Beyond the Reach (2014) Movie Script

You know I can't keep this, right?
Your grandfather made it for you.
To give to the man I love.
Come on, you won't miss me.
Practice at 6:00 every morning.
All those college guys.
Got to pack.
Meeting my parents for breakfast
before I hit the road.
What you got there?
I owe you for the necklace.
You know what it means to me.
- Do you have water?
- I'm gonna hit Roland's on the way out.
I could always just load up a
cooler, make you some sandwiches.
It's not that long of a drive.
Look, you know I...
Give me a safe arrival call,
all right?
Better pick up. Don't
want to hear the machine.
Ben, it's Joe.
Got a job here for you this morning.
Guy wants to go out to the reach.
Let me know if you can't
be here in an hour.
How many times have I told
you not to call me here?
Hey, it's me.
Look, I know I forgot
to say that I love you.
Well, I guess I just wanted
to hear your voice, so...
I'm sorry.
So you working through dinner?
Well, pick me a good
fortune cookie, huh?
Yang's still doing the negotiations?
All right, okay.
How many points you got left?
Still six?
Morning, Sheriff.
Ready to earn?
Yeah, black-tail or bear?
- Bighorn.
- Little early in the season, isn't it?
Seems he got himself a special exemption.
Got connections, I reckon.
- Some kind of big shot.
- Yeah.
He's paying a grand per day.
Kind of makes you overlook
the little things.
You got some crazy-ass dog
problems around here, huh?
The problem is coyotes.
They like the taste.
Yeah, yeah, no, we got the
same thing in LA, you know.
One of them would come down from the hills,
starts flirting with some
old lady's shih tzu, and...
lures it back up the hill
and bye-bye, shih tzu.
- He's it?
- He's it.
How old are you?
Old enough to be the best tracker
in the county, if not the state.
- Not quite, but I can get 'er done.
- Well, imagine that.
You know, I pull off 85 thinking I
found a good place to take a dump.
Hey, John Madec.
Ben. Okay.
Just Ben. Let's roll, huh?
Wait a second. I need to see a
driver's license and harvest permit.
I took care of it.
He's good to go, Deputy.
Come on, we'll take my ride.
Sheriff, thank you.
Only one in America.
500K. That's not including tax.
Well, I guess it doesn't park itself.
- Mind if I check your rifle?
- No, no. Sure. Here.
Steyr Scout 308. Had it
imported from Austria.
It's got a Leupold scope. Best
glass you can get out of Sweden.
I've never seen one of these.
Most folks around here use
Brownings, Winchesters, Remingtons.
Mind if I take a look?
- So what's her name?
- Laina.
A real photograph. Not one of
those iPhones. Old school.
She's lovely.
Boy, a girl like that staying with you in
a place like this? You're a lucky guy.
Actually, she's in school up in Denver.
Oh, yeah? She's got some
wits in her, too, huh?
Full ride. Swim team.
Well, it seems like WALL-E
is definitely stuck here.
Yeah, I knew I'd get a smile out of you.
Beyond this point, there will be monsters.
Well, I suppose this is
where you earn your money.
There's no reception out here.
It's a sat-phone. Full
terrestrial coverage.
No, that's right. 8:00 AM tomorrow.
Midnight Beijing time.
We'll try to wrap it all up.
If they complain, just
tell them Confucius says,
"Reset your fiscal year at one."
Some shit like that. I don't know.
Big deal?
Yeah, you could say that, yeah.
So you in finance or something?
- Insurance.
- What do you insure?
300 million years ago,
all this was underwater,
submerged in an inland sea.
Well, I'm afraid I'm gonna
have to add to the erosion.
There's your bighorn.
Establishing a dominance hierarchy.
It's weird. They don't
usually go at it this late.
Women, they're good at getting your ire
up when all you want to do is sleep.
A lot of smart guys in college,
you know.
Smart guys who get turned
on by smart girls.
- You're not worried about that?
- Nope.
'Cause it's true love?
- We grew up together.
- Oh, so there's no mystery.
What was that?
That is a civilized man's dinner.
Well, you know, I suppose
you couldn't go with her.
But with all the glorious opportunities
that you have in this fine place...
It's a family business.
My parents were guides. Search
and Rescue for 20 years.
Yeah, until they came to their senses.
They died, right?
The sheriff called you deputy.
That makes the S&R paperwork easier.
Search and Rescue? You get
that much action out here?
There was a pileup on the highway.
So this old station wagon
tried to find a way around.
When the thing stalled,
they just left it.
A family of four.
And the thing is, they weren't
even a mile from the highway.
Of course they couldn't see
it 'cause of the ridge
or hear it 'cause it was still clogged up.
So they guessed.
Just headed out across the reach.
Well, they didn't get far.
It only takes a few hours
exposed like that.
The dad was about a mile from the car.
The mom, she had...
she had smeared lipstick on her kids'
faces to try to stop the burning.
Well, you know, at least
they put up a fight.
They killed themselves.
They took a chance,
they made their stand.
Oh, my God.
Come with me, Ben.
You want a single or a double?
Single or a double?
Let's go, Ben.
It's a local shooting gallery.
- What are you doing?
- I'm just warming up.
When you fire your weapon,
you frighten the game.
They're already frightened.
That's why they're being hunted.
You forgetting something?
Your brass.
That's your job.
You been hunting long?
Probably before you were
wearing Huggies, kid.
Your Steyr looks brand-new.
Well, I take care of my equipment.
Sounds like you have other people do it.
I'm no amateur, okay, kid?
And I've got the horns to prove it.
Rhino, elephant...
Trophies, huh?
So that's your thing?
Well, it sure isn't for the
company or the frills.
There ain't no greater exercise in boredom.
But you're right. I...
I bought this baby special when
I landed my bighorn permit.
Been waiting to fill that last
little space on the wall.
- You get a gender exemption?
- Yeah, dulled male only.
You mind if I just
double-check that permit?
You know what the odds are for
landing a bighorn license?
I sure do.
10 years.
10 years I've been trying to get one.
That seemed to satisfy your sheriff.
No, no, right. You know,
it's more time and...
you got your family business to maintain.
A tough economy.
All right, just Ben.
Meter's running.
You see anything?
Best tracker in the county, huh?
Well, the job is easier if you're quiet.
This may have been the easiest
money you ever made, buddy.
No! Oh, my God.
Jesus Christ, no! No.
- Charlie.
- God damn it.
Where'd he come from?
Jesus Christ.
God Almighty. Oh, Christ.
Is he dead?
Oh, God Almighty.
- Did you know him?
- Yeah, my whole life.
Okay. Okay.
- We need to take him to town.
- What?
- We need to take him to town, all right?
- All right, here.
All right, I'll... I'll stay with him.
- Jesus.
- All right.
- Stay there. - Oh, Jesus Christ.
Hey, listen, I'm in a
shitstorm here, all right?
It might jeopardize the deal,
so listen up.
I pay you for options, all right?
So give me one!
Look, just close the
goddamn deal, all right?
Don't say anything about this...
and I'll fix it.
What's going on?
Ben, the situation is... more
complicated than you think.
See, my competition,
they'll destroy me if
they find out about this.
I employ 862 people.
This is not only about me.
This is about them and their families.
Well, are they still gonna keep their jobs
if you sell the company to the Chinese?
Let me ask you a question.
What will the law think when they find
two different bullets in the same body?
They might think whoever shot this
man didn't do it accidentally.
'Cause you sure can't shoot
a man accidentally twice.
What did you do?
I mean, you can't frame me for this.
I mean,
there'll be an investigation.
You know that.
Nobody cares about this man.
Nobody's gonna miss him.
But you bring this body back
and they put it on me,
they can put it on you.
50-50, Ben.
Do you like those odds?
Let's... let's look at this another way.
Suppose that I put a
call in that university.
You know, grease the wheels
and I get you admitted.
I could provide a full ride all four years.
- You could be with Laina.
- Just stop. Come on, you're insane.
Let's just say you major in finance.
So maybe I got a position waiting for you.
Starting salary, $300,000 dollars.
Enough to buy a nice house,
pay for diapers.
You could start a life together.
At some point you might have
to relocate to Beijing.
Ben, that's a future.
It's a future you can't
even imagine right now,
especially with one of your
bullets lodged in old Charlie.
So we got a deal?
That's a good choice, Ben.
Now your life, it's never
going to be the same.
Should we say something?
I mean, you know,
was he religious?
Was he religious?
- I'm gonna get some more water.
- Okay.
Step away from the car.
Get away from the goddamn car!
God damn it, what is that?
Drop it.
Drop it!
What, you push your button,
the cavalry comes running?
Is that the size of it?
We had a deal.
And where I come from, a deal is a deal.
We shook hands, God damn it.
- You little shit.
- Okay! Okay! Okay!
Boy, did you blow this.
What are you gonna do?
- Take off your clothes.
- What?
Take your clothes off.
- You heard me all right.
- Okay.
Come on, let's go.
Come on, you're not gonna kill me.
Okay! Okay! Okay! Okay!
- Now, I suggest you do as I say.
- All right!
Shoes and your socks. Shoes and socks!
Let's go!
Come on, this is stupid. Just
think about what you're doing.
Oh, I have. No, no, I have, Ben.
I'm a fast thinker, you know?
Something was different about
you when you and I woke up.
You know, you were kind of angry, upset,
couldn't stop talking about
your little girlfriend.
- What?
- How she left you, betrayed you.
- Let's go, shoes and socks.
- All right, all right.
You were really nervous, Ben.
Really nervous.
- Then you shot Charlie.
- What?
We fought a little bit,
you took my rifle. I ran.
All right, now your pants.
You can keep your Jockeys on, you know.
Keep that dignity.
You know,
I got back to the truck,
hightailed it back to town.
How long is it to the highway, Ben?
40, 50 miles, you think?
And like you said, it's gonna
be 120 by noon, isn't it?
Come on, all right?
You're right, it was an accident,
all right? I saw that.
I saw it, all right? But
this will be murder.
No, no, no, no. No, I'm
not killing you, Ben.
I'm just gonna watch you kind of, you
know, wander around for a while.
You think you can really do that?
You just watch me.
Let's go.
Oh, come on! This is stupid!
Sure, Ben. Follow the power lines.
It's only a hundred miles.
277. 277.
277. 27...
27... 277. 277.
That's 277. 277.
277. 277.
Yeah, how you doing, Phillips?
How are negotiations going?
You have dumplings with him tonight?
All right, so what else?
That leaves us...
Hang on.
Hey, let me call you back in 15 minutes.
Son of a bitch.
Charlie, I'm so sorry.
He won't get away with it.
I don't think Charlie was all there, Ben.
Hope to see you on the other side, Ben.
Okay, Ben. Congratulations.
You didn't bury yourself alive.
What the hell are you laughing about?
You just screwed yourself.
- You can't cover up an explosion.
- I didn't do anything.
I ran, you shot Charlie twice. You
destroyed everything he owned.
This is very disturbing behavior.
I don't think the sheriff is
gonna understand this, Ben.
Empty your pockets.
No, no, no. You... you
keep Charlie's pants on.
It's good for your psychotic profile.
But let's get rid of the size 10s.
Let's go, Ben.
Miles to go before you sleep.
Now, Ben, you know that's not fair.
You get your ass out of there
or I'm gonna come down there and shoot you.
All right, Ben, I'm coming down.
You are one smart son of a bitch.
Look at that sun, Ben.
It really likes you.
It loves you, Ben.
I got something in the mail.
Thick or thin envelope?
I start in August.
You're coming with me, right?
All right.
Yeah, the situation here is resolved.
How is everything going at your end?
That's excellent. Why don't
you close that deal?
So when do we sign?
8:00 AM my time tomorrow.
Call me so I can talk to
our new Chinese friends.
No, I'm gonna personally thank anyone, you
know, who's willing to buy me out for...
$120 million dollars.
Son of a bitch.
God damn you!
Why don't you just die?
Jesus Christ.
Why don't you ever die?
Jesus Christ.
Just die, you piece of shit.
Where's the water?
Where's the water?!
Come on, Ben.
There's no way out.
You can't fool me this time.
You getting cold yet, Ben?
Fool me once...
shame on you.
Fool me twice...
I kill you!
Happy birthday, Ben.
You want to blow out the candle?
Run, Benny, run!
Your word against mine.
I wonder who they'll believe.
Well, I guess we'll find out.
You know anyone in China?
$1 million dollars.
PIN number is 1932...
You little prick.
He shot Charlie.
I've got the body in the car.
I believe I have the
right to one phone call.
Is there something you're
not telling me, Ben?
Only about the money.
I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to
hold you while I talk with him.
He's gonna lie.
I'm sure he's gonna say
the same thing about you.
Yeah, but I can't pay you to believe me.
So how much did he offer you?
One million.
You're free to go.
How's it feel, Ben?
- How does what feel?
- Winning. First time?
Could be your last.
Keeping you from a hot date?
No, no, I'm just recording
how long your deputy's deprived
me of my bathroom privileges.
So I can tell my lawyer.
I just found a whole bunch of pictures.
"John Madec ships jobs to Asia."
Look at that sun, Ben. It really likes you.
I'm not killing you, Ben. I'm just gonna
watch you wander around for a while.
We had a deal. Where I come
from, a deal is a deal.
We shook hands, God damn it!
That's a good choice, Ben. Now your
life, it's never going to be the same.
Son of a bitch!
What about your roommates?
Let them listen.
You won't go back?
I love you.
You thinking about me, Ben?
I've been thinking about you.
Sometimes you got to
clean up your own mess.
You know, I...
just hope that you enjoy your last victory.