Beyond the Rocks (1922) Movie Script

In 2003, Beyond the Rocks
(1922) was rediscovered at the...
Nederlands Filmmuseum.
(The Netherlands Film Museum)
It is the only film in which
Hollywood stars Rudolph Valentino...
and Gloria Swanson appear together. The
film had been considered lost for decades.
The newly found, unique
nitrate print is...
virtually complete and
has Dutch intertitles.
Beyond the Rocks has been
digitally restored by the...
Nederlands Filmmuseum.
Dutch composer Henny Vrienten...
has written a new score.
For this English version,...
the Dutch title cards were
substituted by English...
intertitles, based on the
original continuity script.
The original continuity
script is courtesy of...
the Margaret Herrick
Library, Academy of Motion...
Picture Arts and Sciences,
and paramount Pictures.
The restoration of Beyond the Rocks
was supported by ING Real Estate.
The Nederlands Filmmuseum presents:
Based on the novel by Elinor Glyn (18641943)
Gloria Swanson and Rudolph Valentino.
Directed by Sam Wood.
In a sequestered village on
the Dorset Coast of England -
- lives the gay and kindly
Captain Fitzgerald, on the -
- meagre pension of a broken
and retired guardsman.
Captain Dominic Fitzgerald.
(Actor: Alec Francis)
Clementine and Sarah,
daughters of a -
- misalliance of the
Captain's youth, see in -
- their beautiful young half-sister the
only hope of restoring the family fortunes.
"Theodora mustn't acquire romantic notions
about husbands being Prince Charmings!"
"She must marry a rich man, and
help poor dear papa - and us!"
Theodora Fitzgerald.
Love for dear papa is -
- Theodora's religion.
(Actress: Gloria Swanson)
Hector, tenth Earl of
Bracondale, inherits his title -
- from a long line of English
noblemen and his -
- passionate love of life
and beauty from a highborn -
- Italian grandmother.
(Actor: Rudolph Valentino)
"Why, it's Bracondale!"
"It is a narcissus - but I'm afraid its
fragrance has all been washed away. "
"It was Lord Bracondale who saved me!"
"Wonderful - but not the marrying kind. "
Eventually Fate brings for Theodora a
suitor who meets the family requirements.
Josiah Brown, risen from grocer's assistant
to multi-millionaire, is eager to crown -
- his achievement by a marriage with youth
and aristocracy. (Actor: Robert Bolder)
"I wish he weren't quite so impossible. "
"My dear, no man with
millions is impossible. "
"Has he proposed?"
"No - but I am afraid he's going to. "
"Why, Theodora, you don't
mean to say that you would -
- hesitate to do a little thing
like that for dear papa?"
"Oh, I'd do anything for dear papa. "
"You're a lucky girl, Theodora!"
"We're going on to the church. "
"Have you seen the marriage settlement?"
"Darling child, you need not marry
this man if you do not want to. "
"Yes, dear - I - I - want to. "
After the wedding breakfast -
Mr. And Mrs. Josiah Brown.
"Are you happy, papa?"
A quaint inn, high in the snow-clad Alps,
should offer a paradise for lovers.
But Theodora finds her honeymoon sadly
different from that of her girlish dreams.
That same evening a party of
distinguished English folk arrives.
The Countess of Bracondale,
Hector's mother. (Actress: Edythe Chapman)
Morella Winmarleigh, an English heiress,
whom the Countess of Bracondale -
- hopes to have as a daughter-in-law.
(Actress: Gertrude Astor)
- Narcissus Perfume -
Jane McBride, a rich
American widow, has taken -
- Theodora under her wing.
(Actress: Mabel Van Buren)
"What you need is exercise
- I'm going to take you climbing tomorrow. "
"My dear lady, in this altitude I can
hardly get my breath sitting still. "
Next morning.
"Theodora - help is coming!"
"We can't pull you up. "
"Lower us to the next ledge. "
"Our rope's too short.
We are going for help. "
"Fate seems to send you to me when
I most need you, Lord Bracondale. "
"Don't you remember pulling
me out of the water?"
"Why, you're Fitzgerald's little daughter!"
Rescue may come too soon.
The next day finds Josiah Brown
in a flutter to quit the Alpine altitudes -
- they no longer appeal to
him as a place of rest and quiet.
"We shall meet in Paris soon. "
Theodora has always
looked forward to Paris -
- as a playground of love
and laughter, but...
"You and Theodora ought to get out
more, Josiah - dine with me tonight. "
"Well, there's no reason why you
should not come, dear girl. "
Lord Bracondale was close on the heels of
Mrs. McBride when she arrived in Paris.
"When do you expect the Browns?"
"You are rather interested
in the Browns, aren't you?"
Acquaintance may ripen
rapidly in the hour between -
- the headwaiter's
greeting and the coffee.
"Some day soon I'm going
to kidnap your father -
- he has promised to
show me Versailles. "
"Oh, I should love to go too - as
soon as Josiah feels well enough. "
"I shall always associate this
wonderful perfume with you - "
Versailles holds no
attraction for Josiah; -
- but Hector contrives to
be one of the party.
From the gilded glories of the
Palace they stroll through the -
- historic gardens and come at
last to the Arbor of Psyche.
"It was here the gallants of long ago
played their stately games of love. "
"Suppose we call them back
again - out of the past?"
"How wonderful that would be!"
"Among the Queen's ladies
was a little Marquise. -
- She was bewitching, -
- yet so reserved that she was the despair
of all the gallants of the Court - "
" - until one lover,
bolder than the rest - "
"Wasn't it fortunate for the
bold lover that the heart -
- of the Marquise was as warm
as her eyes were tender?"
"You are more beautiful,
more bewitching than she -
- Theodora, I love you - I adore you - "
"Oh, Hector, it was all so real,
so beautiful - and now - "
"Forgive me - I did not realize
- I love you too much to make you unhappy. "
"And I love you - "
" - but if we are not stronger than
our love, we must not meet again. "
Hector returns to London.
Lady Anningford, Hector's
sister, has always been -
- his pal and confidante.
(Actress: June Elvidge)
"Is something troubling my boy?"
"Morella will be so glad to see you. "
"Well, Hector, tell me all about
it - who is she this time?"
Anne has listened to many of
Hector's love affairs but -
- she realizes that this one
is altogether different.
"But, Hector, she is married - you
cannot continue such an affair!"
"I know, but I can worship and serve her
- and I want you to be her friend. "
"Well - I'll call on her as soon
as she comes to town. "
Anne not only calls upon
Theodora, but carries the Browns -
- off to Beachleigh, her country
place, for Whitsuntide.
And while Theodora is rehearsing
her part in the pageant -
- Josiah is listening
with feverish interest -
- to Sir Lionel Grey, the
celebrated explorer.
" - and if I can
persuade you to finance -
- this expedition into
Northern Africa, I am sure -
- you will find the trip of interest -
and success might bring you a Knighthood. "
Although Hector is not
expected at Beachleigh, -
- the temptation to be near
Theodora proves too strong.
"Do you think you should have come
here - under the circumstances?"
"Perhaps not, but it means so
much to me just to see her. "
"Why, there is Hector!"
"What devotion, Morella - he has
braved a house party to be near you!"
"Mr. Brown has consented to
finance our expedition - "
"I am not so sure it was devotion to
me that brought him to Beachleigh. "
"I'm furnishing the funds
for Sir Lionel's trip, -
- and d'you know, I'm half
tempted to go with him. "
"Furnish the money, if you like, Mr. Brown
- but I advise you to stay in England. "
"The journey is difficult
and the desert tribes -
- are lawless - and you
might never come back. "
"Sir Lionel didn't mention danger.
I'll finance the trip -
- but I'll take your
advice and stay here. "
"I am glad you are not going, Josiah. "
"This calls me to London -
but it is good news. "
Beachleigh, Essex Josiah Brown,
Esq. Have Arranged purchase of -
- town house for you but must have
your immediate approval. Calkins.
"Take me with you, Josiah - please
don't leave me here alone. "
"Nonsense - you can't leave -
you are in the pageant. "
"I'll return for you - just as
soon as our love nest is ready. "
Theodora has succeeded in avoiding Hector
up to the very hour of the pageant -
- and Hector is in a frame
of mind to seize any -
- opportunity to get a
moment with her alone.
"I'd chuck this pageant rot -
dressing up and all that -
- except for the prospect of holding the
alluring Theodora in my arms. "
"The romantic drama of how the gallant
Sir Claude Lovelace, disguised as a -
- highwayman, held up the York
Coach, defied her father and -
- fled with the lovely Lady Marjory
Wildacre to Gretna Green!"
"I do love you, Hector - love you so
much that I dare not trust myself. "
"Then why struggle - why suffer more?
Let me take you away - tonight. "
"No, no - I could never live under the
shadow of my broken word. "
"This only proves that we are
not stronger than our love. "
"Hector, you must go away. "
After Hector's departure for London,
Theodora decides between love and duty.
The Lord Bracondale 102 St.
James's Square London SW1Y.
Josiah Brown Esq. Claridge's
Hotel Brook Street London W1K.
Next morning in London when
the second post arrives -
The Lord Bracondale 102 St.
James's Square London SW1Y.
Dear Josiah, Expect me -
Dear Josiah, Expect me in London Thursday.
I have decided -
- not to wait for your return.
Affectionately, Theodora.
Josiah Brown Esq. Claridge's
Hotel Brook Street London W1K.
Hector, my beloved! - oh! For this
last time I must think of you as that!
My marriage was a bargain over which
I gave my word, and no happiness -
- would ever come to us
if I should break it.
- And oh! Hector.
I love you! I love you! And we must
say forever a farewell! Theodora.
"I could kill you, you thief -
you have stolen my wife!"
"We have said good-bye, and I am
leaving England for a long time. "
"My everlasting grief will
be that I have brought -
- sorrow into the life of one
who is dear to us both. "
Claridge's Hotel - Brook Street
Dear Theodora, -
- I am leaving tonight with
Sir Lionel Grey on his -
- expedition into Northern Africa.
We have only time -
- to catch the steamer so I
cannot wait to say good-bye.
While I'm away, I want
you to enjoy yourself my child -
- and you must not
worry about me. Josiah.
"What made him change his mind
and go on this dangerous trip?"
"Then he knows that you
and I - love each other?"
"Oh, Hector, he means to sacrifice
himself for us - we must stop him!"
"We will stop him! Wire
your father to join us - "
After a week's journey
though trackless desert sands -
- Josiah's party
reaches its destination.
"Is that it?"
After a hurried trip across
France and the Mediterranean -
- Theodora, her father and Hector, -
- joined by an escort
of Algerian soldiers, -
- pass through the gateway
to the Great Sahara.
At dawn.
Then the work of the day commences, as
they delve into the mysteries of the past.
"We are almost there. "
"A most interesting find -
an account of the punishment -
- meted out by the ancient Egyptians
to an unfaithful wife. "
"Poor creature! She may have been
married to some selfish, ailing old duffer -
- and when real love came along
the temptation was too great. "
Hassan Ben Ali, chief
of a band of desert marauders -
- respects no law - human or divine.
"This attack is beastly outrage! I shall
report it to the Home Office - Personally!"
"Lie down, or you won't
report anything to anyone. "
Movie Goofs: a crew member stepping in front
of the camera! (Source:
"Do not grieve. You are young -
and I - I want you to be - happy. "
Time dries all tears, and when
another spring-time comes...
"Darling, we have passed the rocks and
here are the safe waters beyond. "
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