Beyond Valkyrie: Dawn of the 4th Reich (2016) Movie Script

MAN: Pull in here.
No. Wait in the car, please.
MAN 2: You there!
Pick this up, and back in line!
I said now! We don't have time for this!
Get back to work!
Heil Hitler.
What is the reason for this, Herzog?
This man refuses to work.
And is this true, kriegy?
The Geneva Convention says we're required
to perform whatever labors asked,
as long as it does not support the war.
This is not allowed.
He brings up a very
interesting point, Herzog.
I'd say our British guest here
might even be a smarter man than you.
What? What do you mean?
I mean that a smart man
would never break the rules,
nor commit treason.
What? I've never committed treason.
No, Sturmbannfuhrer.
Are you telling me that you've never
sold information about a train shipment
to Polish resistance?
No, Sturmbannfuhrer. Never.
- Shoot this traitor.
- HERZOG: What?
I didn't betray anyone, Sturmbannfuhrer.
Shoot him, or I shoot you.
- No!
- Do it.
- Come on.
Very good.
For the Geneva Convention.
You sold us out, Herzog.
Get back to work.
[MAN SHOUTING] Keep it up! Keep it up!
Let's go! Come on!
Come on! Let's go! Let's go!
MAN: Evan.
General Reinhardt, Master Guns O'Malley.
Oh, stand easy, Captain.
No need for formality.
So, have you heard from your family
lately? Everything well there?
- They'd prefer me home, sir.
- I'm sure they would.
And that boy of yours...
Tell me his name again.
- It's Weston, sir.
- Weston.
He's taking very good care of
his mother since I've been gone.
No surprise there, considering his dad
is the best Jedburgh commander we've got.
I've got some red in my ledger, sir.
Quit being so hard on yourself.
This is a war.
Unfortunately, people die.
I've seen my fair share.
I understand, Sergeant.
Captain, join me.
The Soviet army is tearing up German
defenses up and down Eastern Europe.
They're knocking on the very door
of Warsaw even as we speak,
which is, to speak quite frankly,
a matter of some concern.
You will recall that in '39, Hitler
and Stalin signed a nonaggression pact.
- Sir.
- When this war is over,
the future of Germany, Europe,
hell, the whole world...
it's gonna be in the hands of
the US and Great Britain
and, unfortunately, the Soviet Union.
Now, we appreciate the fact
that they are going to be
part of the post-war peace process.
But we are going to ensure
that we have maximum leverage.
- All respect, sir, I'm a Jed.
- We know.
His name's Adam von Konig.
He's a lieutenant colonel
in the Wehrmacht.
We need you to drop in, grab him,
and bring him back to us.
EVAN: Nazi.
O'MALLEY: Von Konig and some
high-ranking German officials...
a group called the Kreisau Circle...
have an operation called Valkyrie
that they're putting in motion tomorrow
to overthrow the German government.
Won't Hitler have something
to say about that, sir?
Not if he's dead.
Adolf Hitler will be
assassinated at noon tomorrow
as Operation Valkyrie is set in motion.
At that time, all government ministries,
radio stations,
telephone switchboards will be seized
by the reserve army.
By end of day tomorrow,
Germany will have a new government.
And if they're to be Western-friendly,
we need to make contact with von Konig
as quickly as we can to ensure his safety.
That's because we are certain
that he is an asset
with actionable intelligence
that extends beyond Valkyrie.
Now, that intelligence is not only
about post-war Europe,
but we believe a potential
future of the Nazi party.
Captain, we want von Konig
back here alive.
And we can't afford to have him
fall into the hands of the Russians.
Sergeant O'Malley will continue
the briefing as you gather your team.
You're dismissed.
just one more big push,
- then you go on home to your family.
- Sir.
I can't believe they're dropping us
into Kraut territory
to extract a goddamn Nazi.
Not a Nazi, Sites.
Von Konig is actually part of
an underground resistance movement
called the Kreisau Circle.
Those are the sons of bitches
that are gonna take down the Nazi party.
We're gonna make sure
that shit actually happens.
Yeah. If things go as planned
and Hitler's killed by lunch tomorrow,
then that bloke's a bloody hero
in my book.
Still a fucking Nazi.
How long to the DZ?
I think it's another ten minutes or so.
The pilot said it's gonna get a little bit
bumpy, so you might want to hold on.
You look nervous, soldier.
You all right?
Well, I'm a little bit nervous.
This is only my second mission.
I'm usually behind a desk.
Nothing to worry about.
We do this all the...
Yeah, grab the radio!
- Jesus Christ!
- Get the radio!
- Can you fly this thing?
- No!
Put this on now!
Strap in! Get ready to bail!
Two on the arms, one around the waist.
- We can't jump! It ain't safe, Cap!
- We don't have a choice!
Make this as tight as it'll go!
- On the line!
- Do it!
- Hook the end!
- Go!
Oh, God.
- Clarence!
- CLARENCE: Yes, Captain?
- You all right?
- CLARENCE: Yes, sir.
Get that chute off.
We gotta bury everything.
- Jacket too.
- CLARENCE: Aye-aye.
Thanks, England.
We're lucky you didn't shoot, Sites.
We'd have had Nazis
swarming all over us down here.
I'll start digging.
I'll take watch.
My best guess is we had about ten minutes
of flight time left to the drop zone.
Find me some landmarks,
a location, something.
- Tell me where the hell we are.
- Captain, I'm not supposed to be here.
- Well, we gotta make due.
- Captain, I'm Private First Class.
I barely know how to shoot.
I only completed basic training.
Before the war, I'd never killed a man.
First time for everything.
Come on. Let's find the others.
Where was that?
Not far.
Let's move.
- EVAN: Okay. It's them.
- Where the fuck are we?
Sites, get on the radio.
Go to London. Tell them our situation.
I think we're about
54 miles north of the DZ.
Puts us in a forest outside of Wilcze.
You know how to use this, right?
I've only ever shot a target, sir.
Whatever starts shooting at you,
that's your new target.
It's like being on the diamond.
Just throw strikes.
What's that?
That's you, right?
You used to play in the Majors?
Yeah, but that was a long time ago,
and just for a little bit.
Just like he said,
it's your new strike zone.
Aim for the center of the chest. You got
a better opportunity to hit the target.
Yes, sir.
Hey, Captain, this seems damaged.
- Nothing but static.
- We gotta fix it, buddy.
Crash site's gotta be this way.
Let's move.
Hey, Clarence, put this on.
EVAN: We gotta get there
before the Germans do.
Let's pray there's something
we can salvage.
Oh, shit. So much for salvaging our gear.
Well, we'll just have to make
the rendezvous with what we've got.
My guess is we're two days,
day and a half, to Koronowo if we hustle.
We'll be late, but we'll get there.
Whatever gear you got left,
make sure it's secure.
Nothing rattles, nothing shines.
We've got a hell of a long walk,
- Sir.
- What is it?
Captain Blackburn's plane, sir.
It hasn't returned.
- Radio contact?
- Not since it entered Prussian airspace.
We received reports
of significant flak fire.
Russian field commanders
to the east confirmed.
It doesn't sound promising.
Any word from von Konig's people?
No. I'm betting that Blackburn's
got a nose on him.
If they made it off the plane,
he's gonna find a way.
He is a tough cookie.
Sergeant, when there's no plan "B",
well, that leaves you with just hope.
Eyes on the stars. Understand?
- Yes, sir.
- Good.
- That'll be all.
- Yes, sir.
MAN: Hitler... he's been living in fear,
afraid his own people
were plotting against him.
Ironically, that's the only thing
he may actually have right.
The walls of the empire are crumbling,
Sturmbannfuhrer Krauss,
but Germany has a friend in Argentina.
Yes, but an expensive one.
Any news from Berlin, Sturmbannfuhrer?
Yes. The reserve army has been mobilized.
And the Fuhrer?
No word yet.
If he's dead, there will be chaos.
And what if he's alive?
Why don't you wait for me
in my office, please?
- We have a busy day ahead.
- Of course.
This week we suffered the heaviest bombing
since beginning of combat operations.
WOMAN: Would you like some tea?
The Russians are closing in on the Baltic.
Konigsberg will fall.
And without a port, we have nothing.
The time is now.
Adolf Hitler dead. Halle-fucking-lujah.
ENGLAND: I'm surprised it's taken us
this long. Fucking master race, my ass.
SITES: Yeah. Just would've been nice if one
of the good guys had taken him out, you know?
They are the good guys, Sites.
They just happen to be German.
We're on the front lines
of history right now, fellas.
I would've never left Indiana
if it weren't for this.
Killing Nazis was my ticket.
Ooh, down, down, down.
Sites, cover the left flank!
Gun up, eyes open, buddy.
Why the fuck are they shooting at us?
We're civilians, right?
We're civilians with guns!
That makes us not so civil.
How's that for fucking civil?
- EVAN: Sites?
- Yeah!
- You see the eight?
- Copy!
- I'm going! You cover!
- Cover fire!
- Fuck! I'm out!
- Me too!
Move away from the gun.
Move away, or I will kill him!
MAN: You Yankees were on
the plane that went down, no?
Where are your uniforms?
What are you doing in Prussia?
We're on a mail run with medical supplies
from the Red Cross.
Headed to a POW camp in Poland.
Hey, relax, all right, chief?
What is your mission?
Well, we were gonna take a quick
jaunt through wine country,
grab a couple of beers in Belgium,
and move on to...
What are you doing in East Prussia?
What he said.
Heil Hitler!
You have prisoners, I see.
Three Americans and a Tommy, yes.
From the plane that went down?
I believe so, yes.
But they are not talking. Yet.
"The good people in the world
are far from being satisfied
with each other,
and my arms are the best peacemaker."
So you heard of Samuel Colt, huh?
- One of theirs?
- SOLDIER: It was.
You have Soviets too?
Yes, a Russian and a Polack.
We caught them
rigging the train tracks to Rastenburg.
Then bring them to me.
It's true, what they say, isn't it?
There is no such thing as a smart Polack.
Your interrogation techniques are
obviously less effective than mine.
If we kill them, we lose what they know.
Kill one.
Perhaps the others will talk.
Come on.
You look them in the eyes, Clarence.
They'll remember you that way.
On my signal.
Did you see the man I came with?
Kill all the others.
- Who's this guy?
- Yeah, no shit.
Thank you.
I wasn't helping you.
Just trying to get an extra gun
to get my men back.
Nice shot.
[SPEAKING RUSSIAN] You hit me hard, Sasha.
You shouldn't spit on me.
Sasha, wait. Allied aircraft,
civilian clothes, Mark II radio.
I think they are Jeds.
You're not just Russian
soldiers either, you are GRU.
Captain Evan Blackburn, OSS.
Major Aleksandr Kulkov, GRU.
SITES: What's GRU?
Unconventional warfare,
deep reconnaissance, sabotage.
Soviet version of us, basically.
Nice uniforms.
- GRU-issued?
- Yeah. What about you?
It's a little early for Oktoberfest, no?
No, we're just getting an early start,
seeing as that beer is
the only thing German we like.
Come on. The truth. Why you are here?
Plane got shot down.
We dropped in to help out
local resistance.
Those were our orders too.
- Is that right?
- Yeah.
We're working with Polish AK
to take back German-held cities.
Major, I overheard the Germans
say your two men
were caught trying to sabotage
a train to Rastenburg.
I don't call that being a part
of Poland's Operation Tempest.
Tempest may be over.
Did you see there was an attempt
on Hitler's life today?
- What do you mean, "attempt"?
- That's all I know, Captain.
You should be shot just for wearing that.
No one thinks of changing themselves.
This thing's shot to shit, sir.
You should try using cup and string.
How about he gives it
a try anyway, eh, Ivan?
My name... Tolstoy, Yevgeny...
Sure it is.
No more talking. Let's go.
- It's done.
- Major.
Do you have a radio we could use?
The radio I have is not useful
to you, Captain,
unless you'd like to speak
directly to Tovarishch Stalin.
You hear the dogs?
We'll head north. There is a safe house
two miles from here.
You're more than welcome
to come with us, Captain.
Let's gather whatever supplies
you have left. Let's move.
We can't go with them, Cap.
We don't have a radio
or rations or much ammo.
- We don't have a choice, Dixon.
- But, Cap,
I thought this whole mission was to try
and get Konig before the Russians could.
- Now we're gonna team up with them?
- We're not teaming up with anybody.
They just happen to be moving
the same direction we are.
Besides, they're not just here
to blow up a train.
There's something far bigger going on.
Sasha, why did you invite them.
It's much more dangerous now.
The dogs are after them,
and they're lying to us.
So are we.
- Let's go, boys.
- Fine.
How's the packing coming?
It's a lot with such short notice.
Yes, but unfortunately,
I have other affairs elsewhere
I must now get into order.
For country. For the Aryan race.
Is the news from Berlin true?
- Is the Fuhrer dead?
- I don't know, and frankly, I don't care.
This war is lost anyway.
The Fuhrer once gave us promise
of world domination,
but even he's seen
the writing on the wall.
I believe we all have.
My dear Elke...
I'm afraid our time here
has come to an end.
Will your wife be traveling with you?
When the time comes, yes.
Take off that dress.
I'm still your boss, Fraulein Schroeder,
and you are still my secretary.
- Do it!
But I won't see you again after tonight?
Well, then, we have very little
time to waste, do we?
Keep going.
Can't you at least tell me
where you're going?
Why are you so curious?
Maybe I just want to know
how I can see you again.
You take those off,
and maybe I will tell you.
You first.
What is it?
The bishop wants to speak with you.
He says it's urgent.
KRAUSS: Von Konig.
MAN: Turns out von Konig
is part of Kreisau Circle.
I wish we had more time. Don't you?
Good-bye, Elke.
ALEKSANDR: The shovel is next to the door.
A sign of safety.
Wait! That's Oskar.
That's his place.
Why the fuck is Oskar
still pointing a gun at me?
Yeah, I thought you said this
was a safe house, Red.
- Who the hell are these people?
Their plane was shot down.
We fell a bit short of our drop, sir.
[SPEAKING RUSSIAN] They say they're here
to help Polish resistance, sir.
I see.
Come in.
OSKAR: Sasha...
[SPEAKING RUSSIAN] What are you thinking?
Our time has come.
I hope.
Hey, listen, Captain.
If there's one thing I learned working
for Spot, it's never trust a Russian.
CLARENCE: Who's Spot?
He controls the East End
bookmaking rackets back in London.
CLARENCE: So you were a gangster?
How does a gangster make the Jeds?
Well, I prefer to think of myself
as a problem-solver, really.
And these guys...
they're a major fucking problem.
Where is your asset, Oskar?
This is war, Sasha.
Nothing happens the way we expect it.
I am sure our American friends know that.
[SPEAKING RUSSIAN] Friends, huh?
We have yet to find out.
Take a deep breath.
More coffee?
Appreciate it, sir.
What you looking at, Moscow?
I'm from Siberia.
And you are looking at me.
- Where are we?
- 30 kilometers west of Koronowo.
Where would you like to be, Captain?
Well, given the option, I'm sure we'd all
rather be at home with our families.
You said you're here
to help local resistance?
Who's your contact?
Oskar Halminksi here...
he is Polish resistance.
Maybe he can help.
We appreciate the offer, sir,
and we're indebted to you, Major,
but I have a mission
that I'm not at liberty to discuss.
- I'm sure you understand that.
- And that mission be what, really?
When I mentioned there'd been
an attempt on Hitler's life,
you didn't seem that surprised.
I think you knew about it
before you dropped in here.
I think that's why you were
dropped in here in the first place.
Your mission, Captain.
It's classified, Major.
You haven't been truthful to me, Captain.
EVAN: And you haven't been
truthful with me, Major.
You're not here just to help
Polish resistance, are you?
And you're certainly not here
to blow up a fucking train.
DIXON: Bloody Russians. I knew it.
[SPEAKING RUSSIAN] Hey! Shut your mouth!
What was that, Red?
I'm sorry, but it sounds like
- you're fucking choking when you talk.
- Dix!
That's one ugly fucking language you got.
EVAN: Dixon!
I want to know why
you were sent here, Captain.
Now, just hold on a second there,
all right, chief?
- You ain't in charge here.
- Neither are you.
- EVAN: Hey!
- Put your fucking guns down!
Put your gun down.
OSKAR: No, no. Wait, wait. This is Elke.
She's with me.
Gentlemen, we're here to kill Nazis,
not each other.
Lower your weapons.
We're on the same side.
Are we?
We're good.
Who are they?
These are the Americans. They're OSS.
And on this side is the Russian team,
Major Sasha Kulkov.
You're the saboteurs working with Oskar.
Unfortunately, the Germans
have moved the gold to a new location.
Right. I understand. It has been hard.
Who is that?
OSKAR: Everyone, this is Elke Schroeder.
She and I have been working
closely for a long time.
She's a member of the Kreisau Circle.
Oh, great. Another fucking Nazi.
I'm German, not Nazi.
EVAN: So you're not just here
for Operation Tempest.
So why don't you tell me why they would be
moving such high amounts of gold?
We don't know.
I've overheard mention
of an Operation Grey Wolf.
My commander doesn't trust me with much.
He's been moving millions in bullion.
At first, we thought
it was for an offensive,
but now it doesn't seem so.
Whatever it is, Valkyrie has
only accelerated the time line
and sent everyone scrambling.
OSKAR: What about Hitler?
Is he dead?
Nobody seems to know.
General Fellgiebel said he's alive.
Von Stauffenberg swore he was dead.
Nobody knows what to believe.
Either way, Krauss is worried.
- Who's Krauss?
- The SS commander I work for.
Sturmbannfuhrer Karl Krauss,
senior officer of the Polish Gestapo.
He doesn't seem to care
about Hitler either way,
which is even more troubling.
He's leaving for Rastenburg tomorrow.
- What's in Rastenburg?
- Something to do with Grey Wolf.
OSKAR: Germans.
ELKE: They must have followed me here.
Everybody, upstairs.
What is the meaning of this?
An American plane crashed
not far from here.
It's believed the men from it
have survived.
Well, I haven't seen anyone.
Really? Good.
What is your relationship
with Elke Schroeder, Mr. Halminksi?
I don't know anyone with that name.
I followed her here.
I know she's here.
She is not.
then you won't mind me making sure?
'Course not.
I'm here.
I never trusted you.
What are you doing here?
The better question is, what are you?
Does Krauss know you're here?
OFFICER: How dare you.
You're blinding Krauss with your tits,
but you don't blind me.
Oskar is a friend of my father's, Visser.
I've known him since I was a child.
Well, why lie about
knowing her earlier, then?
You scare people, coming in like this.
Elke helps me on the farm.
I can't milk cows with one hand.
What else are you hiding out there?
- ELKE: There's nothing else to hide.
- You're in the wrong place.
It's just me.
ELKE: Yes.
Go. Check.
[SPEAKING GERMAN] Now speaks the Fhrer.
[HITLER IN GERMAN] My fellow countrymen,
I do not know how many times
an assassination attempt on me
has been planned and carried out.
I speak to you for two reasons:
First, so that you can hear my voice
and know that I was not injured
and am in good health.
Second, so that you learn
about the details
of this crime which is without equal
in German history.
No, don't.
[SPEAKING RUSSIAN] It has to be done.
Dixon, to the truck!
Out, now!
[SPEAKING RUSSIAN] We're leaving.
Sites, go, go!
Come on! Come on!
Come on, Captain!
Kulkov, come with us. We're leaving.
You go your way, brother. I'll go mine.
- Kulkov!
- Captain!
Go! Just go!
Hold on!
Shit! Come on, Dixon!
What about the Russians?
I don't know.
We provided an exit.
Son of a bitch turned it down.
God help them.
Dix, what's going on?
DIXON: I don't know! I'm losing power!
- It's fucked.
- SITES: Is it done?
- DIXON: Yeah, it's fucked!
- SITES: All right. Everybody out.
Hold here.
Captain, what the hell?
What's with the Russians back there?
They okay?
It's their option to stay.
Clearly, our objectives aren't the same.
- Guys are fucking crazy.
- Yeah, I never met any that weren't.
Okay. We need to go to Koronowo.
Clarence, where's the map?
The salt mines of Koronowo?
You're here for von Konig, aren't you?
- Yeah. Do you know where he is?
- He is where you say.
Look, I'm Kreisau, like von Konig.
I have nothing to hide from you and you
have nothing you need to hide from me.
We can trust each other.
So what do we do now, then, Cap?
- We stay on mission.
- DIXON: If Hitler's not dead,
there won't be any new
government to try and influence.
He's right, sir.
This guy could be useless
to everybody now.
Konig risked everything going to
the Allies with this information.
We're not turning our backs on him now.
You have to understand,
with a failed attempt on Hitler's life,
von Konig will be executed
the moment they find him.
The Gestapo will be searching
for all of us right now.
Konig stays the mission.
It's our obligation to get him
and whatever he knows to London safely.
- Let's move.
- But how?
We've got no radio.
We've got no way of contacting anyone.
Captain, this whole mission
was based around Valkyrie's success.
EVAN: You're wrong, Dixon.
It's far bigger than that.
Now, I wasn't given details, but
apparently he's in possession of something
far more important than even he is.
So until we hear otherwise,
we stay on orders.
Captain, you said you wanted
to get back home,
and going after Konig ain't the shortest
distance between here and there.
I do want to get home, Dix.
I don't like this any more than you do.
In fact, I'm scared shitless.
I want to see my boy again.
But occasionally,
you're presented with something
that just might be a little more
important than what you're afraid of.
Be looking to you for directions
once we get close.
Let's move.
Okay, topside, and we cross this bridge.
If this is still accurate, that road
should take us straight to the mine.
- Is that correct?
- It will.
Okay, Sites, Dix, clear a path.
Are you okay?
It's Oskar.
He knew my father.
They were friends before the war.
He took me under his wing.
He treated me like his own.
I understand.
We've lost a lot in this war.
EVAN: Okay. Time to move.
[WHISPERS] Sites, that side.
Let's go. Guns down.
What the hell'd you say to them, Captain?
The Kreisau Circle password
for Valkyrie... "panta rhei."
It means "all is in flux" in Greek.
I'll say.
You are late.
Be advised, you're not
our first visitors this morning.
Von Konig is a very popular man.
Where are you exactly?
VISSER: The north entrance
of the fault line.
Elke must be Kreisau Circle,
and I may have found their stronghold.
- Are you sure?
- It's heavily guarded.
I would certainly need
reinforcements to engage.
- Are you on your way, Sturmbannfuhrer?
- Yes.
I'm gathering my men.
We are about to leave.
Now, if you have found
the Circle's stronghold,
that would mean von Konig
must be there as well.
Yes, Sturmbannfuhrer.
And that would explain
the American presence here.
Now, you listen to me.
If von Konig ends up in Berlin
with information from Elke,
then God help us all.
Hold your position.
Don't let anyone leave.
You wait for me.
Sturmbannfuhrer. Sturmbannfuhrer.
We just decoded a message.
The US raid on Konigsberg is imminent.
It's right here.
I know where Konigsberg is.
SITES: Oh, shit.
What the hell are they doing here?
Same thing we are, boys.
Trying to control the future.
Seems our paths have crossed again.
This time it's not a coincidence,
I'm sure.
Seems we might have a mutual friend.
Adam von Konig.
Captain Evan Blackburn, sir, OSS.
Pleasure to meet you, Captain. This way.
ALEKSANDR: What I need to know is this:
Is he a friend of the Allies, or
he is just a friend of the West?
My duty is to my wife and our children,
and towards those dedicated
to the same cause I'm dedicated to.
I understand your concerns, Major Kulkov,
but the Americans guaranteed my safety
while Stalin was preoccupied.
Not anymore.
So, then, you have to find a way
to work together.
East meets West.
All respect, sir, we've got
an extraction point to get to.
Captain, the assassination failed.
Hitler lives.
You see? That's why we can't
leave shit up to the Nazis.
I despise the Nazi party
as much as you or anyone else.
Always have. At least
the assassination attempt took place,
and for history's sake, everyone knows now
not all of Germany followed such a man.
We know, sir. That's why we're here.
ADAM: I've done whatever was asked of me.
But with Hitler alive, everything changed.
Everyone associated with Kreisau
will be sought out and executed.
And as long as I am a fugitive of the SS,
my wife and my children are in danger.
Hey, we risked our asses
coming out here to get you.
- You're going back with us.
- TOLSTOY: We saved your asses.
You would all be dead if not for us.
Yeah, you saved our asses,
just before you nearly got us all killed.
We were the ones who lost men.
I survived Stalingrad
with Bear and Viktor.
And if it weren't for your commander,
Bear and Viktor might still be alive.
You're the ones who left us
there behind to die!
EVAN: Stop it! That's not true,
and you know it.
You know that's not true.
We provided cover fire for an evac.
You made a choice.
I chose to stay to kill
as many Nazis as I could.
I took this bullet
from my dead daughter's body.
She was only 16.
I keep it to remind me
why do I put bullets in them.
This is what you came for.
This will stop the future
of the Nazi party.
All I know is in there.
ELKE: Krauss.
Operation Grey Wolf.
Not back there! This way!
- It's Krauss.
- Shit! Stay back.
There's a rear exit over there.
The only way out of this is for me
to give myself up while you escape.
- They'll kill you, sir.
- You must stop them.
You have to stop Operation Grey Wolf.
[SPEAKING GERMAN] Cease fire! Cease fire!
Son of a bitch. Sites, check for an exit.
You are a traitor to the Fuhrer.
But not to my country... like you.
Take me to Berlin.
Go, go, go!
Kill them all.
Kulkov, give me the pack.
What's the shortest timing pencil?
- How long is it?
- About 20 seconds, Cap.
That'll do. Let's go, let's go.
CLARENCE: Keep your eye
on that tunnel opening.
SITES: Come on, Captain!
Sites, go, go!
Go! Now, now!
Go, go, go!
Both, out of here!
Everybody in the truck.
ELKE: Von Konig put it all together.
It's not just Krauss.
Albert Dussander,
one of the chemists who invented
the first nerve gas.
Josef Brunner, the banker who helped
Hitler hide stolen gold in Swiss banks.
Maximilian Ritter, senior engineer.
Gerhard Toht, one of Hitler's
closest advisers.
Great. It's just a list of people.
No, no, no. These are all leaders.
In every field necessary
to resurrect the Nazi party.
Jesus Christ.
And they're planning their escape.
Bishop Grun. That's why Krauss
has been meeting with him.
He brokered a deal with Argentina.
Arranged for the safe passage of himself,
Krauss, and the others
to Buenos Aires by submarine,
where they will be safe from extradition.
So, while Germany's in flames, these guys
are just rats off a sinking ship.
Only they're not drowning.
They're just relocating.
What you're holding in your hands...
that's a list of names,
and it shows Hitler's legacy.
Yeah, but why would any country
let in the world's worst war criminals?
Money, and lots of it.
And Argentina never declared war
on Germany.
So they'll have everything that they need
to start all over again,
including enough gold bullion
to start a new Reich.
That's why Krauss was moving the gold.
ELKE: The gold will be delivered by train.
Krauss signed the order.
It's departing from Rastenburg
this afternoon
and arriving in Konigsberg
tomorrow morning.
EVAN: That can't be allowed to happen.
What do you say, Major?
Isn't this what the GRU
and the OSS were built for?
Actionable intelligence.
Look, I know you and I may have
started off a little sideways...
but stopping something like this
is what we were designed for,
be expected of us.
It's what's right.
Looks like our path are
the same once again, Captain.
Always were, Major.
- Still don't like it.
- Don't worry.
I'll be with you every step of the way.
Yeah, well, that's exactly
what I don't like about it.
ELKE: Okay, there's a tunnel
four miles east of here.
We can use that to board the train.
Okay, this is the spot.
Train's in ten minutes. Let's get ready.
This whole mission's been
FUBAR from the start.
DIXON: Yeah, whatever that means.
We've teamed up with Soviets, and here we
are, about to jump on a bloody Nazi train.
Like I said, FUBAR.
DIXON: Yeah.
It's not polite to stare, you know?
I'm sorry. It's just that...
It's just you're very beautiful.
You remind me of that actress,
Carole Lombard.
ELKE: Where did you say
you were from again?
From Knoxville.
Knoxville, Tennessee, ma'am.
Do you miss it?
Ah, it's...
Baseball. I miss that.
- You used to play?
- Yeah.
I played one season with the Detroit
Tigers, then I went back to the minors.
That's when I enlisted.
Well, we'll make it through this,
and maybe you get to play again.
ALEKSANDR: I've heard of those.
You crush the capsule,
and the acid inside
burns away at the wire.
- And releases the trigger?
- Yeah.
That one's a ten-minute delay.
I made some here that's shorter.
A souvenir?
Yeah, sure.
Train is coming.
- EVAN: Okay. Get ready.
- ALEKSANDR: See you later.
Nice one.
You think we are crazy.
Remember, conceal your weapons.
Let's find the radio room so we
can request an extraction point.
Dix and Sites, you two lead.
Let's get ready.
Sites, catch it!
- Come on!
- Excuse me.
- Yes?
Would you, please?
Of course.
- Please, this way.
- Thank you.
[SPEAKING GERMAN] Except for me,
no one else gets in here, understood?
Have a look.
- How much you think is in there?
- Millions.
- Shall we take them now?
- No.
[SPEAKING GERMAN] I'm holding all of you
responsible for keeping this cargo safe.
Ah. It's right here.
Yes, of course.
- Where?
- Number 41.
Once we arrive in Knigsberg,
I want these crates unloaded
in ten minutes.
Let's go.
[SPEAKING GERMAN] Is that understood?
Carry on, gentleman.
- Sites, what do you got?
- It's code, Captain. It's a cipher.
- It's not that easy.
- EVAN: Let's just get it done.
Gentlemen, eyes up.
Thank you. That was kind.
You're welcome.
I'm sorry. I have to go, ma'am.
- KRAUSS: Why are you not on your post?
- MAN: Sorry, sir.
I was helping a passenger with a bag.
Slow him down.
It's go-time, boys.
Radio man's on the way back.
SITES: I need more time, Captain.
SITES: England, I got something.
Son of a bitch.
Quieter next time, huh?
- Sites, anything?
- SITES: I sent a transmission.
Right now, we can only hope
somebody's listening.
O'MALLEY: Thank you.
Jesus H. Christ.
- General.
- What is it, gunny?
We've received an encoded message.
It appears it's from Blackburn.
What makes you say that?
"Request for extraction, stop.
1700 hours, stop.
Konigsberg, stop. Panta rhei, stop."
- And there was mention of an airfield.
- An airfield.
Yes, sir. The message was garbled.
It came in over a German frequency.
- Still trying to figure it out.
- I'll be damned.
- Maybe it is Blackburn.
- He's still alive.
You said Konigsberg.
Konigsberg. That is bad timing.
SITES: This place
is crawling with Krauts, sir.
We cannot afford to do anything crazy.
DIXON: This whole plan's crazy.
Why doesn't he stay with the gold?
ELKE: He must be getting the others.
She's right. We follow Krauss.
Maybe we can stop him
from getting to the port.
I stay with the gold. You guys follow him.
Go with them. For the motherland.
We have no time.
American bombers have targeted the city.
Konigsberg will be in flames.
- Is everyone here?
- GRUN: Yes, Sturmbannfuhrer Krauss.
They're all here. Everyone from the file.
KRAUSS: Our submarine is waiting
at the dock. The gold's being loaded now.
Go, go, go.
Hey, I got the lower side.
KRAUSS: These cars will
take us across to the port.
Let's hurry. We board in ten minutes.
[SPEAKING RUSSIAN] For the motherland.
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
- Clarence?
- I'm fine.
Boys, let's go.
Heil Hitler!
- Is everything ready?
- Yes, Sturmbannfuhrer.
Tell the captain we leave immediately.
Where the hell is Kulkov?
Sarge, I'm out.
Captain, I got one mag left.
To you, Sturmbannfuhrer.
We live to fight another day.
We gotta get the fuck out of here, now!
SITES: Clarence, come on!
Come on! Let's go!
Elke, now!
We can't just leave him here!
Sites, get her the hell out of here now!
Son of a bitch.
- That was the whole backpack, wasn't it?
- All of it.
EVAN: Hop in.
Let's roll!
EVAN: Hold on back there, boys.
We got a ride home to catch.
DIXON: There she is.
Sites, looks like you're pretty good
with a German radio.
- Major.
- Captain.
- It's been an honor, sir.
- Honor's all mine.
Let's hope the politicians
don't mess it up.
- There's more than just Krauss in here.
- It's a good read.
- You sure you're gonna be okay?
- I'll be fine.
We're going east.
You sure?
This is my home.
Hell of a kid, huh?
REINHARDT: Have we heard
back from the Russians?
Blackburn will want to know.
Yes, sir. They very much appreciate you
recognizing the contribution
of Major Kulkov and team,
as well as acknowledging
the work of Miss Elke Schroeder.
They will be decorated accordingly.
You know, it's a...
- quite a remarkable thing, isn't it?
- Hmm?
I mean, us working with
a Russian and a German?
O'Malley, when the war is over,
it's gonna be a very different world.
Old dogs like you and I are gonna
have to learn to do things differently.
- Let's go.
- Yes, sir.