Beyond the Woods (2018) Movie Script

SHANE: Most definitely,
it's just a real long road.
It's a really
fucking long road.
It's really far out, isn't it?
It's nice though.
I couldn't live down here.
No way. I want to stay
in the city.
Ger's been sleeping
the whole time, has he?
Is he still asleep?
Leave him at it.
Hopefully the weekend
will do him good.
EMMA: Is this it?
EMMA: Oh, my God,
is that a...
SHANE: It is.
EMMA: It's gorgeous.
Oh, look.
SHANE: This is nice!
Will you promise
to behave yourself?
Yeah, I'll do my best.
The country is
the place for mischief.
I'm a mischievous guy!
I don't want to go
against my nature.
There they are.
Looking well.
Jesus Christ, lads!
What the hell
is that smell, huh?
It's getting worse.
Hi. How are you?
Lovely to see you.
JASON: You missed the news so.
Oh, come here, guys,
the place looks amazing!
It's in the middle of nowhere,
it's so isolated.
You could get up to anything.
As usual the two of you
look impeccable.
MARISSA: Thank you.
But the stink is really bad.
what is that stench?
Is there a pig farm near by?
It's a sinkhole.
It was all over the news.
EMMA: What, you're not serious?
JASON: Yeah.
MARISSA: Hi, how are you?
So this is the famous
holiday home.
It's nice.
Listen, I'm sorry
to hear about Barbara.
How are you holding up?
Yeah, well...
Fine I suppose.
It ran it's course.
Or so she said.
Well, I'm glad
you could make it.
Me too.
Even if it does
stink down here.
Oh, God.
The one weekend I manage
to get everybody here.
You're not serious, though.
It's beyond the woods.
It's over by the old mines
on the mountain.
We should go take a look.
How far away?
and people
aren't allowed near it.
It's burning hot, and that
smell that you're getting
They say coal spontaneously
combusted or something.
We'll make the most of it.
SHANE: We'll stay indoors.
GER: Have you been up there?
If it stinks that bad
two miles away,
it must be pungent near it.
Peter the sergeant told us his
crowd have the whole place
sealed off. For safety.
Apparently it's actually
over 800 degrees there.
Yeah, I know.
They're calling it
the gates of hell!
SHANE: Now I really have to go
take a look now.
We should head inside.
That stink is nauseating.
EMMA: Yeah, yeah.
SHANE: I'll just grab some bags.
I'll give you a hand.
Okay you guys are in here.
Oh, wow, it's gorgeous,
thank you so much.
Oh, well, then
I'll follow you down.
Ger, you're in the box room.
I know it's small.
I hope you don't mind.
No. I can sleep anywhere.
Come down
when you're ready, okay?
Hey man, want one?
Sure, beer me.
I tell you,
with that stink
and the road closures
we could be in the house a lot
As long as there's
plenty of this,
I don't really give a shit.
Finally. Friday night, eh?
Friday night.
Friday night.
It's nice.
Yeah, it's good.
It's nice though. It's nice.
I suppose it's better than
being outside anyway.
I know.
I was just thinking
when was the last time
we were properly
proper drinking together?
At Barry's...
Barry had a party
about a year ago, was it?
It's not that long,
it can't be that long ago.
It was a year and a half ago
or something.
Down on that island?
Yeah, down the island.
It was his fucking stag it was!
We were on those banana boats
and it was during the day...
It was crazy.
...and we were drinking
because we hired a boat.
All those little inflatable
things were cool as well.
and the fact it was daytime
and there were kids there
as well
and we were running knocking
kids left, right and center!
Ah, he's terrible.
He's so innocent though.
That was a good boat trip.
Is someone living up there?
Not anymore!
There are a couple of houses
around, aren't there?
Yeah, but, well,
I think, we are kinda,
the closest really.
Because it's up
near the old mines.
Yeah, it's fairly, that, like...
The only people that go up
there are kids messing about.
So does it open at night
or in the morning?
What do you mean?
It's not an amusement park!
It doesn't have opening hours!
Can we go overnight?
Can we go in the morning?
Did you see the peak times?
That'll be the lads.
Hi! Welcome!
Good to see you.
You look great!
So do you.
Hi, Marissa, nice to see you.
Hi, how are you?
I'm so sorry we're late.
No, not at all,
you're grand.
SHANE: Will you come in
and shut the door!
That stink
is getting everywhere!
So what's with the smell?
The devil farted and blew open
the gates of hell.
No, it's a sinkhole
up in the mountain.
It's all sulfur.
A sinkhole? Those things
really freak me out.
That's one thing I hate about
the countryside.
All this talk about
remote working,
it's bullshit.
Reception here is brutal.
Stop being so rude, we're only
just in the door.
I just need to check
my voicemail,
I missed a call.
The reception here
is really bad.
It's part of the charm
of the place.
It's one of the reasons
we come up here.
But if you really want it,
if go down to the end
of the garden,
you'll get some there.
Jeez, can't you not
stay off the thing
for five minutes?
We're only in the door.
I'll be quick honey.
I promise, okay?
Just this last thing
and then we can
start drinking.
He's actually never
off that thing.
He's like a teenager.
Do you want coffee?
Wine? Beer?
Coffee. Thanks.
Sorry we're late.
I'm lucky I got Ray
out the door at all.
I could stay here all day.
It's a lovely getaway.
And it smells nice in here.
That's all.
I'm a trip adviser.
That smell is rank.
That's better.
The church missed a trick
focusing on fire and brimstone.
Use the toilet after
a man loaded up
on Guinness and gherkins
that'll be sure to make you
change your ways.
There's no need
to bring that up again.
There's never
a bad time
to bring that up.
RAY: So I guess
there's no outdoor activities
this weekend.
Is your modem on by the way?
I couldn't get a connection.
There's no modem.
There's no internet.
That's the whole point
of this place.
Oh fuck, you're not serious?
You said they have internet!
I asked you to check!
You know I have
to be connected!
Can you not just stay off
that thing for one weekend?
I'm sure they can get by
in work without you
for a couple of days!
Some of us have important work
to do, you know?
We don't just sit around
all day writing articles.
Stop being such a cock.
You are such a cock!
He's looking for matches!
How far away is that thing?
What thing?
Oh, the hole!
Um, it's about
two miles, I think.
It's on the side
of the mountain.
Is it dangerous?
No, I don't think so.
Otherwise, Pete would have
told us to get out.
The chief superintendent is down
with him for the next few days
helping him deal
with the press
and the road blocks.
Don't look so worried.
It's okay.
It's not that big at all.
They're just looking
for something
to fill up the news.
Yeah, but what about
the fumes...
The fumes... No worse
than the fumes in the city.
I suppose.
Anyone fancy a smoke?
Nice one.
But we'll have
to smoke it outside.
For fuck's sake!
House rules.
It's your fucking house!
It's Marissa's father's place,
and come on,
he doesn't want
smoking in here.
Let's go.
I might make a quick call.
For fuck's sake.
They're splashing him
with water constantly,
and then he goes,
"Mr Fungi?"
And he's there dead
on the ground.
Did they not have the animal
rights people coming down
about that?
About fungi?
He was like, "Can I get
a smoke there please?"
I mean, those guys,
they watch him
like a hawk.
This is a cartoon fungi,
it's not real fungi!
Yeah, it's not, like, real.
Real fungi was gonna...
Yeah, yeah.
Sorry, yeah.
I knew that.
I knew that.
I didn't know you smoked.
I don't.
No, I don't.
You don't.
Are you okay?
Yeah, fine.
Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Did you have enough to eat?
I did, yeah.
It was lovely, thank you.
You're very welcome.
Did you like my lasagna?
I loved it.
Working hard
in the kitchen.
Go all day flat.
It was lovely.
I haven't ever had one before.
You're really quiet today.
I'm fine. I'm just tired.
Over the last few weeks,
you know?
I haven't been getting
great sleep and stuff.
Are you sure that's all?
Yeah. That's it.
What else would it be?
Well, come on, I mean,
you've been through a lot.
You know?
It's just a bit, you know,
first time being around
you all again without her.
Right, that's it.
I can't handle
that smell anymore.
It's giving me a headache.
I'm going in.
Where are you going?
I'm just checking
if Ray is still out here.
Do you want a knife?
I have one.
You're so jumpy!
Ray's in the house.
If you're really good
and you go to heaven,
does that mean the gambling...
Where's the gambling
and booze?
Is it in heaven
for being good?
Or is it in hell
for just kind of...
Well, that's where
we all are.
Maybe hell
is everyone's worst nightmare.
Individually. Whatever your
worst nightmare is.
If your worst,
worst nightmare was spiders
then your hell would be
in a room full of
spiders forever.
I'm so scared of
strippers and booze.
SHANE: Your last
dying thought is like,
"My worst fear is
I just absolutely hate
sun holidays!"
That is in some short story,
that that is what hell is
your worst nightmare.
That it is a personal thing.
If we led a really bad life
but at the very last moment...
SHANE: You become
an organ donor
or something.
Yeah, can you redeem yourself
that way?
SHANE: That's Pascal's wager.
You can just be crap
for your whole life
which I plan on kinda doing.
Would it work
the other way then?
If you were really good,
like, were really,
um, didn't do anything bad
and then at the last moment
you did something awful...
Shot a baby!
Would all your good stuff
then be, like, forgotten?
MARISSA: No, I don't think so.
They'd weigh it up!
What's the symbol
for the judicial system?
You know, the scales.
Yeah, it's that with, uh,
St. Peter with...
I don't know if it's the food
or the smoke or what
but I am really tired.
I'm going to have to go to bed.
You shouldn't be smoking.
You know how you get.
Why, how do I get?
Like that.
Do you know what would really
liven this place up?
Strip poker.
No way I'm getting
my kit off in front of you.
It's not you I want to see
with your kit off.
Oh, yeah?
In your dreams.
RAY: Eye's off my wife,
you pervert.
Don't worry. I only have eyes
for this beauty here.
RAY: Oh. Get a room. Jesus.
I'm going to hit the hay.
EMMA: But, Ger, it's only one!
I'm wrecked.
I'm not used to
social drinking.
SHANE: You mean,
you normally drink
on your own?
I'm only messing!
Well, I'm going to go as well.
I'm wrecked.
Ooh! Leaving together!
Lucy and Gerny!
We're going to get all hot
and steamy together,
aren't we, Ger?
RAY: And enjoy.
See you later.
Oh, hey.
Marissa told me about Barbara.
I'm really sorry,
I thought you guys
were great together.
I don't know.
It just wasn't meant to be.
Do you think we end up
with the person we're meant
to end up with?
I like to think so.
Me too.
For fuck's sake.
And here I thought you guys
came out here to get away
from it all.
Should we give Pete a shout?
What good would that do?
They're not local squad cars.
I hate that sound.
Me too.
Well, it wouldn't be much use
if you liked it.
In all the years
we've been coming here,
I don't think
I've ever heard sirens.
But in all those years
there's never been
a sinkhole.
What is a sinkhole anyway?
It just opens up...
Yeah, I think.
I don't know.
The landfill or something?
Does it...
There's nothing under it
and no one noticed
until someone stepped on it?
EMMA: How deep is it?
That's what I was wondering,
because if it is some sort of
chemical reaction...
Seeing as I'm not gonna be
able to get any work done,
I might as well
do some damage.
Who's joining me?
That's my cue.
Mine too.
Your wife goes
so you have to go as well?
Don't forget, we've to do
this again tomorrow.
I thought this was a party!
Marissa, will you please,
please just...
give your husband permission
to stay up for a few more?
He can do what he likes.
He speaks for himself.
I'm wrecked, man.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You haven't been drinking
as long as I have.
You got to live for today.
Tomorrow might never come.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Good night, Mr. Brooks.
At least you two
are still up for it.
Thank you very much,
Mr. Brooks.
That's much better.
Our little friend here.
I think you're in
the doghouse.
Nah. She's always like that.
Yeah, blame her.
She likes to sit around
doing nothing.
I can't do that.
I think we should go up
to the stinkhole tomorrow, eh?
I'm not going up there.
Why not? I mean,
when's the next time
you're gonna see
something like this?
I don't I ever need to see
something like that.
Hurry up with that joint,
will you?
The stink is starting
to get to me.
I'm kinda getting used to it.
Fuck off.
No, he's right.
Kill that thing.
I want to go to bed.
All right, lads.
This is getting awkward.
It doesn't have to be.
Baby, wake up!
[GROANS] Yeah.
I think Ray is sleeping
with Emma and Shane.
Good one.
No, no, no.
I'm not joking.
I saw him
going into their room.
Yeah. I'm tired.
Listen, I listened
at the door.
They were having sex.
They probably...
They probably saw you
and wanted
to wind you up.
No, they didn't see me.
Of course, they saw you.
It's just like something
Shane and Emma would do.
No, I'm sure
they didn't see me.
They saw you.
They saw you.
I'm going down again.
Don't be crazy. Come on.
No, no, no.
It's not crazy.
She's always been wild.
In college, she was always
getting up to things.
[SIGHS] We all did
crazy things in college.
but that's normal crazy.
I'm talking about, like,
getting drunk crazy,
jumping into a fountain crazy.
Emma pushes things.
I know her.
I know her.
Whoa! Come back to bed.
Come on.
No. No.
I'm going to make sure, okay?
Look, this is ridiculous.
They're just messing with you.
But then I'll ask her.
No! Not now! In the morning.
I can see tomorrow's
going to be fun.
Do you think she'll tell you?
But I'll know.
Is anyone out there?
Are you all right?
Jason, are you okay, man?
Jason, you need
to come inside.
It's freezing out here.
And it stinks.
You must be pretty
fucking drunk, man...
What did we do?
You don't remember?
I remember we said
never with friends.
I need a coffee.
Do you want one?
No, I don't want a coffee.
How are we going
to face them now?
The same way
we always face them.
They don't know anything.
What about Ray?
He's not going
to say anything.
Oh, fuck!
Don't worry. Okay?
Just forget about it.
We'll pretend
it didn't happen.
Oh. I'm so sorry.
Did I wake you?
No. I'm...
Did you see Ray?
Um... No.
Is he not with you?
I don't think he came
to bed last night.
Well, actually
I can't be too sure.
That bed is so comfy,
I slept like a corpse.
I thought he might have
fallen asleep out there.
Wouldn't be the first time.
I mean, once he gets drunk.
Jesus! That stink's gotten
way worse today.
Yeah, I know.
Just shut the door.
Where's Ray?
How would I know?
No. Was he still up when you
went to bed last night?
Yeah, he was.
And you were
the last to go to bed?
Uh, yep.
Where the fuck is he then?
I don't know. Maybe
he's outside on his phone?
[SCOFFS] Believe me that's
the first place that I looked.
Was he still drinking
when you went to bed?
Yeah, I suppose.
I mean, he wanted
to stay up, you know?
You know how he is.
Is your car outside?
You fucking prick.
What is it?
He can't leave it alone
just for a couple of days.
Oh, I'm so sorry, hon.
Come here.
He's just a fucking prick!
Well, I knew what he was like
when I married him.
I hope that's full of tea.
Are you okay?
Ray left.
For work. Sorry.
He left for work
I'm really glad that I'm here
with all of you.
Ray can go do what he likes.
I'm going to enjoy myself.
Breakfast is here.
All right!
Perfect timing.
I'm fucking starving.
What did you get, man?
Which is the one
where Roger Moore
is skiing and then he jumps off
with the Union Jack parachute?
Will I give you a hand?
No, I'm fine.
GER: Anyone up for a walk?
I don't want to ruin breakfast
with lungs full of stinky air.
Come on.
It's not that bad.
You'll get used to it.
It's lovely outside.
LUCY: Maybe if you're
wearing a gas mask.
I think the smell has gotten
much worse today.
No way.
Not me.
I've too much to do.
Well, I don't know how
you can stay inside all day,
even with the smell.
We should go for a drive!
We could go down
to the sea or something!
Sorry to report that
the stink is everywhere.
It's even worse
down in the village.
And we can't go to the sea.
The roads are closed.
Well, we'll just have to make
the most of being here.
Won't we?
Well, I'm going
to walk off that breakfast.
I'll see you lot later.
SHANE: Good luck.
EMMA: It's so toasty here.
It is.
Look at me, I'm all sleepy
even though I slept
so well last night.
Did you see him when you
got up this morning?
Who? Ray?
Was his car there?
Um, I think so, yeah,
but I was tired,
so I'm not sure.
Do you think he spent
the whole night with them?
Oh, come on. I don't
want to think about that.
When are you
going to ask Shane?
What? I'm not
asking Shane anything.
You said you'd ask Emma!
And anyway, I still think
they were messing with you.
No, I know what they did.
Well, you spent long enough
out there listening to them.
And how did listening at
their door for an hour help?
It wasn't an hour.
It was only a few minutes.
Anyway, I think
Ray is feeling guilty
because he can't even
face us this morning.
You saw the note.
He had work.
Anyway, look,
it's none of our business.
None of our business!
Carry on.
Nothing to see here.
Look, you finish up there.
I'm tired.
I'm going to lie down.
All right.
Isn't it a bit early for that?
It's never too early
for wine and cheese.
There you go.
Do I cut?
This weekend was a big mistake.
No, it wasn't.
We've been planning this
for ages.
I didn't expect it
to turn out like this.
Look, we're all here now
so let's just make
the most of it.
Take your clothes off.
You're starting early.
There's not much else
to do in here.
I'm sure you could
think of something.
What's that supposed to mean?
You don't even have
a fucking TV.
I know, I know.
Relaxing getaway
and all that.
Are you going to join me?
He does work really hard.
EMMA: Mm-hmm.
Like, he's got...
He just really has
a work ethic.
I just wish that
he could switch it off
from time to time.
Yeah, but if he's ambitious,
you know...
And it is one of the things
that I love about him.
It's one of the things
I hate about him, too.
He's just always
focused on work,
even if, you know,
we have things planned
for the evening,
or just a night
in front of the telly,
he'll always take
the laptop out
and just finds it hard
to switch off.
Have you said it to him?
I think he knows.
Oh. Thank you.
Thank you.
But, um,
I don't want to seem...
I know work is really
important to him... Thanks.
You don't want to seem
like you're nagging.
Yeah, exactly.
I think you should
just say it to him.
You should say it
to him because...
That's... Thanks. Jesus.
That's grand, thanks.
Come on, Emma.
You can handle it.
Maybe organize
a holiday or something.
It's really hard for him
to get time off work.
It always used to bother me
more than him
that he's working.
Who, Ray?
Just constantly...
[CHUCKLES] I mean,
he really does work hard.
He takes it very seriously.
But he's just...
Be back in two seconds.
I'd love to just ask him
just to get away
for a proper holiday.
Shh, we can't talk
about them anymore!
Yeah, yeah.
Say no more now.
Don't worry,
I'm used to that.
Yeah, he's used to everyone
talking about him.
I'm just gonna go out
and make a quick call.
I'll just try Ray again.
You okay?
Yeah, yeah.
I'll just give him
another try.
There'd be no silence
if there was a TV.
There'd be no talking either.
So much different to now, so.
Look, I'll let you in
on a little secret.
[SOFTLY] There is a TV.
The reception is bad,
and it only has
the Irish channels.
We could watch a movie!
I have to just plug
my usb key in.
I'll say it to Marissa later.
What's up with Marissa anyway?
She's been acting weird
all morning.
Babes, I need you
in the bedroom, yeah?
Right. Always in demand.
Hey! You've reached Ray.
and I'll call you back
as soon as possible.
Thank you.
Will you answer your phone?
You'd answer the fucking thing
if it was work!
SHANE: You're serious?
Fuck sake.
We fucked up.
Who fucking leaves
messages on mirrors?
We really fucked up.
What were we thinking?
No, no, no, you can't,
because you don't know
for sure who wrote it.
Yes, I do.
Yes, she's been
acting weird all morning.
It could have been Jason.
Well, yeah, because
if she knows he knows.
What are you doing?
What does it
look like I'm doing?
We can't leave, all right?
They're our friends.
We can't just run away.
Come on, just get
your stuff together.
I'm going out
for a think, all right?
Jesus Christ!
Dude, relax, will you?
Was that you? The growling?
Have you been
following me all along?
I've better things
to do with my time
than follow you around.
What are you doing
all the way out here, then?
All the way out here?
Are you all right?
Just show me the way
back to the house, will you?
I can't find it.
Have you been smoking grass?
The house is right over there.
Is this where you've been
for the last few hours?
Have you been eating
mushrooms or something?
I mean, you know,
because if you have...
Have you been feeling weird
at all since you got here?
Look, nothing's been normal
since we got here.
I mean like, your head?
What are you talking about?
I think there's something
in the air.
You got that right.
We should go back inside.
Yeah, go ahead.
I'll follow you back.
You should come with me.
There's something wrong
out here.
It's not just the smell.
There's something in the air.
That's bullshit, all right?
I got lost and I'm
right beside the house.
If you stay out here
on your own,
something's gonna
happen to you.
Fuck off. Look, the house
is right fucking there!
Not always.
Do you hear that?
Oh, come on...
Lads, what was that?
Did you see
anything out there?
They said the sinkhole would
likely get bigger.
You need to ring Pete.
Sounds like the gates of hell
just got blown wide open.
Don't say that.
I think we should leave.
We should definitely
stay inside.
There's no need to panic.
I'll ring Pete and see
what the story is, okay?
So much for rest
and the joys of nature.
I've always said it.
Nature is a beast
that can't be tamed.
EMMA: You have
never said that.
I often say that.
How was your walk?
I got lost.
He was outside the back door.
I think there's something
in the air, not just the smell.
Chemicals or something.
[SOFTLY] It's all the tea.
That might explain it.
Explain what?
I have a headache.
You're hung over.
JASON: Okay.
Pete said to stay put.
There was a gas explosion
up by the old mine.
No one hurt, no damage done.
That didn't sound
like no damage.
Well, the reception
was bad but he did say
everything is fine.
and he said
the environment people
have already been up there
and gave it the all-clear.
Look, maybe we've just
been drinking and smoking
too much, huh?
Let's just pull out the TV
and watch a movie
for a while, yeah?
Hang on.
You have a TV?
LUCY: Oh, shit!
SHANE: Just when
it was getting good!
JASON: I think,
I think...
It's just the trip-switch.
It goes from time to time.
But God what a time to go!
You want a hand?
I'd love it! Nah,
I'm only messing.
I've got it.
I've got it.
LUCY: That was
the scariest part.
SHANE: They taking
proper jumpers.
Jesus Christ!
You scared
the shit out of me!
Are you all right?
Do we need more beers?
Should we get more beers
before it's too late?
No, we should have plenty.
We can't do anything
about it now anyway,
all the drivers
have been drinking.
I could call Ray.
Good luck with that.
I'm sure the cops around here
won't mind
a little drunk driving.
Don't even say that.
What are we gonna do?
We don't have any beer.
[SCOFFS] I'm sure
you'll think of something.
Oh, I see.
But really you didn't have
to go all crazy lady shit
with the fucking lipstick.
I'm talking about
the message you decided
to leave on the mirror.
Very mature.
Look who's talking.
Maybe it was the smokes,
or whatever is coming out
of that sinkhole.
I mean, even Ger is saying
that things are going...
Jesus, will you take
some responsibility
for yourself for once?
For once? I always take
responsibility for myself!
You're always out partying,
or drinking, with men.
What? Oh, my God!
It's not like
you never partied.
What's that supposed to mean?
You know exactly
what that means.
You're gonna
have to tell Lucy.
And what good
could that possibly do?
It's the right thing to do.
Really? Because
I don't remember
you saying that
the last time you saw him
with another woman.
I didn't know her.
And what difference
does that make?
She's your friend really!
I mean, I barely know her.
but when was the last time
we ever met up for
a cup of coffee?
Look, this happened
in my house, okay?
You're going to have
to tell her, or I will.
That's weird. I didn't think
there was any reception
in here.
Anyway, it's Jason.
He says he's outside
with a smoke.
Anyone want to...
I'll pass.
I'm out.
Well, suit yourselves.
Is it just me or are things
getting a bit weird
around here?
God, you don't do things
by halves, anyway.
Well, everyone
keeps telling me that.
Sometimes I wish
I was a bit more like you.
You know, more spontaneous.
Well, it's easy.
Just do something
What the fuck
are they doing out there?
Building a fort?
I'll go out,
take a look.
Well, I don't know
where they are.
I don't know
what they're doing.
I thought I heard them
outside earlier.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God. [LAUGHS]
Go away! Go away.
Oh, my God, he gave me
a heart attack!
I'm gonna kill him.
Oh, my God.
Will you join me now?
Jesus! What was
the screaming about?
Just Shane acting
the maggot again.
Fuck sake.
Are those two still outside?
They must have
a lot to talk about.
Need a beer.
Lucy, I need
to tell you something.
No. I'll tell her.
We're planning a big night out
for your birthday next month.
Are you serious?
Well, look I wasn't going
to tell you,
but Emma said that we should
just in case you had plans.
That's so nice!
I thought you were going
to tell me something serious.
This isn't a weekend
for serious things.
Excuse me a second.
Oh, listen, will you call
the lads back in on your way?
EMMA: Yeah.
Yeah, I really do hope
it will be. [LAUGHING]
You are snappy.
[SCOFFS] Emma's such
a drama queen.
She is on her own
in the dark.
That sound freaked me out,
and I was here with you guys.
We should go
and get her.
[SIGHS] Come on.
We have to get out of here!
Everything's wrong!
I can't stay...
I'm not staying here.
It has to be the sinkhole.
The fumes.
But Pete said...
I lost it out in the woods.
Now Emma...
You think there's
something in the air?
I know there is.
This whole weekend
hasn't been right.
MARISSA: Don't be stupid!
We've all been drinking.
Emma! Wait!
This is fucked up.
Was there anyone
in the car with her?
No, I didn't see anyone.
So where the hell
are the other two?
The fuse box.
We should call the police.
Emma was drinking vodka
No, no, no, no, no, no.
We're not calling the police.
She could lose her license!
She could go to prison...
No. We're not
calling the police.
I'm calling the police.
They must be
down by the well.
I'm gonna
get Jason then
we'll go after her.
But we've been drinking.
...coming to the house...
Shane and Jason are with me...
Wait. I can't hear you.
Be long...
Coming to get you...
What? Are Shane
and Jason with you?
Ray, can you hear me?
What was that about?
I don't know.
Reception was awful.
I think Ray's on his way
and that Shane and Jason
are with him.
How could Shane and Jason
be with him?
I don't know.
We need to find Marissa.
But she's down
by the well.
Do you know where it is?
She'll be back in a minute.
We should just wait here.
Just show me where it is.
LUCY: Marissa!
There are signs everywhere,
pointing all over the place.
None of them lead
anywhere but round
and round in circles.
We shouldn't go there.
What's that?
GER: That's Jason's ringtone.
LUCY: Come on!
Oh, fuck.
You fucking stabbed me.
Oh, fuck! I'm so sorry!
It hurts.
I'll get help!
Where the fuck
are you going to get help?
Oh, God.
SHANE: Help me.
MARISSA: I'm so sorry. I can't.
LUCY: Jason! Shane!
GER: Are you sure
this is a good idea?
I mean, these woods...
LUCY: Something might have
happened to them.
GER: But didn't you say
they were with Ray?
LUCY: I don't know.
I couldn't hear him properly.
LUCY: I think it's coming
from over there.
Pete? No, this is Lucy.
I'm a friend of Jason's.
What? Why?
He said we've gotta
get out of here right now.
I don't know.
He sounded scared.
Let's go.
We can't!
What about Jason?
I'm not getting lost out
in the woods again.
Come on, Lucy!
No no no...
No. Please, no.
Emma! Wait!
LUCY: We were never
this far from the house.
I told you.
There's something
in the air.
LUCY: Do you drive?
GER: No. You?
No. But Marissa does.
Ray! He's back!
LUCY: Ray!
Ray? Are you okay?
Ray? Ray's more than okay.
He's fucking great!
GER: It's me! It's me!
It's me. It's me.
Be cool.
I saw something.
I did too.
We have to
get out of here.
That's what
I've been saying
all along.
It's Ray. It's Ray.
Ray! Ray!
Ray! Ray!
GER: That's not Ray!
Ray! Ray!
I saw him!
It's a fucking creature!
Ray! Wait for me!
We have to get out of here!
RAY: No one
is getting out of here.
Ray! Where are you?
RAY: I'm not here.
You're scaring me!
RAY: It's not a sinkhole.
It's just fun for them.
RAY: Stay where you are!
We're all gone.
All except you and Ger.
If you want to live tonight,
you'll have to sacrifice
your soul.
It needs seven souls,
it can't go back with less.
I can't save anyone else.
Neither can you.
This is the only way.
Sacrifice your soul tonight,
and you'll have the rest
of your life to earn it back.
LUCY: But we can leave now.
It's too late for me.
Let me save you.
GER: Lucy. Thank God.
I thought you were gone.
We have to
get out of here.
Come on.
We have to
get out of here.
We have to
go back to the house.
We can't go back there.
Because Ray is there.
Even though
he's not Ray anymore.
What do you mean?
He's dead.
Everyone is dead.
Oh. Jesus Christ.
Ray said that
he's going to help us.
But I thought you just said
that he was dead?
No, I spoke to him.
He said he's
going to buy us time.
But we have
to leave now, okay?
Wait a minute!
Aren't we running
towards the sinkhole?
The sinkhole is where
all these fucking things
are coming from!
We can't turn back.
You have to trust me.
I want to go back.
I'm sorry!
What have you done?
What have you done!
Help me!