
won a medal for the running broad jump.
How many tries they give you?
Best of three?
Show them how it's done, Gina.
Take a run at it.
Look, if you miss, Gina...
Mr. Mazzetti, would you
hold that for me, please?
Please, call me Frankie.
Take a run.
All right, Gina.
Come on, sarge, join us.
Don't worry about me, Turner.
- My dress. I don't think I can make it.
- Take it off.
- I beg your pardon?
- Take it off.
He's got a real way with words,
doesn't he?
- With apologies, madame. Givenchy?
- It's a copy, actually.
Should we be fortunate enough
to get out of here alive...
...I'd be very happy to replace it
with the real thing.
- Oh, God, hold me, please.
- Oh, brother.
I'm okay.
- Are you gonna be all right?
- As soon as you make it. Go.
Well, I can't, Wilbur, I can't.
I can't make this jump
unless you're on the other side...
Shut up, the pair of you,
and one of you jump.
- Right. Wilbur.
- Hold the wires back for him.
Come on.
Just a minute. Take a run.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- I have the shortest legs of any of us.
- Shut up and come now!
- Okay, here I come. Are you ready?
- Yes.
That's a hell of a track team
you belonged to.
Actually, my specialty was the discus.
- Get out of here.
- I was good at the discus.
The safe, do you see?
- Coming, doctor?
- Well, I've been thinking, captain.
We'll separate into two camps.
We'll go aft...
...and you and your party
continue forward.
Is that an order?
Hopefully it's a constructive suggestion.
All right, doctor,
we'll play it your way.
Hey, look, we're wasting time.
This ship could blow up
or go down any second.
We gotta find my daughter.
- She could be anywhere.
- Mike.
Look, she's not here.
Let's look somewhere else.
- Think we need the plastique?
- I don't know.
- Did you ever live with a safe cracker?
- Absolutely.
Of course, I didn't know at the time.
She's not in the safe,
I can tell you that.
- Are you all right?
- I'm fine.
That's okay, Mike, don't worry
about me. I'm just fine too.
Well, what do you know.
Now, that's one way to crack a safe.
- Where do you think you're going?
- Let's not wait around for the cops.
- 1796.
- How much you think they're worth?
A hundred times its weight in gold.
- What?
- Bort.
- What's that?
- Industrial diamonds.
How much are they worth?
Oh, I'd say 3 to 400,000 dollars' worth.
Now, wait a minute.
Tell me the truth, is this really ours?
Yeah, the law of salvage.
Pack up and let's get out of here.
Can you see us now, Mike? Can you
see us along the Riviera now, huh?
Why, we're rich.
You know what? We don't need
a bank anymore, do we, huh?
No bank for us anymore.
We're filthy, stinking...
Great, great. So you're all rich.
Puke, son.
That's fine Saint-Emilion, 19 and 61.
Whole ship's rocking pretty bad,
ain't it, captain?
How you doing, Tex?
Well, I gotta confess,
I've had smoother crossings in my day.
Name's Dewey Hopkins.
I'm from Big D, Texas.
That's Dallas, folks.
With your permission, captain,
I'd like to buy the house a round.
Much obliged, Tex, but we're here
on a pretty tricky, salvage operation.
I'm Captain Mike Turner,
this here's Wilbur and Celeste, my crew.
- How you doing?
- Pleased to meet you.
Tell you what, Captain Mike.
You just salvaged yours truly
out of this here wreck.
There's 100,000 in it for your trouble.
I can't take your money, Tex.
Anyway, I don't need it now.
Well, as one man of substance
to another, let's go right to the mat.
I mean, let's not pussyfoot around.
A hundred and fifty thousand
for the three of us.
They're with me.
There's nobody there, sport.
- You're seeing double.
- Triple, maybe.
They must've got lost.
Hey, come on out here, y'all...
...and get yourselves rescued.
- Theresa! Theresa!
- Daddy.
Oh, thank God.
Thank you.
- Would somebody catch this, please?
- My baby.
Thank God.
- Thank you.
- I didn't think I'd see you again.
I love you, baby.
He knew she was alive somewhere.
He just knew it.
- Oh, my baby.
- Daddy, this is Larry Simpson.
He saved my life.
I was coming down in the elevator
and the ship turned over.
- I was operating it.
- My baby.
We tried to get out,
but the passageway was on fire.
I fainted, but he pulled me out.
My baby. Look, look, kid, l...
I'm never gonna forget you for this.
Here, here. Your dress is torn.
All right, folks...
...let's wet ourselves down
for safety's sake...
...and get this herd
on the road for home.
Wrong year?
Wrong time, Tex.
All right, now, we've found
what we wanted.
Each one of you fill a bag
with gold or diamonds and carry it out.
Everyone gets 10 percent
of what they carry.
Look, we don't want
your filthy loot around our necks.
Just get us the hell out of here.
Well, perhaps just a few.
Ten percent of this will pay off
the balance on my folks' farm.
Maybe buy me one too.
- You, a farmer?
- I will be if I get out of here alive.
Look here, Mr. Hopkins.
We've all gotta have
our wits about us from now on... as they say in Dallas,
drop the bottle, Tex.
What I'm a-holding here means
more to me than...
...any two bags of that trash
you got there, captain.
Why this is a original Beaune, 1865.
Maybe only six of them left
in the whole world.
Now I'd a whole lot rather drink it
out in the daylight...
...but one way or another...'s a pleasure no man's
gonna deprive me of.
All right, Tex.
If disaster strikes, I'll try and give you
a couple of minutes warning.
Okay, everybody, let's...
Where's Suzanne?
- Probably in the powder room.
- Suzanne?
She's gone, Mike.
- What do you mean, gone?
- Gone. Split. Disappeared.
She could've gone off with Svevo.
Who knows why?
I sure wish I did.
Hazards of the trade, kid.
Hazards of the trade.
Anyone else feel safer with Svevo?
Who's Svevo?
As a matter of fact,
who the devil's Suzanne?
All right, let's go, then.
- Mike.
- That's a beautiful bottle.
That's a beautiful bottle of wine.
- Actually...
- Young lady, let me...
Actually, sir, you know, I much prefer
a Chteau Haut-Brion, '50s and '60s.
Odd years. It doesn't really have the bite,
but I much prefer the body, you know?
I surely do.
- Young lady, I most certainly do.
- Yeah.
You ever been to Texas?
No, not I myself. But I had a
great-granddaddy who died at the Alamo.
- The Alamo?
- Yeah.
- Well, do tell.
- Yeah.
- Hey, monkey, come on.
- Yeah. Coming.
Oh, thank God.
Well, doctor...
...aren't you even going to say hello?
Stefan, I'm petrified. Please, can we just
get out of here as quickly as possible?
It took two years
to put this thing together.
I mean, do you really believe
I can get off without it?
I've done everything you wanted.
And now I just want to get out.
I understand.
Would I have gotten aboard
if I could've avoided it?
But since I'm here,
since we're both here...
...we've got to see
this thing through.
Besides, I don't have an option, do I?
No, but I do.
Captain Turner,
at least he's looking for a way out.
Well, the choice is yours, Suzanne.
One must do what one must do.
Stefan, I'm sorry.
And I'm sorry too.
- Good luck.
- And you.
Kill her.
Finish her.
Wilbur, is anybody hurt?
Okay up here. Keep moving.
All of you, keep going.
Quick, move down.
Through here.
Quickly, through here.
Keep going, skipper.
I'll catch up with you.
- Mike?
- Coming.
Jesus Christ.
- What should we do?
- Start moving furniture.
All right, all right, let's pitch in.
Come on, kid, give me a hand.
Get the wino to help you.
Nothing personal.
- Move.
- Here, got it.
Wilbur, what's taking so long?
What do you think you're doing?
- Bag of gold. I lost it.
- The hell with the gold.
- Let's get out here.
- Let me get...
Get out.
You crazy old man, you...
I'm sorry, Wilbur.
Is it that bad?
I'll come along.
Go on up there with the others.
Like hell I will.
I don't want them to see me like this.
Not Celeste, anyway.
It'll pass, Mike.
- Believe me, it'll pass. It always does.
- Sure, sure.
I think my body's trying
to tell me something.
You don't have to pretend to me, Wilbur.
I know what you've got.
I've been to see that doctor
you're always sneaking off to.
You went and saw the...?
What's his name?
Well, I guess there isn't much
we can do about it, is there?
Of course there is, Wilbur.
As of this morning, we have all
the money we need for an operation.
- Do you think you can stand?
- Don't help me.
I can stand better than you...
...for an old man.
- Oh, I'm terribly sorry.
- God.
Mike. Mike.
- Who are you, ma'am?
- I'm Hannah Meredith.
This is my husband, Harold Meredith.
- How do you do?
- It's all right.
You two seem to have taken
all of this very calmly.
I mean, why didn't you try to escape?
In our case, it seemed safer
just to stay right here.
We couldn't risk
being separated outside.
Well, I accept the sentiment, ma'am...
...but at this particular point, I strongly
recommend you come along with us.
It'd be very difficult for us
to get out.
Well, I'm gonna
have to tell you, ma'am...
...that where we came in
is blocked off.
- The explosions.
- That's right, and there could be more.
- I'm staying here.
- No.
Look, I'm not gonna be
a burden to everyone, I...
I'm blind.
I'm not going to leave the cabin
without my husband.
Hannah, if you find a safe way out,
you can come back.
- Without me, you'll have a better chance.
- No.
Look, I don't mean to be cruel,
and I'm sorry...
...but I think Mr. Meredith here
has a point.
- Daddy!
- Shut up, sarge.
What do you mean?
How much time do we have?
We got an hour?
He'll slow us down.
If it's more than an hour,
I'll come back and get him.
- That's very perverted reasoning.
- Frank, you're a creep.
- You heard Meredith himself talking.
- Shut up.
He'll slow us down.
- I'll be dead. I don't wanna die.
- Shut up. All of you.
They're both coming with us.
I leave a single soul alive on this wreck...
...I'll throw out my title
to the salvage rights.
Oh, that's crap, and you know it.
I'd bet it that you would
testify against me.
Now, let's shove off, Meredith.
I'll carry you if I have to.
I can carry my own weight, thank you.
Hey, hey, take it easy, Pops.
Sorry. And it's Harold.
Mind the step, darling.
Everything's different, remember,
because the ship's upside down.
Can you imagine that man talking to me
as though I were a piece of salvage?
You're luckier than you think,
Mr. Meredith.
Salvage is my business.
- I'll walk along with you.
- I'm the ship's nurse.
Let's have another look
at that deck plan.
I think I must have given it
to what's-his-name, Dr. Svevo.
He must still have it.
What the hell were you
ever sergeant of, Mazzetti?
The Lost Patrol?
Come on.
All right, we know what
we're looking for. Let's find it.
This could take hours.
Damn hull could go down at any second.
Unless we get out of here alive,
it's all for nothing.
- I'm gonna find a way out.
- You do what you're told.
I know the way out.
I've got the deck plan.
Doyle's dead.
She killed him with an ax.
There's a trail of blood down
the passageway.
- Should I go after her?
- No, she won't get very far.
I need you here.
The crate is marked Sprague Pumps.
Find it.
Wires. Here.
- Turn sideways.
- Turn sideways.
They're behind you.
There's fire here on the right.
- Why don't you turn this way.
- Hey, we don't need any more help.
- Keep moving.
- Daddy, he's just trying to be nice.
Look, we don't need nice.
Hold it. Hold it.
I smell grub. Hurry on up, folks.
Move on out and I'll lead the way.
Good Lord, Tex.
No place for a foot race.
Hot dang it.
Would you look at this.
Son of a gun. He sniffed it out.
Well, some folks got a nose for water.
Me, I got a nose for food and oil.
You know, bet there's all kinds of vittles
around here if we wanna look for them.
- Hey, Tex.
- Yeah?
Can that educated nose of yours
tell me where the tunnel leads?
No, sir, captain, it sure can't.
In that case, all of you take a rest
and I'll go find out.
I'm going with you.
I can crawl into smaller places
than you can.
No, monkey.
Thanks, Wilbur.
This way.
- Here. Here.
- Thanks, kid.
Here, get something for yourself.
It's no use.
It's blocked solid.
We're gonna have to...
Hey, we'll find another way out.
- It's all right. It's simple.
- I know that. I know that.
Can't a person just come in here and
sit down and cry, for goodness' sakes?
I mean, why do you think I wanted
to come in this tunnel?
God, this is not a good day for me.
Honestly, you just don't
understand me at all.
Understand you?
I don't even know who you are.
I'm Celeste Whitman.
- Hi.
- Hello.
I came to France a year and a half ago
with my boyfriend from Cincinnati.
Where's your boyfriend now?
How about those
three husbands of yours?
Oh, I was never married.
Of course, I could've been married
if I'd wanted to be, a million times.
Millions and millions of times.
- There's no doubt about that. None.
- There's no doubt about it. None.
I mean, I can do anything that I set my
mind to do, you know? I mean anything.
I have this very high IQ,
if you hadn't noticed...
...and, I don't know,
I'm just sort of this underachiever.
You're the toughest monkey
on this ship.
- Monkey?
- Yeah.
You call me monkey.
That's cute, that's really cute.
You call me monkey.
I hate that.
I hate to be called monkey.
I mean, maybe it would've helped
if I wore my long black evening gown...
...but then, I packed it away
with all the rest of my summer things.
- Oh, I wanna get out of here.
- Celeste. Celeste.
- Celeste.
- What?
I think you're beautiful.
You do?
You gonna kiss me now?
Well, then let's just get
the hell out of here.
Come on.
Hey, kid, what are you doing?
Look, what is the problem?
Look, I'm grateful to you, okay?
But we're not out of here yet.
So in the meantime,
keep your distance.
- What are you talking about?
- He knows what I mean.
Theresa, what your father
is trying to tell you... he's concerned I'll tear
your clothes off...
...and make love to you
here in front of him.
- Hey!
- Stop it.
Stop it, stop it.
Don't you think we have enough
problems without that foolishness?
Listen, I run a bar in Morristown,
New Jersey. I know what goes on.
This guy's got one thing on his mind.
I've seen old guys in there
with kids as young as my daughter.
Well, thank goodness
I'm only 22 years old, right, Daddy?
Listen, kid, if we get out of here alive,
I'm gonna kill you, you understand?
What are we doing down here?
Sitting on our asses?
You're reading a book, for chrissake.
What else would you suggest
until Captain Turner comes back?
How do you know he's coming back?
How do you know they
didn't find another way out...
...and they're leaving us here to rot?
Frank, so help me... keep running off at the head, you
ain't getting one dang sip of this wine.
Hey, Tex, take that wine
and shove it sideways.
I'm talking about our lives.
Mazzetti, if you don't stop griping...
...I'm coming over there
and shut you up for good.
- Come on over here now!
- Stop.
Hey, how's the party?
- You two took long enough.
- Couldn't find a cab.
- Did you find anything?
- Nothing.
Listen, everybody,
this shaft's a dead end.
Maybe Svevo found a way out.
Let's go find him.
Mike, it's Suzanne.
Get Gina.
Gina. Let her come first.
Gina, Suzanne.
She's dead.
- Captain, this looks to me like...
- I know, I know.
- I've seen bullet holes before.
- What are you saying here?
- There's a killer on the ship somewhere?
- It's that guy Svevo.
We only found some of you an hour ago.
We all assume she went after Svevo.
She might not have reached him...
...but she certainly reached somebody.
We can only assume she might have.
What do you suggest
that we do now, captain?
We have no alternative.
- We have to join Svevo.
- What, and get our head blown off?
If Captain Turner's right and there is
a homicidal maniac onboard this ship...
...and it's not Dr. Svevo,
then he's in as much danger as we are.
There you go again, "if," "could."
That's not good enough.
Frank, old hoss,
just consider the alternatives.
And we have enough now.
Let's get out. It's all here.
All except for what
I came down here to find.
Sprague Pumps. Keep looking.
Load some of those,
in the unlikely event...
...that the others find their way
up here before we're finished.
What's so damned important
about that one crate?
Only one other person
knew the answer to that question...
...and that's why she had to die.
Dr. Svevo. Sprague Pumps.
Now maybe we got a way up and out.
You ready? Let's go.
- Where the hell are we?
- We're about amidship.
Svevo can't be far off.
He's above us and somewhere forward.
- What is this place?
- I don't know.
There are tanks above us, Mr. Meredith.
Large boiler tanks.
Yeah, for desalinization.
Takes the salt out of the water.
I've seen a lot of those tanks
on the docks in Marseilles.
Speaking of Marseilles, how are we
gonna get out of here, captain?
This bottle sure is getting heavy.
Take a look. From now on we keep
moving upwards towards the surface.
Up there.
Get up there before it starts again.
You first, Meredith.
No, let the others go first.
I haven't got time to argue.
Get up there.
Above the pipe you're holding.
It's about 3 feet.
Stand on this pipe.
- Careful, your head.
- Watch your head. Come on.
Give him your cane.
You got his cane?
Did he make it okay?
Not bad. We're helping Gina up next.
Give me that.
- All right. Come on.
- Take it.
This way. Come on.
- Easy.
- Grab his arm.
- Give me your hand.
- Hold the pipe above your head.
Come on, get your bag.
Come on, honey, give me your hand.
Come on.
- Come on. Hold on.
- Captain.
The hell with it. I'll give you your share.
Get up here.
Hey, come on, honey. Come on.
Frank, Larry, Wilbur, go to the
other side. Tex and I will handle this.
- Get out of there, will you?
- I am, I am. Yeah, I am.
Take that side.
Steady. You ready?
Right. Up, steady.
- Quick, look.
- Wilbur, pass it back to Larry.
Push back.
Okay, get it across.
Hold it.
Okay, hold it.
Let me get underneath.
- Push it. There.
- Come on, lift it.
Those doors could be locked tight.
I won't know that
till I get there, will I?
Please hurry.
Put your foot in the bucket.
It doesn't look too difficult.
Just keep your eyes on the road.
Wilbur, the door's open.
Look out below.
It's easier now.
I've made a bridge for you.
Okay, who's first?
- I am. I've got the goods.
- Let's go.
Crawl right astraddle of it, little lady.
You ever ride a horse?
Are you serious? She was a professional
jockey for five years.
Three, actually.
- Keep your eyes on the road.
- Right.
You know, you're really
a terrific-looking guy.
That's all right.
- I was gonna pull you up anyway.
- Yeah.
- Cross the grill and wait in the room.
- Right.
- Gina, you're next.
- Okay, here.
Take it easy, Gina.
Take it easy.
- You all right?
- I'm afraid l...
I kept my eyes closed
most of the way.
Tell that to Meredith.
Cross the grill carefully
and wait in the room with Celeste.
Okay. You next, Hannah.
- You'll watch him?
- How else would I know how to do it.
Give me your hand.
I've gotcha, I've gotcha.
- Put your foot in there carefully.
- Okay.
It's all right, Hal.
I'm up here. I'm safe.
Right hand up here. Now, the rungs
are a little higher than a ladder's.
Seems simple enough.
You might say I even have
an advantage.
How's that?
Can't see anything below.
Give me the stick.
- Hannah! Hannah!
- Hang on.
Hold on. Hold on.
Put your left hand up.
Give it here.
Put your feet on the rung.
- Hannah!
- Hold on.
- Hannah.
- Pull.
Can you shift his feet?
That's it, slowly.
Now you're right at the top.
Feel the top.
One more, one more.
Now stand still. Let me move.
- Hannah?
- She's all right.
- Hannah!
- She's hurt her shoulder.
That's all.
She just hurt her shoulder.
- Thank goodness.
- Stand still, Meredith.
Let me get her. Don't move.
There's a step there, step over.
Watch her arm. Watch her.
Here, lean over my shoulder if you can.
Easy, easy.
Celeste, get her legs if you can.
Now, there's a pipe right in front of you.
- What can I do to help?
- Open the case, Celeste.
Take it easy.
Lean against there.
Her shoulder's dislocated.
She won't get very far this way.
What can you do?
Pop it back into place if I can.
It's gonna hurt a great deal,
Mrs. Meredith. I'm so sorry.
Now, step down towards me.
- Everybody, come on up.
- Step down.
Right foot. Don't drop this.
- Okay, you're up now.
- Hurry, hurry. Come on.
Turn you around and sit you down.
Here. Sit down.
You're a hell of a fellow, Meredith.
I don't have that much choice, captain.
- What's the matter?
- Just a leg cramp. I'll be all right.
I'm not used to all this
physical exertion.
I've got a few aches and pains myself.
My wife, she'll need
a great deal of extra attention now.
You know, she tries
to appear brave but...
- Yeah, she's terrified.
- Yeah.
Just like me.
Well, not like you...
...but terrified, yes.
And you're not?
Captain, I've felt this much
fear and apprehension...
...this much doubt
and lack of confidence... simply trying to cross
an unfamiliar room.
Here's your stick.
Thank you.
Thank you, captain, for everything.
Theresa, your father...
...has he always had
such a one-track mind?
Well, you know,
his bark is worse than his bite.
He means well.
Yeah, well...
...I guess if I had a daughter
as pretty as you are...
...I'd probably act the same way.
Thank you.
- Wilbur, sarge.
- A body.
- Keep the rest here.
- It's a dead body.
The ax must have been waiting for him
as he came around this corner.
- The girl?
- She's gotta be the favorite.
And look where she wound up.
Now we've got Svevo
between us and the surface.
Stay here.
All right, we're gonna spread out.
Go down the passageway.
Half on one side, half on the other.
If anything happens, hit the deck
and then run like hell.
Come on. Come on.
- Sarge?
- Okay, come on.
Come on, come on.
Watch your foot. Come on.
Do you wanna go first?
Well, you go first, then.
They've been here, that's for sure.
What the hell would they be looking for?
- You guys need a fourth for bridge?
- Turner, look over here.
There's enough here to start a war.
Well, that's a slight exaggeration.
I'm sorry about this, captain.
I had hoped that we would
never meet again.
Who's that? What does he want?
He's your basic garden-variety terrorist,
and I think he wants to kill us.
Well, however accurate the second part
of your statement may be, please...
...don't confuse me with some
politically impotent bomb thrower.
The truth is, I came aboard this ship with
a purer motive than Captain Turner... recover a piece of property
which was already mine.
You can take whatever you want
from this ship. You're welcome to it.
But these people have come
a long way...
...and all they want right now
is to get the hell out of here alive.
Now, as one man of substance
to another...
Now, hold on.
Just hear me out, son.
Tell you what, I'll write a check
for the whole shebang here...
...and you can just lay down
your little rifles...
...and we'll all haul ass
out of here together. What do you say?
Take a look at that open crate
behind me, captain.
I sincerely doubt that your friend
over there could reimburse me for that.
Okay, open it. Let's see.
You open that barrel, captain,
and we all die.
And I have every reasonable hope
of wanting to watch the sun set tonight.
What's this crap you're dishing out here?
What are you trying to tell us?
You got some doomsday machine
in there or something?
With the information
commonly available today...
...any enterprising science student
could build a nuclear device.
- Uranium?
- Plutonium.
And as the American government
is painfully aware...
...this isn't the first shipment
to go astray.
Son, now listen to me.
If I was to tell you that I got
certain connections at the Pentagon...?
Then I would have to tell you
that my connections are more powerful.
I had never intended
to harm anyone, captain.
But as you must realize,
I can't let you go now.
- Get out of here and I'll cover you.
- No way.
No way. We go together.
Get out of here.
They need you more than I do.
Come on. Come on.
Okay. Cover me.
Hey, kid, get the hell out of here.
What are you doing?
I'm staying.
- All right, kid.
- All right, Daddy.
- Be ready to move, right?
- Right.
- Go.
- Go.
After them.
Get in there. Come on.
The crates. The crates.
Here, here.
Take cover behind the crates.
Save your ammo.
We've gotta shut that door.
If they can't get at us,
they won't hang around long.
Svevo's gotta deliver that plutonium
as soon as possible.
Now, when I say go,
we rush the door together.
Hey, kid, kid.
Get down there.
Put short bursts into that door
until we've tried to close it, okay?
Get down.
- Ready, Larry?
- Ready.
- Ready, sarge?
- Yeah.
Hey, I knew I wasn't
gonna make it out of here.
Turner, take care of my little girl.
I'm all she's got.
You still got a chance.
You gotta get her out of here,
you understand?
She's gonna make it.
If I do, she will.
Swear to God?
I swear, sarge.
A grenade.
Aim at that leaky porthole.
We'll blast them open,
then lock them in.
They'll drown quickly.
Hit the deck!
- What's the matter?
- I got hit.
- Daddy.
- Hey, baby.
It's all right.
What are you gonna do
without me to yell at you anymore?
- I never... I never wanted to yell at you.
- I know.
- I tried to be a good father.
- I know.
You, you live your life.
I love you, Daddy.
I love you.
God bless you.
- What happened?
- It's okay.
- It's just a fragment. You're lucky.
- It's my lucky day.
- Let's go.
- How do we get out?
The same way we came in.
What about him? He's still alive.
Well, that's unfortunate,
because we're leaving without him.
That porthole's gonna go
at any moment.
We gotta find another way
out of here, and right now.
What is that metallic sound?
It's a... Like a car
banging against the wall.
That's a door, that's not a wall.
It's not a solid sound.
That's... That's a door!
He's right. There is a door.
Move these.
There's a ladder to the right.
Swim for it.
- Hannah.
- Mrs. Meredith, get Mrs. Meredith.
Come on, ma'am.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Didn't mean to hurt you.
Careful. Careful.
Harold! Harold!
Larry, give me the gold.
Hang on, hang on.
Sorry, sorry.
- Oh, God.
- Hang in there.
All right, help.
- Hal, are you all right?
- Yes.
Go ahead. Go ahead.
Take it easy. Nice and slow.
You ready? Okay.
I'm here.
I'm sorry.
- Oh, God.
- Take care of him.
Mr. Meredith.
Come on. Sit down. Sit down.
Hey, come on.
Okay, everybody can come in here.
Come on.
Keep an eye on them.
I'm gonna have a look around.
All right, in here.
Come on.
We're staying in here.
You'd be better off
paying attention to me.
It's gonna leave a little scar.
Well, at least I've still
got my dazzling personality.
Gina, you know what?
This may sound silly...
...but if I had my way, only one
other person would ever see it.
- What do you think?
- Well, l...
I know, he treats me like a creep,
but at least he knows I'm alive.
- Lf we get out of this.
- Yeah.
- Would you do me a favor?
- Shoot, it's done, little lady.
If I don't get out of here,
and you and Mike do... I mean, just if.
- Mike has a very big mortgage
on his tug...
...and the Jenny may be the only
thing in the world he wants.
Heck, you're loaded.
Would you take care of it for him?
That's not doing nobody a favor.
That's just being decent, hon.
Tex, you're okay.
Can I help you?
Thanks anyway.
You know, you're a kind-hearted lady.
I've been watching you.
You helped Meredith.
And you helped everybody
that needed help.
- I am a nurse, you know.
- Oh, yeah, I know.
I'll tell you what else I know.
There are a few I would've liked to have
beaned over the head with a bedpan.
I know what you mean.
I was the head nurse for 12 years
in a Philadelphia hospital.
- And some of those girls, I...
- Why did you leave?
Well, when they gave me
my 20-year gold service pin...
You're not that old.
- It suddenly dawned on me that
Philadelphia wasn't quite as romantic... a Greek isle in the moonlight.
So I resigned
and signed on the Poseidon...
...hoping to add a little spice
to my life.
You spiced it up all right.
Happy New Year, everybody.
I think I've found a way out.
- Celeste?
- Yeah?
Wilbur, I've got a job for you.
The rest of you, stay here for a moment.
If we get out...
When. When we get out of here...
...and you go home,
where will that be?
I don't know.
Back to New Jersey, I guess.
Well, I've been thinking.
Maybe you'd like to go back
to lowa with me for a while.
Hey, it's a whole lot farther away
from the ocean than New Jersey.
This is our only way out.
There is a cargo hatch not too far down.
We swim out
and then up to the surface.
Swim underwater? Well, shoot.
Unless you can round up a sea horse for
me to ride, you can just count me out.
Wilbur, Celeste, speed it up, will you?
- Wilbur?
- Forget it.
Wilbur, you gotta just hang on now.
We're so close to getting out.
We're all gonna get out
if you just hang on.
You just try and keep up with me.
What the hell's keeping them?
Celeste? What the hell
is going on in there?
I'm getting my hair done, dummy.
What do you think?
Go ahead. Pick up the gear
and take it in there.
- I'll come along in a moment.
- What's taking so long?
Get going. Go ahead. Go ahead.
Come on, go.
It's getting worse,
isn't it, old man?
It would get much better
if you'd stop calling me old man.
Well, you just stay close to me
all the way home.
Is that understood?
You grew up to be one hell
of a nice man, you know that?
And you were such a rotten kid.
- Ready?
- Ready.
None of us are experienced divers,
It's our only way out.
I'm gonna turn you all into frogmen.
No one has a choice.
There should be two more, Wilbur. I
counted four between the eight of them.
One is empty.
The one I'm getting is half full.
- Who's gonna get the scubas?
- Everyone.
Last time I went to school
three didn't go into eight.
- What did you say?
- Three doesn't go into eight.
With him, it's possible.
You mean Jacques Cousteau
never taught you buddy breathing?
- What's buddy breathing?
- More than one diver on a single tank.
Wilbur and I've done it before,
so we'll use the least air.
It will be about more than enough
in there for the both of us.
- Yeah, then I'll take what's left over.
- Okay.
Gina, you and Meredith
are the team on the second tank.
Which leaves Theresa, me and Tex.
Well, you can forget about me.
I'm staying here.
If you get out, why,
you can come back and get me.
Not today, Tex.
Listen to me, all of you!
I'm a phony!
A $3 bill!
I haven't got no money.
No oil wells.
And right now, not a hell
of a lot of self-respect.
You've all been
straight aces with me...
...and I just didn't want
you to find out about it later on.
You worked in the galley on this ship,
didn't you, Tex?
That's pretty close.
I'm the assistant wine steward.
That's how come this bottle
meant so much to me.
Means more to me
than a whole year's salary.
How'd you know, captain?
Even a bloodhound couldn't smell
a cold pie in a refrigerator at 100 feet.
You had to know where
that kitchen was.
Then why the ruse, Mr. Hopkins?
What was the point of it all?
To survive.
The way I had it figured out, why,
the rich always get saved first anywhere.
I just never thought that we'd all
wind up like this, down here together.
Well, that's the way
we're going out, Tex, together.
Okay, girls, let's get this gear on your
back, and I'll show you how to use it.
Don't you think we can go now, doctor?
If I thought so, I would've suggested it.
Our mission is still incomplete.
The one marked Sprague Pumps,
bring it up now.
The one last thing to remember
is don't panic and you'll be okay.
Okay, Celeste.
Remember the order you go in.
Where's Wilbur?
He's still down there.
I'll get him.
I couldn't find him.
- I'm gonna get the tug. Stay here.
- I'm going with you.
Stay there.
Release that anchor on the back.
Jenny, please don't let me down now.
Here's a rifle. Use it.
They're alive. There they are.
Don't let them get away.
Well, shoot, you idiot!
Shoot! Shoot!
It's jammed. I'm trying.
Shoot, for Pete's sake. Shoot.
Aim at the boxes.
Maybe you'll hit one of them.
- Tex, let me help you.
- I'm okay.
- Oh, my gosh, I shot one of them.
- Well, shoot another one.
Drop back and get the gun.
Come on, Tex. Swim for it.
The man in the water.
For you, little lady.
Tex! Tex!
- Let's haul them in.
- Okay.
Poor Wilbur. Why did he do it?
We only had two air tanks left.
He knew we never had a chance... he gave whatever life he had left.
I really loved that old man.
What are you gonna do now?
Go back to your chateau?
There is no chateau.
Someplace must be home.
I'm open to suggestions.
Well, I'd sign you on the Jenny...
...but the bank's gonna take the
boat away the minute we reach port.
Maybe not.
Gonna kiss me now?
I was gonna kiss you anyway.