Beyond The Sky (2018) Movie Script

Oh my God!
Emily! Emily!
My name is Chris Norton.
I am a documentary filmmaker.
I made my first movie, if you could call
it for it, when I was seven years old.
Just shut up!
-Can you stop?! You are cheating!
- I'm not kidding Peter.
Stop shut up!
Can not you go watching tv?
Leave me alone.
I remember it, because
it was my birthday.
Watch TV, I said!
Nell, come back!
What the hell are you doing?
Nell, come back! J?ttetrevligt...!
Nell? Came back!
Chris, go to bed!
It was just a power nail.
But dad turned a desperate woman's
actions into an obsession.
He became convinced that mother
had been abducted by aliens.
Dad died two weeks ago.
He never stopped believing in it.
I decided to make this movie to
disprove the great myth of today.
The one who destroyed my family:
The phenomenon of extraterrestrial abductions.
-This is Kyle, our fitter and guide.
-Hey, the situation?
-How is it?
-Kyle Blackburn.
-Chris Norton.
The conference is over here.
-Bill, this is Chris Norton.
-Chris! Bill Johnson. Good to see you!
-The same. This is Brent.
-Hey, Brent.
Welcome to the International UFO Congress.
Have you been to the conference before?
-I do not think so.
-Let me show you around then.
Is everything okay, Brent?
Film me from my good side.
I created this conference
when Roswell was just a joke.
Now we get world famous experts,
and our city is flourishing.
We have more than one hundred exhibitors this year-
and 5,000-10,000
visitors have been here.
Are you a skeptic, Mr. Norton?
Why do you think so?
I always recognize non-believers.
I'm a reporter and want to let the
evidence control what I think.
There is plenty of evidence here.
-No, it seems interesting.
-I hope so!
These statues make me curious. What
is said to be bringing people away?
Can I give you a small test?
I am just curious.
Keep this and tell me if you know
anything at all when you hold it.
It feels like I'm in a black...
...figurine. Wait, it's tickling in your hand.
In the future you might get an
experience, but whatever happens-
- You should be witty and
familiar with the heart.
I know this is hard to believe-
-but as long as you
deny all possibilities-
-there you limit yourself.
It's not good.
I'll give you my card.
Just call.
You will get in touch.
It's hard to remember a lot.
It was a bright light-
-and two hours later I was just... there.
As if nothing had happened.
-I have understood that the lights are common.
-They seemed to prevent me from moving.
And my memories...
It did a lot with my memories.
In view of that, is it even possible that you
remember something of the abduction itself?
It was like a nightmare.
It was cold, and that light...
There was light everywhere, but it
did not seem to come from somewhere.
I was stuck at a table...
... and they did things.
... do you know a phenomenon
called false memory syndrome?
Do you think I've found it?
-Not intentionally.
I know what I saw! I remember when
they took me. I remember that!
Okay. You said it was like a nightmare.
Maybe it was a nightmare?
Let me be!
You want to hurt me like everyone else!
You must be able to face the
truth if you want to be free.
Let me be! You are like everyone else!
-What the hell are you doing? That's my interview!
-Out from here!
-I know what I saw.
-What fan are you doing?
-I try to help him.
-He must confront the truth about...
-The scan does not concern you!
He is my friend! You can not
decide what the truth is.
I just want to explain to you that the
truth is not an opinion without facts.
Here are the facts: Go to hell! Come on
-How you, come here!
-We need to interview someone else.
-What fan is going on in there?
-He got a game during the interview.
-I just asked simple questions.
- Turn it off.
This is how I can not. You can
pack your stuff and give it off.
Immediately. Start.
Everything is okay, everyone.
- You can start again, Tom!
Everything is as it should be here.
Maybe I was too tough.
Kyle found out that the girl who
came in moved into UFO circuits.
Her name is Emily Reed.
She arranges hits outside the town.
I wanted to explain to her.
That's what I love with documentaries.
You never know every story leader.
We are running live this time.
You decide.
It is not knowing the
truth that pain the most.
Forgive that we cancel. We know Emily.
Do you know them?
That's okay, Agnes. Continue.
It feels like if I only knew
what they wanted with me-
-What they want to achieve,
then everything should be okay.
-Hey, my name is Emily Reed.
Hi, Emily.
I was deserted for the first
time on my seventh birthday.
-It was the first time.
The second time was the day
when I filled fourteen.
And seven years later they came and took me again.
It does not matter where
I hide or what I do.
They always find me.
And just like you, I want more
than anything else to know why.
Bye. Thanks.
Thanks. Thanks for coming.
Thanks. Hi, Mike.
See you next week.
Is he your boyfriend? He
seemed to want to shut me up.
-I want that with.
-Wait wait. Let me explain.
-I just tried to help Adam.
By saying to someone
suffering from finding him?
I just suggested that
it may not be real.
There may be different
versions of reality.
-The reality is no opinion!
-Yes. My opinion is that you are a joke.
There have been several scientific
studies - and there is no opinion -
-which showed that you can only heal
if you are prepared to face the truth.
You know what? Let me ask you something.
What do you see?
I see a spearhead on a necklace.
What do you see?
I see a rock formed
millions of years ago-
-A weapon created by ancient
civilization, and a piece of jewelry.
The truth is that there
are billions of atoms-
- which consists of trillion protons
held together by a zilion electron.
It does not make the other less true.
-Siljon, no real number.
-So, something less than a googolplex.
There is nobody here who
actually knows the truth.
All I know for sure is that something
has happened to me all my life.
I believe you. But what do you have for evidence-
Because there are extraterrestrial
abductions and nothing else?
You may see for yourself.
On Sunday I'm 28 years old.
Then it was exactly seven years
since I was abducted last time.
Nice, Brent.
It was the hidden camera...
Final Filmed.
2 DAYS to Emily's birthday
Do you think she's genuine?
-Do not know. She does not seem crazy.
The regular abductions are a little
strange. It's really not common.
She may just hate birthdays.
Like you a few years ago, but you probably
do not remember - you were probably covered.
You know why I do not like
birthdays - they remind me of mom.
But that was not so.
She has symptoms of FMS.
Hell! Do you see that?
-We know the light there! Get the camera!
-Okay, I'm taking the camera.
-It comes closer!
That's what's the problem.
One thinks so much
about the imagination.
-Zoom in.
Is it an alien campsite?
-Damn! That's why you should not drive!
-I drove on something.
-What? An animal?
-It was not an animal. Something else.
-You should not go out?
-How should we know what else you were driving?
You are crazy. Do not do it!
I'll be damned...
You have to come and check!
Look here.
Yes, you drove at something.
There are outside among the bushes as well.
- It leads here.
-We can go to the car now.
It is more. Check out the blood.
I said so. I did not imagine.
There is something out there.
It's just a pig!
You probably thought we had found E.T!
No! Behind you!
Brent! What the hell are you doing?
-Go away!
-It's just a pig!
Come on, come on!
There is something out there!
What the hell is it with you?
There is nothing there.
-Please please! We have to go.
-You're flipping out, buddy.
It's just a pig!
Brent filmed something.
He was sure it looked like the
statue we saw at the conference.
Just call.
Was this what they were talking about?
metaphysical goods 10.14
Do you hear that?
What can I do with my
young, handsome man?
We met a colleague to you
yesterday at the conference.
It was my half sister, Hicktyn. You probably
noticed that she has some screws loose.
That's because her stiff
card comes from...
We have some questions about a
statue mentioned by Hicktyn.
-A snub in black coat?
-This is it.
-It was the one I saw.
Yes, I saw the movie.
It is one of the more common
observations in the area.
-It's an alien?
You know...
There are a lot of non-believers
here to disprove things-
-but sooner or later, if
they stay long enough-
-introduce the truths
Follow me. I want to show you something.
Come then!
This is where I keep
the important stuff.
-Who is it?
-It's my husband Ed. Shock in him.
This... is a really
interesting copy.
-What is it?
-A device that steals memories.
That's at least what we think.
Most victims experience blackout
and memory loss during abduction.
Once they have returned, many
memory blocks are often missing.
Can I look at it?
It has been analyzed.
They can not identify the materials.
-How much do you want for it?
-It's not mine.
Where did you get it? Who is it?
I received it by the same person who
described the figure with black coat.
A girl from the neighborhood. Her name is Emily.
-Emily Reed.
-Emily Reed.
Here she lives. She is probably in the studio now.
There is a patio at the back.
-He can not be happy to see us.
-Have it stopped me?
Emily, I do not want you to get hurt. You know
what they did with Adam at the conference.
-He is not one of us.
-What are you doing here?
-I can ask you the same thing.
Please turn the camera off.
You can pack and go home.
She does not want to talk to you.
-It's cool, Bill.
-There are you, Bill. It is quiet.
I would fit myself if I were you.
My patience is pushing.
Is that a threat?
- Just a friendly advice.
-What is this?
-I sell art to the stores in town.
-Wish beautiful bike wheels...
-It's a dream catcher.
-They catch all good dreams
- And do they prevent the bad ones?
Does it work?
-What can I help you with, Mr Norton?
"Last night we saw someone when we drove.
-Or something.
-Now that was dressed like this.
The lady at Seti Alpha 5 said it
is based on your description.
Not only mine, there are more.
I'm not your opponent.
Can you pick up the scissors over there?
To you.
The scissors.
When I was seven, mom stumbled away from home.
On my birthday, actually.
Until he died, Dad thought
she was abducted by aliens.
It was just a crazy story
he found out, of course.
One of his conspiracy theories.
The truth is that he was a
fox that made her stay.
It's not the fault of the aliens
that she did not come back!
Whatever I said, I could not
make him realize the truth.
-What do you want from me?
Are you familiar with regression hypnosis?
Therapists can help you remember what
happened, and continue to happen to you.
This is what regression
therapy did for me.
Good, Emily.
Describe, without pain and concern, what you see.
The lights are very strong, but it's...
... cold and sterile - as in a hospital.
Is there any more there with you?
-I do not know.
-No danger. The memory is free from pain.
Who's there with you?
They are... They are tall.
Good. Continue.
They look at me. They want some of me.
What is it they want?
I do not know. I do not know what they want!
The memory is there.
You just have to dig deeper.
I can not. No! It's not possible!
They hurt me! They are going to hurt me!
They do not want me to remember!
No! No!
I have many similar followers.
You can marathon on them if you want.
The lady from Seti Alpha 5 has
just called her "memory device".
She got it from you. Do you know anything about it?
I found it when they
brought me back last time.
Okay. Where did you find it?
I would like to analyze the device.
Can you get it back from Lucille?
-I do not think so.
-Brent and I can take it.
I do not think so.
-I understand, but...
-You do not belong!
I do not want it, and I
think you should go.
We have to get that device.
What happens to the girl has
nothing to do with the device.
Are not you on aliens now?
-Obviously not. Do you?
-I saw the stuff in her skull! Weird!
-Yes, really ugly.
We need to find out what it is.
-Is everything okay?
-Sure, why not?
He has been sitting there
waiting for you to enter. Bill.
-He is afraid of the dealings.
-To make money on people's fear?
-No should be careful.
Bill is a powerful type in the area.
You do not want to mess with him.
-The rumors are rumored
-What about the rumors?
That the army hired him.
But it's just rumors, right?
Yes, just rumors.
I had only known Emily for 24 hours.
But from the first moment I knew...
I knew I had to help her.
But how do you convince yourself that
what they really believe is untrue?
Or worse: What happens when
you start to believe it?
Turn on the low-light sensor
here if it gets dark.
-OK, I understand.
-tour ate
Are we ready?
-Are you?
I'm ready, but...
-Let's go.
Do I have to come along? It is unnecessary
for both of them to commit a crime.
Do not be dramatic. The thing
is fake, and we may need video.
I do not want to sit inside...
This is a burglary.
Now we commit a crime.
-It's just intrusive.
-Just bit intrusive... Not so dangerous.
SETI ALPHA 5 23.14
Check them in.
-Stop messing around.
-They feel so genuine
Then you have been to L.A. to long.
It's just madness. Nothing is real here.
-Shut up.
-What then?
Are you ready?
Turn the light off.
What? It's something...
I do not know...
There it is.
-Come on!
Who are here?
Pipe is not! Out of my store, your fucking!
Oh my God! Open, open!
Drive, drive, drive!
Come with you!
And never come back!
I was just shot in the leg of an old man.
Is it fun?
-Yes, quite.
-It's not funny.
-Did it go well?
-Yes, it's just a hail.
But it sounds like a fan.
Nice work!
-You have been officially bullied.
-It helps to make me lie.
"I've been shot. Do you have?"
See that stuff.
-What a thing?
-Grejen I was shot for. Let's see!
"I want to see if it says" Made in China ".
May I see the shit now.
What's the matter with it, like?
You must see it close. You must know it.
I have never felt anything like that.
-It sounds like you describe a woman.
-It's more strange than that.
-What the hell? What the hell was that?
-I do not know!
-It feels like an electric shock through my hands.
-As that?
Yes, I rubbed it and got a shock.
When we get to the hotel we
watch the slow motion cameras.
-What fan was that? Give it to me now.
-Come on. You're killing me.
-I just check if you live.
-What fan have you been?
-What then? What has happened?
-Nothing. I have called for several hours.
-We have been away for less than an hour.
The time is three at night.
-No, eleven o'clock!
-What happened to him?
-He got shot.
-Where can it be three o'clock?
I have some video you should see.
I'm going to sync my cameras with
the Gopro cameras in the car.
Is it bad? Is it bad?
I want to see if it says "Made in China".
I have never felt anything like that.
-It sounds like you describe a woman.
-It's more strange than that.
-Did you see that?
The sabbath camera. Here it is.
There is the flash I was talking about.
Wait, keep playing. It is more.
What seventeen do you look at?
What the hell? I do not remember this.
That's not wise.
We just sit there staring!
However, the engine?
I do not remember I stopped the car.
I did not!
I never stayed the car!
We were driving all the time, right?
-You got a shock, we continued driving.
-Look on time.
Time passes, but we're driving nowhere.
Fast forward.
It is the same thing.
This is really scary.
And now we only run suddenly?
It does not seem wise!
It is impossible!
Two hours.
We sat there for two hours.
I wanted to show that the
abductions were false memories-
-which concealed a painful truth.
It's the problem of
searching for the truth.
If you are open, honest and
willing to follow all the tracks-
Can the truth prove to be more painful.
A DAY for Emily's birthday
Our viewers are curious about the evidence
you claim to have. Can you show us?
I did not know then, but
my little guy, Chris...
Did he film you and your wife?
-Yes, he filmed everything.
Is that the band? Can we see it?
-What happens there?
-My wife and I are a bit of osams.
I was a bit too obsessed with
my stuff, and my wife...
I'm rolling out. There, keep looking.
Do you see? There it is.
Do you see the light? Up there?
It's getting stronger and
stronger, and then...
So you think Nell was abducted?
-All might be abducted...
... but they forgot to return her.
I was gone for a few hours,
and when I came back...
It's strange to have been
gone for two, three hours.
I have watched the video a thousand times,
but always from the same point of view.
But yesterday, something happened when we drove.
A power pin. The electric car in the car went out.
But the cameras filmed us sit in trance for
two hours. We do not remember anything.
Then I realized Dad said the same thing.
He was unconscious for several hours.
I need to know what happened
yesterday and what happened to him.
I know what happened.
You only know that someone
put this on your back.
Where did you get it?
Is that why the police have called?
-I do not want to be involved!
Do not you know why?
If you fail to communicate with
them, you will never learn why.
Would you rather stop the head in the sand?
I want to know!
-We have to find out where it came from.
-It's my birthday tomorrow.
That's why you have to let
me lead you to the truth.
Why do you care so much?
We just met.
I know. I do not know why.
I do not know if it changes anything...
I do not think so.
But if you really want to stay
with me, I'll go somewhere today.
To anyone who may be able to help.
Do you want to join?
Stay a little bit.
-I have read a lot about this place.
-Puebloolk's home
Some call them anasazi.
They ruled here for hundreds of years.
I'm taking the camera and
shooting some snapshots.
There are many questions
about their civilization.
Yes, how did they build the holes?
Using aliens, according to some.
-How is it?
-We should go to pueblon. It is close.
-Right right here.
I do not want to be cynical, but how
are these people able to help you?
It makes them believe in me. These
people raised me in principle.
They supported me when no one else cared.
They taught me what a family means.
They helped me through a hard time. They are
incredible. You should show some respect.
-I just try to understand.
-You can stay there to the left.
In front.
Up here it is.
-Hey, Goldies!
-Do you know them?
Yes. Boys...
You must taste the mackerel.
It is purely extraterrestrial.
Elu, I'm glad you came.
It has been too long.
- "Elu"?
-It's my native name.
Chris Norton is a filmmaker.
John Greatbear is the town's medicine
man and the closest one dad I have.
Rather grandfather.
-It's he who will protect me.
-How can you do that?
My people have met the old ones before.
We have an agreement.
Who are the Old?
Are those old pueblo people?
-It's cold outside.
Nice to meet you.
My name is Brent. Camera guy.
I love chili.
There is a ritual that may
cause them not to take me.
No one has tried for a long time,
but it does not hurt to try?
-I do not want it to happen to you.
-Neither do I.
Come on, my friend. Sit with us
Let's leave the mind in the cold
and warm our hearts in here.
-Do not be afraid.
-Who me?
Sure you want to do it?
Do you remember Malibu?
Take fungi, run around naked...
No good idea.
-What are you doing?
-I want you to wear this for a while.
I never remember where I got it,
so I found out on my own story.
Me and mom picked flowers,
and they smelled wonderful.
Then we were transformed into the rainbow
and the shadow running through the grass.
She always reminds me that dreams
can be more real than truth.
Do not let go of the dream.
I will not.
See you on the other side.
I hate you!
Your damn!
Your damn! You took everything from me!
You took my mom!
You took my mom! You took my mom!
You hit me! You hit me!
And you hit me!
You hit me!
You took my mom!
Stop! Stop!
Buddy! I thought you were dead.
I thought you took an overdose.
-What happened?
-You flipped out. Do not you remember anything?
-No, not really.
How are you?
Oh my God. As if I was
overtaken by a truck.
What does Crazybear say?
Great Bear. Nothing yet. He waits
to see if the ritual worked.
- How long does it take before we know?
-A few hours.
Oh God...
A few hours...
"Do we just sit and wait in the meantime?"
-Yes, in principle.
I think my hand starts to turn blue.
Oh sorry.
How can you be so calm?
I do not know.
In most cases, I would be a
wreck, but that depends on you.
You make me not afraid.
It was the kindest
thing you told me.
-Have you the raw movie?
-Yes. Why do you ask?
It will be alright.
My name is Chris Norton.
I am a documentary filmmaker.
I made my first movie, if you could call
it for it, when I was seven years old.
Things are in a certain way.
Part of that we can not understand.
The ceremony did not work.
I am terribly sorry.
-What does that mean?
-As the sky's coming.
They will take her.
We can not do anything more.
Do you know how much time we wasted?
Several hours.
-I could have her in Fort Knox now.
-It does not matter. They need her.
-What do they need her for?
-Now important.
Something they've lost over time.
Their civilization honors reason,
but they have forgotten the gift.
They need to find the
way back to their soul.
I drank your brew, trusted you.
You said you could help her!
We are leaving now, okay? Come on.
You were chosen for something big.
That burden is a part of your destiny.
Do not let go of the dream, my child.
I do not know. I'm sorry.
-Where are we going?
-I do not know.
Somewhere we can protect her.
We need to find a safe place.
-Now now we can create a defense.
-It sounds like a plan.
I do not know what that means,
but we find a safe place.
It does not matter where we go or what we do.
What the hell is that?
-What fan is this?
-Just drive! Drive!
Oh my God! Chris, start the car!
I try to! I try to! It does not go!
-The car is not moving!
-lock the doors!
Emily! Emily!
Era freaks!
I did not want this to be the case.
You would make a movie about abduction-
- Do not attack our lifestyle.
When I found out your intentions,
I asked you to give up
-but you did not listen
Everything is just a sneak peek.
No. It's really real.
We only help keep
the truth alive.
Oh my God...
-Videon is on the computer. They may have copies.
-We must be safe.
You're right about the fake memories.
More right than you think.
-What the hell are you doing?
-Do not worry.
I am a professional.
I've done this a hundred times.
At the old MKUltra time
you had to try out.
Now it's pure science.
It only requires a hallucinogen of military
strength and little creative props-
The word becomes your subconscious
belief that the abduction was real.
Do not worry.
In a few minutes you faint
and in two hours you remember
what everyone else remembers.
Tusan too, I missed my friend.
Steel room, black dressed
designs, strong lamps. Be still.
Be still, for a thousand!
Otherwise, I'll hit you
again with the cattle pole.
Do not worry. Soon everything is over.
And the great Chris Norton
goes out with the truth:
That extraterrestrial abductions are real.
God damnit! Your damn...
As usual, you have to
choose the difficult road.
I may go get a livestock
stick and a new needle.
Go nowhere else
-Where are we?
-It's Bill. We have to get out of here.
-Vilket ash.
-Chris, where are we?
-It will be alright.
-Are we...?
-No, that's Bill. It is not true.
What? Bill? What are you talking about? Chris?
Get the fucking bag with the needles.
Everything is scam.
It has been Bill all the time.
It's just a sneak peek.
The metal table, the abductions, all the way.
-And only.
-What are you talking about?
-It has happened all my life!
-It's just a bluff.
It does not add up! The first time I
was so young. It does not add up.
I know. We'll do it together.
I'll get out of here.
You bleed.
Keep your quiet. They are just outside.
I need a beer.
God, where are we?
We must turn around. Find another way out.
Fan too.
Over here! Bill!
Watch out with him.
You have nowhere to go.
Okay. I do not want this to track out.
I give you everything we have filming.
Then we go.
Oh my God!
Bill? Bill?
Just breathe. Just breathe.
Emily! Emily!
Emily, you have to listen to my voice.
You must come back to me.
I've never met anyone like you. You are
kind to others. You take care of them.
Emily, now you have to wake up.
So yes.
You can do it. Concentrate
on my voice. Focus.
You can create your own dreams.
Yes, so there.
So yes.
You are here.
Are you unscathed?
Oh my God...
- Get rid of me from here.
"I'm afraid to touch the wrong thing.
Something we must try. I do not blame
you if my eye explodes or something.
Come on, no stress...
What do we do now?
I do not know.
Coming on how we'll get from here.
Who's there?
Chris! Chris!
What do you want?
Stay there!
Stay there!
No, nothing more like that. It's enough now.
How many times have I said
you should not do that ?!
-Let him go!
-Do not interfere!
I do not remember this.
What's with you?
Stop shut up!
Can not you go watching tv?
Nell, where are you going? Are you happy now?
Bye Bye!
Chris, go to bed!
Did they take you?
No... that's not possible.
Get it done. What do you want?!
Stop! Please stop!
Who are you?
We are the result of many
years of human evolution.
Over time, our ego was crystallized.
We became angry with reason
and something was lost.
What are you doing with us?
We erase bad memories to see-
-this future may be
different from the past.
We do not need you.
Not any more.
Please... we just want to return home.
Did you see that candle light?
Did you see that foot in the air?
Do not ignore me! Over here!
Channel 4, NMX News.
Strange lights have been observed.
We are filmmakers from Hollywood!
We make a documentary.
We were just gone for two hours.
UFO conference founder
Bill Johnson accused-
-to have staged extraterrestrial
abductions Kelly Lamas reports.
Thanks, Carlos.
Bill was shocked and reminded nothing.
He is charged with the kidnappings.
Kyle disappeared.
We ourselves only remember small
fragments, but that's enough.
-Have you been using drugs?
-No! It was up in heaven!
I think it was an ufo!
Our story was rejected
as drug hallucinations.
I became what I was most against -
I became the story myself.
... can say something about
the controversial phenomenon.
Outbreaks or brain ghosts?
That's the way it happens.
Why are you blaming me?
-You know what happens when we tell.
-Yes, but Brent wants to be involved.
You're getting worse.
High five!
To unexpectedly meet someone-
or to face something
difficult and hostile.
-It is okay.
-It is okay!
Congratulations on the seven-year day!